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marine intelligence. fjOCAV AND OKSKH4I. *t!l Ol •iiiir* and H 11’pi Mb. u Allrrrntlnn Aboard Ihr Norns- K laa ahlp Grrniaalr Kil> With a Hollar Brio* dlalilird-T* Haiivlr f ollltle. With Schooner Julia A. 1 ruber at Hkliakrr Street llnok ( niornl Hxcur.lonlats lo aad From Hraafort. Two of (hr fff* of the Norwegian ship Germanic got Into an altercation aboard ial night, during which one went for ,ne other with a knife, culling hint se verely on the arm. The asutlani waa lak wl m custody by Ihe ahlp'a officers. The wound id man waa taken In an ambulance Id 81, Joseph's Infirmary. where hie wound aa dressed- It la no! understood that bla Injuries are of a eertoua nature. The origin of the difficulty la not known. The tug Maggie collided with the arhoo r.r Julia A Trubre yeaterdjy near the Whitaker atreet dock. The tug wa* leaving ne Whitaker stieet dock at the lime with u ii empty lighter. Owing to the failure of her engines to respond In time ahe collided with the rtern of Ihe w hooncr. The only damage waa to Ihe tug’* pilot house. roored excursionist# were numerous Hiring Ihe river front all yesterday. The visitors were going and coming. The slea rnera t'lavton and Santee carried Ihe , rowd from Savannah, while the Pilot Hoy and the Clifton brought the Beaufort crowd over. The hark Blleger. ordered to Wilming ton. and the lumber-laden schooner, which piit In al Tybre Sunday for harbor, did r.ol proceed out yesterday. The schooner Thomas L. James. Oapt. Plsrca. which arrived Sunday from New York, had cargo of coal. The canaua of vessels Ur port at Boston shows a total of more than 10, Including some 30 odd steamers, two barks, one brig, 77 schooners and 17 barges. The Inspector In charge of Ihe First lighthouse district gives notice lhal Ihe f-g signal machinery at Ml. Desert light ruilon. Me., is reported disabled and will he repaired as soon a practicable. complttr official returns for Ihe fiscal year ended June SO. Iftjfl. show that I,HO \ e-sets of 398.103 groes U'.na were built and documented tat the Untied Staler Since UM this record has been exceeded only twice. In 1084. wrhen 115.740 gross tons were tutllt and In 1874. when 432,775 grows tons were built. The const rucl ion may he cla wed accord ing lo Ihe following tvpeis: Schooners. *• hooner barges and sloops. 490. of 189.HY> S’toss tons; great lake sleam vessels, 25. of 97 847 gross tons; ocean screw steamships. 10. of 80.369 gross lons, of which all but ere. lh Maracaibo. 1,771 gross tons, were built wholly or prlnclimtly for trade* re -erved by law lo American vessels; river Steamers. 275. of H. 282 gross Ions; square rigged vessels. 4 of 6.3u6 gross tons; canal bouts and barges 523. of 74.860 gross ton*. The steam vessels htilll, 430. of 202.49* cross tons. surp>iss alhe record, the nearest approach being In 1891 .when 45* riatm v*- sels of 155 027 gross tons were bulli. The slewl vessels hullt, 90. of 198.951 gross tons, exceed the previous record year. 1*99, when 91 such vessels, of 131.279 lons were built. Cleveland. Ohio, ranks first as buil der of ateel vessels, with 9 steamships of 47119 gross tons, followed by Newport N-ws, 7 steamship* of 29.302 gross ions; < lea go 5 vessels. 24.504 grows ton*. Ptelrolt 4 steamships of 15.89’. lons During Ihe past decade the sieam vessels Imllt In the United Stales aggregale 485. of 74J.830 gross fens of which 199. of 450.0K9 gross tons were built on the great lakes. For ompnrlson It may be noted that Ihe r.-lleh Bnnrd of Trade reports that 727 steam vessels of 1.423.344 gross lons were built In the Untied Kingdom during 1*99 During Ihe ten year* 89 steel steam vessel* of 194 080 grows ions were built at Oleve. land, and 110 of 138.598 gross lons at Phila delphia. The total tonnage butll and documented on the great lakes during the year. 12S vessels of 130,811 gross tons. I* the largest In the history of that region The total for the Middle Atlantic and Outt coast*. 8 Vessels, of 135.473 ton.*, exceed* any rec ord since 1972. The total for the New Kng land coast. 199 vessel*, of 72J79 gross tons, has not been equalled since 1991. while Ihe product of Ihe Pacific coat*, so* vessel*, of 40,398 tons. I* surpassed only by Ihe re turns of 1998 and 1999 Construction on Ihe Mississippi river ami tributaries, 217 ves sela. 145001) lona. I* 9.0n less than 1999. The foregoing figure* do not cover yacht* or government vessel*. t*n a-c ng* re liy atrnmehlps. I'uwiikk* by steamship Kansas Ctly fr .m Nrw York yesterday: Mrs. 8 P. Scofield, Miss Scofield, Ml? E Milo*. Ml** 8 rvieal. Mr. Hulhnance, H. W. Olmrtead ond wlf-. Mxzle McOowln, Mr*. H. Lamp. *‘v. s. H. Buokwe]| and wlf*. Mr. A. P. '•kr*. Mlsa Gorman E. P. Kwnly. T 8, Danforth. J. P. Allen. M H. May. R It Shuman. J W. Heffernan. A Fisher, 1' P. Blair. Mi* J. Btrdaong. MU* I.** Jack. Ml** 8. P Price. A. T Ray. Ml** l.vnan. Mr*. 8. Moyer, P A. Boggan, Frol Hahn. O. T. Loomis, C. C. Holltnahead, L A Vo:in! and wife. Mil* M Townten 1. Ml** J Bannon. H. W. Evan* and wife. Hr C. M Paine, W. O. Btimmerflekl, Mr*. Snmmerfleld. Bomlo Chandler. Hvn Hil dreth. L. Newman. Mr*. Derhoulllon*. Mr*, p. Conlda Mr*. 8. Lope*. Mr*. O. W. Shinhobter, F BhknhoUer. H. Johnson, Mi** E. Johnson. Mr*. H. Jane*. Master Jon**, H Bruntng. H. F Sami*. J. W. Thomae and wlf*. C. R. Byk*a. Mr*. G I* Fuch*, Ml**** O. and L Fueh* Ml** G. Ai.yn. Ml** Plrkert. Ml** Ryan. 1 Daniel. J Muilox, J. D. Taylor. E. M Pearson J K Former. Mr. Pooler, T. R. Ru**ell an.l wife. D. M. Bueaell. J A and E. P. It ‘***ll. O. W. Adair, H. J. Quinn and wife. Amelia Russell, Mary and Gertrude R‘iell, J. H. Kennedy and wife, r’aptala Str.ichan. P. W. Haalehtir*!. * l.ederlk Ml** B. R Blaikley. M!# A. J liegeman, Mr*. A. M Vogel, Mis* A I retorlu*. A Thewmar.C. W. Mi-Coil. Mr*. Mt-Coll, Prof Q. A Watroir*. Mr* Mc ‘e‘**n. A.ldie Washington, Ml*# E C. iVMen, W R. Ramsay and wlf*. Master Ramsay. C. E. Harrison, Nora Moore and nine steerage. l‘i**ngera from Baltimore on steam ,!Mj Texas: J M Morris. Qua Eberhardl. Mr* Rbr-rhardt. Mr. Cramplon. J M Bioan. r> 1,. Bloan, Ja*. Dalton, Mr* Ja* Dalton, Mia* Alma May Silver. J. Meyno v, t*. Mr*. J. Meyaovlla. B Martin, Hev. fJ P. B.icK-o k, Mia* D. Jordon. Ml** <l. Hamilton. Mi** M. Curran. Thomas Cas teUo. Passenger* by steamship City of Au e*ta for New York yesterday: Howard Winslow. L. Bank* and wife, Mr*. M. A. Golden, Lieut Maher Mr*. Annie D*- ••an. F. A. Eld red. R. D. Roper. Rev. Mor r, May. C. J Harris. Ml** Vida Rlne heart, Mis* B.rtha Van Rear. H Van iir t. Mrs It. Van Hear. J W Wilkinson. Vr *d E Solomon. M.W Williamson. R. *-■ Tlghleman. H O Wllsott and wife, 8. Wo "o. Mr Tavlor. Mr*. W T Hibson, •'lias Annie 8. Burnsp. Tom Oarrott. Mr*. Golden. Mr* Llxl- Bultlmer. Mr. Brie*. ■Mrs Arnold, Mis* O. R. Garland. Ml** Mary o. Collin*, Dr Katherine Collin*. W. Canfield. Tho*. Hammond. D. E. Goodman, E. 8. Burnetl, L. D. Hopkln* and four Intermediate. Passenger* arrived last night from Bnl nmor* on steamship D H. Miller W. H loung, j. O Hat-lam. J. A. Suaslter Mr. Irontg, S. It. Walker, E. M l*onld*on. 1 M Jordan. J. K. White, O. P. ll<> K| nney. H. D. Blmpkln. \ll*< Elate Mc 1‘ • •*♦. 8. A. Cooper, J. E. Gutman, J. MURPHY & CO., INC.. Hoard of Trud Building. Savannah. Private leased wires direct to New York. Chicago and New Orleans. 14UTTON. STOCKS I3D URII9. New York office, No. 81 Broadway. Offices In principal cities throughout Ihe South. Write for our Market Manual and book containing Instructions for traders. Me. Norman. C. It. Russell. Mrs. E. M Donaldson. Mrs. J. H lllgley. Ml.a Helen Uiggtns. J. H. Hyde, A M Nelson. Savannah Almanac. Sun rises at 6:42 a. m., and sets at 6:11 P m. High Water at Tyhre to-day at 2:11 4 m nnd 2:14 p. m. High water at Sa vannah one hour Inter. Phaaea of thr Moon for September. D. H. M First quarter 2 l fa; mom. Full moon 8 11 6 eve. East quarter .15 2 57 eve. New moon 23 1 57 eve Moon Perigee. 9th; Moon Apogee. 23d. ARRIVALS AMI DEPARTURES, Vraaela Arrived Yesterday. Steamship D. H. Miller, Peter*. Balti more —J. J. Carolan, Agent Steamship Kansas City. Fisher. New York —Ocean Steamship Company. Unknown Austrian brig retorted at quarantine. Arrived From Below. Steamship Imaum (Br.). Penbcrthy. Vessels Went In Seiv. Steamship City of Augusta, Daggetl. New York. Cleared for Savannah. Brig Havllah, Richardson, Sept 1. galled (or Savannah. Bark Aiert (Nor.). Andersen, aid Apple, dor*. Aug 31. Steamship Helen (Nor.), Rojahl, aid Shields, Aug. 30. Shipping Memoranda. Port Tampa. Fla . Sept 3 —Sailed, stea mer Mascotle. White, Havana via Key West. Brunswick. Ga.. Sept 1— Arrived, bark Chr Knudsen (Nor.). Haraldsen. Hull. Cleared Ist. ship Fleur de Lis (Hr ), Pearce. Hamburg; schooner Edna. Dono van. New York Sailed Ist, steamer Naviboe, Johnson. Boston. Port Eads, S*pt. 3.—Arrived, steamer Pt-mler (Br). McDonald. Crtbn; El Do rado. Baker. New York; Knight Bache lor (Br). Paine. Algos Bay; Foxhall, Las sen, Puerto Corte*; Banes (Nor), Trons ladt. Puerto Cortes; schooner Eleanor, Voss, CVaiasicnalca Sailed—Steamer* Montcalm (Br). Phal li*. Care’own; Simon Dutnol* (Nor). Nb w- Jaar, Boca del Toro; Kilty (Nor). Martin sen. Port Ltmon New Orleans, Sept 3—Cleared, steamer Premier (Br). McDonald, Sanches. San Domingo. Charleston. S C.. Sept. I—Arrived, steamer Comnnche. Pennington. Jackson ville. proceeded to New York. Note—Cat t Igre, tug Protector, from Wilmington. N C , reports dangerous ob struction twenty-four miles southwest Cape Fear bar, nine and a half fnthoms A large spar, apparently veeael’s mast, projecting about twelve Pet above water Ha* been there some time. In track pass ing vessels. Key West. Sept I.—Arrived, steamer* Olivette, Smith. Havana, and sailed for Port Tampa; Aransas, llopner, New Or leans. and sailed for Havana. Wilmington. N. C.. Sept Arrived. Steamers Strathord. Hamburg: Arnold Luyken, New York. Madeira. Sepl. 3.—Sailed. Vala, Savan nah. Holterdam, Sept. 3. Arrived, Roselle Id Pensacola. Notice tn Mnrlnera. Flint churl* and all hydrographic Infor mation will he furnished musters of ves sel* free of chnrge In United State* hy drographic offl’-e in Custom House. Cap tains are requested to call at the office. Repori* of wrecks and derelicts received for transmission to h* Navy Depart ment. 4 sssiwltr Exp€>rt*. Per steamship City of Augusta for New York: 169 hales upland cotton. 144 bales domestics, 73 bale* domestics, 675 barrel* cotton seed oil. 6W barret* roln. 1.924 piece# pipe. 315.462 feet lumber, 28 barrel* rosin oil, 4 lurries, iti bundles l>x mate rial. 38 case* cigars. 30 boxes fruit. IC* hale* sweeping*. ST’ sacks clay. 75 tons pig iron. 383 bale* P fibre. 81 hale* sponge#. 10 barrel* pitch. 35 case* cotton seed oil, 1.208 bundle* (88.0081 shingle# ) bairel* tar. 95 package* merchandise. THOUSAND* AT THE RACES. Labor Day Brooghl Oil a Crowd a Sheepshend Buy. New York Sepl. 3 —Between 12.800 and 15.000 people look advantage of the holi day to vista the Sheepshead Bay race track to-day. The Twin City h.indlosip at one mile and a quarter, wa* the fea ture, oro ) (t resulted In a stirring struggle with a senrailonal dead heat af She wire between Klhelbert and Jack Point. Thy were only a neck before KMlashandra Summaries: Flret Rgce—Five furlongs. Kimberley, 5 to 1 won: Henry Clay Rye. 13 to 1 and 5 to 1, second; Strategist. 20 to 1. third. Time. 1:02 1-6. Second Hnce—Seven furlongs Fleuroa. 12 to 1. won: rwllte Wlethoff. 10 to 1 and 4 to 1. second; Leedsvllle. 8 to l third Time, 1:17 3-5. Third Race—The Autumn slake*, six furlongs Longshoreman. 9 to 10. won. Conroy. 4 to 1 and 4 to 5. second; Far Ho.-kav.av. 7to 1. third Time. 1:14 2-5. Fourth Race—The Twin City handicap. 1(4 nitie* Erhelhert. 7 lo 5 and 3 to 5. and Jack Point. 5 to 1 and 2 to 1. ran n dead heat; Klllashandra. W to 1. third Time. 2:07. * Fifth Race Weslhury steeplechase, about 2H miles Plato. *to 5. won; O.J Tank. 9 to 2 and 7 to 5. seroild; Charn grnce. 10 to 1. third Time. 5:28 Slxih Rare—One and one-vixleenth mHea on turf Imp. 310 1. won; Intrusive. 7 to 2 and 6 to 5. second. Maximo Gomel, 13 to 5. third Time 1:48 4-5. HGItl LTI OK THE JII %MO*II>. Brooklyn Won Morning and After nnnn tinmen From Chlengn. Brooklyn. Sept * —Two bane* on ball* by Orlffllh. hit* by Kelly. Dahlen and Me- Ouire, together with an out. gave Brook lyn a winning lead this morning In th* Br*t Inning, which they Improved upon and later won. Score: B. >l. E. Chicago 0 0 1 0 3 0 1 1 0-0 1* I Brooklyn ... & 1 0 0 o 1 0 8 x- IS 3 Baeerie*—Griffith atul Donahue; Ken nedy anil McGuire. Attendance 2.K The Brooklyn* won the afternoon genic by hard batting and hy faking a.lvanto :-- of the mlsploy* of the Chicago*. Hur*t railroaded the vlrltor* out tn the third, when Ryan atarted to kick on a decision, and the umpire ordered Kltaon to pMch the hall with no batter at the plate. Tilt* brought th* Chicago* to thetr #en** Score: R H. E Chicago ..< I 0000000 • 7 c Brooklyn .. 3 0 1 3 0 1 0 x-10 11 3 Bntterte*—Callahan and Chence;, Klt aon and Farrell. Attendance 6.000. Pittsburg Wo* Both Uaatea. Boston. Sept. *.-In to-day * Aral gam* THE MOKNING NEWS: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1000. with two on base* In the ninth inning. Wagner knocked the ball over the left held fence for .< home run Attendance 3.000 Score: R ll K Boston S 9 0 0 0 3 1 0 0-7 10 I Pittsburg 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 1 3—B II 8 llatt, rlra—Willis and Clarke. Leaver and O’Connor All pitchers looked alike to Pittsburg this attkrnoon. (Nippy wa* balled out of the box In the second Inning, and Lewis, who succeed-d >htm wa* equally easy. Waddell was extremely effective. Attend ance 5,500 Store: Second game— . RILE Boston 0 00000010-JI2 Pittsburg ...0 90101 I 0 I—II 17 4 Batteries— Cuppy, Lewis and Sullivan; Waddell and ZliFtner. Even llreak In ffrw Y ork. New York. Sept. 3.—The two games be. iween the New York* and Cincinnati* at the Polo ground* this nfternoon. result-vl In an even break The visitor* won the llrst and the borne team the second, aftir five Innings nnd been played The first gam.- the New Y'orks had practically won but became careless. Cincinnati winning In ihe nlmh by baiting Cwrrlck for six run*. The New Y’orks won the second game by timely hitting In the third in* nlng. Score*: First game— H H. E Cincinnati ..0 00002 1 1 6—lo 10 2 New York -.0 02101000-4 89 Batteries—Breltenstem and Kabo*; Car rlck and Orady. Attendance li.flon Second game— R H. E. Cincinnati 0 4 0 1 1— 8 9 5 New York J 18 0 I—ll 13 2 Batteries—Newton and Kalwie. Mercer and Bowerman. Attendance 12.000. CAMPANY A WON THE MATCH. (Continued from Eighth Page.) provided none of them la beaten hy those who conclude Ihetr shooting Ihl* morn ing. will contest for the Charles Mirk* medal at the known distances. There will be other contests to-day. no tably th carbine match and the regi mental match. There will be five or elx" teams, of ten men each. In Ihe regimental match. Many visitors were at the range to wit-' ness the shooting In fact, It wa* rathet a mutter of surprise to the military’ men to see so large a crowd out All appeared lo be very much interested In what they saw Among the visitors were a number of ladies, and It la probable thauto-day’a shooting will also draw a numbeffof spec tator*. No charge of admission to Ihe grounds or grandstand Is made The revolver match attracted quite a bunch of observers to the side of Ihe range where It wae held. The shooting was by two learn* of live men front the Georgia Hussars and the garrison at Tybee. The distance wae fifty yards, and Ihe scores were regarded a* very good Following are Ihe name* of Ihe com mands whose teams completed their score* yesterday, with names of the tnemb-r* ar.d the score* they made at the several ranges. The record Is compiled with pre cedence given the teams In accordance with the points they mgde. the possible scores being 25 at 200 yard*. 25 at 80” yards. 50 at 500 yards. 25 at Si> yard*, and 50 at the skirmish, a possible total of 175: t orapaar A, First Iwtantry, Savannah Y tilunterr Guards. 300 300 500 000 Sklr. Agg Richmond 19 21 37 19 24 128 Mercer 14 30 40 18 18 108 Garden 17 19 38 19 21 115 Feixer IS 26 21 28 121 Austin 19 17 40 11 20 107 Total 571 t ompnny B, First infantry, Savannah Y olontrrr Guards. sno 300 500 son .Sklr. Age Tunno 18 1* 31 19 34 ll* Bond 22 16 34 13 8 92 Stephen* 17 21 36 20 JO I® Myers 22 19 40 11 17 109 Wilson 19 19 34 10 16 9< Total 522 Troop 2, First Cavalry, Governor’s Horse Guard. >0 3 0 501 600 Sklr Agg Brown 20 19 24 17 16 108 Padgett 19 16 21 18 12 98 Wilson 17 17 41 20 11 in. Wright 17 18 33 14 19 101 Daniel 21 20 27 S3 ! 113 Total 522 • <iupi>n> L, First Infantry, Irish Jasper Greena. 3® 388 580 *OO sklr Agg McCarthy ... .18 18 35 14 12 95 Doyle 16 30 39 14 89 Coh*n IS 18 34 11 17 93 Phllpot 18 15 38 15 21 117 Reynolds 18 14 21 17 .. 12 Total 478 ( onipany F. Fourth Infantry, YA’aj eross Blurs—First Team. 300 200 600 SOOgklr Agg Brewer 17 19 28 14 25 108 Fentln 18 11 29 12 29 188 Baxley 17 8 29 11 18 81 Perham .18 14 18 0 11 80 Lowther 18 21 30 19 12 100 Total 447 Company K. First Infantry, knvnn nnh f'ndets. 2® 300 500 800 Sklr Agg Richter 19 17 19 2 0 57 Thorpe 19 22 34 14 28 115 Purse IS 20 25 7 18 91 gloat 16 19 30 IS 5 85 Hardy 5 19 29 23 IS 90 Total Ml Chatham Artillery. Navannah. 200 200 800 600 sklr agg Wheaton 17 21 20 11 15 94 OaMager 30 18 41 18 12 107 flaussy IS 10 32 It 13 81 Penton 16 15 31 15 11 90 Krenson 8 18 28 14 0 86 Total 428 Company H, First Infantry, German Yolunteers. 200 380 500 800 Sklr agg. Helmken 13 13 41 9 7 82 Rattghn 9 16 33 16 17 90 Umbarh 15 19 25 16 8 55 Bigler 1* IS 24 14 0 66 Konemann .. ..15 13 38 14 30 89 Total 412 Company C,, Fourth Infnntry, Al. bang Gnnrda. ftO 200 500 680 Sklr. Agg Nesbitt 15 16 lO 7 88 Wight IS 17 27 17 96 Brook* M 15 27 21 7 81 Adam* <U g lO 75 Doctors Say; Bilious and Intermittent Fever* which prevail in miasmatic dis* tricts are invariably accompan ied by derangements of the Stomach Liver and Bowels. The Secret of Health. The liver is the great ’’driving wheel” in the mechanism of man, and when it is out of order, the whole system becomes de ranged and disease is the result, Tutt’s Liver Pills Cure all Liver Troubles Southern Railway. Trains Arrive and Depart Savannah an 90 tb Meridian Tima One Hour Blower Than Ct ty Tima. in Effect Hu nday. June Ift HOT. ftAt> b6*rHn to fiTE~iuaf; ~ n read ”K 0.24 j No, Si | 7 ' | VI \ | (Centra 1 Time.) | j 12 ftpm.l2 3uatn .Lv Sava Mian Arj| 5 lOacuj 3 Itptn ll (La*tarn Tune.) 6 21pm 4 25am At Block Villa lo 3 80alU| 1 JTpov 6 Ottor. 6 loam Ar Columbia Lv;| 1 ftamjll 2*m 9 loptn 9 46ant Ar Charlotte Lv 9 55pmi 8 iuam 11 48|wnjll BpakjAr Onensborm. Lv 7 b’pu>| 5 Kan J- <*km, Ar 7.... . .Norfolk ‘ Lvj k O-pm Ti ilam| i MpmliAr D<n vill* l v 5 40pen ** ” * aom| 8 Epenj.Ar . .....fticrTineeij ' l.v. 12 Upm tl ••pm 1 4(kim i (IpoM.Ar TLynchbur* “. . 17 i :,.pn -' o*m 4 Siam 5 ftproj Ar Chariot tesville Lvli 2 12 s>pm 7 J&sm; 8 50pm Ar Wa*hlngtun l.v; U Utatm 9 it).'* 9 15am II 35ptn Ar Baltimore Lv; 8 22am 2 fTpm M 2nm 2 56am; Ar ...,P’ 'ladclphia l.v 360 am t '4pm 2 08pm 6 23am Ar -w Y ork !,v‘l2 lo.irn 326 pm 8 30pm; 3 00pen| At t Jew ton Lvij 5 o”pm 10 Mam No. 18 If TO THE NORTH AND WEBT. I Nu. fj (Centra 1 Time.) || 12 20am||Lv saavannah Ari 5 Ham |j (Eastoro Time.) U 6 20am iLv Columbia Lv]| 1 Yam 9 Son in , l.v Spa lannurg Lv 6 i6pm 12 I 'pm Lv A*b*vtl!e Lvj; 106(n 6 02p*n Ar Hog Bprlnge L 11 am 7 lupin Ar Kaoivllle L.' I 8 Fun 6 10am!|Ar Leil igton Lv’ilO Mpm 7 Cam Ar Cincinnati l.v 8 00pm T SOnm Ar lAUlavllie l.wlj 7 <6pm • OOpm’l Ar hi Louis Lvjj 8 Osam All trains arrive and depart from ths Plant Bystem Station. THROUGH CAR SERVICE. ETC. TRAINS 33 AND 34 DAILY. NEW YOR K AND FLORIDA EXPRESS Vasil buled limited trains, with Pullman Drawing Room BUvidng Cara b-Iw. e*i Sevan hah and New York Connect* at Washington with Co-otiml Express for Boston Pullman Bleeping Car* between Charimte and Richmond and Charlotte nod Nor folk Dining Cara serve all meals rwiween Savannah and Washington. TRAINS 25 AND 38 DAILY. THE UNITED STATES FAST MAI t. VeWlbu sd limited trains, carrying Pullman Drawing Itoomi Sleeping Car* between Savannah and New York Dining Car* eerv* al! meals between Savannah and Washtn-uav Also Pullman Drawing Room Slw ping Carr between Savannah and Cincinnati, through Asheville end "The Land of lha Sky " For complete Information *a to raleo, achadules etc., apply to Q. GROOVER Ticket Agent, Plant System Station JAMES FREEMAN, C. P and T. A, 141 Bull alraat. Tclephonea-Bell, 250; Georgia. 850 B H HARDWtCK A*sltnt Qenaral Passenger Agent. Atlanta. Oa. Morris 17 12 36 10 4 75 Toial 398 Cvnipany K. Fourth Infantry. Thowt navtlle Guards. 30 280 .’(>l 600 Sklr Agg Hargraves . .19 17 23 14 25 HI Williams 19 19 24 12 8 82 Brown 11 14 25 18 3 72 Hayes 14 IS 24 4 55 Bteyerman .. .IS 14 18 5 7 52 Total *73 I ompnny I. Fourth Infantry. Bain brldiie Independents. 3IW 300 500 60H Sklr Agg Wlmberley ...16 14 4 6 0 39 Orlffln 17 9 23 0 13 73 Pittman 15 19 10 16 12 71 Palmer 16 16 3h 9 16 77 Jackson S 13 33 16 8 92 Total 251 Company G. Heron,l Infantry, Bnrnrs vtlle Blocs. 300 300 580 800 Sklr Agg Bush 9 13 29 6 3 Ol Morris 14 17 14 0 8 ?3 Savatts 13 16 2* 13 12 88 Hunt 18 14 37 13 0 62 Adams 12 13 17 3 0 45 To4a! 32s f ompnny B. Fourth Infantry, Val doatn Vtdetlea. 280 30> (On too Sklr. Agg Everetts 17 15 26 0 3 81 Jone* 14 7 30 0 4 55 Myddleton 9 11 5 3 12 40 Carswell ] 9 26 8 6 61 Goodwin 21 18 27 10 0 76 Total ! ..253 4 oiupnny C. Second Infnntry, Floyd Blfles, Niros. 2nn 380 5(0 680 Sklr Agg Rrnnan 4 4 12 3 0 23 Erwin 16 13 36 0 13 68 Noiler 9 10 23 3 0 45 Winn 8 .. 3 12 0 7 Corbin 18 17 25 0 8 71 Total 237 Third Division, Naval Battalion, Ha vnnnnh. S<o 300 (00 880 Sklr Agg Mtscslly 14 5 ft .. 3 47 Taylor 15 4 28 3 .. 42 Rrndanl 12 5 6 .. .. 23 Paul 7 10 22 16 4 59 Bowlck U 12 12 18 2 55 Total 228 t ompnny D. Third Inrantry, Ogle thorpe Blfles, Lexington. *lO o Mo 800 Sklr Agg Fnrlsa 4 10 27 5 44 Hr-iks 14 12 10 .. 42 Tiller 13 6 24 5 45 Stewart 19 8 U 7 12 61 Shull 13 2 .. .. 5 >1 Total W ('’-•mp*** *8; fleet Infantry. llurUe Light Infantry. Wnyneahoro. 380 *BB 680 000 sklr agg Johnston 17 19 IS 8 0 57 Gresham. E. B 9 0 11 8 0 28 Henderson .. ..14 7 31 11 5 4* Foster Y 4 4 9 2 33! Gresham. W O 14 0 0 7 3 24 Total 209 Itrpedo 111 vision, Naval Militia, Hranavrlek. anu 20b Ho 680 sklr agg Bailey 6 9 0 2 2 16 Walla 14 15 14 4 3 Hi Pal mg ren 4 0 12 13 9 38 Sioekwfll 17 12 10 8 53 Boss 1* 14 5 0 IS 44 Total ®1 WEEKLY MARKET REVIEW. (nttna Firmer oa Backward Move ment Stork* Hall aad larllaed to W rtkaru. Thar* wa* no graat activity In It* cot ton market last w*.h. although the mar ket ruled lie me r Near month* showed tho moat strength, owing to th* very *low in crease In receipt*. At the close lon Fri day) September wa* 24 points higher at A74c. October 16 point* higher at 6.6>c, am) January 14 point* higher at 6.36 c. In Liverpool August went out with something of a nqiieete. and th* comer now aeeim to have been transferred to September. In which delivery a sharp ad vance haa occurred since Friday'* cloae. Th* alow Increase In receipt* cause* this, a* giving little hope of getting any large quantity of cotton aero** the Atlantic during September Crop account* are much mixed, private report* from tht* section being unfavora ble for the most part, while th* Chronicle reported almoet general Improvement The market look* firm at the moment, and can easily advance further while the movement continue* ao email; but fami eta who can get cotton to market Immed iately ahooid do ao. and thereby take ad vantage of the equeese. for an easier feel ing must be expected as receipt* get more abundant. The dullne** In flock* continue*. Change*, while small, are mostly lower, sugar being a specially weak feature. Rnllrouda are generally slightly lower, while Iran and steel clock* for the most uurt show some improvement, owing to more hopeful trade report*. There doe* not seem anything particularly weak In the situation, and In ihe case of ih< ma Jorlly of the storks It would appear ad vl.-able lo buy on depression*. A few lo be suggested would I* sugar, tobacco, the grangers, Tennessee coal and F.tlera Wm T. Williams. Hnlldni Markets. Live-pool. Sept 2. 4 p m —Colton Spot —lncreased demand; price* higher: A freer lean iul<l>Ring lair. 6-16d; good middling 6 1-334, middling. 5 31-33d. low middling 5 77*324: good ordinary. 5 7-16.1, ordinary. 5 l-Bd. (he ttnlcs of |he (lay were l.tif* bales, of which 580 were for speculation and export and Included 6,600 twice Amer ican. Receipts 4 3*4) hale*, all American. Future* opened ft fin and closed steady; American middling L 51 C.; Se|Mrabrr. i.: sellers: Bcptember-Ociober. 6 U) seller*. (Xiober-Nov’emtwr. 457 value; November- Decsmber. 4.49 buyers, Decemt>er-Janu ary. 446 selluns; January-February. 4.44 sellers; February-March. 4 41(44 42 letyers: Mnrrh-Aptil. 440 sellers; A|Wtl-3l iy. 4 3*1*139 buyers. May-June. 4.27474.31 buy er*. Charleston. S C., Bept 3.—Cotton firm, middling. 9c; sales H> bales. Charlesion. S. C.. Sept. 3.—Turpentine, nothing doing, rosin dull, unchanged Wilmington. N C., Kept. 3—Spirits tur pentine dull, unchanged; receipt*, HB Crude iurpefiUne dull. 11.J40229. Ke celpla. 306. Tar quiet, 81 48 Receipts 64. New Orleans, Sepl 3 -Receipts— |(oin 7iß barrels; lurta-mlne, 141; exturta none DARIEN’S NEW CHURCH. Completed and Dediented With Ap propriate Ceremonies. Darien. Ga . Sept 2-The new !*renby terlan Church In this city was dedicated yesterday. The dedicatory sermon wa* preached by Rev. A. B. Curry. D D . pa* tor of the First Presbyterian Church, of Birmingham. Ala., and the music was led by a choir composed of immltrs of all denominations. Dr. Curry was assisted In the service* by Rev. L. R. Lynn, pastor of Ihe Darien Presbyterian Church, and Rev. Francis McCullough, pastor of fh Methodist Church. Fourteen month* ago Ihe pretty Presby terian Church caught lire from a burning redden- e near by. and In apt!* of sverv effort of the crowd* which thronged the grounds It was totally destroyed Th con rrcgstlon was not dauntmt by the sad situation, but a few day* later a m■cl ing wa* held at the Methodist Church on the Ridge, and It wa* determined to re build os seam as possible. A build.tin com mil tee was appoint'd, composed of nn> of the moat active memb ra of the church, who wont to work end. notwithstanding Ihe many obstacles, have comoletel tb building at a coat of about W *i. The new church would be a credit to a much larg er town. LEGAL SALE* CITY MARSHAL S SALE City Marshal'* * ilßce. Savannah. G*.. Sept A ISO) —L'ndcr and by virtue of ex ecution* for real estate for the year IMO. placed In my hands by C. 8. Hardee, ctly treasurer, 1 will sell, as required by the city ordinance. Ireforc the Court House. In the city of Savannah, county of Chatham, state of Oorgla. between the lawful hours of rale, on the Ural Tuesday In October. 16t*>. tho following property {lot and Irn provetntnts thereon), to wit: Each piece of property (lot and Imp-ovemen * there on) pvled on aa the property or the p r*>n or person* who— name or names Imme diately precede the description all of th* •aid property (lot and Improvement* thereont situate, lying and being In the city of Savannah, county of Chatham, ■late of Georgia: B. Wm Brown. tru*a. south half of lot No M. Johnston ward. H C. W, Howard, lot No 16, Reppard ward. I‘att* Hopkln*. east half of lot No. 12, aub-dlvl*lon lot No. 21. Robertsvllle ward. B John Smith, lot No 1 oub-dlvlslor lot* No 79. 12. 61. 66. M. Choctaw ward. W. Estate Michael Walsh, lot No It, Choc taw ward Terms cash; purchaser paving for title and stamps JOHN POWER City Marshal • CITY MARSHALS SALE City Marshals Office, Savannah. Oa.. September 4. ISOU —l’nd<r and by virtue of execution* for paving, laying, repairing or curbing sidewalk*, placed In my hand* by C. 8. Hardee, city treasurer, 1 will well, aa required by Ibe city ordinance, before the Court House, tn the City of Savannah, county of Chatham, slate of Georgia. Ire tween the lawful hour* of sale, on the First Tue*dv In October, 1606. the follow. Ing property (lot and Improvement* there on), to wit: Each piece of property (lot and Improvement* then on) levied on a* the property of the person or person* whose naaga or name* Immedi ately precede the description; all of the said property (lot and Improvements Ihereon) situate, lying and being In the Ctty of Savannah, county of Chatham, stale of Georgia 11. C. Wallace Howard, Lot No. U, Reppard Ward Term*, cash; purchaser paying for title and stamps. JOHN POWER. City Marshal. Plant System. of Railways. Train* Operaisd by nth Meridian Ti me-One Hour Slower Taan CUT Tima. READ Down j. Eff c ivs A-g 6 19iw‘*j, ItidD UP- I l * IB i42| t 4 : Nuiiii ami .-ou:h .i It I 1 7^” * •*!* •““ 1- 10, . u>> (a L. .Bav.inn.m.. v I<4> 11 tSa*U lip 12 la. U H)U 4 Ip 10 joa| V jia Ar ...Charlesion ... 1-vijll lip I Wa; I lop 7 41a) *wp j * 25a j 7 ftp Ar ... Richmond .. Lv, 9 (wa, 6 4p| - -••••• I 7 via;. II ’|< Ar ..Washington... Lv;| 4 Mai I 07M I * ***|. 1 ig., Ar ... Maitmmre ... l.v; 2 55a! 1 46pi .....a. v| 12 Aip 11 33p| —.... I 1 M|j J 80a, Ar ....New Y’org.... Lv;| 9 ftp, 5 Mai ,s 53 23 Kuril 7* 16 34 32 | ’li‘ _ • **•’ -5c ■ - -O’ J . 11 .11 lb Ar|l t 4|U la.:. 11 -a to 1- * Oipj (• tup in Hiu, 1 Joa g * Vr . .Waycroa- l.v 10 Sop 9 'p 9 5.x 9 *<(* 7•• 12 50.1 l 9 ftp. 2 lt.pi { xtpj t tip' Ar .. Tbamasvltl# . l.v! 7 '6p| f f op( 5 4iaJ 5 its * 3taa 10 ft|> 7 *>p |;> wa 9 ft.| *d a .Ar ... J'k onvttia I.v| 8 20;. * UUji * *M| 7t, ( t*o I I | I -‘Op 2 Mi- Ar ...Galnsevill* l.v 2 40p| Slip J lt|- Ar Oca I* .... Lv 1 40p| to Bo| 10 H’p Ar .St. I'etersliurt.. Lvi| 4 oha j 7 SOuiO 00" to 00p 10 OOp iAr Tam|M Lv]j 7 00a 7 uua 7 ftp 7 p ....• 1 * ll*. Id kop|lo Aip 10 ftp Ar ... Port Tump* Lv; C 25a 4 ft.,! 7 00p 7 nhp ....a. j I 1 tOM] 1 Iftaj 1 10n Ar . Punts Gorda . l.v ) 4 lip t 35p -.a. I i 110(5*10 15* Ar . St Au guxttne. Lvjl 8 S)p| 8 20p| l> rite l.v Sav.vinah .. l.v o 1 al. loa j 6 45p 5 !sa| t COp 6 48a Ar Jesup l.v; * 3>a 18 Hg.* !.......!-.... ! • Sip 7 10*| f 35p| lift* Ar Brun a Wick... Lv|| 6 40a | 9 Usp| ) ).... NORTH. WEST AND SOUTHWEST I* . 51 (la las HR n 14 ti 15 25 \i* Munlgocn-ry , 18 | 7 l.v .vav.imi.ib Ar ,111 I * U 10a t 5 uOi l ' Kft l.v H i -n ah Vr " l a I tte 6 45p| 8 48m| Ar ... Jaflup.. Lv I • khvllO Wp m, 9 .vq. Ar Mig tnery l.v 7 45p1tl 25* 2 uua, 1 tip Ar Ma.vm .Lv i 1 Onn 2 3hp 7 lOp! 6 50* Ar Nashville Lv | 9 O>M I*4 5 28a| IWp Ar Atlanta Lv |lo 4ip 13 uhp I JdaiJ ftp Ar Loul.vdh, Lv 3 55a tlb 9 45a 8 4"|> Ar Cha’tiouga Lv I 6 dip 6 45a 7 oh. 4 or-|. Ar rtn.mnall Lv !tl 5 46p 7 m>| 7 WajjAr. Umlavllle Lv 7 45a 7 45p 1 Mai 7 lip, Ar 8L Loula Lv 1 ftpl • fta 7 aop 7 4ia Ar Clllclftiall Lv C SO* 7Wp | || (J. ft N ) 7 84* 6 f*,|. Ar St Loula Lv j * 15p 8 (Ma J S2a| |;Ar Be. lfttila Lv 8 OOp 7 15*1 5 UgiilAr. Chicago Lv I 8 H’p I UOp | (j (g gO ) Mw I lip l.v Atl*)ita Ar 10 3,’,p 11 3na <*>*! tßn ■Ar Chlcsge I.H 1 IMp * *u> 1 15* Ar Muiiitn. I.( 121* tIMp “ ... ~~Z , ... 9 45* 7 18a Ar K,in**CltyLvj| 4 38pi 9 4ip 4 !2pl 3 ofw> Ar Mobil# ..Lv||l3 58pj12 20a ■ .ms, dally. 9 38,. 7 40a Ar N Orleans L* 7 15.17 41(9 t Dally except Sunday. . i. navannah A: 10 15a ISunday only. 1 45ai! Wp Ar.. Tlflnn ...Lv 115a 5 ftp in North. East and West. nd to Florid* I ti> Al Columbus Lv 10 00a ton tier! loub iuNilr al I'ori Tau|ii will* nmweri far Krjr Waal and Havana. Lrvlni l*rf Tanapn Monrfnya, Thirda>f and Maturdaya At 11 iM |. m . J H Polhrtaua. T V A; K A Armand . CHy Tkt A#t.. Pa Hoio Hotal PIMM B W WHBNN, PiMfnftr Tra Ittc Mun uur, Havnnnah. Oa McDonough & ballantyne, v Iron Founders, Machinists. IllwahauiUha, Mai Ir rm* h ass, manalac. urr r* of Slatlua. *' . , !’ v !/ ary nad FwrUkMa Btnri*aa, Varriant and tap Maanlag '5 iara Wllla, u , r Mill aad t’a a Ska flag. Uallrra, at a. • r " TELEPHONE NO. 123. Double Daily Service The short line lo Norfolk. Washington. Baltimore, Philadelphia. New York and the Eusi ~ | HoT44 | No. 66 Lv Savannah. 8. AX. Tty jl2 14pm,11 59pm Ar Columblu. 8 A. L. tty, 4 38pm 4 36nm Ar Raleigh, 8. A L. tty.. jll 37pmill 50am Ar Durham. 8 A, L lly .| 7 )vm 4 16|on Ar Peierhiirg, SAL Hy 4 13am 1 top 111 Ar Ricnmond, K A I. By 6 15am; 5 4opin Ar Washington. I’enna 8 45am; 9 Hg.m Ar Baltimore pennn |lO tciom ll 25pm Ar Philadelphia. Penna 12 27pm| I Hinm Ar New York Penna | 303 pm 4 13am " , jWo 44 N • Lv Savannah. B A L Ry;l* *spmiU Mpm ArPortomoulh. 8-ft.L.Ryj 7 OOtainj 6 (opm Hfe enters leave Norfolk dally, excepi Sunday, for Baltimore. Philadelphia and New York, and dally for Washington The *li.>rt line b. Mnntgoui- ry M,,titTe and New Orleans, leaving Savannah at 725 a m.. arriving at Montgomery 740 p. m., at which point cl,we connection I* made with the L. ft N It R.. arriving al Mobile 3:06 a. in and New Orleans 7:to a. m. short line to Fernaixiina. Tackson vllle. Tnmiw and other Florida points. | No. 27 , N f.v Savannah. 8 A L fiy’ 5 88*m] 2 6fr*n Ar Fernnndtna. 8 A L Ity 9 ftam 9 ,pm Ar Jacksonville. 8 A 1. tty! 9 loam 7 40pm Ar Tumps. 8 A. L. Ry .. 5 90pm; 6 10am Magnificent Pullman buffet sleeping c*r service to Washington, Balllmore. Phila delphia and New York; nlso to Jackaon vtlle nnd Tamiw. Dining car* from Savannah to Hamlet, and Richmond lo New York Buffet parlor cars Savannah to Mont gomery. For additional Information apply to Ticket office. Bull and Itryan streets. Phone 28. I U L k HOPE H] AND C i l R 7 KHtJIILk For Isle of Hope, Montgomery. Thunder bolt. Cattle Park and West End. Dally creep* Sundays. Subject tn change without notice. ISLE OF HOPE. Lv. City for 1. of H i Lv Isle of Hop*. 228 am from lent It u uu am for Holton 7 30 am from Tenth 6uo am for Tenth 8 18 am from Tenth 7 00 am for Tenth 915 am from Bolton 880 am for Tenth to 28 am from Tenth 10 80 am for Tenth 12 08 n’n from Tenth 11 0) am for Bolton 1 15 pm from Hotaon 11 10 am for Tenth 288 pm from Tenih 200 pm for Tenth 330 pm from Tenth t4u pm for Bolton 43 pm from Taulb 300 pm for Tenth 110 pm from Tenth 6W pm for Tenth 830 pm from Tenth 600 pm for Tenth 710 pm from Tenth 700 pm for Tenth a> pm from Tenth * Of) pm for Tenth 920 pm from Tenth 9 (8) pm for Tenth 10 Hi pm from Tenth 10 08 pm for Tenth 11 Of) pm for Tenth MONTGOMERY. Lv city for Mong’ry. | Lv Montgomery 8 30 am from Tenth I 7 15 am for Tenth 2 pm from Tenth |ll5 pm for Tenth (SO pm from Tenth |BOO pm for Tenth CATTLE PARK. Lv city for >ll l’,.rk i-> Cattle Park. 820 am from Bolton 708 am for Bolton 720 am from Bolton 808 am for Bolton 100 pm from Bolton 128 pm for Bolton 220 pm from Bolton 28) pm for Bolton 7on pm from Bolton 728 pm for Bolton 880 pm from Bolton 180 pm for Bolton THUNDERBOLT Car leave# HoMon street Junction 666 a. m. and every thirty minutes thereafter until 11:86 p. m Car leaves Thunderbolt at 6 60 a. m. and every thirty minutes thereafter until ltd midnight, for Bolton street Junc tion. FREIGHT AND PARCEL CAR This car carries trailer for passenger* on all trip* and leave# west side of city mnrkei for Isle of Hope. Thunderbolt and util Intermediate points at t 00 a. m . 1:00 r- m.. 606 p. m Leaves Isle of Hope for Thunderbolt. City Markee and all Intermediate point* at 640 a. m . 11:00 a. m.. 240 p. m. WEST END CAR Car leave* west aide of city market for Went End 666 a. m. sad every 40 minutes thereafter during th* day until 11:60 p. tn. Leave* West End at 6.30 a. m and ev ery 40 minute* thereafter during the day until 12:06 o'clock midnight. II M l-OFTON Gen Mgr MBKIII ■ Morphine and Whisker hat* flllTTTl W"* treated without pair or IIIJ I II nil couhaemeat cwtr guaraa uriu Vil ■ V ■IS uarkua. ao- \ ttv 0k Reh.dnle Efferlloe Aug *7. 1846. *• Train* arrive at and depart from Central Station. West Broad, foot of Liberty at root. SHh Meridian Time—(Hie hour slower than city time. Leava Arrive Savannah: Savannahs |Augu*ta. Mac-on, Atlanta.| • Cara i 'ovlinitial. MllledgevtllefWi uopaa iad all Intermcdlule pomts| {Augusta Maeon. Atlanta.| “ ►Alln-n*. Montgomery. Co-j •9 Mpmlltimliu*. Birmingham. Aan-|*6 Hum jerlou*. Eufaula and Troy.| t* 00pm, Dover Accommodation. )t? Warn J Wpnii Guy ion Dinner Train? |M Mpoa •Dally. tExcept Sunday BETWEEN SAVANNAH AND TYUEft 7Mb no rtdlan or Savannah city tima( Ur.aVb SAVANNAH. Week lioyo—Ju a. tu.. 6u.v* a. m., IJt p. til. 6:26 p. m . U:M p m . * W p. m. Sunday*—7:C a. ro,, It) u. a m , 3.J6 p, m . &.2& p. m . .io p. m.a as p m LEAVE TTBEE. Wa*k Day*—.W a. in., a.uo *. m.. UAt a m . ft:t& p m.. 7:M p. m , 10.10 p. m. Sundays—o.oo a. m . is a. m.. U:10 a. m . 6 6m p. m . 7 u p. m . p. m C'onneeeion* mad* at terminal points with all trains NorUiwaat, Warn and South wen I. Sleeping cars on night Iralna between Savannah ami Augusta. Macon. Atlanta and Birmingham. Parlor ears on day iraln* be*waan Sa vannah. Macon and Atlanta. For complete Information, achaduiaa, rate* and ronneeilona. apply to W a. BREWER. City Tick#! and Paaa anger Agant. 107 Bull atroat. or W R McINTYRE. Itapot TVkat Agent. J C. HAILE General PaMongsr Agent. B H HINTON. Trafllo Manager. THEY) D KLINE Oaa. Superlmandmt. Savannah. Oa. U)00,000 HIDES W*KTED7 DRY FLINTS UHe IHT SALTED mt* GREEN SALTED Mho D. KIRKLAND, Successor Jo R. Kirkland. <l7 to IXI II Julian * treat, weak BRKNNAN BROS., WttOLESALI Fruit, Produce, Grain, Etc. 32 BAY STREET. WOOL 7etaptae #**. A PERMANENT CURE of the moat obstinate rasas of Oonorrtaa Sand Gleet, guaranteed In from 8 to • days ; so other treatment required. Hold by all druggteta DONNELLY DRUG CO„ SAVANNAH. OA. DRt’GB, BEKDB. ETC. Mail rdfrt aottrlted. Kail phone Ot P B Betid (or free aamiil* P. A P. DyeptpeU Cura. J. D. WEED * CO UTUIiB, aA. Leather Belting. Steam Packing & Rose. Aanta far NEW TOHK RUBBER BEUTINU AND I‘AOKI.NO COM PANT. ODD NEWSPAPER* KB (or a oaalA M BuiUieea Offlca Mom** Neva. 7