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3||>\ 00 N • metal r By Garrett P Servlra. ropyrtght. IW. by 'inrrett P Rervl**. Tfte morning of my arrival at Grand Te'on station on my raturn from the Kn< Andrew Hll met me with a warm ffet tnf. • ! MV been anxiously expecting you,” he mid. "for 1 have mule some progress u> wtrd solving the great myeterv 1 have pot vet reached n conclusion. but T hope ■oat to let you Into the entire secret. In the mrantlme yvet ran aid me with your eompanlonahlp. If gi no raher wny. for. u the rlefoiit of the mol*, thin plnoo hie beer, mighty lonesome. The 'lran.l Teton p a H t thwt people wtio have no par ti, ut ir business out here carefully avoid 1 am on a < nklng term* with I>r i*\ x .and oe Tielonullv. when there I* a party to be ebotvn aroutirt T vlett hi* work*, and make the beta possible uso of my eye* Capt Harter of the military t a eopttal fellow and 1 like In hear hi* etorlr* of the war In ljuaon forty year* ago. hut I want somebody to whom I ran occasion al;confMr thing*, and *o voti are n* wel come a.* moonlight In harvest ttfne." Tell me something about that wonder ful fight with the mob. DM you ee It"" I did. I had got wind of what Bine- Int-nded to do whtle 1 *nu down at Po roteilo. and 1 hurried up here to warn the toldlera. hut unfortunately I rime teo Ute Fliidlcg the military cooped up In the guard house and the moh maate.-* of th *ltuntlon, 1 kapt out of eight on the aide of the Tr*or> and watched "lie wtego with mv binocular I think there war very little of the specr* ‘le that I missed " "What of the mysterious force that the "cSE •hind Is lay the I.y* Work*. With Thf lr mark Smoke Rl-tn* Almost Ver tically In tho Still Atr. do.'tor employed to smfp off the assail ants?" "Of course ('apt Porter's t uggestlnii that Bt>x turn.l molten artcml-dum from Ma luin Int > i ho- i-ti <-, iin t a*.rayed tne enemy with It, I* rtdl ulous. Hut It Is much easier to dismiss Carter s theory timn to substitute a l-ett-T cm I saw the doctor on the root wnit a gang of black workmen, and 1 no!lei the ft*i-h of pol ished metal turned rapidly this way and •hat, hut there was e< me Intervening ob stacle which prevents I me from gentng a good view of the mechanism employed. It certainly bore no re-• mhlance to u hose pips, or anything of iliai kind. No einata lion wus visible from the machine, but It was atupcfvlng to see the mob melt down." How about the coating of tha bodies with artemlalum?" "There you are lack on the hosefdpe strain." laughed Mall. "But, to tell you tt.e tiuth. Id rather l>e creused from ex pressing n opinion on that operation In wholnsale elecinr-plating Just at I'Ve the ghost of an Idea what It means, but let me test my theory a little before 1 formulate It In the meanwhile, won't you take a stroll with me?" "Certainly, nothing com I please me better." 1 replied. "Which way shall qp go?" ' To the top of the Grand Teton "What! are you wired with the moun t-in < limbing fever?" Not exactly, but I have a particular t' .oon for wishing to take a look from tl ai pinnacle.” I sup;a>se. you know the teal at-ex of tie ts-ak las never been trodden by” I do know It, bui It la Juat that apex t:.t I am determined to have under my f-et for In minutes The failure of otheta i- no argument for us " lust j# you say 1 rejoined Hut >.il.|.<e that, i- no Indl- reilon In asking wl.einer this little climb has any relation to ’he mystery?" If It didn't have no Important relation to the clearing up of that dark thing l wooldn't risk my net k In each an under akmg.' was the rei l> A ordinal), the neat morning we set tor the peak. All pr-vlous climber-, we were aware, bo 1 alt a Ke I It fr !’.* west. That seemed the obvious thing •o -k., because the w-siwunl -lp " f .nnialn, w hile verv s•< p. *re ■ nipt man thorns which face the rising ■ti 'in fact, the Eastern aid* <>' ,n " irand Teton appear* to be absolutely un mliable. Hm both llall and 1 hu 1 !'> ' -l—rh nee with rock climbing In Ihe All-* ml the Dolomites, and we knew tbs' ■' ••at like the hardest pin som •- ' nnw nim out to be next to the easiest. ' irdlngly w e decided—the more parti.- ul> Ic a use II would sav-- time, but i-o be ause w.' yielded to the common -sire to outdo our predecessors to try '" * ale the giant right up h face W* parried a very light bill • I “tronr rojo- about !W feet lon*, wore r ill-shOfl shoes, nn-l had each n meial • ntrd staff and a small hatchet In lb' l of tne regular mountain-. r> ax. Advan x ng at first along tne brok-n ridge t>e '•'een tiro gorges we gradually approx h ■ I the steeper i-art of the Teton where "•* off. look—l so sheer and smooth tbs: ' ecme.l no wonder that ever ried to scale them The air was dellclous- clear and the sky wonderfully blue above the mountains, and the moon a few <| iys past Ws last quarter, was vial -I*l. in the simtnwMt. it* pale crescent face slightly blued by the atmosphere, ax it a.wav* appears when seen in daylight. "Slow westering, a phantom well— The lonely *oui of yesterday." Be hi (Hi us, somewhat north of east, lay the Hyx works with their black smoke rising almost vertically In the wtill air Suddenly, as we stum hied along on the rough surface, something whlsx**J past my fc** an<l fell on the rock at tny feet I look'd #i the strange missile, that had come Ilk*- a meteor out of often apaoe. with astonishment. It was a bird, a twautlful specimen of the scarlet tarvagerw. whlrh I remembered, iho early #xt'lf>r*rx had found inhabiting the Teton canyons, their brilliant plum age borrowing splendor from contrast with the gUiomy surrounding* It lav motion ‘ss. Ita outstretched wing* having cu rlotis shrtvelhnl while the flaming color of the breast was half obliterated with smutty patches Stooping to pick It up I noticed a slight bronzing which Instantly recalled to my mind the peculiar appearance of the victims of the attack on the mine. 'Look here " 1 railed to Hall, who was several varda In alvsr •* He turned and 1 held up the bird by the wing ‘Where did you gee that?" he asked "It fail at mv feet a mxneiU ago* Hall glanced. In a startled manner, at the sky and then down the elope of the mountain ** I >l*l you notice in what direction it was flying ■’ he n.k<x). "No it dropped so eloaa that It almost grazed my r.ose I saw nothing of it until ii made me Wink." I have been heedless." muttered Hall under his breath. At the time I did not notice the slngulart'y of hi* remark my attention b-tng absorbed in contemplating the unfortunate tanager." "Look how Its feathers are scorched," I said "I know It," Hsll replied, without glanc ing at the bird. "And li Is covered with a film of arte misinin " I added. ■ llttla piqued by hla abstraction. "I know that, too.” "See here, Hall." 1 exclaim'd, "are you trying to make game of me?" "N. I at all. my d-ar fellow " he replied, droppping his cogitation, "pray fnrglvs m- Hut this Is no new phenomenon to m*- I have picked up birds in that eon. •Iltlon on this mountain before. There Is a terrible mystery her.-, hut t am slowly letilng light Into It, and If we succeed In reaching the top of the peak I have good hope that the Illumination will Inrrs-e." 1 M--re. now." he add-d. a moment later, tilting down upon a ro k and thrusting the blade of his penknife Into a crevice, "what do you think of this?" He held up n little nugget of pure ar temldum and then went on: "You know that all Ihte slope was swept ns cleat, as a Dutch housewife's kitchen floor by the thousand- of miners and prospe who swatmed over It a year or two ago, and do you suppose they would have missed such a tidbit if It ha-1 been here then?" "Dr. Byx musl have been salting the mountain again." I suggested "Well." replied Hall, with a significant smile, "If the doctor hasn't salted tl some bodv else lias, that's plain enough But perhaps you would like to know precisely w hnt I expect to And out when we get on the topknot of the Teton ' 1 should certainly be delighted to learn Ihe obje. I of our journ- y." I mold "Of rout*. I'm only going along for company and for the fun of the thing; but you know you can count on me (or aubstan rin 1 aid whenever you need It." it i- t* ause you are eo willing to let ir- keep my own --ounsel." he rejoined. and to wait for things to ripen before compelling m-i to dtscloae tnem, that I ilk-' to have you with me at erltl al times N.,v a o Ilie object of this breakneck expedition, whose risks you understand ns fully *S I do, I need not aesurn you •hit it Is of supreme Importance to the .seof my plans In a word. 1 ho|>e t.> te- able to look down Into a part of In Six's mill which. If 1 m not mls i ■ken n-i human trustworthy helpers, has over lon permitted to see And II I see (here what 1 fully expeel to I shill have got a loog itep nearer to a great fortune " "Good!” I cried. "En avant, then! we are losing time." )_l l„ Top of lbs Grand Teton. The climbing soon became dlfll-uft. un til n length we were going vp hind over hand, taking advantage of and knobs which an inexpertencsd eye would nave regarded *. In- apable of affording a grip for the Angers or a support for tha I—. Presently we arrived at aha foot of a atupcn-lou* precipice which aw ah •o'utely Insurmountable by any ordinary m-'thod of as-ent Parta of It overhung. ~.| - ~-r> where the face of tne rock wa to-, fret- from trregularltlea to a (Toni any footing, except to a fly Now. go borrow the expression of old Buoyan. we ere bard put to It," 1 r*- THE MOHNING NEWS: SUNDAY, NOVEMBEK 4, 190(1 marked "If you will* go to the left I will take th right and se* if there >s any chance of getting up ” I don't ballsve w# • ouUI find am pl.t # easier than thi* Hall replied, and so up we go w here w* are ” Have you a pair of wings concealed about you?" 1 *k# I, tn ignuig at Ins folly Well, something nearly as goo I," h* responded, unstrapping hi* knapsack M~ produced a silken hag which he unfilled on th-- rock A balloon* i exclaimed "But how are you going to Inflate It ?" * For reply Hall show.*l me .1 recap** 1* which he said, contained liquid hydrogen, and which was furnish-d with a de\ c > for retarding the volatilization of the liquid so that It could be carried with lit tle loan "You remember I have n smll Ibora lory in the ut>an*ii>nr! mine he explain ed. "where we u**l t m timf • urc liquid air for blasting. This balloon I mal for our present purpo*# It will just suf fice to carry up one roj and . -mall, but practically unbreakable grapple of burl envl gold I calculate to send the gr ip ph- to the top of lb** precipice with the balloon, and when It obtained a firm hold In the r.ven r*- k thrre we can ascend, sailor fwshion. You >•••** th* r* | * has kroua. and I know your m is bh ire as trustworthy in aoch work a- my own There was a slight breeze frm th * rastwanl. and the current of ilr laming up the face of the peak assisted th*’ bal loon In mounting with its burden and ia vorod us by promptly swinging the II? 1 1* airship, with the grapple swaying lien* a h It. m-er the brow of the rltfT Into th*- <t monphrrlc eddy above. A* .-oon w* a*w that the grapple was well over the edge w*- pulled u|ion the rope Th* Utlkmn In stantly shot into view- with the un h*>r •lancing, bui, under the influence of t?ia wind, quickly returned to Its former po sition l>ahind the projecting brink. The grapple had failed to take hold "Try. try again. *• mutt be our in <*to now muttered Hall. We tried several times with the mem* result, although each time wv slightly shifted our position. At last the grapple caught. "Now all together!" cried my compan ion, and simultaneously we threw our weight dpon the slender rope. The anchor apparently did not give an Inch. L##t m** go first." said llnll. pushing me aMd*\ a* 1 caught the first knot above my head "It * my device, and It*# only fair that I should have the lirwt try In a minute i.c was many feet up the wall, climbing swiftly hand over hand, but occasionally stopping and twisting his leg around the rv>|*e. while he to<*k breath "IPs eusiar than I expected." he railed down, when h** had aacended about lh feet "Here and there the rock offer* a httle hold for the knees " I wat 'hed him. br*xthless with anxiety, and, as he got higher. my imagination pictured the little gold grapple. Invisible above the brow of the precipice, with f#r naps h single thin prong wedged into a crevice, and slowly plowing Ha wn> to ward the edge with each Impulse of the .•Umber, until but another pull wa* nest ed to set it flying* H > vivid was my fancy that I tried to I nnish it bv r• tt mg th i Tho Current of Air Slantlns Off the face of the fvak Assisted the fyilloon In In Mountln* - With Its Burden. a certain knot In the rope remain#**! Juki at the level of my eye*-, where It had been fr<"fn the Mart, liall m now fully fttf) feet above *he ledge on which I Moo ) and waa rapidly nearing the top of the precipice In a minute more he would he safe. To he Continued !v Gate*, the critic. #Ve hie writing fit night and often In the •mill hour* of the morning Hie day t* large. 1 y taken tip by hie dutlew a* ae.-IMant profe**or of Ei glitfh at Harvard ECZEMA* ITOH IS TORTURE. Ecretti,. . cause! Iy an ii !nir:i rin llie blood Coming in contsct with tile skin and producing great redness and in flammation ; little pustular eruptions form and discharge a thin, sticky fluid, which dries and scales off ; sometimes the skin is hard, dry and fissured. lir/erna in any form is a tormenting, stubborn disease, and the itching and burning at times are almost unbearable; the arid burning humor seems to oore out and set the skin on fire Salves, washes nor other exter nal applications do any real good, tor as long as tlie poison remains in the blood it will keep the skin irritated. DAD FORM OF TETTER. ' For three \mii I iiarf Tetter <ll my bauds which aiM “■ thfiruturtliiK Part of the time the<heae ■ wa in the form cf run- HBjgo 1 ning iu,re. very psin- (T 1 ful and rau*ing me _ m urh diwrrmi fort Pour i M doctor* *aid the Tetter V, hft l progre**e<l ton far ' to l*e cured, and tliev Jfag/y/jJJiA fee could do nothing for E&, me ' 1 • ■ “ _M] 1 ~ 1 • f v V n1 •m* ronij-'.etrlv cured Thiwft fifteen year* '‘‘T* ago, and I ha%e never alnee *een anv ftign of mv old trouble. - Mia L D Jackwom. 1414 McGee St Kan*o City, Mo. S. S. S neutralizes this acid poison, cools the blood and rest ores it to a healthy, natural state, and the rough, unhealthy •kin becomes aoft. smooth and clear Afe dNto cures Tetter, Ery- mi<Uv Psoriasis, Salt Rheum and all skin diseases due to a pois oned condition of the blood. Send for onr hook and write us •bout vour caae. Our physician* have made these disease* a life study, and can help you by their advice; we make no charge for this service All cor respondent la conducted in strictest confidence, lit SWIFT SPECIFIC Cfc* ATLANTA, SERVANT QUESTION AGAIN. THI*. IT HloPlt TWI VrY I’KH (TAT. IUISI: |> WAUCR HAH TUtrt rum (APtftiJo M4im ahk •K im I II TH m RVFH, Istbs Hrhfllloa IgsinM Fairly Go ing and l.ate Itsrlns In the ( Aim try—4 British Uutler started “The Servant Entertainment . Crnaada** In he** port and Its Evils are Spreadlna Fast—First Halls, hern! Dinner Fartlrs and 4oxv Sandny Driven ore Demanded to Divert the Minds of Hared and i.onely Domes tles. New York. Nov. 2 —lt Is tha old old story, of th. periodic twenty-five per cent. rl*e In w ages ami the dlfTb dty In get tin* *i**l servants. e\en at s t*p pri> c. that Is harassing the housekeepers this ait umn Oddly enough It is tv t t k ie sport men? house dweller. In search of one g*vl makl >f all work, who is making c m plaints If your flat Is up l > .bit • as regards conveniences ai.d your family is .-mill, eighteen dollars will s*iil flt yoi out wtth a willing all around maid serv ant Thin Is because of late years tl.a • limited family In a nice flat hoe coma t* b. regarded as a very snug berth, by the young women out at service. The old familiar complaint that a single servant in an apartment suffered fr n lonellne** and resented th.* mu tlfa: iaus small duties *h- was called upon to P ® form is now very very seldom heard. Numbers of capable Swedish nd 1 ish women are leaving the more luxur.ous living and lighter, slmpier w*rk >f the big luxurious hMise* of the rich i>* take Jobs in flats. On qur * Honing th*n% they willingly confess that th* change is lue •* their .lisllke of th** Irritation and j* alou ei#*s so common In the kit'hens of the rich, where servants of a variety < f i • llonlallties are employed they also strong ly dls ijf*rove of the long country *ason which our rich American famlles ar* learning to enjoy. I )’*• 1 1 n m With the Coon try Q west low. Nine servants out of ten would prefer to pass th*’ j*sr umiiml in the city, and they look with sour dlHipproval on the faalilonable exodox from town which lo - gins as earlv a* th*- lirst of April. an*l that does not *• t toward the cltv again until so lale as Novem er. This phas* of the situation, though trying enough hs*. been hitherto pretty successfully (halt with, by the Newport cottager, by the comparatively simple device of paying **- erhitant wages. A tenor twenty j-er cent advance so*tfh'd the Injured feollngw if tin* exile fr%mi city joys. anl evervboilj was comparatively han*y until iast spring Then th trouble at Nawport. w hen an sx|*ensive English butler set tle whois ilntn* sti niaohlrem by the ears by and mantling of his mistress the privilege of giving a grand ball 11** A-Nured her If was the custom,ln | the old country, and so entirely sueeess •>g was his venture that nearly every cor. t.o<er In the settlement was -ailed up'-n to follow this example or—! and the very lightly veiled reference as to the prohob e ron*—|Uenres following on a refusal, left no alternative tp the householder The series of halls lead to dinners, and In some eases even to luncheons below stairs, until It became neesssnry for a m s. tiess to humbly ask her maids and men servants permission to entertain her own (tiends In one instance a prominent nortil figure issue-1 for a big dinner and when the day before the affair she cal led up the butler, and signifying her In tentions, began !-> give her ord-is. he blandly hut firmly suggested that she post pnc her antertalr.m-nt as It clashed with the date for the regular hl-monthlv din ner party below stairs It Is needleaa to say that her cards were recalled The errvanls' Drive. Every week this summer, on Sunday afternoon and evening, the fashionable drive of Newport was resign—l to the cottagers' servants Not only dal the cooks and butlers, maids and footmen throng the way. dressed In the smartest clothes, but a goodly per cent of them -trove In I heir employers' vehicles, behind hond s-mo horses, this last concession having iisuiilly been nominated In the Imnd when •he domestics were engag'd for one of the first questions propounded by the fashion able servant when about to engage I "What sort of amusements, Madame, have you to offer'*" "Well, 1 simply wouldn't put up with It," declared a flat hotieekeep-r to a couple of millionaire friends who wore lunching under her humble rQ of after an exhausting and fruitless morning aj-nt In Intelligence cflh - "That's easy enough to any." hysterical ly laugh.-1 one of the som-n, "but It's another thing to a. Now nr pie- - is set down In the country, four hour* die tan-a by rail from ihe city and aft-r -lx set* of servants had come and gone, and In spite of the bracing country air 1 wa* on the verge of nervous pro-trailon, 1 railed up the seventh batch and aeke-i them what was the matter They were trembling on the verge of departure and It wa a choice between concession and rolling u| my el—-ves and turning co-k nn-l housemaid myself. They frankly ad mitted they wanted amusement, and when I ask—l what they Ilk—l they talk—l It over and dec la red In favor of picnic*. Well I gave them ptcnlca. 1 shrew in i braes band, let them have my hor e# and drag and a free day onee In a fort night and they all stayed by me until the first of October My neare-t neighbor gave garden parties and afternoon t-aa on the lawn for thilr servants, and every where I visited this summer I g t no sympathy, for few were In better circum stance* than I. We are ob.lg—l to drop tha word servants entirely and speak of the (nolo, et ns our al*t*nts, Isn't it awful’ The bitirlmn Woman's t Allure. "Y**s. It I* iwfu new. nt-d the fl it dweller as her *lmiure and tidy maid disappeared Into the kitchen. ' but I must confess I think good bit of th* trouble H* due to tli wraknt m of you rit-h w u* iv. Only one* or twi e in un Ife hav* I met a rl< 1 \mencan soman who ki • w (he Arnt principle >f managing 1 corns of fashioraid* *ervunte Given one. ?w. or even tnr*. maids we an un • of js do • ent igh, hold *u ow n an l exact civil. tb<irMigh service, hut w 11 it come>* t*i eftrr (sing fine diaclpllne % r 1% half *!<'<;* 1 .• nion* iv *l commit eg **c.o te Mu nth r*- anl the reins of govsmtnrnt lie •la* k in our imnd* The piain unvarnished truth." she continued "h we don't know how f* take the right tone wtth th*ni t*ervii’ ts are ver> Ike s>Mieri*. they ie<pilr • siernesi sirt oft m*n’ In trier t> inspire their re*j*vt aim) ol*edltn •* The world ■ • 1 apai'lt i ons*- die* re t Ii and ornamental i * ■ .-ome f-om Kngl md hi I out *f private hour* !*, where ihev the <*ame reiailot. t their m st* r* md mistresses as a fro! soldier bear* to t l colon**l N* excuse** are Ihms accepted for Miivihing n* ax plana 1 ian* lisnixsl lo and the Mn ill*st defle na fnmi duty is v Islted by ihe severest rebukes. 'Tor ill ifiMt hy l* not belly treat# 1 H# ha* his lights and stand h <hi them with a stern Imlciwndenee that some!lm*s makes the \m* rl au housek•• |wr in p He hut* his be* 1 an*) hl> holklnys and hie entertainments, hi* trqul<Ue and it* t%irklnf, hours ar.* .dearly defined Not th# rl best English woman ventures t keep tier f\i t.ibl** waiting o >r fo|*t extra gucsis on the household without due warn ing f her int. ntlons llrllrri.,'. Ilrlnrr. Ilritlah nn.l Imsriran Methods. Th*‘ rigtit ..f th- tnai’s and tne gp onslder.-l an<l mnfatm* It*, but on ttw* ther hand th* servutit I- tut only fna*le t* ?>e the mark In giving dm inea-un • f kh*l work but 1* also nev. r alk>wd lo forgot who hi- comtnandlng off) **m> r. I'amlllarlt > is out of the qtie-ikvn, atal . f unlnteritl no I familiarity the Atttei lean w)inan i- guilty. We don't or won't take th** high convincing tone In Issuing •tnmands thlit servants exjn t. tlwlt Is 1 moral brace to them. When tle Am* rl an mistress of a gr>at hotisa rings her bell nd \he butler *m- ai she giv en him a kindly glance and In the voice of a cooing •*ove sax* ‘Johnson w*> would like to have tea here? or. Johnson will you bring the • a tt .iv Int** th* library ’ When Johnson d*cs bring It he ret'sives another glance in amiable appre (ation of bis pxxftk*? And murmur* l Thank you* "In England th*- mistress when t*x time arrives gives the I*aU a touch oral whet, ?h# butler uppeitrs b*-r command is. with out a glance in his direction, ‘lea. John on.* On the arrival of tho tray. If th* r** •s a necessary article missing tho A met .i mi*tr* -- < softly |**ints out the anil * slon wi?h a littk* emile H n-1 *>h Johnson, yon'Ve forg>ttai to fill the cream pitcher whil* tfic stern British matron fixes th *ffei*Hig butler with an eye like th** Atv • lent Mariner's and In ati Icy voice and rrwtiib ‘What do you mean by htfnglng up an empty ream pitcher. All it at *is and see that this 'kieen t hiqiprti again ‘ *N.w lam not argiing. my dear worn n. that we have n -t tin* K.r*- gracious.gentle manner with servants, that we are run altogether kinder and nire const derate *f them than our English sisters We ask ihetn at Knot their affairs, sympathise with their troubles, help them In their difflcul ties and as a result they reganl us *• their eqiasla iml give u gru*lgt.g *ara l**ss service. Imp- • orwl *ft*m insult us. They have n *>g but aoverelgn c*n tempt for our |siti**n*** nrsl geuer*>|ty. and the more you give them and do f*>r them tle nearer do we sink In tl#it esti vnatlon. to their lavel Johnson reganl hi- inflexible, haughty English mlstreaa. who tr#s*ta him as if he wet* a senwelea* machine, as an awful aid superior ia*r son. whose bidding N not to le qiMrstlone*! He expects his master will ee# the rn <m trivial mistake <*n five inetunt aiel give him n frightful wigging In consequenc*- and he has a profamd contempt fg th head of the house who Is t*N> cgroleas to I'hnerve errors 11 nd t#*o*fee4*!a minded to bring the #>ffender to l**>*k “No dear laidles. we have not the pio per wort *f Influence ov-r our servants, we ruin them with kindness and they hav now g**i utterly hevond our control I'll never forget th* expression of genuine amassment In an English man servant's eyes when his Amerl- an mistress actually wanted to make reparation for Ids having received a genuine rating rl h|v Inter spersed with telling langtiag*. from her husband "*1 am sure Mr Jones didn't mean ail he said John ’ she soothed h v**rv sl dom gives way like that, you must try to forget.* 'Begging your pardon Madam assured John. Mr Jones is a gentleman he swears as *and*omdy ae mv master tn Englai and It made tne *|ulte 'omeslek to listen to him an*l a good russin . begging ymir parV n Mam keeps one tn mind ot one duty an! I am sure I'm quire grateful * ‘There you have the true attltitd'* of English servants' mind Aral I quote It he--fuse, when all Is d*ne and raid the English servant is our nvd*d and not the go*d tempered, slouchy negro servant. the only creature In the world who can stand alternate spoiling ami scolding with equal good humor and without presuming on either RRR Kor 10-a-la-he (whrthsr sick or rarvo-ts). tn-Hhaehe, neuralgia, rheumatl-m. lum hego, pains am! weakn— In tha hack, splm- or kMneya, pain oroun-l Ih* llvor, pleurisy, swelling of the Jotnts and (wins of all kln-ls the at-t-li.-ai 100 of Railway's Ready Relief will Immediate ea-e. and Us continued uee for a f--w day* gf f—'ta a permanent cure. Cl lE AMD PHKVKTT*. <Hide. ( ooaka, tore Throat, Hoarsens**, atift leek, flronrhllla, Catarrh, llrsilsrlie, Tnolfasrbr, Mhenmatlam, lenralgls, lilhms, flrnlaea, Spralos, ((nicker Thun An. Hnonn Nrmrdy. No matter how violent or ex-ruelatlng the p-ln the Rheumatlv ll—lrklden, In flrm. < ‘rlppl—l. Nervour. N—jralglo or prratrated with disease rnay sutTer. RADWAY'S READY RELIEF Will Alford Instnol Knee. INTERNALLY—A half to a tea-poneif .1 In half a tumbler of water wlll In a taw minutes- ura C’ramp Bpistn A-ur Htnsi a-h. Nausea, Vomliltig. H-sitl-utn. N r vousnras. Hleof-le.-i - • 8• k 11-ndarue. Diarrhoea t'olir. Klntulen- y arid all In ternal | Kilns There Is nor a remedial agent In the world that will eur- fever ai..l ag,- ao-l all other malarious, l-ll'oue arid -ether fe ver* aid—l by RADWAY H PH.I-8. e qutekly as RADWAY 8 READY RK llef. ku rent* fe r bottle 8--I I by druggists, lie Hare to Gel It i I way's mm CMICMCITtn CNQLISM PENHYROYAL PILLS P' RAH l.4t*. !‘'a#US 5 I p.-o- f. Pint llteUß'e htiLlM £ >4fK., i. nr n *:1 t-.i.i -• >- >►... —-i I .hr au.lkcr Urf—m IK WVJ IftM*YFMM* *nb*U*HdM •"< Iwll*- I Ifj Pajr ;• *Fftl 4f. *• I ’<m HIBN I'ftrtlFMlanL \f> 0 U 4 ••Krllrf fwr UMr ‘-r BY \ A /T tap* Mali- •,•**• / ftll t'H||i*G ril*i*t#f ift tft, lhaiis* im mf H*4Ua amf. FHIU-. FA* Sl*AsVi4 lUqUa i/I fUUft, VtlftftMh °+z*C You simj>ly sweep them up alter using I Stearns’ Electric Paste a Jk. It kills Kata. M/m. Coekromchem and ill j | UA nthrr Hug* and Vermin, leaving no Lai Tg I odor. I'sed .idiug hotels ate! public buildings for [g ll 120 years. n>if s ait. v aii dealbhs, JSch a box. H gIW ■ •**••*■ ■*'•'' r** V Cfc ,• lu* • Hard Sense. It taken keen common aenne, added to Miipcrior judgment and 1v " eaperienor, to he etit of o> | a rmilroad. Snob h man carer re- ; MX commen ts imvthing that be hast not >5- Mmaclf aobjeeted to enr.dal teat. ant, living at Savannah, O*., In > ■ J Aria better than he overdid, nnd helmet the worat cuae of dyspepsia "-y, \ oarrcoid. He had no appetite, and JL K the little u-nte disagreed with him, s' causing hint to vomit often. Ho had pains in the heud, breast and ** IWIWBy, atnmat li, t*nt after using three hot- ' JR/''& ” ties of P. P. P. he felt like anew ? fBOm iWWwsfjHifxl niitn * IJr s.ivk that he teelsthat he gtM&fto a could live foi ever if he could always , B Jjgg(lf|mas| get P. P. P. Ilia name will be given on application to Uppmtn Hinthera, the proprietors of this great remedy. Dyspepsia in all its forms ia promptly and permanently cared by P. P. P. General Debility and lack of energy gire place to vim and ambit!on through the use of P. P. P. Blood Polao i and all its incidental and hereditary ills are eradicated by P. P. P. Hheumatism i conquered and b.mished by p. p. P., aa are also Catarrh and Malaria. P P. P. is a purely vege table compound, which haa steadily grown in favor for years. . SOLD BY ALL. DRUQQIBTB * LIPPMAN BRO T *~"S. , * OFm i2ST?IX , a Savannih, Ga. FINE GRADES OF WHISKIES. WHISKIES. WHISKIES. The K. G. Whiskey gallon $ 2.00 (rlendale \V T hiskcy • frallon $ 2.50 Crystal Spring Whiskey gallon $5.00 Gotden Wedding Whiskey .-gallon $5.50 IN CASES OF 12 LARGE BOTTLES: Tb Anledlluvtsn Whiskey botl*<l by Os borne of New Work .lit in Th, I’serlMi Whl,key **ttlsd In bosttl In Henderson. Ky sta w Tha I’eorta Whiskey bollied In bond by Clark Brother* *UM Meredith Itya Whiskey, bottled al Ihslr dlsllll.ry In Ohio 11l W Ctoldan Weddui* Whlak,y. our LIPPMAN BROTHERS, Lippman Block, * Savannah, Ga. Leopold adi-wr. jno. it. dillon. president. Cashier C B E1.1.1H, BARRON CARTER. Vice Prasldaat. Aasl 1 aahlef. The Chatham Bank SAVANNAH Will he pleas—l to receive (ha account* of Merchants. Firms. Individual*. Honk* aim Corporation* I-tUrftl favor* ntrwla4. rnur|Mf*i <-olNa tion fociimaa. Injur- In* prompt return# SEPARATESAVINGSDEPARTMENT IVI I 111 DM ( OMI-111 XDKJI qi tkTH i.r on nEPoaiT. Safety Deposit Boxes and Vaults fa* rent Correspondence solicited. The Citizens Bank Or ftAVAttNAM. CAPITAL $500,000. Transacts a General llsaklag lltaalneaa. Solicits Acennnta of Individuals, Merchants, Hanks and other t orp raflone. ( nllectlons handled with safety, cMssar and dispatch. Interest, compounded qnnrterly, nllnrred on deposlta In oir savings flcparlinent. Anfrry Deposit Hoses and <Morai|r Vnnlts. III! 4VILE 1 A. DENMARK, Presldowl. Mil l.* ft. LAKE, \ Ice President. OKOKtIM r. PHKRMAN. ( ashler. GORDOW l„ tifIOOVU, Asst, ( ashler. SOUTHERN BANK of tha flat, of Georgia. Capital IMO.ono and undivided profit# MUI.OOO DEPOSITOIIV OK IHE bTAThi Utr GEORGIA. Superior faclililos lot transacting a Hanning Huslnsaa. oliocllona made on sil points • csslbls through Ivina* and bankara. Ac-counls of Ksnks, llsnksrs. XI cl chants and others aolidiad. Halo DepoaU Uoxaa for real. Department of Savings. Interest payable quarterly Sella Hterllns Btchanga on Indoo a and upward* JOHN rt-ANVERY President. HORACE A crane. Vice Preaidant JAMES St I,I,IVAN Cashier. DIRECTORS JNO FLANNERY. WM W GORDON. E. A WEIL. IV W GORDON. Jr. H A CRANE. JOHN M EGAN. I.F7E ROY MYERS JOSEPH EERST If V SMART. CHARLES Et-Lia EDWARD KELLY JOHN J KIRHT. SiiMiUlnico CAPITAL, .‘IOO,UOO. Arrounl* of bank*, marehant*. eorparo :ona and Individuals solicited, Savings Department, Interest psld quarterly. Bafety Loxee and Storag* Vaults fed rent. folleetlona mad* on all potnte al res sonabls rates. Drafts sold on oil Ih* chief cltlet of the world. rorrespondence Invited. JOSEPH D WEED. I’realdenl. JOHN C. ROW LAN'D. Vice President W. F. McCAULEY. Cashier. OLD NEWSPAPERS. SOO for oenUk of Business Ofßo* Morning Neva, THE GEHMANIA BANK HA V ANNA 11. ‘.A. Capital Undivided prolHa tu.uu* This I,auk offers Ita ervl< as to corpurw lioiA in-rchinie an! mdlvliluiilf. Hbm au'borlty to act a* •icoutor, ed ■nlnUtrator, gunrdlan ate lau-a diaf'a on th principal cplee In Gr-at Britain and Ireland and on tha Continent Inter.m ild nr compound*<l quarterly or, dar- elie In tho Havings liepirtraont. Pif.ty Hn*e. for rent. HENRY 111. UN, P*-aldcnt. O^ri \V TtKI'EM AN. Vloe President. J'dtN M HOQAN, Cashier WALTER P- HOGAN, A*'l raahie*-. No I*4o. Chart-rad, UK, —THE— MIS Hill H Or SAVANNAH. CAPITAL. WOV<W. SUHPLUS. 100.*jl I'NITEIr BTATEH DEPOSITORY. J A. li. CARSON. Ira Id nt. IIEIKNK OoRIION. VI . Pr-aldent. W M DAVANT. Cashier. Ac, o',nte of lianka and bar kere, m-r -ehanta and enrporsitlnne reeel ved opn* the moat favorable term car at-tent with aiitn and conservative harking THE GEORGIA STATE B LILDINO AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. li YORK STREET, WEST. 5 l-ER CENT, per annum allowed on deposits, wtthdiawahte on demand. Intereet ereltled quarterly. , 6 PER CENT, per annum allowed on depoeiitt of evon hundrads, withdraw able at annual |Mriod* GK<> W TIEHEMAN. Preeidenu It. II LEVY. Vice President. E. W. lIELK Herraiary. C. G ANHERHON, JR.. Treasurer. FISHING TACKLE. JOINTED RODS, REELS, ETC., SEINES, GILL NETS, CAST NETS. A FINE . Assortment of Hooks. EDWARD HILL'S SOUS. 113 Broughton St., West. ORANGES. Headquarter* for FINE FLORIDA ORANGES. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES of all kinds. SEED rye. seed oath. HAY. GRAIN, FEED. FLOUR. CHEESE. BEANS. Peas. Rice Straw, etc. W. I). Kiinkins A: Cos. IF YOU WANT GOOD MATERIAL and work, order your lithographed and printed stationery and blank books froaa Horning New#, Savannah, Uo. 17