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EACH KILLED THE OTHER. UOI'BLB TRAGEDY AT KONKOVS HIM., IN 111 1.1.01 11. ,4 eli Thrashed llnltrn llmol a iHunr of Cards— (lattes Got a I’ll* ml and Shot Ills (niaanulsl—John* son. After Brln Kntnllr Wnuiilrf. Armed lllmsrlf and Killed Ills Man. Inlay, Os.. Nov. 2*.—A shootine *ffr.y took pl*re near here, at Kennedy * mill. W B'dlooh county iaet nlht at 9 o’clock which ended In the death of E. Johnson and Robert Hatien, both white men. Johrwon wo* the< hman at the mill ord had a fallin* out with ILitten over a card came They had a light in which Johnson gave hint a thrashing Hatien went off and got a revolver, came ba'k and tired on Johnson, tihooilng h:m through the neck and In the back. Johnson ran into hi* home, whirh was near by, got his revolver und enme out i.nd shot Hatien down, putting live bul lets Into him. Johnson tnen stepped hark Into hlr home and died In a lew momenta. Hatien died to-day at he father’s home near th mill. So one knows where Johnson came from, or anylhlng about him except m came to this section of the state about three years ago and got u position with Polk * Son as night watchman at a roll, and after they sold out he got a position at iNimmtng* & Edwards’ null, where ne worksri lor several months He hes worked for some time at the place whera he was killed. He leaves no traoe of any relatives .or where he ts from He lias never told anyone where he was from or anything about himself. Thera was something a:range about h.s life. LEAVES MONEY TO FIUEXDS. Hoyt nisreaardrd Hla t'naalsi In Making Ills (VIII. Near Tork. Nov. 20.— The will of Charles H Hoyt, the playwright, was filed to-day In tha surrogate s office. It wae executed Ort. 15. IMS After making bequests to iiersonal friends and employes, the testator rays ■’lt Is my wish that thegtheatrlcal busi ness of Hoyt and McKee be continued and conducted solely by Frank McKee as It Is now managed. Ihe said Frank McKee to receive all of my share of the profits thereof as a recompense (or hlr services, axcrpltng such pcrMon as Is hereinbefore bwioenthcsl to El wood M Dasher*. On the death of said Frank McKee the said busmaas shall cease and determine." Hesiduary legatees a.e the Lambs' Club of this city atal the A tors' Fund. “In making this, my will, at the pres ent time," the will concludes, "f have no relative# nearer than cousins to be ron saloie.l by me. and my cousins anti dis tant relatives have never shown by tny sot any desire for my friendship or goal will; hence. I have deemed it more cufi at.rrnt with fair dealing and Ju.-ttre to dispose of my property to those who dur ing my life have been my; c m ponton* and well-wishers, ar.d to eu. h charities ms In my Juognunl are most fitting." TWO MORE PROPMM.I. Foreign Envoys Walt In Hear From Home C.ov erntur nte. fatndon. Nov. IT—Dr. Morrison, wiring to the Times from Pekin, Sun lay. says: "The foreign envoys have agree I to two proposals that were previously rejected owing to lack of unanimity. These ar Sir Ernest Baton's proposal that China - you Id agree to recast the commercial treaties and the Italian propo al t at t hing should content to foreign tlr.ancltl . orvtrol a* a guarantee of the indemnity. •The delay In the presentation of the joint note Is due to postponements by the t ome governments. This in> r a*e the difficulties of the position and i-gt a votes the dislocation of trade at tl finance, • s pedally the collection of inland revenues Al the lowest estimate tt* Indemnity Is computed at ftin,iOn,no>." PAID VAttiHN FOK OVERWORK. He Was Kept In Ihe Penitentiary After firing Pardoned. Atlanta. Nov. 2*> —The House debated the proposition to pay John Vaughn for over work done In the state penitentiary after hi had been pardoned, and by a vole of 107 to IS said that he should le paid. Vaughn was sent up from Catoosa county for burglary for the term of ten J cars After serving u part of this sen. fence he was pardoned on the ground that hi was Illegally convicted as he was In nocent of the crime charged The pardon when Issued was sent to the clerk of the Superior Court rf Catoosa county, who filed It sway without further action. It saould have been sent to the bosses at the convict came, and Vaughn was kept at work for something like six ninths for which sl*l pay was asked for. PfinilluiTlONlvr* AT WORK. They Will Hake Vlgnrnnt Campaign In Every Stair. Chicago. Nov. 28 —Chairman Sfewirt or the Prohibition National CommlUee .an nounced to-day that funds for the cam paign of 1911 aie already bring collected, ar.d that It was the Intention of the party leader* to make even a more vigorous campaign than the laet one. "More than s7.hob has already been sent in." said Chairman Stewart, "and this too only three or four dsya after no tice* had been sen- out that we ready to begin the woiV It Is the In tention of the National Committee to ef fect qrganlxatlon In e\*ry preclncl o' every township of every slates, snd eve y stete atnpalgn of lhrtl will he vigorously fought." ClI BED OKl*ll EWBVTIIR IAN*. Progress of the Vnlr on tlie fliaeatlon of f’knnges. Pittsburg. Nov. at.—’W R Crabbe. the JNttsburg member of Ihr Revision Com mittee of the Presbyterian General As sembly, said to-night thtt all of Hie Presbyteries have voted oi the question of revision of the creed, resulting In re visionists securing alxiut 77 per cent, of Ihe vote* cast. Of the I.OO7AS* members of the church. MH.236 voted The pres yl*rlea voting In favor of revision num ber 128. those against a rhaige R A two-thirds vole is required to make a ■hnnge. The committee wll. meet In Washington Dee. 4 to lake ecion. Funeral of Bishop Moore. Jacksonville, Fla , Nov. K-The fun eral o| Blrhop M M Moore, colotrd. wgs conducted this afternoon from Mount Zkm African Methodist Episcopal Vhurcn and the body Interred at Mount Olive ' emetery at 4 o’clock. There weri sev ♦’*l hundred people In attendance, a large n itnbt-r being prominent colored mln’atera fmm outside atatea kecrelnry Roof Arrives, Jacksonville. Fla.. Nov. 28 —Becrrlory of War Root, accompanied by Gen. WtO I. arrived here this morning on the dlspetrh boat Kanawha, the Secretary leaving !.- ’■ aahingtofi at : g. tn . Al TOR* W ANT BI'NDAY OFF. They Will Aid In Prosecution of hun dny Theaters. New York. Nov. 28.-The Actors - Church Alliance of America has Is gun an actlv, campaign again*t Bunda> theatrical pc • (ormances, and its mnntsrs promise lo keep It up until actors have one day of rest In seven, thu same as |>ersons in the ordinary vocations of life It claims to have caused th*- grrests tv.nrh have been inede at New York theaters the past Int o Sunday# and It |s now keeping n eye on the proeeoutlon of these eases. Rev. Francis J. Clay Moran, chairman of lhe law 'ommttiee. to-night gave out a copy of a letter which he hud sent to De puty Chief Cortrlght last Friday, fiealir* with the subject. It bed been statesl that the arrest* a. question were due to the aetlon of the Tammany Purity Commit tee, and Mr. Moran took or. iston to cor reel this Impression lie said that ihe law committee of the ulllsi: e had not had .my conimunicaUon with the Tammany com mittee |n any way and knew nothing of Its actions. IHPDSSIIII.I. To t lINVHT. Wbnt Sheriff Freeman ijyra of the Minna, 4 al., I.ynehc-r*. Denver, Col , Nov. 28 —The Rocky Mountain News to-day prints the reply of Sheriff Freeman of Lincoln county, to the letter of District Attorney McAllister of Coloroda Spring.*, concerning the prosecu tion of the persons who lynched Preston Porter at Llmon, Col., recently. After alleging that he was Influenced into taking IVrter from Denver to Urnon, by the assurance of leading eltiaen* of Lincoln county, that he would he allowed to pas* through Union unmolested to Hugo, where he would be permitted to place Porter In the county Jail. Sheriff Freeman declares thin It would be Im |ai*-lh]r to get it Jury In Lincoln or unv u<lJolnlt:g county that would convict any one charg'd with pirtlrlpatlon In the burning of Hie-negro. A CONTENT IN ARTILLERY. French Gan Will Prnkahly Enter ihe f ni" pet 111 on, Washington. Nov. 76—The ordnance bu reau of fhe War Department Is preparing to make a comprehensive test next aprlng of th* very latest Inventions In field ordnance with the purpose of selecting a gun which will bring the I’r.lted Slat. * artillery branen tip lo an equality with Hie beat foreign artillery. Amem in gvintn ikers have been noilfie.l that this trial will eomm.-tyce on March 21, next, and meet of them ire planning to have pieces cf ordnance In the r.-tn- Itnltlon. which Is up. eted to he thrown open to foreign Inventors .vrwi gunmik.-rs ill order to secure the very best results, "’he date named L Just beyond the time of 120 <kiy allowed by the War Depart ment for the roniplet on of a working model of a piece of field onlnance on t i general lines of the French gun which may consequently I* placed In the coni- Dvfltlon GEN. LEE IN WASHINGTON. Will Take C liargr ni Department of fhe Hlsaonrl. Washington, Nov. 26—Gen. FHahttgh Lee, who recently was relieved from duty as commander of the division of Havana and Santa Clara and ordered to take com mand of tile Department of live Missouri, relieving Gen. Merrlam, was at Ihe War Departnnnr to-day. receiving his final In structions. lli* will proceed lo the bead quarters of the Deportment of the Mis souri at Omaha within a few day# to as sume his new duties. Gen. Merrlnm will retain Ills posklon as commander of Ihe Department of the Colorado with head quarters ut Denver. lavter in Ihe day Gen. Lee called on the President und dtseuewed Cuban affairs. SC IIHONKH'* 111 I.K ASHORE. Fate of Her Crcsv of five Men fan Only He 4 onjret n r*il. Portsmouth. Tv. H„ Nov. 28.—The batter ed hulk of what was the St. John schooner Advance wee waehed ashore on Wallis Sands this afternoon with no signs of life aboard. Whether her crew of four or five men have been taken off by a passing vessel or have been drowned can only be conjectured. There la a chance that they may have reached the Isle of Shoals, right miles to the eastward The schooner is a omplete wreck. I.ACEMAKEKS I AN COME IN. Treasnry Department lireiile* In Ad mit the Dltsslelfes. Washington. Nov. 26 - The Treasury De partment to-day decided to admit the lacemakers and their families, who w<.re brought to this country by Dr. J. A. liowle. th# "Divine Healer" and the founder of Zion City. 11l . to teach other* th" art of laee-maklng Thl- Is re versal of the action of the Phll i l"l bis immigration official*, who hail dr Ids I that Ihe laremaker* should not he ad mitted to this country. CONTROVERSY WITH Tt’RKGV. (VIII Take (Necks to Aetlle Harpoot Consulate Sfatler. Washington. Nov. 28 —The Issue between the Stale Department and Turkey over the withholding of an exequatur to Dr. Thomas H Norton to be ron*ul at Har poot, has pissed Into the controversla' stage, and ihe indicatlops are that It will be weeks before the matter can le set tled. Bowie* to Succeed Hlchhorn. Washington,' Nov 26-The President ha* derided to appoint Fr.mels T Bowles, naval constructor In charge of the Nw York navy yard, chief of the Rureau of Construction and Repair of the Navy De partment upon the retirement from nr tlvr service next March I of Rear Admiral Philip Hlchhorn. tie* pre-ent tncumbin! Will Examine ftltli lal*. Washington. Nov. 26 -The sub-rominll tee of the Appiaprlntlon* Comm tire or the House, having In har*e the lei 1-11- tlve appropriations bill. *gn work to day and decided lo call before It Off!-lal* of the Congressional Library and of the State and Treasury Departments Throe officials will be heard to-morrow. Welllnaton's Name Omitted. Washington. Nov. 28 -In makleg up the Republican caucus list of the Senate th* name of Senator Wellington of Maryland has been omitted at hi* own req iest. 11- has chosen a seat on th# Republican *kle. however. ■ ♦ - Supplies for Chinese Court. Shanghai. Nov. 38.—Native Chiietlen-r from Fan Cheng Hslen. on Han river, re. port that they us fir* boeie taking sup plies for the court at Sian Fu. ami tha> the mandarins have chartered every available boat for that purpose. “Ttist as gooi as Eat-Wel!” nEANS THAT Eat-Well is the Best THE MORNING NEWS: TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 27. 1900. DOCTORS WERE HIS VICTIMS. HOfi! * I*ll VMi I\ \ WHO I.HRI) ON II WtO M l K MTORIHII. I.atrai Story Uhr Tlmt Hr l,oi Ilia • and Property In Ihr (ini* \*a(on Flood—tlr Oner I'rMUMinl Hr. I'nrphpr €f Mmrlni!(in— Dour llti*4it*aa In IHltrrrni I'nrit •! Ihr ftouth—\ntt I n.lrr ,4rrrt In N’nr 4 nrlt. NVw York, Nov. 96 The police t%( ihr Wwt KMrhty-riuhth Firrrt Ftntlon r*y ihry have In cufttoely a rwinclter. who for more tn*n a brrn vlrtlmiting phyirtrliinji nr^-nnr throughout thr trrn malm Tha m.'in. who wa*i nr- M'Med to-fi y, t|r?iTlt4 ? himfrlf Will 1-iin A. F'rnruaon, 89 years old. living m thr Capitol Hotel, llowrry. llr of irih birth anti *iys he w a physician. Fcrftipon i*all<Hl to-day on Dr. William M Folk at No. 7 K*t Thirty-sixth •trect .in*l told n ton oh In* Mory about havlna lost his wife, m&o children anti all hie properly in Ihe (ialverton atortn and flood He ask*d for aid ami would prob ably have jrot It. h* le reproM-nted htm aelf ok on unfortuimu* phyaldan, had not Dr. Folk rememhcretl huvlna received a call a year jko from Ferguson. He fur ther remembered that al <ha* tlm- hla vm- Itor aald he ha 1 lost all he had in u tire In Mi higan. Dr. Folk then went to hie telephone and called up t number of hie po>- friends and told them to beware of Ferguron. Dr Ueorae Iv Jarman, of Seventy -s*ixh tr H-t, war one of th* •*♦* CMnuminlraiod with, and shortly after h*- r oe.Vfd th telephone nuv - “Dr William A Ferguaon” wae ann un *nil Dr Jarman re* eive.j aid i*c ln the Oalverton rloo-l Mory told, and in furtherance of hit* idea for aid. Furgunon produr*d a letter bstrtwr Dr. po'lc'a nan. *n<l which raid In *f[ t that the l*earvr \\*% a worthy mar* who *l* served help. Jarman r**tiretl to a back room, markrd a one dollar bill, araj on hfh mm urn lt to hie visitor, who left lifter profusely thanking the physician hen Ferguson left Dr. Jarman's house h was followed by the doctor, who Im - f.-re <he\* had rne fi ... \ lip >„ >llceman to ar-e-t the man At the station house the police at on* e rem**rn l>er**d a marked copy of the Modlrai R ■oi and d.ited Non 21. wlilch real • T>r W Fcyre Forcher of f'harleston. H avites that a iernmt Inst hltt*- -elf and claiming to h ve attended th meeting of the (’ongres* of American Thv slctons and Surgeons in \\ i h ngton In M> last. hM iwen vhflmlslrg many of the profession In tha: city by preten llntr to be in dl.-11 4*j ind loi r>wlru mo ry from them The man 1* i-* ribed ah- Ing between W t. 70 years okl. with n heavy gray a!e>uf five feet ar 1 eight Inches tall, of efwire build. Th re should Ik* som* way In which physlofa* s could protect fhcmsetve** from this class of scoundrels, an ‘ I>r. I'orchor hopes *hot .nv one a|*ir.(.M*ed hv ihi.-* man will be on hit- guard and will t*e ale to (Kuse the swindler's apyrehenston " The description rorie<*i* n ds with the appear nce of F>rguson. He wb.-i reman l ed until to-morrow. teIIISON Hill To t.l\h IT I P. %f %lloweil in lllil n tnpilol tfirr \ttertipf*d flrlliery. Jnckson. Miss.. Nov. 2H. J. K. Olhson. the Indiana *’ontr * -tor who was arr*st*-d here Saturday on the charge of attempt ing to bribt Oov. loOngtno to secure Ihe contract for the new miHion-dollitr state hrmsc. will leave for home *to-nv>rrow> the Cipltol having declined to allow /Min access to ths* plans und s|k* id eations or to coiwrider any bid he may ofT* r. The rommlrslon Is making an Investi gation of the charge brought by Hibson that it combination has leen formed tnun ,' St. Louis and Chicago contractors to < iptiire the contract. The case will be * tiled the January term of the Circuit Court. MIOT % NVNTfHttW Three Men From the tnipliitrllr fiet Into Troohle. Norfolk. Va.. Nov. LH—To-night three sailors from the IT idled States monitor Amphitrtle, Lurb Morick. J. G. Gillen and John Boyd, attacked Watchman Joseph ] King and a negro longshoreman. Joseph Hopkins, at the Merchants' oral Miners' I Tr: in sport at lon I'omjMiny wharf. Morick was armed wMh a shotgun, lie | first air.tcked Hopkins find shot him In ! th- hack an*l (highs w:th No. 4 shot. King came to llopkln>* ashist.ince ami was shot In fhe left temple, but not fa- i tally hurt, as mo-u of t!te shot entewni hi- h •. whl h w is filled with holes. The sailors wrre arrested. It th understood tD 11 th* Amphltrlre will Sell 1 to-morrow for Fort Royal. lir.Lll Foil <eltA\l> UNt KHf, Charge Against Broker larrrmrr and Ills limping es. New York. Nov. 36.—C. B LiWrttPe, Jr., a broker, who fai>d last Frdty morning, his m.inager. Kdwsnl R I’nder hlll. and his George H V\ I 1 ert. ill of whom were arrested Fr day. aetc again arraigned to-day. Th** cat-e was postponed for a week. The specific charge againvt the men Is the larceny of a i*nd from Mrs Catherine Ronckendorff. * > t A K VtOA lIIOTBM ftFATEM RO. hour tent lo IDfsrsiater) and One to flie Fenilrntiary. Akron. 0., Nov. 26—Judge KohTer to day sentvn e<l five of the Akron rioters who h.iv* been ronvlctd to date. Harvey Elnrl. Frank Sickles. David Pavla ar.d Oli ver organ, were sent t otbe Ohio refarm alory lor Indefinite periods and James McClelland to th** penitentiary for one year. Thomas* Byan. charged with at tcmid In g lo bribe n witness in the Kppiy tsr. attempted suietdo by hanging In the Jail to-day. HO WIN-s t ill. MtlllTtt ATION. . ' Had a C laim Against Ckivrrsmsal of CaU'ite mnla. Washington Nov. 26.—1 tis unofficially, but reliably, reported <o the Staie Depart ment that Mr Jenner. the Rruish umpire In the arbitration of th** case of Robert H May. an American citiseo, agalmt the government of Guatemala, has render*-! $ Judgment, In favor of Che claimant to the amount of 6166,000 American gold. May's claim wa * for subventions In a rail- ! W*iy contract with the government. Sea men's I ninn l oi% eat o. gestrn, Nov. 2k —Th** arnual convention * of the IntcrnaHon l tJeatnen's t’rtcn f America wae opened here to-<l iv witn 1 Fresident Wllltnvn of Chicago in the chair After the opening cercniopfha the president delivered his address. In wh ch he the 'uistness which tbe j ctmefition wood take acti n uf*on. Aft-r the appointment of o number of commit tees the convention took recess until to morrow. Issl'is'n ftrslgontlon ireptii|. Atlanta. Nov. 36-Oov. Candler co-day accepte<l tha resignation of Col. A* R. Lawton of tha First Georgia Hegimeni. MAC 4N ANNKXATION MF.%91 HR. t n Sharp Tilt llrlnmi Two of Ihe Members I r*i llihli. Atlanta, Nov. 26.—l!<s.*r. Felder* and Hall >f Bibb locked horns in the House this morning over the Macon annex*.on fight. The former gentleman wantedi to take in ih* suburbs and the l iner w $ opposed to It The bill was introduced Wednes day sni passed Baturdav Tliera wa# coo much rapidity in this for Mr. Hall. The bll hud been passed in his atwence. He wanted the net ion reconsidered, but th*’ House voted down th r-Nju This was the second h*ated discussion betwean th* two meml*er* of the Bibb del egation over this bill, ttt the Houthern Hailwav train from M on last nigh* Col. Hail made is attick on Mi 1 ■ Mtf fo intro<!ucing the bill without submitting W to him. klr. Hall stat<*<l that Mr Felder had vi olated ail trouted him unfair ly and placed him in an emhurrahing p>*itb n with fils ••I'nstltu* #•, In * at the bill received the reonitniitdsiion of tbs committee ami went through without ap proval from him. In defense of hime’f Mr l-V.der n! Irpd that Mr Hill i*l seen tae bill and Representative K* v* $ aibd uj>n ti> prove it Mr Kltborn #tute*l th th-* bIH hod been handed to him ly Mr. F** dcr while Mr. Hull *at next • him. nn*l that he %*. of the • m - r h th* tim ' that Mr. Hall h.t| rend the bill ov. r w!th h t m Mr Bte*d of Tuor tv.o pr>'s**nt dtiring the dif-'ussion an I several other lcop.e gathered around to *w 1 1 rrtults. The discussion grew to i whits beat bom** salty things were said on both ssl •*. but tiis storm passed ate) finally quiet prevailed. LAN All\N is I MllClt AM It 17* V. C itsrKnl With l.srecnj —flock 4 rash er 4 NIIM'S ItlligatlOß. Athans. Gs . Nov 2f. Mr Richard I am ah* n. former. y traveling sMb-sman for Cl. II Holm* A Cos,, was arr> ted her* to ds v on tf- bar?** of larcany after trust. He Is said to be 6#*i short In his a* counts. The n* e > i>l his at rest usfl i sensa tion among the business men of the city where be is well known nd bears a g.**! reputation. He did not give bond. t whs allowed to go to the home of H c. Davis, where h* U being guarded until to-morrow, when the Bur>**rior c*ourt w tii convi ne. Mr lamchun Is verv indignant over the charge s, and says (hat he Is in it.g very badly treated lie has is*n In Athen e\er since he wa* discharged, und has made no attempt to get awn\ The city of Athene seems to have an elephant on !?*< hand* In the s' |>* of a rock crust or The crush* r |n situated near a i evident port Ip t. f the city, and dnmag* suits to the nmount of h‘>oui f7.<nn have been filed against the city In the past two months. .A stormy s**#-ion of th' Connell was held yesterday *ftartH*>n Tin Mayor vii* ated the chair and In h ringing stK*eeh said that he thought the cltv had stood the affair long enough, and he thought the matter w.s ilp*- fr a Jury. The city tut* considerable tn>.-.ey :nv< *tl In the property, a* has th** AJhens Halir ad *|.iiiy. r*l the crusher Is - ivlng tfio>4 sands of dollars to the iax|>ers of Ath ens. JM MT-ADKIt IN '•!!>-A llt 'lnn's I Ife Sgs *il l> His 4 Inlhiiig 4 t4B'liing on n l**li. Chicago, Nov !!*• Hu-|*en !*d In mil a r by his Jacket Itsi feet from the ground Andrew And* r*>n, employed on a bias furnace in th* liltnior gtifl VVcuksf hung for an hur to-day while employe of Un works ondeav* c* fto res u* htn FlnaJh . by means c*f extetu-don ladders. 4h** man was taken frv-n his perilous position and exhaustsfff, carried to the ground The arc wbnt which pla< *1 Amlerson in fhe perilous r*silted in sen slv and probably fatally injuring three of bis companions Th* \ Were n'd working on a scaffold at the top of it new blast furitu e, when the s<affolding broke, failing with its human bur*len. Twenty feet from the top of the b.osr f triun e An*ler-m's Jack et caught on a nhort bolt extending two inches from the surface amt ids rapid d* went w.ih Mj.j.bnly checked. II ** com panions crashed through th* tietwork of #• affokling lo tli<‘ ground mi.l %vr** lat *r picked up unconscious and bk**liiig by oiher emp.oyc* and takn to th* com* puny a hoqdtal. Kid AA 4L4Y M lllhl, NKTTIKI. Motornn ii and 4 anduefors Have |(r tnrurj to ;;; V. Key West. Fla . Nov. 26.—The strike of the motormen and conductors of the el*. trie street railway *\>tem, tvtd and, h <M been *n progress h*r* for several days, he been settkd. The cars resume-1 their schedules to-day. Tn* settlement was brought aismt 1> c*>mniittec *,\ ur:>:t>.i non The workmen go bark on the old wag*? scale, which has been in force since th*- line has been operation. A* a result the president of the Motormat. und 4*on du Ads' Union baa resigned nnd * so* cess*r elected Only three of the ->irlk ets refused to resume work, their pi ic-.*- lieing supplied. B ATM lI4NH'N FROPLItTA HOLD. Bought !>• ( ountesN run Vtlttherg. Ilia A\ Ifr’d Ulster. Hamilton. O. Nov. t’, The Reilly block, the property of MaJ. E. CJ. Rgth hone. formerly director of i*>d* In Cuba. api>taise/r P at 87H.64J6 ary! tlie Campb*U block, the property of Mrs Kate c M nor, Rn-th bone's alster-lr-lAw apjra|s*d at p*.:i34. were sold her*? to-*1.1) by Unit and States Marshal Fagiu unl r t and r c of forei'loaure ohtaltnd by W H. Jones o # New York to Grace Campbell theOo mte** von Rlltbarg of Dreaden Germany, a ?|s tcr of Mrs. Rathbone. The firmer bio k brough* |57.04F and she latter $' .3 0 The Reilly block was the l-iht lnii>or:ant hoM lng of Rathbone. Toou IN new YORK. An E*|rlenei'l rh>elrliin - s Work. Dr' MlMlrslb In < xperiment- Ins thr result oi looii In hi* own body, j seys: "Aft.'f ■•.l’ln* t'mr heaptn l"S- | sjioofis of Grape-Nut# with a lllil" mum. i l had O'faslon to walk Htout H mil#', and was surjinse.l al my fe.Hnn of 'ir.rmih an.l bouynnry. on oiher oer.ielone. when j t have tskm careful note of my feellnas nnd senauUom I hive dtsoovei*ed that li - j tifiertuiil la-lie .ire enmimratlvejy ea.jf v. hen u-Ii k Grate Nuis at each mea'. "Of course I undersl'in l that the theory ; re* ir.’.U.K Gr ipe-Nut* Is practically per- j feet. 'Thai the foul ccniains riements j that are well (mown, and furnished in a : concentrated snd quite delicious form H j Is reasonable to expert rssults. bur the j physical demons’ra'ion of these results j is more sad,factory, always, than the! mere statement of theory Grape-Nuls combine 1 with fruit and seasonable vesel iblear I pt*#cil(a> to all-I Ing worn, n und de'e ate men. and have not | had a case ye' that has not furnish.d yraltfytoA result*. A nervous. Irritable man of *2 became fat and amiable uslntc Grape-Nu.s fool as a regular (but not ex el’islve) diet "I have found slender, anaemic slrt* Improved rapid y tn health, spirits, webrht, and looks, on Grape-Nuts food li w-oul I he a bleaele* to thotisurds of such alrls If this fatal was used more lamely In leardtr'ii schools and seminaries, not 'o be admlnlrteretl as mvetl-tne, but as a pur*, healthful, and htffhly nourtehln* food " Dr. MacUratb Mvta at IN ith Avt.. New York. Duffy’s Pure Malt Whiskey America** 4sicmnt M4ielM. ( CvJR ES Consumption General Do btlity. La Grippe. Colda, Bronchltla, Malaria, Oyxpnpaia, Depression, and weakness from whatever causes ll i* lit* ”filf W hiakrT Ult.’.l tjf lh l#.*C**inmnl ms • #!.• '*'. Hug it % g iartnl#B* It#* ur *!*• AM ill crfitu m 4 .*r ditrrt. $t <x> \ ►Hi** •-I ’l f * : mMI I'-w'll •• t >i.l !* wis t WufTj %fal* wm#ii4*i € ~ gm krilßr, A. %. WORK AT 4 1114 KAMAI 4. A I* AIIR. (* n. Ili>tiinn’a Annual Tell iiiH AA It it 4 lln Hern Hone. \A arhaigtof). Nov 26 -Uerv I! N Boy* ' tot). *'iiatrtnaii of tbr *l.icamaUga an i Ch*:t*n <>K4 Natbi>at Military Park Com ii.lsN'on. ha nubmitN hi* annual report to ib* fbercar) cf War Th* aaya The wrk *'f ••■tabliahlrvg the park aji li# malnt#mre# ha# euntlmMrt uninter rtipteilly during the year e*,ling Her* 36. 19b6 and b#* leu cnrrle I on itrleily In a* . onlai co with the p an for dividing the fun.l* appropriated by *'>ngra led t( >4ai by the ccfnmtealon and ap |lov * and. 'lt from the i-tiglneer’# report tha< w have i*ow #lx(y-aeven of m proved •►** i* which e*>at an average of I-. 603 per ttiile. ihotil four and a half mt)#4 of which wu ccm at rutted during the year, that IK., lit* ha# been exi*erwVd in that tlnte |n road construction ani bettar nienta. Thet* are *j*(w erected on th# Chi* matigM fie;.l !** guru*, mounted on iron • arr>MA t< ludtate th** |*atr**rn.*‘ |n uee 'luring fn* Civil VAar. mat king forty-thr#* t it ion battery pool (ton# and ninety-four R* 1 * gun# -Imi.arlv mounted, marking thirty nine 4*onfd#rat# battery ponition# <ti t K n.ittai *in fi* I*l M*rt\flve gtm* motuited a# ah* v\ mark ten I'nion am*l t*n c . if.derat# better) i*mo ton* there IL-vtoil a) raMete erected during the IHJI, foundation# for t#t- m*tiuiitent# rue ted, 1, *‘\, .$ vated. 1, gun# mount ed 12 Tbc Ini lance on luind 4> 1 1, IWA a D*. >; Th* appropriation a f*r the fi*'* a )e,ir ending June in. lftd. including a ape *apt>ropriatUai of |lo.*at> for complet |r th# Ltft>ettr ro *1 **xten#ton. w* e y, '.<**• The.-**, with two other am# I Hem#, aggregating Sj.UL m.d, the t4'al r; eljda for the y**ar ending Bap!. 3), liMi, lib* Th# total expenditure# lo and In •'lading ihal dale have been ..h leav Inga I Milan..- * <*t 1. Duo. of $63,117." tier* Hoyt <u enlla attention to tlie in #|*ec4iotl lat itionlh by the veteran# of t. 4 M’vrr .1 artnie# Interested, of all th** hlNtorioel work thu# . f ar completed on th* (G.ik with a view to the correction of such error# an might have been In In lon# upon tablet#, m •nuineid# an*l Ic a?Ion of battle line# The reeulte of the ln#ie'tlon t parttcl pated In b> prominent member# cf the armbw which twk |**irt In the action-. > well a# eommDakmer# from the Mat* - wh<***c were engaged, were of the mo-t fmllafttctory character “In view* of the #* notional repo-t# our rent during the occupation of th*- park b> ttie troot# of th* Koaidnh-American AA’ar that the |iurk wa# an unhealthy region fhe (v-mmiiaion call# #fe*tg| er *lm to Ihe rep* rt of the *ng m er. showing In connection with the l.#t annual rejairt that the entire attrcocc of fever or any general ►lrknc**# In th* park forea ha** continue*! from th# tlm** It began to elmr HP the |Mrk after the troop# left to the present time." a A A ANN All LIGHTER AUK CASE. Joilgmrnt in P#or of the illy lln* ■teen llrveraed. Atlanta. Nov. The Supreme Court to-lay handed dotfn the (< How Ing de ls on#. Savannah Light*rage and Transfer Cos. v#. Mayor arvl Aldermen of the city of Savannah, t* fore Julge I'alhgunt. Chat ham Hup* rior Court. Lumpkin. I J A conviction of a llghterae# company of violating a penal munbipal or.Hnanee, “To protet cotton and other marchandlf# whl t being load ed, unloaded or iranalerred or tranship ped." whereby It 1# prescribed that all jer onM rng tged In !lghlrtag< or oiherwDe *rai • |H>rt !ng #uch merchandlae "mun yvrr the fame while on lighter* or o*i other cruft, with turpmilln# or other more permanent ami substantia! material." nai not rustalruible upon the evidence showin< that a given cargo of rotton wnich hal been transported upon a lighter belonging to the company from *i wharf to a eteam •hip w.i J**f uncover# I while telng transferred from the lighter to th# ship when It further nppc*rcd by undlspuied testimony th.t the contract of ilgh'erlng wa>. complete a s*oon .is the lighter wa# placed a.ongrldr fhe whip, and that after this wm done the accused had nothing more io do with either lighter or cargo, and when It w a m i shown that the cum pany wa* under #n> statutory duty of keeping cargo no covered while the earn# was beitig unloaded Judgment reversed all concurring O’- Connor, O'Byrne and HattrMge for plain tiff in error Samuel B. Adams contra Snutiiern Fin* < onip.*ny of tivorgtm va Kirkiatid. Before JiKigc* Bennett, Ware Superior Court. lAt tie J—A tax collector hud in I*M, nj authority to Issue an e*e • i'tK>n fur taxer againut wt.-l unlc## th* same had not been returned for tax* it lon |n th* county in which it wa# lo atl. and, being a summary proceeding which was not found* l on any Judgment It was i-M'-nilAl that all necessary Juris dictional fact# shou.d ap(#**ar on Ihe face of the execution. Wber*. therefor** no re vas made In such an execution is rued In that year that the lot ag*fn>4 which it W'aa I rue I wa# no? returned fo. taxation, the execution wa# invalid anl a sale of Ihe land mad*- thereunder w. void. Judgment nftlrme*! all eonrurrtng. (AI-I.KVA> I lIH’I’.HtMK. Fifth Annual *4e##isn AA mn tjaitr tar ee#fal. Woycros#, Ga.. Nov 36 —The fifth ses sion of the Wesleyan Church of Ameri a • loee.l last night after a very *u teseful me*ting of three days. Th* Committee on Fa-*toral Re'atlon# recommended preacher* for the \rlou charge# in the con fare nee # follow#; AVtycross—C L. }!. Davis. TlftOb-H H. Dixon Ashhurn— W. P. Perdua. Nankin—C A. DuPree. • Morten**—W M Le* 1 . N##au—D. D. Middle ton. Tallahassee—R W Watts Greensboro—'To be supplied Rev. 11. H. Tumlin was elected con ference evangelist. Rev. H. H. Abbott of Knoxville, Tenn . wa# re-elected president an 1 J Lawren e a*-cretary. The next conference will tw* held at Ash bum. on the G. H. A F. Railroad. The return of Rev. t\ L. H Da via to the church hers la aat!#factory ooth lo the rrcnHiership of his church and ihe poodle Al the town* , MANY NEEDS OF THE NAVY. NMHIKI ARA 1 aiNi.'S AAAI Al. HR -1*4114 1 AM HR I*l BLH . f >*ln r I men 1 utl>nrr#rit nl Tlinm by I.nol* f imS* *r f**r sen Sec# Ice. AgrermeMi un the Armor Plate C|u*'*tlM-4|neall*u of Inu Am#l Ntntlou •> Port Itoyal. N#(Sl .Arsdnin, Nhinl Hrtem and Other luiportnut Atattrra Beall AA ith. Washington. Nov. M —The following an ex tract a from the annual report of tae Hecretury of the Nav> j The retort open# with a graphic account of the part played by the navy in th** vs tr in Fm $ all of which has appeared ! In the purs reports With reference io the need for ad **ltlonai offkrera the report says: The need of *ffl cn# for #ra duty la steadily growing, and at t.mes fhe ikpurtmoi* I# #* rlour.v vmlvirriuMil by la k of fiecei vary officer# t* properly man vessels re quired for immediate #ervl<v This need will ■ etili gi- iter when ves #el# iiuftiorised or huikting are completed and raady for c*nimi*alou The report of the Bureau of Naxigathm represents that 1* would bo lmi*ault)le at the preaent ?im ■ t* mail our available fleet were an emer geney to otut *iein tndmg u* ti action AA lib the completion of s •#.-* I# now un der coniNruction an immediate increase will be nee*led m the enlirted force of not leas than men N#(#l UniMilaM' After a careful examination of numer ou silos for a naval magaalue near N w A’orh. for wltich (Oirpo#** the v\>ngiosa ha** ma*lc appropriation. It was d*-temilne.l to eaiahlndi such a migaxine on loiui iNlami, a lra*4 . outaln:r * in a* r #. ailtmtad Siarr (ht* wed bank of tn- Hudson river, about fort) mile# above New York city. Of the amount of armor heretofore con- for. th* manufacturers have *Je IDered 2.fcfc tons, leaving 1,137 t*n* still In |*f*x:e# of or to be manufactured. There iin--I to \*o *‘ontra ted for— Tntis. Three battleshl|s of the Maine *ls*s 7.2i> Five aUlesiilps <f the Pennsylvania class l*.4a> Six armor***! cruls*r# of th© \V*at Vli UMi elaaa I : I® Thiet protect***! *rui***ni of the Mil waukee class . ! fW Making a total of 3S 61 The act of Jum* 7. Ilfs*, authorised th* H* rc.ury of th* Navy to pro. ur*- by *r tract armor of the le-t *|uility for any or all of the \e##els sbovr r**firre 1 t-. “provided such contracts ran be made at a price which, in Ills Judgment. 1# rea oonable and equitable; iwit In case he I# unable to make contract# for arin'r un der Ihe above 4Wvdltk>s h* !••* her*ly authoru' and and directe*| ti> procure a alt'’ f*jr and to * red lber**o*i it factory for the tnanufadure of armor. an<l tha sum of L.'M*•# is hereby appropiiste*! towani ihe erection of aid fa:l>ry." Armor Flair Agreement. After prolonged trefoilsttona. In whirl* (b. service# *.f tile Chief of the litereau of On! it anew have been of Ihe gr#aee' value, ai;*l tn which tle#e com#Mihlta met •h*- department m a iplrk **f r**#*onaM* adjust mem. an ,sgr**rn#n* has been rna*l • with them, and n**w awaits #;giaiura. for Kru| p mnrir of the llr#t-cla## for $436 a *. , Th, Krupp prncrss involvee Ihe Harvey pgtenLthe validity cf which Is n*w in *l* r ’4>neil**rallon by the courts, oivi |i I# further agreed that Hie government will assume in addition any liability for the Krupp proves* not exceeding f* r yjl 32 a t*s for Krupp royalty, and not exceeding fll LM tor Harvey royakv The maximum price to the government is therefore. lIBS3 .* ton, #ul*J**ct to d.mlnu .ion In cm**- of any reduction In the fori going royalties. The I**l of the above for this etas# of armor w •# $490, and the price originally asked |W. The Mwlvs'e ('< mpiny, some time ago withdrew l* Md, but It would have been unable in any event to furnish armor ui due season for lh* Main** class **f battle #l. ps Had it not withdrawn It# Md. It |# probable that some arrangement might .ve been made for the distribution among the three companies of the manu facture of the arwmr other than that of ihe Maine clas* 11# bid, howev*r. w# of value In enabling the department to secure fhe at*ve large r*ductlo The price of other cl**aa armor Is the #anie as heretofore—s 466 Pari Stayal. The expenditure of tne appropriation# providing for n dry dock of concrete *r Mfori*- and for certain other improvements and repairs st the naval station. Fort Royal. H C* . contained in the act o proved June 7. IW>, was left t* the dis cretion of the Re-retary of Lie Navy, who warn authortxed and dire**te*l to ai>p*int a hoard of naval officer# lo examine Into the expdteney of changing that station to som* other point in the stale of ftoirh Carolina, at or near fhe city of Charleston Careful Investigation# hove been |n pro gress during the summer hy a hoard ap r#>lnted In reirsiiance of the direction of thl# statute, the board having been asait'- e*l in its examiri ttion hv survey# m ole at ?he request of this department by fhe * Vmst and Geodetic Hnrvey. The report of this board Is expected in December next, nnd pending Its receipt Ihe expenditure of • ppropriaflotr* made for improvements a; Fort Royal l;y the act above mentioned hrt# been held In abeyance, as prov!4*d In said act. Rural A-mI•• m > . Attention I# Invite*! to the valuable report of the Board of Visitors, and to It# recommendation#, particularly with reference to the age limit of Cadets and to the period of probation. Also to the decommenda*lon of the Chief of tha Bureau of Navigation that a training vessel b*- built for its* Naval Academy sufficiently large to accommo date not le## than 3 <* iet> in addition to the crew, the lncrsae in the number of cadets necessitating greater facilltlca for training afloat state Naval MlII(in. The department lat year gave various state naval militias, which are an Im portant element In the general scheme of national defense a tour of duty on board ship, with the object of so instructing them In man-of-wur routine and duties s to enabb shew upon the outbreak of war to have sufficient knowledge to be of practical u#e on our naval vessels. The same facilities were again offered thl# year, although some of the #tat# or ganisations fall 1 to take advantage of them. National \a%al Heaerve, Although the seafaring elaas of our peo ple is *a anpura’Pely large one, !t Is not now brought into touch wlih th* naval A Tear for a Pain Only exprctanl mothers, or thnse who hive home Y children, know Ihe hill mean Inc al iheM words. VX" JAurVi Every woman should tell every other woman obonl / r* “MOTHCR-M FRIEND, ” thsl wonderful linl- L> mest thl! diipel. Mil ftmkl incident to chlldbmk. L. Thera It aothmf Ilka It. -—. r SW— JMO. 8. MORTOIf. )rf Helm, If, C. —VS! "Te eH..h<.s’t r *e- , r - H# imt 4# UNf tnfm., *4 * lahir t-mt i— if W \ 6J. U<jo*KgU#ffn4M*U.Uankkf - M lkfi t t n* l* ** Sf4d by TVnr# .i*. ut <m.i K* bv rwl ~ o< |*k. S*A rutwkd •* Wo'ivoioMMf. m -). g inwwt n r*t-1% all tgff* *4 -s sfUio#.ask4l t / 1A ’ . ! \ GJT2BJ Uf 4t*! oa. bead yo'-r a<ldfu. fjL/ TUB UKAlinei l> RIIirUVMCR..A(kwUN fla #/oMkß#*i^*lU H " 4 service and thr .Navy f>epartment In tin*# of peace in auch manner a# to Instruct an# pr-efoire any |art of it for assistance Ip the regular service in case #f a su*kkMi outbreak of war Means should bp pro vided to thla stul anl the matter should receive the immediate attention of t oiv gresa and provisbm nxade, as ie *ommen*!*> ed In in> last anttupl report, for enrolling, in addition to the natal intitrui, snidi i# an organisation of the stat-s and un* der their regulation, a naval reserve of a rational character, which shell tm under ill and setter*! direction of the N ivy I *epartment Inereeae Iw the Hmr-y. Tn view of the number of large fighting vessels already authorised, some of them hunky uegun the d*penmvu i of opin ion that Conxre## at Its coming seaslon should be asked for only :%vx battleatupp and two armored -rinsers, ell of the maxl rrum duido* *wm #pe*-ined. that at least six li# u-lraft gunb*at and wane smell raft fur river service are espai telly ile strnble in c.amet'tton with our Insulpr ser vlce and tha* the colliers, t raining •whips, fi ii.sjKAr( and repair ship are the neess r *r\ a . oni|iaitimrt of the general recent Increase of tn# navy, both in Its fighting fpree snd in the enlarged range of ll# operation#, NIAtXIN*# t in <Ot HT IJUIAL. Supreme t ourf Deelarea the Net Is < oweGtatlnttal. Atlanta. Nov R The Ruireme c*otirg to-day hand#*) down it# decision in tha Henry Ivey case affecting the ronilliu ttonality of the City Court of Macon The court overrule# Hodcttor II dgeg* next ton, and declaroe the ccwirt of Msdon to l>w “like" the (Tty Courts of Bax an* net* an ! Atlanta The decision |# hy Cnisf Justb 8* Hlnimmu*. ai*d I# a# foiiuws “The court .-r*-at**| by the act *f Aug, 14. IXtv 'To establish the City of Ms eon,* etc., wa* in all autvtantisl te af*e- t#. a like court to the City Court of Atlanta as It rxlat*-1 on the da a of 'ha ratincatloti of the prtment constitution. “Second (Nmstrulng altogether th* pnp. vision* of that art. the court thereby erw ated wa# estal Halted in the city of Ua con. “Third It follows that th Supreme Court lias Jurlwllctlon of bills of excep tion sued out to review judgment of the City Court of Macon “Fourth Neither paragraph 1 nor sec tion 1 under Article VI of the Ccn#tl9Utls#| (Civil Cod* Rent km M&J nor any etatufe of tlUn state confer# upon a Judge of the Superior Court authority to preside In a City Court, save only in ca#e w haretn the Judge of that court I* disqualified to pre. side When, therefore, a Huta-rlor Court Judge umlertake# to preside In a rase la nding In a City Court which the Judge thereof 1# malltied to fry. the so-called 1* a nullity ar.d the result of It Is ab solutely void “Judgment rever*ed all concurring John B Cooper and Marlon W Harris for I*l tint Iff In error, Ro|ert ! badges, solicitor general, contra FNt.INFF.It CHOU* Bt NIKD. Man Hilled at AVareaborw—< oromer'a Horse Haw A nn*. Wnycross. <in , Nov 26 - Kngtneer Frank ('roes, of the FlaiH Bystetn. wh4> died very s*el*bnl> at hi* loans. In thla city, yenterday morning, from heart trouble, was burled in Lott Cemetery thla afternoon. Deceased had been with the Flam kystetn for eleven years, and was one of thn brsi-known englucmra on th road lie had been ronyUairring for sev eral murrths, hut ht# death was *nt4re!y unexpected, and ag eat blow to his fami ly He leaves a wlf** and threw children This morning Coroner Grimes reeelvod a telegram from Ware*boro asking him to t ome to Bunn’s still at once to hold an Inquest over the body of a man who had Just been killed at that place. Bunn's still wa# formerly the Col-man A Will iamson still four miles from Ifasty- It 1* ms on the railroad, and particulars are not available at thl* time The coroner secured a hnr*e and buggy and started t<> drive across country When near Dr. Fi tfik Folks' residence the hor*e frightened and ran away. He whirled around, starting down th# street on a re turn to the tahb- As he crossed tha railroad switch near the First National Bank. Mr Grime# wa# thrown from the buggy His head and hack struck the brick pavement, am! he was severely bruised, being unable to go out to hold the Inquest. ri.TIMATIM TO RAILROAD*. I.pxvortli Leaguer* Male AAhaf bar# They Will Fay. Chicago. Nov. 36 Members of th# Bp wrorth l.e*sru* have lasued an ultimatum to th# Western rallroa.l#. They have de creet! that unless they aro granted a romul-trip rate of sJ#> from Chtasgo far their biennial convention scheduled lo ha held In Ran Francisco next July, they will hold their meeting In some Eastern or Central Western city. A meeting will he held here next Friday by officials of the Trans-Continental Pas senger Association In an effort to agree upon the proposed rate. A simitar meal ing In Ht. lul* last week brought no ra sulla. FFAHFO AUDI IIA# RINK. Srhnoner NAhlrh AA a In Collision With the Rnmidlan. Portland. Mo. Nov. 36—Hrittsh View Consul Keating this morning reewivsd a message date*! Lockport, N. 8., from K. C. Churchill Locke, owner of th© schooner Alina, saying that no tidings had haan re ceived of her. The Alina Is tha vessel which was In collision with th© steamer Numklian. It Is feared that aha has foundered and sunk with tha nine men who were on her. Malra of Fine Horses. lexingum. Ky.. Nov. 36.—C01. Rogers Williams, vice president of the National Fox Hunters Association, to-day sold his famous hunting mare Madrtgdt. by Tea Tray, to Broker R H. Litchfield of New York. The sen sat lons 1 mare Alice Map©#, re cord 2:14% trial mile 2:ffiV. wa# to-night shipped to New York to be #od in the Madison Square sales. Hr,an l> Attrnfl jHi-lt.itn ttnnqnrf. I'hlmgo Nov. K WJUum J. Bryan ha. given a*ur*iK' ih*t he will be present t the Jf'ksor Day bnnqun to be belli In thl. ehy on Jsn *. It Is thought that rm thl. occasion Mr. Ilrynn will <leclari himself o,i th* fttlur* of th* pnrty. An Rr.l.lsnrr at Hslssas. Berlin. Nov 28—A private dispatch froffi |>ekln ssys, "Col, Yorch'. column tnok Kalaimn without reslrtane*. The Chliwne forces, regulars end Boxer*, fled toward the province of Shan SI" 5