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6 A TEXAS WONDER. Hull* Great Dlaravrrf. One vmaM bottle of Halt's Great Pt rovery cures all kil- •> and Madder trouble* rmoves frvl, cure* diabetao eeminai < fnUsion*. wtak ari l ne oackv rheumatism *ml all |rr*iruUrtib s of the kidney* o*iJ bladder In ioth in n and s men regulate bl *d 1* r iroul •* *n chll* dtan If not aold b> >.,ur druggist w*ll b** ton: m> mall on r ceip’ uf 11 one fuali bottle i* urn m >nt’* irestm nl and wilt cure any cas .tove Dr K W lull, tole manut *ctur i. ' f > R-* iJ9, Hi Loytfl Mo fo* tr * <! * monlaiit boi l by ,t\ druggist* snd Boto mous Cos, sa\ snnsh. Ga. Heart This. Ir K TV lfa!!. J? I* >ul. Mo r>ear Ft:- ri a*, ship me thre* lo*rn Hall* I * o praM. 1 bav# *'' I O i r ->n# arose |t |\e (erfrCt I'ftetlrn ard I rreomm nd It to my customer* Yours trttlv. H C GpnVRH ADM M^ ? <>fol) Drug Store. Oala Fa Frr IS mh ykt it* ou:nrnm. llrnioa | *llll Mleivtu anil Mmcli llntn age Mm> He Unite. Houston. T* x . Sept. 27.—'The Brazos nr |* Htlll rising a: Wa o. and am ov r flow now sei me certain. The rise ha* been more rapid thl* evenlpg than at am time pievlously. and a me -age from K**j' perel reports a fre*h rise there, and a more rapid one than the first. Tie river at Wa* o lark*-*! h few Inch* s of leaving ils hank- a* * o. lo k and wltn the proven# ouMook m overflow 1* e * most certain Thp u i* r Is fen feet b low the high sain mark of 109 hut does not have to reach tha point 10 over flow thousamV of acres of the Ixatom farms , Advices from the lower Ifrmsos Unlay ar to the rff. t Mint backwater ha* tn tiiidi* ert the lowland*. lEhal, I f.*t sprln.T. but had not broken over Its hanks. The river h- with the *x* rption of a few hour* yesterday morning. lieen con* a s* tiv rising fcr six U' n ie>rl break er as to length of t.m* The Trinity |s again rising at Fort Worth arul Pallas A special from the former place ►avs the bottoms re in iurdated t* a |>tti of i.m* - or four f and the situation has a very *< rlou* >- |>ect Just now. The reports from the Lower Trinity say that the first fkvd is parsing without vnoch da mag i The rb* In the Coloralo has reached ('olumbU' and two t en is In the Routhern l*a. ifl* bridge have gone, in terrupting railroad inffi. to the west. RED ( nofh |> <.\l.\|>ro\. *•**#*• Dim. oily la Kiitcrlnipril In Getting Laborer*. Galveston. Tex., Sept. 27—Th* Galves ton auxiliary of Hip American National Red Cross Society wa* organised to-,| rt > *hpn tljp It* 11, f Committer. o|*-radtig un der thp Central Relief Committee and hc l,n. 11 >' Ib-llef AiNXliillM were amalga mated. All the public rpllpf work will hereafter bp conducted through Hip aux iliary and It lx Intended to make a perma nent organisation. Thp officers will lie elected to-morrow. Mina t'lera Hart on hut recovered from her nine*, and she was Introduced to tnr Central Committee to-d*\. To-morrow nhe will address the . ommitiep on the ttihje t of homebolldlnir. the rullroeda have succeeded In trans ferring the undamaged wheat front the cart which were standing on the tracks In Galveston .luring the atorm and the wharf company lx rwvlvlltx It Into lit elevator.. The Wheel In the I. .11.10, of the ter* was wet. Thl* i* alao Itelng tranaferred Into other < at*. There art not aulttclpfit faellt.ip* in tiulve.toii fur dry ing all thie grain and anangefflent* have been made to aend a lot of It to New ttr |pan* and other (mint* for irpetment There are ovt r one hundred carload* of the damaged at lift The railroad* are art 111 having trouble In getting men o work, both In Galveston wild up In lhe tate. There I* an amount of work to he done on all line* anti men have their choice of Joh*. t'ottnn flicker* up the vtate are Irelng (•aid from 71 cent* to 11 per lat pound* for pit king ilMtou, find negro laborer* shove quit the rallroud* t. work in the field* for the hlglter wage* The Hanta F# Road I* to bring *om* * Italian* from Chicago to work at different |ri)iit* north of Galveston anti It I* reported that the Roulhern Pa IH. will bring a large num her of Uexban* to wink on Ita line* in Eastern and Central Ttx.i* The trouble In Galveston I- not only with liborera. but with carpenter* a* well Nearly every mm in town who lx not n carpenter I* trying to get a carpenter to ■work for him. anti It ha* bulled the mat ltd. Fund* for Galveatnn. Washington Sept 17-Cardinal Gibbon* haa sent a pet*on! request to nil Ihe fta*tor*. boih regular and secular. in till* nrrhdto-. **• for i o.:< ttoet* on ttunday. Oci J. in aid of tin Galveston sufferer*. Pit YU . ll* t\ t *I It IKK. A wgtasla Workmen Wnnf Increased Pay tor Alubt Work. Auguata. Gu . Kept N —The second ►trike on Augusta's burnt block occurred to-dey. Borne lime ago there wax a strike of the eurpenler* employed by Contractor NcKenaie on the White store, Hqtel Al blon and Miller Walker's building. After *n Ineffectual struggl of a week or two, they went back lo work al the con tractor* terms. To-day the union painter* on tbeae buildings struck. In the effort to com plete the big block a* soon a* possible the building ha* pro. redd at night by elcc trl light, and now the same course , la-. I"g pursued with the painting. The palm ers are demanding for the night w..rk a to tier cent, advance In wage. Technically they denmii.t "for all overtime work" pay t he rate of •regular lime and half time over." Instead of SO cent* an hour aa In the day they demand 47< cent* en hour for night work Contractor Mcßmste refused and w-11l fill the place* of the strikers as fal a* possible. TO TI NKKI. Kt<*T RIVKR. ttnpld Trimil rommlHlnnm Ham Innntl f Brooklyn. Npw York. Hapl 27. — At th* meeting of the Itapld Trnnalt f'omroiesloners thl- hl t moon resolution •> naseed for <i tunnel to Brooklyn. Thr rnulr la the ora f.tvored by Controller I'okr. who n>ka nri eattmat* Hint the cot of rororurtlft t>( lb* tunnel will he about pi,tJfa(.fx>. f nrpmiara anal Jnloara, Kcranton. FW . Kept 27—Th* convention of carpenter* and Joiner* of Amert • waa practically brought io a close to-day whan th# national olWcera wcr* elected pithough th* convention will l># formally dltmlated to-morrow morning. TV D Huber of Yonkera. N Y . wa* re-electeJ pr*ldnt and T J MrOulr* of Philadel phia i again chosen secretary. Th* ofhoa of treaiurer and secretary have t**n mad* separate and J. E Pott* of . Boaton, Maa> waa elected to th* newly MPtabUahed ofltep *1 III.* I \TI\I K TO IIUTI IT. (irrsißß i'rra* m I nulitruTa %n*wer In (•rnnani'i >ote. Tieriln. Hept T> —The German press and foreign nfll-e * ontlnue to deny that iSr* at Rtltain has rrjeeiel Germany's j'o-al They al o . ontlnue to tdam* the Tutted Hiatcs for th* recantly revived <*hlnce ob*lura* > and the renewed evi dencea that the Chinese Intend to resume hoMilhltf on a kirg* plan. The Berliner Tageb .itt a’one advises fierniany not t<ex|M< i h f tvorabb an wer t iec proposition from lx>ri Bullsbury. his i.*h to *.irefu||. preserve inti rn.*e r*latlcn w.t , the Fnltel States forms the keynote of •!•* f*oli ' “ It Is noth . able that the pr*** generally di- itsses Ku*la - Independent a Hon mlkliy ami does not even condemn tier n.* iMir*.* In \lnn'hiiria aial Mongolia, while the latest move of the United Htates f<*r tnde|>mlenr ilon Is severely con demned t*> the Mini jmjm is. Heine of the sheets, like the (biogne da* seti * ami the Btr.*-sbtirg Post have .veil bes om, quite sarcastiqg and are a-king whether America suu* ewsfully fi- peace with Pilnce Tutu. %V % %lf II %*1 HOW 1.11 l |IOW\. x lilhltlon of Englbh l*nlltlral tlethoda. IrtMtdon. Bept. 2* —George Wyndham. parliamentary under-secretary of state lor w.r. who went laat evening to s|*'ak m fnvor of tii** Fnionlst c.indldate In Hat* tersea. I/xhloii. had .i very hostile recefx thm th* band- o 1 ie Itadi. air H< w.s rhouted lown toy a tH>wlinK crowd. Mini *omp*lled io atwrahm his attempt to M • k. iiu he fought Ins way ttirrugh the hole crowd, winch In admiration of hl courage, cheered Idm heartily. A. Joseph I'iioniberlaln. mretsry of slate for the colonies, address ing a In ion i-i metlng at Tun* stai. referritig to the * , muehro*ym growth of Liberal and Imporl.iher*’* and w *rned the country that If the Liberals were returned <|ower they woukl re ore lridef>eiii|< nee to the Doer republics Hilt % I HIM* WMltitihßHi. % l uiliimv Inspector *npende<l aad n surveyor lr u •ert. New York Sept. 27 —The Times will say to-niorr*w One customs Inspector la under suspen i'n ami a deputy surveyor of the i>ort has ben a< **used of *'ollusti>n with sumgglers In passing dutiable goods Into this coun try. The accusation Is based on an auto graph confession made hv Mrs M fthana han. a dressmaker of 11 Hast Forty-sixth •tret, whose trunk, containing many Paris costumes, was seised a: her house after B End been |a**cd by the Inspector. The asm** deputy surveyor Is accused of having accepted bribes from Mrs. Hall, a <*h igo dressmaker, whose trunk was seised after ti had been passed, and while It was h*‘tng t ken away by n Waldorf* Astoria ’bus. UIIHUIM. % I.oll' %t%T4M. I iislrsl Ray He Had Between Tailor and \ union. New York. Bept. 27 —ln view of the strong desire on the part of Kastern golf players to sea match beiween J. H. Tay lor and Harry Vardon. Mr. Tay for. through his manager. Mr. Coxe of Golf, to-day. In writing, made the following pioposMton: ll* (Taylor), will play Vardon. a 3H hole mu toil on Oct. 9. on the links of that club in (he metropolitan district, which will offer the lirgest purse for H ~ • xhi hit lon. the entir* anvuint of the purse * go to the * Salv**.ion relief fund, thmu#: i the Chamber of t'orntner.** of New York " *ald to Have lldort Rreael. New York. Hep?. 27.—The barge office officials it the request of the police of Mi lan Italy, are wat chi tig every ship that comes in for Matirlclo Magllala, whose sl legert r**al nam* Luigi (Iranolll. wanted 1 > lh* police of Milan for alleged particl lunion In King Humbert's murder. They say he sailed with Brescl from Paterson. N J . to Italy on May 1. last, and Is a silk weaver. 4.1. alter In tlte Price of Splrlta. Cincinnati. Sept. 17.—An advance In the price of spirit* went Into effect to-day. The basis wa* advanced from ft Jg to 11 27 Thl* advance I* not thought to have hem warranted by th price of i.trit or any other sit ti condition, and In looking for a ißii-c the *plrll* Inierr-t* here at tribute to Hie dtalillcrs simply a desire to get greater protlts now while the trade I* brisk. The Prohibition f ampalun. St. Paul. Minn . Sept 27 —John <1 Woolley and Henry B Metcalf received aln any reception here to-night Twenty seven hundred tieopic attende*! the tern I'st.tnce rally liehl al Ihe Auditorium Mr Metcalf made the operdng address, te t citing three ebeersl Mr WoHey follow •si. al-o receiving an ovation. The Constitution noil the 1-Tag. Editor Morning New. In your rdllo rial In to-day - * paper on Ihe apeech of S nntor Beveridge, you refer lo the statu* of the Filipino*, and bring up the very In teresting question: If the constitution fol low* tlte flag, are Ihe Filipinos already ■ itlxeiis of Ihe Cnlled Stale*? 1 think Mr. ltryan uses that argument In the rase of Porto Rico, where our gov ernment Imposed a tariff But It must lie evident lo every Southern man lhal the question whether the constitution follow* ihe flag. will. In Ihe event of McKinley - * election, become a very momentous and serious otv In u- Because, Judging the Republican parly by their act* In tlr* freeing Ihe negro, and then making Iwm a .-Risen with the right to vote, they will not hesttat* lo announce hy the year 1904 "that the constitution doe* follow ihe flag." and that the lYrto Rican* and Fll ipinos ate clltxenx and no! subject* Thl* i* a logical conclusion a* lo ehe program of that party When they get there then they will no doubt make stale* out of I hi* new terr'- tory. and place In Congrett* probably rtfty adilltloniil rrpresetitmives -all car|>e|-hn*- S srs—to do the htddlng of the Republi cans, and hy thl* mean* reduce the strength and Influence of Ihe South They mu*l ellher do thl* or openly adnpt *n imperial and colonial policy. Mr. Bryan favor* getting rid of the Philippines at once. Which shall W he* Reader. Blatestioro, Ilii Bept. 27. Liverpool t niton Statistic*. I.lverpoel. Bt't Following are the weekly col ion statlallcs: Total of all kind*. 17.<>*> halee; total sale*. Amerl .n 12.‘>. Knglish spinner* - takings, 29.- mi. total exports. 2.': lmiirl of all kind*. 4.'..fltvi; lm|tort. American. M.IWI of all kind*. 189.1*10; slock. American. 13.8M0. Quantity afloat, ab kinds. tsi.tnO; afloat, American. 49.n0 Total *ale* spe. u I*l lon, L.. Total tale- to evporl.r,. bsi CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Baani the /H? y Sigaatar* of THE MOKMNG NEWS: FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 2, 1900. NERVOUS SBES rbroalr tutur* am thaw, whieb Dr. U*ttus)' tr*-aU rxrlu.ltel). For SO he ha, ronßned hi, praeth-e lo thl, • la,, of com plaint* In men and women, and the uniformity of hit cure* ha, won for him world wide fame. Men who hate lot youth - * tlcoraro madi' .irons and whole again by thl, thoroughly mnitttu * ' tlonal treotrr.ent of Ir Hathaway - ,. No medicine wtth ,lmpie au ■ tem|<orary toote rße. t ran euro you; you need ttreatment whlel, WHN "t will go to the foundation of jour trouble and wipe It out. menially. ?J nertoutl) and pliytleatly. All form, of Chroole tu.oaH. In. hiding Varlcnrele. Htrteturo, IHMr Blood PoIMOIDC. Kidney and frlnary ronplalot,. etr . are rured by fir Hathaway - , ,y,tem of treatment. . Ha will be mad to hate you write him orraUalhtaoffiretor free at ' nation and ad ii <■ It, will alto tend free, port- | paid In a plain wrapper, hi, new fA pa-e book "Manllnesr. Mgor, Health -- —toan;.oo. manor woman, who aufler,from any ehrooto * I dlteaM or weakness. 4. NEWTON hATMAWAY. M. O. .yfflee hir,- .o 12 m. 2 to and 7to Ur. II at ha way A Cos. 2i "A !•>.. simi. Savannah. Os o p m. Sunday 10 s. m. lo 1 p m (.HIS TNhIH Fit I* Ml THE SLIP. Itvtf Kept Ilia I lolhca nml f award •Ilmi a U**n Tramp to ihc t M>. Thr*c i. ifors who I*v a ong the line of the Bcahord Air Lin* went fo the Fan tral It■ t night h foie ia*t with the pur pose of starling for home They had with Uicm at it t* r* and valise as the common rc ccpupTe for thHr l*cWnginxs They reach ed the depot In dm im* and got on the train, hut jut before it -tarled two of Itu* negroes b< i 1* I that they wanted to see a hit mor* of the town, that It was 100 -.sin to go home yet anyway, and that they wcukl sry oxer for awhile. iic t,f the party that readied this de ciftion was the one that hid poaseaslon of the valise. Without mor* ado. after they had *.-tled the momentous question r gar ding t i*dr further r. sldeoce tere, without not if v itig the third member of the party tbe\ got off the car anti starte.l to see the town. Number three, oblivious of rh perfidy of his companions. h.l conepos**! humelf for a comfortable ride, and had gone several miles from the city before h* bethought himsolf of the al>- sence of his friend*. A hurried search through the cars quick ly convinced him that they were not aboard a tat he readily ami *-orrertly. h* whs afterwards ascertained, decided that their absence - ould !*• wo minted for by the fact that he had a suit of ■ lollies In the satchel, and that the satchel was Ir their possesion. He was equally quick In deciding steps were necessary for him to tak* In order to recover t• clothes, and at the first place the train stopped he got off and footed It hack to the city, as there wae no other way of reaching It without con skier a bio delay. When h*- reached here, away in th small hours he told hts trouble* ami sus picions to Patrolman Broom, and the offi cer with equal promptitude started for Yamacraw to look for the culprits Meat - time Patrolman Best had seen the two men with th* satchel at Barnard street and liberty lane and thinking something about them suspicious, had stopped them But their story tu-aig piausihle one. had allowed them to go on. In his search Broom met Best nml told him the story of the mer. and lies* taking hack, went hack on LMierty street. lie found the men at fruit statu!, and t*ok them to the barracks. The idalntlff also went to the barra ks, but ref need to |rr*fer charge*, being satisfied in securing the return of his property. LOt %l. PERSONAL. Mrs J Nelson will rsturn to-day from Portsmouth Mr Kd. Klkan of Atlanta Is a guest of Ihe Screven Mr Waring Rueaell will return from Macon to-day. Mr. M M. Klkan of Macon ts registered at Ihe Pulaski. Mis* II irtict Scales of Atlanta l* a gued of Ihe Pulaski Mrs. II b iMstn of Atlanta I* registered at the Pulaski. Mr O. II Jones of Atlanta Is a guest of Ihe I>e Soto. Mr 8. J. Jones of Klngxland Is rcglster cl at the B. re veil. Mr J D. Bradley of Hagan I* register ed at the Bcreven. Mr. Garland Smith of Aehen* lx regis tered at the Pulaski. Mis* Mary K Baker of Charleston I* a guest of lit.- Pulaski. Miss Kauri llhi.-kshear of Athens I* it guest of the Pulaski. Mr. K. F. Campbell of Jacksonville Is a guest of the Pulaski Mr. 8 G. l-ang of Banderavllle 1* regis tered at the Screven Mr Kd K. Hy. k and family will return ftom N<w V.trk to-day. Mr. John O. M Daniel of Waycrosa Is a guest of Ihe Pulaski Mr. C Amorv Itexter of Columbus Is regblered al Ihe Pulaski. Mr William P. Waterhouse of Beaufort l.- a guest of the Pulaski, Mr J. M Reynold* of Waynesboro I* a guest of tin- Screven. Mis* Sarah I- iWham of W'oodville la registered at Ihe Pulaski. Mr. II- R- Barrow of Biatrianburg Is registered at the Pulaski. Mr A I*. Brantley of Blackebear Is registered al the It.- S.WO Mr T. C. Cole left yia Ihe Seaboard Air IJn. yesterday far Richmond Mr D. Adams left via the Seaboard Air Une yesterday for Jacksonville Mr* John Heard Hunter left via tlte Southern yesterday for Dansvllle. N Y. Mrs W. A. Rtsbre arrived front New York last night on Ihe City of Augusta Mr Lewis C. C.regg of Atlanta was In the city yesterday, a guest of Ilia IV 800 Tlte Mi**e Anna McNeil and Kfllc Mc- Kt„ hern of Marlow are guests of the Pu laski. Mr. I.- A Dorr of Augusta was In the city yesterday and registered at the Pu laski. - Mis* K lie Grady vnp * passenger on the City of Augueia from New York last night. Prof I-eo W Mehrtens arrived from Netv York on Ihe City of Augusta last night. Mr. J B. Hart Held, agent of Al G. Field’* Minstrels, Is regUtered al Ihe Screven. Mr O. W Warren and Mr. R. J. Wil liams of Swain#boro are guests of the Pulatkl. Mr O. F H McGee of Amerlcus was In the elty yesterday and registered al Ih* Pulaski. Mr. A. C. VonGrlndell of Augusta wis in Ihe city yesterday and registered at the Pe Soto. Mr and Mrs T M Applegate of Atlanta were among the arrlvafs at the Pulaski yesterday Mr H L M*s of Seward, was a pur s. iis-r for New York yesterday on Ihe Tall-thas*. - * Mrs. Frink 1.. Pickering was among Ihe passenger* of the City of Augusta from New York last night. Misses L K Furrer and M M Furrer are passengers on the City of Augusta from New York lasi night. M*sr P R Lanier and Geoiae M Will cox of M.-Bae were among the arri vals at the Pulaakl yeaterday Mrs A 8 Ouckenheimar and family ar* among Ih* passenger* of the City of Augusta from New York last night Mr J Sullivan, and Master J. J Sulli van. Jr., are passenger* on Ih* Clay of Augusta last night from New York. Messrs. R. C. Moore. K. O. Fleeawood. Rulllaa Jefferson, Jr., L. W. Haskall, Jr., r.<l L, A ton loft y<**„r4y to ,ntr th. I’nlv.ntlty of Maryland, going to Bal tlmorf on th. Itaacn. Mr*. It I. Aral.rron and Mi.,tar An • nr. |>a, on h. City of Augutta from N.w York la*i night. Ml*. Kait. Cobb of Brooklyn. N. Y., t In th. rlty. vlolttng h.r uncle, Mr. Chart.# lA?van. Ml.a Cot>b will ,p.<l the win ter tn Savannah. H.r time will not tie glim up .ntely to p>ure and enjov mrnl of the Houthern climate, a* she will iontlnue her *tudy of music while Hev Arthur J Smith of the First Pres .byterlan Church, arrived on the City of Augusta fmm New York last night, after ti va< aton of two mom ha. which h. spent *ll • 'rip on the Bt. lASrtno, and n New York and Massachusetts Mr. Smith ■ <>m. liHck gr.atly invigorated, atal anx ious to Iwgln his chup-h work He will outline his plans for the winter In two sermon,, wrhlch he will preach Sunday, one tn the morning, and the other In .ie evening. ITY MtfCVITIBS. This is dance night at Iwle of Hope. lVsptte the advance of the season, merry crowds of young purple go out. The m> eting of the officers of the First Infantry that was to have been held to night at the Regimental Armory has been postponed indefinitely hy order of Col A It. I-awlcn. The friends In Buvannah of Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Font ham of Chicago, sympa thise with them In the death of their lit tle son Albert, which occurred at their home In Oak Park a few day, ago Mr. Kttrdiiam ,i> a resident of flavannah about tiv. years ngo. and was connected with the L*uditen A fist re Southern Music House. i a , t RESCUS WON tilt. ST AKES. Work of Fawaona Trotting stallion on Rendvllle Track. Ronton. Sept 27 —Creaceua. the king of stallions, added a Jewel to his crown to day by winning In five hard-driven heats the fentno race at the meeting of the New England Trolling Horse Breeder, - Asso ciation on the Ftcadvllle track So much a favorite was the son of Rob ert Mctiregor before the great trial began that the |nl, were barred against him. It looked for two heats as If the great stakr would be wrested from the king by that wonderful little trotter. Charley Herr, the winner of the Massaehusetta stake race last year. Rut gamey as was Charley Herr, his strength wss not equal to the task and his star set tn the third heat when Cresceus beat him at the wire, i bice after that, tn the fourth heal, tha I.exlngton horse made a wonderful bid lot tin race, leading to the three-quar ters and then being beaten out on the stret di hy Cresceus. who seemed to have marvellous speed just when It meant so much to him The d.ty was |>erferi for the race, and • lie track white looking a trifle soft was evidently prime footing. The crowd must have gone well over the 2a.OUU mark. Stallion championship, free for all. purse*. trotting: Cresceus 2 2 111 Charley Herr 1 12 2 2 Oration Boy 4 2 2 2 2 Arton 2 ISIS I eint Vincent ft 4 4 4 4 Benton M ( & dls. Jupe 7 dls. Time 2:7',. 2:<r7>*. 2tn*,. 72 V Three Fa, writes Won. New York. Sept. 27—Three favorites won at the Gravesend track to-day . Sum mery: First Race—AltotW six furlong# Mo drtne. & to 2. won. with Meehami*. 5 to 2. second and I nmasked. 8 to }, third 11,nr 1 In Second Race—One mile and a sixteenth, selling. Serrano. 3 lo 5. won. with Com pensation. 6 to 1, second, and Alslke. 15 to I. third. Time lift. Third Race—Five furlongs, selling. Cher ries II to 5. sun. with loick. 7 lo 2. sec ond. and Candle. 9 to 2. third. Time I:H2 Fourth Race—Ocean View handicap, one mile and a sixteenth Killashandra. 910 10. won. with Gonfalon. 7 to 2. ae.ond. and Greenock, lu to 1. third Time !:t* Fifth Race— About six furlong*. Tela mon, 7 lo 2. won. with The Rhymer. 5 to t. second, and l)r. Itailow. 10 to 1, third. Time 1:12 t-5. Sixth Ha< e— One mile and seventy yard* Regrade. t> to 1. won. with Radford. 1 to 3. second, anti West Haden. I to 1, third. Time 1:17 2-6. a g RBSILTS t\ THK DIAMOSD. < inclnnnll Won by Httneblna tills In Ihe Fourth Inning, Plltsbnrg. Sept. 27.—Cincinnati hunches! hit* In Ihe fourth Inning, while Pittsburg could not touch Newton when men were on bnxttt. Attendance 3.600. Score: R. HE. Pittsburg ....0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 o—l 7 2 Cincinnati ...0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 1— 7 1 Itaiierles: Waddell and Zimmer; New ton and Kahoe. 3en lurk Real Philadelphia. New York. Sept. 27—The New York* won from Phllndelphl* to-day by good halting In Ihe fourth Inning. Score: R.H.K. Philadelphia .0 1000003 I—4 51 New York ...1 0 0 4 0 1 0 0 X— 11 7 Batteries: Dunn, Douglass end Mc- Farland; llawley and Grady. Brooklyn Won From Nnston. Brooklyn. Bept. 37.—MeCHnnlly wa* In vincible to-day except In the sixth Inning. Attendance, 2.100. Score: R.H.E. Boston 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0-2 6 3 Brooklyn 0 *IOOO3O x—l 9 1/ Batteries—Willi* and Clarke. McGinnlly and Farrell. STORM XVAHVIVQ TOWERS. Government Will Free! Them on the t oust of Florida. Jacksonville. Fla.. B*pt. 27.-The (.ov einmeiit I* preparing to give the eo#*l rrsldenta of Florida it more sallafactory signal service In Ihe event of approaching atorm* A J Mitchell, section director of the weather bureau for the stale, ha* receiv ed *everal tall tower*, mtde of ateel, which ar* lo be erected as siorm warning towers tn different eectton* of the etate One of the tower* it to be erected at JacktonvUe. one at Fernandlna. on* at Miami, ons at Fort George and two at other points not yet designated. Each of the tower* la 76 feet high. From thee* towers It Is proposed to hoist the atorm signals day and night, and aneometers will be on each of the tower* FO YE’S | FOYE’S | FOYE’S The Store of Real Economies MRS. GOLDEN, who has charge of the Millinery Department, says she will have “The Prettiest Hats in Town,” 4 And the Cheapest, Too. Thank you once more for the many compliments. We expected your cordial ap preciation of our efforts, but we are none the less pleased with getting it. It would be easy to give some startling figures on prices if we chose to do so, but we’d rather you find out for yourself with the goods before you. \ You can’t tell whether a price is low or not until you sec the goods. So come and see, and then ask. Wc are making special inducements in every department. We want your trade, and we think we know how to get it Good goods, the very l>cst service, and low prices will build up this business. Every inducement that wc offer is one that a store may be proud to make and customer glad to accept. p. T. foye. “ .\ Watch for announcement of our formal openinfl. N inilK ITTELLIGK.Vt K. Maltrra of Interest tn Shipping Mm Generally. The Merchant* ami Miners’ steamer Al leghany ha* been docked, acrapey] and painted at the Columbian lion Work* and ha* sailed from Baltimore for Philadelphia 10 become the pioneer steamer of Ihe line between that port and Savannah The steamer New Orleans, which has been laid up for repair# al the Columbian Iron Work* has got#- Into commission un i sailed for Providence. The Dorchester, from the Providence route, will go on Ihe Savannah line. Capt. HKlupx. of tg< Alleghany, who haa been on his annual holiday w.ll lake command of the steamer Itasca, relieving Capt. Dlgga. transferred to the State of Texas. The Berkshire will go fiom Baltimore to Philadelphia to take position on Ihe new line to Savannah. The tug Huntrey.- I* receiving repair* at the foot of Hast Broad *!r*n. prepara tory to being used In oy*ter drr Iglng around Wilmington Island. A small strati* r is being built si Rourkea dock for Ihe (Vmier Oyster Company. SI,.- will he a small t-tent wheel boat, and will he used principally in oyster dredging Th. holb-ts and ma chinery are being put In now. Passengers by- ktegmsblps. Passenger* by steamship Itasca for Bal. 11 more yesterday- F. A Lawton. J K Hlsphaum. I* W. Haskell. Jr.. K A. Fleet, wood. 1. C Misue, Rollins J<ffcisc,n. Jr Passengers arrived lasi nlghl fiom Bal timore on steamship Dorchester—J. Ktse man. Mis. Westlake. Mr* llender-on Mis* llemJersoii, M4s t- - Maynard. \lt* T. J barn B. M. Cameron, Mr*. Rodi • run. Mr. Hunter. Miss T. Grace. Mis* K Walsh. Mr*. G. J Jergu.-on, II Yeat wood. Mr. Weal lake. Miss J. 8 Blanchard. B. Cole, Mrs. Capt. Maine*. Mr Bodl gruex. D M McKay. Mis* Knglerth. Mis* W*l*h. J. u. Fergmton.P. Egan. Pa*engers hy steamship TalUhasaee tor New York yeater.lay—E. Bwlndell. Mi- II II flardaw.y. Cap!QJan rr*. Mis- 1-lssle Black Mis* Kate N Pet ty. Miss May orr. Mias Myrtle Roan Mm. T. J. Miller and son. Capt. J C. Darrah und wife. Mr*. J J. Barrett! lotwrence Barrett Mis* Nellie Barrett. Wxklchl Otsuka. Mr*. Annie Cob-. F. Li mar. K llerxog. Mr* L. B Kt.ner*.>n. Ml** Kslelle Hogg. William William*. A. W William*. T. K W alker. 11. Biimst. In J. C. Dreyfus. Bldney Band. T. M llar tyn. Mr* Drane. Miss Durham Mis* If Hcale*. Royal Cook. A Hletner. Miss L Blacksrar. Mis* Garland Bmllh. Bam T. Evan*. J R. Moor. Mott,- Martin. Airn-ry Dlxter. W. p. Johnson ami wife. .vl!*s Klnta Myers. Mr*. A. Mode. W. R Jun - Mle* T. Myers. Mr*. T Miller. Mr Miller. Mr. Crackowaner, W. L Fl.-mlng, llenry Pt-araon. Mrs. Bergh. Vila* Pearson. L Walker and wife. Mis* C. T. Raker, Ml** A. W. Rebl. O. II Joiks, | c. Gregg, C. W. Lane, and thlrleeu Intermodlaie. Passenger* by vi.-amnhlp City of Au gusta. New York, for Bavatinah. S. pi 25. ■ —Mie* Mary K. Pierce, Mrs. Waterhouse ami children. I-'. 8 lltHlg.-s anil wife. Mis* 8. E. Owen. Mis* L. H. Kinsman, C. R. Harvey, A. 8 Fisk, 10-m Ranks and wife. ; Rev. A J. Bmllh. C I*. Lulkin. Ml<* L j E. Furrer. Mr* J. C.rrlherg, Master J. J 1 Bulllvan. Jr., F. M Hweitrlnger. K. T. 1 Jervey and wife. Mr*. H. L Hemlersan, Master Anderson, W K. Dow and wife, Mis# L. E. R. Hymen. MU* M. Henderson, Mr*. E. Randolph. Miss, M M Furrer, MU* M 11. Boggs Miss .M B Kllloran, L. A. Parent Mr*. A B Gucketthglmer und family, Mr*. F t. l’i. kerlug. C Wolff, George Phillip*. MU* Everell. Mis* E M McDuffie. H. B. Lewis. MU* Tlngley. MU.. Julia Hpler. E. F Clark. Master I* Clark. Mr*. E. F. Clark and children. E. K Broadu* ami wife. Mrs. F. Rearer. 611s* A. Slckel, MU* P. L. Most. Mrn T A Goodrich. Mr*. J. 8. Luxford and daugh ter. MU* K. Madtlox. Mr*. W. A. BUbcr, R. n White, wife and children; K J Tlenka nnd wife. l>r. VatiMarler, J Sul livan. Mr*. F. L Wing, child and nurse, Mr*. Speyer. H. 8. Levy and wife, MU* Grady. Mr*. Park. Mrs. A Koppe. Prof. Is w. Mehrl.n*. l>r lies-,, Mr- r Webb. Donald and HownnL Webb, P. Mullroy. Mr*. K. Leonard. \V. J. W K. Leslr Thomn* War.l an.l * Mlsa Kilpatrick MU* Kennedy, Annie Cobh, MU* M J Pier, e. Elian Robertoc, , J. McDonald. Mu* McFnrlnn l.lzxle King Mis* McCorml, k. Miss A Mctnp. Ml-s R J. Scrlbben, K. Rath Ciller. I'harlm c.r>4e E Walsh MU* B. O'Neill. Ml-* A O Neill, Ml** M H Alllnan. F. W Beers. MU* Mary Murphy. MU* Rose Mm pin Mrs K Smith, Lillian Hmlth. MU* R Oak-, M Anderaon. J C Kin*. W Adamson M Wllaon M Segal). R Ilailey •as-annab Almanar. Sun rises at 6.53 a m.. and sets al 5 it p. nv High water at Tyhee to-day at lfl:fl9 , m and n:S p. m High water al Bavan san one hour later. KNOWN BY ALL NATIONS. Twice the price cou and buy to better. LIPPMAN 15K05., Savannah Agents. To Save Expense of Moving, we have decided to sell entire stock, of Furniture. Carpets, Mat ting, Shades, etc., at slight ad vance above cost during Sep tember. W/ill toe in store, 11 2 Broughton, west, early in Octo ber with a full and complete line. We can fill any order Right Now, Call and see us at old Rost Office building;. LINDSAY & MORGAN YOUR CATERERS. I'hasei of Ike Moon for September, • D. H. M. First qharrer 2 1 US morn. Full moon g jj # V e. Last quarter 15 2 67eve. New moon 3 i 67 eve Moon Perigee. :h; Moon Apogee, 23d. ARRIVAL* AND IIEPARTIBES. Veaarla Arrived Yesterday. Steamship Dorcheter. James. Balti more—J, J. I’srnlan agent. Steamship J.ealta (Dal.l, h'oberasco, Genoa.-J. F. Mini* A Cos steamship Newhy (Hr.t. Clark. Tyne.— J F Mini* A Cos Steamship City of Berg, New York.—O-ean Beam*hlp Company. Veaarla Cleared Vraterday, Schooner John R. Penrose. Gheen. Phll adelphia. ————— f Vessel* Went to gen. Steamship Tallahassee, Askln*. New York. Steamship Basra. Billups, Baltimore. Schooner John R. Penrose. Gheen, Phil adelphia. Shipping Memoranda, Port Tampa. Fla.. Sept. 27—Arrived, ale.tmer Maacotte. Havana, via Key West and return Jaeksonvllle, Fla.. Bept. 27—Cleared, schooner- Lula L Pollard. Powell. Phila delphia. dl imburg. Bepi 3-Arrived, steamer Oratigewood, Savannah. llalitmore. Bept 3.-Balled, eteam-r Stale of Texas Savannah. Philadelphia 27—Arrived, stevmer Roanoke. Jacksonville. Cleared, steamer Follodon Hall Savan nah. Charleston, s c Sept. 27 -Arrived steamer* tteorge w Clyde. Chichester! Jacksonville, proceeded to RoetOn. Rlake moor (Brt. While. Pomoran. Algonuuui Piitll New York Cb tred, steamer Ernesto (Span ). Orm aechea, Liverpool Silled, schooner William H Bumner Yeaton. New York. Soflee to Mariner*. Pilot chart, and all hydrographic tnfor matlon will be furnished master, of v*. ,U free of charge In United Stares hy drographic office In Cuatom House Cap tains are requeued to call at th* office Report, of wreck* and darellcti received mnt.' r * n,m1,,i0,> 10 * h * N * vy Depart- iinatvvl*r Eaporla. Per steamship lias a for Halllmot* 1-710 iabs uplan-i cotton. TUi barrels roeln, 19X.7rA fet lumber. 98 barrels rosin oil, > liarrel* eoltonsent oil. 040 sacks clay. 93 packages merchandise, 60 pa domcellc# and ,\urns, H case, palmrilo fltsr. IVr schooner John It. Penrose for Phil adelphia—.PC,.3o7 feet yellow pine lunl# i. —Cargo hy Georgia Lumber Company. TELEGRAPHIC MARKETS. Continued from Seventh Paged Gats No. 2 Kept 2IW.’C, 217*6122 21i121 7 3 "<l 21V022 22 21 ta 2P* Nov 227, 22 ti 22H 22'v Mess Polk, per bhl.— tk-l. .912 25 HIM 112 29 112 2” Nov. . 11 .HI || X, 11 30 II 32 r Jan. . 11 50 II tt2tx HSO XI wl latrd. per 100 lb*.— Get. . 7 (*> 7Wi 700 J ffi'j Jan. . •> 75 ti NO 6f5 6MI Short Rib*, per 1 Ih*.— Bept. 7 72', Hlo 7 72V, *l Gel.. 7 S7's 7 771, 7 67' 7 77’r Jan. . 6 121, 820 l2‘, 0 17’a Cash quoiallons were a* follows; Flour |*jul*t. No. 3 spring wheat, TiWITByc; No. J rod. 77'e<t79>'. No. 2 corn. 41**; No. 2 yel* • low corn. 47 tr47%c; No. 3 white oat*. £>*• ti27c; No. 3 white, 241fr2H>c; No. 2 ry*. 52*dc; barley, fair to choice maltlnk. W Me: No. 1 lla* aecd. 11.53; No. 1 Norlhwed *m. 11.52; prime timothy need. 30®4 men* Irk. per bnrrel. 512.2Mi12. I*nl. per 100 pounds. 67.<rTM17.10; abort rib*, aide* (looae). *.oo*tK.3o, dry aalted ahotil ■ler* (, 6i 4 tniV: ahort <d*ar el ••• P.2Wi*.; whisky. ba*l of hl*h nine*. gl.Jg; augur. flit lonf. g.MI granu lated, 6.10 c; confectioner* 1 A. 6c; off A. 5.65 c. t ilenufrf Iloy In Hie ■*• Beaufort. K. r„ Sept. 27.—Paynwaro clerk I-awicnec TV. Bandera, aaelgned to u duly on ihe new tiatllealilp Alwhama, la here on a brief vlelt io hla parent* Mr. Bandera la a Beaufort boy who haa won hie way to hie preaent position by exemplary deportment and clnae applica tion to business lie has many warn l friend*’ her* who wlah him continued auc c*a*. (•or. Candler nt Butler. Butler G*., Sept. 27.—00 v. Allen P- Candler apoke her* 10-day on th* politic* l tcauea of the day. Th* Court Houae war packed with men of all parlle*. Many ladle* attended and all buslnea* waa u*- o* tided.