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The Home journal. (Perry, Houston County, GA.) 1901-1924, July 17, 1902, Image 1

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: Y:> • joHIV H. HODGES, I»ropr. DEVOTED TO HOME INTERESTS, PROGRESS AND CULTURE, $1.50 u Year* la Advance. ~ . 1 VOL- XXXI. PERKY, HOUSTON COUNTY, GA., THURSDAY, JULY17, . v— NO. 29. male AND FEMALE. “The male , human needs more I food than the female, not only on Ifeccount of his larger stature but also because he is the more kata- bolio of the two. The man tends to expend energy and the woman to store it up in the form of fat; he burns the faster. This sexual difference shows itself in the very blood; the man lias a larger per centage of chromocytes than the woman, showing that he needs a proportionately larger quantity of oxygen in order to maintain his [mere active combustion—a fact which one may associate with his comparative freedom from chloro- is; moreover, weight for weight, his pulmonary capacity is greater than that of the woman whose smaller respiratory need is furth er shown by the facility with which she can without discomfort diminish her breathing power by means of the corset. The great contrast between the metabolic activity of the two sexes was for cibly brought home to me by a military display given by a troupe of dusky amazons, with whom were also a few female warriors. The women, in spite of their daily exertions, were all rounded and plump, some very much so, no single muscle showing through the skin, and it was noticed that .■-their movements, though full of I grace, lacked energy and ‘go The men, on the other hand, were spare, their muscles stand ing out plainly under the shiny skin, and they, in further con trast with the women, displayed a truly amazing agility, bounding about and whirling round in a most astounding fashion; the women in short, were essentially If anabolic and the men were keta- ^bolic. I may here draw attention to the fact that men are apt to be larger meat-eaters than women, just as they are, possibly in con -sequence of this very fact, more ’ prone to drink alcohol and to smoke tobacco.”—London Lan cet. According to their Behaviour. jt— Culture Should Underlie London Faee Press. When we see the boys on the street and public places we often wonder if they know that the business men'are watching them. In .every bank, store and office there will Boon be a place for a boy to fill. Those who have the management of the affairs of the business houses will select a boy in whom they have confidence. When they select one of the boys they will not select him from his ability to swear, use slang, smoke cigarettes, or tap a beer keg. These men may have a- few of ■these habits themselves, but they are looking for boys who are near gentlemen in every sense of word as they can find, and they are able to give the character of every boy in the city. They are not looking for rowdies. When a boy applies for one of these places and is refused they may not tell him the reason why they do not want him, but the boy can depend upon it that he has been rated ac cording to his behavior. Boys oannot afford to adop/ the habits and conversation of the loafers and rowdies, if they ever want to be called to responsible positions. Training Boy Who Deoived His Teacher. It is announced that, & revised system of spelling will be official ly promulgated in Germany, Aus tiia and Switzerland on April 1st 1908. The new system, omits all useless letters and adopts a spell ing in accordance with a real grammatical significance. The movement in favor of a revised spelling of the German language was commenced something like forty years,ago. It is already in use in some of the newspaper of fices. It is expected that the in troduction of the new system will be comparatively easy, owing to the official support it will receive. The English language might be much improved by the elimina tion of useless letters. The boy who^used to boast of getting the best of his teacher has been heard from. The same traits of character which tempted him tc deceive his teacher into believing that he had solved his problems and completed his task himself, led him to cheat his em ployer, to idle whenever his bafck wds turned, and to slip, his day’s work until he finally lost'his po sition. His lack of education—the re sult of cheating his teacher—has proved a perpetual hancjicap, and has lost him many a good situa tion. His dishonesty, which started in the sohool room, has grown until nobody will trust him and he has no credit or stand ing in his community. As a boy, he thought himself vhry clever in being able to dodge his" lessons and impose upon his teacher; but he realizes now that the person cheated was himself In those precious days of youth, he robbed himself of pearls of great value which he will never be able to recover, The thief of time and opportu nity often thinks he is enriching himself, but he awakes one day to the truth that he is poorer and meaner for the theft.—Success. Don’t Fail To Try Tills. Whenever an honest trial is giv en to Electric! Bitters for any trouble it is recommended for a permanent cure will surely be ef fected. It never fails to tone the stomach, regulate the kidneys and bowels, stimulate the liver, invig orate the nerves and purify the blood. It’s a wonderful tonic for run-down systems. Electric Bit ters positively cures Kidney and Liver Troubles-, Stomach Disor ders, .Nervousness, Sleeplesness, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, -and' ex pels Malaria. Satisfaction guar anteed. Holtzclaw’s ' drugstore. Only 50 cents. “Industrial education is good, but it is not all,” says the Chris tian Educator. “The foundation must be laid in sound, elemental ry training. . The man behind the hand muse be developed. The Best Linimeut For Strains, Mr. P-. H. Wells, the merchant at Deer Park, Long Island, N. Y. says: “I always recommend Chamberlain’s Pain Balm as the best liniment for strains. I used it last winter for severe lameness in the side, resulting from _ strain, and greatly pleased with the quick relief and cure it effect ed.” For sale by all dealers Perry, Warren & Lowe, Byron in The Crown Prince of Siam is to visit the United States next fall and arrangements have been made for his reception by the President Since Siamese is one of the lan guages that the President does nob speak,- it would doubtless be worth going miles to see how the Prince hears the story of the bat tie of San Juan through an intei* preter. SI The Only Guaranteed Kidney Cure ,„is Smith’s.Sure Kidney Cure. Your drug gist will refund your money if after tak ing one bottle yon are not satisfied with results. 50 cents at Oater’s Drugstore. SMITH’S NERVE RESTOKER This medicine is guaranteed to cure all cases of Nervous Prostration caused by overwork: Jt is a true Nerve Tonic and restores Nervous Vitality or Loss of Manhood. It will not only relieve these nervous troubles and weaknesses, but will restore them to full vigor and man hood. Guaranteed. Sold by Dr. R. L Cater. T_ It is evident, says the Biblical Recorder, that the South will of fer great opportunities for half a century or more to come, to young men who are trained for practi cal • employments. Every day now alluring opportunities are of fered to young men who were trained in offices of workers, while their fellows were at col leges. Whether in manufacture, farrnpg or commerce, the young man who brings himself intelli gently and earnestly to his tasks will reap richer harvests than have yet been reaped in the South. Many a boy nob meant to be preacher or teacher of lawyer should prepare none the less ear nestly to be manufacturer, build er or railroad man with full con fidence of serving his day effectu ally and reaching a worthy re ward. But in his preparation, wheth er in school or office or shop, he should not forget the mania him. He should not sacrifice the man in hip upon the altar of the me chanic. Let him neither sacrifice the mechanic. The true man will save them both in himself. Of course parents and young men are impatient of the schools, and of God’s tedious ways l They cannot spend the time necessary to acquiring both a general and a special, preparation. The boy must be making money. Made in the image of God as he is 1 To be sure the argument is'a com pelling one with some, and we recognize its absolute fofbe. And yet it is a pity to put a handicap upon one’s whole ’ life forever merely for lack of time early in life. Granted that the boy ought to prepare for an industrial ca reer—and we not only grant but urge it,—the truth remains nev ertheless that lie deserves more than to be trained to work and make money. There are the in comparably larger concerns of his mind, tastes, spirit and relations as citizen, neighbor and father, never to be forgotten. And so while we would encour age industrial education -as it is called; we would also abate not one jot. of the ..old time emphasis upon, general culture. FINE STATIONERY AND ENGRAVING. Whether the canal goes by the Panama or the Nicaragua route, the name of Senator Morgan of Alabama will be permanently identified with the great work. In season and out of season, for years and years, he has consist ently and persistently advocated the building of a canal across the isthmus. The Brooklyn Eagle has referred to the Congressional Rec ord and found that during the progress of the debate on the ca nal bill Senator Morgan made eight speeches filling 172 columns of the Record—more than four times the space filled by any oth- dr senator. And it is a pretty safe assertion that he knew about four times as much about the subject as the majority of those who spoke. Cut this out and take it to your drugstore and get a box of Cham berlain’s stomach & Liver Tab lets. The best physic. They also correct disorders Price 25 cents. of the stdmach For sale by all dealers in Perry, Warren & Lowe Byron. Unmarried women of Michigan are to petition the legislature for exemption from taxation on es tates less than $5,000. For Infants and Children. Tbe Kind You Have Subscribe for the Home Journal. Bears the Signature of BIBLES, BLANK BOOKS, MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS, FOUNTAIN PENS.... Southern Agent for Waiting’s Fine Correspondence Paper. I ‘ I 'll III. . • BIBB Men’s Oxfords, Ladies’ Oxfords, Boys’ Oxfords, Misses Sandals, •/ , Child’s Sandals,. Infants’ Sandals, |2.00 to $5.50 1.00 “ 3.50 1.25 “ 1.00 80c. I 50c. “ 2.00 2.00 1.25 1.00 We have these Oxfords in all leathers and we can please you. MACON SHOE CO. 408 3rd Street. 1 Men’s Spring and Summer Suits. Our Suits are garments' of surpassing excellence, well worthy of a place in any lean’s wardrobe. ; They are made of the most fashionable fabrics by ' skilled tailors, producing stylish suits which fit and look welL at prices from |y Wmirfl R. L. CHELK & CO, 110 Third Street. MACOJST, GrEOBGIA "Weber, Brown, Bussell and Thornhill Wagons cheaper than you ever bought them before, to make room and re duce storage and insurance. MACON, GA. J. W. SHINHOLSER, MACON, GA? j. y Wmjsm Wmm Hmm A m