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The Houston home journal. (Perry, Houston County, Ga.) 1890-1900, September 04, 1890, Image 2

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maaammaaam Wmwm 1ICE, TWO DOLL PubUshea Every' IS A YEAR. = --= Jno.H.HODGES, Editor anf “- PEhEY.iTHUESDAX, Septembeb 4. held. Full Opportunily. — in the next three months vitl be ample opportunity for bat th e alliance of Georgia did well to enter politics vigorous- On the first Wednesday in Octo ber next the state election will be mS'y $ i Democratic Ticket. For Governor, W. J. NORTHEN, of Hancock. For Secretary of State, PHILIP COOK, of Lee. For State Treasurer, B. H. HARDEMAN, of Newton. For Comptroller General. W. A. WEIGHT, of Richmond, For Attorney General, GEOBGE N. LESTEB, of Cobb. For Commissioner of Agriculture, B. T. NESBITT, of Cobb. . For Senator—23rd District, J. M. CULPEPPER, of Houston. For Bepresentatives—Houston County. B. N. HOLTZCLAW, M.F. ETHEEIDGE. Por Congress—Third District, GHAS. F. CBISP, of Sumter. Give Us Our Share. Subscribers to the Home Journal Jiave not been asked for money for the paper since last winter, and not many of them then. Now, however, we must ask all who owe subscription to pay on nr before October. 1st, if practicable.. A bank note against the editor must be paid early in October, and we call on our patrons to assist us, The subscription price will be $1.50 a year to all who. pay before or during the October session of Houston Superior Court. The cotton receipts in all mar kets were extraordinarily large last week The entire cotton crop of the United States this season is esti mated at 7,200,000 bales. It is semi-officially reported that Brazil is ready to enter into a re ciprocal trade treaty with the United States. The directors of the . Piedmont Exposition are considering a trades display for the coming exhibition at Atlanta in October. The Mississippi constitutional convention is still in session at Jackson. The question of regu lating the election franchise has not been settled. On Tuesday, November 4th, Georgia will again elect ten dem ocratic congressmen. Dr. W. H. Felton, of.the Seventh district, will not be among the number. An allianceman will be our gov ernor, and a majority of the legis lators will be alliaDcemen, or men primarily endorsed and nominated by alliancemen. The governor will have full op portuhity to show the people . that he is worthy of the position to which he will be elevated. By his condnctin office the measure of his statesmanship and executive abili ty will be fixed. In the same way it will be shown whether or not he favors a class, or the whole people. We are satisfied he will prove him self equal to the emergency, and give the entire people of Georgia an honest, just and able adminis tration. With the legislature a great re sponsibility will abide. A majori; ty of its members, will be new members, men weighted. with pledges, positive or implied, to their constituents. These men direct from their farms, are known to heartily favor legislation that will lift some of the burdens th‘at rest neavily upon the agricultural interests of the state. In striving to accomplish this purpose the test of ability and fitness will ap ply with full force. If they serve the farmers ably, without detri ment to other legitimate interests, mercantile, professional or indus trial, they will win the reward of merit, and the plaudits of all hon est men iir the state. It is known that the farmers want a more liberal public school system—a '"System that will crease the facilities of the country districts, without- doing injustice to the towns. The alliance mem bers will have the numerical pow er to do this, and all else they un dertake within the limits of the constitution. It is known that the farmers fa vor a session within the constitu tion—bi-ennial, and limited to for ty days. On this line, it is de manded that members should at tend each daily session, unless prevented by providential cause. The farmers of Georgia object to legislators using free railroad passes, and frequent trips home. These and other opinions of the people concerning desired legisla tion and the duties of legislators, are known to the men who will serve Georgia in the next General Assembly. Nothing impossible or wrong, is demanded, and the legislators will have full and free opportunity to prove themselves worthy, and to justify the position assumed by the alliance. Every act of the next Georgia legislature will be critically noted. Houston Confederate Veterans. The Board of Trustees of the Confederate Soldiers’ Home of Georgia, situated near Atlanla, de sire to know the number of needy Confederate soldiers in the state, and in order to secure this infor mation, a circular letter has been addressed to the ordinaries of the several counties. Ordinary Hous er has received this circular, which he is requested to answer ths following questions concerning the needy veterans of Houston county. 1. How many needy ex-Confed- erates Soldiers are there in the County? 2. How many of them were wounded during the war—where and how? 3. How many of them, giving name, Company and Begiment, will be willing to come to the Con federate Home? 4. How many of such as would be willing to come Jiave families, and if they wish to bring their families—giving age, sex and num ber of each family. 5- How many of such as would be willing to come are able to do work of any kind, and the condi tion of the health of each? 6. What is the present Occupa tion of applicants or their families, and whether any of them are sup ported by the County or other public charity? 8. How many will come with out families? 8. Whether applicants are bona fide citizens of Georgia, and if so how long? 9. How many of such as are willing to come are now or have been drawing pensions from the State? The Home is about complete, and the funds contributed about exhausted by the purchase of 125 acres of land and the erec tion of the building. There being no money to .maintain the home, the next legislature will doubtless be petitioned to make an appropri ation for that purpose. The information asked is in or der to place the exact condition of affairs before the lagislature, and it is earnestly desired that the Veterans referred to by the ques tions report to Ordinary Houser as soon as possible. GATHERED BY REPORTER. Cotton picking is the order of the day. It is thought that the greater part of the cotton crop will be gathered daring the month of September. Mr. O. L. Eenfroe, of Macon, visited home folks last Sunday. Miss Lula Stubbs is visiting friends at Elberta. A good many of the people of this section attended the general meeting at Mt. Paron church, in Crawford county, last Saturday and Sunday, and report having a good meeting. Mr. G. M. Scarborough has three children sick with la grippe. It is hoped they will soon recover. We are sorry to note the relapse of Miss Mollie Beynolds. She has been sick with typhoid fever about two months. Messrs. D. Thompson, J. F Scarborough and Charles Stubbs went to the Ocmulgee river swamp squirrel hunting last Saturday, but report poor luck, as the musqui- toes were so numerous that they could not shoot for fighting the in sects. Avery enjoyable entertainment was given at the residence of Mr. D. J. Permenter last Thursday night, in honor of Miss Alice Moore, one of Monroe county's fairest young ladies. Miss Alice will return to her home in a few days, and she will leave many sad hearts, for she is loved by all whom she met. We hope for repetition of her visit soon. Sept. 1,1890. Tlmrp’s Mill Movements. PENNED BY PLOW BOY. Track-laying on the Macon and Dublin railroad will begin as soon as the rails are received, a bill of lading for which was in the hands of the officials at Macon last Sat urday. Judge Crisp will be elected to congress by a larger vote than was given Mm two years ago. Many of the colored people will refuse to vote for Gibson, the republican candidate. Speaker Reed is afraid he will be defeated for congress at the next election, and he has forsaken his place in the House of Repre sentatives to look after his politi cal interests m Maine. It is now asserted that the fash ion discarding bustles was brought about by a newspaper letter from Washington, which had no foun dation except in the fertile brains of the correspondents. It is positively asserted that there will be alliance opposition to the election of Gen. Gordon to the United States Senate, andNorthen, Norwood and Gartrell are men tioned in that connection. The statesmanship of * Hon. Grover Cleveland assumes gigantic proportions in comparison to the political littleness of Benjamin Harrison, present occupant of the White House at WasMngton. The business men of Macon are enthusiastic over their coming trades display, which they say will be the grandest thing of the sort ever seen in Georgia. It will be on October 24th—day and night. The York Alliance, Houston county, has not been fairly treated by the Southern Alliance Farmer, organ of the State Alliance. At a recent meeting of York sub-alli ance resolutions endorsing Gov. Gordon for Senator were adopted. and among other papers, the Alli ance Farmer was requested to pub lish them. The alliance organ ig nored the request, though made by alliancemen in good standing .It seems thatihe organ wantai-no al liance news in its columns that is not in accord with its prearranged political programme. In accordance with a request from the State Alliance convention, Gov. Gordon has requested the governors of all the cotton states to meet in convention at Atlanta on the 10th of September, next, Wednesday, to consider the ques tion of shipping cotton direct from southern ports to all foreign ports. The convention should contain ev ery governor and delegates from every state, designated. The pur pose is freighted with great bene fits to the south, and earnest, united effort will accomplish it. Senator Sherman has offered an amendment to the tariff bill providing for reciprocity with Can ada. If this scheme is carried far enough to embrace all nations, we will come nearer having free trade than democrats ever hoped for. It seems that the republican protec tive schedule is not giving satis faction to all members of that par ty- ^ The Hotel Lanier at Macon maintains its popularity with the travelling public. This is largely The most disgraceful scene ever witnessed in the House of Repre sentatives occurred last week, republican congressman was so grossly vulgar that the ladies in the gallery hurriedly left the house. Then a row commenced, and oaths and blows were freely used Speaker Reed used no word of re buke, and no vote of censure was passed. The opposition to CoL Everett in the Seventh district is nothing less than independentism, though a so-called “straight-oat democrat- convention has endorsed Dr. Felton for Congress. It should be remembered that Dr. Felton is the creator of independentism Georgia. By invitation Gov. Gordon ad dressed several thousand alliance- men near Eatonton, Putnam coun ty, last Friday. After the speech resolutions were adopted reitera ting confidence in Gov. Gordon, and endorsing him for United States Senator, to succeed Senator Brown. Judge T. G. Lawson is the dem- due to the hospitality of Manager ocratic nominee of the Sth gressional district of Georgia. The convention met at Athens on last Thursday, and on Saturday Judge Lawson was nominated on the 140th ballot. The alliance opposition to Gov Gordon as a candidate for senator rails far short of unanimity. Sev eral alliance gatherings have en dorsed him for that position, and the leffislature will elect him by a large majority. I. D. Crawford. He devotes him self assiduously to the comfort and service of his gugsts, and his clerks, waiters and porters are courteous and prompt. The Hotel Lanier is thetnost convenient pub lic house in Macon for people who visit that city on business. Secretary Jemison says the next Georgia state fair will be one of the best ever held. Applications for space are constantly being made. Probably more than a dozen companies will contend for the prizes in the state military drill the Piedmont Exposition. The Constitution places the Perry Rifles at the head of the list of companies .that have signified their intention to enter the contest. The Farmers’ Alliance of Min nesota has a strong state ticket the field. The platform is demo cratic, though the membership composed cMefly of former repnb licans. The situation is favorable to the democratic party, in state and congressional contests. The alliance democrats control led the organization of both branches of the Oklahoma legisla ture last Thursday, electing pre siding officers of their number. They secured several republican votes, on a promise to favor Okla homa City for the capital. The following gentlemen have been appointed members of the Georgia democratic executive com mittee, from the state at large Thos. Hardeman of Bibb, T. De Jarnette of Putnam, W. Little cf Muscogee, F. G. Tate Pickens. No man in Georgia can claim the suffrage of the people as his due, until he is endorsed by a con tention or a primary. Every dem ocratic nominee, however, has just claim upon every democratic vote in his county, district state. 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He likes to be engineer very well. Jeff Hunt felt as big as his “big bud’, the other day when he pick ed 200 pounds of cotton. I saw Mr. Stafford riding a horse yesterday. Mr, J. M. Heard and wife and Mr. J-. B. Hunt spent the latter part of last week in Bibb, attend ing a general meeting. Mr. Hunt went as a delegate from Beaver creek church. Messrs- Augustus and T. K. Tharp, of Vienna, spent last Sun day with their father. Mrs. Katie Stripling, of Antho ny, Florida, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. M. R. Stripling. Mr. and Mrs. Stafford spent Sun day with Mr. Ben Stafford. Miss Maxie Mortis, who has been visiting relatives and friends aronnd here and near Fort Valley, for the past few weeks, returned to her home at Cordele last Sunday, much to the regret of F.- We noticed that Mr. Parham had a good many guests last Sunday, but were unable to get names. Sept 2,1890. The Cotton Planters ank Ginuers of the South. Your attention is called to the new Cotton Bloom Gin, which has all the latest improvements, in cluding balance wheel on brush, which is peculiar to this make of gin and is used on no other. If you intend buying a gin this season it will pay you to look into the mer its of this gin. This company and its predecessors have made cotton gins for nearly fifty years, and are experts in the cotton gin work. These gins are made in the most substantial manner—strong and heavy, with long bearings; every part being so nicely made and ad justed that it is without doubt the lightest running ginning outfit in the world. For further particu lars, prices, termB etc., address H. W. Hubbard, the manufacturers’ general southern agent, at Allan ta, Ga. In the Bibb county democratic primary Tuesday, Messrs. John T. Boifeuillet, W. A. Huff and-Tracy Baxter were nominated for the leg islature. Messrs. R. W. Patterson and J. B. Willis were defeated. Mr. Willis tvas the alliance candi date. The n'orth-bound passenger train, No. 6, on the Montgomery division of the Louisville & Nash ville railroad, was robbed by single man last Monday night, at Flomaton, a station on the road. The express safe was robbed of all its contents. It is tbonght that Bube Burrows was the robber. Shepard’s B. B. Cologne is the most lasting of all perfumes, and its delicacy recommends it to ; all refined people. Cholera prevented by using La mar’s Diarrhoea Mixture. Burden, Smith & Ellis. ' THE NEW DRUG STORE, Corner of Carroll and Ball streets, PERRY, GEORGIA. PURE DRUGS, PATENT MEDICINES. TOILET ARTICLES. Fine Perfumes a Specially. Kerosene and Lubricating Oils. PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COM POUNDED by one of the best druggists in the state. A choice line of Cigars and Tobacco Always on hand. Open on Sunday from 8 to 10 a. m., and from 330 p. m. to 6 p. m.. A share of public patronage is respect fully solicited. L. A. 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Tax Collector’s Notice. FIRST BOUND. I will he at the following places in Houston county, on the days and dates named, to collect state and county taxes for 1890: LaVilla 8 to 10 a m, Monday Sept. 8. York, 12 to 2 p m, “ “ “ Bonair, 8tol0am, Tuesday “ 9. Faulk’s, 12 to t p m, “ “ “ Hayneville 9 to 10 a m, Wed. “ 10. Hickory Grove, 12 to 1 p m, Wed. Sept-. 10. Henderson, 9 to 10, Thursday, Sept. 11 Taylor’s, 12tolpm,-“ “ “ Murph’s, 9 to 10 am, Friday, Sept. 12. Ft. Valley, 2 tod pm, “ “ . Powersville, 9 to 10 a m, Monday Sept. 15. Byron 11 to 1pm, Monday Sept. 15. Hnnfs8to9a m, Tuesday Sept* 16. Houston Factory,'ll to 1 p m, Tmsaday Sept. 16. And will be at Perry daring October term, 1890, of Houston Superior Court, for the same purpose. EDWIN GBEEN, Tax Colleotor Houston County. HOUSTON SHERIFF’S SALE. I will sell on the first Tuesday in Oc tober next before the the Court House door in the town of Perry between the legal hours of sale the following prop erty, to-wit: Lots of land Nos. 56, 73, north half of lot No. 72, sixty-eight acres in the north west comerof lotNo. 25; also, 136 acres of lot No-55, and 101M acres of lot Ne. 57; all in the 11th district of Houston county, and levied on as the property of James L Jones, to satisfy afi. fa- issued from Houston Superior Court, in favor of S. Waxelbaum & Bro. vs. James L Jones. M. Ii. COOPER, Sheriff. Perry, Ga., Sept. 2,1890. Administrator’s Sale. Geobgia—Houston County: Under the order of the Court of Or dinary of said county, I will sell before the-court house in said county, on the first Tuesday in October next, within the legal hours of sale, all the lands of the late Thomas Hardison, except the wid ow’s dower, being portions of lots Nos. 84 and 109 in the 6th district of said county, containing 115 acres more or less. Sold for distribution. Terms cash. E.S.WELLONS, Adm’r. Thos. Hardison, dec’d. Sept. 41890- Georgia—Houston County: W.-D. Day, administrator of the es tate of Sarah Hudson, of said county, de ceased, has applied for leave to sell the lands of said estate: This is therefore to cite all persons con cerned to appear at the October term, 1890, of the Court of Ordinary of said county, and ghow cause, if any they have, why said application should not he 41890. 3 my off HOUSER, Ordinary. Georgia—Houston County: J. O. Sandefur, ^administrator of the estate of J. C. Morris, of said county, deceased, has applied for leave to sell the japfla belonging to the estate of said de- °^Eiis is therefore to cite all persons con cerned to appear at the October term, 1890 of the court of Ordinary of said conn- tv, and show cause, if any they have, why g^id application should not be granted: Witness my official signature tMeSep Ordinary, Central Georgia Alliance WAREHOUSE POPLAR STREET, MACON, GA. 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