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The Home journal. (Perry, Houston County, GA.) 1901-1924, January 09, 1902, Image 1

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JOHN H. HODGES, Propr. DEVOTED TO HOME INTERESTS. PROGRESS AND CULTURE. #1.50 a Year In Advance. VOL. XXXI. PERRY, HOUSTON COUNTY, GA., THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 1902. NO. 2. Expanding America. Savannah News. The London Daily News discus ses very frankly Mr. William T. Steed’s pamphlet on the “Ameri canization of the World.” It is remarkable that an Englishman, ; in a'little more than a century af ter the separation of the Ameri can colonies from England,should publish a pamphlet to show that not only will the United States dominate the world so far as com merce is concerned, but that Great Britain will become a part of the American Union, and that a leading English paper should admit the commercial prominence of the United States, and should deem it necessary to point out the improbability of Great Britain becoming merged in the United States. There is no doubt of course that the United States have be come the leading commercial na tion. Their prominence in this respect, however, is by no means as great as it will be in |he very near future. It is so great now that it is alarming to all other commercial nations. The London Daily news points out that it is impossible to foresee what the re sult; would be if the United States were to take down their tariff bar rier and offer their immense and ever-increasing markets free to the colonies of Great Britain. It mignt have the effect of bringing about the very disasters to Great Britain that would force her to seek admission into the American Union. It may be said that a long pe riod must elapse before Great Britain would be unable to main tain her place among the nations of the world even if her decline in power should begin at once, but the length of the period would de pend upon the rapidity of her de cline. It is admitted' of course that we are now taking her com merce from her, though not very rapid as yet, but the indications are that the rate at which we shall take it will steadily increase. As a matter of fact, however, it is doubtful if there is any senti ment in this country that favors a closer alliance with Great Brit ain than exiss at presept. She ia , 'nr best customer, and we would rather retain her as such than have her as a part of our country. Mr. Steed’s pamphlet,no doubt, has considerable foundation for the views expressed in it, and • it will attract wide attention, but it will not set the wise ones iu tjfis country and England to spec mating as to how long it will he .before we shall annex Great Brit ain. In Mississippi the other day a house was set on fire by an icicle. The icicle, a big one, fell into an open barrel of unslacked lime. The chemical aqtion that was set up generated sufficient heat to set the barrel on fire, and thus the house was burned.—Ex. The Insurance Press makes the staggering statement that during the past twenty-five years proper ty of the value of $2,800,000,000 has been destroyed by fire in this country, . : — Thousands Sent Into Exile. Every year a large number of poor sufferers whose lungs are sore and racked with coughs are urged to go to another climate. But this is costly and not always sure. Don’t be an exile when Dr. King’s New Discovery for Con sumption will cure you at home. It’s the most infallible medicine for Coughs, Colds, and all Throat and Lung diseases on earth, The first dose brings relief. Astound ing cures result. from persistent use. Trial bottles free at Holtz- claw’s drugstore. Price 60c and $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed. A Woman, and A Position. Pen Picture Of Hope. Atlanta Constitution. Mrs. Shaw, wife of the new cab- inent member,is.going to be heard j from during her husband’s term of office. She has been telling the newspaper correspondents what she thinks| and it may be said for bfx that she “thinks in a straight line.” She has let it be known that Governor Shaw did not agree to accept the treasury portfolio until he had consulted her, and when the governor said he did not want to go anywhere his wife and children could not go with honor and comfort. Mrs. Shaw says she realized it was too great an honor to decline, and so decided he should accept. Governor Shaw is said' to be' worth but $850,000, and when Mrs. ShaAV was told that Secreta ry Gage spent $100,000 more than hissalery, she said: I’ve always done my best where- ever I’ve been and I’m not at all frightened. I know they say Mr. Gale spent $100,000 more than hisjsalary, owing to the demands of ^ociet} T , but that seems to me needless and a trifle foolish. Mr. SluijW told me Senator Allison as sured him we would be able to go out in society all that is necessary on |5,000. a year more than his salary, and I guess maybe we can stand that for a few years. I don’t want to make Mr. Shaw ham up, and shall not, but you khoiv I’ve always borne my share of society work and I expect I shaljl in Washington. They say it pearly wrecked Mrs. Gage’s health, but I shall pot be alarmed on that account, as I’m so Svell and! strong.” That is the way for a woman to talk. The chances are that Gov ernor Shaw owes as much of his sucbess to his wife as h<5 owes, to his own abilities. She must be a regular steam-tug of energy.There is nothing that boosts a man along in this world more than a loyal, sensible wife,who “is not at all frightened,” who is ready to do the best she can, who cheers him oiji, and when opportunity offers tells him to “go in and win.” i The Twentieth Century has al most a free field in medicine. Al though much has been accom plished in ohe treatment of dis ease, the science is still largely Experimental and there is room for a host of discoveries. Perhaps by the time this century is ended there will be a lymph or an an titoxin or some sort of treatment for every ill the flesh is heir to, so that a few vaccinations and other treatments will guarantee immu nity for a long period. Then cen tenarians will be as common as blackberries and a man will be young at 80.—Philadelphia In quirer. «*•*<*» —‘ Twenty million dollars for the Philippine Islands, $85,000,000 for maintaining an army in the Philippines one year, $60,000,000 Spanish war claims. Being a “world power” makes a beautiful topic for an after-dinner speech, but it is a little expensive. A few years ago the cost of fir mg the largest gun made was not more than a few dollars. Now it costs $827 to fire a single shot from a 16-inch riflle.or more than enough to pay the wages of a pri vate soldier in the regular army for fire long years. -©.©•©- Blown To Atoms. The old idea that the body some times needs a powerful, drastic, purgative pill has beeen exploded; for Dr. King’s New Life Pills, which are perfectly harmless, gen tly stimulate liver and bowels to expel poisonous matter, cleanse the system and absolutely cure Constipation and Sick Headachee Only 25c at Holtzolaw’a drugstor. Beyond this beautiful and rip pling stream, just over the edge of the grassy knoll,there blossoms a rare and richly tinted flower. They tell us that it is so rarely beautiful that it may have blushed to life at the touch of an angel’s kiss, and caught its rosy push from a burning star. Beyond the pathless mountains that lift their blue peaks in the fading distance they tell us there is a charming valley that drinks the diamond dew of morning and bathes in the liquid sunbeams, clad in a verdure of everlasting green and dotted all over with flowers of every hue and shade. Beyond the blue waves of the pathless ocean they tell us there is a clime from which the mellow sunlight of spring never departs,, that it is "laden with the songs of birds of note and plumago, and peace, ease and plenty rule the lives of people that never heard of war or pestilence. * Beyond the curtains of darkness that hangs over the gloomy night theie dwells a picture of morning, a picture of fresh, new life—that seems to wake and move and breathe away the mists, and they tell us its foreground is hope and its background is pleasure. . Beyond the aches and struggles, the fears, the disappointments, the bitter trials and the wearying labors of Time we are taught is au Eternity whose higher possibili ties give promise to calmer hours and sweeter rest.—Ex. Masonic Affairs in’Georgia. From advance sheets of the offi cial proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Georgia some very interesting statistics of the order appear. Under the admin istration of Grand Master Max Mayerhart, there was an increase in membership during the past year of about 1,600, the first sub stantial increase in several years. There are now 21,000 Masons in Georgia. The financial condition of the Grand Lodge is the best in its history. It is estimated that there will be surplus in the treas ury at the opening of the next communication of between$l 1,000 and $12,000. Eleven new lodges were chartered during the past year. The -trustees of the pro posed Masonic Home, of which Grand Master Meyerhardt is chairman, have available about $8,000. They hope to raise an ad ditional $2,000 within the next few months, when the contrat for the home will be let. The location has not yet been decided on. How’s This? We offer O ae Hundred Dollars Reward tor any case of Catarrh that cauiiot be cured by Hall’s Ca tarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 tears, and believe him perieclly honora ble iu *11 baHineaa^trmi.-n.oHons and financially able to carry out any obligations made by tluif firm. West & I'iiuax, Wholesale Druggists, T<>b do, O. Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken in ternally, acting direelly upon the blood ami mucous surfaces of the system. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimoni als free. Halls Family Pills are the best. For Infants and Children. Tbs Kind Yea Han Always BougM Boars the QO0 l QOQ>CgQ (?(SO€>Q^C©C5 l (»g5 l ®<3 l (a.<3'0<<50C?eK Presents. 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