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The Houston home journal. (Perry, Houston County, Ga.) 1890-1900, March 20, 1890, Image 4

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mm mm Quaint and Curious. Riches of Hayti. m iiii- . Twins-aged ninety years are liv ing in Wixom, Mich. An autopsy on a Wisconsin man a few days ago revealed five jack- knives in his stomach. United Pres3 Dispatch. In York county, Penn., a party of tramps recently emptied a water tank and converted it into a bed- Hew York, March 10.—James Zohrab, British minister to Hayti, who is in the city qn his way to England, says: “Everything- is quiet in Hayti, but it seems to be a calm before a storm. I look for another revolution there very soon. The people are in a condition that Valuable Nuts. The nut-beating trees are right- There is too much love in ihe fully attracting attention. One of wcn-ld said some one the other day the best is the English walnut which bears the well-known fruit- kept for sale in the'shops—though the term of English is a misnomer, as the tree originally came ' from Persia. It is not hardy in the ex- Too Many. Sew York Sun. An Iowa girl, Flora Loak, shot a man dead for serenading her grandfather on the occasion of his latest marriage. A lump of nearly pure lead was recently taken out of the ground near Joplin, Mo. ,Jt weighed about 8,000 pounds. At Williamsport, Md., is a ma ple tree that has a full crop of green leaves, while every one of its neighbors is dry and leafless. A smart little Pennsylvania girl living near the Maryland line has trapped fenough fur-bearing ani mals to buy herself a nice gold watch. In Sevier county, Aik., Nathan Canupn, aged 83, undertook to kick a dog. The dog dodged, and Mr, Gannon was picked up with broken leg and wrist. With a record of having buried 1,3000 persons, George L. Moore, an aged undertaker of Guthrie- ville, Penn., has at last been laid under the soil him self. A thief stole a pair of shoes from a policeman at Sedalia, Mo., the other night, and the “cop’ didn’t even stop snoring while the thief was untying them. Marcel Bernier recently died his kome'at New Aukum Prairie, Washington, aged 69. He was the first white child born in Wash ington, then Oregon Territory. HOne hundred and sixty-seven bears were killed in Maine last year. The state paid out $8 $6 per head bounty. Over 81,000 was paid as bounty for killing crows. must precede another fight. Hayti j treme north, but in the latitude of i is naturally one of the very richest I Col ambus, Indianapolis, and far-1 countries in the world for its area.! ther south, the trees would not re-' I believe that under a firmly or- j ceiye injury in any ordinary win- i ganized goverment—a government ] ter. The same may almost be said \ where property was secure—the J of the pecan, though it is not quite it At East Lyons, Tai; a goose died very suddenly. On cutting open a silver thimblo was found its throat. It is thought the fowl Choked to death while toying swallow it. • A petrified moccasin was unearth ed at Pendleton, Ore., by some la borers who were digging for the foundation-of a bank building, was sent to the Smithsonian Insti tute. The belle at a recent dog feast on the Indian reservation wore jacket trimmed with teeth from 150 elks, which she herself had slain. She is a granddaughter the chief of the tribe. of It An espalier pear tree at Pollet, France, was planted in 1580, and .now the oldest in Europe, spreads 100 feet, its stem is three feet through, and it still bears 3000 to 4000 pears yearly. Farm and Garden Rotes. of .Keep the hens warm to get more oggs in cold weather. The best remedy for glanders to kill the diseased horse. The- cows now need extra ra tions to keep up the flow of milk; Liquid manure is excellent for plants if not- applied too strong. Look after the condition stored fruit, vegetables and roots. Ho not allow rats about your hen house. • The damage they can do pays one to fight them off. To raise strawberries successful ly the ground must have rested the year previously as a summer fal low. A most disgusting picture of dirt is that ol a dirty dairyman, with dirty hands, milking a dirty cowin a dirty barnyard, and catching the milk in a, dirty pail, where it is left to absorb the dirty odors of a dirty • atmosphere. It is impossible to breed profita bly chickens’ from overfed and stimulated fowls—a billious hen cannot lay a well-developed egg, and the chick cannot develop its several organs and parts in per fection from a- poor egg. Tin: Ivey. Geo. H. Thateb, of Bour bon, Ind., says: “Both myself and wife owe onr lives to SHmoH’s Consumption Curb. Holtzdaw & Gilbert. Perry, Ga. 't-gfess?-?,.; ■ *' ” J • In the race of life' it isn’t the fast men who come out head.- Wirr wmr, xou cough vmen Shiloh’s Cure will give immediate relief. Price 10 cts.,'50 ets., aud SI. Holtzelaw & Gil bert. Perry, Ga. The Mississippi Farmers’ Alli ance has SS,562.60 in bank at Wi nona. Shuoh’s Catarrh Remedy—a posi tive cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria and douth. Holtzelaw & Gilbert. Cornstalks contain more potash than any other fodder fed to cows. you Made miserable by Indiges Constipation, Dizziness, Losf of Yellow Skin? Shiloh’s Yital- dtive cure. Holtzelaw & Gil- T> Ga. fc, Perry, island would" support in comfort a population of twenty million souls. One can form no,idea of the wealth of the island without a .visit there. There are coffee forests, for in stance. The coffee business is not cultivated at all, but trees grow wild in such luxuriance that it is utterly impossible for a man to penetrate them. Paths are cut through them from one village to another, and that is all. When coffee harvest comes around the people gather the berries from the od ges of the groves, and the rest goes to waste. “It is much the same with sugar cane. The people do not cultivate sugar cane. It grows wild, you can tell that by looking at it when it is brought to town. It is crooked. You could not for five dollars get a straight piece two feet long. Ev erything grows in such profusion that people live in spite of revo lutions. In no other country could the drain of such constant warfare be sustained. Ordinary govern ment is terribly expensive. Every year when coffee season comes- around, the government collects from 84,000,000 to 85,000,000. But under the system there the officials in power know that their turn to go into exile will soon come. I have been there two years, but a third set of officials is in power. Each set, knowing that" "its time would soon end, had t oprepare to go, so they pocketed all the money in sight.” The Thrifty Hen. The hen of the United States is a great institution, and no one need make sport of her. She was worth to this country last year oh her own personal accouut $200,000,000 according to the Bureau of Indus trial Statistics. Besides this, the foreign hen contributed two mil lion and a half dollars worth of eggs to our uses. This would sug gest that a farther acquaintance with the hen would be worth culti vating. There is large room for ambitious poultry raisers to in dulge their tastes at profit. Augusta’s scientific men are puz zled over the case of Major Perry, an old darkey with paralysis, who goes into trances, and delivers fine sermons from orthordox texts, and wakes up to complete unconscious ness of his performances. A printer’s error has been de tected in the last issue of the Bible from the Cambridge press. In Isaiah xlviii, 13, the word “founda tion” is begun with an “r” instead of an “f.” The mistake was dis covered by a young son of Bev. Dr. H. Adler, who has received the standing reward of a guinea offer ed for the detection of such an er as -hardy as the "former, and both are so excellent that they should receive more consideration. The Paragon chestnut is a'choice vari ety, equal to the common chestnut in quality, and more than doable in size and very prolific. Whether an American seeding of the Japan chestnut, or a hybrid between the latter and the American species, is not known certainly, nor rs it im portant since the tress continues to do well wherever tried in Penn sylvania, Ohio, etc. The price at which young trees can be obtained is moderate. Another valuable in troduction is Hale’s Paper-shell hickory nut, a variety of the shell- bark hickory found recently in New Jersey. The shell is remark ably thin, the surface having gen tle depressions and undulations in stead of the corrugations of the ordinaryjiickory nut. Kernel thick and of fine flavor. Owing to the difficulty of propagating the hick ory, by both budding aud grafting, this choice variety must continue to be scarce and high-priced for some time yet. The hickories and chestnuts are free from the fault justly charged against the walnuts —all of them—of the roots being injurious to other trees in the vicinity, aud to the grass even. The Cost of Fertility in Hand. It is beyond question that the essential elements to be supplied in plant food consists of only three, viz: nitrogen, potash and phos phoric acid; all the other elements seem to be abundant and available in most soils; but some of these three are often lacking, or are locked up in a combination beyond the reach of most plants, and must in some way he unlocked or sup plied artificially, or we can have no healthy plant growth. These elements haye an almost fixed value the world over. Soluble nitrogen is worth over 16 cents per pound, potash 5 cents, phosphoric acid cents. Comparing the various land products it is demonstrated that selling $500 worth of hay would remove fertilizers with a value $366; $500 worth of corn, $180 same of wheat, $125; of wool, $50 like amount of dairy products, $500 worth of fruit would cause loss of much less than either of the last, .thus in the matter of fruit growing it is shown to impoverish land only in a small proprotion that ordinary farm crops do.—S. Bailey. to me. There is too much of a great many things in this world, but not too much of that. "There is too much bad temper. Too much scandal. Too much evil thinkiug. Too much hard judgment. Too much impertinence. Too much weakness unforgiven. Too much of bad puns. Too many courses at dinner. Too many chestnuts. Too many liars. Too many bores. Too many tiresome plays. Too many women who support their husbands. Too many books written to sell and not to read. Too many—no there are not too many babies, and while there are plenty of babies and plenty of love, there will alway be plenty of happiness in this world. J. W. Nance, a Texan, adver tised that he would be at Mur freesboro, Tenn., oue day last week, to buy all the hens he could get at 25 cents apiece.. He came along in a poultry car capable of holding 5,000, and he had to telegraph for another, as there were 10,000 pul lets waiting for him. Bnclclcv's Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for Colds, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Bheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and posi tively cures Piles or no pay re quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money re funded. Price 25 cents per box Eor sale by Holtzelaw & Gilbert. Subscribe for the Home Jouenal HOW? “Can the world know a man has a good thing unless he advertises the possession of it.”—Vanderbilt. of s. Within the past twenty-five years the city of Borne has been transformed almost beyond recog nition. The population is now over 400,000, and a quarter of a .century ago it was less than 200,' 000. All the old historic buildings are" falling, and even the great mausoleum of the Emperor Hadri an, which is'largely due; to the ge nius of Michael Angelo, is in dan der. A few men join the Alliance through speculative motives, and because they cant’ feel themselves financially benefitted all at once, they kick out. Such men ought stajaDut among the speculators, for they are not fit for Alliancemen • It is said that during 1889 there were not seventy consecutive hours in the neighborhood of Boston without rain. A Woman’s Discovery. “Another wonderful discovery has been made, and that, too, by a lady in this country. Disease fas tened its clutches upon her, and •for seven years she withstood. its severest tests, but her vital organs were undermined, and death seem ed imminent. For three months glie coughed incessantly, and could not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr. King’s New Discov ery for Consumption, and was so much 'relieved upon taking the first dose that she slept all night, and with one bottle has been mi- in the Spring Months. Nature should be assisted when the system is changing from the full habit of the winter months to the lighter diet of the warm season. Nothing does this as well as S. S, S. It stimulates the sluggish blood and rids the system of heaviness and the feeling of languor, there is poison in the blood, it gen erally shows itself in the spring,' and this is the season to help nature to drive it out and be cured. S. S. S. Beautifies the skin and makes the complexion rosy and healthy. S. S. S. Gives elasticity to the step and buoyant spirits. S. S. S. Makes the feeble and. delicate strong and robust. S. S. S. Is-a tonic to the whole body and increases vitality. S. S. S. Is a simple vegetable medicine, harmless to the most delicate, yet so powerful as to raculously cured. Her name is ; Mrs. Lather Lutz.” Thus write! c i eause ’the system of allimpuri- W. C. Hambrick & Co., of Shelby,! ties . _ N. C. Get a free, trial bottle at; Treatise on Blood and Skin Dis- Holtzclaw & Gilbert’s drug store.' eases mailed freei ' —: i—— x ; Swift Specific Co., Subscribe for the Home Jouenal. Atlanta, Ga. ★ ★ ★ WRITE US wherever you live, and we will ship you r a fine instrument on 15 Days’ Test Trial in your own home. * ★ * NO CASH REQUIRED both ways if instrument fails to please L style, price or quality. Ours the risk, yours only to give fair and full test, and buy if fully pleased, 40,000 Southern Homes s since 1870 < Supplied by 1 yw PLAN, first introduced 1 y _ method of sale possible, and a great^benefit to those at a distance who cannot visit our ware-rooms ALL RISK SAVED By this trial plan, and purchasers absolutely a red perfect instruments at the very lowest possible cost. Selling only the best instru- - - .Mingfoniva _ I ments made, that will stand the mostsevereanil comprehensive tests, we do not fear tosendthom out I trial and let them stand solely on their merits II ficV ic fL- It.: : LIFE HI JEFFERSON Oil, -MRS. JEFFERSON DAVIS. SOLD BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY The prospectus and complete outfit for canvassing will-be ready immediate ly: Agents wishing desirable territo ry on this great work will please address, as soon as possible, the publishers, BELEORD COMPANY, 18—22 East 18 Street. New York. To cure Biliousness, Sick Headache, Consti pation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the safe and certain remedy, SMITH’S BILE BEANS Use tbe SMAII Size (40 little Beans to the bottle). They are the most convenient. _ • Stxitablo ior Oil Ages. Price of either size, 25c. per Bottle* kissingamaem J. F. SMITH & GO,Makers of “BILEBEANS,” ST. LOUIS M0. —Smoke the J. F, L. A., the best 5 cent cigar in the world, at S. L. Speight’s.- PASSENGER SCHEDULE FREIGHT SEWICE In effect Feb. 9th, 1S90, via tbe Gearsia Southern and Florida RAILROAD. SUWANNEE RIVER ROUTE TO FLORIDA Standard time same as Macon city time. GOING SOUTH. No. 1 No. 3 No. 11.g Lv. Macon 3*10:35 a. m. 7:00 p.m 6:00 a. m Lv.Cordele 1:30 p.m. 9:44 pm 1:45 pm Ar. Tifton 2:58 pm 11:00 pm 6:20 pm (No.13) pm / 6:30 a m Lv.Tifton ' Ar. Valdosta Ar. Jasper Ar. Lake City Ar. Jacksonville 4:48 p m 1:01 a. m/ 10:50 p i ,5:55pm 2;llam 3:00pi 7:05 pm 3:22 am 5:15p i 9:45 pm 8:55 am GOINC NORTH. Lv. Jacosonville Lv. Lake City Ar Jasper Ar. Valdosta Ar. Tifton Lv Tifton Lv. Cordele Ar. Macon No. 2. No. 4. No. 12 7:00 a m 7:50 p m 10:00 am 10:40 pm 7:00 am 11:05 am 11:51pm 9:35 am 12:13 pm 1:01am 12:01 in 1:48 pm 2J50am. 5:40pm No. 14 2:0S d m 2;50am 7:00am 3:24 pm 4:23 am 12:23 pm 5:45 pm 7:10 am 7:50 pm. Trains 1| 2, 3 and 4 arrive and depart from Union depot. Way freight and ac commodation trains 11 and 12 arrive and depart from Macon junction. Freight received and delivered at de pot comer Fifth and Fine streets,Macon. Freight for Americas, Albany, Bruns wick, Savannah, Charleston, Florida points and all other places on or reached via this road will be handled with prompt ness and dispatch. O. B. WILBURN, J. T. HOGE, Gen'l Freight Agt. Gen’l Pass. Agt, A. C. KNAPP, Traffic Manager. G-EOCEEIES GRGVE 5 § -AND- LIQ"CT02BS, 314 Third Street, MACON, GA. Y FRIENDS in old Houston kL will find me at the above-named stand, where Twill beglad to serve them if they need anything in my line. Besides a stock of I keep an assortment of the leading brands of ■WHISZIT, Such as Hume six-year old, Nelson County Rye, Gibson’s XXXX. Pure Old North Carolina Com, and other brands SHILL TfNISI FILLING JUGS A SPECIALTY. All orders promptly attended to, J. S, VINSON. escopes*! nJP the worlu. Our ..— jncqualed, and to introduce oua superior good* ire win lendraxx to OSS PEKS02T in each locality, as above. Only thosewho write tbe chance. All yon hare to do in | returnU to show our goods .» 1 those who call—your neighbor* m and those around yon. The be- a ginning of this advertisement u> shows the small end of the tele- o following cut gives the appearance ofitredneed^o tj&rzr the fiftieth part of its bulk, iris a grand, double rise tel e- iarire as is easy to carry. W e will also show yon hew you 2 ubk. fro,,. S.'StoSlO.d»jr atJet, frauth.itut,wja- P»nmpnce Better write at once. We pay all express charges. Address.H. UALLETT & CO., Box 880, PORTLAND, MAIM. ASK YOUR MERCHANT FOR- PRIDE OF PERRY SHEETING-. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST HOMESPUN. FORJSEN ONLY! MANHOOD; and NERVOUS DEBILITY; ■ss of Body and Mind, Effeota JfflFor LOSTo ^General and ■Weakness of Body a JLlof Errorsor Exoesaesin Old or Young* Robust, Noble MANHOOD fnlly Restored. How to er Strengthen WEAK. UNDEVELOPED ORGANS&PAHT8 lately tmfallii !«tl?y Absolutely nnfalllng HOME TREATMENT—Benefits ... Ben testify from SO States and Foreign Countries. Write them* Descriptive Boob, explanation and proofs mailed (sealed) free. ERIE MEDICAt. CO.. BUFFALO. N. Y. PERRY RAILROAD SCHEDULE Daily, Except Sunday. Leave Perry at 5:40 A. M. Arrive at Fort Valley 6:25 A. M. Leave Fort Valley at 11:30 p. ar. Arrive at Perry at 12:15 a. ar. Leave Perry at 3:05 p. ar. Arrive at Fort Valley 3:50 p. ar Leave Fort Valley at 8:15 p. ar Arrive at Perry at 9:00 p. ar. WOOD acIBOIbTID. It is as pleasant to the taste as lemon syrup. The smallest infant will take it and never know it is medicine. Children cry for it. S' ever fails to unre. Chills once broken wiil not return. Cost yon only half the price of other Chill Tonics. . No Quinine needed. No purgative needed. Contains no poison. Cheaper than Qninine. It pnrifies the blood and removes all ma larial poison from the system. It is as large as any dollar tonic and retails for 50 cents.' FOR SALE BY CoBKomir, 5rs»., Dsc. 13, Is®. Pasu Hxdxczxe Ce., Paris, Tenn. Please Bend me three doz. of jour Grove's Tasteless Chiu Tonic. I was pleased with the lot from you last summer. Tia people were delighted with it. I gav« J0U r Chill Tonic to uma children who were pale and swarthy and emaciate.!, havlcs had chronic chills for months past, one of them for a jnr and withia three weeks after beginning with the Chi^-Tonic they were hale and hearty, with red and rosy cheeks. It acted IDs & chana. W, IT, Sixmos, M. ft. 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Furniture aud Carpet House in T3n.e State of G-eorg'Ia. OaH and See ns and get Prices, and Look at the Finest Display in G-eorgia. NEXT TO HOTEL LANIER MACON, GA. JentraJ. ^Sa-Ilroad. of O-eorgaa, BETWEEN MACON, FORT VALLEY, PERRY AND COLUMBUS. (Southwestern Division.) Schedule went into effect February 4th, 1890. (Standard Time, 90th Meridian.) V —The Home Journal Job of fice is fully prepared to do any kind of Commercial job work that may be needed. All nicely pad ded, and at’prices that will com pete with any city. Call and look at onr samples and get onr prices, and you will leave your orders, SUBSCRIBE ADVERTISE THE HOME JOURNAL, Headquartersf or Houston news. MACON CHINA STORE, TBIANGTILAR BLOCK, MACON. GA. " THE ONLY KXCLBSIVE CHINA AND GLASSWARE HOUSE IN THE CITY. w . imuort-our goods, and buv from first hands, saving the middleman’s profits. We can show you more China and weimpuiL u b . Glassware than all the .other stocks'in Macon added together.. vxiassTTare man an mo oiner suicixs m otacuu wgaimw.* i VYe are Aclnioyvledged Headaiwrters fox* Goods in Oiu- Dine.- vua invo-nnw in store themost varied s'-aek^hver exhibited in any southern city, Whenan thecity call and see the great ” 6 est attraction to be seen in Macon. * X UVCl ITAXtl UllCU J-ii. t.XXJ tuuuiviu • est attraction to be seen in Macon. Very Respectfully, No. 3. No 1. i I No. 2; | No. 4. 325 a. m. 339 “ 3.44 “ 3.52 “ 4.07 “ 4.17 “ 435 a. m. 3.00 p. m. 3.15 “ 3.21 “ 3.28 « 3.45 “ 3.55 “ 410 a. m Leave Macon. Arrive Arrive Wise, Arrive Arrive Rutland Arrive Arrive Walden Arrive Arrive Byron Arrive Arrive Powersville Arrive Arrive Fort Valley Leave 10.37 a. m. 10.29 A 10.15 “ 10.08 '« 10.05 «. 9.45 9.45 a. m 11.10 p. m. 10.57 “ 11.02 “* 10.55 « 10.40 “ 10.31 “ 10.15 p. m. BETWEEN PORT VALLEY AND PERRY. - ' 8.15 p. m. 9.00 p. m. 11.30 a. m. 12.15 a. m. JLeave Jb'orfc Valley Arrive Arrive Perry Leave 6.25 a. m.l 5.40 a. m.| 3.50 p. m. 3.05 p. m. PUBLISHED Iwt fiwalif Iwataft -AT- Milts MI1IIA 435 a. m. 3.1Q p. m. 455 “ 3.25 “ 5.08 “ 3.40 “ 5.19 “ 3.58 “ 5.30 “ 410 p. m. 5.43 “ 422 5.56 « 433 “ 6.08 “ 445 22 “ 457 “ 6.32 “ 5.06 “ 6.40 “ 5.24 “ 7.17-fj 5.48 “ 7.45 a. m. 6.15 p. m. Arr Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Everett’s Reynolds Butler Scott’s Howard Bostick Geneva Juniper Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Box Springs Arrive Arrive Upatoie Arrive Arrive Sehatulga Arrive Arrive Columbus Leave NOW IN ITS TWENTIETH VOLUME’ - . For further particularsratetave to ticket rates, schedules, best routes, etc. write to or eaUupon E.M. FULLER, Agent, Perry; W. W. STARR, Supt.M^eon fur T -p A «»* • E. T. CHARLTON, Gen’l. Pas. Agent, Savannah, Ga. CLYDE BOSTICK, T. P. Agent, Savannah, Ga. GALL ON US, w, B, CARHART & CO Our lines of SHOES AJYD BA.TS are on the market at 50c. to Living Prices, and if you want