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4 osr fHorfning iV'rtts. Movnlag Nm HuiUHag ft ATI IIDU. KUU Mill 14 ‘24 . IMM. Keflstsrwl at If - lot ffi • In IHI HOKNIMi MHI t pu 4i* every day in t ■ > ar, snl #©rvod to •uktfCrttx r: in •’ arot by ma.l, at 70 cent# an. nth. HOO lor #U month#, ai.ii s&.<.*■ lor t>: year. 'I 111. HOIIMII* NKUI i y mall, rll time# a s . (without Sunday Issue), thrr in i.i *, |: >*, #ll mo.*!:.#, fcl.U). **o‘ year S*> w 'I 111 UI I UI V NEW I :ru laai a week (Mot .> #i.d TbuiJa)s by mil-* one year. Si ‘O. Sui*v.Tti>uoiiis piyabl© In advance Ile imi I > rmn > order, chevk or registered letter. Currency sent by mail At risk of tender. j Transient advertl# rnentu, other th in ipt*< lal column, local or readmit n-*tl e# am • okni# and cheap or want column. 1 cent* line Fourteen lir e l * of a-*te typo—equal to one ln< h In depth—4# ’h* aland trd of m©*umrem©ut. Contract ra'na and discount* made known on appdcatLui .it business offi ©. Orders for delivery of the Morn n* New# to either residence r l Uce o: business tan be mad# by m<ll or by tele phone No 210. An\ Irregularity In deliv ery should be immediately reportel latttri ai.d telegram# ahould be *d dretied HoHMMi M- w ba annah Go. KA.TTiHV nrni K, 23 P rk Un*. New York city. 11. C. Fiulkner. Manager bDti 10 uv IDVEinSEIEITS. Special Notice-#—Fancy and He-Pre##ed j Brick. Ha \ annah Building am! Supply Company; Sale of R*nl!s. John Power, City j Market; Greene A Cos ; Ship Noth*©. Wll- j d©r At Cos., Snip Notice#. J F. Mint# A Cos.; What We H ive For To-day. Drayton Grocery CVgnpafiy; John Funk, at Joyce*#; | M S Gardner; Hid# Wanted, Geo. M Gadaden, Director; Propoial® Wanted, Geo. M Gadsden. Dlrector\ Hid# for Jtup pUea for State Sanitarium, MtUedgoville, Ua. flu si no as Notice#—Many Inducement# in ! IHamonds. Hunter Ac Van Keuren; Dell- j clou* New Mackerel for Hroakfast, thft | 8 W I trail h ('O. Anwhfmrnu-Th# Broadway Comedian* j In "Town Topic," Nov 28: "Too Kleh to j Marry." at Theater. Marine* in.l Night. Auction Sales-Bicycle*. Savannah Auc tion and Comml.rion Company. Cheroot*—Old Virgin.. Cheroot,. VNiky-rrlkiw l,*bcl Whisky. Duffy - ;' Pur* Malt Whiskey. Grape-Nute—Pr>ttim Corral Cos. Mineral Water—Hunyadt Jano* Medical—Warner's Safe Core; Dr. Wtl- Hans' link Pill.; Pam* a Calory Com. Jmunit; L.y.lU PWtklmm'a Vegetable Pllla; Tutt a Pill,; Ayor'a Cherry Pectoral; Hood* Sarsaparilla; lloraford'a Acid I’hoat‘hato; Mothor-a Friend; Stuart'# Ca tarrh Tablet*. Cheap Column Advertisement*— Help Wanted; Employment Want ad. For Kent; For Halo, It. Personal. MwcelUneoua. The Wenther. The tndtcatlone for Georgia to-day are for rain, fair In southeast portion, coaler In northwest iswtloo, variable winds; and for Eastern Florida, generally fair weather, with variably wind*, mostly freah easterly. It 1* now believed that Aaststant Secre tary of War Melklejohn ha* a fair chance of being el. (ill to the Senate by the Ne braska begl-lature. M.lklejon didn't burn hts niglu *hlrt (or nothing! The demonstration at Marseilles was prolwbly more for dislike of the British than love of th* Boer* It was on® of those pln-prirk which the French o dearly like to administer to John Hull. It Is authoritatively stated that Ml** Helen Gould receives per week begging letters asking lor an avrrago of about 51.£00,000 Has It never occurred to Mis* Gould thel she might save herself the annoyance of a great many of tbe*e let ters by getting married and thus chang ing her name? The scliooner Polly, wreekid the other day on the Massachusetts coast. Is al leged To have been the oldest \es-et fly ing the American flu* A. cording to re ports. the Polly was built In IsOC. and sailed ga a privateer during the war of I*l2. The Polly Is said to have fouah a score of battles, and to have captured no less man twelve British merchantmen During th# last half-century <>l her ex istence she ha* been hauling coal, lum ber. oyster shells and other prosaic freights. President Sargent of the Brotherhood of locomotive Firemen was recently of fered the position of director of the gov ernment bureau of engraving and print ing. The offer has been do lined, (Or two reasons. Mr Sargent says he no desire to reduce bis Income from le.OOo to W.***' Per year, nor does he wlsn to live In Washington. Furthermore, he ra fond of hi# present work, and hts !>oa - Gun doe* not depend upon |Utlc*. Th# brotherhood engineers will probably be glkd to know that he has determin'd to remain with them. They carry government without the consent of the governed to n pretty con siderable length In New York city. The people have never elected Richard Crofcer to hold an office of supreme power over them; nevertheless the president ol the police boerd I# without authority l re move the chief of police from otllce with out the sanction of Mr. Croker, All of the city official* regard Mr. Croker as the head ami aource of authority, from whoa® Judgment there Is no appeal. They obey his commands absoflitely. He la quite as much an autocrat aa the Csar of all the Russia* An Interesting story was sent out from Washington In a dispatch a day or two ago. It was to the effect that the New Jersey Liquor Dealers' Association had notified Attorney Qenrnal Griggs that un lesa he resigned from the cabinet It would he neesaeary for the association to look for another attorney. Jt Is not Implies! that tha Attorney Genera! ha* occupied tbs position of attorney for the liquor dealers during his term In the cabinet, but that ha held that position before go ing to Washington and thui It has been held open for him up to this tunc. The liquor dealers. It Is said, pay their altoi. ncy Ob,(AO a year. >T Kill GRIT* MlftMOV What I* th© meaning of th© nary rnthu?tapm aith wtifc h Krujtfr an# irr<tS at M irsatio*# #nl of ahtrh th*r* will be other vnatrif'ftA* twin a# he advance# through Fran to I’art*?' lop 4 it man that the Fr**i*Ai l*eople #re #a-ly to give the Hoei- ma trtUl bupfiorl be iu#e they evmpa'hls# with them in thHr inr liberty, or I# It #imrlt Ih*? oir rt>|<jp4r.g of fh*- !• •-** ing of hofllllty to the Fr.ytinh prop!#? There i n* tkeibi that the i*ra\ fight which Itt-sf# iiava mule tor liberty ho# exrlte<i the afjUnir*itl<U) an*i • tha SMnpathy of Hb?rtjr lovir.g people in all part- ~f th* w.r i If Kru ger vie it' 11011-irxl mvl He.glum he wII given a* warm a w om<- jp he 1* re i elving in Frar. e Even in Germany A iNtria he would have tuj rati#** lo com* plain of hi# r eption. HtUI, trier** I# no riiMHi fr ihinkW.g that any one of the t'otttlnecrtal I'ower# wIM eitand a helping hand to the Ikn i In ah of them Ihert it a feeling of unfrien<lhn*' to Eng and, iartlt ularly In France, where nothing would give mo much KatUfaction u the humihation f England Neither th* Freti h fovrmmetil, how ever, nor any other government of Ku • l *• * in ginnir to talk a te|* ii h! of the H*er# that ctouid l*c construed hy Eng- Und a# an ur,frt*-nily at. I’re-i l* nt Kruger a 1.1 get nothing from them that will aid the causa which he re|re#efl#. It la #e!dom that a mhofl ii ing hatid to a people etruggllng for lib •ri> uni* i* it ha** m e* motive. Fraiu-e ilatihtii *> vkM*ii g adly k’ive material aid to the Ho rlf #ha ■ ould m* that It aouid !-• for her Interest to do *-. mainly t*e- aue of her hatred of England, but eh*- will not rl.-k a war with the Jailer nation either to gratify her feeling of hatr*d or •he dtodre of her pop.<s to a:*dsi 4iie lioer# Indeed, all of tho Continental power# are more concerned In bringing aUiul a Mllifactory adjustment of affair# in China th in in the drama that la being en acted in South Africa, md therefore there i# no probability any one of ih'rn will take tho ri*k of delaying • settle ment and Inviting n* w complications by taking a elep that wouUl pig England out of harmony with them It ha# iwen i>ald a nurntHr of lime# lh#t th* Hoera would Main! a better chance of getting favorable terms from England by ing directly lo the queen than by pur suing any other iA>ur#c. It is a f: t tnut I here i a strong senti ment In KnKkmd in favor of grunting vry liberal terrna to the Doers. Indeed, there are men of influence there w ho have* never admitted <b.t th>- war wn a Jikd one. If, theri'fore. Frcaklent Kruger should make an apiM .tl to tho Eng. .sh iwople through their queen, he woukl Htand much better chance of getting something of value for tils* people than he wdl If he pursues the policy of trying •o get someone or more of the conti nental i’oAtr.H to take up the cause of the Doers. If he think-* the demonstra tion i Mir#ellh - mean# anything more titan a mere expression *f e>tnp.tthy it will not l>e long l*efore he will discover itiat he Is mistaken. MR. jou,M on mi: qi K#. THIN. In the interesting Interview with Sena tor Jones, chairman *f th Democratic Natloiuil Committee, published in our dis patches yesterday, he it* quoted a# say ing. “The silver question may solve - •* if. Should the amount of gold produced be ample to maintain a sutTh lent volume of metallic money and lieuro the stability of prices, the sliver question will be sub ordinated, but Should I lie supply fail short of the demand- of trad** the silver queetion w .11 be made prominent." Assuming that what Senator Jonas known about sliver I# valuable. It Is bard ly probable that the sliver question wlil become prominent within the next quar ter of a century. The output of gold |s IncreaMng annually, und it would have been much larger this year if it had not been for the war In South Africa. It ha been pretty' satisfactorily ascertained that the mines with which the world Is now Stqusiinted will yield all the gold that will be needed for many year# to do w hat Sen ator Jones say# go id must do to. keep •he silver question in tin* background In the campaign of peatedly by those who were apparently mst acquainted with the silver question, that that question would settle Hself 1; it were 1* i alone. The bullion value of a silver dollar was then only about 41 cents Now it Is ronnkWabJy more than that, pnd It will Increase In proportion as tin output of goal increase?*—that Is, unlev there should be a very great Increase in the ouptit of sliver. What sent the trillion value of silver down was the extraordi nary Increase in the output of that metal It is doubtful, however, if there will ever again h<4 a serious attempt In thi.-* country to make the c inage of silver five. The vast majority of |H-opl*' are con\lnced H is an im|on#ihiliiy to have a double standard Either gold or sliver must be th© stumtard. 'J*be people have decide*! in favor of gold The time may rome in tn • near future when the bullion value of a silver dollar will t>e greater than a dollar In gold, but if that should happen there would be no great desire to depose gold from the position It occupies i the mon etary' standard The business of the world demand# a stable standard, and gold ;n --swer# that demand better than silver A novel system of protection n.rains! th© iHilionlc piague had l©en devised at New Orleans. One of th© Ihrorles with respect to tn© spread of the pUigua that has many adherents is that germs are car ried into healthy ports ly rats from in fected shi|*s It Is against ship rats, there fore that the new regulation at New Or leans Is directed. At night nil vessels from infected or suspected port# must anchor not less than 100 feel from the wrhorf. a distance that o rat is to be unable to swim In daylight the vessel may b© brought r.ot nearer than forty-Uve feet from the wharf. All haw sera between stup and wharf must be pro vided with metal discs and funnels to pre vent th© pas.- ig© of rope-walking rats. While unloading is going on. there must be a guard armed with shotguns to sec that no living rat conies ashore with the cargo. The Illness of Ihe Cxar from typhoid fever recalls the fact that Queen Vic toria* # husband died of the stm© mala iv, and that the Prince of Walea one# n >r rowiy eacuped death from it. Typho! 1 is one of the "filth diseaags.** but avto roy alty does not eictpt from U* THE MOIiMNG NEWS: SATfUDAY. NOVEMBER 24. 11*00. lilt ( %N% I. IMI 111 IIKI.P %N --> % If. .Mr Fukuhara. the young Japanese who is temporarily • resident of this city for the purpose of learning the cotton busi ness. * ipr* *• *©*l ih*- opinion In an irvte* - - view published la the Morning News that us soon as the Nicaragua canal is built ihere will grow up flourishing trad** be tween Savnnnah and tha jx>rt* of Japan There is no doubt about the correctness of this opinio*;. Japan wants our cot ion. par 1 eufarly tn* long staple cotton of South Georgia and Florida The oat of chlpmsnt 1# row great ss to te almost prohibitory. With th** completion of tig* *nal tia- coat of shi|*ment wdl be grewtly reduced. And oorton will not be the only com modtty that will he sh.pped fr*>m thi i>ort t> Jap'in Tie re r© many article# man ufactured in the territory tributary to B*i v.uinah that are wnniol there, and Japan hi' commolltles which ar© in demand in this t*-'tlotn of the Fnlted Htartes. There is no good reason why this Con* grev* ghoul*! not order the canal to We built. Thcr* is absolutely nothing In the way of It.i ronvtnv-tlon. All that Is ner aeoary Is money, and the l’nttcl Stales would have no difficulty getting that Th*- <of *"Mon which two conrcpa nie# bad In Nicaragua and t'ostw Hl n have b-v*ti cleared awav Th*- government# of th©#© state# have declared th©m fo. felted There will, therefor, b© no trouble Yn account of them Ever V body want' the < anal built. Nica ragua *i l CV*et Iti‘44 w'ant it. nn*l un? resdy t< help It ok>ng lo any way they can They will grant th© right# of wiy ano they are willing that the canal shall h* under control of the United BtfMcr. They realise the vast benefit a *t confer upon them. A* far as kuown there is no opposition to the canal In CongT©##. Doth poHHcsl pastes favor i*. Why then should not a c.-mal bill pa*s l>oth house© at n early dav* It really begin# to look as if the gr*at work, about which there h.# been so much talk, and from which so much D expected, would be beg*un In th© near future* r%r it iifiH i • i m*n Decently th* Tr><m.iH Fiber Company was Incorporated In New Jersey, with small capital hut great prospects. It may la* that the company anl Its process will have important hearing upon the pa yer trade of the country. lim originator, Mr. Robert Thoma-. formerly of the Glen- Paper >1 Hl#,.claims that he ha# discovered the chemical combination that will reduce lotion -*ai hull# to ;i satlsfar tory pulp for paper makers This being true, th p *** i bill tie# of the discovery Ire come apparent. The jre*-ent supply of pa per sto. k Is pr.M-Uoally in the hand* of a trust, which has from time to time arbitrarily advanced ihe price of white paper. The supply of cotton need hulls Is alm'v-'t unlimited, and could not well be controlhd by nny oni hi nation If as Mr. Thomas claims, the pulp from the hulls ran i*e produced for at>out one-half the * t of the pulp that is now being used for the manuf.iefure of grad* of ticrs that the hull pulp is available (or. then there must be a reduction In th© cost to consumer-® of tapers and w consid erable profit to the manufacturers of ot loil #e*d hull purer. Aral not >nly that, but a direct benefit must accrue to the grower* of cot ion and the owners of the mills which manufacture cotton seed pco ducts With an lucrej-d d.-inand frr the hulls, the prices for them which producers an* now receiving would I** Increawed In proportion. Thl# would, of course, bring considerably larger return* for the cotton crop. Mr. Thomas, the discoverer of the pro ceat*. displayed n lot of the cotton seed hul‘ pulp to experts In New York rec©nt ly. It whh found to l* white, soft, fibrous .arul of great t©n#ll* etr*ngih. No bleach ing |Kwders. It Is claimed, are to be used with It. "It I# too valuable for ihe ch©j"-r grade* of poper," said Mr Thoma#. "so we expect lo use It for the finer grade- of writing palters for the present Tills pulp can 1© produced at. Uut one-half the cost of the raw mate rials that rww enter into such papep. In other words, the selling price of writing papers can Ik* greatly reduced hy using this pulp." To make the most of the disrovery. it is proposed that mills shall u* erected In the South, where the ttoti**! hulls can *e had cheaply where water powers an plentiful, labor Is abundant and coal at a minimum of coat. Mr. Thom us' com pany has It In mind to erect mills In Geor gia and Alabama. Meanw hl'e the dis coverer will continue hD cxperlm* nt o the end of tin ling pulp materia) for helper gia ie of paper in th© Fobon plant. The hbious stalk and the root, #s wa'l ns the >ecd, art* to I* thoroughly ln vestigated. Count Ademar d© Castellan#, a cousin of the now famous It oni. it* in New York Ademar Wurm* that tie is tho only real Count ilt* < *nstelbtnr, which Is equivalent to saying that Ron! Is merely an imita tion. It was noised ab*ut wheitthe young man first arrived that he had come In search of a rich American wife. This, however, the *‘r al count" denies, at the time casting a slur upon American women. "American women." he said, "are charming, but they are not faultless You** wotorn encourage .< cntlon Whn r for eigner pays homage, as a gentleman should. Uic beautiful American throws her wealth In your fa ; and—an I—mon Dleu? do you suppose we have no women In France' * Nevertheless the chances re that If there Is any wealthy young Amer ican woman who would like to throw her money In the face of Adsfnar. he woukl rot turn hi* heal aside A Western statistician, who et out to demonstrate the true greatness of th© American hen. declare* that no lea that thirteen hi.lion egg* will have been Did In the United States during the year I*> These eggs stood upon one mother. |iolnt to butt, would make a column Ml 648 mile* In altitude—-nearly twice th© distance from Ihe earth to the moon. Th© annual egg production, h© soys, exceed# in value that of any mineral except coal, und •# greater than that of pig lion Americans are going to lean* and oper ate fhe great underground rapid transit system of London. A two-column an nouncement. couched In legal verbiage, lias appeared In the London paper*, th© upshot of which l* ihut the Wcstlnghouse Interests of Pennsylvania nnd New York will operate the great system. Graduab % the gr<at enterprises of Great Britain art bccomihg Amerlcanlstd, Frnxtor Hour of MassachuseKts made a speech at Cambridge ihe other night in the ours© of which hs gave th*- Harvard >< r c men Sf>roe adv • • w*ith respect to entering public life. "Don’t trouble your self to court public opinion." h© awid; l* op.© Hke independence Relieve In th* rengi h of righteousn* ss # h a powerful political force. loant to Judge men in public as In prt*. ate. by their m-rlt# and not by theJr defects. Eight of the greatest \!iialns In the world were Presidents of the United States, so the critic# said Never think you can gain favor of peo pie by departing from the arena that be longs to you a# educated men. R**t your *©lve# strenuously evil, but do not go out of your way to reform. Kcmeenher that faith, hop© and ■ hnrlty are the three supreme virtue*" The work of th© restoration of Galves ton Is said to b© progr©s#ing in a gratify ing manner. The debris ha* been nearly all i* *r* and lway, and most of the wharves are re*d\ for business A meeting of rep resent a live c-ltisen* of the state Is to b© h©.d in Fort Worth next week to dt# u>s wav* and means for avdsting Galveston tn the work of rehalk b.ition and for pro tecting the jNirt and Ity possible future storms It is understood that (Jal ve*ton will ask to l>e relieve#! from state taxes for a term of years. In order that may add that m h to the municipal taxe# nnd (Otlect a fund' with which to rai.-e the grade of th© city to fourteen feet above mean low tkle. t'ongre**. too, is to Ik* asked to construct an ample sea wail. ■ ii . i - all the g**ld that h produced In th© K.n*hke coin* - *® to th© I’nit‘d State*. This fact. It is said. Is rousing no ilttl© dissatisfaction in Canada The best diggings are on Uritbh territory, and the Canadians think tho gold ought to remain on Urltlsh territory. There Is talk of es tatdifching • Canadian mint for th© es pecial purpose of coining Klondike gold. PEN MIN AL. Mrs. Rorer tell# of a housewife who *f©nt #?#*> for a course of lesions In whist hut could not learn to holl a potato Th*s t* expecting too much of feminine versatility. Georg© Eliot liked to try her hand at an omelet, but she was an exception to ail rules. Henry M Powell, h populist of Kan sas. thus airs a grievance "I’ve been taking seven Democratic and Populist p I© rs. and they had me way up In the cloud*, told me everything was all right, •and that ail I had to do Tuesday night wa* to get ready to holler, btft when 1 came to town I found the other fellow# do ing the hollering. Im disgusted. I'm going right ;**me an*! write every m*ther’s *on of an editor that * le©n filling m* up with lies wht my unadulterated opln if> of him Is anti stop my (taper. It ain't right to raise a man'* hopes up • hat wav and then let him fall like a ba-ket of brick* and I'm agin p." A Ho*ton china house received two interesting order# recently. "One," says ti© Host on Transcript, "was from Cecil Uhode* to I*© wn: to hi* reaklenc© in (*•{>■ Town Ami ii Africa, and the other w m from Mrs Kudyard Kipling, to be s* nt to her home, Th© earns. Rottlngdcan. England. Th© firm received the or.ler* in due time, und the two Uno©r set- wi-r© shiptM-sl on the 1 iat trtp out f the Saxnnia. on© coiaslgnad dtrsci to <lane Town nl th© other to Mm. K rating. Tic variety of china known us blue and whl’.e Nankin variety of china, und the rind-l ing. decorating a rut glazing are all hand work Within th. last few years t>. war© h- Im * n very scarce, owing to some disorder in th- pottery districts of China, and • early every net of the war© has i♦ ©n sold. The Bouton firm, however, always kept a large supply on hand, and was thus enabled to till tlu* order#." HItIGHT ini'*. Mrs. Jon©s—Don't trouble yourself to me to th. door, Mr#, ftmlth. Mis. Smith—No trouble Quit© a pleas ure. I assure you —Tit-Hits -The Young Diploma^—Mother— No. Johnny, you have had pie enough. Johnny—Mother, it is impossible to hav enough of your pie. He gets another piece —Boston Trans cript. Ph© (thoughtfully)—What would I e*\ ? lie (hopefully)—Yes. dearest." Bh©—l would say—l would say *' He frogerly)—Yes. dear. Go on Go on She—l would **ay that Charlie Brown hail asked me three weeks ago and 1 had accepted him—Detroit Free Press. —A Pertinent Query—So the doctor won't let >ou smoke, eh?" said Browne • h© applied a match to his weed. "Hor ry for you. old man. 1 can't Imagine any greater pleasure than a good e.gar after dinner." "H o?" replied Town©, sniffing "then why do you deny yourself that pleasure?"—Philadelphia Press —He Counted All High!—"You've been in a tight." said his mother reprovingly. "Oh. not much of a one." answer*.l the boy. "Did you count 100 a# I told you when you felt your angry passions ris ing?" "Oh. sure." returned the boy. “I counted ico nil right, but I knocked tl*.* other boy down llret It's the only safe way "—Chicago Evening J*©st t I It It ENT COMMENT. The Louisville Courier-Journal (pom.) says: "In view of the fact that the Re publican party has a good deal on it* hand* It can well tffonl to let the mutter of Southern election* alone. Th© repre sent *4ion of the South does not hurt the Republican*, so long a# they hold the North. l*ut a* soon as they revert to the a nil-ftou th©Tn policy they begin to lose Northern states, while they wdl make the Hoiirh -olid again. There ore eome of the Hepubll ns contingent In the Southern state* that would like to have a force bill hy trhk’h to get Into office, but they would l>e In no way benertted by tha reduction of he r©|wre>erta4lon and elect oral vote of the South." Th* Hartford (Conn.) Times (Dem.) *uy: "The 'lNiwer#' In China ar© simply ©ng.aged in choking Chinese nationality to death. The United State* stand* with drawn a little Into the background, hut will l*e ready, we ar© given to under stand, to take Its portion of the Cannes when the proee>> Is completed." The Memphis C" mmerclal-Appeal (Dem.) miys. "It is all right for our government to make war on th© Filipino Insurgents, but w© want no war "on the Kitchener plan." No clvillxed country can afford to Imitate even remotely that remorseless white savage.'* The Houston (Tex.) Trot (Dem ) says: "Oklahoma has mote population than Del aware or Vermont, hut It is doubtfvl If Matehood w.ll be granted It. It will be kept on a political footing with HnwaM until Justic© rath-© than partisan politics influence* Cong re##." The Birmingham Age-Herald (Dem.) says: "The Hultan Is Inclined to #ay that that bill was voted down In the last elec tion. because the administration that neg lected to collect It wu# lodoracd,** Onl> flint Needed. The lest looking girl in the Pine Moun tain country was Susan Natter, and Su san was extremely, not to say foolishly, fund of Jirn I>a\ie u young man who was my ehlef tlmberman in th© season, and who owned ind conducted a good farm n the river bottom as a side issue, say# the New York Telegram. Jim was the ewteh of the mountains, ami. like other men in that happ> < lass, lie whs careless and stood a fair chance ©f losing what ought to U- his* because he was too sure of it. Susan wis Just the girl for him but he had aim* -t worn out her patience by hi# dMI> .allying policy, awl one day I thought the end had *ur*ly come, and It wall sit up with Jim who we# a favorite of mine, as the winner of the Busan stake*. "I want to see th© best dress pattern you’ve got In th© tor* Colonel. ’ she said to m© as I sat out >n front r*f th© com mit-ery on© day. "and bein' mighty per tb kl**r, I wane you to wait on m©," she addid. with a smirk not usual to Susan "Oh. Indeed." 1 said, chafflngly. going around behind the counter, "something must b© going to hapten." "I reckon thar I-." ah© admitted frank ly "Onrui for yon," I 1 iugh©d. "and I'm glad that Jim ha* got to his sen*©# at laat " "Jim " she -niff* 1 disdainfully. "Tsin’t Jim ©x for ex I know "Not Jim' ' I almost shreped, for Jim was my choi- * fr her. "Not Jim? Well, who Is It?" "Oh. that'# f**r me to kn w and you to find out. Colonel." #.© laughed provok- Ingly, nl gave me no further satisfac tion. Bhe l(ought the good- an*l went away, and two hours later Jim r ime in from work and sail he was going ov r th© mouni In that right oot of the Martin girls to a dance. "By th© way. Jim." I said "did 'Oi know Susan Natter was going to get mar ried?" "Th und ©rat lon, Colon. 1 rx>"' he bl'ift#! out. "Ner fh<* ain't, i- she'*" "1 gates* -he Is. 1 sold her h wedding dress thl flfiern*nn. and #h© told *he was." "Who's she goin' ter marry. Colonel?" he asked, anxiously. "1 <lont know' Bhe wouldn’t tell me" "Well, she'll tell me Colonel," he #dd with the lines getting hard acr 4 s his face anl Hub wrinkles of doubt anl fear showing between Jim wis f Inga io*- slbllily that had never presented Haelf to him In It* full strength He went our of the #tor© and up the road lending to old man Natter's pine© Th* next morning h** Mopped at th© store on his way to work "Did you find out who It wa#?" I ak©d him at once, for I was interested more than h© had Ixten. "Course I did " he answered, with c<>n fldence. -who is itr* "Mr." and h© laughed the short laugh of the who had b**©n made to and * what he knew h© should have done and what b© most wanted to do. "()h." I exclaimed, "is that It?" \nd latef I dlscov- r*l that Busan had devise 1 i pretty little feminine scheme to bring Jim to the point, and by my unwitting, but by no means unwilling. ass<tance. sh© bad succeeded fully. Faithful Kara In Itcath. It Is po-slbly some consolatton to Mr Bryan in hi> hour of defeat to know that at l©aM one of his Missouri followers was faithful to him even In death, says he Chicago Tribune. In 106 a local pnlltl c .in nniivrd Morris, in Audrain county. Missouri, became infatuated with Mr. Bryan and with the principles which he represented and work'd hard for him all during the campaign. The defeat of Bryan was a gr- t disappoint men t to him. and h > gr-;*'eM ami billon was to do his part toward helping the Nebraska man to succeas In lffiu More than a year ago h*' began to agitate among his neighbors, and he looked forward with the grrotest pleasure to active participation in the coming camiNtign As the result of overwork he fell sud denly 111. and it became apparent that his lllnea# whs serous. If not actually dan gerous. He wa® worried chiefly over the fa*-i that if he did not recover he would not be able to work and vote for his idol. Accordingly he called for a pencil and paper and wrote the lire* which he Insl-tfd should )*• engraved on his tomb stone. After his death his wishes were carried oirt, and In place of other epitwph on the stone are carved the words: Kind friend* I've left behln*. Cast your vote for Jennings Bryan. The stone, which Is now standing In the cemetery at Atidraln. probably furnishes th© flr-t Instance of a political speech Oil a monument. If I.lvina D Vint \Narfare. From the 8t Lout* Republic. If living I* but warfare, a fierce am! vast campaign. Let's he good soUllers in our day. the kind that don’t complain; The cheerful brerd that on the march so steady strides along. Ami gathers round the bivouac of night with heartening song; That bear* the brunt of l>attle as bravely fe may he. An*l cultivate# a laughing eye. Ihe bright er side to see; For #©lf-r©*pect'# a steadfast mark to guide your marching by. And th* world loves it# good soldier*, tha* hear them straight and high. If living is but warfare, let's make It splendid war. Till of some noble purpose tells each hon orable scar; And vanqiilshment shall only mean a worthy deed deferred; And victory's erv as ihat of right tri umphant shall he beard; Bo glorious that when the grand Te Deum strains arise God's angels shall lift up the chant and choir It through the *kles. And the trumpet* of archangels shall sound the proud release That signal* to good soldier* God's ulti ma to of peace! Rinfey D Rounders. Poll!eft©** Tariffed Her. Th© experience* of ©levator conductor* ar© many and varied, and the h©4t© r th© judge of human nature one of th©© use ful employe* l* the more satisfactory ra n h** perform his duties toward thos** who ride with him. says th© Washington 8t ir Down at the District building there Is an elevator man who seems to be perfect‘on in thl# regard and the way he makes l>eopl© happy h.v often been the suhie t of comment. An Instance of thl * fol ow*: A few da> ogo a lady approached h*m md fter getting In his . ar thus address ed him "I* want to see a man who o name I do not know and I do not know either what offiro h* is *mployed in." "I am well acquainted with the gentle man you refer to," was the instant reply of the elevator man. "and he has iqst stepped out." Th© lady left the car seemingly entire ly satisfied with the Information #he had received. A khorf Cat fo falnry. Thin amusing story from th© chrontclos of an English rural town, ways the Youth's Companion Illustrate* the danger in kHulling ambition In the rural bresst: An officer of a Yorkshire yeomanry reg iment In an address to hts troop made a stirring allu#:on to the medals worn hv some army veterans In the rinks Oi e of the volunteers afterward went home in a very thoughtful frame of mind, and the next morning he came on puraV with several medals on his breast. B*t<| An o f m fleer: "I didn't know you had been In the reg. ulars." "No. I ain't," said man, "Well, how about the m©dl*. my good fellow? They can't be yours." "f nft’t they?" the man promptly f©. piled. "Aye, lull they be. My old Cl *> won ’em all al Olley Cattle Star ~ J ITEM# OF INTCREkT. —A French phyviclan asserts that the right hand, which Is more sensitive to the touch than fhe left, is lass sensitive than the latter lo the HTect of heat and cold. -The newest thing in the slot nwtehin© line i* a machine that citarges the storage batterle# of automobile#. Hy oonn©< ting the automobile to the machine ami drop ping a quarter In the slot the batteries may t>© charged n a f©w minutes. One of the machines is on exhibition at the automobile show being lie Id In New York city. —The perfunctory manner In which wit nesses are sworn in English courts was illustrate*! recently during a trial in Lon don after some twenty witnesses had given their evidence It was then dD covered that all had sworn on and kissed a copy of "The Guide to th© Isw of Land lord and Tenant." The mistake came to light only when a court official noticed that the #upj>o#*<l Bible was much clean er than usuai.jand, as a consequence, looked closely at the book. —Phonographs are to be put to practl l use in the study of foreign language*, where they seem to have found a useful plate. Grammar and le hnlcalitie* may be acquired wMhout <i teacher, but one cannot t©< h one * seif pr<>n(inflation- Hence to the many obliged to learn a foreign language without the aid of a teacher phonographic record# of language lemons are the greatest help, a the ma chine can reprot the word# over and over Again until familiarity wMh the sound* 1# obtained. Fruit has been found In Zanzibar. East Africa, whose Juice yields a substanefe closely resembling cutta percha The fruit look# like a poach, hut Is as large a* a cantaloupe. Ii I# unfit for food and It wa* I* rn©d hy accident that the milky Juice would *agulate in boiling water and would harden on cooling Into any -nap© desired. Tests are being made with this fulffit.ince in Ix>ndon to see if it can be us* and as a substitute for gutta percha. the supply of which is growing setarce though the dem ind Is increasing. —Jacob J Friedman of Philadelphia is a member of a sick beneiit society. He wa* taken sick and exhibited a doctor's certifi cate saying h© was unable to work and that h© should keep in the open air as much as possible Th© society refused to pay. and on being sued advanced the nov el defense that Fr.edman. instead of stay ing In the open air #at In a small room from # o'clock one evening umII ID the n-xt morning playing poker, thus violat ing a society by-law against "intoxicating dr inks, wicked or Immoral conduct ’* The use proved too much for a Jury, which could r.ot agree —Roadmitster 8 D Purdy of the Rur- I ngton hn* on exhibition at hi* office at La Crosse, Wis , a large piece of th* tusk of a mammoth which was found in . gravel pit at liagar. Wls. The piece when tuk'-n out was about seven feet b rig and shaped Hke the tusk of an ele phant. but f(©r being exposed to the at mosphere It crumbled to dust in manv placed A dispute arose as to whether 11 was not a piece of petrified wood and a portion of th- find was sent to th- geo logical department at the University of Wisconsin, where It was pronounced to b a portion of a tusk —lnteresting geological feature# of our new South Bra Island possession* are to be made ihe subject of careful and scien tific. Investigation, if reporis from Wash ington are to he believed, and It Is und? r stand that the inquiry will embrace ethno logical and gengraphlrol a* well a* geo logical subjects. Geologically th© Samoan Islands are of much interest and the in vestigation* of Prof. Dana many years ago— mostly, however, in ?h* espesrial di rection of th© rich coral formation* of the Samoan group—ar© about the only scientific work which ha# been done there with modern methods. —The crew of the British bark Inver .iuld h id e strange experience during a recent voyage from IJverpool to New South Wales. After th© vessel had round ed the Cape of Good Hope she encounter ed a northeast gale, and th© wav* brok© over her so violently and continuously that her fr©sh water supply wa* rendered undrinkable. The Invert buld hod on lioard practically Inexhaustible cargo of stout Intended for colonial consumption, and for twenty-three days her crew drank thi* beverage whenever they drank at all. They were *o sick of stout by th© time. they arrived nt .Sydney that any f them would willingly have taken the Pledge. —Private Officer Levi, n watchman in Clncinantl, was the laughable victim of his own corpulence one n ght l ist week. Passing along Ninth street h© noticed fin open do** and walked in to *©© whether all whs right. Th© htllw.iy was consider ably narrowed some distance hack and the |H>rtly officer, who weigh# about 2hf pounds, suddenly found that he was wedged In so tightly that he could not move. Not wishing to arou© th© resi dents #nd ther©by alarm them unnedei# sarlly, he stayed where he was two hours. Then n policeman cam© along and finding th© door open h© a)o enter©*l. Hy main strength th© n©wcotn©r pullet! out th© Falstaffian watchman. —A Ran Francisco Inventor line devoted a quarter of n century to the perfection of a device which h believes will store up wove power for use in runnins ma chinery, street core, electric litchts nnd the like. As described In hrlef the ar rangement consists of two buoys aftach ■d under tvoter to a plunger, and as they rise and full with the saves they moke the plunger up and down In an upright tuhe and rompregs the air therein. Till* tube is connected with a plp> which runs uiong the sea bottom to a rnservolr for the compressed air. The latter can he converted into any form of power There seem to be people with money who be lieve that the scheme will work ind that the day Is at hand when fuel will no longer be required to turn the wheels of j industry. —An English couple. Mr. and- Sirs, ! Douglas Chamberlain, who are traveling in this country, were recently the victims of H heartless practical Joke on the parf of an American whom they met on a train I in the West. He told them Inal If they wish'd to see a typical frontier town I they ought to stop at Denver, l imn his advice they purchased such luxuries ns would be needed In that crude vlliaxc. such as a private bathtub, with alcohol lamp for heating the water, etc. The Wijg informed Mr. Chamberlain that guests at the Denver hotel were supposed to wash In a tin basin on a bench In the back yard When he saw Denver he was astounded, nnd, ns he explained to the hotel mm the reason why he brought along the private bath tub. he was unable to understand the mirth of that gentle man or to fathom the motives of his In formant. —A ctlrious circumstance Is noted by the Kansas City Journal In connection with •h* lle elections In the Hunflower State. Alvin W llllams. ihe Republican nominee for countV commissioner In Osborne coun ty. died at noon on election day. and when the news of his demise reached Ihe polls the Repulhlcans were greatly perplexed as to what to do t’pon looking up the low they discovered that If they should suc ceed In electing the dead man Ihe duty of selecting a live commissioner would de volve upon the two other commissioners and Ihe county clerk, all of whom were Republicans. Ho they < ontlnued to caat their ballots for Williams, and defeated his opponent „ p| uri || tr ot a n,|,, Is prooal' y the only instance In Ihe his tory ol the I nlted States In which men I doaX n * X ' uU ' U ,or “ ca, **M** who Waal The Quakers Are Honest People. §The Qumlirr n, rb THpR l MM on,) ' , have not* twr bkt It act, „ tonic, it pefwla and 1-rda •tr®r>*th an.l tor, tn th® nervou, *yt*vn. It ta a medicine for wmk women. It u ® purely vc(t®tjbl* medicine and can I* taken hy the moat delicate. Kidney E>t. ease*. Rheumatism aad all disease* of th- Blood. Stomach and nerves soon su umo to It* wonderful effect* U[kw> the human aystera. Tiiouaind* of people In Geo:.-., recommend It. Price II Oft. QUAKER PAIN BALM 1* the medl-ln, Ihat th® Quaker Doctor made *ll of hi, wonderful quirk cure* with It’s ®re w and wonderful medicine for Ncur,;*•, Toothache. Backache. Rheum,Him, Sprnln* Pain In Rowels; In fact, all can h® relieved by It Price ISc * n <l . QUAKER WHITE WONDER BOAP , medicated soap for the skin, scalp add complexion. Price Hh- .t cake. Qt AKER HEADING SALVE, n v.,,. tabl® ointment, for the cure of tetter, .c. zrma and eruptions of the skin. !>r; , 10c a box. FOR SALE BY ALL DREOGIST? Ocean Sieamstilo Ga -FOR— New York, Boston —AND— THE EAST. Uneur|ia**©d cabin a rornmndations. Ail ihe comfons of ti mMiero hotel. Ele trlj bgiMs. Unexcelled table. Tickets Include meals and bi rths aboard ship. Passenger Fares irom Savaaaati. TO NEW YORK—FIRST CABIN. D; FIRST CABIN ROUND TRIP. $32. IN. tkkmkhiatb cabin, su, interme diate CABIN ROUND TRIP, f.l. STEERAGE. 111). To BOSTON—FIRST CABIN. C; FIRST CABIN ROI’ND TRIP. tX. IN tehmehiate cahin. m. interme diate cabin rocnD TRIP. IS; STEERAGE. *11.75. Toe express ate.inrahtp* of thi* line *r appointed lo sail from Savannah, Central (90fh merKltan time, as follows; tO t>MII TO YEW YORK. CITY OK AUGUST A. Capt. Ditftit, SATI’RDAY. Nov. 24, d;00 p. m. NACOOCHEE. Capt. Smith. TUEBDAT. Nov. 27. 830 p m. CITY OF BIRMINGHAM. Capt. B tri, TIICRBDAY. Nov. 3S. 10:0(1 . m KANSAS CITY. Capt Fisher. THCRS* DAY. Nov. lo 00 a m. Capt. Asklns. SATCR- I>AY, Dec. 1, 12;00 m CITY OF ACGCSTA. Capt. Dagyaff, TCEBDAT Dee 4. 3Oh p. m. NACtXX'HEE. Capt Smith. THCRS DAY, Dee. f, 4:30 p, Itl. Kansas city. Capt Fisher, SATVR DAY. Dec. 8. :00 p. m. CITY OI BIRMINGHAM. Capt. B-rg. MONDAY. Tuh’. 10, 800 p m. TAELAHASSKE. Capt. Asklna. TEES DAY. ft. ■. 11, 9 00 p in CITY OF ACGCSTA, Capt. Daggett, THCRBDAY. Dee 13, lOOil a. m NACOOCHEE. Capt. Smith. SATCR DAY. De, IS. 11:30 a. m. KANSAS CITY. Capt Father. TUESDAY, I tee. 18, 2:'10 p. m. TAEIMHASSEE Copt. Askin*. THCRS DAY. Dec. 20. 3.3" p. m. CITY OK BIRMINGHAM. Capt. Berg, FRIDAY. Dec. 21. 300 p m. CITY OF ACGCSTA. Capt. Daggr t. SATURDAY. Dec. 22. 5:00 p m NACOOCHEE. Cnpt. Smith. TUESDAY, Dec. 23. 7:30 p. in. KANSAS CITY C.ip FDher. THt'RS DAY. Dec. 27. 9.00 p m TALLAHASSEE. Capt. Asklns. BATVR DAY. Drc 29, 11:00 p. m. NOTlCE!—Steamship City of Birming ham will not carry passenger*. Steam lip CITY OF MACON Cip' Savage, wll! p!y between New York an* Boston on the following schedule LEAVE NEW YORK FOR BOSTON (from Pier .15. North river, at 12:0' noon) Nov 23. 2*. Dee. 3. 7. 12 17. 21. X. LEAVE BOSTON FOR NEW YORK (from Lewi* wharf, at 12 00 noon* Nov. 2v. 30. Dee. 5. 10. 14. 19. 24. 29. This company reserves the right to change Its sailing* without nntFe an* wsnout liability or accountability there for Sailings New York for Savannah Tues days. Thurwlavs nnd Saturdays 5 p m W O BREWER. City Ticket an.l P sengcr Agent. 107 Bull street. Savannah, Ga. K W SMITH. Contracting Freight Agent. Savannah. Ga. 14. G. TREZEVANT. Agent. Btvinnah, <, . WALTER HAWKINS. General Agn| Traffic Department, 224 W. Bay street. Jacksonville. Fla E H. HINTON. Traffic Manager ?- vannah. Ga P E LEFERVE. Manager New Pier 33. North river. New York N T. Merdioms J Miners TronsDorioiionCo Steamship Lines To Baltimore & Philadelphia Tickets on Sale to All Point# North #*i W#t First-class tick©( includ© m©l* #r ] berths Savannah to Haltimor© #nd * dolphin. Ac ommodation# and cu> uta-qualcd Th© of this company *r© pointed to sail from Ravannah as foi io (Central Rt mdard Time): TO BALTIMORE. DORCHESTER. Cap 4. James. SATT R* DAY. Nov. 24. 7 p m. —.--riAY TEXAS. Capt. Eklrcdge. TIE? * Nov 27. 10 a. m D H MILLER. Capt Peter*. TIP • DAY. Nov 29. 11 a m. v ITASCA. Capt. RUlups. HATt RDAI. Dec. 1, 1:> p. m. TU PHIUDELTHIA. ALLEGHANY. Capt. Foster. MONPAT, Nov. 38. I p. m. , v BERKSHIRE. Capt. Ryn. FRIDAi, Nov . 9 p. m ALUSOHANY. Capt. Foster. TCESPAi, Drc- I. * P m- Ticket Office No 112 Bull street. J. J. CAROLAN. Agent. NEWCOMB COHEN. Trav. Agt Savannah, Ga. W. P TPRNER, O. P. A A. D. STEBBINS, A. T M J. C WHITNEY, Traffic Manager General Office*. Baltimore. Md HAiR R aAt#Aa.„ M WSwl )j£