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hill denounces bossism. i:.\IBSATOR RAY* NII*V> THIKO* audit *om;iiody. t no \amc*. Iml It In \<*t Dlffl. cult tntrr H hm Hr Hnk Alitilnu at. Hill null Wnttlraff Delivered 4d •l rr al Horn tuna—Hill *|uke lu I nvitr nt a bri*rrtary of l.alior In ilie I’realdml** fablnet. Saratoga. N. Y.. Bept. 3 —L4eut. QOV. Timothy L- Woodruff and vx-Senaior ii.ivkl It. Hill drlivoretl a* Mr ♦•*><** this ,iftrtiton before th* Bar*log* Ctounty Pa i on* of Industry at Kuyiulcros* Park, tcvrral thousand persons wet* prtMAt. Mr. Hill miUI that his Mlertlon a* >ne ,f the speakers, ho assumed, was duo .argety to the fact taut h* had * largo wire in the passage of the bill, creating *ie first Monday in September. labor jay. He then rommonJitl the proposl i:.m to have a secretary of labor in tha ■ladonzl cabinet, adding: A secretary of labor's affairs in the cuMiiei of un American President would ui>ed le on Innovation. 1 believe that .r Is n-* precedent for the creation of v K h a department in any government of Europe, bui the ITnltcd B:,te* can well afford to <t.ibllsh its own precedent. . .ie profsiscd experiment Is worth try ing. it may be productive of much good.** Mr. Hill next attacked the intermixture of business with politics, whereby politi cal influence is soul for money, m l off! rial nations are controlled by business on**)' ration*. Workingmen, he sakl. and >:her* should lake nn active Interest in politics. He said: Did He Vfesn C rnkrrf Our best cltlsens should take an active in: in politUvil primaries, and not leave ne direction or control of party in the hands of toughs and metcenaries. which i- too often the case In large munn ipatl tt* Political leadership there must al wjyn be. hut tt Is essential that ft should b** nin. unselfish, incorruptlble and fear lav It should i>e intelligent enough t> formulate policies, and to discover, appre * ato rd follow on enlightened public ► ntlment. There is no necessity, how ever, for the toleration anywhere, and in * *itsoever party It may be found, of vt t Is known ns political !>>** Dm .ally Ignorant, corrupt and nrroganf, v alch tolerates no criticism, knows no pr idence, unl accepts no suggestions; which first dominates words, then cities, and afterwards reachr*. out for the ron t'ol of states and governs |ts cringing *>e- i ntints through patronage, and the co hesive power of public plunder, and they ;r turn, acting under the rule of ‘addi tion, division and silence.’ blindly follow* whatever they are ordered to do without •i- exerrise of any rouoon. Judgment or discretion. “Political parties are *i necessity In thl< * *untry. but offensive and corrupt bosdsm if party affairs. Is on excressencc on the body |"*litic. and sooner or liter It must I- shaken off or the party which toieritcs it will he destroyed Opposition to bossism at I commercialism in tolltic* may soon become the ’pirumount' Issue before the people. \eeilv nf the Parlies. The nec.’s of the hour are honest par anshlp % an-l | oliti >1 organisation*, l -fcd upon principle* and not spoils; or k. tnlsalions devoted to the public service at 1 not to private emolument Working men should beware of thore j>o Itlcal trusts s ich sc* k to monopolize and control their independence nod their manhood. We n*ed |>ublic oflh'iaie who own thrm- r p ’ e*. whether In htgh or low station - iM. iher in states, municipalities. Login -1 r. or common councils, who will vote f° r what they believe to b* right. and not r t.l as they are told. It Is a painful tmth that the representative* In our leg islature* who dare promise their votes *r . measure, even non-political In Its rhjra< ter. because it 1* right or against i? i- mine It Is wrong, without the ap l*r >val of ihe so-called # organisation of th*ir party, are comparatively so fear th,t they can almost lw counted >n the ringers of your bands This is n situation or ibus* which has grown up within very r- ••nt years and cannot long be contin u'd with safety to the state.” hi:im Huam or tbsxemer. Tlif> Have nprnrtl Ihr 1 ampnlgn f<ir Ihr (iiivrrniiriihlp. Chattanooga. Tcnn., Bept. 3.—John E. McCall, the nominee of th* Brownlow fac tion of Ihe Republican parly in Tenne#- *•■<• for governor. opened his campaign al Taxewell, Claiborne couniy. to-day. lie " is in omprnlol by Congressman Bro wil low. United Stales District Attorney "right and United States Marshal Aus tin all of the Brownlow faction. Mr. McCall refused to appear Jointly with Benton McMltltn. the Democratic • it! si at e. the F. M. Boston, the H. Clay Evans candidate, because he thought such a course would make It appear that he re 'utilised the right of Mr. Boston to lei on the ticket He will, therefore, go It sion. He had a very tins- attendance to day and devoted most of his speech to national Issues and to the Evans faction. ALL ONE WAV IA VERMONT. only (Question There Is ns to Stsr of the Mujnrlty. White River Junction. Vt., Sept. J —The unusually active political ramie gn which his been conducted by both parties In title state for the past four weeks* cloned to-night and the voters of Vermont will t o to the polls to-morrow to decide the e action of the various state officials and io congressmen. There Is little doubt as lo what the re • tit will be, the cnly matter of vital tn t r.t being as to the sise of -he majority '' the R-publicans. Th-- teem bets of the Itei-uhilcat) Btut fi mmlttee to-night atm that thrlr majority will greatly ex veed that of IS9X, but they admit that they and not hope to be favorer! with the record It| a king majority of IShi. ItEMOt RATS OF (MK IAIU. They Won but It epil li I ten ns Mtule n tiimil khiinlliu. Mile Rock, Ark.. Sept. S.-The entire Ii erratic ticket, headed by Hon. Jeffer ►o i Davis of Tope couniy for governor. • ’ elected In Arkansas to-day. •■trly return., Indtcjte that the vote will U-liter than npeud. H. L. ll'- r cl. the Republtcun candfclole for gov in or nude a good showing and his In <’*l vole over two veils ngo will prol*- " t• duet the usually lirge Democratic majority. Thete was no oppodtloo to Ihe Demo • <ti< ticket for any office except the • i.crnorshlp. f'uaebes for Sen /enlotnl. ri I .mils, Hvt 3. A local car and foun- d ’ y "intiny has been awarded a contract 1 the construction of sixty-eight pn*- *" n *er coaches for the govemmr-nt rall • •*,! of New Zealand. These cars will ’'tilt complete and then will be taken •M art and shi|rpe<t to their destination. **' ■* will lie sent along to put the cars < g'ther after their arrival. rrllclntrd llmls t linirman. ' harlot.,.. M. c., Fept. 3.—At a meeting of 'ho Republican Slat* Executive Com f’d tee at Greensboro to-dsy Chairman Helton resigned and Senator J C. Briteb ard wu elected to fill the vacancy. 3 There it onlyONf. POND'S EXTRACT and everybody knows its purity. iB I r* *trength and cre t medicinal value. Dos t take the weak, watery H B f. Vitch Hai.l preparations rcprrsrntrd to Kr •• the umc as” POND'S * I *1 EXTRACT. They generally contain “ wood alcohol." which Irritate* Up I Jj t * w and. taken internally. t> a deadly poison. j|| | bi AN I NT*: It KATIN It HKUATTA. Thirr Wan a Itallirr tin.l Ml\-u|. but hme Hplrndid Itueluu. New York Sept 3—The Middle SUlc.t Regatta Association held Its eleventh an nual r<g*tra on the Harlem river to-day and It was a pre-eminent success. The entry list was high class. The finish** were close and exciting, the w< atle r fine and a large crowd turned out to see the races. A bad mix up resulted In the Junior imlr oared event Three crews started. th Nonpareils, the Pennsylvania (large Club and the Union Boat Club. The latter crew Jump I away at the start, and at tie quarter led by two lengths. Boon after wards the Nonpareils were over Into th Union's wat*r when the latter crew crashed Into them. Immediately the Inlon stopp and towing end w did the Pennsyl vania Barge Club. The referee disqualify l the Xonj ur> il* and be >rd red the ra**e restarted. The Unions finally won by a length. The senior single skulls was a sore dis nPi ointment for it was thought that John A Bumohr. of the Harlem Rowing Club, hud an • iy win. Titus, the Nm Orleai * s* idler, led for a while, hut dropps) b hln*l Bumohr arvl M* hrhoff at the thr*e quarters. It was then Huniohr foulci Me hrhoff, and the former disquali fbd The rj •• was rowd over from mat mark and M* hrhoff won with Titus sec* ond. The raec of the day was the senloi eight scull, which practically and id#d the championship of the flnrltm River. Th* I muntless Kow ing Club and were the contestants. The smooth swim; of the Dauntb - won for them by u clean length of open water. A splendidly contested rice %vas th* Junior eight scull, won by the Metropoli tan Bowing Club of New York, from five good crews. The Potomac Boat Club of Washington. D. C.. was a close necond. and the West Philadelphia Boat Club third Mux Hirsch of the Harlem Bowing Club, won the Junior singles and Farnelly, of Ihe I'mon Bout Club, srorfsl a papular w*n In the quarter-mile dash. DKATHN OP TWO OITICIIIIB. C'apt. Hrntl> Died nf n Wnnl mnl Ideal, rerun ll Was llrominl. Washington. Sept. 3. On. Mac Arthur chronicle* two recent deaths among his officers In the Philippines In cablegrams r. cell ed at the war dcportm<nL to-day. The menage* announced that Capt. H I’.ently, Foriy-sxventh Volunteer Infan try. died on the morning of Aug. 2> from a wound received in action near CAmallg. Luton, on Aug 21 The second dispatch dab* that Second Lieutenant Hoy L. Kernald of the Tw**n tv-slxih Volunteer Infantry, waa acci dentally dmwned in the Jalarur river mar Pototan. Panay, on S|t. 1. Capt. Kent!y was a nvtlve of Pulaski cuunty. Virginia. He entered the service as a lieutenant In the Second Virgin! i Voluneers in April, lfc&s. and was appoint ed captain of the Sixth Virginia Volun teer* In Oct 22. IS3fc. He was apt>ointed a captain In the Forty-seventh Volunteer* In August. Pfi*. and in November left for the Philippine Island* h“ had be n on duty up to th* time of his d^^ath Lieut. Ft maid b* rn In IS7S at % W|n terport, Me He s rved as a private In the Favcnth In antry during the Spanish war. MIT TUB t ABT.AIVfc FAt i.T. Department NnllsHcd AAltli ttegnrl to Oregon's Accident. Washington. Sept. 3.—The Navy Depart ment has Just received by mail the official report of rapt. Wilde, of the battleship Oregon of the circumstances attending the grounding of that ahtp In the Qulf of Be t'hl i.l last June, and her successful salvage. The report goes on to confirm the de partment’s previously expressed conviction that the grounding was not In any respect attributable to fault on the part of Copt Wilde or any officer of the Oregon, who In fact, appeared to hive exerolset extra ordinary precautions to guard sgalnst the accident. The Oregon hna now been completely repaired, and at rived yesterday al Woo Stung, where she Is to form one of the In ternational fleet to guard the transport service during the existence of the Chi nese troubles. KENNEDA-IIOHTON Kill l> AG AIN’. Two Probably Fatally Wounded In n llnlflc on Prldny. Jackson. Miss.. Sept. 3—Reports have reach cl here of a fresh outbreak of the Kennedy-Horton fetal In the Auburn neighborhood, twenty miles south of Jack son Friday Iso factions ne ton the pub lic highway and a pitched battle occurred, during which T W. tlackley and John Strong received probably fatal wounds. A deputy sheriff has been sent to the scene. Imp his report has not been made. The feud was caused by the eiots-m.-nt of a daughter of James Kennedy with John Stroiig. and a good itortlon of the entire nt-ighUirhool is Involved. Mil l. OAVNHItx sign SCALE. AVuedwerkrra tu Nine Mills to Get au Plight-Hour Day. Chicago, Sept. S—At tin m eting of the Federation if Labor, Richard Braun c-hwelg for the Woodworkers, r.ported that nine mill owners, employing alto it Adi men, hav, . gned the union agreement, calling for an eight hour day. lie raid there r- forty mills employing I.C‘> men. which have not signed, util that th-- men nil! la- called out on a strike tomorrow at ail these mills If the owners have not sgmd th.- agreement by that time. tTOITIiD FI A Is MINI TEN. Railroad (Timed Down lu Memory of Decenard Brestdenl. Kansas City. Me.. Sept. 3-From II IS to 11:3) t-dy. entry 10-cmotive, every piece • f machinery, aid ev. ry employe on the Memphis Railway Bjs rm, from Kan os C p. to Birmingham. Aki.. were Idle out of rsiect to the memory of the late pres ident of tlte system. K. S. Washburn, who died al Rye Reach. N H , last Frt lay. The funeral scrvlc# of President Wash bum were held to-day at Itye Beach. In terment laklna pbic* In Boston. Had AAenlher si Snntlnao. Santiago, de Cuba. Sept. 3 -Santiago Is row exper .Tiring lh< severe-1 weather known bete slnee 1*77. Today the lower part of the city Is five feel under water. The firemen and police are assisting the sufferers. THE MORNING NEWS: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4. 1000. WILL CURTAIL PRODUCTION. roMLt fiio* ur.B mi and in tub SOtTHKMN nmMIIIS. - N Present Prudnetlou f \itrn Will Ilt’ilueed for n Period of Sixty D >•— Southern Inrn Mill* to t mb eenlrnte Their *nle* in tile Hands of Ten t oittmis*itt Itonses— Hearty t o-Mpern linn of Southern Mill* Ex pected. Charlotte, X. C.. Sept. 3.—At a called met ting of the Hoard of Governors of he Southern Cotton Spinners’ Association to night a report Was received from the spe ial committee whl h visited Philadelphia week to confer with the yarn com mission men. The report, which was adopted, recom mended a * uriuilmetit In the present pro duction of yarn for a period of sixty days. The report ia In the form of a Joint let ter fr*ni the rpersentatlves of the South ern spinners and the yarn commission men. and ha* ben approved by both or ganizations. A report wa* also received from the special commission which has visited the various Southern milt* to secure their co operation in n direct selling movement. This report recommend* the concentration of the business in not more than ten dif ferent houses. This report, which was also adopted, says in part: “After a careful analysis, both of the plan of direct selling and concentration of business into the hands of ft limited number of commission houses, we would recommend as an Improvement on exist ing conditions that the business be con centrated into the hands of not exceeding ten commission houses, and beg to ad vise you that we hove had n vonference with a number of leading commtsalon merchants. Eighty per rent, of those con sulted have offered to co-operate with us in this plan and to conduct the business on a basis of commission and guarantee, and 2 |*er cent, cash discount, provided 73 per cent, of th* Southern yarn spinners will enter into an agreement to concen trate their entire business as outlined.” A letter which will contain the details of the proposition to con.s*ntrate the busi ness will h mulled to every cotton yam mill In the South, ft will be followed by a personal visit should wurh le considered necessary, ’’but” ways the report, “in view of the benefits to be derived from the pln In view, we anticipate immediate and hearty co-operation.” By the beginning of the year HOI. the r tort concluded. It is expected to see this modern Idea In full and satisfactory ope ration. SEALS KILLED WILLI AMS. He Has Been Arrested and TnUen to AA n y cross. Waycross. Os., Bept. 3 —Q. B. Smith of Atkinson came up last nlglh on the Bruns wick and Western train, having In custody T. B. Seals who killed a young man by Ihe nants of John Williams Friday night. It seems that Ihe two men were on the way to the house where some lamps were to be turned over to Seals, who had come to relieve Williams as night watch man. On the way they had some wools, when Seals seised n pole and struck Wil liams over the head, crushing his skull. He died about 7"0 a. m Saturday. Parties who accompanied Smith and his prisoner here stated to a newspaperman that feeling was very strong against Seat*. He was turned over to Sheriff Lyons of Wayne county Met night. To Ihe sheriff he stated lhat he had made no effort fo eera|>e. but was uneasy and desired pro tection. pe. s was taken to Jcsup last night and placed In Jail. Williams, who was killed by Seals, was about twenty-five years of age and unmarried. Seals Is about thir ty-five And has a wife and six children. Robert U Bennett. brother of Solicitor J. W. Bennett, will take a course In Ihe law department of the State L’nverslty at Athens. TRIED SI It IIIE AG AIN. Staten Has Rrra Taken Home to A’nl dost a by Relattvea. Jacksonville. Fla . Sept. I —J. K. Stat en. salesman for a Savannah house, who attempted to commit suicide Saturday night, by taking twenty graft# of mor phine, left for hi* home in Valdosta this morning, accompanied by his father and brother, who arrived here ye*ter,lav to take charge of him He was released trom the station house yesterday, and going to his room at the Placlde Hotel, he took fifteen grains of morpnlne and then going down stairs, calmly told the clerk what he had done. Two doctors were called In at once, and they labored over him till late last night, when he woe pronounced out of danger It t* dated that Staten was Infatuated with the actress who committed suicide at Val dosta Friday, nnd that this tragic occur rence made him wild. J. M Cheney, supervisor of the Florida census, says that Jacksonville has made Ihe greatest *.ilr In imputation of any city In the United States In the past ten \etirs. a gain of S’. 5 per cent., Chicago being next, with a gain cf M par cent. ki ll IDF. OF n. ft. KE ATON. Troublesome Negro AA as Killed by Alnrsbal Ray. riak'lv. Os., Oct. 3.—8. O. Keaton of Damascus, this county, his committed suicide by taking an overdose of mor phine. He was a merchant of that place; a bachelor and was competed by family with many promlmnt people of this county. Marshal Ray cf Arlington, killed a ne gro at that place on Saturday, while the negto was rrststlng an arreet that the marshal was attempting to make. The negro used his p'stol as aiao did the of ficer. fh- negro being hit twice, and the officer thre,- times. Mr. Ray Is not sup |msed to be dangerously w undid. Dirt was hr ken t -day for the erection of the n< w M. K. Church under the su pervision of O II Sheffield A- Cos., archl ' <e Alien'd Hank Robber Kerbpea. Richmond, A'a.. Sept, 3—" Topeka Joe,” alias Joseph R. Evans, alias Harry Miller, .-litas Joe Hapley. who I* suspected of be ing the leader of the g in* that broke ln>o the Wlll'amsbiirg. A'a . bank some months ago. and who was being held at the city Jail here for safekeeping until his trial could come up at th* September term of Ihe court at Williamsburg, made his es cape this morning about t o'clock PRIZES GIVEN IN AUGUSTA. (Continued from First l ap ) ver pitcher, to Iron Moulder*’ Union No. HI. second prise, bookcase, to inters' and Decorator*’ rnlon No. T* risking union. Wurrenvllle <B. C.) Cotton Factory, rooking chair. For Beat Float In the Parade—First prise, silver fruit dish, to Loom Fixers No. ltd; second prtse. a trunk, to check mill float. Union No. 141. After parade the participant* marched to the Georgia Hnllroul depot and took special trains for the picnic ground* at Hersella. where the holiday was spent. A programme of speaking and field day •ports, barbecue, etc., was car tied out there. fits Day In Jaekionvllle. Jacksonville. Fla . Bept. 3.—Labor Day nri* well aUerved her*, and quite gen erally throughout the state The tnrad M here of the different lab r umons w * over ml> in length. The procession was form'll on Hisis street aid marched through the main street*, thence to a line grove In Hprtngfleld. where sev eral speaker* addressed the crowd on luiyr (rsues. Several floats were ki the profession, quite handsomely got up. The long shoremen made the best appearance, hav ing 4m nun in line, their neat uniforms of . dor's blouses, trimmed with blue, blue trousers, nnd whke caps, showed off well. Asa whole It was <• success, and be laboring m**n here deserve much credit for such a fine turnout. Great Day nt Hunnnke. Roanoke. Va . dept. 3 —La I tor Day wa* observed here In a fitting manner in the morning there was a parade of the six teen unions composing the Trades and I-nbor Council, tlftern hundred men being In line in the afternoon the ceremonies at Crystal Hprlng Park were Inaugurated with a lengthy address by Mayor Bryan, which was followed by other addresses and an flat orate programme of athletic sprt and contest* for prizes. brent I'Hrsile In Mobile. Mobile. Ala., kept 3. Labor Day In Mobile wne celebrated by a much targ*r parade of organized labor than lieretofor*- A striking feature whs the parade of the carpenters union, colored, each m in le:ng in hickory overalls, with broad brimmed straw hat and carrying a carpenter's square. Good Parade In Charleston. Charleston. 8. C . Sept. 3- laihor Day possed off very quietly in this city. In the forenoon the labor organizations pa raded. having about TOP men in line Ad dresses wer. made to them by their lead ers and invited orators; and this aft r nonn wus spent at a picnic t the Srhue,- xenpints There were no dlsturbanoes of any kind Charlotte'* f elebratlon. Charlotte. N C . Bept. 3 Labor Day was celebrated here to-day. for the first time in Charlotte's h‘.s ory. There was a paiade of Sot) workmen in white caps, white shirt* and white overalls. The work men and their faml.le* spent the day at 1-atta Park and were addressed by Mr Charlew VV r . Tilett. l-:ntlin*ln*na at lliraitlna Its m. Hirmingbam. Ala . Bept. S -Labor Day was enthusiastically celebrated here to day with it big parade and plcn|e. The •ity ws crow<led wrltb visitors. At noon the principal business houses closed theli doors. Good l rnml In harleaton. Charleston. 8 C. Bept 3.-ljahor Day was celebrated here o-day for the first *1 me with any distinction. During the |mm year working men have organised strongly, and to-day turned out with I.SOJ ns n In parade. labor Day In Mirnn. Macon. Ga., Bept. 3. Day was generally observed here to-day. Business houses aiKl public office* were clomr<\. ALL THE news AT AA'A YI'HONN Nome Interesting Morten of Old Peo ple In Thai tier Don. Waycross. Ga.. Sept. 3.—Mr. J. A. Tripp died Saturday morning at the home of his 'laughter. Mrs. H J. Swat, near Buskin Mr Tripp was about <3 years of age. Otto Bikes, a prboner In th* Ware coun ty Jail became violently Insane on Satur day night, and It Is probable he will be tried for Insanity The young man Is abcut 1* years of age. and Is charg'd with forgery. AVllllam Thomas and his wife live In peaceful old age on their little farm In the Manor district. These old people are each 77 year* of age. there being only one month difference In their ages. One was bom in January and the other In February, 1*23. They have raised a large family of children end are both hall and hardy. They were married Just fifty-live years ago. Cotton and corn crop* In Ihe Manor district will be short fully SO per cent, this year, owing to th* excessive rains In the spring and the drought later In the year. A large crowd gathered on ffuturday at Elisabeth Chapel. In the upper part of Warn county, It being the occasion of a big family reunion given by the Tay lors. a prominent family over there. It was the cs-caston of Mrs. Taylor’s 7Slh birthday and a bountiful spread had been arrang ed by her children. Appropriate exercises were conducted at E.l*jb*:h Chapel, un der direction of R< v. D. J. Miller Ad drosaea were delivered by lion. W Al Toomer and H. E Elder of Waycrosa.and Col. AA’. AA'. Bennett of Baxley. Mrs Tay lor ls the mother of ten children, eight of whom are living, tt grand children. *7 of whom are living, and 17 great grand chil dren. H r husband. Air James Taylor, died three years ago. He was known as ••Gentleman Jim" Taylor This title was to distinguish him from the various other Jims In that section. There were "Long Jim." "Short Jtm.” "’Black Jim." "Jim Cat." "Jim Green.” "Deaf Jim," etc., alt In the same section. Mr. Taylor built the ,hur h where the reunion was held, before his death, and selected the spot for his horns to rest In the quiet lit tle cemetery near the church. DR. TALKS OF FOOD, Pres, of Hoard of Health. "What shall I eat 7” la the dally Inquiry the physician Is met with. I do not hesi tate to say that in my Judgment a large percentage of disease ls caused by poorly selected and Improperly prepared foal. My personal experience with the fully rooked food, known a* Grape-Nuts, en able* mo to epesk freely of Its merit*. "From overwork. 1 suffered several years with malnutrition.palpitation of the heart, and loss of sleep. least summer I was led to expertm< nt personally with the new food which I used In conjunction with good rich cow’s milk. In a short time after 1 commenced Its use the disa greeable symptoms disappeared, my heart’s octlon be. bmc steady and normal, the functions of the stomach were prop erly carried out and I again slept as soundly and as well as in my youth. "1 look upon Grape-Nut# as a perfect food, and no one can gainsay hut that It has a most prominent place In a rational, sdentlfl ' system of feeding Any one- who uses this food will soon be convinced of the soundness of tho principle upon which It Is manufactured and may thereby know the facts as to Its true worth." W B Conway. M. D., Pres. Athens (Ga.j board •f Health. A FEW WORDS. ABOUT The New Store You Will Always Find Us Ready to Do Business t You will find some new improvements every day, and to your interest to call when you have the time, if only to look us over. You will receive the best of attention. We employ the best of clerks, and do not expect work for nothing. We have discovered when we do we generally get nothing. You will always find the best the market affords at the lowest prices, as we buy for cash and in such quantities that places us in a position to offer you new bargains each day. A FEW SPECIALS FOR TO-DAY Which We Have Just Opened. 20 pieces 46-inch All Wool Serge, in black and blues only, at A _ These good are worth 75c. 15 pieces 54-inch 3-4 Bleached Damask Worth 40c. 10 nieces 60-inch 3-4 Bleached Damask / I Z. Worth 60c. M'DC £0 dozen full 3-4 Napkins, dozen $1.25 value. 2? O C We were pleased to see so many familiar faces yesterday morning, and wish to thank them for the many compliments they passed —it certainly gives us more en couragement We have only been in the new store two days and feel that our efforts have pleased you. WONDER WHAT YOU WILL THINK NEXT MONTH, if we can accomplish so much in two day.* We certainly must please every one by October, as you know WE ARE NOT THE KIND TO STAND STILL. P T FOYF. 1 • 1 il V/ JL u SCHURZ REPLIES TO GAGE. DENIES EXISTENCE OF D ANGi’.ll DF AIONETAIIV DISASTER. If Any Danger Exists. Sueli as Secre tary Gage I litl in m tun Recent In terview, It Is Due to n Flaw In the lotxx Republicans Date Ample Op portunity to t arreet Any Error to Ihe Law establishing the Gold Standard—Will They Do It f Bolton lattaling, lake George. N. V., Bept. 3.-The following Is an open letter by Hon. Carl Behurx to Secretary of the Treasury Lyman J. Gage: Dear Btr: The newspapers of Aug. M. published on Interview with you In which you were quoted as saying that "there Is no doubt Mr. Bryan. (If elected I'res- IdenO, could order hla Secretary of the Treasury to make payment in silver of all the public debt payable In coin, and for all current disbursements of the govern ment as well, which amount to |I..VXMk> to 11.730.000 per day; and that he would give such an order, too. Is very certain, ir he ts in the earn*, tnttsl that he was In You went on to say that although Air Bryan "would have great difficulty In doing lhat at once," owing lo the •mall sliver resources of (he government, yet he might accomplish It In time, as the mere announcement of such a purfsise "would stop the Inflow of gold or St least very largely dtmkdsh payments in gold, and correspondingly increase payments into the treasury of silver and sliver cer tificates;” (hat this would practically put the government on a stiver basis, ruin Re credit, and bring incalculable disaster up on the business Interest* of the country. Having for n great many year* token a deep ond somewhat active interest in The establishment of a sound monetary system in the United Htates, I may with out impropriety publicly a<ldre* to you n few remarks In reply to your public statement. 1 emphatically deny. Mr B> ■- rotary, that the danger aet forth by you ‘n your tnlervlewo really exists, and that any Brestdcnt will be able to do what you ssy might be done, unless the Republican larty In control of the government In both Its legislative end executive branches, prove Itself utlerlv dishonest In Its pro fessed purpose tu maintain tlte gold stand ard This dental I* not based li|mn the rea soning of those of your crltlca who s- k to show by figures that a Bresideni de siring ever so much to put the country upon a silver basis, would lock the me ins for doing so. On the contrary, for argu ment's sake. I Will accept ail you sty on (hat point But you omit to mention a fact of derisive Importance. AA ould Mr tt ti s Flaw la the law. If the executive, os you say. professes Ihe discretion of "paying silver In settle ment of all Interest on Ihr public debt not specifically payable In gold, and of mak ing Ita dally disbursements to Its creditors In silver." It Is owing to a flaw In Ihe currency taw passed si Ihe last session of Congress—a law which as Ihe spokesman of the Bepub 1 -wn party promised, was la put the go;d standard upon an Imprcxnjbie basis. 11 was suggested al Ihe lime bv some of tt* crlllcs that this law was pur posed so manipulated by Republican pol iticians In Ihe Senate ns lo leave Ihe pos sibility of Ihe subversion of Ihe gold stan dard by the executive action open In order to enable the Republicans In the present Presidential campaign to say that Ihe election of Ihe Republican Brestdenl was absolutely ne-essery to ssve Ihe gold standard and lo prevent dreadful eco-rom |e disaster. AA’heiher any auen scheirp en tered Into I nut legislation, I do not as sume lo determine. Certain It Is. however, Atuit this feature of Ux law Is now so usl. and lhat you. Air. Secretary, actu ally do so use It for Ihe evAtcnl purpose of alrrtnlng Ihe business community and the po*s,sctng classes generally. A ttueatlonnhle Action. I hardly n<ed to say to you that the spreading of false aknms of this kind I* a very questionable and reprehenslb> thing for anybody, and especially for a Secretary of the Treasury. And 1 tall your prediction of the poadbillt o# specl tlnd l.jr you and of the dim* era sure to follow a false alarm for a very simple reason Whoever may tie elected Presi dent on Nov #. there will be another ses sion of <’ongte* before he will take of fice on Match 4. I*ol The Republican* will have strung majotltlea In both houses of Congress. The egrcutlve, too. will tw in their hand* They will, therefoie. b aide to make surh laws as they please They will thus have full power and am - P'e "Piortunlty before the Inauguration of the next Breaklent to pass any leg lb la'lon required to make It utterly tm posalhla lo any President to break down the gold standard In the way you. Air. Secretary, describe In your Interview A simp's enactment In two or three lines ruhitantlally providing that It etiall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to pay In gold or sliver, at the option of the creditor ail kinds of Indsbt-dness cf the United States now payable In coin, may be sufficient. And If there should be an other flaw In the present law dangerous to the gold standard In any other way. you. Air. Secretary, able financier a* you are. will surely detect It. and flrd a leg islative! remedy and have It ready In tho shape of a well-matured hill to be sub mitted to Congress at the opening of the session In short, the Rep.ihib an* eon. trolling both Ihe legislative and the ex ecutive branch's of the government, will, next winter, have ample power and op portunity to do what they ought ti have done at the last session-to put he cur rency law In such a shape that the gold standard cannot pnss bly be shak'n by executive action, ro matter who may oc cupy the pres'dentlal chair—and thus re move, to that extent at least, the bast* of our monetary system from the change ful game of party politics. AA ill the Iteiiutillenns Do It. Do you see any reason for doubling that Congress at Its neat session will do this’ It ls quite evident that. If there Ut any substance at al! In your prediction* of dis aster. the Republican* In Congress cannot retusc to do it without proving that the professed solicitude of the Republican parly for the maintenance of the gold standard Is arrant hypocrisy. But If there be any wavering. I am convinced public opinion will In oae of necessity, compel ihem to take the necessary st.-pe. You will thus hav* to admit. Air. Secre tary. that when you sounded your note of alarm, you had overlooked ihe most Im portant tact that you and your party friends, that I*, the Itepuhllcin majority In Congress, led by Ihe administration of which you form so Influential a part, will be able easily and promptly to remedy the defc. is of the law which you have de scribed as a source of terrible danger, ami therefore your note of alarm was. to say the least, a mistaken one. It may sug gest Itself to you a* a matter worthy of grave considetallon whether you should not retract what you have sakl. In fair ness to the business community, which should not be unnecessarily disquieted, es pecially not by those In authority. 1 am sure many of your fellow-citlxen* are anxious, to know what you may have to say on this aspect of the situation. Very respectfully. C. Behurx. Asheville's street tin tinny a. Asheville. N C . B pt. 3-J. H. Cutter, representing Eastern > apltallsts, to- lay secured control of the Asheville md Hilt mert reel ra Iway. the cons t'- ration be ing atom ti'.utt) This piactlually Insures the consolidation of all the street rail ways of the dig. ESCORTED BY THE CHINESE. (Continued from First Page.) have reached Klao Chou from Ihe far In terior. escorted the whole way by Chi nese soldier* furnished by Yuan Bhl Kal, Governor of Bhan Tung. They asaert that Yuan Bhl Kal has SO,not) troop* be yond Kino Chou, disposed apparently with a view to opposing any attempt at Ger man expansion. AMERIC AN HICK IN CHIN A. Hospital w|i lp Relief AN 111 Take All the (ever* f’aiea. Washington, Bept g—The war drqiart nw nt to-day received the following cable gram from AlaJ. Berley. of the medical corps, commanding th* hospital ship Re lief. "Taku (no do'e). Burgeon General, Washington Barrister reports I*l sick at front, and 30& at Tien Tstn Many slightly 111 All wounded brought from front. Re lief will take all severe esses. I-atinch and boats have returned. Plenty supplies. All doing well. Perley." AN APPEAL FOR Till: EMPEROR, Chinese Reformer Gave a Leetwrr tw Saw Franclseo. Ban Francis o. Bept. 1 —Leon* Kal Tlnn, who claim* to tie special ambassa dor of the deposed Emperor of China, Kwang Bu. and who Is the representative of the Chlnew Empire Association of Re formers. mala an Impaealoned plea to a largo audience of hi* countryman tn tha Jackson street theater for th# restoration of the ICmp-ror and the modernisation of China His deploratlox of the Indignities that had been heaped upon the unfor tunate Emperor hy the Empress Dow ager were so eloquent that the fellow main In the audience were moved to teets. L> org Kal Tlnn arrived In Ben Fran cisco las' Monday and hi* address was the first delivered tier*. He came to thla country to wain the support of the Chita ae residents In Ihe United Btatea Grrmun Troops to Debark. Shanghai, Sunday. B"gt. J.—Th# German transport Batavia will debark German troops at Woo Bung to assist the British and French detachments. A AQl’l INDI ANA AA’ANT PEACE. Rut Mexteo Is Not Likely tw Accede In Their Demands. Jiermoslllo. Alex.. Bept. 3.—A delega tion of five Yaqul Indiana, who belong to the peace faction of that tribe, have arrived her*. They are on their way to the Ct(y of Mexico, where they will lav a proposition before President Dias, look ing to a settlement of the war that has I-sen going on for the last two years be tween the Indians and government troops. The Indian* demand that they shall tie permitted to conduct their own tribal af fairs without Interference and without taxation. It Is not oonsldtred probable tnst Brestdenl Dia* will accept th* prop orlilcn. Death of Mrs. ynthla Swift. ThotnasvlUs. Ga., Bept I.—Mrs. Cynthia Swift an old lady who fell amt broke her hip last week, died yesterday, partly front this Injury. Bhe was the mother of orrtn and Bhsiton Bwtft, ami Me.dame* J. I. Barker. J. S Montgomerg and J. M. Mis say. all prominent pevple of this county. —Thomas F gg. of Tilng, Eng., a post man. who has Just been retired on a (ten *Un. Is said to hav* walked 230.000 mil** during the forty year* of hla sarvtod. 5