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The Albany tri-weekly news. (Albany, Ga.) 1867-186?, August 10, 1867, Image 2

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- TW-WfflLY NEWS. S. dfvtSET, -Editor., Y, OA., AUGUST 10. 1807 *y. a. at ^aliuw Hichstration.—This labor of lovo bus ft iMt been oonplcted, and the Registrars gone up to receive their, diwhtrge. We bare beard ro complaint 'against theae gen tleman. Every one haa been permitted to regiater who are entitled to the privilege, ao liras we can learn. The result ahowa a Urge majority in favor of the colored vote. The resalt la sa follows : Doagherty County: Whites, »7S- Blacks, 2127. Total, 2,002. Leo County, e Total, Worth County, Wl'it**. Mark*, Whites, lllaeka, Total, 000. It will be aocn thnljtho entire number in the Hiatrict fools up 0,100, of which there arc whites 1,188, and blacks 0.077. Colored majority 2,780. Masonic Orphan's lion*—See adver tisement of Boyd, Wilson A Co., in refer ence to thin institution. The grand scheme will bo drawn on September 4th. Now is the time to.get tickets. Tun Rutland Difficulty,—Tho trouble of which wo spoko last week, in which thoro were several negroes wounded near Macon, linn been undergoing investigation beforo the civil authorities in that city. Thu test! niony, as reported by the Macon papers is quite voluminous, and ns contradicting ns that in the great Surott trial. Home of tho prisoners have proven nn alibi, nnd only circumstantial evidence seems to be in thu way of discharging the whole number. It is generally .believed in tho community tlint the wholenflsir tvns of colored origin nnd execution. It is blit tho starting point of more disastrous occurrences—tho hurrying on of that most deplorable condition—n war ot races. The Stony or a Widow.—A young wid. <(# of Qnincy r M.,'met a stranger on the street, and asked him tho way; he asked her if Ao eras not a widow-; she said she was , liOHsaid he was;a widower, n doctor from Palmyra, Mo.,and proposed matrimony on the spot; nho blushed mid hesitated; wouldn’t ho coino home to sec her friends about it; the interview was satisfactory, the marriage A Dastardly Outrage.—'Tho Mobile Register, of tho 28th, count ol the shooting of Col. F. S. hhcphci while unarmed and a prisoner: During tho absccnco ot Col. Shepherd, Cspt. Shall', thu ordinance officer at the Mount Vornon Arsenal, used every abnsivo language in refercuco to him. On his re turn Col. S,, addressed a note to Captain a , : HI"*®,nVN°answer i <* „„ i lioing returned, Col. Shepherd sent a chal- was arranged for next morning, the, . F „ r tUU „Captain S. naslio.1 /itlflk not ii.Sr, *1... ,I„,.I t ’ . o. , r t„ . 1 * widpw’s cashed (*40) got into Hie doctor's mfl 0 o complaint,' and Col! 'Shcpberd'was ar pocket, he went to get shaved and linn never ie*ted by a squad of soldiers, commanded returned. He oven left her, cruel man, stan* j by Lieut. Drown, United Staten army. On ding in the public Rqunrc while lie “just runi t0 l * 10 con fi° emrnt » 8ho|>- ~ .uL i » rp, , herd bcinc mounted, tho party was halted over to the barber’s.” Diere was no such , 4 ; , wh » ordered Shepherd to doctor in Palmyra, and the cnrtans drops on ! aforaount. Tho latter declined, remarking a woman in tears. 11 hat ho was a prisoner in the hands ot Lieut. • — m m - i Drown, and could take no orders from Capt. The Honuuuas Fkveb in Louisiana.— shaft*. Capt. Slmffthcn abused him iu tho The Monroo Intelligencer says that Mr. Hatch has gone to Morehouse niul spread tho Honduras fever in that rich parish to such a degree that it bids fair to become depopulated. We were informed by one of his followers, that eighty families would join him for Honduras from that parish, and probably many others; that the best plan tations on Bomf River can be bought, well improved, at >1 (in specie) per aero,, worth $50, in 1HQ1. A Hi.anu Piibahe Exi'i.ainkd,*—“Every thing goes lovely, and tho goose hangs higli t , , ’’says my friend, who has traveled often in , >heiu, in gaudy patterns of stripped calico, thi. a. in all direction*, and know, much.-- J!” 1 w . il ! °" 0 ox ,<i®P tl ° n . « M0 bare-lootetl. Hut what ho knows is chiefly social and Ins- wcro thl?y aU baro-footod but that fellow, It is I who prosieutophilologi- who seemed to bo undergoing untold tor- oarsust language, and dcolared that unleaa lie dismounted at once he would ahoot him. Shepherd nnawered, "I am unarmed and a {manner, ahoot if yon clioo-c.” Sliaff then fired nt him with a pistol, tho ball taking of- I'cct in the neck nnd grating tho windpipe. Col. Shepherd fell from lira hone. Tho wound ia not conaidered mortal. A Joke ox TimMki.ihii.—Mr. Etheridge toll* ngood joko on Urownlow’a militia.— lie says that the beat looking aquail ol the ‘military’ forco he liaa aecn waa at Green ville. They were a crab-hcadcd, handy. THE CELEBRATED PRATT COTTON 6IN, iC For Sale at W, I. VASON’S. 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 SAW. Parties needing new qinb eintwfara- ished with this Improved Cotton Qin nt Low figures «£lQQdOL C3DCEL ‘SPaOODL®* The repntnlion of (his Qin is well known la this section. August 10,07 mr SEYMOUR, JOHNSON* & C0„ MACON, G- A.. AT THE NEW BRICK STORE on r nnn r do O FFER For Sale the following articles at Whole sale or Retail, as low as any house in Biaeon. 200 boxes Star Candle*, 600 Saeks Liverpool 8nll, 600 saeks Virginia Bait, 800 SACKS NEW FLOUR, torieal lore. cal researches, and 1 will now inform the learned and inquisitive render of (ho origin of that occult line, which, I believe, lms hitherto baffled investigation. It comes from tho South, whero the wild geese fly low in dull weather, nnd high in fair, clear days. Hangs is a falso word—a Northern corruption of the negro dinlcct yang—an ononintoproan word, representig the “far hoard clang” of the wild goose. So iu liter al fino weather, or in that state of prosperity which may be typified by it, we say, “Every* thing goes lovely nnd the goose yangs high. shanked, bow-legged, cross-eyed, cock-eyed, Mlab-sidcd, set of loons, dressea, many of tine hundred saoks Rio, Java and Laguira Coffee, 160 barrels choice Liquors and "Wines 126 barrel n pure Leaf Lard, 100 kegs do., 140 Hhds. BACON, Shoulders, Sides and Hams. 76 barrels new crop Maokere), 200 ke^p Nails, 16,000lbs. Pure WHITE LEAD, 375 Boxes Going Hack.*—A colored cuss who was up beforo tho polico court nt Louisville a . „ few days ago, on uliargu of ati'aling, took , »'!®° B" 1 woll fickod. Tho plucky - 1 nllmuirilsrnmuil offtlio wlrtow. I iirv ut the Ulca of having to wonr tlioea.— lie waa like a dog with a collar on, ami look ed n» I hough lie waa forever disgraced.— “Oh,” aaid they, “that is tho way our cap- lain has of punishing ua. If wc aru gnilty of any diaoticdicnco of order*, they forco us to wear shoes.” Wcauppoao il the offence was a serious olio they would also bo com pelled to wash their faces and change thoir shirts once n month.—Mufrceshoro Monitor WrTim dry goods clerks iu tho anmo afore in Cliiengo fell in lovo with one of their eiialnmera, a young widow, and quarrelling about tier agreed to settle it by a duel. Ar rived at the scene of notion, a lumber yard, t lie biggest one refused to light with pistols, lest lie should nftcrwnrd ho hung tor thu murder of ,lii» opponent, nnd going on hin victor' Important Decision,—Tho Covington Enterprise learns tlint n Georgia Ordinary has derided tlint where a marriage license was issued, nnd returned executed, without a Uevenuo stamp upon tho eerfiflenfo of tho officiating clergy mini, tlint the issuo was illegitimate. Cimkk'h Inciimk.—8. I*. Chase pays tax on nn incomo of seven hundred thousand per year. When lie went to W^^ngton, in 18(11, hu waa not worth ten thousand dob lars! Ho has been u lucky financier for liim- solf, if not for tho country. Ho nnd Jny Cooko bavo mndo "loyalty" pny—ell ? Close Connection.—For somo time past passengers going toward* Montgomery were compelled to atop over nt Coluinbna twenty-tour hours. This wns n grcnl an' no; aneo, and travelers sought other routes. Tho different railroads have at last come to terms and established dose connection* at Columbus. We are assured that thu .South western and Mnseogce roads did everything in thoir power to nvoid this unnecessary de lay. Passengers now going that route will dull no cause for complaint. Loyalty with a Vexueanck.—Tho Now York Ciliien says: "Thu ‘loyal’ State Leg. islaturo oouforrod on Governor Urownlow tho power setting asido nny registration, of his own motion, and appointing n now register, and this power seems to ha usod in n partisan interest, snd that a personal ono besides. In one district the singular spec' taele is presented of “a man who noted ns n colonel in tho rebel army set to pass judge ment upon the loyalty of a man who served in tho Union army—the former having es poused the cnusc of llrownlow, nnd the lat ter being opposed to that redoubtable Gov ernor and candidate.’’ Counterfeit Greenbacks.—The Now York Horald of the 31st ultimo says Coun terfeit greenbacks of tho denomination ol 85 wero put in circulation in various .parts of the city yestorday. Tho hills are marked March 10, 1862, and was a very fair coun terfeit in every respect, savo that the words “United States” have a somewhat blurred appearance. Payer Money.—Paper money it at last invading Texan. That State, which, during and since the war, enjoyed a coin currency, is about to exohange it for greenbacks and fractional currency. On the Texas Central Railroad paper money has begun to be re ceived for passage and height*. This is the entering wedgo for the inlroductton of paper c irrtncy all over the State, and it will there, ns everywhere else, banish gold nnd silver from circulation. Appointment.—^General Pope has ap pointed Messrs. Samuel Levy, Thomas S. Skinner, and Jacob B. Davis, Judges of tbe Inferior Conrt of Richmond county, to fill tho vacancies canted by recent resignations. Gnnebal Fast Day.—Friday, the 16th ot August, will be ebeerved in the churches of tbe Methodist Episcopal Chnroh aaadajr of flatting, humiliation and pm; ia accordance with the recommeudatioM of the bishops oftho MM,1r tbeir late pas toral address. down the eoncorn by remarking as lie was about to bo marched off to jail, that "if doy didn’t let a nigger steal a littlo iu dis dam country, I'»o gwino back tu Tennessee, where Mr. llrownlow 'ill see a nigger git his rights, sure." An Ohio paper says tlint thirty thousand enterprising young gentlemen in tlint Statu last year promised to lovo, honor, nnd buy “things” for thirty tlionsand bright, eyed dames and damsels; ami the thirty thousand dames and damsels Iilnslied, nnd whimper ed, and said "they never could go through with tho ceremony in tho world,” and then very quietly accepted their destiny, nnd, no tho whole, ratlior liked it. U.xoENKnoim.—An exchange says: To many editors and newspaper correspondents m.dto it a point to attack and criticise our young ladles for walking on thoir tip-toes, now-a-days. It is very ungenerous nod un- gontlomanly. They can’t holg it. The \vn. torfatls on the top of their bends draw up the bnek hair so tightly that they can't put their heels down squarely without great pain. Drouobt.—It is stated tlint in portions ol Floyd the oorn crop will prove an almost to tal fhllura for the want of rain. In other portions good crops aro likely to lie made. Removed,—Forty-eight men wero re moved (lorn tho Qunrlcrmnstcr'a Depart ment at Mobile a few days ago, because they could not take the iron-clad oath. The Louisvillo Journal snys: Let not the South despond. Slio will find a placo to rest hor lever on,and then she can move the "world.” Very comforting, isn’t it? Wheat.—Wheat U jeUlpg at.fil per bushel in Jefferson county,. Alabama, ind flour at 8t per hundred. The Cholera^n'Mobile.—The Mobile papers of Sunday announco three deaths from oholera in that city. Tho disease in each case was induced by eating stale fruit. Tim Traitor Lopre.—Col. Miguel Lopez, the traitor, nflor selling Maximillinn and his generals, went to I’luha to visit his wife. His reception was decidedly cold.— Ilis wife advanced to meet him, leading their little son by tho hand, and addressed him thus: “Sir, here is your sop : wo cannot ont him iu two, tako him. Yon aro a base coward and a traitor. Yon have betrayed yoar country and yonr benefactor. From this hour we are strangers, for I shall this day retire to my family. Go!' Let us IIano Him fob Ills Mother.— Some genius out West gets off the following on tho Suratt trial. The verses commend themselves to the admiration ol Jo. Holt and Ed. Stanton: Let ns hang him for his mother! Let nt twin hit gnllet now Swing him flrtt, then try him after! We aro practiced and know how. Let us hjtng him for his mother, Whom wo slaughtered in his stead llong him 1 innocent or guilty— Wacan try him whan he’n dead: Let ns bang him for h IsTiiother! She was tender, ho js tough. Ado the woman didn’t straggle ' T° onr-liking half enough! When he’shnned Holt can try him, If he's innocent who cares? Twill only give tome Conover State pritnon if he ewrare. OBITUARY. Dikij, on (he morning of (he 8!«t. July, ia Lee nmnty, Mr*, linn K. Pawuo, in the 20th year of hor ago. 'ut off in tho bloom of life, she leavts a food husband nnd two little babes, and a large elrele of triendn and relatione, to* mourn her untimely de* cense. Modest, gentle and amiable, she woe be* lowed by all dial knew her—and may wo who sur vive her, whilst wo ebeerish her memory for her many virtues, remember that in “the midst of life we are In death." * STRAYED OR STOLEN. I^IRO.M my plantation ia Dougherty county, on JP lest Saturday wight, a mouse oolored mare Mule, roan around the neek and head, branded in two p’acos with the letter W, on the hip end thigh, underhit in lefleer, about 4 years old. I will give $20 for her delivery to me at Qilllon- ville, Ga,, or $10 fof any oafe place where I caw J. J, QILLION. August 10 67 .It Dkatii of an Ai'tiiobichh.—Mias Cathc- t itiu M. Srilgwiok, tho woll known ttulhoroas, died on Tumlay, near Uoxbnry/Masa., m tho 78th year of her ago. Her writingH havo omloaroil hor to two generations of Americans, nnd gained her much fame in Kuropo an well as here. (-iittiHTiAN*—A man who will wnde knee deep in water to get to his place of business six days in tho week, hut who will not ven ture out lor the world in a slight snriuklo to get to his place orimHinosH on htmday.— [Southall. An exchange says that “a man who >von’t take a paper because ho can borrow one, should invent a machine with which ho can cook hisjdinner by the smoko of his neigh- lior’s chimney.” Tennessee Election. Mkmimiik, August 1—4 r. m.—So far the election lias progressed quietly, and there is no fear of disturbance. Nothing as to the result can he learned. VIRGINIA TOBACCO, 200 boxes Soap, 26 Hhds. Cuba Molasses, 16 bbls Qoldou Syrup, 100 bales Gunny BAGGING, 100 Rolls Gunny BAGGING, 250 Coils Machine Rope, SO Tons Iron Bands, 26 barrels Cidrr Vinegar, 26 bales 08NABURG8, 50 Bales Macon Sheeting, 25 Bales Yarns, 5 Bales of Brown Drillings, 25 Bales Brown Shirting, 10 Bales Goorgia Stripes, 100 boxes l’earl Si arch, 60 cases Sardines and Lobsters, 100 cases Core Oysters 60 cases Tickles, 16 boxes f’od Fish, 100 doien BROOMS, 175 Barrels Stuart’s Sugar> 20 barrels Copperas, 100 kegs POWDER, 600 bags SHOT, 600,000 PERCUSSION CAPS, 6,000 lbs. BAR LEAD, ALSO, A No. 1. PIANO, Very little used and in perfect order, w F. WANT TO BUY UDU&21ZJBUl> UPU Hides, Tallow, Beeswax and Wool For which we will pay tho Highest Market Prioos, Seymour, Johnson & Co. August 10, 07 Ora XilST OF LfiTTfiBa R EMAINING in the Post Otllce, at Albany, Ga., August 1st, 1807. Adams, John W; Alfriend, Dr E W 2, Bell, J N, Barber, George, Boyd J J, Bonnerson, Ruthy Ann, Brown, V M, Butts John P, Bush, Wm Carver, Mrs Hannah; Cason, Thomas; Carson, Cyrus; Caustln, James; Chapel, Henry. Danforth, John; Drondman, Charles; Durgin, Dr Oram. Ford, Isaao col; Fort, John ool; Fatewood, Mr. Giddene, A M; Griffin, Miss Mary Jane. Hardeman, William; Hill, B II; Hudson, Miss Lucinda, 2 Jordan, Enooh; Jones, Franois, Lee, Ann col; Ledden, Charley. Matheney, Mrs M A, Poland, W W; Phillips, Mrs; Phugaa, Phillii „ . Ip. Reece, Miss L J; Reece, Sidney C; Reeves, J L2; * * ** * ".uBsell. Sherman, S II; Smith, Rodgers, Stephen; Itooks, Russell, ''all “ RUST. JONSTON il CO. Ware-House and Commission MERCHAITTS, ALBANY, OA-' W E beg to renew the tender of our services to the Planters of Dougherty and adjooent counties for the % Storage and Sale of their Cottons the approaching season, and pledge our best efforts to promote their interest. Y.G. RUST, | T II. JOHNSTON, | August 10, 1867 Salmons, Mrs Bettie A; Miss Rebecea. Taylor,.Herbert P; Thomas, John, or John Pow ers; Thrash, Fielding S; Thompson, Mrs Polly. Walker, Mrs M A; Walkr.-, F A: White, Wm ool; Willis, David, for Smith Siappy; Wishard, Thomas C; Williams, Mrs Sarah. Ptfrsot^oalling |u- any of the above letters will please say advertised. ^ •% M. J. RICHARDSON, P. M. August 1, 1867. B. G. LOCKETT tf JUST RECEIVED. Bagging, Hope, AND ARROW TIE, By RUST, JOHNSTON & CO. August 10, 1887 if (JlEAR SIDES, Shoulders, Canvassed Shoulders, Breakfast Baoon, Canvassed Hams, 30 kits of Bay Mackerel, Pine Apple Cheese, Best FWBillf Flonr. SUGAR, all grades, AT REDUCED PRICES- Griv* ™ * Cxll, at ins sew brick store, Whets we lit,., snd tro iscriflng, .rerflhlng in the way of Family Groceries and House-Furuishing Goods. TOWNS k BR0. August 8d, 1867 lw. GEORGIA STATE LOTTE#!, -FOR THE BENEFIT OF- The “MaBonio Orphan’s Home.” B«TS, WILSON a ML, Managers. ATLANTA. GA. GREAT SCHEME! One Dollar—Full Tioket. Capital rrtn, 120,000, For One Dollar. Class Elxtra A T HIS great Lottery for the benefit of tho Masonio Orphan's Home will be drawn in public at Atlamu, Ga., on Wednesday, the 4th day of Sep tembtr next, 1867. GREAT 1 Prise of 1 Prise of 1 Prise of 1 Prhe of 1 Prise of 1 Prise of 4 Prises of 100 Prises of 200 Prises of SCHEME. . $20,000 is $20,000 . 6,000 is 6,000 2,000 2,000 . 1,000 is 1,000 . 600 la 600 600 is 600 2601s 1,000 . 100 10,000 60 is 10,000 Prises amounting to.. . $60,000 $50(000 In Prliesftr $1 Dollar per Ticket Pnokage of Tan Tloketa May Draw $30,000. AH the above Prises will be Drawn, Plan of theso Great Lotteries and Explana tion of Drawings: The numbers from 1 to 100,000, corresponding with the numbers on the Tickets, are printed on seperate slips of paper and encircled with small subes, and placed in a glass wheel—all the prizes in accordance with the Scheme, aro similarly printed and enoiroled, and placed in another glass wheel.— The wheels are then revolved, and two boys, blind folded, draw the Numbers aud Prises, Omroftho boys draws one number from the wheel of No*, and at the same time the other boy drav* out one prizo from the wheel of prize*. The number and prizo drawn out are eshibited to the audience, nnd what ever prize oomes out is registered nnd plneed to the credit of that number; and thisoperniion is repent ed until all the prizes are drawn. AU prises are payable without discount, and the Offioial Drawing sent to ench I'ltrchnser. SOUTHERN MAIL ROD ■VIA— S outh-western, mscou & w..:.™, » tern & Atlantic—connecting with h: lit T _ see & Georgia, Esst Tennessee 1 Virgin’s 'to ft Tennessee, sail Orange 4: Alex»nder RsilJJjJj Two Daily Through Train, FROM MACON TO NEW YORK; Anti nil Northern sail Eastern Cities : eaml. . Great Through Moil aotl Through Eim-es. of llie GREAT possesses over all olhtrs in time and distinct hej,* 1U XUXUIS GHOaTKR Titan any Competing Route, AND ALL RAIL; The Traveler by this Route ia not inhjeet t.\s numerous Steamboat and Omnibua trtc.r.ri ... rexatious delays, Incident to oilier lie.. . tar the CONNECTIONS ARE CLOSE XVn PERFECT. This is the only Route that Cheoks Baggage Through To all pointa which Through Tickets ctll f„ Magnificent Sleeping Cars on all NIGHT TKAINS! The country along thin line of roads 1. remsrkk hie for heallhrtilness, grandeur of mountain ry. beautiful and fertile valleya, affording the riot est and must abundant fare. In fast, there is m country on this continent tbit offers greattr I, duoentenls to the business man or pleasure seek, for summer travel. " t&~ For further information, 4o., apply In iv. General Ticket OIBoei of Southern Rallroada. JOSS T. MOFFETT, General Southern Agent, July 27, 1807.-711. Mason’s Fou ‘'.•ilo by July 1867. Glass Fruit Jars With patent tops for Preserving; Fruit. L. K. ft If. E. WELCH. (70- OOYD, WILSON t FO., aug 3 td managers. Atlanta, Geo. STARTLING BISCL SURE! That the citisens of Albany an country have long needed a I urrounding Boise Finishing Coeds Establishment, is beyond question, and we are now On baud with the most complete assortment that ha* ever linen brought to this inarkeU Embracing every thing Neat, Chaste, Ornamental orUsoful To the Tipv Hovsk-Kekpkr. We eannot enumerate the one-hundredlh part, but will mentiou that we have a LARGE and VARIED assortment of COOKING STOVES of the most approved patterns, whioh will he sold to SUIT THE TIMES. Pts\ftn, Fancy St Japaucd Tlu-Warcs, qf every variety. If you want ANYTHING in the House-Furnishing Goods Line—no matter what— call on us, $9“ TOWN’S NEW BRICK BLOCK. TOWNS Sc BROTHER. Glass Fruit Jars! O NLY a small lot, 3 sizes, the best in market.— Just received at the House-Furninliing Goods Store of TOWNS k BltO. NOTICE. A LL poi>nn* indebted to the estate of A. C. UiU litie Of Doiiglieriy county, deceased, are n! quested to make immediate payment, and all (kite having demand* again! said eaiate will present (had properly aiuhcntieated within the time prescribe^ by law. In Wright A Warren, Albany, Ga. J. M. HILL july 27, 1867. Adm’r A. C. Hill. TfckiM Lawton & Lawton, Wholesale Produce Dealers, MACON, a A. For The Ladies! J ELLY Moulds, (beautiful patterns) Spice, Cako and Sugar Boxes. All very nloe. Justreceiv- ed^ TOWNS & BRO S. Toilet Setts. (Most Beautiful.) JUST RECEIVED at AFFLICTED, READ THIl lAVTON’S OLEUM M, T HIS great Oerman Liniment is an almost infi|. lible cure for llhoumntiHm, Neuralgia, Hhcumntio *Pnins in tlio Hack, ilroast, _ , .Sides or.Tointi Tootimelio, Nervous, Headache, Earache, Sprains, Bruises, Swellings, Outs, Insect Bites, Burns, Thin great remedy ahould be in evary bouw- For Horses this remedy baa no equal. Ask for KAYTON’8 OLEUM VIT.’E. other. Kent by express for $1. KAYTON’S MAGIC CURE; AN EGYPTIAN REMEDY. For the cure of Sudden Coughs and Cold*, Aid* mn, Acid Stomach, Sore Throat, Heartburn, Sa Sickness, Cholera, Diarrhea, Paina and Cramps k the Stomnca. Bent by express for $1. Kay ton’s Diapeptic Fills Arc a sure and pleasant cure for Dyspepzls, M- lions Disorders, Consiipaiiou, and all Dinordentf ihe Liver, Sinmsoh ami Bowels, «nd when iskts regularly will cleanse the blood. These sr# tke greatest nnti-Bilious Pills, ever placed before til public. * Rent by mail for 80 cents per box. The above medicines are prepared and sold bjr Pkof. II. H. KAYTON, Savannah, 0*. t To whom all orders should be addressed; ortothl Agents, A. A. SOLOMONS k CO„ Wholesale Drsf gists, Savannah, Ga. Ilowaro of counterfeits. The genuine has Pnt II. II. Kaxton’s signature on each bottle sad A liberal discount to those selling again. For sale in Savannah by A. A. fiOLOMOIW* CO., E. W. MARSH k CO., W. M. WALSH, R.H. TATEM, nnd by Druggists and Country Merekai generally. July 16—lyr. L, E A II E Welch, Age ills, ALBANT, OA. 4lli 8t... CORN, BACON, NEW and OLD FLOUR, Choice TOWNS & BRO’S. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST Cook Stoves. A large lot just received. If you want a GOOD Stove for a little money, be sure to call at TOWNS & BRO S. (UpASSED RAMS, . * * WAY, &C.j4$b. Wyl riftt i% Mr Osdsss accompanied b, Ihc each filed at JL LOWEST PRI( LOWEST market pricei. july 27-791m. ON CONSIGNMENT, Seven New Splendid Buggies. SIDE AND END 3PRINGS. ALSO, Corn, Flour and Hay, ’Just Received and For Sale by BUST, JOHNSTON * CO., I ir.iait. I Align,: 10, 18*7 8Slf GEORGIA, DMKberlj County. Inferior Court, of aaid County, ) At Chambers, August 2d, 1827. ( S EALED PROPOSALS and Specifications will be received by tbe Clerk of this Court, from this date to the 20tk instant, for the building of the Bridge across Klokee Creek, near Gen. Lawton'* plantation. Also, Bridge aerosa the same creek, near George Welker’s plantation, known aa the Dawson Bridge; also, the bridge aerosa Chickasaw- hatehee creek, et ihe-ford et Pine Island (Mao, the bridge across the Turnpike, known as. Griramets'. A Special Tax will be levied to pay for -all-rath bridges os may be contracted fpr The apodal attention of Commiseioaers of Rooda for thi* county is called to putting their eeveral rondo In complete order, as they will be held to striet account for a failure to do the same. Dona by order of the Inferior Conrt, at Chamber*. Anguet 2d, 1867. . H. WILDER, *>f 3 07—IMUst Bvp'y CVk r thing in the TIN Line, at the ilCES in the State, call on TOWNS k BRO. Frocsed Wash Pass! (SEVERAL SIZES.) F ESSED Dish Pans, Pressed Milk Pens, (from 2 quarts to 10 quarts. Just received at Albany, Ga., July 27, 1867. TOWNS k RRO’S. ["•*]“ T. I. WaiTAKRX. K. R. 8ASSKKX. United States Hot*’ 7 WHITAKER ft 8A8SEEN, Whlrin one baud red yards of Greer, J PiKxgcr Day.:. C ora,r Alabama mu) Pryor Sis.......ATLANTA, GA Pnrliflftn Life with Moeby. Muhlback’s Historical Novels. Louisa of Prussia and her times. Frederick Tho Great and his Famil/i_ •* •» *• it »« Court* The Merchant of Berlin. Berlin and Sans Souol. Joseph tbe II. nnd His Court. Henry the VIII. and His Court. The last chronical of Barset—By Trollop** A Raymond’s Heroine—A Novel. Diavola—By M. E. Brandon. —ALSO- Stnndnrd Literature. Blood and Thunder Novels. New School Books and Stationery. )&• Any Book published promptly ord««* customers. . ^ • L. E. WELCII 4 july 27. Booksellers and J»* Groroia—Dougherty County. Wherca*, B. J. Johnson, adm’r of the Robert Johnson, deo’d, applies tome tor m sell all tho lands belonging to said eststs- aro therefore to cite all and singular (*• and next of kin of said deceased, to be s»* at iny office within the time prescribed show cquse, if any they can, why said l not be granted. •»tsi*»' Given under my hand and official 2iUh day of July, 1887. July 30,1867 Bankrupt Petitions’ Having-roceirod the Rvutauf* together with Form* Bankruptcy, as promulgated by»u of the United States, w* g jnly27-79. AttevesT* 1