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2 GEORGIANS READY TO FIGHT. MANY INDICATE A DESIRE TO GO TO THE FAR BAST. ILflter* fl'rHtfii t, liispeeior (ifßfnil Obear Asking Him lo OrgiinUe a Cavalry Regiment and Tender It to the Government —Hr Mould Hr Glad to Do So If Assured First That the Government Wonld Accept It. Atlanta, July 30—To fight th Chinese •toms to be the desire of many Georgians, if the number of letters on this line re ceived by Inspector G> neral Obear are any true* indication of their wishes. ITo has re vived several letters recently from military trim in different parts of Geor gia. asking that he organise a cavalry regiment for service in Ch'na. and tender it to the T'niied States government. This morning ("apt Hope of the Gov ernor’s Horse Guard and Col. Obear dis cussed the matter, but no conclus on was reached. Oapt. Hope, offered the Horse Guard as the first troop and said he thought there would be very little trouble In getting a thousand more men, if the United States government would notify them that their services were wanted. The idea is to organise a regiment something on the order of the Rough Riders which played a prominent part in the Santiago campaign. One of the letters assured Col. Obear of two hundred men who would and were anxious to enlist if they saw any chance of fighting Various suggestions were made in the letters as to the best plans for organising the command and how it could be done quickly. The state of affairs at present is so un certain that Coi. Obear has not decided as to what will be done. He said this morning it would be necessary to have the assurance of the government that the regiment would be used before he would undertake the work of organising it. He said there would be but little trouble in securing a full quota of men in a very short time, and that they could be ready for service within a month, provided the men knew they would be given a chance to fight. Georgia is the only state in the Union that has a regiment of cavalry. Other states have several troops, but Georgia is the only one having nn organized reg iment. Capt. Hope thinks every troop in the First Georgia Cavalry would vol unteer if such a regiment was wanted. The letters received by Col. Obear. stated that if the regiment was raised he would be asked to take command. The letters indicate that Georgia is ready at any time to offer troops to the United States when they are needed. ROBINSON STARTS FOR CHINA. He M'lll Set I'p a Fully Equipped Pnstoflice at Tnku. Atlanta, July 30.—Henry M. Robinson, chief clerk of the Fourth Division Railway mail service, left Atlanta to-day at noon for Washington to draw supplies for a United States postofTice which he will es tablish at Taku, China. He will spend two or three days In Washington and will proceed from there to San Francisco and thence to China One assistant who has not yet been named will accompany him. At Taku, the base of supplies for the American army, he will set up his office Immediately on his arrival. He knows Just what to do in the pre mises. for he has had experience In setting up poutoffices in foreign lends. He went to Porto Rioo in 1896 with Gen. Mllea and within an hour after he landed on the island was selling stamps, receiving letters to be sent hack to America and dealing out welcome letters from home to the sol diers. In the year that Mr. Robinson re mained in Porto Rico he built up such a perfect American mail system there that the government wanted him again when the troops went to China. He will remain in China with the army postoffice until the American troops are withdrawn from the empire. PERSONAL PROPERTY SOLD. Winding I’p Affairs of Southern Ag ricultural Works. Atlanta, July 30.—A1l the personal prop erty of the Southern Agricultural Works, including manufactured plows, plows in the process of manufacture, pig lion, steel, coal, and raw material, the total invoiced at 169,000 value, was sold to-day at auction by Revolver George W. Parrot to F. I. Stone for 133,360. Mr. Stone probably represents a syndi cete which will start up the plant and complete the goods now in the process of manufacture. Under the terms of the sale the purchaser has four months’ free use of the premises In which to finish the In complete products to a marketable shape. Mr. Stone Is local agent for Iron and steel concerns, and is president of the Eliza beth Cotton Mills. The engines, real estate, machinery and patterns In the plant are covered by n mortgage deed of trust to secure 1100,000 outstanding bonds. The mortgage is now in the process of foreclosure in the Ful ton Superior Court. Jacob Haas and Paul Romare are the trustees. When the de cree of the court Is rendered In this case which will probably occur In March next, the property covered by the mortgage will be sold, and the final wind-up in the af fairs of the concern will be had. TWO YEARS COURSE IX DAW. Both Mercer and the University Will Make Ike Change. Atlanta. July 30 —Discussion of the sub ject at the recent meeting of the Bar Association at Warm Sprlnga. will proh bably lead to the adoption of a two-year law course at both the University of Geor gia and Mercer University. Beginning in 1901, it is very likely that the two-year course will be introduced. The catalogues of both Mercer and the University of Georgia recently Issued, have notices to the effect In September of next year, end all students who desire to finish the course In one year had best enter this fall. Senator A O. Bacon, tvho is e mem ber of the board of trustees of the uni versity, said several weeks ago, that the trustees would insist on the two-year study. Clem Steed, who is secretary of the Mercer Law School, said that Mercer had been endeavoring to get the universi ty to change to the two-year course for some time, and as soon as that Institu tion made the change, Mercer would fol low suit. BULLOCH'S GOOD SHOWING. T “'* Values Increased SiiTfi.irtiii Over the Returns of Lnst Yenr. Statesboro, Ga„ July Sft.-The taxable property of Bulloch county In the aggre gate shows an Increase over last year of 1275,202, as shown by the receiver’s digest for 1900, A Guaranteed fnre for Piles, Itching, blind, bleeding or protruding piles. No cure, no pay. All druggists are authorized by the manufacturers of Pazo Pile Ointment to refund the money where It fails to cure an> case of piles, no matlor of how long standing. Cures ordinary cases in tlx (lavs; the worst cases in fourteen days Ona application gives ease and rest. Relieves Itching Instantly. This Is anew discovery and Is the only Pile remedy sold on a positive guarantee no cure no pay Price fine If your druggist don t keep ft in atovk. send us 60c In postage stamps and w© will forward name by mail Manufactured by Paris Medlclue Cos.. St. Louis Mo. Manufac turers of Laxative Bromo-Qulnln© and Grove’s Tasteleai Chill Tonic.—ad. “Every Man is the Architect of His Fortune "An architect designs, and his plans are executed by a builder. The greatest builder of health is Hood’s Sarsaparilla. It lays a firm foundation. It makes the blood, the basis of life, pure and strong. Be an architect of your fortune and secure Hood's'as your health builder. ZlcC&j&tUafa rlffq A TEMPORARY INJUNCTION. Atkinson's Road Restrained From I'slni* Tracks of Hurt's. Atlanta, July 30.—The fight between the Hurt and Atkinson interests over street railway fianchiscs has broken out anew. The Central Trust Company of New York, the trustee of $225,000 of bonds, presented a bill for an Injunction to Judge Gober last Friday, claiming that the city of At lanta is powerless to authorize the Atlan ta Rapid Transit Company to occupy Jcintly i h the Atlanta Railway and Power Company the tracks on Peachtree and Whitehall streets for any distance or at any point, cr to go on these streets at all. The claim i made that cne of the old horse car lints, the Atlanta Street Rai’road Company, had an exclusive rght to all th" streets occupied by It, nnd that neither the city nor the state or both toge her can Interfere. The bill was sworn to by G. Sherman, vice presi dent of the company. Judge Gober granted an injunction on Friday restraining the city, the Atlanta Rapid Transit Company, and the Atlanta Railway ar.d Power Company from pro ceeding any further with condemnation proceedings that have been under way for some time, and which hod in view the Immediate Joint use by the Atlanta Rapid Transtit Company, and the Atlanta Rail way and Power Company of the. latter's tracks on Peachtree street between Au burn and Bdgewood avenues. It Is claimed In the bill of the Central Trust Company that while the Atlanta Rapid Transit Company's charter was granted after the date of the. charter of the Atlanta Street Railway Company. It is void under the constitution of the United States in so far as It is given the right (o go on any of the streets occupied by the Atlanta Street Railroad Company. This makes what lawyers call a federal question and if the Central Trust Com pany should lose In the slate court It appeal to the United States Supreme Court, Judge Gober was unwilling to hear the case and set It down to be heard be fore Judge Lumpkin on the Bth of next September, WILL FIGHT THE ASSESSMENT. Snvnnnah, Florida nnd Western Ex pected to Contest It. Atlanta, July 30.—1 t is expected that the Savannah. Florida and Western Railroad will make a fight on the tax assessment made by Controller General Wright sev eral days ago, as nothing has been heard from the officers concerning the assess ment since they were notified, some fif teen days ago. The road has until Sat urday to notify the Controller General whether or not It will accept his assess ment or fight It. The returns were made by the road some time ago and were not satisfactory to Col. Wright. He thought the mileage was more valuable than given in by the railroad, and notified the officials to that effect, requesting at the same time that the value be Increased. The road re fused to Increase the first figures, and the Controller assessed the value a* what he thought it should be. In event that the railroad is not satisfied with the as sessment of the Controller General, appli cation can be made to a board comprised of three members, one appointed by the railroad company and two appointed by the state. REQUISITION FOR JONES. Was Indicted for Enticing Laborers Ont of Georgia. Atlanta, July 3ft.—Governor Candler to day issued a requisition on the Governor of South Carolina for James Jones. The case is a most unusual one. Jones Is charged by R. A. Hutchins, a prominent citizen of Elbert county, with, enticing la bor away from him. Hutchins had a num ber of negroes employed under contract to work for him a year, and several weeks ago. Jones by offering them higher wages, induced them lo go into South Carolina, so It is said. It is (seldom that a man Is arrested on the charge of enticing away the labor cf another, and It Is a rare occurrence In Georgia. Many of the negroes In the state have but little conception of the value of a contract, and It Is not a very hard mat ter to get them to break It. Jones knew this, and it is claimed secured a number of hands from Hutchins. He was indicted by the grand Jury and will be prosecuted by Hutchins. GENEROUS CAPITALISTS. They Will Try to Rehabilitate a Cot ton Mill and a Rank. Columbia, S. C.. July 30.—Two Yorkville men have volunteered to take charge of the charge of the Sutro Cotton Mill, whose shaky financial condition caused the doors of the Loan and Savings Bank to be closed Saturday, and run it without charge, using the profits to pay Its in debtedness. Another financier has offered to come to the assistance of the bank and enable it to open Its doors The mill Is largely in debted to the henk. About $130,000 Is in volved. Judge Gage was to-day asked to appolnl a receiver but postponed action for a month. Torkville people are pulling to gether and It is expected both Institutions will be put on their feet. ONE XEGRO KILLS ANOTHER. The Slayer Wan Soon fanglit and Lodged in Jail. Beaufort, S. C.. July 30.—Frank Sim mons. a negro fireman, shot and killed Franch McLeod, another negro, at 2 o'clock Sunday morning at a festival near here. From the fact divulged at the cor oner's Inquest, it appears that a dispute arose between the meA' over some trifling matter, strong language bring freely In dulged in. Without the slightest warn ing. Simmons drew a pistol and shot Mc- Leod through his left lung, killing him almost Instantly. The assassin almost effected his escape under cover of dark neas, but Sheriff Jenkins succeeded In copturing him at Stuart's Point and lodg ing him safely In the county Jail. WELL-KNOWN LAWYER IS DEAD. Prominent (’ltlien of Live Oak Died at Chattanooga. Live Oak. Fla., July 30.-Joe 8 White, after eevernl months illness, died yes terday in Chattanooga, where he. had re cently been taken with the hope of ben efiting his health. He will be burled tomorrow at Jasper, his wife’s former home. A special train will carry the Live Oak people to Jasper, and a large crowd will attend his funeral, Mr. White waa one of the leading lawyers of Flor ida, and had hosts of friend*. THE MORNING NEWS: TUESDAY, JULY 31, 1900. OPERATIONS TO BE SUSPENDED. Former Raldxvtn Fertilizer Works to Close Down. Beaufort. S. C., July 3ft—The Virginia Carolina Chemical Company's plant, at Baldwin's near here, will suspend opera tions after Aug. 10. One hundred employes will be thrown out of employment in con sequence. This concern, which was only recently acquired by the fertilizer trust by pur chase from the Baldwin Ferdlizer Com pany of Savannah, Ca, has an annual producing capacity of 60.C0) tons of finish ed material. It was established In 1882 by the Hume brothers, two Englishmen, act ing as agents for English capitalists, and for several years the firm name was Hume Bros., Limited, subsequently the plant was purchased by Mr. Baldwin, ihe consideration being $75,000, and the name was changed to that of Che Baldwin Fer tilizer Company. Nine years ago the acid chambers were totally destroyed by fire, entailing a loss of $50.0 0, covered largely by Insurance. When the chambers were rebuilt they were enclosed In corrugated iron sheds, which were substituted for the original highly inflammable wooden structures. The brick chimney at Baldwins is 125 feet high and Is said to be among the best con structed in the country. It Is the tallest landmaik in this section. The concern now has 30,000 tons of the finished pro duct on hand awaiting a market, which is difficult to obtain owing to a dispo s tion on the rart of consumers, many of whom are Farmers' Alliance men, to boy cott trusts. TRANSFER OF REAL ESTATE. Property in Atlanta Tamed Over to Citizens’ Rank. Atlanta, July 30.—The transfer of a valuable p|ece of real estate from Thomas Mayhew Cunningham of Savannah, to the Citizens' Bank of that city, was re corded with the clerk of the Superior Court to-day. The property is on Ala bama street, eighty feet from the corner of Forsyth, and runs north to the Central of Georgia right-of-way, west to Alabama street, east to point of beginning. The consideration is SIO,OOO. USED HANDCUFFS WRONGLY*. Pnt Them In Hark Instead of the Wrists of I.nxvbrenkers, Beaufort, 8. C., July 30.—Th sheriff of Beaufort county recently intrusted Dick Brown, a negro constable, with a pistol and a pair of handcuffs to use In mak ing arrests Not hearing from his man, he followed him to Charleston, where he arrested him and located the pistol in a pawnshop. The dishonest constable is now on the county chalngang, serving a sentence for larceny after trust. HARDYVOOD MILL BURNED. Fire Anpposeil to Hove Been Inern dinry nt Abbeville, Ga. Abbeville, Ga., July 30.—The large hard wood mill of W. W. Demming, a* this place, took fire at about noon yesterday nnd burned to the ground. The machin ery, however. Is not damaged beyond re pair. The origin of the fire is unknown. Some think It was incendiary. The total loss Is estimated at $5,000. There was no insurance. SEA OF 3IUD AT BRIGHTON. Out of Siz Races Four Favorite* Were First Under the Wire. New York. July 30—A driving rain limit ed the attendance at Brighton Beach to day to the regulars. The track was a sea of mud, but form was lived up to, four favorites getting to the wire first. Sum maries: First Race—Hurdle race, one and one half miles. Draughtsman, 6 to 5. won, with Monroe Doctrine, 7 lo 1 and 5 to 2. second, and Protus, 8 to 1, third. Time 2:54 2-5. Second Race—Five furlongs. Marothorr. 8 to 5, won, with Street Boy, 10 to 1 and 2 to 1, second, and Ford, 15 to 1, third. Time 1:03 3-5. Third Race—Five furlongs. Salamis, 3to 1. won. with Ballou, 13 to 1 and 3 to 1. second, and Shark, 8 to 1, third. Time 1:04. Fourth Race—Six furlongs, celling. Ri naldo, 9 to 5. won, with Ortnid, 0 to 1 nnd 20 to 1, second, Federalist, 6 to 1, third. Time 1:16. Fifth Race—Selling, five and a half fur longs. Qulzz 11. 2 to 5. won, with Wine and Song, 10 to 1 and 8 to 5, second, and Mateo, 8 to 1, third. Time 1:09 3-5. Sixth Race—One and one-sixteenth miles. Herbert. 7 to 5, won, with Native, 11 to 10 and 1 to 3, second, and Alsike, 4 to 1, third. Time 1:49 4-5. Grand Cirenlt Bare*. Columbus, 0.. July 30.—The grand cir cuit meeting opened to-day. Owing to a heavy rain during the night, the track was slow, but the weather to-day was clear. Summary: 2:22 Trot, purse $1,500. Lord Derby won second, third nnd fourth heats, end the race; Bay Star second; Silver Wilkes third. Bay Star won first heat. Time, 2:14, 2:13(4. 2:13>4. 2:124*. 2:12 Trot, purse $2,000. Georglanna won second, third and four'h heats, and the race; Elbert eecond. Big Jlmber third. El bert won first heat. Time 2:13, 2:11(4, 2:13(4, 2:13(4. 2:16 Pace, purse $2,000 (unfinished). An nie Thornton won third and fourth hea;s. The Admiral first heat, and Harma sec ond heat. Time 2:<*(i. 2:10(4, 2:11. 2:13. RESULTS ON THE DIAMOND. Boston's Errors Lost the Game to Cincinnati Team. Boston. July 30.—Cincinnati took an eleven-inning game to-day, and the work of both teams up to the ninth inning con sisted of weak hitting and slow fielding. Boston's errors proved costly, especially in the fifth inning. Attendance 1.500. Score: R.H.E. Boston 2 000000010 o—3 10 4 Cincinnati 0 00 0 2 00 0 1 0 I—4 8 o Batteries—Willing* and Clements; Scott and Kahoe. Itnln Stopped Three Games. New York, July 30.—Tho National League game* scheduled at Philadelphia, Brooklyn and New York were postponed on account of rain. BRUNSWICK WAS THE VICTOH. NVon the First of a Series of Three Games With Charleston. Charleston. S. C.. July 30 —The Bruns wick ball team out played the Charles ton boys at the hall park here this after noon. The visitors won by a score of 7 to 4. The game waa the first of a series of three match games, to be played be tween the two cities. Other Games. At Chicago—Chicago, 4; Indianapolis, 3. At Milwaukee—Detroit. 5; Milwaukee 2. At Kanras City—Cleveland, 4. Kansas City 0. At Minneapolis—Minneapolis 12; Buffa lo 3. At Syracuse—Syrkeuse 1; Springfield 4. At Tcromo—Toronto 1; Worcester 2. At Roch ster—Rochester, 6; Provi dence 4 At Montreal—Momreal-Hartford game called in third Inning on account of rain, A to 0 in favor of Hartford. Txvo Convicts Arrested. Folkston, Ga., July 30-J. D Hatcher and J. A. Walnwright arrested two negro convicts here to-day. Where they came from is not known, as they refuse to talk. The convicts secured the services of an other negro in the edge of town to get them suits of citizens' clothe*, which he proceeded to steal from a nearby negro house, and they had Just changed cloth ing when arrested. JJfKBTIXGa. DR KALB LODGE NO. A, I. O. O. F. A regular meeting of the lodge will be held this (Tuesday) evening at 8:30 o'clock at Metropolitan Hall. Members of sister lodges and visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend. C. H. CARSON, N. G. W. W. GROSS, Secretary. FORFjST CITY INDEPENDENT CLUB. AH members ark requested to attend a special meeting at Lane's Hall to-night, Tuesday, 31st, at 8:30 p m , sharp. jambs Mcßride, Vice President. SPECIAIT NOTICES. COURT jul RORS. Petit Jurors who were discharged until this, Tuesday, morning, are hereby further discharged until Wednesday morning. August Ist. By order of His Honor, Judge Falligant. JAMES K. P. CARR. Clerk S. C., C. C. Savannah, July 31st, 1960. The partnership existing heretofore be tween Mr. Bernard Strauss and Mr. Ed ward Karow Is to-day dissolved by mu tual consent, Mr. Bernard Strauss retir ing. Mr. Edward Karow, In partnership with Mr. Henry Forrer of Liverpool, will cbn tlnue the business under the style of firm of STRAUSS & CO.. Liverpool, and KAROW & FORRER in Savannah and New Orleans. All debts due to and owing by the late partnership will be received and paid by the new firms. STRAUSS & CO. AN EXCURSION TO BLUFFTOX, YVrdnesitny, Aug. 1. Steamer Alpha will leave Whitaker street wharf Wednesday morning at 9 o clock. Returning will leave Bluffton at 430 p. m. same day. This trip will afford a splendid day on salt water and a nice stay at BlufTlon. Fare for the round trip, 60c. REMOVAL NOTICE. Dr. J. L Former has removed his office to No. 104 Oglethorpe avenue, east, over Knight's Pharmacy. Practice limited to genlto-urtnary and rectal diseases. Office hours: 9 to 1 and 3to 5. FOR RENT. We have a few desirable flats and houses in first-class locality that we will rent right to right tenants. ESTATE SALOMON COHEN. TABLE D’HOTE. 60c—DINNER-500 Dinner 1 to 3 and 6 to 8, Tuesday, July 31. Claret Wins. SOUP. English Beef Broth. FISH. Grouper ala Hollandalse Potatoes ala Julienne Sliced Tomatoes Queen Olives Chow Chow Mixed Pickles ROASTED. Ribs of Baltimore Beef, Dish Gravy Barbecued I^amb ENTREES. Fresh Deviled Crabs, d’Orleans Macaroni, ala Mllanaise VEGETABLES. Mashed Potatoes Stewed Tomatoes Rice Succotash Boiled Okra PASTRY AND DESSERT. Pear Pie Assorted Cakes Fruit Cheese Crackers Apple Roll, Golden Sauce French Coffee At LEVAN'S CAFE RESTAURANT, 111 Congress street, west. SPECIAL NOTICE. Solicitors can procure an excellent con tract to write for the MUTUAL BENE FIT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, of Newark. N. J.. which Issues the best, most liberal and most equitable policy of any company In the field. We also wish to secure solicitors for the Standard Accident Company., which is sues the most complete accident and health policies. Apply to HOPKINS & VAN WAGENEN, Agts., No. 18 Bryan St., east., Savannah, Ga. TEAS OF MERIT. Mixed, 43 cents. Mixed, 50 cents. Mixed, 75 cents. Mixed, SI.OO. English Breakfast, 50c. 75c, SI.OO. Oolongs. 40c, 50c, 75c, SI.OO. Greens, 40c, 60c. 75c 1 . SI.OO. Jijg ~ Uncolored Japan, 75c. snail We give full value teas. !TOTS'" India, 75c. A. M. A C. W. West. MR. IV. J. LINDSAY. Head of the large furniture house of Lindsay A Morgan, in Savannah, Ga., writes: "When I left home I Could hardly get around—l was In so much pain, caused by my kidneys being in such a bad state. I was only at your Spring four days when I felt entirely free from pain and was able to walk to the station, which, I think Is a good mile. Shall be pleased to answer any communication In refer ence to my case. lam entirely well now.” All you can drink, for 5 cents at Liv ingston's. BUY ONLY THE BEST GINGER ALB. The best Is the Wheeler Brand of Bel faat Olnger Ale. made by Wheeler A Cos., of Belfast, Ireland, from the celebrated Cromac Springs of that city. These springs are the property of Wheeler A Cos., bence no other Ginger Ale manufac turer in Ireland hae "those waters but themeelvea. The Wheeler Ginger Ale la made from pure Jamaica Ginger Root and not from Red Pepper, aa others are; one la deleterious—the other la a tonic. For Healthfulness and Purity the cele brated Wheeler brand of Belfast Ginger Ale la the best. LIPPMAN BROTHERS, ■ole Southern Agents, Savannah. Go. CHARLTON A CHARLTON. Attorneys and Counselors at Law. Rooms 12, Provident Building. FANCY AND HE-PRCMBO BRICK. We manufacture and sail all kinds of fancy and re-presaad brick, paving and building brick*. Our common brick are the beat for building purposes, being larger than other kilns maka, and cheaper. Sea samples and prices. SAVANNAH BUILDING BUPPLT C<X, Congress and Drayton streets. DO YOU KNOW IT ?^ If not, call and satisfy yourself that we handle the finest line of Carpenters’ and Mechanics’ tools. Disston’s Saws, Jenning’s Chisel, Jenning’s Auger Bits, Automatic Screw Drivers and Drills, Hammers, Hatchets, Squares, Mallets, Bailey Planes. . We are agents for Starrett’s Mechanics Tools. PALMER HARDWARE COMPANY, Bay and Jefferson Streets. — OUR FACILITIES ARE UNSURPASSED. SAVANNAH STEAM LAUNDRY II Congress Street, West. Phone 383. KODAKS anil FILMS. 20 per cent, off on Kodaks. SPECTACLES S!,DO that others charge $2.50. LIVINGSTON'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACIES, Bull and Congress. Branch 309 Bull Street. ■FECIAL NOTICES. specTaTTnotTce For the Information of the Fnbllc. City of Savannah, Office Clerk of Council, July 24, 1900. The following amended ordinance is hereby published for the information of the public and all persons falling to com ply with Its provisions will without fur ther notice be placed upon the informa tion docket and fined: An ordinance to amend an ordinance passed June 1, 1887, and codified in sec tion 759 of MacDonell's Code of Savannah: Section 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city of Sgvannah, in Council assembled. That the above re cited ordinance, which Is set out In sec tion 759. and on page, 198 of MacDonell’s Code of the city of Savannah be, and the same Is hereby amended so that all person* referred to In the first part of said section shall be, and they are here by required, to keep two or more boxes or barrels, in one of which shall be de posited all matter and material of a non combustible character, such as dirt, ashes, manure, tin cans and other non combustible articles, and In the other matter and material of a combustible character, the purpose and intent of this amendment being to keep In separate boxes or barrels the non-combustible and the ctfmbusttble matter and material to be taken up by the scavenger carts. By order of the Mayor. WILLIAM P. BAILEY, Clerk of Council. PROPOSALS WANTED. City of Savannah. Director of Public Works, Savannah, Ga., July 24, 1900. Sealed proposals will be received at this office until Tuesday, July 31, 1900. at 12 o’clock noon, city time, to furnish the city of Savannah with supplies until Aug 1900. All proposals must be made on official forms, which can be secured at this office on and after this dare. Envelopes to be marked “Proposals for Supplies." The city reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Bids to be Opened in the presence of bidders. GEO. M. GADSDEN, Director. BIDS WANTED. City of Savannah, Office Director of Public Works, Savannah, Ga., July 16, 1900.—Bids will be received at this office until 12 o'clock noon, city time, Wednes day, Aug. 15. for the manure from the city stables and the street sweepings, etc., from the streets and lanes, to be deliver ed at city lot for one year from date of acceptance of bid. The city reserves the right to reject any or all bids. En velopes to be marked "Bids for Manure.” etc. Bids to be opened In the presence of bidders. GEO. M. GADSDEN, Director. RIDS WANTED. City of Savannah. Director of Public Works, Savannah, Ga.. July 24. 1990. Bids will be received at this office until Tuesday, July 31, 1900, at 12 o'clock noon, city time, for furnishing feed as follows: No. 1 timothy hay, per 100 pounds; best quality feed bran per 100 pounds: best quality com,per bushel;best quality mixed oats; to be weighed at the city lot. En velopes to be marked "Bids for Feed." The city reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Bids to be opened in the presence of bidders. GEO. M. GADSDEN, Director. FOR RENT. No. 120 Hall street, east; 415 Gaston street, east: 301 Jones street, east; 208 Jones street, west; 223 and 221 Waldburg street, east; 214 and 216 Waldburg street, west; 221 Perry street, west. All of the above houses are in first class order, perfect condition, every con venience. Right rent to right tenants. ESTATE SALOMON COHEN. West Broad and Broughton sts. NOW IS THE TIME TO RENOVATE. We renovate and remake with hair ticking moss mattresses $4, hair and wool mattresses $5. We get the size of bedstead and make your mattress to order, without extra charge. Fine curled hair and moss mattresses a epeclalty. Our medicated steam renovator will purify and clean as well as increase in volume your feather beds and pillows. Renovation of feather beds $5, tzolsters $1.50, pillows 75c. All work guaranteed first-class. NATIONAL MATTRESS AND RENO VATING CO., Beil Phone 1136. 331 Drayton street. THE WAY TO CLEAN CARPET'S. The only nay tc get your carpets prop erly taken up. cleaned and taken car* of for the summer is to turn the Job over to (he District Messenger and Delivery Cos., telephone 2, or call at 32 Montgomery street, and they will make you an esti mate on the cost of the work. Prices reasonable. They also pack, move and ■tors furniture and pianos. C H. MEDLOCK. SupC and Mar. BUN Dif EXECUTED By the American Bonding and Trust Com pany of Baltimore. We are authorized to execute locally (Immediately upon appli cation), all bonds In Judicial proceedings in cither the atate or United Statea courts, and of administrators und guardians. DEARINO A HULL, Agents. Telephone $24. Provident Building. DOORS, SASH, BLINDS. And everything In the building material line. We are headquarters for these goods, with the largest and most com plete stock In the South. Buy White Pine Door*, Sash and Blinds for your new home. ANDREW HANLEY COMPANY. Frank’s Rheumatic Remedy is a wonder. Cures when every other medicine fails. BUSINESS NOTICES. SSOO FOB A LOT 30x887. On the block south side of Tenth, be tween Montgomery and West Broad. There are but three lots left. I will sell either of them at the exceedingly low price of $500.00 to close out the block. Very easy terms can be had by appli cation to me. There is a lane in the reor. I also have the corner of West Broad and Eleventh, 47x117. C. H. DORSBTT DIAMOND B GOODS, We are now packing a number of standard ar ticles under our private brand. That brand means “quality” wherever it appears. If the package has the “Diamond B” on it, you may rest assured it is THE BEST. The S. W. Branch Cos., Corner Broughton and Whitaker. 'Phones 76. i Royal Music Hall. HARVARD BEER, ALWAYS. ..Runabouts,, All the very latest styles In Pneumatics, Solid Rubber Tires and Steel Tires. Prices are reasonable. Call and see the very latest out, at COHEN-KULMAN CARRIAGE AND WAGON COMPANY, Babcock and Morgan & Wright's sole representative. A Woman’s Purse must be “just so,” or she isn’t happy. Our line of Purses abounds with the “just so” kind, to please tiie most fastidious. Bill Books for men, too. Hunter & Van Keuren, Jewelers, 143 Bull street. SPECIAL NOTICES. LARGE WAREHOUSE AND OFFICE to rent, located head of Broughfou atreet. on West Broad, now occu pied by the Savannah Carriage and Wagon Cos. A* they will give up bualnesa in the city on June 1, I offer it for rent from that date. H. P. SMART. *23,000. One of our clients bag placed In our hands 125,000 to loan on good Savannah real estate at reasonable rates of Interest. BECKETT & BECKETT, V President street, east. LEOPOLD ADLER, JNO. R. DILLOnz President. Cashier * C. T. ELLIS, BARRON CART’# Vice President. Asst. Cashier The Chatham Bank SAVANNAH. Will be pleased to receive the account! of Merchants. Firms, Individuals, Banka and Corporations. * Liberal favors extended. T nsurpassed collection facilities, irs ii* Ing prompt returns * SEPARATESAyiNGSBEPARTMENT INTEREST COMPOUNDED QUARTER. LY ON DEPOSITS. Safety Deposit Boxes nnd Vaults fra rent. Correspondence solicited. 1 The Citizens Bai OF SAVANNAH. CAPITAL, 5500,000. Irunsauts General Bunking Business. .•solicits Accounts of Individual,, Merchant., Banka and otlecr torus, ration*. Collections handled with safety economy and dispatch. * Interest compounded quarterly allowed on deposits In oar Savinas Department. ' Safety Deposit Boxes and Storage Vaults. BRANTLEY A. DENMARK, Preside.,, MILLS B. LANE, Vice President. GEORGE C. FREEMAN. Co.hler. GORDON 1.. GnoovEn, Asst. Ca.hlen SOUTHERN BANK of the State of Georgia. £ apiUi ’...5.-.00,066 Surplus and undivided profits SIOIOOO DEPOSITORY OF THE STATE GEORGIA. Superior facilities tor transacting a General Banking~Buslnesss Collections made on all points accessible through banks - and bankers Accounts of Banks, Bankers, Merchant* and others solicited. Safe Deposit Boxes for rent. Department of Savings, interest payable quarterly. Sells Sterling Exchange on London ft and upwards. JOHN FLANNERY, President. HORACE A. CRANE, Vico President JAMES SULLIVAN. Cashier. DIRECTORS; JNO. FLANNERY. W.\l. w. GORDON. E. A. WEIL. W. W. GORDON Vi H. A. CRANE. JOHN M. EGAN. LEE ROY MYERS. JOSEPH FERST H. P. SMART. CHARLES ELLIS EDWARD KELLY. JOHN J. KIRBY. iiilSlil CAPITAL, SS.YO.OOO. Accounts of banks, merchants, corpora* tions and individuals solicited. Savings Department, interest paid quarterly. Safety Boxes and Storage Vaults fo* rent. Collections made on ail points at read sonable rates. Drafts sold on all the chief cities of th* world. Correspondence invited. JOSEPH D. WEED, President. JOHN C. ROWLAND, Vice President. W. F. McCauley, Cashier. THE GERMANIA BANK -jAV'ANNAJI, GA. Capital $200,606 Undivided profits oO.OOg This bank oiurs its services to corpora tions, merchants and individuals. Has authority to act as executor, ad* Bilnlstrator, guardian, etc. Issues drafts cn the pilncipal eltle* Iff Great Britain and Ireland and on the Continent. Interest paid or compounded quarterly on deposits in the Saving Department- Safety Boxes for rent. HENRY BLUN. President. GEO. W TIED EM AN. Vico President. JOHN M. HOGAN. Cashier. WALTER F. HOGAN. Ass’t Cashier. - No. IU, Chartered, ism THE ititlsc Mini it OF SAVANNAH. CAPITAL, $500,U!0. SURPLUS. $160,606. UNITED MATES DEPOSITORY. J. A. G. CARSON, President BEIRNE GORDON, Vice President. I W. M. DAVANT, Cashier. Accounts of banka and bankers, meat chants and corporations received u;wff the most favorable terms consistent wit* cafe and conservative banking. - .. : 1 BUSINESS NOTICES. For Rent, Residence 118 Gaston street, \vest| All conveniences. Can bfl rented from Ist August. Apply to CHATHAM REAL ESTATE AND lift PROVEMENT CO., 14 Bryan Street, Fast. lo Kenner Uliste For Bale, a For sal th Newspaper will fold sheet 2ix4w. It Is In good orf* r < Price SIOO. It coat originally $l,lOO, we have no ui* for It and want ttaa reona It occupies. It will be an invaluable adjunct to a °f newspaper oiDoe. • j Address MORNING NEWS, Savannah, Go* w4 ai’UCJAL AOTICKt* AIOSUtITOHS will not trouble you it you **"l IHOOUtSKEET. It is a pleasant perfume. MELDF.IIMA la u iolfet pontier lliut Instantly die. pel* the tllsnttreenble odor* arising from perspiration. OLD STYLE COLD CBBISI (lives quirk relief for sun barns naf skin trouble*. SOLOMONS CO.