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BRYAN TO THE CLUBS. r, ntlna-d from Finn Pa*a. >4,1 them In va-sh*e and tax ~ 11 onwrH " •.rlM.ovfrnmrul. 4m *ht we object to iff that . *-fet*l U*ur irn|*rlHi pollc > 1.4 V <iown Joi'trtm •* which, :f w destroy the right >f th© to iurtlcipate in #n*r rnmert. That l* our objection v If you were simply going off und ome h*m* a* • , v . th© rim* Hut j H ; , You Ur* not kill them \• i want to trade with them ,l t* r. v your trade argument . ,i*"l t 'ii You cannot tr*l* with - . m for subjects. hut you have them for lubjwtt If w© mm t iou cannot make sub t mem without changing our 4>\i ■ nrnent. You can’t hold I•’ .H servitude without \ur •'On at I tut lon. either openly $ '.h fly. nd the power that _ utl he Constitution mid muke .Ml! of a Filipino. can disregard • Ututlon. and make mmjeot* out \m*ri n i*eoplff You hove 41 i. fiit*r©gar*l the 4\mstttu!ion !©.| >*.tes us y*el have In Porto j you have aa much right to ©xclud© v .n tti*ena from the guarani©©* >f .-titltutto(i. * you have to exclude }\ iUcttftf Hepu • an party I* following the p of m© irehy. It does not propoa© • s hut i proposes a principle upon • Him a King can stand. It **>©- i (Town, hut It propose* a can fit nothing but a crown i> i di- in (tarty has Vn© mi Por o b - what Kngland did In this coun I our PreaMent i> doing t<wla\ • e o Georg© HI dwl a catitury and a quarter ago. What difference <foe it t -vhet r you ©nil him President or T ■ “f or Kins. f he administer* the p.* • fa King? an Olil "perch of McKinley‘a. *l r not only arnlnst imperialism b • It strikes a blow at our prlnci* j . . • government; we are agatnet u be ■ i • It destroys the m>oil pr©s t * **f this nation among the if of the earth Let me read > what w said by Mr McKinley v ■♦■lf in regard to this net ton's position rd regurd to the principles eel forth I ►••• lar.itlon of Independence. \V. have insisted. s all have Insisted who t*• defended tin* l>eclamtlon, that It > i *>t written for n day. nor for a year, n ' r a century. We have contended that wap written for all time and all l- *pl* and no nation would * ver •© >• gr-si that It could not rest securely on • and. titration of Independence. We u • noi alone In this ld t. T'nill the poi e **f mp* riutiem entered the Republi can- • •>• agreed with us In this doctrine, a . will Me from a Fourth of July , . made by the President htmuolf at • g<> five years ago last July. Bpeak- Ir.* <r ih* authors and signers of the de cli atton of Indepemlence and the consti t’it ton. he a.ild: They built not for themselves, hut for ;*'!rnt> Their plans stretched out into the future, compassing the ag*-e and egi t• i a mankind Not olore for the pres ♦•r w re their and their atrug r ill for nil time thereafter; not for An an colonlas only, but for the whol I m o rice, wherever men and women ■i*• fniggling for higher, freer and be - edit lone I> was the yearning of the -. il 'or emancipation. It was the cry of h.u ity for freetlonv-freedom to think ‘ “ 1 k ini an wi bin the limitation of Hid proper laws which should be of r> ’ own making * !*• were no limitations on that con t‘ • Men then There were no limitations • i hat declaration of independence. It • , ~)t intended for the people whosoug s’ hen. it was for them and their chll c’ is children to the remotest ag*s It . for the Anglo-Saxon then. It Wfas !• di mankind N Tears for Itepulilies, innot better describe th* fall of th 1 .r*li an party: I cannot better plctur it demoralisation; I cannot better de- 'ocn|4ete ffurrrender to the doc > that underlie monarchies and m l> und desi*otlsms than to l**|| you that \* u h king dies a Republican pr* skh nt i sfisl n rneskiige of condolence, hut wh*n two republics expire no K*- l . ll* an sheds n tear We wart the . *ri an people to attend to thetr own We wont them to have ih-r •m ideas and s:anl for them We want t.atlon to be among the rattons as <* fht and example I want this nation to be Jtifft anl U|v r.ght. - j tiiat when other nut lons quar v* ins*, id of I' out grwt armks t kll ih li other, they will say, 'leave • n to the l*nltel Stales; the> H in- trust**!.' 1 want this nation to be i • maker amxig the nations, and mu t will earn th* reward promised to t !>*>'’-maker. 'Hiesaed ore the |a*.•■■- r- f*r they shall In- the ctlll d- n of t *od.' " A* ii* t-ont'ludlng MMskm of th* con n-n H>n ftourke (\xkran was the • "*f tlov M< Mitltn of Tennessee I the meeeting to order and Intro “ l Mr r- kran Mr, Cockran devot • f>eech to th question of imperial* *te%etann on Imtterlallaiu. A I ii K Bt even son addressed the con n it ttie afternoon session He *di ii, e re-election of (‘resident McKinls\ i held b\ himself and his party— *nd justly —an endorsement of the ' • f th** administration towards the 1 Pl*it e I-lands Im>l no Hepuhilran ts> conscience d-l id- himself • nope that. If sustained at the ” • will be a chan#* In the mth f'*’ M, d Policy of the administration. Mon is worse than midsummer 1 * ’ The re-election of the present x ''!'• would be a vote of con tide n-'. m h en-lors*-ment by the American °f • war of conquest-the salient '' u ■ °f his administration The con •* i*i t) of the administration hy the It* oir only hope of escape from ' ; mis policy It has tnauguarted. rlallsm knows nothing of llmlta t ' '* wer. Its rule Is outside of the " ,? *on It means the adoption hy *o-n m republic of the colonial '* of European monarchies It " - lu tight to hold alien people as * •* enthrones force as the con 's agency In government. It means fh ; mptre. r * wing close In the wak* of imrer ‘ II • ome the tmnioci**- standing T, # -i e dread hand of militarism will • u ‘ ln *he new world as in the old ‘ f,iiV lrTn will he suhstl- < f • tits peaceful agencies,, which •v" re than a century made our ■ * ontented and happy." • **attires of Rrsolntlnns. • itlong adopted commend thy f ,‘ ’ ' platform, declaring a Dsm* ih should lie organised In every 1,./ * 1,1 nation, •i-|h h| to every ln to pledge him "iu °ne rot#, for the party; d ' * f Hie evidence that great rorpor e? . #nfl^v rlng to control the vote* mployes ts roo plain to I>e tlenled; ' pre*snt administration f , * ”t f-iiiure to enforce the federal ,. r | * ’“atutedenounce the Hdmln !r C u " ’Permitting two Republics . n A^r *‘ ’to hi* destroyed withoat t#j,. rf * sympathy;** condemn "failure •h,.*"''' 1 ! 1 ' rroe. ute the men fed • 1a! r,,htn P°*t*l frauds.** urge that xn Institutions are in danger; ? n ympathy with sh* coal miners in , '* v, vania In their aland against the • *’e coal trust, and hope they may fr> f , speedy settlement as will af . * m wages;** assert the j>r.. "" of McKinley would mean the , J '“ion of war taxes, entangling al- , lf! >,,>l monarchies of Europe and in remote parts of ice md dc la re "the election of Mr Rry -*n will me.ifi the salvation of th* coun try." The follow ing ofti. era were elected W R He irst. president. Mux F lhms*n, sec- I retury Mar us Daly, treasurer. Th* convention adjourned sine die to | night. M’ftKß %T OHUI ••real I rimd l.lslcned to Nose%elt With I'roTiMind attention Omaha. Oct 4 -<Jo\ RtKuuveli. ofter Jav of *trfiuou* effort, ln which no lee.** than tn "pee, h - w*re mab-. mi* BMt at ( i • • ■ the R ceptlon •? ihl- 11\ and after a parade through th- street-, I• was x>nvey# i| in a tent, wh r an not nwc;* audb ne had aariemblcd Ii- spoke an hour .n.l a half ar. i wa- Hst*nsl t witli profouial .ittiendoti At midnight tlov. It.*.-, veil departed on hi- low i trip The Governor sad *T k- th*- question of fre* silver. If any of you are • nough to know whether Mr, Rrynn. If ♦ let ted, will p.i> the obligations of the n•- lion in silver or gold. I would übh he would divulge hi* know |t*lge, for M Bryan will not Th* re is no doulu ibout where wt stand. We stand on the go HI M.mdard and m stand on it on the \l - sen hoard and in the Rocky moun tains anxwlart \\ e ar*- fortunate eraiugh In having H stjes which stand w- r!ng thin In my isirt of the country Some p .*p|e s\ th e the silver issue I* dead This l*sut . mn*M te dead when people art uncertidn •* to how a candid lie of out of iwo par ties would pay the obligations of th* na tion." ( HIP %!** I\ HAWAII Three 4 andiilaft* In V*ro*|tr*f for lleleaale to \% ashing Inn. Honolulu. Sept 2;. via Victor! i B. 0.. <Vi. 4—Rep tMU sns and Detn.'icrats t ach held their <'nnventl>rv * n th* .‘4th K i h party nam’d a native II iwaiian for dele gate lo Washington. Tl lnd* pendants tare sure to put up Rot** rt W \V|!c.x Th** Republican n*mlnee is the Hon Bimuel Parker, chairman of th* Hawaiian tie* gallon to the National It* publi* .in conven tion at Phllad-lphla. Th* Democrats hive pui up Prince Dhvl-1 Kawananakou Both Parker and Prince David are wide ly known and ver> popular native** and with Wilcox in lie field th* campaign promises to he an interesting one. (011,1) CART M HALL Republicans Had Rnatmted All In at. I.ouls for To-morrow. Chicago. (Vt 4 Rmirke Cockran, who was to haVf spk*n t St. next Saturday, under the auspices rf the Anii- Imp* riallsti League, h. cancelled the engagement, owing to the leagut s* ina bility to procure a hal! At Democratic National headquarters it was declared to day that the Kepuld cans had engaged all the hills In St LoUD. for that date Mr Cockran will speak 8a tun lay night at T*>peka, Kan. < %>ll*%ll.\ l\ HALTIHORR. AA 111 Me Opened Nrti A|itdn> by F.&- Wennfor (inriimn. New A’ork, Oct. I -ffx-Benator Oortnan of Maryland, and Congreff.-man Rivhard s n. were in conference to-day at Naton al Democratic headquarters. H**nator Gorman will stay here until Saturday, when he will return to Baltimore On next Monday night, he. with ex-Gov Bton , will opan the . ampaign In Bali!- irore. After that until the close of th* campaign Berator Oorman will b* In thl clty several days ra*h weak. < nrl Melgnel, New York. Oct. I -Carl Bchurg has re signed the presUlency of the National Civil Service Reform Association In order. It is stated, that his personal adv** i > of the election of Mr. Bryan shall not l*er In tiny way against th* non-partisan use fulness of the association. llr %it ii nt le i*n ii on. Lebanon. Ind . Oct. 4 Mr Bfyan **amc her© from Indlanapiills this evening and made a speech In th*- Court House park to a large audience He discussed trusts, the money question and the Income tax Hill In Nni 1 ork. New A’ork. Oct. 4. Senator I till return ed from Richmond. Va . to-day much pleased with his trip. He declined to talk politics. He will s|*ak In N* wark. N J.. 10-morrow night. Leave < union Mimdnt, Cntrton. c <>. t 4.—-President McKinley has arranged to go to Washington next Monday morning Mrs. McKinley will ac company him A(f.UAiIT 4 OAI'KIIKKAIT. FLAG. Nlmji from laeoraln ln%elgheil Again*! the lllaplat of the t ol**r. Washington. Oct. 4—At the me*-tlng of the I’nkrtn Veterans* I’nlon to-da\. Com rade Fierce of Georgia Introdu el a set of resolutions against the display of the Confe’leraie color.-, which elicited much comment. After som* die* tission tlons on the subject were adopted. In par* "That the Mending of th*se emldemstl cal colors, th# entwining of the I’nion flag with the fonfederaie flax. Is i mere mo* kery. an uns*-emly effort to harmon ise advf rse principles. •Jtl ih- ca|*aelly of iiersonal friends and blood relation- we extend M those who fought against us the full measure of na Mona I affection; and when they act in the capacity of luwabldfng citlaens of th*- re public we che. rfully give to them our MXWrnillMi; blit when they act'ln th** r l*a* hy of Confederates, miking an unpa triotic display Of the Confederate colors *** unhesitatingly decline to accord t* them the slightest recognition or afllila tlon.’* (ONHFADKO THE MAIIIHA. % it nn Int lon Adapted by the Amer ica nn Hi I'ekln. Washington. Oct. 4 —A letter has been received by Gen Hey wood, commandant rtf marines, from Col Riddle, the senior marine officer In Chinn, enclosing resolu tions adopted hy Ihe Americans at Pekin, expressing their hearty appreciation of the courage, fidelity and patriotism of Die American marine#-. Minister Cong-r in transmitting the resolutions. Joins Iff this txprefttlon. >rrr In Hn *■•. Havana. Opt. f—Th y*llnw f#r (t --uatlnn In not !mt>rovl During ton month of t*|.t<-mh-r 7 raar* -r nmm ally r-port-O. with • taortallty of £< t- f ivnt. Ughty-four <••■* *r now un4r trtmmt. in<l tw*n*y-Pth mo. hnvo bvrn repotlol during the lat for.y enght hours. Hertford's Acid Phosphate NERVOUSNESS. A superior restorative when the ner vous system ha* become impaired by mental or physical overwork. THE MOKNING NEWS: FRIDAY, OCTOBER .">. IK. L/gglcP !psfe! Look at yourself! I* your face | | covered with pimples? Your skin | | rough and blotchy? It’s your liver! I I Ayer’s Pills are liver pills. They | cure constipation, biliousness, and | dyspepsia. 2Sc. All drugpis's. ihromi* r r rich hUek ! Tbr, u BUCKINGHAM’S DYE S r . %Ntl>Ti:i> I* A I MICK AM) JilM Y Held fir l*org**r% In t ossrrtinn AA llli the Rice t ns*. New York. > t I c,pt. M fTi-.k* v, chief of th*- detective bureau, unnoun* *•! to-night that his turn lu*l im-t- wl v*r A. •rt T IGtri k and tri* vab Jm* f*r forgery in *onnectlon with iii case *f William M Blew, th© Tex mill ionaire. who die-l suddenly in this city i iv*--k ago Bundny. R|c* ’ff Strong!*** w ien*f*d to-day No Hill was f*unl. but there w**r* secu rttice * iimt*-d t* ih- worth ab*>ut f?- Th* jjr**perty will remain In the custody of i *.'< S f** I deposit C*>m|xiny until such time *s th** x>mj*any shall fc**. auth* i / •! ? deliver • to iM-in*- **n-* beyond <l*ubl et! llt i*s| to re* **lv them Th** xa t charge Hgalnsl Pitii-k and Jones Is that they f*rg*l signaturei. to checks and assignments drawn by the Ist** millionaire. The lv following the death of Mr Rice. Mr I'atri* k t *nk t* th* banking house of S M rtw nson A Horn* a ch* k di uwn in his fa\r un*l Mailed by Mr. Bice, for gJf* ‘hi o , another for <lo*l and two on ihe Fifth avenue Trust Com pany for and ft A*. <¥• respectively All these checks w**r# submitte*l sep arately to Han<)w rltiug Kxp* rts Wlliittn A Kingsley, David M Carvalho, ami Mr Hiipn. of Trn\ N Y They all examin ed the checks separated The\ agreed In the c*n* luMon that the signatures were forged Th* exp. rt> found ihat n asslgum’-nt rurportlng to hav* Iwen higne*l hy M- Rlc was a fo grry < m the finding of the expert# the rrest was mad* Jnes was at rested in hi* r om. Patrick was ar res ed at th*- office of the New York Btfe D |Kslt 'ompan> where the vault con taining Mr R 1 • s securities was openwl It appear* that Mr Rice innl*- iwo wills. Tlie first was . x**- utev) in Rcp t mber. isfk. and was sent to Mr R|ce*a attorney at ll*>ilffgon. Tex . i'apt James A Biker Mr Patrick produced a copy of h second will drawn by him on Jun*> 3d. IK> In this se*om) will It a* at lege. 4. he. Patrick. ro*e*lved aboir tiine t* nths o! to** niiLionalr*- s *-st it**. The ••*<>nd will ••*ntoln*sl ail the beneficiaries mentioned In th** first and gave to them more money than they had been bequeath ed in the first will The AA tlllam M Rice Institute for the advancement of literature, science and irt n lloust*n. T* x which was o get nearly nine-tenths of the property by the first will, was cut out largelx jn the se. nd will It is oJalmed that subsequent to th** signing of the s- v>nd w ill Mr Rice assigned and transferred to Mr I’atri' k. absolutely, ail hi" estate, and h€\ Patrick, agreed to pay him an annuity of 11‘MWI a year, und to erect a monument costing over his remains. j If MO At; INTO THE Ml t.I.A. Illrlck l%lllel mol Ills \A lie Injured l> n Krrklrs* Aegrn. ColuniMi. 8 <*.. Oof. 4 Mr and Mrs. J H. W Hydrlck w*re driving to their homo in Orangeburg county, when a nr cro. <lr|ving up wildly from tehtnd. leh *-l Into their vehicle. The n**gr> drwe on without offering asl. and hm* not been identified. Mr H>*lri*k died o? the* injuries re ce|v*-d. ami his tvife was vary painfully Injured Mr Hydr! k was a member of th** I>*g Istature fr**n Orangeburg f**r many years. His hr>th-r is now state setiator. Their family U one of the most influential in the county. Th*- Governor today received a te|e gmm fr*m Minnie AVlison at North. Orangeburg county, asking him fo pra te A her husband, who whm going to he lynched He lnxtlga*.l an Investlgntlon ami awtrlrtlii’d that Wilson was the ts gro slm drov* over Mr and Mrs. Hy •lrlck A cr**wd had vls|td hh* hoi cm to lynch him Wilson, however, had left fur the protection of the sheriff at Orange burg As there ser*- threats of Ivm-hing to-night. Wilson was got on board the train at Orangeburg n*l s**n# t** (*olum hia at 10 oVN* k to-night. AA’ilson Is sal*l t* have I*een drunk At 12 o‘ k> k to-night ino nnnei entered Orangeburg and met and sea re bed th*- Botithsrn train for Columbia for Wll son The party would not believe the man had been sent to the penltentlarv on the (h ast Line, via Bumici. In the early even Ing. but Insisted on searching th© Jail The authorities proi)-d n committee fr*>m the m*il. unarmed. s*ar h the Jail Th* moh Insist**! that th*- whole crowd b. admitted arm***! As lliere were two negroes under sentence of death In the c* lle the sh tiff demurred Trouble was averted by Ir. IlydrU k. brother of the d© ♦•eased, assuring the crowd that Wl'aon had been taken away. \VK\T PM MAI A MEM It A. Alany of the wioleo l.ire t-nt to Italv from T hi** 4 oMtifry* Rome, Oct. 4 The Vatican authorities have informed the Italian polk* In con nection with th© recant burglary and theft *>f scciirMlea value*! at lS7,Ooit lire, that more than a fifth of the stolen property i-iim* America. D is said that the thieves art? I* ing • racked Cardinal Rumpolln. papal s* re t u v *f slate, has given orders that they be denounced us soon ns discovered. TO R 404 KIVK VOA AA ALHKKfIKE. 4am m and era Arrawatna to (dir Him MU tlfflctfil M ec* ptlon. Pekin. Paturday. B**P< 2>—Tha com mander* of the international forces are arranging f->r i combined official re *p ,jon of Field Marshal Count von Wal ler-ee. A detachment *f mixed • ivalry wiil escort him from Tung Chow to this city. The member* of the <H| iomatlc * orpa h r*- ar. still of the Opinion that only p r tn* e Chlng and LI Hung Chang tap be recognised as ticsee negotiators. 4 ttUH Slatisfleff. IJverpooi Oct. S -AVeekly cotton tistics Deal sale* of all kinds. U.m tab** soles. Ametlotn, 2H.220 English spinners takings U.m Total ex|*>rt 4.- *•?* Import of all kind*, tf.74*: Import. American Btnrk. all klnda, I7LKt; stock American. 111.570. Quantity afloat, all kind*. IH; aflnut. American. 97.<rtO. Holes on pacttlailon. 570 Balea to ax porter*. L**o. t fldnrrd Mfsllr Sbrlwera. Washington. Oct. 4. The coiored Uy*- [tbßhrinen^o-da^decide^t^hojdU^ Illlt NMA 14 k'A M AAS Ml l(.f I. 4 opt. AA . A| Tupper Now n Alrmlier of the llilrrmsnlr M*irl. Brunswick. Ga . Oct. I —<Capt Wm Tup|er. has l>een sworn In .i> alderviYaii to auoc* ol hr II M Bran ham. i©signed and has !•• •• pin • I at th* heai of the Commute* on Ranl t at lon Am*i g the notices *>f lo* .l legislation t* be pr* nted thrtxigi) representative B>mon.s. Ih one mikihg a change in th* cliy charter, relatlv*- t th© election of Brunswick s mayor and aldermen The present charter prov d-* f*r the el*** thm of four ahleniien out of eight, averv year and th© n© tiun of • mv*>r ever> (w y*ars Th* >nt*mpla * and change w 111 probatdy pn>vkl< f r the b-ctlon *-f th*- ma> r *iiol entire b*ar l of aldermen each year The Catholics of Brunswick are In a more a-rous ti *i *t unv Bin** win*© the < jiurch was established here laisi y ar. with th* aid **f llrun* wi* klans g**nerklly, t' v *t** tel a btmu tlfi| hulMing n-xt to St Fihm’lp X tvlet Church and this vegr the btiilding h •e* ti * lYnvrrtoi into a sch** Two S;?* ter* ha\ the sch*M>l tti charge and lit© patronage is \©r> ji<o*i and not to ai y on* len.>min.ition. Th© rewult In Glynn, giving th© P©m> of lo tlck©t nearly *si majority all .•round was not surprising her* Congruesniun Brantley ts off on another stump peaking tour He came to Bruns wick Tti©.--lay mottling from a round of speaking, addressed th© Democracy of Olvnn Tuesday night, voted on Wednes day und left that sam© night •* carry on th© campaign in th* Eleventh Mr A AA' Corker h announce*! his candidacy fur JQsnce of the (m •© to suc •© 1 Judge J. T I.ambrlght The frterd* of Frank Dunn *k not igr©* with !he oflb er quoted In to-day Is mi* of th* Morning N* w regarding the fel*ctk*n *f ** Savannah man for major of th* Third Battalion First R*yin’i)t. to succeed MaJ R Krnest IH . resigned Capt Dunn s fr.end* want him for major and wi 1 push his claims for that place. In event of his election Is Is probable that the captain* > *f th* k Rlflamen will he ten *|er©d to Mr. Ja k Btylea who retired from the state service some months ago with •h© rank of lieutenant. Junior grade. Na val Militia ■*.%! AIETT4I I llt I 14 EA4TMRY. Plant llmn Hraian Operating nt K I • • 1 144 144 •* ©. Klasitnnv**. Fla Oct 4 —Hon J 8 Oliver h.s ffuccessfully started hl p-al mefto fli’cr fa*-lory• which will prove nt great vain© to this *©< fmn <i - th© flier is mad© from green palmetto leave* for which h* pay* M i©r to*i. *l©lv©r© 1 at his factory The flh*r is gr©a im proa emenfl over th* wooden produet, a.** It makes the very iset mattresses nnl upholstering <'n#iw* have I***©#! g<v*l thla year. nn*l th© farmers ar© ha>pv Th© orange * r*>p will i>*- mer double w hat It was last y©ar The movement *>f •-•itt!*- to (\ih* from ihle |*la* •• oontlnuee i*rik AU*it fifty •ars have b©©n shi(>p©d this month ©•• far. und about thlrtv more ar© awaiting a bout, and other t©a)s Iwlng made. Th© first eoibl car of oranges from this county will leave this week for th© fhl cago nsarket CTyos Padgett was I*otind over bv Com missioner Crane of Tnmpu to the Unl:©d Ktates Court, for running n blind tiger. M'.AAS FMoAf TIUAIIAASBC. Weir I.umber Cnneern—Beath of A|i Alnttl© Af*K Imioii. Tallshassee, Flo. Orr. 4 —Orang© Park ha* anew corporation, th© Hilliard Lum ber Company. The capital stock Is 13.- and th© company will own *n*l operate saw and planing mills, manufacture lum i©r. ©ross-tles and shingles, uperwt© st©am anl other vess*ls and leal In gen eral nt©r."h;indise. Mis* Mattie McKinnon filed *n Tues*lay after n lingering illness, g©*l 14 ysara Th© family *am© from Georgia about a year g<*. ond the youtif Isdy had mud© host* of friends In Tallahas*©©. who deep ly symptlthlt© with the faintly In ih©ir sa l bereavement. Th© Iswly wa- taken to Thomaffvill© for burial. The isibllr s'h*ols rf Madl-on *ouuty ha\'e been suspended for thirty days on n ( ount of the prevalence of ©mall-|Hx in the county In this conn* tton Ptnt© Buj*erlnt* ndent Bheat* has sent out a cir cular relative to van mat lon TO AAITIIDMAAA Troops Are to llr Trowaferred Ini medlntely to the PhlllppAnra. Washington. (K-t. 4.—ln acoor-hmee with Instructions r*celv#*d from th** wnr l*-f:i• ment. Gen MacArthur, commatvllng the troops In ih© I*hlllpplnes. has made ar rung© manta for the prompt transport I lon from Taku t* M mlhi of th© I’nlt©i B<at©s for* * > at Ti©n Tsin atnl Pekin not Includ ed In the "legation guard" to b© main tained at Pekin under th© personal corn man*! of (Jen Chaffee Narly 4.000 troops are lo b- withdrawn 4mm©dintely from Chines© territory and transfer!©*t to th© I*hilipfin*.- Four latg-- trrinsp*>rts have been unsigned to th*- work of transporting th troop- from Taku to Manila They ir* th* Warren, with ca pacity of l..**•. the Bumnrr, (-aparlty 77 the Indiana. I#** <w*l th© <kir**nne. *5 Word was r© elv©d at the war and |*artm©nt to-day that th© Indiana had sailed from Mantia t* Taku. Th© *th©r tin*-* tran |M>r*' ar© cither * Ih© Chinese port *r In the immediate vicinity Frustrated Ilia Plan. Berlin, o*t 4 —The National Zeltung says it leatnr* in *’ffl tal elide* thu M Dcbasse. the Fr©n • foreign minister had Intended to o note to th© Powers, but that the premature public*- tlon of Its substance In u dispatch from Vienna t*> a m**rnlng piper prob ably frustrate*! his |uriuwe Aon Keftrlrr’s Funeral. Taku. Monday. Oct. L—The lvwag©r Empress has deputed th© highest official of th© ©rnpir© to tnak© til necessary r -rangemants for a mo-t Imintsing funeral In honor of Baron von Ketfeler. th© lat* German minister to China. Bh© has also ordered the erection of a suitable tempi© at the capital in his memory. *al!*ltur A ii*ro ©l. London. Oc( 4 —Lord Rallshury, accord inr to the Berlin correspondent, of the Morning Post has repl ed to <Jermany s last note in terms of approval VlusMlnn* at Afuktlen. B* rlln, Oct I The Naval 8. iety New* Btfrenu In China cable* that the Russians have o* upl©d M.ikden, capital of the province of Liao Tung. fOSHßttgSjl Mala.!.. CSI I r,bV#r And H AIW|;|J % 41 BAN TOR A4 4 41 ( NtIP. Intprrttinx Experiment It* 4 s*srr ll*llt NHI F.xprcteil I fleet. From th© N©* York Run Hartford. Conn An *xp©rtm©ntal crop **f Cuban tobacco ha* I© •it grown y.’ir h\ A II BrxMher* of Pttquonot k The groath of th© plant was wai he*l with mil' ll Interest, as th© fleltl hears th© **nlA tob t <o vt the kind grout In the state Two years ago Congressman K B'evens H*ti> os-iit a small ps. k.*g© of t.*uban t* * t . s*-**l to Mt Brothers The s*4xls a ©r* planted In the spring, but onl> Ighf plant matured Fr*m thes© few plants were obtained th© **•+•{ that Mr Brother* p ante*) this eprli g. from which h* has ritiscd *t H>ut *ne-thlM* **f mo a* u *f 4*n ban t*Ui'< •• Tit©- ri* st* *’Ut this week, but not until It ha-* gone through the sweat and has been cured will its tit lift > for lgr purpose* le* knowt Th© plant ittffer* < onnl*-iaidN from th© ordiimr lUntiMt se©*l tohso’o I* I** inu ’i slimmer and tb* leaves ar*- smaller and drooping Th© texture Is heavier. In dl."itilt g C at th© leaves mas i*e us©*l for wrrappsrs although CuUtti tolac** is not general it favor©*! for w ruining Bie 4*a? not being s.iffl irnfß rma>ih and thin Nlr Floyd a governtn* n* exi*ert, has watched the d* v©lopm nt of this cr<p with InterwaK. find termlne If a ••otnplete *igt, tiller and wrapiarr. of M*tif i tr> flavor can la mad* fr*an this Cuban tobacco A ttrknis feature of th* cro| l* thitt it l naturaliN *|stted Th leaves ar© rsi ularly an*) harwleomeh -potted and as no chemical* have been ©*•*! It Is stp|->e©l that tit*- spot** ure caused b\ the sttng© or • xudatlns f lne’< ts If this is th* • tM' th* kind of ins** 1 unknown M*we toba* o is lading artificially sitt©d in th© field this Year than ©ver le’for© Th© spot ting is don© by th* buyer, and when th r© Is a !*•*'- it falls upon him still the growers are not wh*i|\ *atl*fl©*l th© scheme The\ say that th©r* Is a ago *f from Ju* *•* pounds o* th* .* r- The buyer the loss at n*t **ver flftt iv>unds. but whatever it Is. it falls upon th© laiyer Great car© has to la- ti-*©d In the application >f tw- spotting fluid If |lt In applied t*su fre©l> the plants at© iHiriitHl mid made worthies* In sofne flekls In this state buyers have intrustad the work of stetttlt.g to inexperienced hands, with th© result that lit parts of several fl©l*ls the plants are wilted and burned .. ... - riM i Thfx.ughoiM the fftativ this season s crop Is the largest xn*l for >*rs. and xlmuM the s©4***4Y l>e a g**d curing on** th- farmer will r© rtvs prices mW* h' n\ ©rag* * Ugh wrappers .►! jT**© <l**il tty are scarce tn th*- mrk©t son many new tobacco bams were put Ui and bulUitiß ie going on tbiw s-ason AI fjHM*t every farmer u llttl* more t* bti<'*'o in th© grournb* this year than eve* :>* f*.r© nr si wlenttflc principle* are I>elng apfdltvl to hur'ffsting and curing h© crop in th© larger fWd* Th*- ©x|erimcfit r* non ** P*K|uoias k has dona much sowar I stimulating s*i©rlfl- toiacc** culture tn r ' r©gi>n has been given t artlfldal swelling. the protection f whole floUV* through th© entire s©**wt t‘ prevent injury oy h.*4l. in*l improvement tr th* mechanical fadltie* f*r handling rhe crop The farmer* through Pr©*4*l©!t Frye of th© tVmnectlcut Tohacx> <Jr*>tv era Aff*ocl*Uon hav© fought uiruinai h© intradisu ion of Cuban and P*rt H <mi •** lih.’ o, l> it ar© now lauural that th© pres tig© of Connecticut tobacco for wrapping purpose* < .innot be put Iri Jatptrdy )' omi*etlHon with outlaialer A< the aavn© time the agitation has been valuable in t* aching th* farmers that if they w'ould succeed In making tobacco raising profit a bto they must apply more up-to-dnt© methods and scientlfl princi ples Harvesting has bean going on the pac week ami th© season’s 'Top everywhere Is bountiful rd of ex-'silent nnalltv There hae ieen no damage bv hall this vear •lid both early ami medium fields ar© *f luxuriant growth The Int© no* als*>. wIU bo above th© average If th© mil*! w*ath©r *ontlmies a llt/tle l*>ng©r E'gtifv flva per cent *#f the crop Is r***4ron©d us g*nd; lo p*r cent small, flo l 5 par cent t*4nch*-*l Cottotw*ue*l meal an*l cotton hull ush*-s ar© th© principal fertfllxer* used Hovers ure s!*w- in niuklng price*, as It b u iresllenllal year. Thrv are also holding off to sen how th© crop cures From I*t t<* 2fi can's a pound Is the aver age price expected, and. b©s des, many farmers g*t a guarantee of from to p(10 an arr*- FI Mil 14 E AT II IAA A. If© AA ii*• Narrow Ij Aflaaed by n lO- Puuuil 4 liunk of It. Chicago. Oct. 4 -Renntor Hanna was th© target for a ten-pound ©hunk of Ice to-night at th- Thirty-Amt war*! Repub lic n m , *tlr.g. Slxty-flfth and H>lat©ad ■dreets. Th© missile was dropped through (in aperture In the tent directly over h© S|>eaker' stand. It dl*l not miss Mr Hanna’s head over two im-hes and had it struck him would have knock**! him down and probably fractured his skull Th© poll* * who surrounded h© speaker* > ir*l wer© nstoun*l©d f*u a r*m©nt, and then mad© n rush for th© street A iking Mn* V ground. Havana. Oct. 4 The revenue cutter Viking, with Go\ Gen Wood on b**rl ran aground Tuesday afternoon on a key near th* const, about sixty fnll© from Batabano A steamer bus gone to tow th© Viking off th* re©f All th© members of the party ar© saf© Afelbn AA 111 Mln. Ixvndon. Oct r>-~M©lha has promised to sing at the forthcoming Galveston find benefit Air. Ilaydeu’s Mpenoß ll©f. Th© grlfti* -t hen tn Am©rl* a live* over in A is©.* says the CorraMeo Times Her right to I*© ailed a brave hen has been t*f©d. arl no one who r©wds th©s© lln©s will deny that eh© I* ever likely •© shrink from n> duty. phllc or private flh is not only a brave h* n, but a “strenuous'' hex* Hhe Is the property of one of the ||avd©n brothers Th©y (Is** own n thrashing ma • hlne. Th© lar*©r 4* a token out of th© sb©d f-'U* th© first tlm- last w©ek and a small field f grain was thrashed to **© that the machine was In good running order \\'h©r th© Job w* finished th© machine is r©turn©d fo th© shed, when t th© amnx©m©nt o' all. there in the orner of the scpirntor -at th© alreviuou* h©n l f nd©r her wn* a nest of egg> that she was endeavoring to hatch. Rhe had h©en on th© n©**• when the machine wi* t • ken •*i Ba© wns th©r© when th© helt al (Hill©vs l*eg *.> to whif when the fan began •©> sing and when the tiddler* be gan o soak© wn*l ratl The wind from the fan ruffled her feathers and almos* t k her brea'h hut, like the boy on the burning le* k. ffhe stayed at her post W hat her thought* were wh©n #h© swift cylinder began to * hew up straw can not le guess#*! When found the hen wa* uninjured There wan dust in her teeth and •> some what frighfened look in her eye. hut ahe was on her ne*t. Of fh* ©ggs all w©m saf* save on© —Treasurer Bliss **f fh© Republican Na tional (’ommlitee appears to h© getting a trlfl© stingy as he grows older ‘(’loser than the kln on an ©gg." I* what h© Is railed hy i-nmg ether workers. A f©w dav ftgo he r©ce!v*d a SIO.WO ©heck minus the revenue stamp and ai one# sent a letter •eking for the n**-'#sNry stamp; • l*o a postage stamp to cover cost of th© letter he sent. The man who sent the campaign centlitmGofl tele graphed o Mr Hll*s: *Rt amps you ask for hav* been forwarded." The treasurer had (0 pay for this t*bgf#m ami is unabl© to see Ju*t where he *.a<R out ahead on II Conllnues] THE GREAT ADVANCE Blanket Sale On account of the bad weather yes terday there are still left a few of those Blankets. The Soft, Fleecy Blanket Is a Luxury, and here is a great chance on the center counter of the main aisle: 11 * ENOI.IIIH FI.F.K. 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