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The News-herald. (Lawrenceville, Ga.) 1898-1965, May 22, 1924, Page Page Two, Image 2

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Page Two The News-Herald Lawrenceville, Georgia Published Monday and Thursday $1.50 A YEAR IN ADVANCE. D. M. BYRD, Editor V. L. HAGOOD News Editor and General Manager J. L. COMFORT, Supt. Official Organ Gwinnett County, City of Lawrenceville, U. S. Court, Northern District of Georgia. Entered at the Post Office at Law renceville, Georgia, as Second Class Mail Matter, under the act of Con gress of March 3rd, 18 •9. A REUNITED CHURCH For over a half century there has existed a breach between the Methodists of the South and the North. The division came on account of some of the Methodists of the South being slave owners. This difference could not be settled in those days and resulted in a divi sion oi the church which has remain ed divided, one branch known as the Methodist Church South and the Methodist church North. However, it appears now that ail difference will soon be settled and a reunited church will be the result. At a meeting oi the general con ference of the Northern Metnodist Church in Springfield, Mass., last week, it was decide by an over whelming vote to reunite with the Methodist Church South. The matter has been referred to the College of Bishops of the Southern Church who will meet on May 20 to take under advisement the adoption of of the proposal made by the confer ence of the Northern Methodist Church. It may be however, that the whole matter will be referred to a conference of the members of the Southern Methodist Church, but in any event it is belived that the proposal will be accepted and before another year the two church es wifi be united and the church hereafter will be known as theMeth. odist Church of America.No North, no South, but a united church work ing hpnd in hand for the great goal, that of saving of souls for a better world than this. It is hoped that the agreement may be reached and that matters of difference may be Wiped out for all time to corne. Athena, Banner- Herald. SEND US YOUR JOB WORK. - ’k HI »* Chero -Cola GOOD ROADS IN GEORGIA The auditor who checked up the affairs of the State Highway De partment of Georgia reports a satisfactory condition, so far as the accounts and checks are concerned. All vouchers and supporting papers are properly filed; the land and eqip mcnt are paid for and the deeds on records. AH old obligations of the State Highway Department have been met and this important branch of the government is said to be out of debt. There are over a hundred active projects being pushed, fifteen of which arc bridge projects. There are over 600 miles of road under construction. There is some criti cism that we are not goin fast enough, but, of course, with the present system of paying as we go, the State of Georgia is probably making as much progress as could be expected- The revenue coming into the state from tax on gasoline and license tax for cars is very heavy and soon as the amount borrowed on State road ease notes is paid up there will be something more satisfactory in the way of money turned over to the State Highway Board. It will be no ticed that of the 100 projects now being pursued, half are being con structed, either in whole or in part, by the forces of the county in which each project is located. The United States Government Puts Out Films Showing How to Fight the Pest With Poison. By Keeton Arnett New Orleans, La., May 21. —Stim- ulation of buying in the calcium ar senate market has been effected by the use of motion pictures in the in struction of methods of controlling the boll weevil, according to reports from every section of the south where the films are used, to the National 801 l Weevil Control Association. Many farmers who have bean du bious as to the results to be obtained by the poison, have been converted, it is said, and have placed their orders for a season’s supply. A large number of banks, chambers of commerce and other business inter ests are co-operating with the cnotrol association in showing the films, “How to Poison 801 l Weevils” and “Goodbye 801 l Weevil,” which are furnished by the United States de partment of agriculture, and at pres ent there are five sets of the films be ing used throughout the cotton belt. With the time already at hand in some sections of the belt and near at hand in others when the cotton plants Chero-Cola In the twist bottle " ? |7 a. " m S- In the twist bottle begin to appear and the boll weevil begins its ravages, the farmers turn their attention to the best way to keep the infestation to a minimum. It is believed that a majority of the planters have established for themselves the fact that a low rate of weevil emergence this spring gives them a crop chance that was not en joyed last year and have determined to take advantage of it by poisoning either with calcium arsenate in dust form or with the calcium arsenate-mo lasses mixture when there are as many as twenty weevils to the acre. Some farmers have used poison in other years, but due to the improper use or application have not obtained the best results, while others have never used it and both classes ap parently are eager to see the films which demonstrate clearly the correct way of using calcium arsenate and stress the slogan, “Do It Right or Not at AH.” y Virtually the only way to determine the degree of infestation in young cotton is by thorough examination of every plant in a given number of rows in a field. It is pointed out by experts that while it is necessary for the farmer to get down on his hands and knees to make a proper examina tion of the plants it is not necessary to examine every plant in every field but rather to examine a few rows in different parts of the field, calculating the infestitation on the basis that the weevils are uniformly distributed. If calcium arsenate is not used at this s v. pc it is recommended that an application be made to the tips of the plants of a home mixture containix.g one pound of calcium arsenate, one gallon of molasses and one gallon of water. The mixture should be applied uy sprinkling a few drops on each plant *Vom a home mad,, inop within twenty tour hours after mixing md übrti. mo gallon of the ir •• ture f e the acre should be used. COMMENCEMENT PLANS MADE AT LUDICIWI Ludiciwi, Ga„ May 15. —Commence- ment exercises of the Ludiciwi High school will begin Sunday, May 25, and close Thursday, May 29. Dr. O. P. Gilbert, pastor of the First Baptist church, of Brunswick, will preach the commencement ser mon in the school auditorium Sunday morning, May 25. Governor Clifford Walker will be present Thursday evening and will deliver an address at the graduating exercises. The Ludiciwi High school, under the management of Superintendent J. C. Flanigan, has had a very success ful year. SEND US YOUR JOB WORK. I WHAT IS IT THAT’S SO GOOD? “The Real Quality Drink” Buy it whetevcn bottled dficks aw sold THE NEWS HER AI.D,*. Georgia GOVERNORS TO MEET HIGHWAY DELEGATES Washington, May 19.—Governors of five states will welcome in behalf cf tn.eir respective commonwealths the thirty-eight delegates from Latin American countries who, during June, are to make a field study of high ways and highway transportation in .lie United. States as guests of the highway education board, a study of the three weeks itinerary disclo ts. These ch’ef state executive are Governor Cameron Morrison, of North Carolina; Governor Len Small, of Illinc.s; Governor J. A.'O. Frau*. oi Minre; ota; Governfor John J. Blaine, of Wisconsin, and Governor Alexander J. Groesbeck, of Michigan, representing the five states where the major studies of the party will be pursued Other states which the dele'-.-nter will trover: e include in order Vir ginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, In diana, lowa, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Twenty Latin American countries are to be re ore rented in li.e group which will be Chero-Cola THERE'S £ Estimates Farmers Lose $200,000,000 per Year From Crows Oklahoma’s war on its ten million crows, which eat $10,000,000 worth of farm producta in a year, is P r ending and agriculturists all over the country are now v/aging a war against the cunning bird of prey, it is estimated there are two hundred million crows in the Unitod States. , yi x anitwifi .. y o* jßßira ft o r * ht ; £***?, r r’ w,,!ac ®' Agriculture; Hoover, Commerce end Work, Interior ESJJ? G«»»T;n5 o wlibS , ’*.*~ k '’ W *“ Holh “- BU,, ‘ Pr " M "“ T~—rr: s "»» President C’oolidge and His Reorganized Cabinet conducted by highway education board officials miough these several suites of the union on the most unique road tour in tiie history of the country. After two days of entertainment in Washington, June 2 and 3, du which they will be received by Pie: - dent CoiHJgt and Secretary of St.Ke Hughes, tie delegates will ieav- L-t Ralegh, X. C. I WO LUNACY CASES. N. A. Nuckles, of Buford, seventy three years of age, was tried on a writ of lunacy Monday and comm: ted »u the : u - ite sanitarium at Mi Hedgeviih> ,i dge G. G. Robinson hea.J another lunacy case Monday astern -rn wher tie « -.mission adjudged M C’ issio \eo e I «am as a fit subja /; for 'n: jviiilledgeville sanitarium. A Clear Skin and Beautiful Complexion may be easily obtained by a won derful new discovery; PRUNIIOSKE which aids in transforming a sallow complexion to one that is radiant with health and beauty. 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