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4 A TEXAS WONDER. •foil's (.rrni IHurovrrv. On* small bottle of Hall's GrtMt DU covery cures ail kt lr*> and Madder trout*lPs. r*tn<>\ •j* frawl. cures diabetes, eemtnal <.-fnl##iotiß. wak u<l urn* back*. rhoumaiiHiu and all irnfUlrHl of thi k!dn)N afid t J r jn both nv-ti nd women. tsffuUt** bl idier troub'c** in chil dren If not Hold b> y< ur drujrflst will sent my mail on receipt <*f •' of ** eniall t>*tti** im tw Months (realm* nl and will cure any cas above mentioned I)r E W Hall. #ol* manufacturer. I O. Bo* C 9. S* 1 ,f>ulMo Send for tentl tnon:j|t boil In all tlrurgUt* nd Solo mon* Cos.. Savannah, Oh. Nratl I lil. Dr E TV Hill. Bt. Lout*. Mo Dear Sir -PI a ship nv three doaen Hall's G'tai P ov r\ by first nprr*. 1 have •oid O'-r on* crei> It nivtH perfect sat tifactl n and I rp 'tnm* nd It to my customer*. Your* truly. If C OROVfII Prep A tit I* Monopoly Dm* Btore. Oeela Ff* Drc 13 SAVANNAH INLAND STEAMERS. CiRATIFYVNG IM RK lK l> TR %H MtOttN FOR TtlE VRAM. Mrr Han ll*-#n In Hnlldtuu I |i the Trade f the l*re. ent Mara lluiii In t>tahllhlia >rw onm-vnathrm Traoaporta ((■• t out|mit% tlperntea Knwr (**• ft* Auguatn. nriil llanilled 'lnrli Tbrnagh llnalnraa Prom the %aartli. Ilenefort nml 'vniah Mar '*!• Urrat rmirraa—Rrvlrw of thr la- Ihmil StritNM'r Haalu*aa for the *ra ann of I %M-IMMI. The iiitln* t feature of Savannah's In land pteamboat hufinem durin* th* pa.'t year war the eucceesftll efforts to provhl* u better and quicker y*trm of boat* to ueoo*nm*il.te Ihe o'rmUl) Ini reaping de mand for these facllltle*. The year'* work coneleted more In Improving the Muhilahetl lines than it did In Undine and devloping new on*> The absence of cotn- Id.iim for a year Is a pretty ***l Indica tion that all points lntere*te<l In prompt Inland #(* inter connect lone with Savan nah are b* in* cared for. !’nl*r these circumstance* the fact that no new line* have been addnl doe* not mean . lack of rntcrprtu on the part of those engaged In the bu*lrtee. Aside from the summer resorts Iha principal points ronne. ted with Savannah by Inland steam* ro are Auausta. by the Southern Transportation * *m|Mny'i* line, Beaufort, by the Beaufort hiu! Bavannah Line, and liluffion. hy the steamer Do retta By the strenuous efforts of those en** 1 In the business each line i able to m*ikc a better showing than It did last year, and promise* to Improve as the t'<nnn*rc tail import once of the |*otnts they connect Increases. lOnQnfth has been seen during the year to demonstrate that the Steamer lines have done much to Increase bulnet> at river towns bv efieouraffln* and working up It am* , and thereby rful Ing trade retitlons with the <mhs.l* world that greatly contribute to their growth The HoiMhern Transportation Company control* the river liualn<s between Savan nah and Augusta. The officer* an- James T. Both well, president. Augusta; W. T Olhson. vice president and to neral mana ger. davannah; Walter K. Olbaon, secre tary and treasurer. Savannah, nml W M Harney, traffic manager. Augusta. The directors are Charles Kates, preshtent of the John I* King Manufacturing Com pany of Augusta. Paul Mustln of the firm of Paul Mustln & Cos., wholesale groeera. Augusta, and the oflh'cr* of the company. The company Is chartered under th** laws of (Jeorgtu with a c9pftal of |, and With the privilege of Increasing It to fU*,- oi> ia will According to Information fur nlphed the Morning News at the com pany’s local office, one-third of the capi tal 1s owned by Augusta mill men. and the balance locally. I’ntll the recent char ter of the Southern, the line was oieruff ed by W T. Olbaon and associates of Ba vanmih For obvious re anon*. Augus tan* were Interested, one of the- fruits of which Is the baling pt through freight front the North to tNm. via , the Ocean Steamship lines to Ssvannah and thence to Augusta by Island steamers The fact of large consignee* being interested bus helped to Increase th* business great ly, and fortifies the !ln* against oppoel tlon with which ft would otherwise have to contend. The railroads entering Sa vannah have recognised the Southern, ami allow It a differential on all bualmnr handle*!. The Southern owns and operates the steam* r* Harry O. fay. W. H. Cook, Ethel, and the Santee. These are not on the line during the summer scamxv how ever, a* business is generally not PiiSKetant to wupitort all of them Those out of the regular *rvi<*e ar* not always tied to the dock*. though. ;■ * the omp.;ny find* profitable ib* for ih* m In th excur sion business to th*- various r***ort* Mbmii Savannah reach**! by the river route* The lafeM e quMMon to the flel won the fleam* r Santee, which h* l*©en over haul**! throughout anl ©quipped as a freight and passenger Iwxit. I'tnnrrr In Mher Tratllr. General Mmain r Olhson hat* been con nected with the line since DC>B. and may I* call'd its found*-.-. When 17 yean* old he spirted In the busine** at Augusta •* clerk on the steamer Swan, then running t*-tw*en Savannah and Augusta. In be hviim** master of the Two liova Later h built the steamer Katie, running hen for ten v r*. at the expiration of which ht dl*poeed of hi** p irt Intereat In h r and bought and rohullt the steamer CjrrP In 'SKI he went to Pittwbtirg and superintended the building ni the steamer W. T Whsalees. whleh was one of th* best and fastest boats ever run on th line between here a tat Augusta. She was 111-fated, however, and after her thirteenth trip was burned at Savannah the midi year she was built, together with 900 hole* of cotton The Wheels** was valued ai IIMOO, and was covered with It&.OOh of In sum nee In those days there was considerable opposition In the business on this line. Th* Hicamer Katie being run by John Lawton, and do*inn*: to again establish a lUw Mr Gibson bought a small bout call ed the Mary Fisher, and again started in business. He later got In control of the fleM by buying the Katie Altout this tlm the Mary Fisher went to the bottom at Ptokes* Tthiff She wag uninsured. hut her machinery was recovered and uM In building the Swan, which was later sold to the old * Skim road. Tn IWCi Mr. Gibson built the Ethel, and later the W. H. <*ook Meantime the Katie was sr>aggsl above the etty and went to th* bottom, and be- Ing overed only by fire Insurance, was stated to be a total loss The next to the last d*umr . <iulrtd was the llarry G. Day, th* last tolng the Santee. No official statement ha- ever been made by the company. and the amount of hus lrvpf* done yearly is not known Referring to this Mr Gibson said: "The freight and pas-•tiger business of our line runs to about fT '/tn a year. We handle much of the through business from th*- North for Augusta ami way landings. Including large ehtpou tils of suimr. salt, molasses, nails, lmn. .nd other heavy freight and general merchandise it may •*• *atd the through burin* - is our specialty, a* little alien tion has been given of late to business for waylandinc*. mu h of which now* goes to tbs railroads. When all our lmafs ire runnim: the line Isas about seventy-live employes " Great improv m*-nt has im n made In the system of handling through freight, Mid much of the success ts due to the fn d* -tstlgaUte efforts of Mr Gibson. The | **•****♦* rut* to tbs various wharves at 1 regular Interval*, gather up the frelffn* ior*d at convenient place# for them. at.l find no trouble jn tii*i*?rhliijt the intrusted to fhtm It t claim*l that freight from the North for August* *• • i.ifMUtigs <*in l* Mlver*d .*# qui klv oy tle n> (ttti liner? and fiver •taro , r~ a* It •an by rail llranfort anil VRVNnuuli l.lne. Thr Beaufort ami Savannah Ism- op erate* the cmni'f • < Ilf ton and Alpr.a. anl I* tontrolkal hy (leone • V Beach tnaiiiiglng owner The * *lift**n tans fcaulariv Urtwt-vri Savannah att-l Beaufort, u town *f about ;.*■ popula tion. makwig r'gu!at irl|e* Mi). W*d ncwlays arf Prtdav*. n*l laung run on ursitMi* on Sumlay? Th* Alpha e ojn f.r rhartT only. Thb lin* h* mmle r*n*ivi* imprvefnenf•* **n r bnata during th* With in* aid of this and other improvement* i* htalnri> for th*- year Is*- been satisfactory’, brit a **s timatl * about fr. .g|;t ami *• *- st nger. t'apt lleath •me to Savannah from Crescent City. Fia . flv* v. *r - *ge lie sue In th* am**•• iMtsitass heri\ **e- Inga halt owner in fla lleach md MUI-r Line, running on th** St John s b*dws#n Jn k-otivll!** arut tip ri\er |*rints Owing to the freoae of and thr *n- <j*i**nt • larnag* to tin otange oral other rojs*. he j dtcgled to I* av#- f.r a mor* Inviting field, i and came to Savannah with me steamer i Uw BafTord i*n*l th* Slat, puttirig th#- | former *> the Ibriufort and the otlwr on ! Hi** Ihufftnn route* lie h*or) haw the i natsl f fustet iMi.its, ami inf*Mtiiig of thof* b had. bought t lie c; if ton. then a revenue culler at H *itimge . which he j • •inverted for the f |iai put|*os*' of run ning on the In-aufort rout*- In r* iportae to |h increasing tlemaial he ts>ught the A ipha Th. rej|t of h|. enterprise h.i* le-rn to Increase largely the business of the line by diverting it (• Savannah from its f*r mcr charm* Afl th** stores to and from the port naval station and Fort Kr**mont. which formerly went via t*har*-*on and the Ati-inti roast Line. i.*w goes through Savannah The feature of the year's busine*# has l*een the building Up of 4 he truck bust m-s from the tViroiina islands, which promises to l*e*ome *oor< of gre it lr>ffv to the lin- us well as to growers About I.uti barrels of potatoes for the North were hundbd through Savannah •luring the ye;ir. and If Indications don't fall, t is expected 15.0nh barrels will be handled next year Al>oiit 15.hb* eases of canned oysters for Baltimore were also handled during the y. f tr This business formerly went from Port Royal by rail. nd from Charleston by w-at*r With re g*rtl to the truck business, it may be •■•utd that ev*-ry en*v>urag*-tnent Is twin* given growers, wkh th* ho|e of building up : more extensive business for the coming season. The gaining of this busi ness Is due to a romprffltlvc rate given grower* by the Beaufort and Bivannah utul the Ocean Steamship Company. ThF was mad* possible by th*- pleasant relation* which have exlst-d during he year between 4 he Ocean St-amshtp Com pany and the railroads wi , ti all the In land steamer lines entering fffavwrnah. Summer Iteaorta t Costs. The fact that over SkflftO persons are estimatMl to have t*een handhsl by this line during the year Is rtough evidence of th*- demand for suitable ou'lng ground* in reach of the steamer line* Oapt Beach has given much thought to this and hope* in the near future to I*** abb to .mnwincp his readiness to afford thr desire.l facilities While he is not yet ready to disclose his plans for publication, h* hopes to I**’ able to do so noon. Wh n pleasure seekers are out for a good time they do not mind #|*endUig <i inrttin of the tlnv- on the water, and with reasonably quick schedules to . beach resort. It Is believe*! It woii!l le lib- • rally patronised Tlrer** nr#* l4ac#o rouM be rmchwl In a little uver an hour'* run from S.ivani ah f*apt. Mearh'e former enter |*rl*#* |a an tenir <n • that I hie irnprovevnent wifi 1m- m )*•, if there le any |MwMl)lllty of jAi'encnpilehiiiß tl. Anmnar the other liver craft i* the steamer Dore*lta. which run# he#ween Ha vannah and liluffion. Hhe l# owned .tn<l operated hy Ch pt. Chadwh k. EfTorfM are belnn made lo *rlve irood servit e on this line The Doretta over one clay and hark (he next. 4 4tlMM<*e In the Kninrr. It may lu* said thot the hope of all j#ejiri)lo(irmeri remnlne to b' fr**titled hy kiC*lty Council. This looks arrange, poe •lbly, but they eay they will attend to the building up of (m<l> relafiona if Coun cll will help lh**m In one regard. What they have wanted for several year* are suitable ipprna* h ■ o th wharves where their honr land. The present steps lead Ing down to Klver street are sleep nnd hard to cend and descend All Interest ed are gening together, and hope In the neor future to have improvements rnnd*> In thie direction. They any this Is nil the outside help they desire. Their ' onft denre Is complete in the increasing tm jswtance nnd expansion of river business An evidence of #h' increase in the water ?mnis>rtuVlori facilities of Hsvannah Is the fact that during the year ending .June xt the steamlKMit inspectors for the Fourth district Inspet <1 vessels aggre gating over 4.VWW) t*ms, the largest ton nage of any pan smith of Holtimore. ex cept New Orleans. nl nearly three times the tonnage of any port, with the exception of N*w Orleans and Norfolk. ri BO AMONG HVMUHKV Cattlriuen Ilrorr kheep Over a I'reclplee. Walsenburg. Col . Kept. • —Hepotl* from Hharpsdale. Col., says that the feud over flic use of the range which ha# long exlst d between cattlemen and sheep men reached ii climax this week, when the cattlemen drove #h*p over a high prevtvrtce. Th** trouble has grown out of iho oCsircMy of water uUng the water ours* - kt s s,*il that the entire coun try hat taken up arms i hlnee Itlaek I’lnu* Yokohami. Hrpt. 3 —The Jap.inese for • tgn off!co has received a Wpatrh fnwi Hha Hsu. (Hh i listen?), klel Hept 4. -.tying that laig** budltw of "lik*-k Flags." under command of Urn. Liu. were {staring northward through the provinces of llu .N*an ind Hu Pei. Twenty Hounds fa n Urns. 8f Joseph. Mo , Bpt. A —Harry Forbes of Chicago and Caq tr Leon if N* w York, fought a twutyround draw to night I'kti W Cures' Dandruff, Falling Hair Brittle Hair and all Troubles, such as Itching. F.czema Eruptions, etc. Purely Vegetable, harmless and reliable. CURE GUARANTEED tTtn nftrr nil .gVr remtdir* ho fiUUd, or mimry rtfuntlrtl A BANKER WRITES: Rimpoj B.nk, Colawhw. T.. r<kW “Cato IMnR Oorv’ utKn-r>t>w t ,reparation lot Ifcakatrtbat I Unnar >wl fcladi* send n two fat Il iMbMIM br hhm H ADKISHOhIeN. For Hal* by all Drugri*t and Barhrr* Tma t**e t*n hair ana Sraip Trnublr free on request A. H.UKhmKU).. - Chisago. Btwirr of imttatlowa. Tk> only hair preparation adralttad to ttw Faria Exposition For oh by Ltppman Itroa.. Columbia Drug Cos. aud Knight's Fkariuacv “• va cate Qa. THE MORNING NEWS. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7. 1900. VARICOCELE AND STRICTURE. rtwslse St e I ImmJ . #£ v . ttrra* H iihoui ll|irriiMi>a nr l*l *•> n *rm * K*- | 4 fire.tllns rtiwn t>' —i •>©—* Mill in bv o*b-r •*—' ■ lil|,ta .r I h, I.min r-M-ar.h h b.. li*. ,v rr I lh** ijgwv I®*. ~ 'rr* rv hb\ ivn him ne worbl wul r^pvi- I lion liV.h n.,n)o i.ailjv mI lh< rrruit f whlrh. In In* \ -iM P IvnrtMlltv of .-ur* h.- bronuhi lo him a pi-arth-e •• r - r |bn ibai of any otbrf Ifn *n th <ounuy > <*•■ Halhaimv b, i m-thori rnHrrly own rur-a Xirli'- | Ur , Vji <!• alihfMii any opt-r or pain or 10. of .a | i,..n> IH. ir-otmnt wa i. by l>r -- X. Hat bo wav on.l ivr* l |->-lilv >-ly n> oi h*r irra'marl In ii"a 'w -■ whl-h will rur.- wllhoul anl of ih- knlfn or aomr poinlul l‘ ioprrailon. BIXK>n POISOSINU In all Ita llfr*re-nt l* rur-i J Nrwimi Hathawwy X D. wllh . .ruirtv bv Hr Hathaway'* ir*amani wlin- OII* .a.lvailnn nr any oihrr 111 rffr.-l. Th. cum |r*ormrd by him arn radical, aprrdy. ptnmnnl, u-- . Dr. H ill aw ay lt treat* wllb Ihe *im auarnnlrc of am rear l>>a or Maniy, arc I oihrr v' hnvnlc dlaewaea of m*-n. Including ll Kblney and l rbiary and {trivial disorders. Hr. H.lhia.f'a N ala*y-fonr-|>*B Book. Tr. at tig fully of all the disease,* which he treat* seal telling of bl* tnelhod together wiili * d* il of valuable y f*>rmtof which will help any one to examine hi* OWI cotiditlof) Will le sent FKEE on applies I too. as will also carefully prepared self rxsmlr at ion blanks. Consullation aiol advice free st office or by mall J. HRWTOW HTM\*V * . - ... , . Office ll* urs—ft to 1? m , ! to 5 and 7 ffo Hr. Hathaway a 1 •• y p m fl.itulayt 10 a. m. to 1 p, m ;jk Bryan Miml. Savannah. Qq. THE WEATHER. Fora cant Cr Ft Ulay and Socinlay (Ivory la —tiytwrrv Friday aial iiwaab'v Ratunlav. frvab to brlak *w*i *o north east winds Ksetern FkwUlt—Showers Friday and l rvbtbly Sturdtv; fresh cast tv mb pos sibly brtj-k on the North Gulf Y*- l erday's Wesihtr <• • Savannah Msxlmunt femps'Caiurn noon H.degrees Mintin'mi ltm|e-rature ti 0 . 73 degraaa Mean temperature 7S degree# Normal timperature v 7 degrees Accumulated e*ce#s since Bcpt 6 degrees Accumulated deficiency since j 4r , j tk'. degrees Hainfuli inch Normal .. 22 In* h |*x •*** eln-e flept 1 1 ffl Inch l>ef|ien‘y #ln* * Jan. 1 7 Winches River Report The hight of the Rsvsn tiah river *t Augusts, at R m t7Mh mertdhin time), yesterday, was ft. 6 feet, a fall of 0.4 foot during the pretethng twenty-four hours Cotton region bulletin. Savannah. Q*-. for thi twenty-four hour* ending st 8 • m . 7fth merUllan -time. Sept A. 1900 mmtk f |Max , Mm.jHatw Savannah district |Tem.|Ttm.{ falk Aktpalai. On . clotKly | **S> |7l Od AilMttty. clear 1 >2 71 ! 00 Amert< us. partly <4oudy.i h> j *0 * .oh |t.*tnbrt*lg*'. clear | | 7J , .R KsHtman. partly *idy jWj 70 .00 Fort Cl allies, clear i* 70 00 Gainesville. Fls., cloudy ®7 72 .M Milieu, (ia , clear | ! : 70 Quitman, cloudy j W 7d |OO Savannah, partly cloudy td | 73 j 01 Thomasvllle. pt cldy ? W 73 os Wsycrosw, cloudy j 85 j 73 I .20 HirecVnl Texas *l<ainfnll Reports--Rlanco. 1 NO; Hailing* r. 02; llrenham, trace. IV*e vllie. .34. Calumblw, .); Cuero. 14; Hunts ville trace. KerrvtUe. ,R 2. fton Marcos. 44 Ualvestnn. .01. Corpus Christ!. .3u. Heavy lUlns—Hlanco. Tex., I.IMJ. Averages. No. | 1 1 Bia-Mux l Min Bale Central etatlnna. |llona Tem.lT*m.| (XU. Allan! a j 11 Auguaia 11 hi fix (Si Charlcßlon ..........j 5 B*l :72 ■ .00 Galveston | 9 K 2 .11 1 .ite I#- Rock l.t ; i 70 no Mi-mphls | 1 : 92 j 7(1 0U Muldle 10 | 90 ! * | 00 Munixotnerv H 9) 08 .00 New Orlnina ...... jIS 'H 70 j .‘O Havennjli 13 9U 71 , .00 Vicksburg 111 94 j*B .00 Wllmtngfnn .........j 10 J9O 06 T Krfnnrkc Temperature* unchanise*!; wellivwl shower* over North Florida, Boult) Georgia and Texas. IsH-al Forecast Official. HI ftDIA* CARLE OPENED. II,i! linstnrs* on Ihe l.ln* I* 72 Hear* 11.-'hlml Time. Washington. B-i>l -The war flepirt mrnt ha# been informed that Ihe Russians have laid a cable from Port Arthur to Che Foo which give# Russia a through toriKctlon on the overland wire with the force* tn I'hlna It wa* expe *ed that this line could be used lo some advantage In enhllng from Ibis country to China, but tl D learned that business on the Russia land line I* now 72 hour* behind time, and It would not be u aafe venture *o under take telegraphing that vay. The dlsiwlch from Gen Chaffe., to-day received announce* that the ''Danish fa ble" from Shanghai to Taku has I een completed This Is taken to man "Eng lish" Instead of Danish as Ii was known that an FaiglDh company w* laying the cable, and the word no dount got mixed on the cable or In Ihe translation. I. tnK IHIO9 IS * TRI fIT. Detrlalnn llenslered 1 stiff the lam at tows. Dew Moines. la.. sep(. —Juellre Haßo ran to-day retvVerisl n decision In a Jtis rlce court. In the esse o* Ryan v*. *'hs. Wettx A Son. tn which he held that a labor union t* pool or truat. the opera tion of which ts In direct vlolutloi> of aec tlon Si**' ot the code of town, which say*! "Any corporation or organisation hav ing lor ll* objex- 1 the main*.'nance or reg ulation of any commodity. * a irusl or liool The American and English enclyclo p.ubse of law define* labor to tie a corn mudlly. >1 l.lnrol*. hlrh. Ijnrnln. Neb.. B*M. Dvirlnir the pro tlurtlon tn-nlh of thr Until* of Manila by a firework* ■•ompany In thr b***l>nll l.ark. a nrrtl. n of thr amphithrtttrr. To f..... in |. nth roll.ipw.l *n<l ln)nrr Ia numbrr of ionto Thr tnjurr.l arc: --tera Xoblo IJncoln. iln. Injured. wrimn; Mr. It II Wolcott. I.lm-oln, back bar||y hurt; S T Hutlcr. IJncoln. A. N Twr lu>f. t’nlvrralty I'lacr. MU* Cr.twfor*. t'nivorrliy I’lao*: Mr- Ivwl, I.lm-oln. J. C. laitworth anil J M Kirkwood. Taylor ( lalui.-<l of t-'oul. In.tlunnpolio. Inl.. Hrpt. In thr ra tional cirrnlt WivHr r.tor* al SrMfky ! Oval toailghf In hr tlrtr.l mil. national I t rofra. tonal ch itnpion.hlp. Ihr final brat brtarrn Taylor anil Klmblo wa. <|r larr.l H dm.t brnl a O.l thr rl.lrr. rrfu.r l fo rtin li over Taylor clatmn<l a foul on th purl of KlmM.. by rlbowloK n.t .hulllnsc him out, hut the Jmlff. rcfunnl o allow It. _ |*rrrMrnf Itrarhrlt. I r I roll, .Mb'h.. Hrf.f Thr ronferancr between thr W a*. f'wnraltter of thr Am.ilKHinotr.l A woe latter of Iron, ftterl an,l Tin Workefa, an.l rrfwriMaifallye* of thr ki. at .tool rnmioinlea, hi. m yrl reached nonprrrmrnt on Ihr pu-klllntt on.l bnr mill pcatr whlt-h I* utxkT eorwkTera llon Imrrlrin Hull., a. 'araroaa. St. lUill. MI rut.. 8. pi A —After an all ilay .... .oti the Im.rMn Avivlem v of |tatiwo\ ni}ournel t* meet a**ni.. iluir next year. In I'hlmxti The annual rkrlton of officer* rfuliel ae f.Jlow* nr U . Fa.rchUtJ of (Tin Ino |,. •ivl.t. KFFUfbHAM I'M Ml lltV. < nnw*r IHHrrr. •nmi.alr* far (hr • |i|*rnn.*blnu Term. Onytort. Qa.. H • pt B.— Tti< primary hrW tn yr.lrrday for rfprren*.illv an- 1 thn county olTlccii was hotly con- Pvird al all Ihe prerlnrla. There were two candldalrs for (he Legislature. Col. Morg in !<awl and A. N. Orovenaleln. Col, Kawls reoelvetl a majority of nine ty-four voles. The total vote was * There war no oppoalna c andidates for ordinary, clerk of Buperlor Court, lax re ceiver and surveyor, and the presenl en cumhama were nominated, respectively: A N Kelffer. C. F Berry. L F. On>- veruueln an.) A. W Bowers There ware several candidates for each of ihe other offices and some ran a close rare. The saccessful candidate* are the following: For lax collector. J. L Haw kins; sheriff. W. W. (Biffin; leeaaurer, J M Orann; v-ounly commissioner*. B. M Kslward*. Oeorge C Thompson, 11. J Cuhla-dg*. R B Mallory and O M Bhe rauae; coroner. John Mlngledorff There are seven peeclnris In the county and Iho returns did nor get In until a late hour last night The count was consolidated al SpringlV Id about midnight and the te •ull was not generally known till to-day. pni.ffff * 'l* i: M lul l. Urmoerata and Bopnllata In Meet lag at Swalaahoeo. Rwatnahoro. Oa.. Sept. Tho town yesterday wras practically given up to politics and politicrana. both the Demo cratic and Populist parties being hero with full forces. With the single excep tion of Sheriff Flanders, the old officials were laid aside, and new timber has been •elected lo take the place. Hon. John Hell, ordinary, who has served his oouory In this capacity for twenty years, and •Kai, . .owtdrred one of the most effi cient and conscientious officers of the state, was laid aside for J. E Yoilmans of thin city Hon Frank Mitchell was nominated by the Democrats for representative, while tile Populist pul forward the name of If (hi . William Canady, a prosperous far met, while Mr, Mitchell I* a young attor ney of very promising prospects. The Populists nominated only a candi date for representative, leaving the bal ance of Ihe tlekrt blank It le thought, however. Ihal there will he an Independ ent ticket, which they will Indorse The ticket put forward by the Democrats is very strong one. and will easily defewt any opposition that may be offered lo It. (.HEf.a MHUT AT A NEGRO. He Thoaghl thr Negro Had Insulted a lath. Columbia. 8. C-, Rept 6 —As a result of the tension here, because ol the d*- twirelment of the Oapltul City Guards, colored. Coroner Will Grev sitting on his plnxxa this evening. Imagined (hat Blngtey Gary, one of the quteleat old ne grpea in the city, insulted a lady. Green ran out with a 44-caHbcr pistol and nvknl Ihe lady If she had been Insulted She wm 100 frightened to answer. Green fired on the negro, who wa* currying n shotgun tn a gentleman at the gun club grounds Th* bullet dlvkled Ihe barrels of the gun before reaching Gary's hod;.’, and so saved his Ilf*. The lady says Gary asked her very politely dlrei'tion* about street iwr*. The negroes are further In censed. * KFJiHU PREACHER** At ICI DR. Tied m Rope to m Rafter and Jump* ed to Bits Itewfh. Gainesville. Os., Bept. 6 Rev George W. Jones, colored, committed suicide her© Wednesday morning by hanging himself with a rope suspended from the celling of bis room. The suicide occurred at the home of Cal Oliver, colored, on Athens street. Hav ing tied one of the rope's end to a plank In the celling, and having made a noose In the other, he pla<ed It around his n*% and Jump***! from his perch. Jones* mind has been unbalanced for about a week or more, which Is said to have been caused hv some disappointing Jove affair In which he was entangled He had a wife and MVtVII children WERE TIKKK Tt (OUMBM. Threatened I.pitching of the Tero IVs till Flrehoan. Columbia. R C., Sept. * —John Brown and Wtlllnm Mows. barofootwl and each wearing last two garments, rode on tne New* York and Florida vestlbnlad train from Hamilton to Oolumbia this evening The trsln stopp'd for them by order of the Governor. These negroes confessed to having attempted to burn the village of Eat til. near Savannah, some time ago. They succeeds*! In destroying several buildings It was reported to the Gov ernor that they would be lynched If left In Hampton Jail to-night. Military School t lotted. Columbia. S C.. Sept 6 —lt wras offi cially announced this evening by MaJ. J M Patrick that as u result of the recent death of the principal. Col. J. B. Patrick, the Patrick Military Institute at Ander son. with an excellent record for thirty years, would retire from the educational arena. Pawlk Will Not Ran. Douglas. Oa . Bept l-lloti. Thomas L Paulk the Populist nominee for repre sentative. against Hon C. A. Ward. Jr . the I>emocratlc nominee, has declined to accept, as he Is the present tax collector. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought M tit INF. nmUUEMV, Matters of Interest to Mhlpplag Mra f.enerally. In anticipation of n blow all craft along the rlv*r front was securely lashed yes terday. and extra lines thrown out as an additional precaution. A violent change In the weather al l not catch the shipping unprepared for It Kc|>trmhei pilot t narte of Ihe North At lantic have been Issued for free distribu tion by the officials of Ihe hydrographic department The forecast at sea for the month Is given os follows: Fair or mod • rale weather k net-ally over Ihe North Allan ll. Occasional gales north of Ii de grease north, chiefly from Ihe western •luadranta most frequent east of the loth meridian and rorth of the 45ih parallel; gales increasing In forc< and frequency over August. Tropical cyclones vr\ ptob. able Fog much less frequent than In Au gust: maximum hand* occurring as shown, from the 47th meridian westward to New foundland. nnd to Ihe northeast of Nan tucket island Icebergs In Ihe vicinity of Belle Isle* and lo Ihe northeast of New foundland, some bergs south of It degress north. The tug Angle am) Nellie. Capt Gustaf son. arrived yesterday from Dobov Bar, where she has been engaged In the gov-’ eminent service. She brought a surveying corps to Ihe city. Passengers hy Steamships. Passengers arrived last night from Bal timore on Hteamshtp Barca —O. V Staten, Miss A. H Johnson. Miss N M Lynch. K B (rr-affing Mrs (honey. Mrs. 8. Irwin. Mrs. W T. Lynch, J (i Baker. W Morell. Mrs. M Lynch. Miss L. A Kammerlan. Mr Storey. Miss Storey, W T Lynch. T. C. Hopewell, M H Brundtck Passenger* by Hlesmrhlp D H Miller for Baltimore yeslerdjv—Mrs. M K'tx koff, Oliver Wilson, Msggle Johnson. J. F Adams. Mrs. J F Adams and child, Mrs L. C. Massey. R W Vincent. Mrs H W Vincent and children. Mrs. Annie Burch. J F. Phillips. P J. Callahan Miss Sdllle. R J. Mcllveen. W. G Hanson. Miss M. Brooks. Passengsrs by Steamship Kansas City for New York yesterday—W J Karnes. F. G. Byrd. Master Joseph Caradtne. Mt*s Naughtln. Miss K lamghton. Mias Kittle Nntighln. H G McCall. Miss V Higgins. Miss M B McGiashan. Mrs E. C. John ston. Miss Newby J T West, H J. Hut cliffy. John Henderson. T I> Bourland. R. A Floyd. Mr Hrltwlrt P T Bletn mons. T R Keaton. C. Oarfunkel. J T Powell. Wm Phelps. Mrs. J. 8. Claghorn, Mr*. Pearsons and children. J A Spruill. Geo. W. Thames. Jr.; A A Peeler. A K Rogers, John C. Mcßae. D G Lake M’n liam Arnold. W. A Pltlmsn. Isadore Kaunl*. Adam Kali G E Willard. E. A Pearson. M E Nussbaum. Morris Wolf. Mr Semmonite. O Drake. J. T. Weil, brook. Aaron Ferst, Mrs. W H fttraln and children, J R Markin ar.d wife. Mrs A E Kirkland. Miss Meta Hoi story A H William* .1 8 Silva E H Rolson and wife. T. J. Melton and wife. Mis* Bessie Stafford, chlkl and nurse; Mrs. C. W Saitssy. Miss Hoyt, Mrs Lees. Frank Waahlnpton and wife, J E Foster and wife. Master Joe Weed. Rev. K C. Weed A. J. Oarfunkel and wife. W E Grady. C. W Beuety. c 5. Sen:lylet anl wife. Mr*. Perkins Miss liautibun. 8. K Ives. Jr.. F T Scruggs. Oeo. H Huge and wife, Mrs. O'Keefe and daughter. John Het man Ruge. Kdwln and Ernest Huge. Chat. Robbe, Mr O'Keefe. Mrs. Chenoweth and children, T. C. Erwin. 8 C McMurray, II N Taylor, Jr; P C. Mathews. Mrs. G. R Amlrew*. Mr Erwin and child. O E. Lamar, Jr.; J. A Hitchcock, wife and daughter. A Westcott. N. H. Campbell. T J Crowley, Resale Palmer, col., nurse of Mrs. Erwin: R. E. Johnson. 4 Passengers by Steamship Ctly of Rlr mtnghAm. New York, for Savannah. Sept. ♦—O D Smith. W. E. Satterfield and wife. G H Newkirk. Robert Murray. H Lyon and wife, Mrs. L. Jones. Mrs. J. Swine. Miss R. Ruor. Miss T Tlnllev. Miss C. Moyer. W. J. Willett, ('apt W. H House man. Mrs. W 1-ynoh. Miss J Rutter, W. E Sullivan. E A Jefferson. H J. Hums Mis* H. While. Miss E E. I.ulher Mr Marks, wife arsl ton, Mr Lewis ami two son*. W. C. Petty and wife. 8. F B. Gil lespie and wife. W H. Whitehead ami wife. a. O'Connor. Jr.; Miss E. Pitney, J. L. Beeson. Mrs. Beeson. C. W James and wife. Mis* Clayton, J. H. Clancey and wife, H. 8 Palmer. Kttsaell Johnson. M F Muller. Mrs J. H. Muller. Misses Dar ragh. B. L Llllenlhal. A B Hull ami wife. V. J, Stewart. C. D. Powell. 8. A Horton, A. Llff, Miss J Johneoty Mrs. P. Middleton. Mr* A. Cuyler, O. P. Hlalsdell. J. L. Eslre, H Krenstnl. O. Jail. J. Mar. • hall, T Davis. N Maslrevlch, F. Banle, W. J. Armstrong, 8 Ruben. fiuvanuah Alumnae. Bun rise* at 6 39 a. m.. and seta at 8 16 p. m High water a* Tyhee to-day at S:I7 a. m and 1:8 p m High water at Savan nah one hour later. Chases of the .Mnon for Keptember. . D. H. M First quarter 2 1 S* morn. Full moon * 11 8 eve. Last quarter 18 2 57 eve. New moon O 1 57 eve Moon Perigee, Mh; Moon Apogee, 23d ARRIVAL! DID tIEPIRTt KE*. Vessels Arrived Yesterday. Steamship Itasca. Diggs. Baltimore—J J Carolan. agent. Schooner Bahama (Br.). Anderson, Bnp elo. In tow of tug Neptune. Vessels Wen* to Sea. Steamship City. Fisher. New York Steamship D. H Milter, Peters, Balti more. Rhtpplng Memoranda. Ml. Mia. Ala . Sept Cleared. ulMmrr Fulton (Nor.). Falch. Progreaen. Mx.; girnmrr Bruilan (Nor ). Ilnhn. for Celha; steamer Managua (Nor). Olslrk. for Rellxe Fcrnandlna. Fin.. Sept. (. Arrived, ai banner Lena Pickup. Ttoop, Santiago Cleared, steamer Btrathlevrn (Br.). Jack. Hamburg. • hooner Jm Slater. I'eter •on. Georgetown. D. merara. Por( Tampa. Fla.. Bepl A—Arrived vleemer Masotte. White. Havana via Ke> Weal. Balled, aleamrr Olivette Smith. Havana via K*y Waal. Jarkeonvltle. Fla. Sept (.—Cleared, ■reamer Seminole. Renrse New York Charleaton. S. C.. Sept. (.—Arrived, ■learner* Iroquois. Kemble. Jackeonvttte, proceeded to New York; Carlo. Ingram Jacksonville pro.-re.led to Ho* I on; Algon quin. Plan. New York. Oeonrelown. 8 C.. Bepl. (.—Balled, eleamer Oneida, Staple*. New York via Wilmington. New orleane. Sept. ( —Cleared, •reamer* WhUney, Staple*. Havana; Foihall. Uir aen, Puerto Corlei; Kt Cld. Quirk New York; Sunnlva. (Nr.), Johnnne*en. Blue. Held*. Pori Ead*. Bepl. 6.—Arrive) eleamer* El Rio. Maton. New York; Proleui. Ga ger. New York; Adler (Br ). Blgnell. port Llmnn. Billed, eteamer* El Dorado, Baker. New York. Orion (Br.). Wall*. Liverpool; (Ju ele. Leech. Clenfuego*. Fox hail. Larten Puerto Cortea. Sallee *o Mariner*. rilot char** and all hydrographic Infor mat lon will be funilihal master* nf vea ■el* free of charge In United Slate* hy drographic office In Custom House. Cap tain# are requeued to call at the offi.-e, Bepon* of wreck* end derelict# received . for transmission to (be Navy Denari- I LINDSAY & MORGAN STILL AT OLD POST OFFICb, With Great barflains In Summer Goods, Such as Mattings. Mosquito Nets, Refrigerators, Porch Awnings. Reed Furniture, Go-Carts, etc. Closing out our stock of Buck’s Stoves and Ranges Low Down. • The only OdorleM Refrigerator. Gr.envlll: Female College, GREENVILLE. 8 C. Session Regina Bcpl< tnber I# ——— Location In Blue Ridge Be-tlon; invigorating atmosphere, and pure water Health ui excellrd Full Faculty of Expert Teachers Kxtsnalv* curriculum Known for htgn standard ol scholarship. Spe-ial advantages In Music Evary prat llie room a parlor. E. H. MI’RFEE. L.L. D., President Coast w ise K sports. Per Steamship Kansas City (or New York—l.> bale, upland coHoo. W> bales sea Island colton. I<a bales domesllcs. !&1 barrels cotton seed oil. K barrels rosin. IK barrels spirit- MITTI feet of lumber, OS packages box milerlal. (i barrels frul*. M boxes fruit. * cases ngars. 1 ton* pig Iron. 11 bags sweepings. S* bags sponge.(Hy dro shingles. 10 barrels tar. 3% pack ages merchandise s Per Steamship D H Mlllrr for Halil more—2.3oo bales upland cotton, 1.15.'. bar rels roeln. gS,*.!* feet lumber, 115 sacks clay 9 oak slaves. 192 package* merchan dise r<l packages domeatle* ami yarn. 1* cases Palmetto fiber. 199 bales hides and wool. GIVEN Vr.HIHIT FOR $7,000. Salt Hinged on Plan* fiystew. Hos pital Department. Valdosta. Ga.. Bepi. —The null of C. R. Jordan, baggogemaser of the Savan nah. Florida and Weatern Railroad, against that railroad, resulted In a ver dict of 17.000 for the plaintiff The suit was for fcio.nfi) and came up in (he City Court here Two days were con sumed trying the case, a large, number of wltnesres being Introduced The Issue In ihe rase was whrdher or not Jordan accepted treatment In the hospital of the road of his own free will or under pro test. The road contended Ihal It was of his own accord, though the plaintiff In troduced evidence lo show tha* It was under protest. The Supreme Court's decision that the hospital contracts between the road and Ita employes are legal, made the Issue In the case hinge upon this point. The road was represented by Judge D H Pope and Mr J G. Cranford, while the plaintiff was represented by Messrs W M Toomer of Waycross and J. R. Walker of this riiy. Mall Clerk Bowen also had a suit for llft.flm. but he was not sent to the hos pital A compromise was effected In that case this evening. The suits grew out of an accident to a passenger train In this city last October. A number of criminal cases were tried and some local sporta received heavy fines for gaming. POI tll viissix. CHILD. glory la the tlnraing hews Resulted la Locating It. Tlftorv. Oa., Sept * —An Instance of he effectiveness of modem newspaper work, wos evidenced yrgferdav. Five month* ago. ihe llllle son of Mr Merritt Small at Vanrevllle. was carried off and noth ing more was heard from him. Mr 8mal! wa* 100 poor to push In quiries for the child, and his abductor, ami Tuesday came to Tlfton and lotd the matter liefore your correspondent. He fore the Morning News reached here Wed neadny. with an account of the miss tog chlkl. a telegram was received from a kind hearsed gentlemen al Offermon. stying Ihe child and his abductor were there, and had advertised show for Ralunkty The parents were at once notified, and steps will lie taken to bring them here and restore the little one to his mot heps arms, tv ho has been nearly erased with grief The parents realise, with deep gr.itltu.le their debt lo the Morning News and It* prompt and efferglve work, aiding 'hem In Ihe recovery of their lost little one. 11l WIN COIYTV COTTOJI MILL. Organised With * KMI,OOO f apltal nnd Officer* Elected. Fllxgerald, Ga.. Bept At a large meeting of stockholder* of Ihe Irwin County Coiton Mills to-day. the name was capitalised at llOd.tno, with Ihe following officers: Wright Garbutie. president; R V. Bowen, vice prvnident. nnd W. R Bowen secretary nnd treasurer There are nine director* The plans and speci fications are already out and Wds will be taken at once for the ereotkm of the fac tory property as well as fifty cottage* for (he employe* The corporation is a strong onr. nnd will be a great help to the cot ton grower* of this particular section. A big barbecue was served at noon, at which over were fed an guest* of the officer* and directors. kegrn Cnmp Meeting. Wnycros* G* . B*p - The eolired people of Waycrop* anticipate a hi* time a* their rnmp meeting lo begin here to morrow A large arhor has been built cut beyond the Batltla Manufacturing Com pany's plant, and for ten day* nnd nights they will hold services The service* will be held all day and all night. The negroes expect to hulld a tabernacle If possible, and If not that rertalnly a chureh where the arbor (a located Some leading ne groes will be In attendance, among them Bishop Williams, of Ltulslana Ilia Wnnnd Was Peculiar. Tlfton. (In., Sept Rather a peculiar case developed „< the post mortem exam ination of Jim William*, who was killed with n cant hook hy Sherman HarrD Williams wa* hll dlrecgly on the top of the head, nnd Ihe m-atp was laid open for several inches, yet there was no sign of a fracture of the skull near where the negro was hit. Rut after his death the I examination showed that Ihe entire base of his skull, where M Joins the neck, was crushed. This was five Inches from whe-e the blow was struck. Store Deelroyed hy Fire. Tlßon, Oa., Sept. (.—The general mer chandise store belonging to Pendom Bro*., at I'lnopoll*. a hranrh of rhelr Spark* *tore. wa* destroyed by fire Tues day morning about S o'clock. The origin of the Arc la unknown, a* the roof wa* nearly falling In before |. wa* dlacoved The Mock of good* to valued at l Ml with Ineuranre of n.n. The building belonged to o(her partle*. and wa* un insured. 4 Hank at Sparka. Tlfton. Oa.. Sept (—A hank ha* hern opened at Spark* hy I w Purdom * < o . hanker*, and ha* office. tn Purdom Bros *tore It I* a private hanking concern, but start* out arlth excellent pro*pent*. .* that I* one of the weaMh j' ni * mewt "eovneronk aectlona of the 8.. 18 L Of HOPI R 7 MD C. 8 8 R 7 sl-HLUt Lk For 111* of Hope. Montgomery. Thunder bolt. Cattle Park and Weal End Dally except Sunday*. Subject to chan*, without notlc*. MLB Or HOPS. ~— ' Lv City for I ol k.| Lv Isle of Rope IM am from , i (si am for i 7JO am from Tenth I Ou am for Tenth tJO am from Tenth j7OO am for Truth • IS am from Bolton ; I 00 am for Tenth 10 JO am from Tenth 10 00 am for Tenth U ® n'n from Tenth 11 Ol am for Bolton 1 IS pm from BoMon 11 JO am fAr Tenth JJO pm from Tenth JOO pm for Tenth JJO pm from Tenth Jto pm for Bolton *i pm from Tenth JOO pm fig T-ntb •JO pm from Tenth tpm -or Tenth •JO pa from Tenth uo pm f..r Te n -h 7JO pm from Tenth ! 700 pm for T cth lpm from Tenth |IOO pm for Tnth 9JO pm from Tenth iKOpm for T -ah 10 JO pm from Tenth IW 00 pm for Tmth |ll 00 pm for Tenth MONTGOMERY. Lv city for Manx ryT] Lv Montgomery' JJO am from Tenth 7IS am for Tenth' Ipm from Tenth lIS pm for Tenth (JO pm from Tenth (00 pm for Tenth CATTLE PARK. Lv city for Carpark! Lv Caetl. Park • JO am from Holton j 7 OC am for Bolton 7 SO am from Bolton | I 00 am for Bolton 100 Pm from Bolton ! 1 10 pm for Bolton I JO pm from Bolton | J 00 pm for Bolton 7 00 pm from Bolton I 7 JO pm for Bolton •oo pm from Bolton | IJO pm for Bolton TH UNDERHULT Car leave* BoMon street Junction 5 M n. m and every thirty minutes thereafter until 1190 p m. Car leave* Thunderbolt al 100 a. m and every thirty minute* thereafter until 1J :0 midnight, (or Bolton atreet Junc tion FREIGHT AND PARCEL CAR This car carries trailer for passenger, on all trips and leave* weal tide of city market for I*le of Hope. Thunderbolt and all Intermediate point* at 9.00 a. m, lib p. m . I -00 p m. Leave* I*l* of Hop* for Thunderbolt. City Marked and all Intermediate potnta at <:M a m . 11.00 a. m.. 2:® p it. WEST END CAR. Oar leaves weal aide of cliy market for West End <g a. m and every *0 minute* thereafter during lb* day until 11-JO p. m. Leaves West End ae 6:JO a. m and ev ery > minute* therenfeer during the day until 12.00 o'clock midnight. H M LOFTON. Pen Mgr BURKS Tablets • W<* Ml If qttiFbly rwligWh JMflfMliO*. OtM. |Ult( oPHffitv>B.4lilMllHt rJ- HtifUr l lin<lr*st 4isor4r HfMMMIM Md. he Appetite Tleah on Thin lipocAgy* of tha Mosßrh hn-l *U r.n U etjEffil by mn U ttryihl id III* p(** t Al All 4r >f*.2t OO , H#IK|IU, HI. OPIUM - Morphine and Cocaine habit* cured pain lessly In 10 to 30 day*. Th* only guaran teed painless cur* No cur* no pay. Address, DR. J. H. HEFLIN. Locust Grove. Oa. @CU*E YOURSELF? fee flig for asnststel Use barge*. (aSoaic-.u -c irrUstloß* or olcsnUoal f macoao wsatrsco. Palo loot, aad ooi sane , goat or griooo ■oM by Drsiikh, or east la glalo .nnt, bv etpreeo. oreial-l foe (i.dß. or 1 bollix. |. ry _ Circular Mni >d rttintl J. D. WEED ft CO ■AVAJtkAH, at. Leather Belting. Steam Packing 4 Rose Agents for NEW YORK RUBBER BELTING AND FACKINO COMPANY. DONNELLY DRUG CO., SAVANNAH. OA. DRUGS, SEEDS. ETC. Mall order* *ollclt*d. Bell phor- ST*. P. S Send for free sample F. * F. Dyspepsia Cure. ICHOOU AND tOLLEI.I t EPISCOPAL MIOH SCHOOL. L. U BLACKFORD. M A . Prlndpel. For Hoy* Three miles from Alexandria, Va. and right from IVaehlngi n. D- C. The Kd year open* Bepl. 3* IP I Ct logue sent on application lo the principal ai Alexandria. < nrion for *(•(# Npmiior. Sanford. Fla., Bept (.-The Democratic convention of the Nineteenth State lorlal Dlatrlct. comprising the counties of orange ami Osceola, was held here to day. Beyond the nomination of a *<•** senator there wail no work to do. On first ballot Mr. C. A. Carson wa* renomi nated. He ha* earved for the P M f ” ur year* end haa fully demons' rated hi* rt* for the place. He l a young mem There waa no opposition to him and n other aspirant In the field. Liverpool Cotton Stattet’ea. Liverpool. Sept. (.-Following am weekly eotton ntatlallce: Total sal** e all kind*. (1.0)0. lotal male* Amerl On. English spinner* faking **• j total export (.*>; Import of kind*. IS.OOO, Import American. (WO, stock of all kind*. 30.<*w. stock Am r |i-an. 13.006; quantity afloat, all ' M. 000; (juamlty afloat. American.— • total sales on agsmlo**"" van total *• io caput ter*. 70S