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The Houston home journal. (Perry, Houston County, Ga.) 1890-1900, May 08, 1890, Image 3

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X>OClAJO. SEWS, Perky, Teuhsda?, May 8. EADS, NEEL SCO. \XT& HAVE now in store one of the W largest and most complete stocks FINE CLOTHING, furnishing Qoods : to 1)0 found in any southern store. 70U OAK GET JUST WHAT YOU WANT AT THE EIGHT TBIGE. Mr. WALTER F. HOUSER, who has been with us for the past year, w%be glad to wait on Ins friends at onr place. e;a\®§» CLOTHIERS, & ©<3>, AND"FUR- HATTERS NISHERS. 557 CHERRY ST., MACON, GA. FINCHER BROTHERS, ' FORT VALLEY, GA. DEAT.SKS IN Watches, Jewelry, —ANB- lullR! REPAIRING A "specialty. I have bought of Mr. G. W. Sin gleton all the trees on the east side of the. “Baskin Branch” be tween the lines of Dr. Mann and Mr. Gurr. I shall sot my mill in that lot the last of April, and on oi before May 1st! shall be ready to supply my customers with all lands of Lumber. Hand in your orders now, and they will be num bered and filled in order as re ceived. The trees are of the bes t and the lumber will be fine—will deliver at any point near Perry. Lumber at the mill 15 cents per hundred discount. E. J. Fullek. Lesse Perry Variety Works. Malcolm Wivtle, Jr., No. 10,266. Those desiring the services of my registered. Jersey Bull, Malcolm Wade, Jr., No. 19,266, can be ac commodated by calling at iny farm, Q miles east of Perry. Service- fee, §2.00; insurance, §2.50. T. D: Gurr. -^jTwanTto buy fat hogs and beeves. C. H. Moore, Perry, Ga. sale —Corn and Fodder for Apply at farm 2 miles from Perry, on Hayneville road, or address W. M. Boon, Perry 7 , Ga. —Leave your orders for Fine Western Beef on i Mondays and Wednesdays. C. H. Moore, Perry, Ga. —Butterick’s patterns for ladies and children, for salo by J. H. Logne, Fort Valley,. Ga. Tax Receiver’s Notice. T will be at - • Hunt’s 10th Dist. May 2d^from 9 to 3 Fort Valley— May 3d ' 5th from 8 to 11 a m “ 2to5 pm ; Gth 7th Sth 9th 8 to 11 am 2 to 5 p m 8 to 11 a m 2 to 5 p m 8 to 11 a m 2 to 4 p m Oak Grove— Myrtle— Perry— Havnoville— Hickory Grove— Henderson— Taylor’s— Murph’s— Marshalsvjilc— for tho purpose of taking tax return and agricultural staUshcs for tbo ^ear m b| hb *» ^rai d kinds r p^dthe, a Kar, •and stock of all kinds on h^d^creage Tax Receiver, H. C. Sidewalk s.oca! °* and County Candidates are ripening. ® ar county campaigu will be short and sharp. Alliance aleeti::^ The spring chicken crop is nn. usually backward. —The subscription list of the Home Jouenal grows steadily. —Many potatoes, collards, etc., have been transplanted this week! Mr. J. G. Holtzclaw and. lady are visiting relatives in Savannah, -Mrs. S. L. Feagin, of- Macon, is in Perry, visiting relatives and friends. * —The Houston political cam paign was formally opened last Tuesday. —There will be a barbecue and real estate sale at Bonaire next Tuesday. * -Not many political picnics will be indulged during the present campaign. -Miss Hattie Peacock, of Car- tersville, is in Perry visiting Miss Nora Killen. —Mr. W. S. Felder, of Macon spent several days in Perry on bus iness this week. —The Sunday school picnic at Houston Fact* ry next Sunday wlil be largely attended. —The many friends of Mrs. R. L. Marshall, of York, will regret to learn that she is quite ill. -Peaches on trees with no ieaves is unsual, hut such things are seen in Houston, nevertheless. -Madam Rumor says there will be a marriage in Perry the latter part of May, or about the first of June. —Molding* for picture frames for sale by J. H. Logne, Fort Val- ley, Ga. - * lee and choice Lem-ms always du hand. G. H. Moore, Perry, Ga. — you have any pictures to be framed, send them to J. H. Logne, F,vt Valiev, Ga- Wop done at Macon prices: satisfaction guaran teed. -Every person who desires to keep posted on Houston county affairs should subscribe for the Home Journal. This year will £ especially lively in politicsj, and onr subscribers will get all toe news. Subscribe now-only bl.M) " year when pmd strictly in ad vance. —New Irish potatoes are becom g common, and had not the cold weather interfered, the crop would have bae^ a good one. —There are in Perry several cotton plants over twelve inches high, growing from the roots of stalks that bore a heavy crop last year. —Mrs. E. B. Cade left Perry Monday afternoon for Cinctnnati, where she will atteud the Conserv atory of Music. —The hail storm in Houston last Sunday was just three days later iu the season than the one that visited Perry and vicinity last May. —The rain that fell Saturday night and Sunday was in accord with the wishes of Houston citi zens—farmers and gardeners es pecially. —Capt. W. C. Davis, of the Perrp Rifles, inspected the Abbe ville Guards, of Abbeville, Tues day, under orders from Adjutant General Kell. An article concerning “The Olive Bill and the next Legisla ture,” written by Mr. A. P. Jones, appears on the first page of this paper. Read if. . —The Mrs. C. M. Felder estate sold Tuesday for §5,500, consisting of a dwelling house and store house in Perry, and 500 acres of land 4 miles wes.t of Perry. —All candidates who attend the picnic at Houston Factory next Saturday will learn something specially interesting to them that day. We say this knowingly. —Our farmers have been hope ful, and then doubtful, during the last three months, concerning the oat crop, but now most of them believe a fair yield will be har vested. —The northern born citizens of Houston county are requested to meet at the court house in Perry on the 17th inst, Saturday, of next week. See official call in another, column. —There will be a Sunday school picnic at Hickory Grove on the third Saturday, 17th day of May. A large crowd will attend, and we know the occasion be thoroughly enjoyable. —The need for a railroad from Perry to some point on the Geor gia Southern and Florida railroad is positive end urgent. Onr peo ple can secure it if they will. Talk won’t build it. —Read the political announce ments in another column, all the offices, except county commission er, are applied for. The voters will have full and free opportunity to choose good men for all the of- flees. •* In .response to previous aiuioance- meut, the Farmers’ Aiiiauee of Houston.r—.ucy'met in convention a; Ferry at 10 o’clock last Tuesday morning. The convention contiu ned in session for two hours, and, of coarse, none bnt allianceinen were admitted. Previous to the opening of the meeting, the editor of the Hohe Journal approached several prom- nent members of the alliance and signified his desire to publish whatever action the meeting in tended for publication. After the adjournment we were told fay ev ery allianceman approached that there was nothing for publication. We were reliably informed, how ever, that the alliance endorsed one gentleman as a suitable per son for the members of the order to support for senator for this dis trict, and two for members of the Honse of Representatives to repre sent Houston ccunty. This endorse ment was held to be subject to democratic nomination,.'and no member of the alliance was con sidered absolutely pledged to vote for the gentlemen named. We were further informed that a committee was appointed to no tify the gentlemen named of the action of the alliance, and if they consented to the use of their names in the connection mentioned, then a public announcement was to be made by authority of a resolution passed, but for the present with held from the public. We under stand the convention was com posed of about 40 delegates, and though about 100 alliaucemen were present, none but the delegates were authorized to vote. As these statements are made from hearsay, we do not vouch for their absolute accuracy, and if anything is incorrectly stated, w.e are ready to make a strictly accu rate statement in accnd with the official petiou of the alliance, when so informed by authority of any delegate participating. The announcement oE candidates for the Seuato and House of Rep resentatives which appears in an other column by authority - of “Democrats,” purporting to be the work of “a large and enthusiastic meeting of democratic voters, calls for some explanation. There were two meetings in Perry Tuesday—the county alli ance, by delegates, and the county executive committee--both com posed of democrats. The alliance meeting took the action upon which this political announcement was based, but that meeting was called and held as an alliance conven tion strictly, not as a meeting of democratic voters. None but al- liancemen were allowed in the room, and it is not fair that an act performed by the alliance in se cret session should be given to the people as the work of “a large and enthusiastic meeting of democratic voters.” We write this in behalf of dem ocratic unity, and not in favor of any candidate or candidates for the legislature. Meet Iiisf •>;’Committee. Oonnty Commissioners’ Court. to f. —The proposed extension of the Empire and Dublin railroad from Hawkinsville to Grovauia, Houston county, on the G. S. & F. railroad, has bean located, and the work of grading will begin at —It is illegal trespsss, unlawful obstruction, for any person to plow into a public road. -Phis fact has been frequently noticed in this paper, and by grand juries, and yet the objectionable practice pre vails in some sections of the county. Commissioners’ Court of Hous ton county, met pursuant to ad- journmet, this May 5th 1890. Present and presiding J. D. Mar lin, F. M. Houser, C. H. Thomp son and I. F. Muvph. The minutes of the last court were read and confirmed. The abjections of Mrs. Hampton a part of the Dr. Edgeworth and Houser’s mill road, was taken up and discussed; and as no compro mise or agreement seemed proba ble, a motion was made to recon sider and rescind all the proceed ings heretofore had on the same by this, together with the judg ment rendered on the same, which was agreed to by the court, and the whole proceedings heretofore had on said road are wiped out. A petition was received and filed i i office, signed by Wiley Leverett, M. F. Etheridge, W. D. Tharp, J. H. Bateman, Ira Aiken and oth ers, to remove the voting precinct from Busbyville, in the Upper 5th district, to Centerville (Hattie P. O.) upon the grounds that the court ground for said district has already been moved there, and that it is nearer the center of pop ulation, and more convenient. A petition was filed in office, signed by H. E. Murray and otlk ers, to establish a public road from the Dr. Edgeworth place io A J. Houser’s mill, which will lake its regular course. • On motion court adjourned to 1st Monday in .June. J. M. Davis, C. C. C. In accord with the published request of the recent meeting of Houston county democrats, the newly-elected executive committee met at the court house this May 1S9Q, for organization, and for the transaction of any other business properly coming before the cora- mitieo. Dr. Joseph Palmer, chairman of the former committee, called the meeting to order, and explained the purpose for which the meeting was called The roll of members was called and the folowing alternates allow ed for this meeting. Lower 5th. district, W. B. White in place of W. P. Bryant, absent Upper Fifth, Ira Akin, in place of J. W. Woolfolk, Jr., absent. Sixth, T. D. Warren and H. Peary, in place of J. M. Culpep per and B. M. Bateman, not pres ent. Henderson District, J. W. Wim berly and A. P. Jones, in place of Jno. H. Grace and J. W. Hodge, absent. Permanent organization resulted in the selection of Dr. Joseph Palmer as president, and E. L. Felder as secretary. On motion it was ordered that a nomination for members of the Legislature, Senator and county officers be held on the. first Satur day iu June next, and that the nomination be" by primary elec tion at each of the precincts estab lished for this purpose. It was further ordered that tho nomination for governor and state officers be held on - the same day, and under same regulations. On motion ordered that the ex ecutive committee meet at Perry on Monday following the nomina tion to select delegates to the gu bernatorial convention, to carry out the wishes of the people as ex pressed in the primary. Iu addition to the regular elec tion precincts, the following places were made precincts for primary election: Bonaire, iustead of King’s store; old York in addition to Wellston. Oak Grove was recog nized as a primary precinct. The members of the executive committee in each district were chosen managers of the primary election at the several precincts, with power to elect substitutes and assistants. The newspapers in the county were requested to publish these proceedings. There being no further business, the committee adjourned to Mon day after the first Saturday in June. Joseph Palmer, E. L. Felder, Ch’m’n. Secretary. The Perry Sunday School Picnic. The members of the Perry Sun day schools, with a number of their friends in and near Perry, enjoy ed their annual picnic last Friday, at the Giles hammock, just beyond the southwestern limit of the town The hammock is a thickly-wooded tract of land, covering fifteen twenty acres. A portion of this had been cleared of the under brush for the occasion, and seats, tats, tables and swings arranged. The crowd began gathering at about nine o’clock, and by eleven, more than two bandied people were freely enjoying themselves. There was no arranged, pro gramme, and each one sought and found pleasure in accord with the inclination prompting. Mr. T. J. Anderson had charge of the lemonade stand, and during the day about 80 gallons of that bev erage was disposed of. This fact is sufficient evidence that it was good. About half that amount of ice-water was also used. The children.were happy, play ing such games as “tap the rabbit,’ “many, many stars in the. heavens,’ etc. The swings were also freely used, and many “saplings” bent down served the boys as “horses.” To the older people the occasion was fall of social enjoyment, watching the merry-making of the ckildern, and listening to their joyous laughter, completely unre strained. Dinner time came in due order, and all were ready for it An at tempt to describe that dinner would be altogether useless. It was altogether unsurpassable variety, quantity and management, and more than two-fold abundant for those who partook of it. It was equal to the best culinary skill of the ladies who prepared it, and in that lfoe our ladies have no superiors. The picnic concluded at about 4 o’clock, some going home ear lier. It was a complete success as ud occasion of plensure. Howev er, very general regret was ex pressed that the Havsliallville and Montezuma schools could not be present, in response to the invita tions extended. This fact, though, was due to tho failure of these schools to secure transportation. Our people were happy then, and are happy now, that they were enabled, by the blersings of Prov idence to enjoy such a day. There are..many who desire that some arrangement be made to convert the hammock into a regu lar park. Wellston Dots* We are not making much fuss, but our town is gradually getting a boom. We are expecting very soon to have a variety works here, as we learn it has been taken hold of by three or four reliable parties who purchased lots here last week. This section was vistied by a se vere hail and rain storm last Sun day afternoon, which did much damage to the young cotton and watermelon plants. Messrs. Paul Frederick and Bill White’s entire crops are reported almost rained. Our friend, G. G. White, who was reported to be in the field against onr efficient sheriff, Milt Cooper, was in town yesterday, and I feel safe in saying he is not com ing out for that office, as he was very clean shaveD. The report that he-was in the field was started by some one saying he was learn ing to pull his whiskers like Mr. Cooper. Miss Mattie Watson, of Macon, who has been visiting relatives here and at Bonaire, returned home Sunday. Come again Miss Mattie, there’s some one loDging for- your smiles, and to hear yoar soft words again. We are glad to note those who have been on the sick list for the last few days are improving. What has become of our fishing party? . May Sth 1890. Bonaire Bundle. SUMMED UP BY BILL HOUSTON. The Barbacnc. —The Perry Rifles will be in spected on the drill ground at the armory to-morrow (Friday,) after- made a most favorable impression, —Immediately after the adjourn ment of the meeting of the demo cratic executive committee, Rev. Mr. Hunnicut, of Coweta county, was introduced to the assembled citizens, and then and there he de livered a most excellent address. He is a candidate for State Com missioner of Agricnltunre, and his address declared him to be a gen uine friend of the farmers, whose interests are the especial care of the office he hopes to fill. He The bafbacue was a grand suc- cuccess. Everybody had a good time. One thousand more men could hare easily been supplied with choice bits of pork, mntton and beef. Everything was done to please and we are glad that a satisfactory smile crowned the face of avery visitor. The barbe cue is here to stay, and we annonce that on Tuesday the 13th of May, will again be open to friends at Bonaire, on the Georgia Southern & Florida railroad. On that day we propose to have a grand barbecue, enough for 1,500 people, and will give all present the chance of buy- a corner lot in that thriving village, twenty-two miles from Macon, and in the splendid agri cultural belt of Houston, occupied by a host of first-class farmers. The Watsons, the Sassers, Smiths, Thompsons and Feagins, all bear testimony to the fertility • of the farms and healthfulness of the climate. Bonaire is one of the best points on the road. Keep your .eye on it, for it is sure to grow. Five years from now lots will rule from §500 to SI,500 that you may get at this sale- for a nominal snm. Don’t be a clam, keep up with the procession, and you will grow rich in just the proportion that you in- yesf in these new towns. Wellston is now on a boom; over twenty houses will go np at once. The same will be said of Bonaire after this sate. Put a few hundred dollars in this town ana you will be pleased with the results. Mr. George M. Feagin is now organizing a company for a cotton seed fertilizer company, also a' steam ginnery and other improve ments. Don’t forget the day, Tues day, May the 13th. Trains will leave union passenger depot at 9 o’clock. Send for plat. W. W. & R. S. Collinb. noon, by Col. C. M. Wiley, of an d it j s quite probable that he will receive a considerable support Macon. Capt. Davis has ordered the company to appear at .the ar- Houston county, mory promptly at 4:30 p. m., iu ’ fatigue uniform, with arms and accoutrements ready for inspec tion. There will be a parade on the streets after the inspection. —Dr. John T. Gordon returned t) Perry last week from Atlanta with a diploma in dentistry from the Southern Medical College. —It is proposed to hold a series of religions services at the Perry Methodist church, beginning at 11 o’clook next Sunday, and continu ing through at least one week, per haps longer. Rev. N. D. Moore- house, the pastor, has not yet an nounced as to whether he will have help from a distance. —Dr. Griffin, originally of Greenville, S. C., recently of Ma con, is in Perry, to take charge of the drug store to be established by Dr. L- A. Felder. He is an expe rienced druggist. Subscirbe for the Home Journal. News scarce this week. We are having a fine raiu this morning, which is much needed on the oat crop. Crops are lookin well in this section of the county. Mr. R. G. Watson will soon have Judge King’s store house at Bo naire completed. Two of the most selfish men about fish in this community are R. G. W. and A. C. B. They bring out- a load twice a week and carry them home, and then close their doors for fear that their near neigh bors will smell them cooking. Well, let them rip; Messrs. "J. M. P. and J. N. B. are going to put in some fish baskets, and the first mess they catch they will invite these gentlemen to sapper, and will bet my old hat they will come, just as if they hadn’t seen a fish in six months. The doors of the latter gentlemen are always open, except in the warmest days of campaign, when they have to keep them closed to keep the candidates out , J. M. Pitts has the best melon vines in this section. I don’t hear anything of the Judge’s nail keg melons now-a-days. I have always heard that “the larger the ears the better the hear ing,” but it is not so in telling, know some with very small ears who can tell more than anybody else, whether, they hear it or not. The man who wants to have some thing to do with everybody’s busi ness, is the man whom no oue wants to nttend to his bnsiness. Misses Ola and Claud Barker, two of Bonaire’s charming young ladies, spent a few days last week with relatives at Tivola. , A man can't entertain company and chop cotton. A gentleman drove up to Mr. J. N. Barker’s field the day he started to chop cotton. Mr. Barker’s whole soul and mind was on what he was doing, and nothing else. The gen tleman said: “Good morning, Mr. Barker.” Mr. B. replied: “Ju9t started to-day.” “How is yonr health, sir?” “I had three hands, but one of them got sick.” “How is your family, this morning?” “I won’t get through with my old cotton this week.” “Well, I will be going, good-day, Mr. Barker.” “Yes, I would be glad to have a good rain on my oats.” The gen tleman went his way, and Mr. Barker kept chopping. I heard a man say the day after the send storm that he was gomg to sow cabbage seeds in bis eyes. It is not likely that his cabbages will suffer for woik. Candidates are so polite we don’t know what to do with them. I don’t wonder that there are so many candidates, and that they love to canvass the county so long. Those who get beat get two or three months board for nothing, and that is right good pay; while those that are lucky enough to get the election make a big thing of it. If the candidates who visit this section, coming from Perry or Fort Yalley, will, after passing the Bivins place, take the left hand road, leading to F. M. Walker’s, they will find him at the well near his house, where they will be wel comed to just as much, good water as they can drink, and Mr. W. will entertain them daring their stay with him. We are sorry to note that Mrs. Brown, mother of Mr. C. E. Brown, is quite sick. May 4th; 1890. We have in store on Oiix*i’oll Street, a choice stock of Jewelry, Hatches, Clocks, Spectacles, Table and Pocket Catzcry, Sslrerwarc and Sewing Machine Attachments. pirst’Qfass Goods af Lowest Pfrcees. j£SS~Repair work on Watehes, Jowelrr, etc., done promptly and well. NELSON & JOBSON, Perry, Ga. SPRING GOODS! SPRING GOODS! SPRING STOCK is rapidly coming in, and I am showing somo BEAUTIFUL GOODS AT VERY LOW PRICES! t3a.e USToTrelties White Goods. Dress Goods, Challics. Ginghams, Prints, Scrims, etc. Table Dam ask, Doilies and Towels. NICE LOT OF CASS1MERS FOR MEN AND BOYS. SHOES FOR EVERYBODY. TINWARE AND HARDWARE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. I keep constantly on hand all staple and domestic Dry Goods and Groceries. Call and examine, and get prices No trouble to show goods. X-.- :e\ cateb, PERRY, GEORGIA. “Listen to my tale of woe, Johnnie, and his sisters too, Got snagged in the orchard at early dew, Poisoned blood in their systems quickly [grew. But'their mother was wise, To her husband’s surprise And with little money and no (do Made them healthy by taking WmI* drldge’s 'Wonderful Care.” '■n Wooldridge’! Wonderful Cure Co., Columbia, Ga. Gentlemen:—It affords me more real _1 bottles of your W. W. C . have worked miracles in my case of . to say that oa«.half dotes tho gicge'of Knoxville, more than twenty years ago. Dnring that memoralile time. I _wu ’ ' ■'* ^ * M ‘ tJ_J which cans * **** ““ time of tho , all of fraud, so far as ay case when a friend anggested thanae of I I x Hot Springs u it did n»t effect a cure. I accepted nis proposition, and am to-day, in myjndgmeut. as sound a man as lives, and weigh 4fteeu pounds more thanl did before commencing your W. W. C. W. M. TUJCJjr— Columbut, Ga., March IB, 1889. was concerned; and made np my mind to try Hot i jour W. W.C., with a proffer of my expensotoF W.W. C. for sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by Wooldridge’s Wonder, fnl Cure Co., Columbus, Ga. THE SOUTHERN MUTUAL Building and Loan Association. Home Oflice, Atlanta, Georgia. AUTH0BIZED CAPITAL, $5,000,000. STOCK TAKEN TO DATE, $1,500,000. S^“Subseri ptions to stock can be paid -in small monthly installments Money will be loaned at a low rate of interest, payment mads on the installment plan, bnt these loans are made to stockholders only. FARMERS MAT BECOME MEMBERS, and secure the benefits of loans at a low rate of interest. -A.S an Investment, there is nothing in the financial world to eqnal it If Yon Want to Build a Home, this association will build it for yon on easier terms than paying rent. -A. Branch Association has been organized in Peny. See theLooal Agent at once and take stock. Borrowers are treated, “First come, first served.’ So it is to the interest of those who contemplate borrowing to subscribe at ones* D. D. BATEMLACJ, Local Agent, Perry, 6a. GKEOHGKE! PERRY, ZP-A-TTILi, GEORGIA, Parlor Suits, Chamber Suits, Bedsteads, Chairs, Tables’! Safes, Mattresses, Bureaus, etc. of all descriptions. Court of Ordinary. Judge Houser granted the fol lowing orders in the regular May term of Houston Court of Ordina ry last Monday. Mrs. C. M. Holleman appointed administratrix on estate of Barnett Holleman^ of this county deceased. J. J. Marshburn appointed guar dian of Mary Estelle BryaD, minor. Mrs. Lucie A. Wimberly, guar dian of Hattie A. Wimberly, grant ed leave to sell the real estate be_ longing to said ward. E. S.-Wellons, administrator of estate^of John Tharp, deceased, granted letters of dismission from said trust. R. C. Aultman, administrator on estate of James Gates,.was required by an order of this court to make settlement with the heirs. —Mr. R. D. Brown brought to Perry last Tuesdry a Florida rattle snake skin that was tanned by a Seminole Indian. It was secured in Florida by Willie Brown while on a camp hunt in Florida, and given to his father. The leather is pliant and strong; 7 feet 4 inches long, and 10 inches wide. Mr. Brown will have a vest made of this unique material. Corn in ear for sale by T. D. Gurb, near Perry. —Moldings for picture frames, for sale by J. H. Logne, Fort Yal ley, Gai —DEALER IN— FTJRlSriTTJEB, FOR SASH OR ON INSTALLMENT. Complete Undertaking Department. WORK! We Maye a Complete Stock and Full Assortment of Commercial Stationery, and duplicate Macon or Atlanta prices in this class of work. Satisfaction guaranteed. G-B'E US % IPiIAL ORDER JPJHUEt JEie IT HE OTEL Geqsgisi, POLITE ATTENTION GIVEN ALL GUESTS. COMFORTABLi ROOMS. TABLE SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST EDIBLES THE MARKET AFFORDS. RATES: $2*0.0PER DAY. Liberal redaction by the week, or by the month. -