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PLANT SYSTEM OF RAILWAYS. .THE^, PLANT GEORGIA STATE FAIR October 2Q=November 4, iqoo. THE PLANT SYSTEM will sell round trip tickets from all All T CnDE D| j|C /TA fPkl T Q Admission to points in Georgia, Florida and Alabama at .... Pll l\t I LdUO 9U oLll I W Grounds. . . SPECIAL PROGRAMME OF ATTRACTIONS . . A\ir rCMT nCD if 11 C FOR MILITARY AND BRASS BANDS IN UNIFORM, UINL L EfN I rtK jtliLc twenty or more on one ticket Tickets to be sold October 28th to November 2d inclusive, and for trains to arrive at Valdosta up to noon of November 3d, good to return until November sth. Valdosta is sparing no efforts to make this one of the banner State Fairs in the history of Georgia. W. B. DENHAM, General Superintendent. B. W. WRENN, Passenger Traffic Manager. KEVLHEhCE FOR THE I'JfCA.V* Y. Uuirr ariperalltlon unit Things That < rent© Thrm. From the Chicago Time* Herald. I am not purticulary #u|>©rjtitlous," re marked Chauncey Depew in the presence th writer, ‘‘but 1 will admit that It wo ild gl\© me a qu*er fee.lug to ait at table one of thirteen, and 1 would much p-efer an even number I dare iay It Is t h the result of hihlt, but we are all iturw of habit. and if there Is any <* - • control over that number 1 for one • tot cara to en ouuter It.** wners of large hotels found the number "*e<F*i such a hoodoo that they omitted tuhetltutin#? ' parlor** A or K for th© •’* ucky fUrurea, but even so guests would over that It was the thirteenth room. •t.d would move out a* If ii had been in •'* **d Tncatrical people dread to begin o sea ' *' <m the ltth of the month, and If thu r tl luck does not get Into the play and f'ake it a failure it Is a severe strain on curves of the a< *ors. Tru Jewish people are exempt from any '• t of this superstition. They believe * h the orientals that It has something ' re in its Juxtaposition of figures, and <-'v derive their knowledge from tholr 11 -n of biiill. a I culture. Ihi r teen cities dedicated to their ancient prlest -1 th rteen high priests descended from •or thirteen kings sat In the council ?h* ancients; on the thirteenth day of month the sacred and impos* 1 r rites of Passover began. To carry out further the divine Influence the in ** they used consisted of thirteen dis ’ net id *rs If ble.-ing Instead of lane had been ’’6 on the two figures, which apart are no and useful, but together form i. a dread combination, thirteen would * e been a lucky numbe* for everybody, it now is for a few. Our country's flag, h i's thirteen stripes, holds Its own In ■ "S' of luck, and the original thirteen • - stand for n nation s prosperity. Is a’ho a quarter of a dollar in our ' ■ dern -n\cr money which ought to hoo ** man who tames on© in his k*t for It has no l©*.* than ten repe ns of the number thirteen on one side 'h<- oin. Kach emblem has thirteen I'.rts '‘i' e is no match for superstition. We m\ ei>. the occult, ih© indefinable, kewt-, * lid the great Caesar and th© t Napoleon. Among animals the moat uncanny thing '<Btt PURELY VECETABLE. s \ c te as Tonic and Stops Mir from Fallinc Out, ( ures Dandruff, Brittle Hair. Itching- and all Scalp Troubles. Guaranteed to Cure 'Then aft other remedies hace tailed w -ney Refunded T , V everywhere. Safe, Sure, Reliable. 0,1 Hairanii Scalp troubles free. '■ K HHF.WEH ro.. n.lrago, "?*re of fmstattoa*. Ih, p bßlr preparation admitted I# y„ rl ‘ Cxpoaltto*. Dm. r'** b J L'Ppman Broa.. CohimhU • Knight * Pharmacy, hvu. LOW EXCURSION RATES Is the cat—and the most uncanny of the feline ia- ois the black cat—which certain ly ha* a presence calcula©d to call up a familiar demon. In tha first p a- e. < at.*- ar* si pt<>c I to le possessed of nine lives How or why this peculiar plura’ity of life should belong to the creature Is not x plat noble, but Its elect ri el qualities alone give it an uncanny Interest Then wdtche arc always a*tended by black cats and w* flml this a native superstition, halem town. In goM|iy Masa husetts, having some mre old folklore storle. to tell In the twl I ght aboui ancestral wltehe# and rlght eoi Judges wio doom*- ! them to death No Ha ' m family will to'**rat© a black cat. Salem mothers watch their sUeptng in fnt.- to protect thrm fiom the sly visit fiom th- animal of nln livts. which they say Is fond of lying <>i the sleeping infan: to inhale Its breath. When io and that It was the probable weight of the . at that proved fatal they h*ke their heads in ominous alienee. I’oe'n horrible tragic slot y of the bio k cat made th© species more unpopular than ever. Hawthorne has th*- moat gruesome description oi a stea thy grtmalktn crossing che street* at*i 'n king up at the window of the imrior |n the House of the 8© en t'.ab es.*' twin ing its lithe tail and lie king its chops, as if it s< ented the dead man sittlrig In up right state in the parlor. Mow this sly small tiger ever won Its wav into the stronghold of the domestic circle and the human heart.- wuen It has neither a frac tion nor grailtuda. can <*ily be explained on the basis of hypnotism All cats ar© hypnotli Their eyes alone are studies loo' ultism Their spittirg sputtering fur Is charged with electric force enough to shock the human system, and they are. so I edged about with unwritten ethics of superstition that no one dare kill them or abuse* them for fear of a Judgment. And they are not even edible "And then there's cats, said the captain. "I don’t believe in cats But I've seen a whole crow going round with faces as long as a * apslan bar because* a cat had fallen overboard and been drowned Hard ly one of them that didn't think some thing would happen before getting into poll '* Chicago has a firm of charm-dealers, and they do a big buames*. It haa been • stimatrd that not fewer than 5,000.000 nr* worn, including religious ones or sac red symbols. Really this phase of sup erstition appeals to the mental condition and acts like a faithcure It Is a satis faction to feel that you are wearing a charm—if only a bit of amber—that will keep off fever and contagious sickness, or one that will Insure your life against drowning Nearly every man carries h lik ky piece. You can buy charms for win ning back th© affection of an absentee |or love philters that will compel return of admiration from the unsuspecting There are 1.000 professional healers in the United State# Where are those harms worn? Every where They are hidden in shoes as old cobblers will tell you. pinned into sleeve linings. <*arned In pockets and hung ar ound the neck A ring that has been • charmed ' on possesses all the occult pro perties as long as the strict letter of law of charms is observed, but If taken off th#* charm loses Its power. The faith that permits a person to carry a charm will he likely to lead to success In any under taking. as It gives confidence, and to a certain egtent ability. Animals are led by instinct, man has only hi* Judmenf and It somtlmes plays him false If so simple a thing as a rabbit’s foot will aid him in an undertaking by betng append ed to hta watch-chain, who would deny him thatglylp t*. Ms intelligence? -"Do you think that it is a man's dutv to acknowledge alwaya that he 1* In the wrong when he has a difference of opinion with hi* wife'" "Wall," answered Mr Meekton. r.flw- Uv!y. "benor Ut than nev*r Butt realty seem* to me he ought to have had sufllelent perception U> know that ne wo, in the wront before there was WV dio c-uMior of the matter wtatovar ’ —Waab [ lngton Star. THE MORNING NEWS: TUESDAY. OCTOBER 0, 1000. VALDOSTA, ACCOUIN T St ST OVER A Ctß PEAT. IH.pntr Over Commuter Taklnar o piece Another llml Hewned. Etom the New York Time,. Two commuter, are partlee to a ault for which, lawyer, say, there I, no pre i edent. T Rhys Smith. a civil engineer, got on a train at the Grand Central station on I the afternoon of July 2! to *<> to hi* home at Cos, Cob, Conn He entered a | car. nnd. preferring the eliady aide, he ~lected a rear and depo-lted his baggage Then having occasion to leaxe his seal he placed 111, satchel In II A few minute, laier Oeorge William Ken<|> a druggist of *2 Malden Lane. • ame Into the car. removed Mr Smith's belongings. and took possession of the When Mr 8ml!h returned he as eerted hi, right to the place, but Mr Kmp refused to vacate. What followed la told In the paper, (lied ' In a ault for 11. ton damage' for an alleged assault brought by Mr. K-mp against Mr ; Fmlth Mr Kemp alleges that Mr. Smith re i i eaiedly seised and laid hold of him with I force and vlolenre. and repeatedly eels |ed him by til* shoulders, cheat, and ! throat, ar.d "plucked and pulled at him i and rhnofc and pulled him ahout and at tempted to forcibly remova" him from the seat At the same time. It !* alleged, he 1 used violent language m a high and threatening tore of voire, whereby Mr Kemp was subjected to great Indignity and Insulted In the presen e of his fellow passengers, io his damage In the amount I claimed Mr. Bmlth allege, In his answer that the i plaintiff, disregarding a universal custom ' known to this plaintiff, and known by him I to have been observed from time Imme morial hy all persons traveling In pas senger cars to consider as taken a seat In which they found bund es, hags, or personal belongings and. notwithstand ing that there were other unoccupied seats In the car. removed Mr. Smith's personal belonging, and assumed possession of the seat, t'pon Mr Smith's return he re quested that he give It up Mr Kemp It la claimed, refused to vacate the seat Thereupon, as Mr Smith further alleges. ■ without any undue or unnecessary force, and without any malice, harsh language, or rudeness rf manner whatever, he lard 111- hands upon, as though 10 take hold ' of, - Mr Kemp, for the purpose of remov -1 tng him from the seat when, a, Mr. Smith further stales. Mr Kemp "evidenc ed a desire lo surrender the seat." and he was permitted to retire therefrom A pollc, court magistrate before whom Mr Kemn had Mr Smith summoned, shortly after the occurrence, refused to Issue a warrant, on the ground that the afratr was too trivial to occupy the time rf the court. Written E*amlnatk)n—"That Poe ton school teacher wanted me to propoee by letter." "What for’" She said many a man who was all right on grammar was terribly shaky on epeiUng."—lndianapolis Journal. SEED RYE. OEORGIA SEED RYE SOl'THenN SEED RYE TEXAS RED R P OATS. HAY OR AIN. ri/H’R, FEED. FRLITB AND VEOETABDE*. CHEESE. BEANS, PEAS. W. I) SIMKINS & CO Morphine and Whiakev bate IU treated wit Bout pan or cooftnewent Cure guaran teed or no pay B H ' KAU Man gr L.thta Spring, han lUrtusn. Bor t AwaaU, Oa. i■ This is the Trade Mark of the Best Builders Hard ware that made by the Yale&Towne Mfg. Cos. Those who contemplate building should send (or our artistic brochure "Artist and Artisan:" free. H. K. PEEPLES & SONS, 125 CONGRESS ST., WEST. An Open Letter Jmmprr ftprlngi, (nran 4vmi#li, (•#., hapt. 7, I(KK>. f olunihiM Drag C ompany, Heannahg lim.t Cirntlrmrn I b%© Itrra aulfrrlnK with Chill© and for more fh©n th re© rnoniha. Ho form nud©r r©alm©nt of ©rvrrnl doctor©, trl©i a. vrrnl ©o.rall©d f hill Tonic©, non* of which b©n©gt©d me. \t Inal | ir ©d on© hnfll© of your Smith*© 4 bill nnd Fv©r lonic, nnd within fbrr© dnys I #©lt much belter, nnd nftrr u© lok lh© irroad holll© In m glnd lo any f nm ©nllrrly cured. I write fhl# •• Ibat you mn> hr nblr lo Inform oh©ra who may ©ufl-r nnd ©©u r© h©m of n corr. Very (rnly yoari, (lllMd) IBRRY TOKTTEH. INJECTION. A PERMANENT CURE of the moat obstinate r ,#es of Gonorrhira and Gleet, gaaranteed In from 3 to H day# ; no olher treatment required Sold by all druggt*ta JOHN (i. BUTLER, —DEADER JN- Palnls. Oil* on.l GUs* Sash, Door*.Blinds, and Builders' Supplies. Plain ar.l Decora tive Wall Papsr. Foreign and'ls Cementa. Dim* Planer and Hair. Sol# Agent for Abeatln* Cold Water I’otn. n Cor.gras* street, waat. and 13 St. Julian aareet, west. I U I Of HOPf H y MO C * X R r •UILIK Mb For i#i of Hop©, Montgomery, Thunder bolt. Cattl* I'ark un-i Wear bad Pally except Bunla>f. Bubject to change without not be. ISI.K OK Hope. 1* v, li v fo I os II l.v ltle of Hone € 5u am from Tenth | tuu am for Bolton T*o am from Tenth j 6U> am for Tenth 5S> am from T* nth I 700 am for T**ntl 9IS arn from Holton ** (© an for Tenth I# SO am from Tenth 10 01 am for Tenth 12 n> n'n from Temh 11 0> um for Boltoa ! 15 prn from HoMon 11 30 am for Tenth 230 pm from Tenth 2uo pm tor Tenth 1 30 pm from Tenth . i 4' pm for Bolton 4Ki pm from Tenth j luv pm for T©nih ft Mpm from T* nth luu pm for Tenth #9O pm from Tenth Ia no pm for Tenth 7 M pm from Tenth 700 pm for Tenth R9o pm from Tenth ( a pm for Tenth 910 pm from T‘ nth | 9to pm for Tenth 10 90 pm from Tenth ;10 00 pm for Tenth 111 00 pm for Tenth MONTGOMERY I*v *!ty for M>iik ry i** Monixomsi v~ * 90 am from Tenth | 7 16 am for Tenth 2 90 pm from Tenth ! 1 li pm for Tenth 690 pm from Tenth 00 pm for T< nth CATTLE PARK J* v * for vat I'sira Lv <*aiit Hark • 90 am from Holton | 700 am for Holton 7 30 am from Holton i ft no am for Holton 100 pm from Holion 1 9o pm for Holton 210 pm from Holton lou >m for Holton 7 00 pm from Holton | 7 90 pm for Holton ft 00 pm from Holton *2O pm for Holton T > 11; N DEiIUuE i. Car Iravea Bolaon afreet Jun-tton 5 M a m and every thirty mmuiea Ihereaftar until 11 K p m Car leave* Thunderbolt *1 2 .t0 a m and every thirty minute* thereafter until 12.00 midnight, (or Bolton .great Junc tion FREIGHT AND PARCEL CAR Thl* rar carries trailer for pseeengere on all trip, and leave* west side of city market for Isle of Hopa. Thur lerbolt and all Intermediate points ai ouO a m . Ito p m , 6to p m Leave* Isle of Hope for Thunderbolt. City M.rke* and all Intermediate polnte at 600 a m 11 00 a m.3 *0 p rr WEST END CAR. Car leave* wx*l aide of city markat for W.*t End to a. ro and every gt minute# • tu-irg tha day until 11 20 p. nt. Leave# West End at 630 a m and ay •ry tn mlnt.tea thereafter during th# day anftl 1J * o'etoek midnight IT M IXSFTOV. Oart Mgr. BUILDERS' HARDWARE AND— WAGON MATERIAL. inn win's sms >l3 llrnaato* afreet. Well. Empty Hogsheads. Empty Salstera Uua,hads lo* ■ala hy C. M. GILBERT & CO. ECKSTEIN’S Fall offerings comprise ail the newest novelties in Plain and Fancy Dress Suitings, Black Silk Crepons, Colored Poplins and Venetian Cloth in the newest shades. Dress Goods. 8 Our New Golf Bulling* H-c Our New Flald Bulling, aII h Plaid Bulling* lb •Stent Wool I tress flood* ........... .3*A' <'nlored Venetian Cloths C*. Hlark French Cheviot 4 ,,r M-Inrh ft*r,.rd Butting A'*' M-tnch H.u k t'havloi Berge !i M-Inch Navy Cheviot Serge tty. Silks. Our Bilk* have made a reputation, and th-v merit tt. ft?. Colored Taffeta Silks Yv ,■ . nr# t auk K: rt'.ack Satin Iruchfeae Waists. Our I#*dl©* Naw Fran©h Flannal nr* r rant ton# of th© Ta I lari' Art. Tha #ry}a# ar*> tha Itataiii and workmanahlp and flniah th© vary hoal $2.75, 53 00, 53.50, 54.50, 55 An All-Wool Flannel WaU II Oi Tailor-Made Suits; Wa hava #lx of thoaa ©ulU. Vila $15.00, r©4ur©d to $5 44 T©tt, \alua I2<‘oo, radu**©d to .|7.M Ladies’ Jackets. lift on |*adl r-t Jarkat# 17 ftft 19.00 Mia#©#’ Jgok©*9 s*s4 $5.00 <'hlldr©n> J<-k©# $2 50 l-> l*adl©a' Rain f'oatr s.'l Xi s.l 00 M a.-© Ruin ‘ $ Oj Infants’ Wear. Infants’ Wc.lte Silk Caps ~..2h~ Infants' White Bilk Cap- M>' Infant*' White silk < ap Ti<- Infants’ White Silk Capa II <l Infants' While Sltk Capa E* Infanta' Colored Bonnets 11.3& Infanta' Colorwl Bonnet* fc'.l tt Children a Tam O'Shantara ll.Ou Children s Tam O'Shantrra 1124 Hand Knit Sacquea li.- lo li.B Hand Knit Bootees 10e to4tV Embroidered Flannel Sa. quae tl IS to $2 tV) blmbroldeml Caatimere Basque* $1 2& to £! White Bedford Batques jhc lo Si s<> Infant* White Dtesses ■ |1 0> New Shades French Flannels, Plain and Dotted Effects. GUSTAVE EGKSTEIN & CO. IF YOU WANT GOOD MATERIAL AND WORK ORDER YOUR LfTHO GRAPHED AND PRINTED STATIONERY ANO BUNK BOOK 9 FROM THE MORNING NEWS SAVANNAH, GA. PLANT Gloves. 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