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The Houston home journal. (Perry, Houston County, Ga.) 1890-1900, December 26, 1901, Image 1

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Mr £fiH| kevoted to horse interests, progress and eyf.wiw. #31.00 a H» |Jlk<§ VOT,. XXX. PERRY. HOUSTON COUNTY, GAj THURSDAY, DECEMBER II • ’ NO. 52. Afraid 'Of The Zeal. In The Georgia Penitetiary. Vice President^ Roosevelt was It is scarcely'proper to speak of not always the mighty hunter k ?Jhe the Georgia penitentiary because is u<>w. He has lmd his day ‘.of we have 110 such institution; We being afraid of big game. But qajl say that there are now 2,245 that was many yeavs ago, when prisoners in the convict systen as he was a wee little boy m short shown by the fourth atffiual re- trousers and fiaed to play tag in port of th%prison conmmission of Madison Square m New York,says the state. This report is very in- Harper’s Weekly. Opposite tye, teresting. square on the east side stood, a, Of the 2,245 convicts, 261 are Presbyterian church and the ^ex- 'on the state sarm and 1,084 are ton, while airing the building one hired out to'j individuals at hard Saturday, noticed a small boy ; labor > at saw mills, turpentine peering curiously in at the half far»s, brick yards and coal and iron mines. The average price the state receives per capita under the five year, contracts is $100 per an num. The five year contracts will expire in March, 1904. When these contsacts were made this price was considered excellent. Since then on account of the scar city of white labor and the great demand for laborers in those in open door, but making no move to enter. ^“Oorne in, my little man, if you wish to,” Said the Sexton. “No, thank you,'” sa*id the boy, “T know wnat you've got in there.” ' “I haven’t anythihg that little boys mayn’t see. Come in.” “I’d rather not.” And the'ju venile Theodore cast a sweeping, dustries in which convietsare em* and somewhat apprehensive glance around the pews and galleries-and bounded off to play again. Still the lad kept returning once in a while and peeping in. When he went home that day he told his mother of the sexton’s invitation and his unwillingness to accept it. “But why didn’t you go in, my dear?” she asked. “It is the house of God,' '’but .there is no harm in entering it quietly and looking about.’’ With some shyness the little fellow confessed that he was afraid to go in because the zeal might jump out at him from un der a pew or somewhere. “The zeal? What is the zeal?” the mother inquired. “Why,” exclaimed Theodore, “I suppose it is some big animal like a dragon or an aligator. I went there to church last Sunday with uncle R—and I heard the minister read from the Bible about the zeal, and it , frightened me. Down oamo the concordance from the library shelf, and one after another of the texts contain ing the word “zeal” was read to the child, whose , eyes suddenly gew big and his voice excited as he said. “That’s it—the last you read?” US' was Psalm ixix:9, “For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.”, —**•«&*— “Some time ,ago my daughter caught a severe cold. She complain ed of pains in her chest and had a bad coggh. I gave her chamber lain's .Cough Remedy according to directions and' in two days she was well and able to go to school. I have usbd this remedy in my family for the past seven years and have never known it to fail," says James Pren- dergast, merchant, Annato Bay, Ja maica, West India Islands. The pains in the chest- indicated an ap proaching attack of pneumonia which in this instance was undoubt edly warded off by Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. It counteracts any tendency of a cold toward pneumo nia. Sold by all dealers in Perry, Warren & Lowe, Byron — President I|oosevel]b refused to buy horses wjfch docked tails, and Senator Gallinger ^introduces a bill making the docking of horses’ . tails a misdemeanor in the Dis trict of Columbia. Now if the President ‘will only sneeze three or four times a senator may offer a bill to abolish influenza.—Ma con News. Food Changed To Poison. Putrifying food in the intes tines produce effects like those of arsenic, but Dr. King’s New Life Pills expel the poisons from clog ged bowels, gently,easily but sure ly, curing Constipation; . Bilious ness, Sick Headache, Fevers, all Liver'Kidney and Bowel troubles. ployed, tho value of the convict’s labor is more than doubled. It is said that some bf these original contractors have subleased their convicts and are receiving as much as $240 per capita * for each con vict. The youngest convict is eleven years of age and the oldest seven ty-seven . The married convicts amount to 1,006 and the single 1,240. Those who cun read and write number 1,028, those who oan read only, 202, and those wholly illit erate, 1,015. There are eighty-five women -• in the penitentiary—seventy-nine blacks and six whites. --"Exchange “Lie, steal, drink and swear,” is the motto of a oertain Kansas newspaper; and its' hiotto is thus explained by tho editor: “When you lie, let it be down to pleas ant dreams; when you steal, let it be away from immoral associ ates ; when you drink, let it be pure water; when you swear, let it Be that you will patronize your home paper, jiay your subscription promptly, and not send your job work to some other office.” Catarrh Cannot Bo Cured with local applications, as they Butting This and That Together. Now York World. Putting this and that together is occasionally instructive. Putting, for an example, the fact that there were only abouV half as many colored people in tne United States-when the negfo was set free and “clothed with' citizenship” as there are now, to-, gether with the fact, the Congress just met does not include a single ! negro member, is an instuctive j thing. It certifies the fact that the' fifteenth amendment ifi a dead-letter in the first year of the twentieth century; that after us ing the ballot and securing more or less representation in Con gress for thirty-two years the en tire negro race, eight millions in 1901 instead of four millions in 1861, has totally disappeared as a polilical quanity and is absolutely disfranchised. ‘Further, put together the fact that Booker T. Washington’s en tertainment at dinner by Presi dent Roosevelt recently moved a large section of the Southern peo ple and press to angry expressions of resentment, and the fact that within the weelythe same Booker T. been refused admission to the three leading ho tels of Spriugfield, in Maasayhu- •setts Massachusetts is not only a- Northern State but the State of Garrison, Phillip, Sumner and the ffrst Abolitionists 1 Here is still more instruction touching the real progress the colored race is makihg toward equality of rights. It seems to be a very,very grad ual progress in all parts of the country. dis- as annot reach the seat of the ease.. Catarrh is a blood or con stitutional disease, and in order to cure it you must take internal remedies. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts direct ly on the blood and mucous surfa ces. ijflJ’s Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. It was prescrib ed by one of the best physicians in this country 'for years, and is a regular prescription. It is com posed of, the best tonics known, combined with the best blood pu rifiers,, acting directly on the mu- co'tis surfaces. Tho perfect com bination of the t\yo ingredients is what produces such wonderful're sults in curing Catfish. Send for .testimonials free. 1 F. J. Cheney & Co, Props., Toledo, O Sold by Druggists, 75c. Hall b Family Pills are the best. The ^information comes, from Pretoria, South Africa, that the British forces are now engaged in erecting blockhouses at intervals of about one-thjrd of a mile and connecting them with telephones Between the blockhouses barbed wire entanglements are being con structed. These latter are to pre vent the Boer horsemen from slip ping past- in the night time; A Cure For Lumbago. W. C. Williamson, of Amherst, Va., says, “For more than a year I suffered from lumbago. I finally tried Chamberlain’s Pain Balm and it gave me entire relief, which all other remedies had failed to do. ” For sale by all druggists in Perry,Warren & Lowe, Byron^ Only 256 at Holtzclaw’s drugstore Subscribe for the Home Journal. -* Mr. M. M. Smith has just shown us a check for $640 which he had just received from a party in the City of Mexico for a car load of cotton seed shipped there by the Wiikes Cotton Company. The check is made out in the Spanish language, but it stipulates that the .amount is’ payable in Ameri can money, which is worth twice as much as Mexican. These cot ton seed are to be planted in Mex ico.—From the. Washington, Ga., Chronicle. > ^ • - Saw Death Near. “It often made my heart ache,” writes L. C. Overstreet, of Elgin, Term., “-to hear ray wife cough until it seemed her weak and sore lungs would collapse.' Good doctors said she was so far gone with consump tion that no medicine or earthly help could save her, but a friend recommended Dr. King’s New Dis covery. and persistent use of this ex cellent medicine saved her life.” It’s absolutely guaranteed for coughs, cclds, bronchitis, asthma and all throat and lung diseases. 50c. and $1 at- Holtzclaw’s Drugstore. Trial bottles free. School boards sometimes do queer things. In the city of St. Paul the Lord’s Prayer has been barred out of the public schools, on the ground that its use violates the law against religious instruc tion in the schools. In the Indian apolis schools, as noted recently the study of President Roosevelt’s message has been made obligatory ■H. T. McIntyre,St. Paul, Mm n., who has been troubled with a dis ordered stomach, says, “Cham berlain’s Stomach and Liver Tab lets do me more good i)han any thing I jha^e ever taken.” For sale by all dealers in Perry, War ren & Lowe, Byron. For Infant* and Children. Tit KM Yn Hm Alwejs Bn|ht G. B. COTTON FACTOR, || MACON, 11L M&ney to loan to responsible farmers* «e,t a low rate of interest. My connection with the cotton mills of Macon gives me advantages unsurpassed in handling coiton consigned to me, and I solicit yoiir shipments. C. B. WILLINGHAM. -V, OFFER!! Ito u> rwi *»» b**e wild our Whkki** and Cigar* to Yfholeialu.oxlj -will 0*J.- fcflWili »T. by 4h*m, »i they are guperlor to all oilier*, In < onlnf to viiothuCnAiuiwUit benefit cf Ilia large profit! of D*al*r and a jllillwhiti, .*• b »* 1 *1 MjlUll to now tall direct to the Coniumtr our Maul INtimUr fraud* of WliLk!«i and Cigar* at l»«i th» wholiaal# prlc**. .SsjSfewaS With *y*ry quart hottl* of oul fainnut 10 ntr old •)■*« t'ltrClab Tur»*,! and on* box of nur tu»Mf calabratad gaaaln* Cuba* ad* lOd Meat tt»TMO Cuban 8(p«l»li,wi will glv* AUflOHJTVLt FlSKBonoof th» hand- »om«iloptn fact, *xtr* htxrr nickel 0«nt'i Yl'xtchee* lad/e) »t«m wind.end i*t, (>»niilu» American morement *nd ca»e, beat timekeeper on •artb, dote not turn lih mid will leata lifetime. 1 «xtr»fln* Vienna M**r- ■ohturn Plp«, 1 genuine' Xeerachxutn Cigar Udlder, 1 genulno tteenchaum Cigarette Holder, 1 l.xth.r Tobiooo pouch. 1 .It.uni *xtr» heary nickel match box, 1 pair purl cuff button!, 1 hilltop collar button, I neck tie holder, I pair slur* button, 1 doubt* chain and on* beautiful chirm Ml jowalr/ hiarlly ltk pold platod. All thlce 14 placti wltlionoboi;of oui fumouiOubanHp*olali»ndon*niurtbottUotourfamoua10/onro1dQr-— Cll/ Club fur* R/* cannot b» bought for lou than dH.llO. \!t aett “"7 0.0.1), t our noon tli. Whlak*/ and Clsfxr* ln-Ab|l| V fi'f V>V.«S w'th prlrllapoof oi- cludln/tbaUprlaiaforwHI*! $OaS> V urination, while Whlak*/ and Clgara alon* coat mor* than wo aak for tha antlra lot. Onr Wklik*/ la *■ Aka*lut*1/ ?ur* IO/oaraldB;o and our Cigar* rrinlaa Cuban head. ■•ad-a.elaarKatann.m^l* In onr own factory. ThaaucIgaranTOfnrbotoor W—-“■triUS-niau »n anything oyer adyortlaedboforo. W* Cuaraata* tlio noeilit and r*fttad Cl ft*■*!!*/If .jt rjAgg ■ All «xtr.Pr.mlflm of an *leimnt Pocket knit* with two bladM, 1 eork-aomw, 1 ol B or out «r and Bar«r*a«f*d. IS gU.iouttar, If C8.07 latontln wlvanoowith order. Oooda cent In plain paoltuc*. Write f wholoaal* Vrtc* List* ef Liquor* and Olgara, Reaponalbl* aginto wanted. Order to-day. U. S. MSTII.UKa’B lUSXiamjXING wo.-ucr.t. o„ 481 North Clurli St., Chicago, HI. The Harvest Reason Is «at hand,and yon will need a NEW WAGON for gath- crihg and marketing - our crop. Y'ou can make no bet ter selection than an . . • ' .. . \ “OLD inCKOEY” or v “TENNESSEE” Wagon. OUR WAGOiSTS will contribute to your satis faction; OUR PRICES will i increase your prosperity. Do not forget that you may need a BTJG-GT; if so, it’s a “BARNESVILLEV or a «ROCK HILL.” Those ‘‘long winded” Axles jire beauties, and a marvel in the saving of time, patience and oil. 350-352 Poplar Street. 7 : V MAOON. GA. W. A. DAVIS. BEN. T. BAY. EDWIN S. DAVIS W. A. DAYIS & GOTTON FHOTORS, 405 & 407 Poplar St. MACOJN, GEORGIA