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CENTRAL’S LARGE EARNINGS. | Ti \OV IXCMAIB FOR WEtiKK MUa> FINE MHOWIXO. gi,,. Fourth Wrrk of October Ihowt M i.tiln of * UMLVI Over the ( urre- Week Uat War-An In- ( , rea*e of 81172.1113 From Jan. 1 fo ,lir Inti of Fourth Week ivnluat the game Period In |*rtWL-f onipara tl%c Ma teinea t of Receipts of Cot ton I !iru*‘h Explains Thin Pros- | M . r ii%—< oninirnu on the Annual fteport for IIHN. in*rease in rhe earnings of the Cen gr ~f < WorfU Railway, an shown by Itn p,_ ~ | statements from week to week ln Morning News have attracted at ff . n and particular,y in Savannah, ** n Ur#** amount of Ih* Central n tt. a are held Whl e the earnings of T ,\ in all nectlona of the country attracted attention, the Increases In #<> have not shown up m> handsomely #l , \ :■;■>■ have lit others. The basis of .1 i g* i* business, so that the improve tn. is greatest where traffic increased ih* moit. I r the week ending the fourth week of 0< ■* **r the Central’s evrnlng* were 3235.- 77' against sl9*.l£ for the corresponding w , |,i t year, showing an Increase of I3f. ii .l 5.'.312.5i*i from Jun. 1 to the end of • fourth week. against 34*40.461 tor th period of last ear. at . A .ng .*n Increase of W 72.135. there has been a steady Increase in tt mini s business Is shown by the m *f its business in the Commercial t -„l im -of the Morning News The fol lo:i k comparative table of the receipts of • ton f r October of lst** and ItOO will af..v annul the (Moportion of increase In lh< handling of leading products: l-ntral'a Hecetpfa of f’ottou. ~~ ISM. 1900 ■ tv- Upland h ! upland 8.1. Firn 77777771 27.025~1.3nc 33.349 m ec. t-1 j IF. SI 457 30.*> 123 Thi I I IMI4 6*7 41.144 2M Fourth j 17.085 j M 4 27.231 364 ~T0ta1”7777| Mitts* 132.440 s4l SPnd w if,Mi mm Owing to the recent disturt>ance in the #l* illative cotton market the marketing of th it portion of the crop remaining in hoklers' hands was greatly retarded by tea at nf ihe prevailing belief among holders that had been depressed on f. tltious ground* and that they would Jab t work hH*-k to the same or a higher imi- than that which 'prevailed prior to the .'cnaational drop of 135 points, or near ly 17 per bale. This determination to hold cotton wus seriously felt mi local trad.- circles, and probably in none more than by freight broker** owing to the light demand for room and consequent dropping of rate* to the distress point, flut the past Week has witnessed a rnatkej Improvement In the turn of the market whs h It |s believed will bring out much of the cotton that would have been marketed but for the ch* k caused by the slump in price**. If the belief that there remains consU|rnble lots throughout the Interior yet to be marketed is true. It fol lows that the railroads have in store a lorrtinucd profitable s.-ason in handimg cotton. Next in importance to it* Increased bus iness in appreciating the Central’s se curities is the wise and conservative management of President John M Egan as the h*wd of it* operating dejwrtment. %nal?a|a of Report for Item. Commenting upon the Central's annual report for 19ft>, the New York Coro me r< :4al Advertiser says: Not a little Interest seems to have been niaed by the analysis of the affaire of Central of Georgia that was puhlish *: some time ago. upon the uppaajranca the annual report for BStfi The c-n --islon then reached was that the regu lar payment of interest on the consolt ted s|h r cent bonds seems assured, al * ough the niargln of security on th* *le of the earnings of the last two <rs is not too large; that, in v ew of * continued increase in earning*, the -d income liondholders are not unlikely • get their full 5 per cent, th s year. - t that the outlook for the junior socur -1 s will depend upon the d* gree of pros ltv that the company shall enjoy in future. In short, considering the tact t earnings have shown from the first interrupted growth, dud that ih* man rncni is prudent, the nml for the ;***riy is altogether favorable, although (lively less revenue Is being pu< into <* rmont# and additions and the net ►me is bring more compel|y dt-trib 1 than Is the rul- in the practice of m ny companies in these times. A e un sec no occasion 10 . hang** th*-*.* tons, others familiar with the road. 1 >ever, maintain that the views sum t > iz*d a love are not sufficiently san* w. and that the security for the con ls greater and the outlook for the me bonda. the amount of which all 1 is only 415.0un.0u0, Is brighter thin company's annual reports indicate t • correspondent writes, for example. • •Is* that you will bring out the dt ion of Income under the practice of t >mj>any of < harglng io operating ex- the const ruction ot new Urn's in to which you refer briefly, so t * tht present security holders can see 1 th<* margin of surplus would have • larger but for these methods.” r* have called attention to certain 1 diarttt** of the company’s state- ts of miscellaneous Income and flx*d * •• **s. These f*olnts doubtless have 1 • and are worthy of examination At far a* we can see. the company has charge*l to operating *-xpenses the < t of tbs new lines In Alabama or of r? No special appropriations of tn h>. far -h ♦* properties ha%'* l**ei> made. I railways are not m the hil>lt of !n --ir th* cost of additional mileage in n>.iint**nni e expense* f old lln*s *'-Mim* that the Central of Georgia ;*ui>ued this unusual nrvl deceptive not only Is unnecessary but 1 s to the declaration lhat the malt)- * r • of the existing roads has been rib lent. The accounts show the prop o have been fully maintained since i it with no great amount to spare, if any, ! Int of facj the mileage.owned and • ba Increased In Ice las? thr-e flfiy-lhra# ml tad. Of iMi hill '-*i.e mile* la road bulb by an rnpany atvl lea set J by th*' central •irgia. slxl. cn miles r ad l ought Kht. most of the stock having been * and l‘'fore, and sixteen m*les new r*Kil in i.i Th* cost of this construe* a> tn-4 out of working capital and • -m*its have boon made for Ibe re r-**nent of the tras*ury. when n**c by the sale of lionds Operating -and the annual divisible ln<x>m** no? >een affected by these transac- In the fiscal year IW>* about S2W.- working capital, all told, wa put ihe ron*l for extension* and Improve t rd a. *wn to 1900 the reports have specified ilanor> la* Income a embracing "ln from Investm-nt*. including ln l*> ‘’steamships” arc not and, and the Hem of Income from tn ' •f.tji. in connection with the list of • 'hies owned, mdl* ate# that no pvt* fr-rn the Ocean Steam-hip Company in hi led In the miscellaneous re of the past year The sb smsh p ‘iny, as it well known, has been ex ung large sums for ta'y lm menta at Savannah and Hobok n. ;, *t a ahip laat winter, and p e um nothlng came to the parent comptnv hat source in 1899-1900. Ordinarily. <*amahtp company Is a profltso.e In '° fnJ . and to whatever extent It umy u • lauded upon to furnish nst ravanue for the Central of Georgta. to that ex tent the position of the Central’s securi ties is mails stronger. •”A* to fixed charges, the rovnf*ny in lIM bought for $310,000 the Rruton and Ptreora rood, and has been paying for it in Instalments of IM.OOO per annum .These payments have been put into the accounts i rent,il* and have Increased fixed charges and reduced the surplus applicable in In* ome bond interest by that amount. Purchases In this way. and especially ad ditions of this kind to rentals, are un usual. The purchases have been com- He ted. and bonds are nomr to be issued to reimburse tne treasury for the ex penditure The proper addition of this amount to Ik.ADO to the net Income of 1900 moke* the surplus available for In come bond Interest $227,000. or 5 per cent, of) the second, and manifestly strengthens materially the security of th* consois To ?nls |t should be added that current earnings are increasing handsomely." %Vhy l>* They ,\ot Do If. A prominent railway official discussing the interchangeable mileage book ques tion yesterday, said: "Col. Wrenn made a bold move In rail road circles In adopting the interchange able hooks and It Is to be regretted that commercial travelers are not buying them, and it is also astonishing that every drummer traveling In the Southern state* !n which Plant Byst**tn books are good doe* not buy otH and thus encourage the Plant v*tem to continue their sale. "WUI they do it?" AT TUB THE ATfjR. tools James and Kathryn Kidder In Two Performances To-day. Louis James and Kathryn Ktdder will be seen to-day In two j*erforman'** at the Theater. At the matinee "A Modem St. Anthony." and ‘•Pygmalion and Gal atea” will be the bid. and at night "A Midsummer Night’s Prsam" will be pre sented. In presenting “A Midsummer Night’s Dream" It will have all the bene fit# of the original sconery. The neces sary musical nurn tiers of Mendelssohn w ill be Interpreted by a chorus of trained voice* and specially equipped orchestra un*l lance ballet. The organisation num -lers forty-seven people Two rarkads of scenery are carried. Wagenhal* and Kemper. In presenting this play, have achieved a triumph of well-balanced art. The spectacular doe* not overlay the act ing or Interfere with the action, but Is con * reived In a feeling of beauty and carried out In moderation The background of the (day Is so pottle lhat It draws one from ordinary life and begets nn illusion that jis enchanting. Hut above ihe poetry, the j lovesick dithyrambs and the fairland is the rich and ra- y fun of the "Pyramus and Thlsbe" episode. It Is a testimony to fhe • harm of the comedy, that In spite of Its practical withdrawal from the stag** for half a generation, the text of no play of Shakespeare Is leter known. The fact lhat James and Kidder are at the head of the <*mpany Is sufficient guarantee that the play will be well presented. To-morrow night Matthews and Bulger will ho seen In "TV Ntirhl of the Emirth " Mr Bulger will play the purl of Iho re tired 100 mnn. who haa nothing to do hut go to tho country whoro ho desires tibso luto rtpowe. HU advent Into the siesta ef quiet, peace and tranquility iw-eurs on tho ove of the fourth of July. Ho la dlaturb ed by tho patriotic hahlture of tho hotel, amt Anally deride* to buy up all tho Are. works In the town and More them In the cellar of the "Summer Real Hotel" where he la a truest He hide* In the cel lar to escape the nolee. and la rewarded by having the only A recracker remaining In the town throwm In on top of him The conequent explosion ende the Aral act and starts the ball rolling for the re maining two acts. Keenan Swift, a lawyer who forces damage stilts against every one on ac count of tha explosion, and successfully acts for all the litigants, will he played hy J. Sherrie Matthews. Walter Jones, tho favorite New York comedian of many a Casino production, will ho soon as Ar thur Strong looking for work, a part writ ton especially for him Adlyn Kstoo will appear as Uly Bud. Norma Whaliey will lie the Elsie Rullvar Just from school, and Resale Tannehlll will play Laura Jean Eroal. the Ice man's sister Joule fSeWltt will have an excellent opportu nity as Kittle, a ready maid, and Tony- Hart will revel as Joseph Kidder, a hoy detective. The rest of the big company. Including Rertha Durham Marlon Cum mlng. Adlyn Ketee. J C. Wiseman. H. L Hall. Andrew Bode. Herbert Androda Is cast congenially. SIMMS CONVICTED OF Ml It HER. He Killed Taber Earle Near Walhnl la. Oeosaee County , S. C. Columbia. 8. C.. Nov. 11 —The of Tom Simms for the murder of Taher Earle was In progress In Walhalla for two days, and was ended last night. There was much Interest In the case, as pe culiar features were presented. Mollis Gains Is a sister-in-law of Slmma and was living with him. Earle conducted a restaurant in Walhalla and was a constant visitor at Simms' hope which was three miles from town, until he was told hy Ihe woman's brother-in law to stay away. One evening early In September Slnimo saw Earle on a bicycle going down tho road. He followed, noticed Where the track turned off In the woods, and after a search found Earle and his sl ter-ln-law together A quarrel ensued. The woman testlAed that then she ran away, but soon heard a shot A red. Later Stmms came to her and aald he had killed Earle, and. with drawn pistol, prom ised her death tf she ever told about It. When night came Simms got a wagon and forced the woman to go with him Into the wood* where the holy lay. He made her he'p him put the body Into the wagon. They then hauled It Ava miles to Morgan bridge, on Little river; two sacks were Ai'd with rocks These were fastened to the hea l and feet of the dead man. his bicycle tied to his body and then the hotly dropped Into a deep hole In the river. Someone had seen Earle going In the direction of Simms' house, and this led to the arrest of the man and woman. By Ihe time she had been In Jail three days the woman confesses to her knowledge of the killing. Two of her brothers were also Implicated, but they were released, is they hnd taken no part tn the killing. The Jury found Simms guilty of murder hut recommended him to tha mercy of the court. t A Banquet to Be Given In Duwsnn. Dawson Oa.. Nov. 11.-The memhera of Royal Arcanun of Dawson will spread n banquet on the night of Dec. Cottgreso min Jam' s M Griggs and Judge J O I’urks. will both deliver addressed. The banquet will be a big occasion and It la expected that the Guard'# Armbry will be full to overflowing A weak atom ifflSlti itß'r * ch wm r * u,e n w cuitlATtt Constipation, ' Indigestion. iJTO-OM Q !T, 81TTEB* sr °r Iry THE MORNING NEWS: MONDAY. NOVEMBER 12. l(Hl SAVANNAH’S IN A BAD WAY. ACCORDING TO HEY. J. %. SMITH VICK I* Ol*t£\ AND FXAUMAAT. Pastor of Wesenth Street Methodist Church Talks about Susaauah From a Test Token From the De scription of the Fall nf Hsli) lon. Story of llelslinssnr’M Feast \t the Only Record of Drunken Orgies. Vlee In Mumnnh Does Wot I’M) to Virtue the Compliment of Secrecy. A Red-lint Roast of Kxlslina t os* dltlons Here as Mr. Smith Sees Them. Rev. J. A. Bmtth preached a? the Seventh Street Methodist Church lad night a sermon upon the evil* prevailing in Sava.insh, in common w*tn other cltl # of the country*. Rev. Mr tfinlth text and the theme of his sermon was from the fifth chapter of Daniel "Weighed In the balance and found wanting The weather was tnoat inclement, nnd In consequence of this tact the congrega tion that greeted Mr. Smith was com paratively small. In the Inception of Ida remarks he stated that he rogrtted thi* won true, a.- he had prepared the ** r nvon he expected to deliver with the hope and Intention of It to < large representative gathering of the m n and women of the church. ’lt is a fact in nature." said Mr. Bmlth. "that certain results are the fixed and Inevitable consequence* of certain rood tlons. ’Whatsoever a man soweih, t at also shall he reap.’ ami if he sow* th wind he may expect to reap the wal l wind. "The destruction of the power of Bel shasaar and 4ne fall of hU> dynasty, with the subsequent division of his kingdom among the M*de* and Persians, laid been foretoa! by the prophets years an I years before It happened. 1 ne\e no lou *1 that th**y were oesisted In making th*-**- proph ecies of the lute of Uwbyion by th** con templation of the conditions ? existed In that city, in whlcn Idolatry, corrup tion. debauchery and wickedness of the grossest character were flaunted by king, court and people in the very fn e of an outraged Deity. "Given these conditions, there could be but one Anal reuult. the instruction of tha city, in which they were permitted to continue, and the l*|>osltion of the ruler whose personal ex.irnpb* lent them the countenance of high authority "This was the *ttou?l>n W> Ha vl*m *n*l thwa the manifold wlok*dne-*ct* that pr va!iel there upon that fateful anl fa e l night when the King fposted .1 th-HiMii I f his lords. Th*- ap|iolntmnts o: t:e ban<juet were on a of Oriental ►)- lencc and m.ignlflcent > e and rich viands and strong wines tempte*! th- Ja*l*l a* petite* of the 1 tampered de au h* e who sat around the royal board. That the last line in the King s s.ory of profl ga y might be wr*t. that he might add. ih** let offense to the long c*aien*lar o. his crimes, he ha i brought to hi* presence tla* g4d srnl silver vessels of lll** *u t*- ary of the Most High God an*l puMtltutcl them to the vulgar offices of th- to 1 "It was amid such a *>*en** as thi* that a moving ha ml wrote on the wall ot ti King’s palaoo the mystic •ytiii*>ls t it pre*llctel the le>tr ictlon of hi- ktngk m He had teen ’weighed in the ihiljh ■* and found wanting.' That night he n and Darius, the Persian, reigned In Baby lon. • The storv of that banquet Is not the •wly ore w !th whl' h we r<v* *1 I ' ry day we hear stoles o 2 drunkao o?gl r o i;*a sintuar to it u* i-vt i ymu*g ..v • x tent. There are Influences at work that prevent these debauch** being shown up In the full white light of public ty Wer the full stories told the.r recital would shock the conscience of every go and man and pure woman. Things are bam-ntnx about us every day that a:e shameful in the extreme. ’ Right here In Savannah there are vices that arc exploited oi*eniy, that do not pay to nubile sentiment the compliment of masking their existence Th* y v**k abroad, defiant and unashamed I tell you that the contemplation of the harvest tha: must ultimate,y be reaped in Nivannah is something appalling, for certain it is that the condition* are n*>t strikingly better than they were In Baby** nof .;d Suicly matters have reache*l a shameful pas- -nd public sentiment has lost Us po**r for good, when advertisements, giving the street and number of dens of vice and in iquity are scattered about the street*. t*> be read by our boys and perhaps by ur “ •It I. ii rrylnir •hum*' Ihnt th* preacher!, of rhe city rellnqulehert th<- cruolc ■■• mat ttantMlnK- In which some months since, and in whi- h*. received r-*<> ■<* •"<! encour*emem from the newepepere. l *he n, wspnp■•r laeilnK cre.lll. B>ire.y Ihlnite r>- lul M ever they were n\ vice public. It uenri* the prlnclpnl etreete of the city n.l le everywhere. "How ceil you tolerate for einttlc In- Mance longer the contSueti. e of U ' h How can you bear to ihlnK of one of our yountr men. who on.- evenmr In the comi— ny of a pure ~n.| henutlful air: and the next ever.lnK tviih a hhleouaty palmed (lenlxen of varleit theater' H<w can you ait quiescent whih auch thlnge ore not only poib!e. but are openly tolerated! How can you ac cept for yourselves the responalblllly lor auch a state of affairs' Rev. Mr. Smith said that at some future date he would ilb’e these questions at greater length and would answer some of the exeuses that persons nre accus tomed lo make lo rhemeelves and o:ner for permllUng the contlnunnce and tacitly encouralng the rxwtence ot iheae vicious condition*. \ p.UOIIV MIT IMMfOt RAUKII. Will fonrlnue to Cample In the Oratorical Cnnls.l.. Emory College, Oxford. On., Nov 11.—Al though Emory lost In the oratorlcnl con tests she Is In no sente disheartened by this the fourth victory of M’r er, and will next year make a greater endeavor than ever lo carry off Ihe prlxo. There are among the present members of the college several promising speakers, any one of whom would r- preont Emory with credit and make It very Interesting for the other conte tinis Tie tee no. of th*' representative will he m ,-le soluiely upon Ihe grounds of nierll. and Emory will send as her represent ally.. as she has done In Ihe past, tht very best mail to be found among the aiudent l<lv. This selection will be made with core nnd deliberation, bul the man chosen will lie given ample time to prepare an able and creditable oration. At Its last meting the Phi Gamma Lit erary So lely selected Ihe speak*r for her anniversary exercises, which will oc cur next spring, and other officials, Annl versartan, George B Rosser of Washing ton Oa : welcome address. Wade Hampton I,esseier of Vienna, poet, Alfred C llroom of N’ewnan. and alumni orator. 111. ..op Warren A Candler, who Is one of I’til Gamma's most Illustrious alumni Mr A K smith of Wa.ttsca was elected io rep resent Phi Gamma In the exercises to take place Washington s birthday, and Mr Edwin A Rogera of Welasca was made historian of the soclel>. Mr Rawson Dent of Newnan. who was recently elected dux of the freshman clas. has left college. At a meeting of the class held to-day Mr Douglas. Rumbc of Mmarrs, Ga.. was elected dux for tr.e un. expired term mode vacant by Mr. Dent. —Stranger— I want a dosen eggs. Grocer—For soft boding, scrambling or Lectors?— Judge CLASSIFIES) AUVtKriSEMENTS. rRNAOS Al.. " S *77u>Tfk YvlcKK OF burst a nrv pm aHi b* put in your brooch, on th** prrscntntlon of this #Jv.— it It out Ki. l brio# it io Ft p*** > Kaaf Broughton, haft j w Iry and spavin# supply l.ou'** The plaor jmr ax• aale .es f**r rrpamn# watches ch*k*. *(ieri.-|es ami jrw'lry. *ngravir.# and n wnll* you w#it. ■ ash given for oUi a 4*l ad silver; s|h 'i*l t int mi this week to inak** t>aige-. YvM I.L HANt: Tr> Hl ItltY T\.* GET scats ft i the great Bin:ih-Jmig. fight at th* theater Y\'lnc*day ni#ht. Nov. 14 Box office open to*imurow OIL HEATERS, WOOD HEATER, cobi 1 h*Mt# rs. cook stove* and range#. ll liable k vds C. T. Milkr. agent. morph Tne. ohi m i-aldanum. .* v>ttlnt hublt. myself will inform you of h,irml*M, i*rmamni home cure. 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Miller, agent KENSINGTON FARM IS ON AN elevation In the country. ?re* from city drainage Impossible frr milk to become rontnmlnateil, by Impure odors; If you want pur* Jersey n Ik. phon** 2345. De llv* ry prompt; satisfaction guaranteed M'GILLIS MOVES TACKS SHIPS sn*l store** plan**# and furniture; beet work m!y no "Cheap-John" pii •--no "Cbaop- John" jote "gold FISH AND WATK H grass, bone flour. 2ft-pound bag A) cents J Gardner, agent, for th pres*nt at 12 Broughton. *a*t. l/fl FOR WOVEN WIRE COTS while they last. f\ I* Miller, agent. $2 50 FOR ART SQTTARBB WHILE they last Hlg aasortment. ill grades or art -qti'tre*. rugs, mats, portieres C. P M ller, agent. M'GILLIS SELLS SIXTY'-INCff RUGS —Snjyrna patterns—for 99 rents. ADVERTISEMENTS SET IN CAP ITALS WILL HE PRINTED IN CLAS SIFIED ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS \ WORD NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN FOR LESS THAN 10C. MEDICAL. feet ar- troubling you. call on me and I will give you reikf. I cure Ingrowing nail**, corns and ill dtsea*>e<* of the fret without pain; charge* reasonable; can give the i**: references In the lty; ja tlent* trested at residences; orders can be left at Livingston's drug store, Hull nnd Congress streets; telephone 293. Lem Davis surgeon chiropodist. HELP %V % A TED—MALE. and trouser makers. Apply O. Fentlnl. No 4S Bull srreet wanted" two OR three FIRST gl.ixlen* Apply Andrew* Hanley's. WANTED. GOOD. SOBER HARPER Apply C A. Bouchard. No. SO West Broad Street. SALESMAN WANTED FOR CHEAP typewriter good contract App'y le twr**n s anl 10 it m.. A C. flynmes. rare Pulaski llous^-. WANTED COATMAKER AT ONCE. Joe Dame to. Jacksonville. Fla.. T 3 West Bay street WANTED. SALESMAN TO RKPRK resent us In Georgia and vicinity; salary and commission Merchants’ Ex* hang t'omiany. lowa Citv. la. \CTIVE MAN FOR TEII FOB AR Y IX7- ral posh lon. several weeks Salary $3 p*r day. Addrera I> B Shepp. 723 Chestnut street. Philadelpnla. Pa. MANAGER FOR BRANCH OFFICE at Savannah for Northern firm 1400 c#*h and references required t 1.200 year y sal wry. and liberal commission on sales Ad dree* F T Raleigh. Atlanta. Ga WANTED. SIX UNION PARPEN ter*. 12 50 per day and transportation here F Ogram. Jo k*onvlile. Fla SALESMEN WANTED TO CARRY flrst-clasa side line, easy sales; good per centage; permanent trade; everybody need* a fountain pen; reference* Parry Pen Cornpuny, Box 39, Milton, Wia. HELP %\ %\TEV>—MALE. hvokkfei**r, who hvs some knowlevig** of lumber business Address Gress Lumber IV. Kramer. G.i COLORED MAN WHO REAM AND writes to pr**|Mn * for travelin.-;. D* month ly an*l expenses Send self-addressed en velope Pres idem Macßrady, W Ibar lK>rn. t'blcago nsrnrx rant ek and ye ari y sal ary. expense# and extra ommiaion*, men and women of good addrews to spptint ngente for us. new bri.llant lines. terma •vent posit urns, old estaWlahwl hou* rapitl prom*tlon Stafford l*r*ss Com pany. New Haven. Conn MAN TO TRAVEL AND APPOINT agents |I.(U) yearly and expenses; per mu nent and hrlgh 1 future to hustler Hupt 7s>l Star building Chicago. HEI.P %V OTKII-IPMU K. APVLRTISEMKNTS SIT IN CAP* IT A l*S WILL HE PRINTED IN ’LAM BIFIED ADVERTIBBMENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS A WORD No A1 * \ K RTI .s I. MEM TA K tiN Ft >R LESS TIfAN M hHI'MIDUAf W %Vl‘Mil. WANTED POSITION. SAWMILL. AS yard foreman or w < olalng; g*sal referene* Ad*lress \V . care Col \9 S Waycross, Ga. WANTED RY A LADY HOLDING permanent license |k<ettlon as or will teach small referen'e.< ex changed Aldres* Teacher. Clarkaton Ga POSITION W ANTED BY REGISTEIi ed pharmacist A*Mre* I*oatofllca Box Nv* 3. Savannah, via A RELIABLE WOMAN WANTS washing Mo Gwinnett street, east. W % VTF.D—4IP4CRLL OIW *. in rere3t in an khtai*i.ibhei> legitimate m s INKSS GIVE FIT.I. I'AHTKIT.AItS VNI> MONEY REgriREO. H. NEWS OFFICE. WANTED A PARTNER WITH F '*■' IN GHItCERY UrUINEHH. FINE <U'- I'itHTl NITY PUKASANT PEACE AD DHESB H . MORNING NEWS. SAVAN NAH. GA WANTED; FI>)HIDA PROPERTY. IF you have praptNy to t-ll or h ,nxf 1 ran h*lp you A<l,lr** Property, Oranp' Park, Fl*. IK TOD WANT GOOD MIUK. GET IT rrom Sprinctlrkl Dairy, it a rtch. pura and wholcaomr. CASH TAID FOR GOOD SECOND' hand oat ,arka. 112 \V**t Hay atrort IF YOU WANT A PLACE* TO DUMP earth, dirt. saml. mnnufe, etc . ftee of .-barge. )us hi , Jty limits, hauling over hard road, write or teieph<*no lirwn Pros . corner Anderson and East Braid *• treets. ADVEHTISRMENTS SET IN CAP ITAI*S WILL BF* PRINTED IN CLAS SI FI ED A DVBRTIBRM ENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS A WORD. NO AD V EI4TISK M ENT TAKUN FOR LESS THAN 30C. FOB Hfr:*T— ROOM#. '^Fo|P|?KNT!^PrT>N^ECT^ up-atalra. 4 room*v parlor floor 122 Ninth streeg, east. '"large, beautifui. newly fur tilshed rooms, all convenieneep. No. 321 Barnard street, faring Puia**kl Square NICELY FURNISHED SOUTH ROOM, all ranvenlere* 39* Barnard street, near Liberty. ii \tw roit nt:\ i tTP^RKNT THHBE lit m M ' FLAT s iltable for ivous* k* eph g . het and coM hath. 114 East Liberty. FOR it i \ i-hoi ay*. FOR RENT, iXiMFoRTAHLE HOUSE No 217 W aid burg street, east between Aherourn and Uncoln, flrat-rlaa* order and condition; every convenience Right rent to right tenant Estate Salomon Cohen. Wes: Broad and Broughton streets. , FOR RENT OR SALE. THAT MAG nlflcent residence on the southeast corner of Gwinnett and l arnar-l sti eis I. 1> La- Rorhe. FOR RENT. 17 DUFFY BTI east. prveeion at once. Apply George L Germany agent 1(5 Bryan street, east. Ti > BI NT. 551 AND ' 225 IYTiLT *N street, ensi; these r** g*d house* and location ax reliant. Apply to C. A Mcln tlre R ard of Trade Hulldlnr FOR RENT. DESIRABLE HOUSE good locality. Apply 415 Anderson street, foh iimr-rroßßi. The mTlst deSiil%TTle retaTl store in Sovsnnah; sltuatrl No 125 Whlt ker stroet. opp*aitr new Y*ostoffice; adntsy.i for any kind of retail trade. Ap ply W. M A W K Coney. STORK FOR RENT. BUSINESS Lo cation suitable for restaurant, druggist, shoes, notions, gents’ furnishing good*, etc., etc.; occupi* and temporarily by E*aw. Apply 2H East Broughton. FOR REST— MIX' ISELAAKOI S. i7rrfrr?7r?7i777i7 J i^ FOR RENT. CORNER BROUGHTON AND WEST BROAD STREETS. FOR MERLY OCCUPIED BY THE HAVAS NAll CAIiIiIAOE AND WAGON CO. 11. p SMART FOR RENT OR SALE. THAT EI.K gnt farm, four mile* on the August.* road (paved), containing two hundred iftd three acres, fifty of which are under a high state of cultivation, there are on the place three dwellings, two lrg** turns and parking shed, a fine artesi.m well; 4* r < roads run through the land. I D. La- Roche . FOR RENT. ON THE OOEBCII EE roil, betw<tti thr*e and four-mile p.t* (trolley . irn nearly lo two-mile land in lot* ftorn Mie acre lo one hundred, same can be bong lit In large or small lots on a#y terms. (’ 11. Dor^ett. ADVERTISEMENTS SET IN t'AP ITAI#4 WILL BE PRINTED IN CLAS SIFIED ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS A WORD NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN FOR LESS THAN *>C. FOR * % 1.114 I \l* MTtTK Set is 7X7 ITA US WILL HE PRINTED IN SI FI El > ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS A WORD NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN FOR LESS THAN RC. FOR SALE. ON THE OGEE *HEE road between three and four-mile posts (trolley cars nearly to two-mile po? land In lots from or.e atfe to one hundred same can be bough? in large or small lota on eaiy term** C II Ix>r*ett. FOR SALE A LOT FOR TWO HUN ■ Ired doilars. easy terms, on Ninth street, near East Broad, no city taxation. C. 11. Dorset! FOR SALE LOTS ON "NINTH "STREET near East Broad, no city taxes, at 3200 each; twsnty-flve dollars cash, and easy monthly payments C. II lorse?t. FOR SALE. I*OT ON NINTH. NEAR East Broad, ai 3200 each, wl.l won tie advanced to 3225. when a lot has been lvold for I can arrange to get a home built. C. II Dorsett FOR SAf.K THOSE LOTS ON NINTH street, near East Brood, have only been sold to first-class parties, who will m.ika good rvelghl>ors. and none others can bqy. The terms ire very easy, and they are cheaper than any others in tha vicinity C. H. Doraetu I for w% 11 —tt i.9i, narm:, RESIDENCE AND BUILDING LOTS for s.iU all >vcr the ttv Robert H Tatem. real . Mat* Ualer No. 7 York street, west ADVERTISEMENTS SET IN CAP ITA L*4 WILL ME PRINT KD IN CLAB -ED ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS \ WORD Nn \I * VERTISI MI NT TAKEN I* R LI.AS THAN 3tk * roll %M2IIIS 80V HEM. THE UOLUII KING’ TRY It w het > ur favorite rem-dy f ids, a - i Id. i to a gill of h*n* \ tnakr** a splendid muuure for Infants and 111 Iren BENZOIN HALM MAKES TIIE SKIN like velvet, for sale by d>tingl'd or a* lb tv rv and Abercortt Per**se Drug Stores, Whliakvr u*i Taylor streets HORSES. IIOHSKS IIORSEB FOR x.le at itti'-tioti. nt 1 mingkvve A Hlpph stables Tu mU\. N.a 13. n** * irlo id *f k*nhl wt'fk h'*t **i*. any t ne needli.g n g*t*l worker will and w**ll to attend th!** *ah FOR HALE *ONE I" LEV AT *R drrvtge. tt4tli*'r with aUxiliai> lr*dg l’*r |mi th ular** id-lr* ** T S Tutwil* r Chief Engineer Plant System Savannah. On. i AM; MILL. TWO HOUSES, FOR F.ih* heap Nt riv * 1 " G M Ryals “hPrTng field" fA fR Y IS NOTED for having rich, pure milk, try it; you will be pleased TURPENTINE LOCATION FOR s.tb*. H crop** fir-t yor boxes; 12.00' „ ro* round timber, at SIBO i*ar .icre 3 per thousand boxes fr leas- >1 t ml' . pb ty of timber ft* L k t n five mil nof t| - road; will glv** post* s*l ti rv w or at • nd • a a Morning News FIRE PIP Nd*' SAFES WR CARRY A fine line of fir* proof nafes in stock at ill time* Tin iturtles in -•*. xa tlv whs* they are getting Our prtcew are .* low as manufa Hirers sell it. with freight add c<l Parties Inlmdel, win* wish tt iptod fire proof safe, will do well to Inspect our stock Li pi in an Bros . IJppmtn Merit, ngentw ft*r vnanufacturera fin e Tt ’RI’EN'Tim: loc * atTon with fine body of rourxl timber. f*r sale cheap for cash oniv !*• G. Iron OMy, Ga ADVERTISEMENTS SET IN CAP ITA WILL BE PRINTED IN CLAS SI FI I*: I * ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOIt TWO CENTS A WORD NO AD VERTISI* MI :\T TAKEN FOR LESS THAN c I.OST OH FOUND. IjOHT SATURDAY NIGIfT AT THE Elk- Carnival or ttv Hall street Ih tween Hit- Park and Andernon sire*-), donbl# it' gohl watch and heavy gold Literal reward if returned to It. M. Ub yd. iio Anderson at rent. w*et LOST GOLD MEDAL. INSCRIBED *. Ml l(*td lUce Time Pri/. It* wp| If returned to Higmund B*rg N > 219 Jones street, east. EDI r ITIOV AL. "YOU CAN TOO." GRADUATES ARE er.mlng lio to gre per day W guarantee to place yoti In (Moiltlon • •! Ilk ws* Write t* rtk-u'li rn Ins liut* nf 8 Sn w and Infirmary, Coiurnbus. Ge**rgia. 11l aiViAi ( •• %M HI. 7T7r7R7s7\nTv7B siTr is 7C7 ITA US WILL IIE PRINTED IN (TAB -8111 ED ADVERTISEMENT COLI’MN Folt TWO CENTS A WORD NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN FOR LESS THAN 3W*. PH V|HI Mi. MODERN PLUMBING IT WILL HE to your interest to let me give you an e* ttmatc on your plumbing, n*-w or old work, ipair vv. rk a specialty, as I am a practical plumber. No guess work to endanger your life W iggins, 'phone 817. Georgia or Hell HIM 1.1.1.WE0t t. 7777T7<ri7Hr7To7R8KLF about movkiK your furniture. reia>tng your car pets or matting IVrry A- Benton wtd re dew you of all that trouble. YEH, WE REPAIR FURNACES. WE re|K*tr heaem we repair tar gee; we re pair co*k stoves. vnl*r* tromptly filied A C Price A- Cos, 8 ate and Jef f-rs* n site- ts. 'Phones fcs HAVE ird R HOI BE PAINTED with German ready rnixad paint; entire satisfaction guaranteed Adams Point Company. ""WANTED. ONE THOUSAND lUN gry p of.l at the Houthern Grocery Com pany. 11l Bernard street "WR SELL HEWER PIPE. FLUE pipe, fire c.ay. fin* bri k at lowest prFea. A*k%niN Paint Comiainy, 104 Congress, west. PERRY A BENTON 120 STATE street, west, will move, pack, whip or store your furniture at short notice; also ren ovate your old m4ttrj*et* at iwtla cost. Bell 'phone 1124. YOU WON'T REGRET THE COLD < iih< r If you will let us furnish you with a heater or range, we can sell you cheaper titan any one else, ami will take your old stove In exchange A 4”. Price A Po. State nnd Jefferson streets. 'Phones 459 ”YY I*B!NE IS THE BEST WALL FIN- I-h made Adams Paint Cos , Savannah agents H>4 C ngreaa. west MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED CENTS in every dollar of your hard-earned hard (i#h at ihe Southern Grocery Company, til Bsrnnrd sir* et THE STOCK OF~OOODB IN THE store. !2 Broughton street, east, known is Gardner's Ilataar. must be sold; part!*** wishing can purchase la lots and prices to suit. Tim SHOW CASES COUNTERS AND fixture- m the store 12 Broughton street, east, known nn Gardner’s Basnar. for sole, they must go ill UCB YOim LIVING EXPENSES by Investing our hnrd-earnrd hard cash with th# Southam Grocery Company, 114 Barnard stree? WE ABE STILL IN TIIE PLUMBING business rind *-*lll do #■•<*! work at ex tremely low prices: our IS cents mantel Is o fkcarh; we have them from 10 cent* up and wftl roit thetn up for you. give u* a e*|l. A ('. Price A Cos , pi*4nes 4'4, Htate anl J* ffenon streets STERLING SILVER NOVELTIES Go ing for less than first cost at 12 Broughton street, east, store known us Gardner's Ba zaar. ADVERTISEMENTS SET IN CAP ITA 144 WILL BE PRINTED IN CLAH -81 FI ED ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS A WORD NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN FOR LEAS THAN 30C Norwood’s "Satire" For sale at all .News Stands io Savanoab. IOURSELFI V— nt 04 for ti'tnatursi ti*'hsrr-r, ii UkH.uikti *•, rriuitoo* or ul> miiata t t*t <t co- torait.rkriou. i‘*ini<*M. ktfl sot uma> , g-bt or p* ttoti^u*. JAold by ItrtiKflita, or srot In ghin wrpfwr. hr • ms. sresaH. toe flt flit. >r 3 twitfjee g, ( iruld* —t on --- TTgj. OLD NEWBPAPFJUt. > for 25 crnu> -• Aiu.lncu om..c Morning Nti. %i n\ mi.i> rnin%%. UPRIGHT PIANO. HORSE. CAR* ••KT*. n Io \ i v i;n VI %l ( Tlo\. ( . 11. VH>M*KTT. % netlmieer, win e Monday. iah n ovioek. xs CixiirMr. >i, T of ic *,*i* 2 I'arlor or < ii,**l t >rjMim, 3 l<Chi.-I a Ad jw*i*ih • ‘J lit Rack*. • <**rpet*. lo |* rlt utketf. Parlor Ht l lnndv.iyu* M<i -iv** W t nut 11*■.!room Set. M I • >f r*.rtitrm'v.t,i| r-**d l*i< iur#. VS •i. <' •' .! |; m*- 2 if!l<'* and Parlor S'o\* U i it t’rii*. 2 Hnf.%, Krench |:h in. . h a,r Mi. htr>*, Willow Kockrr. 11 *M>~ A ( a I (iu • ! , . and t k*od Draft 110 l r l U I Of HOP! HT m a * S RT ** IU lit I I ' r• ■ * * ■K< • M rtf nf rafaiaa * or M* ot il • M ** Knir>. Thunder i* ‘ itte I . k .l W, i Kud. 1 ‘all \ • x* . t * ! s ...J. t u> cfuttiae iv It houi i t • IHUfi or IIoPK. Dv tiiy fr 1 . Il l. li, „f H.*pa~~ * 3' un from ini for It-dton 7TO ciiii fr m Tent* *.-•* im fr T*nth R3* am from T*nt?i ; am for Tenth 9 lit itin rr. rn liolttm n <*• mit or Truth 10 3*l itiu from Ti ittli lom am f..r T* nth U’ ■* .i'n from I >ti l un fr ludion 1 15 pm fr. in It u .1 im for T nth 2 so i*m from Truth 2 <* pm for T*mh 3 .t* pm from Tenth 2 f pm for hol oa 4 -i |m (kmii Tenth lot (ail for Tenth .• ;<m t id IVuth l i*o pm f rT* nih fi Opm Tenth i it) (Mn f*i Tenth 7 m |**n from Truth 70 pm f• * Truth t >• pm from Truth ' i* lm (ot Tenth i ipm 11. in Truth 9 141 pm for Tenth 10 At ptn (tom Tenth In 0) pm for Tenth ,11 flu ton for Truth Mi intoomkry Lv city lor Mong ry | hv Monttmuierv h jo mi from T* nth i 7 15 am for Tenth 2 .10 pin fiofii Tenth I 15 pm for Tenth o .iU pin (lom Tenth j (i u pin for Tenth i*ATTDK I‘AHK Lv city foi i’.t l ark L\ t uitlt P*rk o }i am from ilium . in am for Holton i.m am ftoin Holton muu am for Holton IUU pm from Itoit ii lin pm for Holton £ 30 pm from it>> to . . ■ pm for Holton * o* pm t -in lied urn *> pm for lloliou M I** pin from Dolion >At pm for Holton ITICNDI.HItOI/r Cor l*a\•• * H‘|in lie. Juft flon & a in un*! ivi ry thirty uitnut* * thereaft r until 11 n* m rr hMi ruun<lertH*lt ut a in and • \*ry thlrti minute* thereafter until 12 ifl mUlnttfiit, for Holton atreei Junc tion. Kit V. HI 11T AM* 1* A lit lI.VaH Tills ear r ifilm trailer for oil Hit trip* ai*l have** west *l‘le or city market f*r li* *f llojie, Thunlerlolt in I all lilt* rtue.llate |Hints at 9.(At a. m., 1 (r p m . 5 m p m I.e/iv h l**l* of I lop*, for Thunderbolt, (Tty Market and all Intermediate teilnta at f:00 a. in , ll:0U a in . 2:19 p m WIWT KND ('AH. Cnr leaves wnl rhie of city market for VVeaf l.nd • <>o i tn mi.l e\. iy 4* inlnutea then after durlnir the dm until II p m Wert Knl of •- a m and fr/- ery 4u minutes th*r- ft t durlnit the day until 12;U0 o'chs k mtdniaht It M l.4rT‘N. Uen Mir. T ~K : LARGE I [DM LOVELL'S BROUGHTON SIKH; " '-"a Jabbotts? f EAST INDIAN i ICorn Paints V Cur*. Cora*. Buolsat usd Warti S(u,dily aod Without Poin. FOB SUE IT ALL DRUGGISTS. & UPPMAN BROTHERS, 5 \ WholcouU Druffflot*. & Lippmon'i Block, la.troth Ot Ary BUP V KS Srv Dyspepsia : >7 Cnffe Tablets • lp-1 -.•* Bi* *■•. i• >*i l"U "ii.ou t'i. i itl-n * • liot-Vh i feiMPvl 41* r-U*. * •Nc • Mmaianl tun. JUr Promote the Appetite 1/ und Pul Flesh on Thin J Ail f M> •>■! / U ®wpic. hv.u r*n h r*f t*r Ulr *.*>•* rr> Iw m Mm W ot V -i*o Vir At ii-1 ' .m o*o ■ con eua* a co , tit. A CARD. Merchant - ind and aler* will And It to their Interest to irlve u* n call All kinds of nKn luirxllF' .it nun (on In .ots to suit purchaser. SAVANNAH AI'OTH N ANI COMMUL HION <T>MI*ANY. in Whitaker atree. rorthlanmentß toUAtid K*tiementa day after p.tle. PROMPT ATTKNTIoN TO HOnSG HOLD AMCH f Watch paper for day of aalea. ORANGES. fur FINK FLOIUDA OKANGG*. Fltt ITS ANI> VEviKTABLEa of all kind*. HEED ItVE, SEED OATH. |IA V. CiKAIN. FEED. FEOITR. ( lIL.ESE. BEANH. Poa*. Hk'e Straw, etc. W. 1). Kim kins A: Cos Empty Hogsheads. UoltiOM UuaabraUa ft. Ml. hf Z. M. GILBERT & CO. ! 3