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2 FIGHT OF COTTON GROWERS. HILL MAKE A STRONG PI EE FOH TEA CEATS A POl AD. Frrkldent Jordon I r*r Ibe Cotton Growers miU nu*ie* Men In All loontieo Where Orsrnnization Hus Aot Been Perfected, to Ornanire nt Once—Tell Cent Cotion Would Mean About if 10.000,000 More to the Eormers of Geornln. Atlanta. Aug. 11—Georgia cotton grow ers are preparing to make an organized fight on the men who will try to bear the cotton market this fall. In telling of their plans, Preside:.t Harvie Jordan of the Cotton Glowers' Protective Association said to-day: "I have deemed It best to issue a call asking the cotton growers and business men generally of the state to come to gether at their various county seats on the first Tuesday in Sepnmber for the purpose of completing sub-organizations of our association in the different coun ties. A large number of counties have al ready organized and many more have named dates to come together in the near future. "The farmers have it absolutely in their pow<r to control the situation at pr. sent, and efforts should be made to aid them in the struggle for better and higher prices. More than (U,000.000 can be saved to the Georgia farmers if th-y receive 10 cents per pound for their cotton, wh;ch •will be lost if .they rush the crop on the market and sacrifice it at 7 cents." "The members of the Georgia State Ag ricultural Society in convention at Dub lin last Thursday unanimously indorsed the effort of our association in behalf of the cotton producers and agreed to give their active co-operation to the move ment in making the present undertaking a success this season. “The Georgia bankers had already guaranteed their willingness and ability eo aid the members of the association as to advancing money on cotton in storage which would enable the producers to mar ker the crop slowly. “The cotton mills of the South are with us, and ail the lines of business trades end professions ore willing to lend a help ing han<i toward-securing for the farmers a higher price for their staple. “If the crop is marketed slowly, we may confidently look for 10 cent cotton by the first of October, and to that end we must all combine our efforts and take a de termine** stand against allowing the crop to be sacrificed at 7 cents per pound, which the speculators are industriously trying to force upon our people.” REFUSED TO CALL* A DOCTOR. Mother of a Christian Scientist Let Her Daughter Die. Atlanta. Aug. 11.—Mrs. Marian Miller fell from a window in the Factory Hotel in the Fulton Mill District last night and broke her hack. Although rational, she would not consent to the calling of a phy sician. When firsn hurt she asked for a doctor, but her mother, Mrs. Dick, a Christian Scientist said she needed no earthly physician, and the daughter ae- Qulesced. Mrs. Miller died a few hours later. Mrs. Miller wap an employe of the Ful ton Cotton Mills. She was about 42 years old. She leaves a husband and two sons in Texas. At the lime of her death she was living with her mother in the Fac tory Hotel, a three-story structure on Grant street. It was from her room in the top story that she fell to death. Her mother, Mrs. Dick, is a Christian Scientist, and Mrs. Miller herself was a believer in this religion, but was not a member of the church. She asked that something be done for her and a doctor be called, but her mother said that God was her doctor, and no human physician should come into her home. The other women present, friends and neighbors of the injured one. added their entreaties and arguments to those of the woman herself, but her mother positively refused to have a doctor come to the home. DEATH OF MRS. STRICKLAND. She Witn Operated Upon n Week %j*o for AppendleltiM. Valdosta, Ga , Aug:. 11.—Mrs. Torlev Strickland died at the family home on Patterson siren lost night a little before 10 o'clock. She had been ill for about three weeks, but had been in perfect health up to that time. She was taken with fever and later appendicitis mado Its appearance, together with other com plications. An operation was performed upon her last Sunday by Dr. Holmes of Atlanta and Dr. Ben Burton of this city, assisted by two other local physicians. The operation was regarded as successful, and there was some hope for her recov ery afterward, but the* fever continued so high ihUt all hope was given up on Wed nesday. Mrs. Strickland was a daughter of Mr. William Roberts of this city and a sis ter of J. T Roberts, William Roberts, formerly of Savannah, and Frank and Ben Roberts. She was a most estimable young woman, and her death Is generally lamented here. She leaves a husband and several children. PI TXAM <Ol \TY ITEMS. Drrmise in Tax Returns—Other Mat ters of Interest. Eatonton, Ga., Aug. 11.—The tax digest for Putnam county for 1900 shows a de crease of $30,000 from 1*99. The Putnam County Manufacturing Company has elected Mr. J. R. Tweedy manager o ftheir warehouse for the com ing season. This company decided not long ago to convert their warehouse into a cotton mill, and it was thought that the warehouse would not be open this sea son. but the recent action of the company gives assurance that the farmers will not be without a place to More the product. A mast** meeting of the citizens of Katon ton has been called for Aug. 27 to nomi nate Mayor end Council for the ensuing year. It Is being rumored that anew ticket, composed of the younger business men, will la? put out. This would be an innovation for EkMonton, but other towns have tried it with satisfaction. The big round bale ginnery is nearing completion. Rain is needed In this section to com plete the making of what promises to be an unusually good cotton crop. ATLANTA'S STREET RAILWAY!. Atlant&i ItupliJ Transit Secures the Right to C'o'idemn. Atlanta, Aug. 11.—The city and the At lanta Rapid Transit Company scored a victory before Judge John S. Candler to day when the restraining order holding up the condemnation proceedings against the Atlanta Railway and Power Company war dissolved. Thr> condemnation will be allowed to go forward up to the point of arbitrators making (heir award, but pay ment of money or occupancy of the tracks is restrained until the case la decided on Its merits. The hearing was again postponed on ac count of the illness of Capt. C. U Ander son. It will take place at Decatur next Saturday morning. 44 Seeing is Believing. ” When you see people cored by a remedy, you must believe in its power. Look Around you. Friends, relatives, neighbors all say that Hood’s Sarsaparilla, America’s Greatest Medicine, cleansed the blood of their dear ones and they rise en masse to sing its praises. There’s nothing like it in the world to purify the blood. SPECIAL NOTICES. NOTICE TO SUPERIOR COURT JU RORS. The petit jurors who were discharged until 10 o’clock Tueesday morning are hereby ordered to appear on Monday morning. Aug. 13, at 10 o’clock. By order of His Honor. R. Fallignnt. J la. MURPHY, Deputy Clerk S. C. C. C., Ga. AROUND THE HORN. Steamer leaves loot of Whitaker street SUNDAY, at 3.30 p. m., passing Thunder bolt and Warsaw Sound. This will be a lovely trip. Fare 50c. GEO RGB U. BEACH. 31 ALT MEAD. (Patented.) NO ALCOHOL. NO DRUGS. For tlin. torrid (lnyi Malt Mrnd fill* the bill precisely, cooling, nourishing nml sntisf.vlng. Con taining nearly four per cent, of Mal tose, which Is the vital principle nt malted grain. Malt Mead Is nt once a liquid food nnd tonic of the high est order. Being fetmented the enrhonie neld gns in Malt Mend is the correct thing for the inner man. Try it nnd see for yourself. 91.58 per ense of two dozen pints, GOc paid hack to you for the empties. GEORGE MEYER, Phone 20. 1001 Henry St., East. TO THE PUBLIC. Having recently purchased the business of the Savannah Electrical Company, at 40 Drayton street, we are better than ever prepared to execute all orders promptly and satisfactorily. Our repair shop is complete with up-to-date machinery and skilled labor, which enables us to do your repair work at reduced prices. Thanking our friends and the public for past patronage, and asking for a contin uance of same, we are, Yours to command, ELECTRIC SI PPLY COMPANY, JOSEPH S, WALKER, JAMES A. LARKIN, Proprietors. Georgia and Bell Phones 62. Georgia and Bell Phones 643. No. 40 DRAYTON STREET, and No. 112 DRAYTON STREET. AT THE ROYAL Ml SIC HALL, 216 and 218 Broughton street, west. Commencing Monday, Aug. 13, one week only, first exhibition in this city of the Jeffries-Corbett Fight. Moving Pictures. 33 Rounds. 23. Also first appearance of the Axtell Trio, and reappearance of the Jack—Macks— Myrtle. The banner Bill of the Season. Admission 25 cents. Savannah, Ga., Aug. 11. 1900. Mr. P. M. Adams, Treasurer Savannah Sonclave No. 120. Knights of Damon, Savannah. Ga.: Dear Sir—l take pleasure in acknowl edging receipt of check for $2,000 on policy No. 4672 on the life of iny deceased hus band, S. L. Newton. I most cheerfully recommend the Knights of Damon for Us proratpness in meeiing the claims of its beneficiaries. Yours very truly, LAURA NEWTON. JR. O. V. A. Of, & I>. OP L. FIRST ANNUAL EXCURSION AT TYBEE TUESDAY, AUG. 14. Whole tickets 40c; half tickets 23c. L. M. CLEVERLY. Chairman. to southern merchants. Our sample room at the Broadway Cen tral Hotel, New York, Is now open, where Mr. Keen will be glad to see and serve you. J. K. ORR SHOE CO., Of Atlanta, Ga. f 13.000. For sale, one of the nicest residences in the city. Lot ®2 by 130 feet. On a wide street, in a nice neighborhood. Hot water system of heating, electric bells, fans and lights, burglar alarm. Nice garden, large yard, with suable. Address P. O. Box 501, city. FOR HEAT. No. 120 Hail street, east; 223 and 221 Wnld burg street, street, west; 221 Perry street, west. All of the above house* ore in first class order, perfect condition, every con venience. Right rent to right tenants. ESTATE SALOMON COIIKN. West Brood and Broughton sts. SPECIAL NOTICE. Neither the master nor consignees of the Italian bark Zeltro will be responsible lor any debts contracted by the crew. BTRACHAN & CO., Consignees. Savannah, Ga.. Aug. 12. 1900. AT JOYCE'S. Drop in any time and gel your meats for dinner. Joyce keeps the heat Unit comes to Savannah, and your order will be filled any time. Phones 107. JAS. J. JOYCE. P. S.—A special lot fryers, lamb, fruits and vegetables. THE MORNING NEWS: SUNDAY, AUGUST 12. 1900. FUNERAL INVITATIONS. ”'atKlNSON~—TheTriends"of Mr. Henrv Atkinson end family are invited to attend the funeral of the late Mrs. Isabella At kinson, this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Haber sham street. SPECIAL NOTICES. LEVAN’S TABLE D’HOTE DINNERS. 50c—DINNER—50c. Dinner 6 to 9 p. m., Sunday, Aug. 12. Claret Wine. SOUP. Diamond Back Terrapin. FISH. German Carp ala Geneolse. Potatoes ala Gastromme. Sliced Bell Peppers, Potato Salad, with Mayonnaise Dressing. Chow Chow, Mixed Pickles, Queen Olives. BOILED. Spring Chicken, Talfie d’Hote. ROASTED. Ribs of New York Beef, Yorkshire Pud ding. ENTREES. Brochettes of Calf Liver ala Bretonne. Queen Fritters, Rum Sauce. VEGETABLES. Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus ala Cream. Stewed Tomatoes. Rice, Butter Beans. PASTRY AND DESSERT. Vanilla Custard Fie, Assorted Cakes. Fruits, Cheese. Crackers. Lemon Sherbet. French Coffee. LEVAN'S CAFE AND RESTAURANT, 111 Congress street, west. Suwanee Springs Cos.. Suwanee, Fla.: Dear Sirs—l am in receipt of your es teemed favor of the 16th inst., and in re ply beg to say that not half has ever been told of the valuable properties of the water from your beautiful spring, and I feel that I cannot say too much for a water which has lengthened the life of my father, and relieved me of the severe case of jaundice, with which I was suf fering when I came to you. Trusting that you will soon let every one know what a treasure you have in these healing waters, and that many will avail themselves of their power and your kind hospitality, I am. sincerely your friend, ROBERT M. HULL. All you can drink for 5 cents at Liv ingston's. LBTT’f DISCOUNT NOTICE. TOD WILL BAVB TEN FEB CENT. Br paying yoar bills an or be fore the 16th Inst. B. B. LETT 4t DRO. MALT MEAD For the family trnde, cheap and good, ft.3o per case, 3 dosen pints. JOHN LYNCH, Grocer, Whitaker and Taylor. MOSQUITOES will not trouble yon If yon use SHOOMUSKEET. It Is pleasant perfume. MELDBHMA is a toilet powder that Instantly ills pels the dtsngreenble odors arising from perspiration. OLD STYLE COLD CREAM gives quick relief lor son barns and sltln tronbles. SOLOMONS CO. SAVANNAH FOUNDRY AND MACHINE COMPANY, Builders of Marine and Stationery Boilers, will furnish estimates on new work In competition with Northern and Western manufacturer Repair work on Engines and Bollera THE TIME OK ALL TIMES. Have renovated at once your mattresses, feather beds, etc., by our steam medica ted proceas. (The only plant in Savan nah) that overcomes all Impurities, whether contagious or othetwise. Have reduced renovation of feathers for Au gust as follows: Feather beds from $5.00 to $3.50, bolsters from $1.50 to SI.OO. Pillows from 75c to 50c. Cotton, moss and hair mattresses made to order. Will save you money. Work guaranteed. NATIONAL MATTRESS AND RENO VATING CO.. Bell phone 1136. 331 Drayton street. WE BIY AND SELL REAL ESTATE, Negotiate loans on same at 5 per cent, and collect rents. Represent The Travel ers' Insurance Cos., accident and liability departments. Represent iho New York Underwriters Fire Ins. agency. Represent the Greenwich Fire Ins. Cos. Represent the Phoenix Mutual Life Ins. Cos. All busi ness entrusted to us wlll .be appreciated, end will receive prompt and careful at tention. No. 27 Bay street, east. Tele phone 348. W. C. FRIPP & CO. Sl'W ANEE SPRINGS HOTEL, Siiwanee, Fin. Situated on the hanks of tho Suwanec river Climate unequaled. No malaria. No mosqui toes Cool nights Most healthful and delight ful resort tn the South. Water cures overy known disease Board $lO per week Special rate for commercial men or 2 per day, which includes transfer Table and accommoda tions strictly first-class. For illustrated pam phlet address Suwunee Springs Cos suwanee Springs, Fla ANDREW HANLEY. Mgr THE WAY TO CLEAN CARPETS. The only way rc get your carpet* prop erly taken up. cleaned and taken care of for the summer is to turn the job over to th* District Messenger und Delivery Cos., telephone 2. or call at 32 Montgomery street, and they will make you an esti mate on the cost of the work. Prices reasonable. They also pack, move and •tore furniture and piano#. C H. MEDLOCK. Supt and Mgr. CHARLTON A CHARLTON. Attorney* and Counselor* at Law, Rooms 12, Provident Building. Ft)lt RENT. We have a few desirable flats and houses In first-class locality that we will rent tight to right irnsmi. ESTATE SALOMON COHEN. Best and Largest 3 for 5c smoke in the world. INSIST ON HAVING CLOTH TOP CIGARROS. You will find them on sale everywhere. HALF PRICE THIS WEEK. An unsurpassed opportunity for buying Evaporated Fruits. EVAPORATED APPLES, PEACHES, APRICOTS, PRUNES, etc., all go cheap this week. Every article first-class. Phones 554. MUNSTER’S D “y * Dr.,ton. WE WASH TO PERFECTION. ©me© 307 Bull Street. ’Phone TOO. AMUSEMENTS. savannTh~theTterT~ MONDAY EVENING, AUG. 13th, 1900. First appearance of Mr. Sidney Woodward the world-renowned tenor tn one Grand Festival Concert, supported by Mrs. Mat tie W. Gibbs, soprano, of Charleston, S. C., and a select chorus will render "When Thou Comest,” from Rossini's Slabat Ma ter. Dr. T. JAMES DAVIS, Manager. Admission 25c Reserved seats 35c, 50c On sale at Box office. SPECIAL NOTICE*. PRESERVE YOUR SIGHT By weurlng glasses that not alone enable you to see, but correct every defect that may exist. There la no guesswork In our methods. We have tho latest and most approved scientific apparatus for accurate eye test ing. We make no charge for consulta tion or examination, and should you need the services of a physician we will (rank ly tell you so. Our crystal lenses are perfect In every respect, being ground under our own su pervision. They cannot be compared in value to the kind offered as cheap by the so-called opticians or jewelers who han dle inferior glasses as a side line. DR. M. SCHWAB & SON. Exclusive Opticians, 47 Bull Street. N. B.—Oculist prescriptions filled same day received. Repairing done at short notice. IT HAS NO EQUAL AS AN APPE TIZER. Mr. G. C. Crom, Route Agent Southern Express Company, says; "My oldest boy, Curtis, has been a sufferer from indiges tion for the past five years, and I have never found anything to give him relief until I purchased a bottle of Sloat's Vege table Bitters. It has certainly been a wonderful medicine in his case. We keep it in our house and would not be without it for ten limes Its cost. I cannot speak of It’ too highly, as it has completely made a cure of my boy, who was an in tense sufferer from indigestion." Traveling men Indorse Sloat's Vegetable Bitter* ns n remedy for all forms of indigestion. ESPECIAL INDUCEMENTS AT MARK APPLE'S REPOSITORY. I offer to the public for fifteen days in high grade work, two fine extension top Carriages, 3 open Carriages. 6 Phaetons, 5 Runabouts, 2 Pneumatic Runabouts, 4 Handsome Traps, 20 Open and Top Spring Delivery Wagons at factory cost, with freight added. This is no humbug. Cad and examine for yourself and you will make no mistake. A full and complete line of Harness at cost. Mark Apple Carriage Repository, 320 Broughton street, west, use only the Kelly Springfield Rubber Tire, the best on the market. Phone 778. HEAT CHASERS. Try the combination— a comfortable seat, electric fans and a delicious cool drink. CONIDVS SODA AND SHERBETS are justly popular; they are cor rectly served and the best made. TRY OIK NEAPOLITAN ICE CREAM For Sunday delivery leave your or ders early in the week. CONIDA’S ICE CREAM PALACE. AT GARDNER’"®! Fryers, Lamb, Veal. Everything the best to be had. Give me your orders early. Phones 573. M. 8. GARDNER. AT CHANG'S. Deal men I yon ever nte for 25r. Rates lo regular bonrtlrrs moderate. SAN FR ANC ISCO RESTAI RANT, 114 Drayton. HELMKEN'S CAFE, Liberty and Whitaker. The only up to date cafe suitable for ■elect parties in the city. One block from De Soto. Phone 646. J. H. HELM KEN, Prop. BUSINESS NOTICES. COMMERCIAL SINS” Can be covered with a quart of varnish and a can of paint. The UTILITY of the carriages we sell extend beneath the surface. A visit to our salesroom will prove to you that high grade vehicles can be bought at moderate prices. ' —— COHF.N-KULMAN CARRIAGE AND WAGON COMPANY. Babcock and Morgan & Wright Rubber Tires. OUR TINNERS CAN Do pretty nearly everything in the way of repair work. They have not tried to re pair watches or mend broken hearts, but they have done everything else we can think of. Both Phones 1131 New Mouldings. Picture frames made to order. Best work. Lowest prices. Greene & Cos., 138 Whitaker street. SPECIAL NOTICES. KNIGHT'S PHARMACY SELLS IT FOR LESS. Borated Talcum 5 C Roach Salt Bryan's Chill Tonic 25c Insect Powder, P. D. & Co.'s 40c Pointer's Toilet Water 60c 4711 Soap jgj Fever Thermometer 50c K. R. C. (Cures Rheumatism) SI.OO Celery and Cocoa 75 0 Beef. Iron and Wine !!.,7oc Fountain Syringes, Bulb Syringes guar anteed. Good goods, courteous treat ment nnd one price to all. Mall orders solicited. KNIGHT'S PHARMACY. Ga. Phone 539. Bell Phone 539. RYAN'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, Rooms 27 and 29 Provident Building. DAY AND NIGHT SESSIONS. SUMMER SESSION NOW IN PRO GRESS. Stenography (Munson, Graham or Pit man), typewriting, bookkeeping, English branches, penmanship. Short thorough practical courses. Latest and best meth ods. Students prepared directly for busi ness. Our graduates always give satis faction. Take advantage of our summer session; enter now and fit yourself for a iwsition. Special night session for those who are employed during the day. Send for catalogue. M. E. RYAN, Principal. RED HEART. The beer of all beers Is -RED HEART.- All good people urlnk it. WM. BRICKEN, Manager. JUNG BREWINO CO. Phone 915. GOOD LIQUOR. Gel Wilson Whisky at ROBT. REM LER’S, Lltei'y and Drayton. Head quarters for the best brands. Country trade solicited. No churge for jugs. I Phone sl2 i df DOWN GOES THE ML prices of Men’s Fine Shoes. mffl Do you know that we are _ ilii_ selling our entire stock of ■K&i Hanan & Son and ■ Stacy Adams & Co.'s jSBHF Finest Brown Vici Kid and Russia Calf Shoes at ijpn FACT! • \l I They-are sold the 'world over \\ / at $5.50 and $5.00. \\ Get a pair before going on your vacation. OUR FACILITIES ARE UNSURPASSED. SAVANNAH STEAM LAUNDRY II Congress Street, West. Phone 383, FRANK’S RHEUMATIC —and — CATARRH CURE Cures when all others fail. Try it. $1.50 per bottle. It is worth a trip to Hot Springs. LIVINGSTON’S TWO PHARMACIES, P 293 E Bull and Congress and 309 Bull Street. THE ONLY Exclusive Family Liquor Store IN THE CITY. TRY OUR FAMOUS Imperial Nectar Pure Rye Whiskey. Fall Quarts, st; four bottles, containing full Gallon, $3.50. BELSINGFR &CO So,eproprleto -N O BAR 4B ™ er9treel ULLCmUUI Cos UUu FULL LINE OF CLARET WINES. A Ten-Dollass Spent @LADEVEZE’S PICTURE ** • FRAME FACTORY You Will Make Your Home an Attractive One and Give It an Air of Refinement. We employ nothing but expert workmen that will not botch your work as others do. Our stock of Moulding Is ten times larger than that of any of our competitors, and our prices are the lowest known. 105 TO 107 CONGRESS STREET, W EST. BUSINESS NOTICES. A Group Of Smart Jewelry. Whatever we have in stock end the variety is very large— Is the newest and smartest. Nothing In "back numbers." And the prices are all attractive. You get WHAT YOU WANT, at a reasonable figfire. Hunter & Van Keuren, Jewelers, 143 Bull street. A. L.Desbouillons 43 Bull Street. We have a pretty line of Solid Gold Cuff Buttons in plain, chased, amethyst, or wilh diamonds. As pearls are now all the rage we have pretty Scarf Pins and Pearl Jewelry of all sons, specially Brooches. A. L. DESBOUILLONS, 43 Bull street. OKARMA, Shoe Manufacturer. Daily Production 30 Pairs- To keep our plant moving we reduced prices on all graces. Come and see how we make them. fll Broughton. East. BUSINESS NOTICES. DimiNGTI?ET)ULTr SUMMER WEEKS iri a good time to have your patents put in condition. We are better Pre pared than ever for this work R e ‘ peaters*. Chronographs and ordinary watches of the finer grades put in condition now, can be splendid;/ regulated. We give proper attention to the cheaper grade of watches, producing the best results possible. Look into it and avoid the busier season. THEUS BROS. For Rent, Residence 118 Gaston street, west. All conveniences. Can be rented from Ist August. Apply to CHATHAM REAL ESTATE AND IM PROVEMENT CO., 14 Bryan Street. East. to itecp Plisft For sale, a Forsalth Newspaper Fold r '. will fold sheet r.xU It U In good crd r - Price SIOO. It cost originally $l,lOO, bul we have no ure for It and want the room It occupies. It will be an Invaluable adjunct to newspaper office. Address MORNING NEWS, fsvssssli. C.