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BUSINESS MSN ENLISTED. TIIE , i' •■" *** th . a incitH, —<•■* u “"■ P onto and p -'mid ta Uelerwilue What Part Itu.laraa of aatannah'l !’•"' *" lk ' Bner|irlae. „, >#r Herman trt I'rMWcd ~rr ihr l)rllkrratlo*l of Ikr Meet* ,nii Whirh ai l.arrlr Attended. Merrhnnte Aurrr.l That They , b „„ld Ur Ip ■“* la-What %re A eked to 10. 1 an entbueloatlc mttllnf of tut# *rd other business meti of ,a . .11 th© I>© Solo Hotel last i VV | b had been called for th© dtfh of enuminir their support in the „ Street Fair o ucca§s. T ANARUS,,, m eei!n* accoaplilhal lta purpo#© j, t •* extreme Inclemency of the .. those who assembled In the fl , finin'a parlor of the De Soto, rep- I faithfully the ivhoiesale and re , ,p. of Savannah. while pome of ,ht. i. manufacturing Institutions did not , j, h ive their representative© in the \* the suggestion of Mr. W. W. i. H the Executive Committee of the , * i \|>or Herman Myers was ca'.4- ,1 .. to chair and pre.-klcd over the do ms of the meeting. At the suu gr. of the cnalrman, Mr. fu iMitllnetl Its object and purposes. T? 4 *h)ect Is perhaps better understood • general public than It was. appar , p b\ those who att* tided the meeting lit- night. To condense In a few words t*t# rr.•fining of Mr. Htarr's remarks, the rtfrivaTa purpose Is a double one. the reestablishment, on u firm basis, of the fund of the Klks and the adver tisHh*-nt of the city of 'Savannah Mr .--•f • \:*l*ind that other cities, drawing i'o trad* from the same section dir* re believed lo Ih* tributary to Savan -14 an r* indulging in advertising de •f the same kind and that It was . rial for the city to do something of ‘ ns’ kind, if It tkvirnl to retain its riil supremacy in this section of the stat* V* E J. Maxwell was made the secre •t "f the meeting ami the discussion of ond means continu'd. It was evl d* ‘ that those present required but lit - <rgument to convince them that their • -1 * ration and the eo-o|M-r,ition of other m* iinics ond business men of ftavan r,.< .ght to be given to the enterprise *■ I they enlisted for the war with every *1 a ,rd Indication of a willing spirit ami i d*r*.ir* to help along the cause. Ta k> were mab* by Mr. 8 KrouskofT. Mr l\ K. Wimpy and others. Director i• * I Henson supplementing the pure i business end of it with an explanation il what the Elks intended lo do for the ' ir* and entertainment of the vnd- The shown within the enclosure In Park Extension were already assured. ■* I \ir Henson. end thvse would be r • whether the business men Interest ”i * mselves In the project or not. What **•* now hom l would !*• ac *ompllshe l i • enlistment of the business men In ** enterprise, so that there might I* r .n on the streets such day and night ..igt-ai.i* as w ould wII repay the visitors 1 r tb ir railroad fare and other expenses n mlng to ihe city. do you want us to do?" was tb© mtnedUt© response of the representatl\e en of the gathering to this *(•;.<1 Up th* motion of Mr Krouskoff It was de tled that the choir should appoint i committee of ten, with power 'o set. from the business n.en '? the city. which commit*©-* -r• ill co-operate actively with the ext— utlve committee of the carnival in every hn\ in its power and assist In every wav n nuking the success of the from a ■rsr il standpoint coincident with the ir 1 • r ptir|mate of advertising the city. Various methods of hriuglng the tie sir- I lltv of attendance U|K>n the <'srY)lvai o th* attention of the merchants In the • in naturally tributary to Savannah rsr*- discussed. It was decided that the sei<l. nt* should scud to each of their euntry < orr* spun*lents a personal appeal. Ur* ing attention to the attractions that • ild bt Offered for the entertainment of* \ Is iters to the city.which appeii should tn*r l>e enit*od|ed In u circular letter or i an aMress printed on the back of the *! , **r a> <1 bill heads of the merchants. rer* was no hesitation whatever in de a *Ms whs a gx>*l thing and womising support AI of these ipiostions are to he discuss i at the meeth.g of the Huslness Men s ' mmlttee. which Is to he held In the Pn' * men’s oarlor of the De Soto to f Kht, at H:3O o’clock. To this commlttoe merchants have confided the power e a**?, and It will determine what part •hill be plnyed hy the business men of SUvarnah ih making the carnival the contlmted pros|*erlty of Savannah i ►•■ntatlvcs of th# t’arnlval Exncu- M ' Committee will confer with It • * 1 exnlaln Just what plans have been unwed and Just what It Is pro|ose*| to do The committee named by Mayor M • after the adjournment of the mret * and consist* of the foliowliig well known business men: Messrs George W. S. Krouskoff. John J. Mc- Henoigb. M. 8 Guckenhelmer, Thomas M Mill in. Leopold Adler. Armand P. 1 Herman Hownhelm, Joseph J. •I I B B Nel ‘ ' 1 ommltte** will !>*' asked to select A chairman, and then to proc*",| to • n* • Whatever informtlon it desire* ’ * l.lks Committee will give it. and ii in • n* -• men of the city shall play In the •’b-prts# mi.| what they shall contribute 1 1 *“ r *s. If necessurj, it will dire t. •** another general meeting of buaiiua* 0191 t>e railed. AT THE TIIKATBB. prr ' l|.n. |ilrnl I lose Their En unKom* nt Tu-aight. r C* rii' hi-lifddenl Company will clos*- u'HK#m*nt to-night, and will also “ tnatfnee ;erform.ibv this after **' P k iie company played "A Georgia j < *“ r * very amusing farce-romedy. • f : <Tlit to a good house, despite the j u hie* • was simple thing, but , 4i ( 1 * r ' fiinry and was one of the . lining b.lls the >mpany h* n*. 1 Tl- engag* m< nt of the coi..- ws **n successful In every way. matinee and night H *f ' T,!I lf ' Idaycd under the direction 0f ' ,T 'h* Frohman. The* story Is not > * l , l " !ural ° ,l * *• Hls told with f. irr * *' and grace that the aud!en'c* * '* v>r ' ‘ 4tr t. understand the envlr ; * ~lat made /.ar t’s life what It was. i* '* c ' n ** *he truest, deepest anl !'*!•• n, ‘ nH * l®va stories that has been ' for the Stage. * t’amllle” was f-ki , a ** I* l W* Iw the real; ,lo * hgiurally o bad woman f*w tr. 4 , ' * r lght chord In her nature l •itnr , ' J"' 'Ponds with tenderness anti h#f V ' . n * # ’ of her heart. *** % v nobleness of her character K% '*vn in the last moments of the * >• n she meeiw Dufrene after iso a tiosenca. art* hUr *day. mo tines and night. Hob “ The ni c °mpany will be seen 1.1 H**rt4 • lor ‘ an/1 “Wclktrd the Lion T K l*ol lee mot, on Dntv. a*, i"* r'uffy was yesterday sworn In r.ght 1 nnan *d went on duty Jaat ■ ; a v . w ■ ci - IMV 111 - 1 i IMI 111 II 111 HI I- -"V?, '■'V :-i A. r ■ -..i ..* .• f [n|eh\ m B B Ihhmhmhmhmhhhhhhhhmbhhh ■B • •• - m V CPA I J \!)LALy •r This is the sign that guarantees the biscuit in the box on which it appears, to be always fresh, delicious and crisp. When you order Soda Bisciut, Milk Biscuit, Butter Crackers, Saltines, Banquet Wafers, Sultana Fruit, Graham Biscuit, Sea Foam, Oatmeal Biscuit, Ginger Snaps, Handmade Pretzelettes, Vanilla Wafers, tell your grocer you want those contained in the “In-cr-seal Patent Package,” with the trade mark dcsignon the ends. Used exclusively by NATIONAL BISCU3T COMPANY. Hlllliiery I)|tpntnx of I*. T. Koye. IN*- <.f the prtlllfKt opening* of ihe sea son is that of I*. T Koye Ills new liull ling was thronged with la dle# from early hours until late. An-I (ho class of goods mown Is (he best obtain able. Hie display of furs I* really and truly a revelation In wealth and beauty. One piece—a genuine skin coat. tmiorbd and mu-W- up beautifully, Is marked at In Ms furniture department he show' a side-board, genuine hand-earved to $-.V>. Ills genuine imported Oriental rugs le. aeh In prUe. snugly iroun In him ir I dollar bill. In his dress goods department be exhib its In the show window a matvel-of Isoicy at *l.V>. The store was tastefully decorited with palms and to every lady who visited -he store yegterlay a huueh of cm flow*-.- was given. A large liorseshoe of pink mi l white roses is the ttrsi thing to attract guests upon entertnx. It ts a present to the proprietor from the employe' Th< millinery department was the first sought by I.idler Mra. Golden presides over this. The display of ha * Is am ac tive and large The swellest piohablv Is a hat by Me?dames Hell* and Rover It t< a handsome tilack velvet, with cream renatssanee la* e tirlm. and plume on left side caught with bow of blir-k ve i c, and handsome steel and turquoise buc k).- Another hv Madam Fulla ts iwo shgd of old rose, shaded In stripes I-urge wreath of shade foliage on left side in plume i ffeet. flaie to the left with large steel ornament Another ts a enpior tur ban hy Madam Verot. It 1* Chiffon facing with castor velvet Crown, mink at site, tall hanging down, and long steel orra meni on left side Another I i (lit girnei. by Madam Faulkner Buneh of poppes. Spider leg how and foligge at side win steel ornament to finish. Tnls l one of those isipular shares, the drop ng o' which makes It hemming Another I- in Madam- Itehoux It Is comhlnatlon of two shades of , erl-e velvet and slk It has tu< ked velvet wings at the side rever ed with renaissance larr. with large twisted knot of light cerise In front I hla is also a low hat. . A noth, r Isa turban wn king ship- frame of white t ilTetn silk. B|ip!iqued In hloek chenille. I-Inck velvet and applique ! pdnt* Uid tog. ther in a huge knot In front. This Is one of Moresrnt S-ieitrs' hat- Avery pre'uy child's ,e>ke of -why h.ue silk * shown It Is made of corded frills will* large nppllqued how In front. The assortment of ready-to-wear hats Is large They are trimmed and unlrlm mc.l Along With these ore all. Ihe new novelties ns velvets, ho e. feathers orna ments. jets and gilt brabl. Adjoining the millinery department is the fur depot - inept Some lovely furs are shown Ihe handsomest Is the real skin walking Jacket Another Is a genuine black 1 er alan lamb wool ollarette with Coney col lar and trimming Another Is a genuln* mink collarette A handsome blue fox ho., is shown, also a gdiulne skunk boo and real red fox boas . Genuine black Persian Inmb woo. Mon jaeket. lineal with white hro aded silk, at tracts a great deal of attention A full line of Kngllsli Is.x coats are shown In all the lire railing colors Kngllsh wa.K |„g jackets are shown In the same colors. In this department are shown the long uutomottil* Children's J.. keis and walking con s and reefers golf capes are dlspayed In large assortment. They arc "*** . " green, blue, and brown, trimmed with silk tirald and mink lnwds and feed A.IMn l„g this department are thehHes made suits. They are mad. In a! the prevailing colors. Castors, blues, reds at.d “Hew line or ladles' riot It appllqued skirts, black taffeta, new tlore. accordion of rich -ilk up- Illiquid; Kussian blouse effect with ra w The#* arc nhown In nil th P r v.illtni? color#. In i In* tallor-ml* >l <lprtin#nt Vicuna. V broml cloth. * tr*-. pabhTe Cheviots, are popular They are made well and stilish and attract atten tion A beautiful bla.V silk appllqued unit H marked only In the silk underskirt department a.l the pastel Shades are shown. Particular I attention has been given to the making i of thee. Skirts and they are the best that can he obtained it. the Northern marked The silk waist department corresponds with the silk skirt department. All the pastil shades are shown. A great run l made on the N v. French flannel waist. They are |n all the pastel shades and ate m il wd. marie and are impular stuff They are plain and em broidered and imikii dot The silk underskirts are made of taf feta and Quaker silks. The Quaker silk Is anew fabric and is preity ami durable. In the dress goods depirtment every thing pretty and popular l* shown Golf and ratny-day skirts In fine Vh torli doth Venetian cloth Pooegil clotli. Ml hum*! and pebble cheviot. In :hc French fiari nei goods seventy-five different o.ors ir shown In the evening dres department every shade of taffeta Is shown PH*e. Rengallne. ropllns. Ldixors The trimming for costumes Is beauti ful. In th making up of dresses this Wears ii, moat particular attention Is given THE MOKNING NEWS: FUIDAY. OCTOBEK 12.1800. to trimming. A hl. k on I sliver fl - h NSailc wuint. .<n*l cream renaissance bole ro J.^k ♦rc nhown. and the\ !• pr*ut> . Ttie linen department comidete. Th- shoe d# >.rtm<-til mbri*cep indie-' i)-l children's shoes. Sole agent for I.Miles' , ulrm. f.l oboe. Mr. O’l/iiry pr**si<le? ov* r i his deportment The gent’s furnishing <|ep.irtment Is full The furniture ar.*l carpet department s i new department A large force Is em ploye! from 7 o’clock In the morning nn- j 111 12 o’, lo k it • t;:ht, making up carpetr In this department. Borne elegant pieces nre shown in wal nut. oak. mahog my and cherry. latHhsr Bhls of nil description. Bom* superior par.or stuff In gob Ila displayed. Particular attention haa Hen given jto ; the Oriental rug- They are siuoxii tn many different sir-* ami a variety of pat- I ferns. Tapestry Brussel*. Royal Wilton , velvet, and Axrmnsters arc shown 1 Whittnll's h**t g>-ta|s are carrlwl A str>ng line of curtains, portieres chenille*. dor >y tapeatry. gfg>le is displayed. Thi* department is presided over hy Mr llankihson. assist- i ••d by Messrs. Helmken. Neely and Shce i ban. * ■*■ * LOC AL FF.RBOAAL. Mr. John H. Davis has returned to the city. Mr W. D. Morton of Ocala Is a guest of the De Boro. Mr Ed ft tailings of Amertcus Is a guest j of the Pulaski. Dr. Hatcher of Brunswick la registered : a* the Pulaski. Mr J J Rimes of Vldalia Is agues of the Pulaski. Mr 8 It. Webb of Valdosta Is a guewi of th- Pulaski. Mr MeG. Mayo of Cordele I* registered at the Pulaski Mr. 11 B. lrd of Btateshoro is regis tered at the Pulaski. Mr K J Register of Fernandina Is u guest of the Pulaski. Mrs. K. Blanchard of Daytona 1* regls- j tcred at the Pulaski ( j Mr It. C. N*el*\ if Waynesboro Is reg- ! Istereil at the De Solo. Mr U. T. 8* mm**s left yesterday via the S*>utii-rn frr Ash* vilie. Dr F W UhUty and son of Olar guest* of the Screven. Mr 8 <1 iaing of ft.*nderaviUe Is reg- j Istered at the Screven. Mr Frederld II Ghrlstensen of Beaufort Is a guest of the Pul i -ki Mr and Mrs. G. F fthears of Daytona are guests of the Pulaski. Mr K P. Campbell of Jacksonville Is regliWered at the Pulaski. Mr and Mrs. 11 Ashmore of Jesup are registered at the Screven. Mr C. M Mumford of Fitxgeruld Is reglstere*! at the Pulaski. Mrs. K F la>vell w.s h passenger last night on the Kansas C.ty. Mts W. P. Scruggs returned to the city yestenlay o* the Kansas City. Judge ftamuej c Atklnsoti of Bruns wiek Is registered at the Pulaski. Mr. and Mrs. \\ P. Waieh of J.i kson- j vllle are register'd at the Bcreven. Mis© B. Einstein arrived last night | from New Y'ork on the Kansas City. Mr. J W. Mclntyre arrived on th* Kn* city last night from New York Miss Jessie Burnett of*evllle. F., j is visiting Miss Btrou* on Henry street. Mr W. K Hall*- of Jacksonville wan ] among the arrivals at the l>e Soto yestcr- | day. Mr D. Van Smyth of Charleston was In the city yesterday, a guest of th*- Pu laski. Mr W. E. Hutson of 8t Augustine was ! among yesterday'* arrivals at Ihe Pu laski. Mr. A. A Me lid <hem of Mark>w was | among the arrival* at the Pulaski yes terday. Mr. K. Pierce Wood of Sarwbmvllls wa* nm*>ng the arrivals at the Pula'*, yes terday. Miss Lllhe Fellg returned to the city from New York Inst night on the Kan sas (’Hy. Mr. Frank T. Bridge and wife of Miami v< re among th- arrival- the ftcreveo yes [unlay. Mr and Mrs. Frank L. Plek*rlng have returned to the city after a pleasant visit to Memphis. Mrs J. W K Engle and Miss M. I/En g,.- were passengers lost night on the Kansas City. Mrs. H Foley and Miss C. Mclntyre were among the passenger* of th*- Kan sas City last night. Rev. Father Robert F. Kennedy wax ! j |as*enger on the Kansas City, from I New York, which arrived last night. I con. Ga . Is in the city. Dr ftmhh aa* just published his book "The Story or Georgia and th* Georgia People. 1732 to IMJh. ’’ * • \ —The govl roads movement Is doing j things in New Jersey. In which state dur ing the las' eight year* l.onr) mi es of high way have been buiU by auu and country appropriation*. 15 th c TUB FOOTRYLL OKA*OS. Ilnnr Intereated In the Opening t;nme tin Saturday. Athens, (.. O't. 11.—The lover* of football will hall with delight the *p l*na r, h of Saturday, which marks the op* nlng of the foot!)*!! season In At lanta The Georgia team will then try Hs strength ag.ilnet the blacksmith* of the Tech., anti those who know th** Strength of the two tftirne. soy that It will be a oattle royal. Th Technologi cal *• m Is composed of several of the old players, ond they have secured Col iter of Virginia to .OMh. Collier was Ttilatn-’a < , oach lust year. | On ;h** other bind. Georgia’s team will Im can|HMet| of new men, but of new | men. w io nre in to win. The hoy* are ell pieasx-d with ('oach Jones’ work •>u their tehalf. nd <*pt Mut’iitcheon •4 f.fl.ient of developing a fasr team The following are the men who are try | Ing for positions: For center. Hirach. ;fthnnon and Terry; for guards. M-'Caila j Putnam, ftw.mson. Potts, for tackles Hone*. Monk. Srnlrh Gordon, for qua.'- 11 r hack, Monohnu. Walker, for • nd- Baxter. RMley, Calhoun. Dean and | Hardy; for half hack*, Dkkson, MeOutrh eon Russ* 11. Jen. and Hull; for full. | IjSmar and Hewlett. fob ft PE % ki:ii run TEN. Tliat and Other Senate Pnsftt|*ift l'i*rl botight, Atlanta. Ort. 11-There is a thrae-cor nere*l light on for speak* r pro tem *># the House of Representatives. It Is con died that John D Little of Muscogee will be • b '*d speaker without any opposition, but for the next highest offl'e three I romtn* nt Georgians ore making a warm ! The carakldaies are Fi>ndren Mitch •ll *.f Thomas vllle, KVwton Morris of Cobb, and M. L. Johnson of Barrow. Bouth Georgia will In ail probability stand by Mr. Mitchell In the race. His friend* nre confident of his success, but th** supi*rters of the other men claim vie. lory ft>r them. The election will take pi-*' *• on th** day the General Assembly meet*. John T Ftolfeulllet will b* clerk of tla* Hous- Mr. Bolfeulllet Isis no op|w>-|ilon tor re-election. Charles Northern ha* h>- |MN.|tion for secretary cf 111* ftcna'e. lion. William Clifton of Mclntosh announced his in<entlon of making the race some tim* ago. Mr Bieve Posted, the well known ocw*fN*f*er man. Is a candkJule for door keep* r of the Henate. •■lt ( april Mr.- “Graybrard broku up rhrtimattrm on mo.” a*).' Mr Chaa Thomas, tha Jw rlrr on Whitakrr street. "And put me In belter nr ilili than I nave enjoyed In a lontt lime." Take, Oraybeard Pills for that duty feeiinu i.o< appetite, and follow It up with a bottle or Oraybeard. It Is all you need. i:es|>eas DruK Cos., sola props., Bavatinah. tia. —ad. LhoAL hu rt. tea. N(l'R'l, TO UL'HTOMB AND CKkiIJIT OILS GEORGIA. CHATHAM COUNTY Notice is hereby given to all perron* hav ing demaml* against Mary Anderson. Site of raid county, deceaaed, to present them lo me. properly ma*k out, within the tinv prescribe*! by law. so as to show their ( iMir.i ter otel amount; and all person* |n dehted to F;*|d deceased are re*|uJrerl to make lmmctilsie |Kiyment to me. Robert w. McLaughlin. k'lecutor, Thunderbolt, Ga. Havannuh. Ga.. Bept. 4. 1900. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CRBD YTOHH GHORGIA. CHATHAM COUNTY— Notice Is hereby given to all persons hav it g demands aga!n<t John Green late of raid county, deceased, tv present them to me. property mad* out. within the time prescribed by law. so n to *how their cl <<ra< ter and amount; and all jh r *on2* Indebted to said •lceasd ar* re qutrid tj mak- Immediate payment to me. PATRICK O’CONNOR, Administrator. Care O'Connor. O'Byrne A Hartrtdg*-, Attorney* at Law. Bavannsh. Ga.. Bept. 4, 1900. NOTICE TO DEBTORB AND CRKD TTOKB GEORGIA. CHATHAM COUNTY— Notb e |s hereby given Pi all person* hav. Ing and mends against Fllia Barrett, late of said county, deceased, to present them to me. properly made out. within tha tlm* prescribed by law. so as to show their character and amount; and all per sons Indebted to said deceased are re quired to make Immediate payment to me. M A O’BYRNE, Executor. Favernah Ga.. IFpt 4,17 W PROPOSALS vyaytkd. U 8 ENOINEER OFFICE. Savannah. Ga . Bept. 12. lKrt. Sealed propoaa!* for building training dyke*. Hxvannah river, near Aug ie*a. Ga will be re slvcd here until 12 noon (Eastern standard tlmei Oct. 13. 1900. and then publicly opened In formation furnished on application. Caa eiua E. Gillette, Capt., Kngrs. * CLASSIFIED AUVtH fISEMENTS. PKNSOAAk. •T jim that w a sri.KNmn mak. up Kvi u your ui.uh.r woulil h*vi> never know n V. That mut* hr h great Who nupidicd that outfit ’ ’’The Georgia hair expert. Sa\annah Hair, Jewelry and Hhuving Suppli lloum , the place f>r e\ erythlng |M*rtaunng t hair, whether fo remove nup* rttuou* or utv-iglitly hair, or to replace what age or ill kin iv he > 4UI- I'd to prematurely U*n 1 ordered troin him through the mall thl ntutu- h< , l wig and whlf*k re and they cam*' O. K IH YOI’H IRON SAFI*, riltl.-PROOF ’ Hiiffei A Freeman hav* standing offer of Si.WO lor every af<* of their make that doe* not pteaerve It* content* Otic ***t<‘ W4-* In burning debit* llt hour* When taken out. the hope had to bn turned on It When opened, not a page wm dtacol ored. not a record )o*t, not a dollar de - *trov©d If ou want M.iiirlty. buy a Htiffel Sc Freeman *afe I*. I*. Miller, agent. YOr WILL LIKE TIIK MILK FROM Spur.gfield Dairy, lt a rich and pure, try It HAVE TOFH BICYCLE REPAIRING doii** properl\ thai* the way we do It, W F Hi*gin*. 125 Drayton FCRNITFUK l PI<ILSTKRED*’MAT • re**e* renovated. Antique furniture re pniluhed furniture tft*< krd an 1 *htPtH'd In l>e*t manner Send me your order*. C V. Miller, agent RONE FLODR; SfCporND BAG. have order with E Moyle. Ih Hr ••tighten etreet. eaat. or 114 Park avenue, east. 1. Gaidn-r. agent IF ITS RtTOB TOP WANT YOU CAN get them cheaper from McOlllta SPECIAL. AN UNLIMITED MJPPIY of nice willow rocker*, ludica' atxe. at S3 J W Teetde. VA LF ROYAL DAIRY IS ONE OF th* beat eiulp|wl dalrle* In the South, a uteom engine and boiler; hot an I *•! water-pipe?* running through bolt ling rtvm. with facllltle* for *t* lining bottle* and uienall* ln*.ir<* fierfect clean’lnrH*. and purity, the I***? milk obtainable for children aid tnvllale*. *ele|hoiie. **. • both telephone com pan lee). Poetoflb *• llo*. 300 SCHOtTL nooks NEW AND SF.O ond-hand. *oll ami exebang**!- l am** 2nd Reader. ;iv. Srd Reader 2f*c; 4th Read •r. Me, Uh Reader, 45. . Lincoln’* Phyelolo gy, 4k . lnt Stepping Stone* Literature. 25r; 2nd Stepfdng Stan***. StVr; Prince* Arlthmatlc. 1&'. Alontgoim ry History, At Gardner** liuzoui I AM NOW LOCATED AT 414 WEST Itroughion, ring up 2P*I II you want to have your furniture moved or packed for nhlpmem or storage. I guarantee price* th* sanx- a* I do th work ih.u * given to me A S Griffin, 414 Itioughton s(r*et, weer. matt!©*** made to order. MILLERS BTOVKS AND RANGEd glva satisfaction The Mognetlc, Econo ! rIL Waldorf. King, and other good i make* at reasonable prices. 3/7 Rrough ton. west. KEN 81 NOTO N fAR M _ MILKIS VN - j surpassed for richness; delivery is per | feet; phone, 2.145 DARK FTVENINGS ARK NOWl’OM tng; let us sell you n lamp; price*. 7Sc to S3 10. W. F lligglus. 125 Drayton. SEE MILLER FOR OFFICE DESKS* ofhee tables, office matting, olhce shad*-* .07 Rrough ton. west WHEN TOU BEE M HII.IJB BIXTT Inrlt B crnla nj,a. you will buy mam Juat can't belp It; •ill aU In yuan *P- run hjorah desionb, ci t ruow. i era. plants ond bulbs, from <>• a* hlg s ' nursery; leave orders with E!. Moyle, lo Hroughfon street, east. J. Gardaar, I agent FfRNITURE MUVBD WITH CARS." la • at* laity with M till It, "MILI.ER B NEW STYLES IN GAR pet*, mat tines, linoleum., window ahailc*. otc. All work <lono In ttral-o'n.a atyl*. 20? Rmuchtoa, weal BEE - THE JEWEJ. BTOVES ANT> : rani,,, for ,al by J. W. T,,pla: alao j i,wl for In.uranca yaaollna atovc. ' M*Q!EI.IB 18 CHEAP ON RVOB. NETS, lor— curtain,, hammock,, water cootor*. pUlowa plriuraa. alovea. balninn aull.a. and furnltura of *vry daa. rtpaloai II 4 Rt'Yß NICK RATTAN ROCKERB ahlla thry laat .<*rtm*nt of !i or kora, dlvana and raay rltalra. C. P Miller, acenl THE PRICEB AT WHICH WE BE!,!, hlrycle aundrlea are mlram-lnu. Try u. W E Hljtklnv. I2S Drayton KENSINGTON FARM IH ON AN elevation In the roumry. free from rlty drainage, lmpoeathle for milk to heeoitie rontamlnated. hy Imptira odor.. If you want pure J-raey milk, phone 234S Da llvery prompt, aallafarllon guaranieed if G11.1.1S * moves, packs, bhipi and atorea ptanoe and furnllura: beet work rally; no "Cheap-John" prleea- no "Chaap- John” Jobe, 11 00 FOR WOVEN WIRE COTB whlla they laat. C p. Millar, agent. U'till.MS I.ACR CURTAINS WII.I. beautify your parlor. tr 50 TOR ART SQUARES WHII.B Ihry laal Hla aaietrlment. all cradea of | art eqtiarea. ruga. mate, portiere, C. P. I Miller, agent M 011.L.18 SEI.IJr SIXTT.fNCH RUOS , —Smyrna petterna- for M eanla. MBfMCAI* ’ ...... ARE TOUR riCJETT IE YOUR feet are you. call on me anl I will gtva you-tellaf. I rura Ingrowing nalle. rorna and all dtseaaea of lha faet wllhotit pain: charges reasonable; ran glva ihe beat references in lha city; pa tient, treat'd at residences; orders can ha left a* L.lvlng,ton'a drug store, null and Congress aree,,; telephone 2*3, Dm Davie surgeon chiropodist HKI.P WtUTUk-SAU. 'TTfllTirnAYldßß^^rANTED^T^^r^ tonla, N. C. Klynt llulkllng and Construc tion Company. "WANTED. TWO <JOOD~COAT MA kera, al K J. Kennedy's. WANTED. A STOUT BINGI.E WHITE man. lo drive street wagon, apply at 217 West' ItroA'l street. WANTED A COl.l,BOTOH; ADDREHS. P. care Morning New,. WANTED. TWO GOOD STICK CANDY splntiers, and one jeantil man, aiklrea., Johnson. King A Cos.. Muron. (is “Wanted, a woodsman who thoroughly understand, furnishing logs lo eiw mill of sn.<* capacity, ami can bring flfteen up-10-lait |ejmlera; only tlrvl daaa need U|>plV. Weal Hroa., West Uake, Eta. “BAI.ESMKN STANDARD ARTICLE, liberal commission. you cannot find it liei ter aide line. Trojan Mlg Cos., South Rend. Ind WANT KI Cl IRICK I. AV KI IS.' < AHI "EN tars, piaaterers, hlacksmltha and home, ahoers. wheelwrights, tailors. German Uatkeepera. lta and log choppers and saw yer*. mill hands; ace Huber, 217 Weal Ray, Jacksonville. Ilfeil.l* WABIKD KKMAI.M. WANTED. CAPABI.B OIRL Ef>R general house work; Add Broughton street, cast. wanted, a good ''mik must come well recommend'd Applf at 111 Huntingdon. west Friday morning, between 7 and 10 o'clock. "ERIE.VCED' HANDS ' AN GET employment at the E A W I.aundry, 712 Anderson street, weal, "HOTEI. EMPUOTMENT ADEN' V West Bay, Jacksonville, while man and wife, mill hoarding house fV00; white wo man cook. Eltghtigh. IH; housekeeper, la- Ukla girl*, maids, laundresMs, cook* Kkn.oi aincr waktko. M.M.E MTKNIMIRAPHKB DKSIKKM ixtelllon, own* machine, willing lo work \\ line t>Hl. e, MITUATII'N WANTED RV WHITE men. wlLlita to i* ai\ ku I >f work, tin [ ilerstaiMl* luklnv tare of home*. Box 11. I New - FfVffITION AH WATCH man, day or nixhl. sober whit*- man. !**( refer*'H'r AtUlle*.* Wal* hmNti. .are ! MortiiiiK N w • \\ ANTKD. l*Offn ION IN tIHOCKIIY huslne* , tm >ar* **xperlen< , v. Al4res* <’|erk. arc Momlnx Nw* \VANTKD. BY A KF.LIAI4LK WOMAN i pin •< ii- rook AiM'ly No 1M Ferry ; street lata . w. I STKNOGUAFHITK KXI'KHT WANTS i |H.stiion. have h.ii several y'ars* expon ent*© In rullroail work. Hex. ’are New*. , U 4>TI.U-IIIM k.LLAAKUI'I. \\ %NTED i iu LIVK FIOKONB, All i Ires* B H|*rry. Duval Hotel, Jack sonville. Fla. | a-INCII COPPER STENCIL" LETTERS j for branding cot ion. address. F O. ltox. 31. WF, WANT A NIFF. <IKNTLK IIORffF, ! for n la*lv must he aod #**e. and a gnol trial required, must be a horse with •>!©. jno other wanted Addrre* J tme* Thonip j son. general delivery, I’oMofflce. IF YOI* WANT GOOD MILK. GKT IT fr >in S|*t mgfleM Dairy. It's rich, pure and wholesome IF YOIT WANT A FLACM TO DUMP earth, dirt stand, manure, esc . free of charge Just at city limit* hauling over ' hard road, writs or tcieidsons Brown Bias., come; Andsreon and Faat Uruad street*. F<Hi imrr—nooaib. FOR Hi: NT. TWO FRONT ROOM ft. furnished or unfurnished, use of hath, with or without hoard, faring Park ex t*nsl<>n. No. Dtavion street FOR HUNT. TWO FFRNIHHICD OR tinftirnl*h< and looms, tatih r*nd tolle; - m table, stoves and lirhes If ilrtiml, room one dollar |wr week. furnished; aiiply kff Aiitlrrson street, west. NK’HLY Ft RVISIIKD ROOM ALL •’wvi-nlnn • • , ti<M and cold eater. >4 Bar ntril. near Lllurty, ROOMS FFR.VIftIIBD WITH OR without lioard 3x* York street, east. FI %TH roll HITT. complete for housakeeping, furtiLlied rooms in Ka*l Libert > FLAT. LARGK AI.GOVKD, AND TWO other room- unfurnished; *onne< llng elth lath 5 Gflon sireel, east. FOR RKNT FLAT AND HAREMRNT to srimll family. No 12 Jones street, east - ■■■ 1 ■■ FOR ItlvNT-HOI M3 FOR RENT. HTBKKT east. jssneiHKm ut once. Apply tleorge L Gartnany. agent. 16 Bryan street. *t. FOR RKNT. CoMFORTARI,E lliM HK, No 217 Waldburg street, east, between Aberoorn and Unroln. first etase order and condition; every convenience Riant rent to right tenant Estate Ralomon 1 Cohen. West Broad and Broughton streets. FOR RKNT. DERIRABLE DWELLING with ail modern Improvements. In g>skl repair 306 Jones, east Kollot h A Hot ev en. FOR RENT. LARGE RESIDENCE. 206 Congress street, east, southeast corner Ahereorn M 8 Raker. Agent. 224 Ogla th*)f| avenue east ' nut ft ;vr —tori. Ton rent""hTore routhavSt ! *orn*r Whitaker and Liberty streets- A|>- plv 16 Lib- tty street, west. BMALL OTORKH FOR RKNT. LocaT ••<l on Btiif** and I*resld-nt streets. In rear of Whitfield Building, splendid ntand for •‘mail business Apply W M A V\ K Coney FOR RENT. BTORR, lift BROFOH ton street. *.#t; jx ©session Imuxdlately alo several and aif ihla residences an ! flat*. Apply A. Wylly. 12 Bryan atreat. aat FOR KFXT-II IRnCI.LAKKOVI. I for rent, erner Broughton and West llroad streets; fortneriy mviipied by the Savannah Carriage and Wagon CP. 11. I*. Hmart. IOM IALK—HICAL UYATA "^rcTn^KVTfiTFr loratloti for large >perator. Gifford Com pany. Ja*-ksofiville. FOR HALE. A LOT FOR TWO HUN* dred dollars, easy farms, on Ninth street, near East Broad, no city taxation. C. H. Dorsett RESIDENCES AND BCtLDINO I>OTS for sale all over the rlty. Hobart H Tatem. real catata dealer. No. 1 York i afreet, west FOR HALE. LOTS ON NINTH, NEAR East Broad, m P* each; will soan t*e advanced to f225. when a lot haa been paid for I can arranga to get a home built. C. H. Dorset I FOR BALE. THOSE LOTS ON NINTH street, near Eeat Broad, have only been eold to flrat-clase parties. ~*ho will maka good neighbors, and none other can buy The term* are very easy, and they are cheaper than any other In the vicinity. C. H Dorset!. FOR SALE. LOTS ON NINTH STREET near East Broad; no city taxes, at each; twenty-five doll era cash, and easy monthly payment*. C. H Dr*att. ruk lALk-nikIKUAKKOUI. witchhazel: thebe is witch haxU and wltcnhaael Una Is mad** to rura. the otter Is mad*- to aell; put a i ottle of ours by the *uds of on*- of ths other kit'd; we give you all the quality (tnd all the quart!y that your money en titles you to~a pint for a quarter Pars** s Drug St or* a, Henry and Abercorn. Whit aker and Taylur. HORSE. PHAETON AND HARNESS, cheap; also road cart. Havannuh Bale and Hoarding Ht.ibles. FOR HALE. MADSTONE W S Bran nen, Proctor. Ql, FOR SALK. NEW TIMBER CART, 7*4 feet high. 7-Inch tread. 4-Inch axle For p.trtlctilar apply to N B Stafford A Tiro. Tarhoro, Oa FOR HALE A FIRSTS I-AHB RETAIL grocery business tn Tampt. Fiorska; well bH-Mfe*! and doing a good business; s4.<io | to cash; satisfactory r*w*un* for -*e|iing Address. ia>* k Box, 241. Tampa. | Flo. I "FOR HALE CHEAP SALOON CON*- n**cte<l with Itariier shof>. muat sell at 1 one**. r* account of going into other 1 business; corner Rroughton and Houston street, Savannah, Ga. ~FOR BALE. LARGEr*PAYINO~I.TV cry stable. Ihtrgaln Address J W. Kim brough, Webster. Fla "SPRINGFIELD DAIRY 18 NOTED for having rich, pure milk, try It; you will he please*! HOARDING. "BOARD.’’ FRONT ROOMS WITH good board; table tosrder* desired. Tst nsll third from Liberty. Pl.t MRIXO. MODERN PLUMBING. IT WILL HE to your interest to iet me give you an es timate on your plumbing, new or old work; repair work a specialty, aa I m s practical plumber. No guess work to endanger your life. Wiggins, phoas 797. Meorgim or Deli. IOST AAD rOt’NiD. MIST I t G IN Ml NAMED TED. RE ward If returned n U H Jewett. HtßTy strecr and Waters road. * U>BT. A ROUGH HAIRED TF.RRIEII. brown • .its tdlr, answers to Mike; am one reluming same to Nellsen A laindsvcrk. shtfs-handl* r*. will be ra warded. %Hst liltbAAM)! a. WE GIVE YOl EITHER DOMESTIC or gloss finish; perfect sod Forest City Liundrj. Park avenue, KOCH A SYLVAN. 46 WHITAKER have just received a large assorimeni of small fancy gih docks. NO BOTCH. NO HKMBUG. iborough pointer, i aper ha eg r and da>- orator. Ta>lor K of I* Hall THE FT AII THAT LEADS THEM .ill. New lH*mretic Machine wi:h txili t'oringe. Penton A Hon WE CLEAN CLOTHES BY THE RE •orclne antpeptir procega Try us New Y k Hleatn Dye Works, Whitaker and Stall FOR FISHING TACKLE NETS. ETC., gn to Cornwell A Chlpman. HAVE YOI It 1 IOCSE PAINTED with German ready-mimed paint, entlra sstlsfaTlon guaranteed Adams Paint Company. "It IB NO TROITU.E FOR V ft TO’Es timate on your plumbing work, our plumber* are first-clae** anil our work guarante***!. let us do vour w>rk and save you monex A C. Price A <’<>. Phones 656, Htate and Jefferson streets. WANTED. ONE THOUSAND MUN gry pm|>|e at the Mont hern Grocery Com* psny. lit lUrn.ird street. "’PHONE 1575 FOR FOREST CTTT loiumlry They sill call fur your Iman tmm-dlMle|y. GET YOUR WEDDING PRESENTS at Ktw'h A Sylvan'*. 46 Whitaker. They are Iw-.iutlful snd i-heup. FOR PAPER HANGER AND PAINT er get Taylor s sdlmate* Y'ti won t re gret It Painters' supplier ATTACHMENTS AND MACHINE RE palr*-<l whtb* voti wait: all work gusrnn teed. For poor people free, penton A Bon "LADIES. HAVE YOI'It FINE CRE pon .ml tailor mad** lr*' -ch I>*c I I v j new o7d>e prorese guantnteed not to ! •dirlnk or get out of shufe- New York Dy* Works. Whit iker and State ’f*hm< *43 v * roit IIARnWARR AMl> TOOLB. GO to Cornwell A Chlpman'* 'HI HK.1.1. KKIVFII PIPE. FI.UO plj),. Itr, rtay, lire !>rtck at Inwwi prlra,. Atlanta l'alnt Company, tot C'oiigreaa. writ. ‘ Monu Til AN fiNE HUNDREt' CENTS In ,v.rv iktltar of your lunl-rariird hnrtt rath at lha Houlham Groc-ry Company, 114 Barnaul utrrrt ie ynr are in'nkkh of rmsT r|t“!t i.lttmltlnK work of nnv kind. A C. |>rka A Cos. will dtt It rhraprr for you Miitit antTtnv -la** Phonr>. litt, Htat, and J.ffnraon alrrata THE MOBT I-P irt ItATK WrtßK 111 IwWf turm-d out by form City laiinjiy. Phono 1671 WATCH ANIt JEWELRY REPAIRING 41 von |H*r'M.>tutl allonti'tn, at Korh A ttyl van'a. 4* WMtakor. WALI. PAPER*. I'AINTB. VAM t |.* oo kai'Ooilnro ond *!.< and tfco l mo'h.nlrt. 800 Taylor, K of P. i laat I HINGER NEBDI.IB, THREE FOR n.- rrnla; (111 oil with doion froa. Ponton A Son FOR RANGES AND HTOVS* OO TO Corn writ A Chlpman “OYPHINE IB THE REST WALI. lab mad- Adam* Paint Cos., Savannah aganta. 104 Conaraaa. w-at. BEE OUR BTEBI. ENAMEL RATH tul. only IIO'IO dollara; ratlmnl-a rltwr. fully furntahwl A C. I’rtc, A Cos, Btato and J-fT-raon atnrrta. Phonrw 468. REDUCE YOUR LIVING EXPENSES by lnvatln voor hant-carn-d hard caah with tha H.nttharn Orocary C.mtpany, 114 Barnard atrrt Norwood's "Satire" For sale at all News Stands in Savaonah. . I.KOAL IKALfCa. BANKRUPT HALM OF AHftETB. SA VANNAH BOX AND ItAHKKT WOItKd Under and by virtu*- of an order grant ed by the Hon. A. H MacDonell, lief erea In Bankruptcy, In the matter of W. If Ballinger. Bankrupt, the undersignad will sell, at public auction, on the |>rem- Ises located on the lAOulsvllle road. In tho city of Savannah, O*.. on Monday, (k*t. 15. 190 b. at 11 o'clo*k. (Havannah city time). In the foreno*m. a lot of machinery, tools and apparatus for the manufacture of hnxeaja crates, barrel* and hank**Vs. among which are: Titus Veneer Machine; Titus Adjustable Head Haw; Haw Table; Haws. Hand and Power Clip p*rs, B. A B Holmes bottb!* fturface Planer; Cut-Off anl Heading Haws. Al lington A Curtis Blower System. i’om plete; Hot ’Air Dry Kiln; Pulley*. Rhaft- In. Belting Basket Forms; Barrel and Orange Box Heads; No. 9. Iron Wire; Tacks. Nall*, etc., etc. Private bids for the whole or any part of the asset* will !e received by the undersigned, up to October 10. at 10 olo'k. In the foreno n. which will be Opened by the Referee at his office. No. 4 liryan street. • ist. at said time and place. Right to reject any or all bids re serve*! Term* of sale; Cash Property may be in*p cted and full list re*-n. hy applying to, JACOB QAEAN. Trustee. 14 Provident Building, Bavannsh, Oa West End Street Car goe* to the Fac tory. 1 — ll legal noriißi. county.—Notice I* hereby given that I will apply to th** Honors hie Robert Fal iigant. Judge of the ftti|M*rl>r Court of the Eastern Judicial Circuit, at Chambers at. Savannah. Oa., on Saturday, Nov fo. 1900, at 10 o'clock a m for nil order to sell st private ml* the thre*-fifth© (3-5) un dlvbb tl of J. II W llenken, An nie llenken and Gertrude Menken In that certain lot of Un*l at Thunderbolt, or War saw. Georgia. IsMindetl on the north hy W'arsaw river, on the south by a street, on the east by lot belonging to M. J Dee vergers an*! on the west hy a lot of land belonging to Henry Ambos, the same be ing rectangular In width, having a front age on th*- river of <k> feet and a rectan gular depth of 3ft> feet. It being a [Hrrfion of the Tobias Turner tract of land. I de sire to sell this land because the bind t* unproductive and the Income therefrom uncertain and it will h sold for the pur poa© of reinvesting the proce**ds of the sale. GKSCIIR MENKEN. Gu irdtan of J. II W Honkon. Annta C. Menkw irel Ucrirude Hrnk.n. Oct. 11. I*oo. OBORGIA. CHATHAM fCtIN-TT. Rouji 1.10v.1 ha to the Court of ordinary for a twelve montha' mtifMiri for heraelf out of the ectate of Benjamin IJoyd. deceaaed. Apprairera have main relurna allowing miw There are. therefore, to cite all whom It may concern to appear before aa and court to make objection on or before the flrat Monday In November, next, otheratlae MW will he granted IVttneaa, the Honorable Hampton U Ferrtll. Ordinary for Chatham eoun'jr, thta Ute Uth day of October. CRANK K. KRILHACH. Clark CL 0.. C. C., Ga. , 3