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8 "plenty of money coming in. T ( itTTtn I* OBTHW n n~* WttHH. ■ln pi. Iron < nnlrT Pwstwdlree l<rgpr I'llmii F.iir llrlore—A -or *■■■■ That Ihr rraylr la ihi- i no. try Have Maury. *oi Assistant PiMiwoolrr arlaa—Onlor Urnoolli Are Alow Imrmr nail Ike l.oi-al llaotaeaa, Holt for -tamps ami Mimrr Orders. 1o A err M-asy. The I’reoeal Manner likely lo Proie a Hei-ortt Breaker— 1 1'jhee'o Pnaiwmlrr HHkf • a (iuo(l him - imrn “Th#r# mu## i#> plenty of money in th rountrv said A-Picant War ing or if wouldn't I*- i-omlng in liar* a* It doss Th*- b#**t indication of th* poonMon of by th* p#*opl* generally. n< • ob*#*r\*at lofl (**achp- nru I* th* PWMciffl’p recsifrt* Not *o mu*.h hc fTH>n#*\ ord#*r and rc '• Ipt# rt# those from th** mlp. f *#-#mi .*> Th* AMlitsnt hurt m bt|r hatch of itatcr# l##*for* him h* hr r*p#xk# which he was opening Th* tatters 1 , mine*) th quarterly ii*|*ots of .-t *ni| aalee from th- *’OUfitr> off: +- ar* afaoiM IW> poptofti ** for which the tiamanah off. * Is the depository, the gr'-nt majority, of -ours#*. being em.U country offi **. Of h*< number only •tboul I.oo* niak** <tapo#it* Ai the other J9* offlrce the salre of stamp# arc so fmnll as hardly to be aufli' lent i> |*v the an* collation fere due the p<>M master* The wore of ;• 11 six* >. ranging all the vr.if from !* cant a to a k**i many dollar* "The deposits f yPO*wliv and to-l#y, ” raid Mr Waring. “ex< eed anything Of the kind In the hi at or y of m> conne *ion with •he Pootafflc#* Yaatcrdaj mv <tap*lt# on this acorw were 12.7® and to-day they were u t** Thla I- she largest day s re < etpta i ha\• ever known from fourre Thle aim represent** Ihe deposits of about IXS* |b* tofth es If the ratio of incT*a#* la kept up the deposit# for the quarter will ea ed anything of the kind In tl* history of h#* Rotßnff!#**. • It ta very aetata nt i hai there |s Money In the country.** e.ild the awslstant jaet master “Whether ta omcs from ten-.ent cotton of whether from other sourr#*. I do not know but one thing i* * the Poet office deposit# are a sure barom# ♦ r of the flnHnclaJ rood id on of the country Mr Waring remark**#! Incidentally that the Tybee (joatofTL* ha I tnwdo the beet ehowtrig for the quarter In Its hbloi\ Ita wae slof- SO. ami far **x •*!•# anything of the kind previously This •Pake well for Poetma*ter Jam** .\l Noble, who hae only been In oharg* fur one quarter, and shows that he has U ftresti'd the Tyber* people In the ofh* e Incidentaily It al* apeak* well for T>- !>#** The Havannah post office Is also the #l* gKMdtory for ihe money *r*tar receipts for the country offices of this set tion too. have *h#>wn vwn de. ided Increases vwcently. though Mr Waring dbl not have •he tifuiw at hand The re*et|te ye*ter day morning from thi# sour#*#* w**re H.'oi mid th* dally receipts tr running #*n> where from IT UK* to 14 '*■ The local post office receipts are also v# ry twrnvy. The tas-iil receipt.* frtm the sabs of stamps alone during the last four days were $!.&. and InHudina special requ#-i envelopes tb* stamp sales reached S2fl® tar the four days The mon*y order bust ness la very heavy and the two clerks at this window are hard worked to keep up with th demand tipon tholr services The best evidence of the huetness that b* he- Ing done Is the hank depoatts. The assis tant poattnaeter's deposit yesterday • M over and nearly filled a small nvail sack Ae It Irs luded all classes of air reocy It ma.le aiswit heavy a load as the negro porter wred to carry three months of tVtober. Novem ber and tteoember arc always our busiest months.*' said Mr Waring, “hut Judging b\ the quarter Just closed I think ! safe to predict that th*- quarter now Is gun win prove a record-breaker In th history of the posloftlcA MATlinWN 440 T I*IVK tKAHI. Ei-Mrnsirr of Murphy A t o. Sewten red for Ills 4 rime. W C. Mathews, convicted of the larceny after trust of from Murphy A Cos, of show Ba\annwh office be era* formerly the m.uwiger was SfUtenced by Judge !ral ligunt. in the Superior Court, tnon.irg to serve a term of five years at bard lalsr In the penitentiar' Mathews took his sentence calmly enough and without the rnanlfestatwm of any emotion whatever He remained it. the sheriff • office during the remainder of the morning al sj*n! moH of the time walking up atul down tlie room other than tale he did not show himself at nil disturbed by I lie aenleinv of the court His sjunsei. Col t George T. Cann gave noth of his Intention to apply for an w trial for Mathews, which. If denied, will .mis' the aee to l>e taken to the Hupreme Court. The abdication for a second trial will he based, ir all probability altogether, and certainly very largely, upon alleged error* in the aUmbtlon of testimony and the charge of the *-ourt to the Jury It is reasonably certain, therefore, to Im* overruled In the meantime Mathews will not |e removed from the county Jail, where he Is at til confined There ar** two other Indictments still pending against him. but. as already announced in the Morning News, these are not to l*e tried until No vember. NOT TOO WET FOR TAIRA. (omlng to Trranrr r* Oltlrr In *|tte of the llnia. City Treariirer MtnW report* the jviy* tnft of ctty t*xH for thf third quwruT proffreefdna .t a fairly vatlefactorv rate despite rt s.Nli' obJ !Mi.M weath er which hav provaiH altire Oci l Tin •nxpii > •"Tp are not buying up all the nib |tcr coah anand e\or. in ot\l**r to enalile them to r-.ich the treenwrer'* ofl< e without delay or damans frtni tti* 1 weather. The rnrl|tt< are rtin ntoK ** •I'* rat** of f.i.ooi* to St.flSO l il> Shoujrh the treasurer would fen* bettr j>4eeeed should a dally hv*‘ini# of IVtW' be nartiai Thai there would hi- l#>#* trouble* in liefcfUnfr trot rush durum th leal few de\# The taxpayuri have until Oct. 1A to vnalie good with the and Rat the benefit o? the d>#<mtur FRACTI RHO Ilia SKIhL. Ira Team Driver Injured by a Itnn awa?. A mtile attached to a heavy cart he lonjrlti* to the K nlckei hocker Ice To. ran aiamy >aaterday ah ait noon on Klver •Ire*' The o*rt ftru k the railroad track and waa iipeet bearin* over with 1t the nnrl ■. and throw.nx fb* driver heard;. amilnM the pavement with the revolt that hi? akull waa rlivrhtly fra* • ttired Dr W K. Norton waa summoned at id dr* sewJ the man# wound, after which ha wae laker, to hie home on Mitri* street The fracture la not a aeiotu* one Twenty Tkonaaad Parka of superb ptayln* card# obtainable from the Mall-Nutdre Dept Anheuser-Busch ! Brew in* Aaaortatlon. it Louts. Mo., for cent* a peek In slump* or money Gilt Btftea. leatherette case# V. 8 Army and Mary haroe# on lace cards, hlf r fliush. ’paiftdt fllp-aX I I.ITTI.K MM 41. t.r.tilftA.VriOft. f liathnm < minty Will llve the l.rg. islsture a Heat This Hear. The ncwlv • ecteil Georgia legislature will begin its fifty-day t*won the latter part of this month All the Indication# are that Chatham ftounty will not ends iv or to monopolise the attention of the future at thi** ee*.pjvi with Its k*< al afTalrs or attempts to ercur*- .gi*.atin Infefitled for the benefit of ihe fa< tlon in jiost-r There seem* to Iw hut little lal legis lation In sight and none *r fur of a |Mf ti-ot* nature The bill to amend the < Ity's • t arter to p* mill the Council to tn k* purchaser of lun*l rwitelde of the city lim it* for public purposes, stab a* opening street'-, or for park* and cemeteries. I* th* oniy local legj*latkn yet announced Henator-elect J Kerris Cann -.UI yes terday that he kr • w *f n local legisla tion In sight except the hill referred to. mtid absolutely if none <>l a partisan na ture Thi will be g*mm) news. doubll4g. to th“ other members of the general as sembly. who may have *ed. from fotmer e*perienc* that Chatham’s ‘llrty linen would require another public wash ing It will also be fortunate In another re-pect. in that It wtl give the menders from Chatham an opportunity to give ihotr uiunflon to nocurwi of genera* In terest to the late at large Inst* id of hav ing their hands tied by partisan legisla tion TMIIIU IP 111 l € OVI It %< T. I util Pefera Mill Not Furnish Fire men'* M infer I ailfornt A small slxd sensatum anxaig the cloth ing men wa* •nused yesterday by the an liottnt ne it lltal Mr Kmll Ivtete had thrown up hie *ontra< t f*r fuml hlng th<- fire •* i.irtrrt nt with winter uniforms All the Hfhmg *lewlerh. wno Imil In bib wer* ncif)e| to Mibnilt new lile to-slay at nmn 7he • ont?#• t will riot!bil*■ -s be awarded then, as there Is little time to he lost In getting out the uniforms. !• was a subject of genera! comment • nuatg the clothing tn*n at the time* the contract was awarded that Mr. I'etei bid wo* unreasonably low. All the bid der* hod done Hose figuring, and when ft wa- found that Mr Peter*- was iv below the n***4 low net hpl, |t w is general • > agrees l that he was out for glory and not for profit. About the only It* m in Mr Peters* bid *n which he could hive** . profit according to other <U>thiug men. ws fh- fl innH H,nirts for whi< Ii III' pra-i was M. aiei when this wa* saken nway from him and given to another lid • ier h*- kubtl*Hs concluded that there %va nothmg in the contract f.r him Mr IVrers still lias the contract for tl police uniforms In this competition his bid was only $a below that of the next lowest bidder. IMIVT KNOW HIM IIOHF. 4#**o. Dupre. llrunk. I*anbl# to Tell Where Me Ltxert. Abouf i o'clock la-l night h g#*ntl#man l*a<- fling th#* Chatham Bank saw a whit# man stuplrtiy drunk lying on th#* rtoor an#l with him it Nnll hy, probably not over hlx years #lr| Taking pity ini th# tad's position he srous*d tli# man. ivl where he lived, and whether he would go li**me Th** man told him that his name was George Dupre. an#l that he lived at Montgomery and 8# • ond streets Th** gentleman took him and the isn to the place, hut when It was reached Dupre not only waj# not aM* to tell him In W'hat bouit* . he lived, hut had #*vei forgotten his original story am to his ad dress. and .<>*' hit protector and guide several others which ranged In location fr*ou the Ogeaohee road to other places. In an ar* that would have takn half of the city. Bcrgent Davis, of tlw |*olice force came aktitg after a while and Dupre was turn • I aver (*> him lie. too, endeavors#! to find out th** man’s home, but with no * *•* r * • - • * 11 Ii t 1• .ii •\,* * I i■ \ the oth*r Dupree was sent to th#* barrack#. The boy accompanied him at* there whs no other place that could Ik* secured for him TNOt RLE* SMOOTHED OVER. Manager Hawkins and Postmaster Doyle Nettled Telephone DlfH*alt>. Manager llawkins of the Southern B*'ll Tee-phone Com pan vs exi'hAtui*' And Post - mn#t#*r Doyle, have adjusted matters sat isfactorily betwett tiiemselves so Tar a the r#*cnt differences with regard to th.- r**n>A a nl *' tlie Bell telephone postoftit • r** con cer ne*l The mAiiaget expressed his regret ? tti#' annoyan* # which th# * onduct of his employes Imd given the postmaster. *i*f as.**ur#sl the iat tri (hot h#- was fveloomc t the wire or anv other old thing he might find in t i** Poetofflt ctxmluit The warrants Issued against Inspector FoMin- and ("barl**s Warson, are still ;n the hand- of th# deputy marshal, however, ©id it will doubtless ' # nec* - * rv •> have tlieni servml. s It >#*ms that su**h mat fers cannot be dr*pp*sl bv the Pnlted Htntes < *ommisfllmcr without an Investi gation UFA. 'Oil It EL I M Pitot ED. His Illness Dne to a *cere t old on Ihe V.awgs. Th# friends of •## O M Horref have been quite anxious for some dnya on ac 4X>unt #*f r*'|orts of bis serkwi# Illness In N*w York. Th#* lt**s# information re c* i\ • *#l this week, however, states that his physician hae announced that the Gen eral# ixmdlttan is much imjiroved, and t) at hi- recovery is only u question of fswl an*l nourishment. Gen B,rr**l Is at th*' Hotel Buckingham wish Mrs B#rr#'l While u Htnloga r • entlv he caught a severe cold, which settled m*°n his lungs The tnwible was r*'n<|er#sl more sertoti* than woukl other ulss* hive be#n the case. Iv the fact th the General his a weak lung due to a wound rcoe 1 ved during the C'lvll War IBs frleinl# here will b#* i;.ud to hear of hit Injpro\ e#l t*on*litton A PHKTTI MORNING \% CODING. Mr. 4 Imrles E. Pierre and Miss Mat tie llenstia Married. Mr Charles B Pierce of Atlanta, snd Miss Mattie Benson, of this city, were mani#*d yeaterday morning at I .Vi o’clo* k. at the bride’s home. No '.‘IR Duffy str*#t. west The slmpl#*. but U*aut:ful cereminy which was perform#*) by Hev < isgoo*! F Cook, of 47race <'hur* h. was witness##! by the relatlx'es of th#* bride and groom. r.*l a few Intimate friemls There were im< * #rds Mr Pisffs U fortunate In winning for his bride so charming a xoung lady Mr and Mrs Pierce left Immediately for At lanta. where they will make th#lr horn** AGAIN BEFORE HE4'ORDER. Weed tatting Will Attain be Dl#- cassed In Police 4 onrt. The campaign of the sanitary depart ment againat the wewM #tlll continue#. There are forty-four <*a### on the do# ket thi# morning against lot *w)*-rs and agent# for faUure to comply with the ordi nary Thi# ts about the fourth time the lot owner# will have appeared in Police rvxurt because of non-compliance with the ordinance, and it remain* to be seen w'hotber Recorder Hart ridge wUi few aa ierd#iu •# tXi formal occaotaoa, THE MORNING NEWS: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1900. WILL WELCOME NEW LINE. tU.CMir.AV 111 K. I Him fmLAMX -I*lll A Til IA lOß*l*.. t ncrrlsinty of the Time of Her Arrl %al I'rrirnli Ar Ihiblle flrsns ■ tratlos— I taissush Biolse %feu Will Shovr Their ippreelstlos ot tlie l.nferprlar l> talsiug It Their Msg port—The Ship firings Fall I argo, Ths arrival of the steamship Allegheny in port this mornkig on her first trip on the new Philadelphia Havatinah l.lne Is regarded with considerable Interest by the business men and rltlaen.* generally. *** well as by shipping people The Allegheny is not new to Savannah, but the venture | in which she Is engaged is anew one and one which Is expected lo lead to much good result. What the people of Philadelphia fhtnk of the new steamship line and Its Import ance to their port Is well evidenced by the demonstration which was given the Alle gheny on the rx caslon of her first depart ure This was Tuesday afternoon at 3 o * lock, when h regular ovation was given the steam hip Mayor Ashbrldge. the he.nls of several of the municipal depart ments. representatives of the Trades League nnd other business organixations which fmd taken a hand In bringing about a resumption of trade by water between •he two ports, were entertained at dinner lisisrd the vessel before her departure, and addresses were mud** expressing the pleasure and Interest which was felt on all sides at the successful Inauguration of Philadelphia t effort to regain her South ern trade. owing to the Interest manifested by Philadelphian* nnd the benefits which are likely to result to l>oth cities from renewed trad# Intercourse. t was thought that some assurance should be given here of th* approval and appreciation felt by B v a run hin ns for the spirit shown in the sister port Acting Mayor Tledeman. when asked about the matter yesterday. **id that while the enterprise and good feeling of Philadelphia was fully appreciated here he hardly thought It possible to arrange for any demonstration. "Ii i Msy enough to give a serid-off to a vmvel departing from a port.’* said •he acting Mayor, •’but when the time of arrival Is so uncertain It is out of the question i* undertake an\ demonstration The business men ol Htvannah will show heir appre* tat lon of the movement bv tneir cordial support of the new line I *m satisfied there will not be the slighter? • Jlfflcuity in finding the business to make the new lm* a iHiving one The new line will get it* full share of the local bus!- ness, and thi* Is no xmall Hem The Alieghenv Is expected to arrive here at 'an early hour this morning, probably • *efore Hie .Morning News reaches I ** renders, which shows that A'tlng Man or Tirdemsn w * correct ui saying that a demonstration could not arr.mgel ia**l on the time of a steamship's ar rival BtuuiM she come In during the dav she will ta* given a lively re option by the numerous river craft, together with the to indri* and c#>mttae*ses abrng shore The Alieghenv brings down .1 full cargo including l.#no barrels of sugar consigned to Riivannfll) The Berkshire, the se* end vessel to leave from Philadelphia will sail tomorrow For the present he>e two vessel# will be the only' one# on tue •me but with the in crease In -bu#ine. wiiich i# crgifldendy exj*e*'ted. other ves sel*. will he a*ld**#l NTOOD THE (TORN W Eld,. 4 44y ’• Brain* Hut l.lftle Damaged by ll#*m jr tlalafall. Director Gadsden of the public works r#|orts that the city’s drain* and sew ers suffered much les# from the resent heavy downpour of rain the last two days than he hil reason to exp#vt Ordinarily a downpour of three or more Inches with in twenty-four hours means a number of broken sewers. In this Instance, however, the rainfall seems to have leen gradual and r#*guiat#*d to the *ar*clty of the sew ers There were only a few breaks and only on# of these of and xmsequ#Hice. At Gwinnett and Abercorn street# the city force has a considers Me job on hanl •tue to a large washout It was thought that the sewer had broken, but when an excavation #a* made It was f#und that th** trouble was due to the rotting w.i\ of the pieces of wool which had been used to choke the end*# of unused Ys. When th#* sewer was laid the Ys were put In for sewer trap conne# Hone. but were unused and were stopped up with pieces of wood Tb# rotten wood giving wav the #oft earth poured into the sewer and choked It up austug n small flo4*d at that p *ir.t The damage is now being repaired With the gradual Increase *f street pav ing th# strain upon tlw* city’s sewers be comes heavier each year Each square vard of paved surface throws so much more water in lit# sewers, consldeiab! |Hrtlon of which w*ujd have found Its way Into the soil. TOOK THE MONK) HIMSELF. jerry Naltlow Decided 'Ts • No 4.nod to Pay Another*# Note. • • rust, entered a plea of guilty, for pun ishment as for a misdemeanor. In the 8u- t’onrt yesterday morning and got the regulation sentence of twelve months on the chaingatig *f the county. Nut flow trad been entrusted by A C price with In money, for the purpose of taking the money to the Merchants' National Bank and |K>tng a note Instead of trying •he note Jerry converted the money to his own use. and applied It to the furtherance of plans for his own am/sement. Yesterday he acknowledged the corn and took his medicine. 1 AK* F4IH 4M4RITY. Mrs. (ante Ilarna. Ulthainf Means and I liable la Work. Wants Help. What seems a deserving case for chari ly is that of Mrs. Annie Burns who Is living at No 222 Twelfth street, east Mrs Burns Is un elderly woman In 111 health and unable to work A few weeks ago her nusband who was a lineman, fell from a p#4e where he was stringing telephone wtr*-s and received Injuries from wrhtch he died about two weeks ago Mrs Burns has no relatives In this city and betna unable to work Is dependent upon the charity of the public for a liomr and sup port. T4I #EIL BANKET WORK*. Factory W 111 He Pnt li* at Aactlon Oct. I.V The assets of th Savannah B#ax and Itaak* t Works w ill be sold at au tion Od IF under a decree of bankruptcy. The works Include a loi of machinery' and tcoU for the rmmufa# tur# of boxes, crates and basket# Private sealed bid# for the whole or any part ># Ihe assets will be received up to Oct 10. at 10 o'Mock, which will he opened by the refer## gt his office. No 4 Bryan atreet. east. A High-Grade Institution for Ladle#— Shorter CoHeca Roma, 6a. Writs for catalogue.-*** n •HOT THE NKNBRIiy HANDICAP. Forest I It* •.** f lull Destroyed lllse It ticks sf Its tarounds. The closing shoot of the season of the Forest City Gun Chib took pla< e yester day afternoon at the chib grounds, near Avondale The occasion was the ‘ Mem bars' Handb ap." -ind despite the Inclem ent weather many members of the rtua participated Pi and enjoyed the several events The destruction of the blue rocks wa* under dl Thru I tie** of %ve*ther tha: rendered the best shooting Impoxsirde. but the raui, that fell in <► a*lona 1 torrents, did t.ot serve to dampen the enihu-iaem of the -on test ant It did serve, howevar. to delay th** . omm* n<n* nt of tue flrM event, which could not be begun until nearly o clock In rhe afternoon 8.3* evstits of twenty targets each, were to have br*n contested, but on account of ihe unavoidable delay on** ot th* -e ti *l • Is* ab.nlined The w*rk #f th* handicapping rominitte.- met with general sutlsfsctlon. save ts< the ase of |r. U iiaon. who was tle only e* rat'h man* Whll tb* • ommlltic nad gauged I*r Wilson .*• hi- proper value with the gun. he whs not hoortnfr In his c'custom **l g/w*.i form and the handicaps thai w* re glvett to the tb*r contestants |wevente*l him fr**m iHtiding within first money in any one >t the event*- All of the events ware nt twenty tar gets. $1 ontran* ■ fee and U> tdded by the club There wia an average of eighteen entrUs In each ♦ vent The motley was n Warded in a-ordan* with whafis known to gun shots as th* Roa* system, the purse hdng divided between th*- first, second third and fourth class m* n In th* proportion of tlv*. three, two and on- Th** <omestants comi )g within the money In th** various events re 4* follow First Event John Hearn. U*. first, Wilson. John Rocker. Pchafer. Kelly. )l llad*nhoop. I*. -e, 0 u , lit ks. Lamotlo. H Woelljen, 17. third. Brunner, K. fourth 8* ond Event (larw* , first; Wilson. Uirnotte. John H•k* r. II Hailetihoop. Hearn, 1?, secon-l. Thompr i. Ik. third. Hi ke Norton 17. fourth Third Event -Thompson. lamoite. }| Wo*lfJen. 3*, first. (Jarwes, Jaugstetter. !S> se- nnd; Wilson. Ro k*r. Baden hoop. Ik third, llrtinner, flicks. Taylor, 17. fourth. Fourth Event Mercer. Thofnps*n. 2>*. first; Wilson. Brunner, Rocker, 19. second; bamotte, i<. third; Hicks, Garwss, 17 fourth Fifth Event Paige 3ft, hr.-t; WSb*n. lj.vmtte Taylor, Notion, lfc, s*'-'onl; flicks, Jaugstetter, 17. third. Ho* ker, H. fourth. Th s< ores shown are with the t.irg* allowed by the ban.!- j•* of the various contestants added t> th*:e really broken, with the exception of ho-* made by Dr Wilson, who was *.< ratch. in th#* last event darkto-ss had already t*egun to de scend and th* scores stiff#T**ti In con.** - quence. So dork was It. Indeed, the sixth hikl last event had to he omitted. Th# Forest (Tty Gun Flub ex|wcts to have several of its members at the gun tournament** shat are shortly to take pla* •* a4 Jacksonville ik! Atlanta ind to carry off from the crack shots of these cities a fa'r proport'on of the prixe?* and t tophi* * that are off'reij to contestants. The < ontlltion #>f th*- club Is m#st satls faotory in every way. a # ont mtly In ereaslng Interest in the -|.*rt being man ifested by Its mem)ers Tber* was a g#*ol attendance at th#* gr#unls y#-st#rday #ift ern#on. among those present being Mr H B !,#*mt*ke. representing the peter# Gar# ridge Company, who took part In th* shooting, while h* did not contest fr the purses offered THE BENEFIT OF THE DOl BT Mae Green Uim Eoimkl Not 4• illl #f Marlerou*> %ault. Mos# Gren. was tried In th# Superior Court yesterday for assault with Intent to murder Arthur Middleton, and given bis liberty by the verdict of the Jury that tried him Green Is a negro b.y of ahut Id. who engaged In a street duel with re velvers with Middleton, whom the same description would tit very well The duel o#**urrc.| out on Anderson street during Jul> The gist of the of fense tried on ye-trrady lay In the ques tion as to the firing rf the first shot Green and the witnesses who a|q#eard In his l>ehalf. swore It was Middleton who thus took the Initiative, while the wit nesses for the siat* swore to a state of facts exactly opposite From this con flicting evld nee ihe Jury was expected to unravel the truth of the story anti they unravelled it. evidently, in accordance with the legal prescription given In charge by the court,that any reasonable doubt on th* subject should b resolv*d in favor o? th** defendant Either this #r the Jut > men cam#* to the conclusion that It was a fair tight with no favor# shown, and that one of th#- participants was not guilty • f any greater offense than the . th*r. At any rate a v#rdlot of “n#t guilty" was returned af ter #lelllerHt| ns extending over only u very few minute#. Tue Jury may have lern helped In reaching Its verdict by the extent of the hard swearing In which #>f the wit n*s* Itoth for th* stats and th- #le fetidailt. Indlllg* i while they were on the stand The icwtlmonv so hopelessly In conflict lhai 1t was imi*oslbln for th* Jurymen to determine which or what they would believe, and everybody in th# court room waa In the sain** fix FAI LED TO "IIOM I I* I N 4 (It RT. * I d•• Men (rrewleil Ihe NtulH Refor* nml Released Ihe (Itsenfees. Jane Maguire and I‘at Kearney, who wer* arrested the night before f>r leing tlnink anti *llsor#ler!y. with the further charge against K*arney of assaulting G F Puff and atimpting to <*hoke th* ar resting officer, failed to show up in Ihe Recorder's Court yesterday morning wli* n their case w t#s called An officer w is een? fof them, hut re|*>rt*d them sick, so the case was continued until this morning. The three white men rr#?*#e#l the *re ce tmg day on the charge of begging n th* street were turn#*d over to the City Court on he charge of vagrancy. Five colored women arreste#! by Patrol man Browr in that delectable neighbor hood. West Broad street and Perry *.reet lane, were given each twenty days on the gung. Patrolman T C Murphy captured nn rther chicken hlef yesterday morning In •he person of John I! BanHford. * >'or#*l The prisoner appeared yesterday Mars the Recorder and was remanded to the City Court Taken In Wasnnnah MnsplfaL Mabel Curtis one of the residents of th#* Tenderloin, who has been lx*ked up at the station h use. for the past two ilays on account of h#*r unsown#) mental con dition. wa** yesterday afternoon taken i> the Savannah Hospital. Will lose Hie season. Th* season at Isle of Hope c!ae* to night with a dance. gu--*sing •#*♦?.*st and musical eniertalnmenl In w'nding ip the season s butanes* Barbt-e A Bandy* hope to make the event interesting and pleasing to their patrons. With them the season has been a good one. due to the sendee at Isle of Hope, which attract** many there for recreation. f Saratoga comes to town at Boiomons Drug Store, Bull and Charlton s'r**s. You will now find the ceetorand Sara toga \Vaters A rends 'k and Cat hart a on draught In their natural All you > can drink for 6 etuis.—ad WITH KNIFE AND RAZOR. fll PLfSY BARR AND MARIA HARRIS It If otv V 7 I P A I HI Rt II FFAITI AL. On Trial In Superior 4 ourf for As ■rnult With Intent to Morder. (•row Ing Out of Their Perform ances on This Festsl Oeeaaion. Festival for Benefit of First Af rlean Baptist Church of Fast Sa vannah—-Marla slashed \% lllle Hy son %\Rh a ItMtr and Barr Carved ltl*hard sluiuna With a Knife. They tint Twelve Mouths and Five "jear*. Itespectl 4 el } . Dudley Birr and Marla Harris rled separately In the Superior Court yea* • ml.iv morning, upon charges of a^.-suit with Intent to murder, out of trouble pre-Cpiiated at the **am*- “church socioM** " The function wa, v ivri under (he Auspices of the First Afrl or* Bapdwt Church of Kaat bnvannan. on the night of Aug 14. Harr ws found guilty by the Jury that tried hts 1 mo. nnd sentenced to a term of five yen* in the petutentlary, while the mtesaken symjwthb*** of the Jury ilwr tried the woman led Its members to reduce the gra*)* of her offense from a??-atilt with intent to murder, to stabbing not in ht r own drf*m*o and the punishment. In con • quence of the rml.nttnn in gride. • twdve moiths on the chalngeng *>f the county. The evidence given during the trial of the two t !-• kept the -ourt room in a ?or mos* of -lie tlm* It upi*ered that .ifter re 1 pjng the festal s-en* and taking l..rt in the Lvdlvnief* for a short whll**. the woman found ttiinge too dull to run >er and pro* e*|*d. •f• • r her own peculiar fa-,lion, to liven th m tip Bhe did live * ttmig up vers considerably. In the first place she objected <o uiv* .unlity an*l nature of the music, and in *-*ted upn i • voting the audience with • t ies of !*> of her own selection. Kr m .il accounts th*- >*e|*-ctions were about a b***t. from Th** h <nd|*>int of the purk* in muMc *r monili*. as they could |w>ssl oly Ih- The managers Mood for this •* long as they could and then led Maria, gently bin firmly, to th* door and ktck*d hc out Into the street. If 1* were auter darkness Into which ahe w .1.4 thus pr* Ipitate*! (he weeping and wailing and g ishing of teeth that follow ed was in accord with established precc •k r t Neither was this all. for Maria, de termined not lo lx- held down by the trammels of hidc-iiound tradition, lnter- Mporsed her sobs and moans with an ar ray of bl’llngsgate that would have made one of thy ok! fishwives of the French Revolution frint with envy. And the burden of her song w s that she wanted her money !*.• k Maria, by the way. was rather more than usually drunk From h- evidence of tha wimesses at the trials, th* profanity that wns used on the occasion of th#* row must have suf rt ed to render th** surrounding atmos phere of a deep, dark indigo hue. Richard Simon.* was placed on the stand ‘luring the trial of Harr to tell, on Itehalf of th* *\ what h#* knew about the case. Simons said th’ th** woman said to Willie H\ son. who was trying o keep her quiet. "!>.Ttnn you. I believe 1 ’lt Just give you one f.>r luck." with (Hitch she pulltnl a rasor from her mo* king, and started for the min she had threatened. Hyson had a stick and seemed prepared to use It. The wMness started In to interfere, when Barr said to him Ves. and T*!l give you one. and see how It goes with you.” With this r#*mark Barr began operations upon Rlmons' .naomv with a knife. Ah one of the witnesses described it. there was such a "honta-hoota" that It was Unpo-rlble for anyone to tell Just whit h.ip|sn*sl within the next few (nin nies. ' The phrase the witness employe#! ♦lid not serve in It-elf lo convey any very adequate Id# *f the turmoil that prevall *.| to court mii<l Jury. but he *.* vmt*n|e*t it with Mich gestures and facial contor tions as made tils meaning clear The essential fa.*is were that Simons ami Hy son both * merged from the' row consider ably slashed about their persons, the one with i kn!f** #n-l the other with a raaor Th# se w**re th#' weapon* used by Barr and the woman. Jrst how the First African Baptist Church of East Savannah far#**l did not liq* .*r In evldenc*. but it was shown that if everybody on the scene lid not enjoy himself or herself It was not th* fault of tne occasion. I’nless the exaggeration Indulged In was -omething phenomenal ih#t re vn.ih enough excitement crowded within ten minutes of the time spent at the ‘ chimb festiva-” to last a man with an or*llnary appetite fr that sort of thing •he reflt of his life hriiHttkofl'i Millinery Openfna- One of th#* prettiest hats shown In Sa vannah yesterday was the picture hat. otis of Madam Carllers’ patterns, at Kiouskoff * o|vnh,g. It has a pink puff crown, blat-k under brim. Jet arrow hii) -rquln Jet band with black ostrich plumes. Another is th#* Felix of Huntington lace, kiqiitn Jet and hair braid, flower crown, lihlnestone buckles The Reboux hat attracted n great deaJ of attention. it is a frame hat with bla* k parodist aignstes with tinsel se quin full back mode of bla k velvet. The Maurice, of iln-#*l and black velvet, tine black amaxon plumes. Jet and gilt ornaments. Is another pretty hat. The Julia, a turban frame hat Jet and • held!.#, tlsh wole# crown and steel ornament* attract#*#! attention. A swell hat Is a castor velvet hat with fur rim. faced with plaited panne velvet, real Huntington la* e. amaxon plumes and fur c-rimmenti* One of the prettiest hats shown Is a • hlld’s hot. It Is by Maurice It Is n large w'hile felt poke, puff chiffon edge, w'hlte ostrl h plumes, chiffon strings In th** walking an#) ready-to-wear hats #l# punment more than styles are shown, including Phtff and Atchison's London goo#h*. for which Krouskoff Is ex clusive agent In velvets, p.nne nilrror. plls-e velours and real lace of all kinds, a complete dis play made. In ribbons, the latest patterns In gilts and tinsel ar* shown also |H>lka dot and ffeur de It# In fancy feathers the supply is almost cndl#**>. Ax it lin birds and plumes. The display of Imported now hies In crown steal hands, gilt bands, sequin goo#ts. gold cloth, fehs, chenille and fur trimming is also attractive, and was ad mire*! by the ladles who look#'d over the new goods yest# r#ia>\ This Is \\ liaf They *ajr. Th >se who take Hoors Sarsaparilla for scrofula, ecx#*ma. erupdoos, catarrh, rheumatism or dvs|>epsla, say It cures promptly and permanently. ev#-n after all other p eparattans fall You may take this mcdicli.e with th* utmost confidence that it will do you g*> <1 What it has done for otheis you hav# every r*ason to believe it will do (or you. 4~*cnstl|>ation is cured by Hood’s Pills ZcV'etit# —ad *-ho! 4|>pllf. Jusl rweived a large snd assorted sup ply of school hags ond school supplies, all at cut rates; from 10 cents up. also, usual large stock of all the school tvoks now used In Chatham county, at Fetlll • News Depot. 46 Bull stisst, Bavaonah. , Oa -ad. A Hrllllaa f Opening. Th# millinerv opening yesterday of Out min wss a brilliant toiccets The More was crowded all day, and the general oplnWi of the ladles, who inspected th** new goo*)#, waa thn f they surpassed in richness of color and beauty of design anything previously exhibited here. # I'rvbflMy the -wellest hat shown is a targe N.k Pompa9our shirred plaK silk with three large black plumes with Kt orriam*nt of h#*nd>ome jet buckle, and ti*v of velvet ribbon caught with buckle The next 4s :i H.irah Bernhardt hat. It Is light blue., braid fa* big nnd trimmed In dark blue velvet, roding high mi each skle with a targe bird on back of hat Another is beautiful Pompa#lour French pattern with mode and ioghh of large gilt quills with wrtilie tnalln** Ornament, large crystal buckle with rhinestone settings. Another pr*tty hat Is the Llftl#* Marquis. Avery pretty hat in this class is an old use with a large rose forming crown n two shflt*te> of velvet, toning In. forming a nobby Pompadour hat. A large r*,d pretty line of misses hats in all the prevailing shates i* snown In five tailor mad*' suit department, a very pretty suit, is a navy blue French broadcloth, with silk gimp nnd gilt br.ikl over blue velvet with handsome silk, ac cordion ptatt at bottom of skirt. Bishop sleeve ■- and Russian blouse effect Another is < handsome castor t altar - made suit trimmed in gilt braid and but tons to match, pmne velvet trimming. Russian blouse I'fTect. bottom trimmed isinne velvet. In this department Is -bomn h handsome brown ladlrs' ciot’i. tallor-marie suit, trimmed In satin and p.nne velvet, blouse effect with a hind **>m* velvet satin girdle and New Mexican sleeves Another Is a handsome blue la dles’ loth, trimmed in black velvet and satin plait at with velvet vest and Ru--tan blouse effect. This suit Is provided with neiv hbliop sleeves. Another pretrv >ult is a black pebble cheviot -tit 'h** l at Inyttom. short coat and daibk> breast Th** automobile clonks are neiv and are ,n the prevailing shades of castor an.| gar net. trimmed in black velvet The n#*w box English walking coats ire .ii castor hi* k and gray, with velvet col- I #rs In the skirt 4epartment some pretty black -klrts are shown A tilne-eror***| Hare -kin trimmed in black silk gimp *k wn s#*afns. BI * k (in kd eton Jackets tr'mmM m Jet In French flannel appiiqu#d* with silk fronts, are shown in hunter r* cn. cream, light blue, old rose in#) vio let. In silk un#ler.-kirts the display Is fine In th#* depart m* nt of children’s wm;** anl gown> the line is complete. Tho line of fur- Is beautiful and som* '* ry fine one- re shown. Among the prettiest are grey and black, Persian lamb trimmed in Thibet and skunk, r**- specthrsly The most valuable colls re* te is m el#* tr|c seal with heaver fox trim ming. This is extra long and very strik ing In the department of goods for evening wear #nl for street costumes the dbp.iy is good Panne velvets an* shotvn in ail the leading -hades Attvatg them are Rucwtnn Sibellne. Mack satin. Luxor hla< k brocade • and moire#* effects. Novelty .-•ults. corded 8.-ngaiiti**. p#H>l|ns in silk and wml TifTetas. castor colored cloth nnd hick appltqued street rostum#- anl\ one suit of a kind In the w-In#l#>w* these gran Is were displayed; One suit of lnk crepe de chine trimmed with white chiffon tpplkiue. One suit of grey lib erty fouMard. trimmfsi with steel and chif fon aptdtque One suit of purple crepe l* chin#, trimmed with black chiffon *p pllque One suit of custrtr <olor jenw *le gene, trimmed with chenille and chifTon np plkjue to match. On very liandsome black dre*.s of bla’k taff#*ta appdqued on block Brussel-, net One white stress 0 f u*r!> mous-cllne with white applique of Über v ‘*repe One old rose lansdowne silk and wool eff**c! with real lace trimming The dis j day of linen in new patferne w.- very much w*imired Marseilles quilts tin#* California blankets, down quilts, etc . etc. In evening goods the display was tin** .Nome pretty -rin *or.!d Luxor, golf skirts. In plaide were ehowvi App!lqu#d net ma*b' <lres**es. only one of 1 k.n.l Bpang)#*d trimming, in a rl# % b line of Isdern effects light and dark; gilt trimming* Evening fan- and gloves, real lace hand kerchiefs. lin*m center pieces, appliqtn-i ami renaissance A splendid display wa* made of neckwear, fatycy net work ant • hiffon effects. one TH4II AARD Drradrn China t ,L, Platra ta Ih inaflrrlda> and tatnralar. An -xqulMtr rako plala. 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I.v city for M tn, ry. l,v Moottrom-rv I SO am from Tenth 17 15 am for Tanth' • 30 pm from Tenth ! 1 15 pm for Tenth 10 pm from Tenth | 500 pm for Tenth cattle park. 1 for Cat i'irk La i a.lie park (30 am from Bolton | 700 am for Bolton 7SO am from Bolton |oo nm for Bolton 100 pm from Bolton 110 pm for Bolton 130 pm from Bolton 300 pm for Bolton 7 00 pm from Bolton | 7 30 pm for Bolton 500 pm f-om Bolton i3O pm for Bolton IHUNUERBOLI Car leaves Bolton street Junction 53* e. m. snd every thirty minutes thereafter until 1) 30 p. m. Car leaves Thunderbolt at 0 00 a. m. and every thirty minutes thereafter until 17:00 midnight, for Bolton atreet Junc tion nmoHT am* parcel car This car carries trailer for pansengera on all trips and leaves west side of city market for Isle of Hope. Thunderbolt end ell Intermediate points al 9 00 a. m . 100 p. m 5:00 p m. Leaves Isle of Hope for Thunderbolt, City Markee and all Intermediate points el 6 00 a. m . 11:00 a. m.. 7:40 p if.. WRET LND CAB. Cer leaves west side of city market for West Knd 6:00 e. m and every to mlnutee •hereafter during the day until 11:30 p. m. Leaves West End at 630 a. m end ev ery tt minutes thereafter during the day ontll 13:00 o’clock midnight H M T.OETON' Oen Mgr BUILDERS' HARDWARE WAGON MATERIAL [Mil Dll'S SONS 113 Ilrongioß Street, West. Seed Oats! Seed Rye! Texas Ruet Proof Oats. Coa,l-rale<l Rye. Cow Feed, Hay. Grain. Bran and Feeds of ell kinds for stock end poulto. T. J. DAVIS, Telephone m. U Bay etiset. <v> DONNELLY DRUG CO., savannah, oa. DRUGS SEEDS. ETC. Mall orders solicited. Bell phon, #7l P. S —Send for free sample F- * “ Pyspepile Cure. OLD NEWSPAPERS *r ■ cent*, e*