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The Houston home journal. (Perry, Houston County, Ga.) 1890-1900, October 30, 1890, Image 3

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Pebby, Thursday, Octobeb'30. Sidewalk Gleanings. j LOCAL NEWS op town and count?, Vote next Tuesday. Crisp needs every democratic I vote. Court of Ordinary next Mon- day. County Commissioners’ Court I next Mondaj. EADSi NEEL & CO’S j A™,/” 1 " 1 —Sheriff’s sales at the usual [ hour next Tuesday. -The sweet potatoe harvest is | now at hand. —Meeting of our democratic ex- | ecutive committee next Saturday. —Mr. Troup Taylor is again I here, on the lootout for phosphate. Clothing Store. omtffl OCTOBER 1,1890 . ~T he 8U ®" cane 80,d in Perr y is or large size and excellent quali ty- 552 and 554 Cherry St., Macon, Ga. ROOM DOUBLED. “Long-sweetening” will soon be in order—brand new and first- / STOCK DOUBLED. —The frost came about a week I ahead of the time predicted by the fogites. Closing Out Sale continued —Madam Rumor is still pro- vokingly silent concerning pros pective marriages in Perry. It is quite likely that two or . „ - , m °re dwelling houses will be built at 657 Cherry Street, until I i n Perry during the first of next present stock is closed. ye ° r ’ . I —The silk flag to be presented To Town Tax Payers. | to the Perry Rifles by their friends here, will cost at least one bun- Thomas G-. Woolfolk- Ad u ' estrr ;. D c was il-mbled rays the Penalty fo.- Mur.Icr. - - nigh: Al Perry yesterday, ;-.t 1:31 p. in Thomas Gr. Woolfolk was hung by the neck until he was dead, in ac cord with the judicial sentence passed upon him in Houston Su perior court three weeks ago. The tax books of the town of dred dollars. Perry are now open at the office of . , , , Judge H.M.Holtzclaw, and will I ^^ndimprovement be kept open until December 20th. . ^ W °? ene ei " ry 1 “' mu . , - • mensely, und earn profits for the The payment of taxes is now in etockholderB order. J. B. Clark, Clerk. —Considering the conglomerate I mixture of the immense crowd —Cash paid for 500 loads of here yesterday, remarkable good Wood. order was maintained. C.H.MOOBE, Perry, Ga. | _ We are re i iably informed tbat —Don’t fail to give us a trial 3udge A. C. Riley has purchased whenever you want to buy any- the Miller bouse, where he now thing. Will do our best for you. lives, on Evergreen street C. F. Cooper & Co. | • _ _ , -Ihe Perry Hotel was crowded —We have just received a large I to its full capacity Tuesday night lot of Hats, and can suit anybody. C. F. Cooper & Co. Tax Collector’s Notice. and Wednesday. Mine Host Tut tie was equal to the emergency. —Houston purses in the raceB at the state Third aud Last Bound. f a j r l a8 t week. They belonged to I will be at the following places ml _ _ *. _ 6 Ho sston county, on the flays and dates Mr. E. Jj. Dennard—Belle and named, to collect state and county taxes I Cindie. for 1890: , , „ i LaYilla and Hattie, Monday November —Naturally Perry is one of the , . most favored towns in Georgia, but ibS d mSdayNovemSr V 5a; % our people are extremely back- Ffiulk’Bf Thursday NovombBr 6thj J ward about) utilizing tu6S6 natural Hayneville and Grovania, Friday Nov 7. advantages. Hickory Grove and Richardson's Store, Monday November 10th, Henderson, Tuesday, November 11th. Taylor’s, Wednesday, November 12th; -Murph’s, Thursday, November 13th; Fort Valley, Friday, November 14th. Powersville. Monday November 17th. Byron Monday Tuesday November 18th. Hunt s Shop, Wednesday No value in Perry. We know of sev- Factory, Thursday Nov. 20th. / , ,, , J - - - eral pieces of property that are Houston .. • And then, with the exception of 2 or 3 .. days, notice of which will he given, will held at pnpes 200 per cent, aoove be at Ferry until December 20th, when their value a year ago. the books will positively be closed, and _ executions issued. _lg! —Farmers complain that they EDWIN GBEEN, I can’t hire enough cotton pickers, and town people complain that Tax Collector Houston County. —Remember our Motto is to sellI they can’t hire cooks and servants, bb cheap as any one. [beeause the town negroe3 prefer to C. F. Cooper &Co. | pi e k cotton. ■Last week we inadvertently __\Vo keep all kinds of Dry £ Goods, Clothing, Hats, Shoes, neglected to state that Capt S. A. Hardware ana Groceries, and will Tounsley has gone down to Bruns- “ , wick, where he is paying an ex mII " s ° 1, “ P o'7 Sf B b 4C0.. I tended visit to hi. sod, Mr. B»t» Perry, Ga Tounsley. -Quarterly meeting of Houston Perry Variety Works. One hundred and twenty saws running at the Variety Works. We can gin your cotton and make you happy in forty minutes. others are chinning, we roll are ginning. It is fun to see the cotton in, and every time the press goes up it says $1.50. We don t give any chromos or gold nugs, w don’t ask you to the theater, but IX ti US1X YOU , # we will let you slihll your corn free of charge. E. J. Fulbeb, Lessee Perry Variety Works. —Look out for our advertise ment in next week’s paper. C. F. Cooper & Co. • on lor tllo Ball Street Bond. GEORGIA—Houston County: To all whom it may concern. All persons interested a™ hereby nofa- fied no good cause be shownto the contrary, an passodbv the County ComnUESioners said county, sitting for county P u n?°^‘ on the first Mondaj' in November next, granting a new public road from tne north end of Ball street, inthotowaiof Ferry, to the junction of the Fort Valley and Providence roads,. about one mile north of Ferry, passing through the lands of G. W. Smgleton and G. W. Humphreys, intersecting the Fort Valley road at the Providence fork. , By order of the court, this Ootober 6th 1693 ' J. M. Davis, O. O. O. Administrator’s Sale. Bv virtue of an order from the court of Ordinary of Houston County,, Ga.,1 will sell before the ccurt home door in said county, within the legal hours of sale, on the first Tuesday in December, 1890, tho following prescribed lands be- longing to the estate of Jacob W^Basin, dec’d., to-wit- Lot of land No. 1*5, con i'g ZUSti acres j off of the southern part of lot No. 164, making 277^ acres, more or less, in tho Lower Fifth district of mid county, being tho i ortion set apart *# a dower to tho widow of said J.W. Baiaon. A desir able location, level, good water and well improved Terms on day of eele. J. 8,VDiBOK. Pet. 16, 1890. Administrator. that the ditch between the sewer. This defect in has been remedied. It is unnecessary for ns to give here a history of the Woolfolk mur der, and the trials that followed. Our readers are familiar with the facts. On the 9th of August, 1S87, the entire household of Capt. Richard S. Woolfolk, except Thomas G-, the elder son, were murdered with an axe, at his farm residence in Bibb county. Early next morning suspicion was directed to Tom, and he was arrested and hurried to the jail in Macon to avoid mob violence. In October following he was tried iii Bibb Superior Court and convicted of murder. On a mo tion for a new trial the case was carried to the Supreme Court, and the new trial was granted, on tech nical grounds. In March, 1888, he was again placed on trial in Bibb Superior Court, but after the jury was made up one of the jurors Was heard to express his belief that Tom was guilty, and a mistrial was declared, Then an effort was.made to-secure another jury, but the jury box of the county was exhausted without securing a jury. Then a change of venue was ordered, and Judge Gnstin ordered the next trial to take place in Houston Superior Court. The case was called at Per ry on the first Monday in June, 1889. The trial continued three weeks, and Thomas G. Woolfolk was again convicted of murder. He was sentenced to be hung on the 16th of August, but this sen tence was not executed, the - case having been carried to tho Su preme Court. In July last the judgment of the coort below was confirmed On the night of the 13th day of October Woolfolk was brought to Perry, Houston Superior court be ing in session. The following day Judge G. F. Gober, presiding in place of Judge A. L. Miller, sen- liorseB won three tenced him to be hung on October 29th. Since his arrival here he has been closely guarded day and night. The ministers of our churches visited him almost daily, and to them and others he protest ed his innocence, and declared him self ready to die, and satisfied that his sins had been forgiven. A few nights after his imprison ment here he offered the guard 8500 to liberate him, and a few nights afterward offered a bribe for a bottle of morphine. These bribes "being indignantly refused, he entreated Mr. Jobson to bring him a small quantity of morphine each day, saying that he needed it to enable him to hold up under the tryingordeal. He didn’t get even the smallest mite of the drug asked for. The day guard - was also ap proached, and asked for the privi lege of walking out in the jail yard. This liberty was denied him, and the day of execution approached. „ These guards were selected for their sterling integrity, and nei ther would have thought a,moment of betraying this trust, though thousands of dollars had been offer ed. Last Thursday his sister, Mrs. Cowan, came to see him, and Wooi- folk was carried to the court house under guard, w T here the last meet ing between them took piace. Mrs. Cowan entreated Sheriff Cooper not to be the executioner, as he had been kind to Tom aud his rela tives, and she didn’t want her kind feelings toward him' to be marred by that act. She made arrangements for the body to be sent to_»Hawkiusville for interment. Mrs. Crane and Mrs. Edwards, aunt and sister, held two inter views with Tom in the court house, Sunday and Monday. On Monday Mrs. Crane contemplated going to Atlanta to implore Gov. Gordon to grant a respite, but after conferr ing with Capt. Rutherford,'decided not to do so. ' ;. Monday afternoon several par ties, Clerk Wellons among.them, were called into the sheriff’s office by request of Woolfolk, and it is presumed a paper transferring his property was executed. Monday Sheriff Cooper tele graphed Gov. Gordon concerning the guard, asking that the South ern Cadets of Macon be .sent down, to act in concert with the Perry Rifles. This Gov. Gordon de clined to do, saying the authority of the sheriff was adequate without calling aid from other communi ties. Rev. J. O. Brewton spent nearly the entire morning ^ Tuesday with the condemned man*during which time a large number of letters were written, to relatives and friends. Woolfolk again protest ed his innocence, declaring em phatically that he had aion to make. Dr. E. W. Warren, of Macon, visited Woolfolk in his celi Tues day afternoon, and again daring the morning Wednesday, in com pany with bur ministers. —Real estate is appreciating in Sunday School Association at Houston Factory next Saturday— November 1st. Everybody invited, and all are expected to carry well filled baskets. Mr. J. W. Clfirk has rented for one year hie dwelling house on Main street/ to Mr. A. J. Bates, of Brooklyn, N. Y., who will move to Perry with his family within the next few days. —There will be ‘ an interesting meeting of the Union Agricultural and Social Club at Idyl Wylde Park next Saturday, November 1st. The presence of every member is earnestly desired,' and all interest ed are cordially invited. —Mrs. Crane and Mrs. Ed wards, aunt and sister of Tom Woolfolk, were in Perry Sunday and Monday to see the famous prisoner. Mrs. Crane considered the advisability of going to Atlan ta on Monday to ask for a respite for Woolfolk, but finally decided not to do so. —Mr. J. E. Jones, one the best farmers of the Henderson district, brongbtnayesterdaj-bar nf his crop. They are the best we have seen of the red variety, conlam- 20 matured joints each meas- urfng 125 inches to the^stalk^ the joints averaging about 6 inches m length each. '-A prominent citizen of Perry complained to Marshal Tn-jg house rdth;P„erryHote i fe 1 in with a child Tuesday morning. was asoer».u» - . of the theough the pl sewer As ii is veporier eute. .-1 the j Tuesday night, Woolfolk was talk ing to the guard, saying: “Some people have tried to get me to confess, but I have nothing to confess. I didn’t commit the crime, and I won't tell a lie to please the people.” He talked unconcernedly, and laughed heartily, at something that sounded like a joke at the expense of one of Sheriff Cooper’s depu ties. After protesting his innocence he said, in answer to questions: “I believe Jack DuBose either helped to commit the murder, or saw-those who did it. They said Jack was crazy, and sent him to the asylum. Well, no one but a crazy man, or a demon, could have committed 'that crime. Nobody who believes in a God and a future life could have done it. I don’t know who did it, and to save my life, I wouldn’t accuse any man of it, unless I had proof. I believe foui or five persons helped do it, When I jumped up, I thought it was a general thing, aud^that all the neighbors were being done the same way. I sent a runner to a neighbor’s house, but expected.him to bring back news that murder had been,committed there too.” A confession' has constantly been expected by many of the people during the last several days, while others believed that no confession would be made. An attempt to commit suicide, or to escape, has been expected, but the vigilance of Sheriff Cooper and his guards has absolutely prohibited anything of that sort. Nearly every one who has talked with him expresses the belief that he is deficient in feel ing, and that he has never fully appreciated the situation with re gard to the great .hereafter. In talking with a friend of Mrs. Cowan, yesterday morning, con cerning the details of nis burial, be expressed unconcern, though say- he preferred that his sisters would uot see him in his coffin. He wanted a decent burial, but said he didn’t care anything about the de tails. The train at noon Tuesday brought an extra coach fall, and that night about 200 people came on ihe train. A few came in ve hicles from the surrounding coun try .Tuesday afternoon, and a con tinuous stream poured into the town from all directions yesterday morning. Some coine ns far as 40 miles in buggies. , At about ten o’clock an extra train load of people came 'in, and the regular train at 12:30 brought another large crowd. The hotels -and boarding houses were filled to overflowing, aud many were forced to lake the best fare they could get ou the streets. The crowd was evidently about one-third whites and twp-thirds blacks, Ihe greater /portion of the whites being visitors from other counties, and nearly.all the ne- groesTesidents of Houston. ' The night guards inform hs that Woolfolk • slept : soundly Monday night, after ten o’clock, and had to b'e aroused for breakfast Tuesday morning, Tuesclay night he did not go to sleep until midnight, but from that time : he slept soundly until morning. Bealer of the Atlanta Journal was the first reporter to arrive) Monday at noon. Then. Bruffy of the Constifutidh, and Loyless of the Macon Evening News came Tuesday noon, followed by others that night—reporters for Macon Telegraph, Americas Times/ Fort Valley Enterprise, Leader and Montezuma Record, andotheas. Woolfolk was shaved by a color ed barber at about II o’clock) At"about 11:30 R. S. and W. W. Woolfolk, cousins of the condemn ed man, entered the cell and con versed with him, and during the morning Mr. Cowan, a brother-in- law, held,a last interview. Dr. Warren, of Macon, and Revs. C. Brewton and -N. D. More house again prayed with him about noon. During the morning he dictated statement, and signed it,- to be read on the gallows. At about 'one o’clock the Perry Rifles marched" to the jail, and as special guard formed in file on ei ther side of the close carriage in waiting. A few minutes later Woolfolk was brought out, and with him Sheriff Cooper, .Deputy Sheriff Riley and Dr. E. W. Warren en tered the carriage. . The cortege moved up Jernigau street to Carroll, down Carroll to the western limit of the town, where the gallows Was located, in a valley, hear the junction of Fanny Gresham branch aud Big Indian creek. Here a dense crowd was packed folk then himsslf offered a prayer, d/y mil Tuesday beseeching mercy, aud proclaiming his innocence of the crime for the commission of which he was con demned to death. Tho appeal for the future welfare of his sis ters was most feelingly uttered,and sobs choked his voice, though no tears fell, aud he continued with out stopping for about 2 minutes. he The scaffold was mounted at 1:12. Prayers for mercy and sal- valtion were then offered by Dr. E. W. Warren, and Pie vs. J. C. Brew- Dr. Warren then said that held a paper that contained Wool folk’s last statement, which he would read at his request The following is a verbatim copy of the statement as originally written by Dr. Warren at the dic tation of Woolfolk, and signed by Woolfolk. •‘I, Thomas G. Woolfoik, realiz ing that the infinitely wise and Holy God sees my heart, and knows all that [ have ever done, and fully understanding that I must stand before His judgement bar, and that to-day, in a few hours, I shall be called into His presence, do in view of the solemnity af the occasion,[declare my innocence,and declare as my last declaration, that that I did not take the life of my father, or auy member of the fam ily, nor have I any knowledge of the person, or persons, who did the murderous deed. (Signed) Thos. G. Woolfolk. Fnrewells were then spoken, and in a low tone Woolfolk said to Sheriff Cooper: ‘You have been kind io me, as have the others here, and I want to part as friends. His last wards, were to Sheriff Cooper: “Good-bye. You have been kind to me.” Woolfolk was standing on the scaffold facing east. The hands and legs of Woolfolk were pinion ed with ropes, and then the hang man’s knot am?cap were adjusted successively. Standing on the eastern side of the scaffold, facing the condemned man, Sheriff Coop er placed his right hand on the le ver, pulled it sharply backward, aud Thomas G. Woolfolk dropped to death, at 1:31 o’clock. The drop —the last act in the record of the-most heinous crime ever com mitted in Georgia—was about 8 feet. The fall was|straight down, and tho body hang rigidly, except a few scarcely perceptible efforts to draw up the lower limbs. Drs. C. R. Mann and L. A. Fel der then took charge of the body, by virtue of court appointment. Death ensued, by strangulation, in 25 minutes, and 11 minutes later the body was cut down and at once placed in the coffin. The coffin, a metalic casket, sil ver mounted, satin-lined, inscribed “at rest,’’was brought from Hawk- insville,. and the body was carried there for interment. Woolfolk stood on the scaffold a splendid specimen of physical manhood, wearing a heavy mous tache and short goatee. He was dressed in a neat new suit of black. While the paryers were offered he stood with bowed head, with left baud to his brow, and occa sionally his fiugers twitched ner vously. About 8,000 people witnessed the execution. Six members of the Houston ju ry that convicted him. witnessed the execution, Last week we claimed that tne Perry Rifles had won the first prize in the state military prize drill at the Piedmont Exposition. The prize was awarded to our company Friday afternoon, and the boys came home ' Saturday morning, Capt. Davis having in his possession a check for one thou sand dollars, awarded by the Pied mont Exposition Company. This prize was won over the Brunswick Riflemen,and the Floyd Rifles of^Mncon. The Brunswick company was awarded the second prize—SoOO. At Fort Vailey the Perry Rifles received cordial congratulations, Dr. W. I. Green giving expression to the feelings of Fort Valley in a neat address. In behalf of the Ri fles Judge A. C. Riley responded. In addition to this, Fort Valley will present to the Rifles a hand some chandelier, to cost 840, as a token of their glad, appreciation,of the winning qualities of our mili tary company. At Perry the boys were cordially welcomed by a large number of la dies, gentlemen and boys. The post office was decoi-ated, and across the street in front Post master Reed had swung to the breeze a white banner of welcome, on which was inscribed in large letters, “Perry—(a picture of a rifle)---Welcome—Thrice Wei come—to the Boys who Work to Win,” — Thrice have the Perry, Rifles contested for prize money* in mili tary contests, aud thrice have they been first victors. On the first occasion they ware given a magnificent banquet on their return to Perry; next time a purse of 8100 was presented to them. Now- they are welcomed with heartfelt joy, and a beautiful silk flag will be presented to them as soon as it can be made to order. To the fact- that I have just opened next door to the Banl A FULL AjNT) COMPLETE STOCK OF 0 GROCERIES, FRUITS AND SOFECTIONERIES. My stock is ME W and FRE8E, and prices the L 0 WEST. Call and see me. GOODS DELIVERED FREE IN TOWN. Highest Prices Paid For Conutry Prodace. -gmea ,j W. M. DAVIS, Perry, Ga. Largest, Most C HEAPEST AND -L/LEGANT —Tax Collector Green and Dep uty Killen will be at LaVilla and Hattie next Monday for the pur pose of collecting state and county taxes. This will be the beginning of the third and last round, which will be concluded at Houston Fac tory od November 20th. After that date the books will be open at Perry until tha 20th of December, when executions will be issued agaiust all defaulters. If there should be any change in the Perry appointment, due notice will be given. Stock of New Goods ever Brought to this Market. Y OU ARE INVITED to come in and inspect the PRETTIEST, NEWEST, NICEST and MOST COMPLETE LINE OF NEW GOODS TOU EVBI3 SPLENDID GOODS! BIG VARIETY! LOWEST PRICES! BARGAINS WITHOUT A PARALLEL! a. ip. Corner CARROLL and JERNIGAN Streets, PERRY, GA. —Mr. W. M. Davis has just opened, in the brick store next to the Perry Loan and Savings Bank, a choice stock of family- and fancy groceries, fruits, confectioneries, cigars, tobacco, etc., which ivill be sold at bottom figures. Mr. Davis proposes to deserve a fair share of public patronage- Purchases de livered free in town. See his ad vertisement By tho order of tho Ordinary of Hous ton county, there will he sold before the court house door in Ferry, Ga., within the legal hours of sale on the first Tues day in Decomber, all of the lands be longing to the estate of John Morris, late of said county, deceased, said lands be ing 168 acres of lot of land No. 104 in the 10th district of said county, and bound ed north by tho lands of j D Tharp, east by the lands of E S Wellons and G S Bryan, south by the lands of T S Brad- dy and Mossey creek, and west by the lands of J W Woolfolk. Said lands sold for distribution and for payment of debts of saiddeceased. Terms cash. J O Sakdefub, Adm’r. of-J C Morris, deceased. Judge Cbise has returned to Georgia, after spending a week in Massachusetts making democratic campaign speeches. He says he is convinced that the next House of Representatives will be democrat ic.' ■ ' By all means the alliance mem bers of the Georgia legislature should apply the yard stick to Mr. Clark Howell, candidate for speak er of the House of Representa tives. Mr. Chables Mitchell, of Pu laski- county, was waylaid and shot to death last Thursday evening at Pine Level, a suburb of Hawkins- ville. Jason Flowers, a negro, is in jail at Macon, charged with the murder. Mobe than a dozen murders have been committed by negroes in Georgia during the last thirty- days. The black race don’t seem to be growing in grace. PSBBV RAILROAD SCHEDULE Daily, Except Sunflay. Lea-re Perry at 7-50 A. it. Arrive at Port Valley 8:40 A. if. Leave Fort Valley at 11:35 p. Ml Arrive at Perry at 12:20 a. m. Leave Perry at 3:05 p. M. Arrive at Fort Valley 3:50 P. M Leave Fort Valley at 8:25 P. M Arrive at Pony at 9:10 p. AT. Sunday Train —Go to C. F. Cooper & Co. for a Hat. —Call at C. F. Cooper & Co’s, and buy yon a pair of Shoes. -We buy Cotton Seed. C. F. Cooper & Co. Neuralgic Persons And those troubled with nervousness resulting: from care or overwork Mill l»e u lieved by taking Brown’s Ivon \lSUtnrs. Genuine has trade mark and crosscdred lines ou wrapper. —Syrnp Kettles and a.tip-top Cane Mill can be bought cheap at The Home Journal office. —This is tho best time of the year to subscribe for the Home Journal. Administratov’s Sale. GEORGIA—Houston County: W. L Greene, W. B. Anderson and H. A Mathews, executors of the-estate of Wm. J. Anderson, deceased, have applied for leave to sell a portion of tho hinds be longing to said estate. This is therefore to cite all persons concerned to appear at December term, 1890, of the Court of Ordinary of Hous ton coun ty, and show cause, if any they have, why said application should not be granted. _ Witness mv official signature this Oct. 30, 1890.' J. H. HOUSEB, Ordinary. NEW GOODS! NEW GOODS! I -Win Save on j^Eon.e37-I M Y FALL AND WINTER STOCK is rapidly coming in, and I have some NICE, CHEAP GOODS to show 1o the people of jE?err37* arid. ' T v r IcirL'It37*, My stock contains nearly everything in Dry Goods, Notions, loots, Shoes, Hats, Hardware, Cro Glassware, Tinware and Groceries. g@“See my Goods and get prices before buying elsewhere. X-,: IF 1 - CATZsxs, PERRY, GEORGIA. GEOEOB uTJL PERRY, GEORGIA, —DEALER IN- IF XT IR, 3ST X T TX IE?, IE, Parlor Suits, Chamber Suits, Bedsteads, Chairs, Tables Safes, Mattresses, Bureaus, etc. of all descriptions. Complete Undertaking Department. SHOES. est in the State. WHEN WANTING anything in the Shoe Line, from an Infant’s, or an old Man’s or an old Lady’s Shoes, GEORGIA—Houston County: W. M. Edmondson has applied for letters of administration' on the estate of John Edmundson, deceased. This is, therefore, to cite all persons -concerned to appear, at the December term, 1890 of the Court of Ordinary of said county and show cause, if any they have, why said application should noh be granted. Witness my official signature this Oct. 30, 1890. J. H. HOUSES, Ordinary. GEORGIA—Hocstox Couxtx: Mrs. M. F. Edmundson has applied for 12 months support from the estate of John Edmundson, deceased. This is therefore to cite allpersonscon- cemed to appear at the December term, 1890, of the court of Ordinary of saidcoun- ty,and show eauso, if any they have, why said application should not be granted. Witness mv official signature this October 30, lSOTf 1 J. H. HOUSES, Ordinary. Administrator’s Sale. By virtue of an ordrer from the Ordi nary- of Houston county, Ga.; I will sell at the late residence of John Edmund son, deceased, in said county, on Friday, the 31st day of October 1890, all the sonal property belonging of said deceased, const ' A ;./ A;. ■ ton and >,. D. Moorehouse. Wool-1 ^/oFtTvaii/r5“up A ™ T lSre Pereas . • AT REASONABLE PRICES- THOS. J. HUNT 362 Second Street It will pay yett to go or send to MACON. GEORGIA. GEO, ffgL CASE, MARBLE AND'GRANITE WORKS MONUMENTS, IRON FENCES,-ETC-, 464 PLUM STREET, - MACON, GA. Manufacturer and Importer of the best grades of Italian and American Marbles, and the following noted Granites: BABRE, QUINCY, , WESTERLY, CLAPiK.S ISLAND, BAY DICE. , . Satisfaction guaranteed. No money till work is complete, work prompt Don’t buy your monnments until you wnto me. I PERRY ZEE OTEL POLITE ATTENTION GIVEN ALL GUESTS. COMFORTABLE ROOMS. TABLE SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST