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THE MOB NINO NEWS . • Incorporated 14*1 J H ESTILL. President. SHIP SUBSIDY BILL V rREFmCUIS OVER THE >r*OOM:l HII.E l> THE SENATE. *<r FRYE OPENS DISCUSSION. WII% ornoinißS omoixd he hive. AMKHinI *MIP*. Anl , ~ an ship* tarried l.nat Vcnr l.ui ! I’or t en*, of Amrrlritu Ka rt, no* Import*, and <lif I'wltcd Pnltl anoo.nno n Ur to For ,trorl, IHswdvlintngrs file Vm. rlcan *hti. Kweomuer. u , Dec. 4.— The prognmin* of •r - v* Sender* for a bualne*:, session j , i rr. up Ir. earnest to-duy and ml , . r ,.ogres? was made . subsidy bill waa mode the un < business of the Senate, tastes! Spooner Philippine m-asure. and - -ten of ft was opened by Mr. j Maine, chairmen of the Com , , Commerce, from which the . it was reported. ■t on presented the credentials of j Premise Polltvor, who • *p i t<. sue. eed the late St-nalor .Mm „ar of lowa. The oath of olh-e , irin.tstered to Mr. Dolliver hy Tiea , . - ( ro tern Frye. , >i.i penned to encourage the hoW , u. Interstate ami West Indian ex in Ghatlesion. 6 C . In ISOI. It .v 125“000 and admits exhtbl's ittf o{ duty. spooner Hill Sidetracked. Hie unfinished business—known as , - oner Philippine bill-was laid before ' . —rate at 2 o'clock. Mr Frye, having . . tl ty yiel.le.l the navel to Senator , i s-rt. moved that the Senate proceed , oil* deration of the sh'p subsidy Mr Jones of Arkansas demamhst .he \eis and navi upon the motion. It „ e,i u to N. as follows: y, , Aldrich. Allison, Baker. Bard, e, carter, t'l.irk. Chi bom. Dolll - 1 K'o • Forajter. Foster, Flye, fill l ff h>. Hanna. Hansbrougti, Haw- | I Hoar. K an. lx*lg\ SlcOomee. Mc , .nit Mt-.Ml.lan. Mason. Nelson. Pen , perkife. Platt of Connecticut, l'latt t New leak. Quarles. B<‘tt, Sewell. . eoiri, Thurston. Wot more, "el- , \ . Bacon, Berry. Butler. Clay, Cock- ■ < 4ber*on. Harrte. Heltfekl. Jones j e' >- .ideas, Kenney, land?ay Morgan. • <r*w Pettus SuHivan. Telteferro. 1 • Tillman. Vest, Wellington 30- - r • t . | ■ i•. ■ Ben ite He -- that with u tioundless sea coast. ■lei and unapproachable natural 4tphu!lderi> the equal of any 1 'lt .arid the greatest exports In the p nnd every other argument tn our tbs United states had permitted inm.erelaj rivals to seise the paih >., -of ti>mmerce and hold them pruc ' vto t! exclusion of ibis country, tiurrli'un Milp* tarry l.ittle- I, -: year of all the enormous export* ' i :mp rfs of the I nltod (Mates only * I rut waa earrled In American bot t .s Last year. Mr Frye sal. l, the i l .i.-l B;ate pall to foreign nations. • I :p illy Grent Britain and Oerminy. •) a dev for doing carrying trade ik for this country. or solid," Mr. Frye declared, "ha* i red upon a fierce comnieictnl war st. i it la to be a long and strenuous con r ■ Hi n I.alien Is seeking the advan- I*. -of Its rlvsls !n this conttlct snd Is ! " i forward t>> gain mlvsnfage of the foreign nation* are looking ' n tnepeial advantages In the East ! s-m France, Great Britain, Italy and -any are par ing in aggregate of I*.- t‘■ itt per year In silbsldtaa for the car- -.hip* of the I2.istern trade.” Illsadvantagea American* Jlnisiunlrr He pointed out that under present con ;i i oar a ehs Pntted Slates from i W lr cent. more, principally In i ar.d food, to operate Its skips lhan l‘ sis Great Britain, and about *0 per .ei more than It cost* Norway, and yet r I'nlied States Is forced to compete ' ter such a handicap, with the en raged and proto-ted ships of foreign rnttles He maintained timt export r..:r,ties were ImpraollealJle and that In ' matter of discriminating duties the • 1 Slates would encouter no lees than t- rty-one different treaties These would ! . to he abrogated If dt*crlmlnaUn ■ .'* are enforced. The abrogation of -*e treaties would te an offense to every "O' Involved Mr. Frye explained how -br'-dy psvrnent was regulated Mr. t lay’s Inquiry. .1/ of t, ..-*cil if U wc.e true that c. 21-kie>t nhi j would t-iw under the bill 0f .000 a year Fr>e replied tltei the smounf <t"l wn -u li * vessel would be about 122 •*> . t of tar eon I cOtie umptlon and I.erslste.l Mr. Cley. "Is not the t amount of the subsidy of the 21-knot *.'“l o*i par y. ar under this hll’f* lv admitted that It was I ui.'ivistund." said Mr. Clay, "that l i t* and 12-knot ships which carry ' - ... r!. ulturnl products of the c.unity f i receive more than ono-thlrl the ty of the fast r*seeng.-r ve sets < >rry no agrl-ukoral products ai i was showing," responded Mr. "Hi it the low speed vessels w> r - ' one. which received the actual bene tiom the and not the fart 1 ■. r.g*r ships.” Senate, nt 3:5.1 p. m.. held s brief u'ive session, after which It nI -2 • irned ' u t > an tub hu moral. t karleston Exposition Hill the First of the Hi'iralon. Wa-ilngton. Dec, 4-To Senator Ttll t ■rt b-;ongs the rrerllt of securing the • • tge of the first bill of the session In 1 - Aenase. It was the bill making the >t. r , for the Charleston ’Exposl* -t before ihe ship üb*ldy bill was up. Senator Tillman was observed ' li sting freely around the chamber. earnestly with certain Keptib -1 n .< l ators. who mlglil have been In -1 to Intertiose an objection !■> the -I'.llst.. lus-.ige of the bill. He re -1 to hlr desk with a smile ot satle ' U on his face and presented 4h>- bill Immediate consideration. He briefly lined the provisions of Ihe bill nnd ’ object to he obtained Hl* explsna wss entirely satisfactory. *o the ' .sure pasred wHhoul a dissenting vote, a tlon of the Senate to-day ought lo •’'* .onsidrrable influence upon she nhers of the House when Ihe bill •'* before that body. H will surely • ngthco the hand of Hepreacntatlve Sairannal] illafiuiuj ?S[cto& F.lltott *n<l ht friends in urpr; t.g it bfot the Ap(ixt'riatlun CommittiM U#prem i:rttlv© lesit'.rn*-: |>ix>pos<rs to x -•rt hit* Influer.o* tn Hoim> In behalf of the p+fitMK* of the Nil In him Col. FHlou wtH have o vtiMihie heutenani. for. nithonrh Mr L#atimr not 11c ur ooMpleiiouvly in h* > nrvrr* a utid Hit induMriomi w>rker it. oomnUttee ami in iart-u>- h'*rt mik** with r*tht mrnibrnt that i * liv# rf rp*. llir valur in <li tWr*oilon <1 amount rut <*ft |it in H for pxtm upj ly of firod for th© farmer*. fIHIHF I* THR HOrSE. %rmy Orgnnlnll<m Hill to fir Coii "ldprrd 'I -<! y. Wa*hinfton. I >#m 4 - T!if> trifinn ofth* H>u*© to-day bri©.'. Th© real w.rk will bek'iti to-m*)rrow. whn tl** ''ill tak** up th* oon>Ul©ration of th© army orfnlaatlon bill. whk*h Mr Hull. chir rrun .tf t!* c ?©*■> cm Military Af falrj. r©j>ortt*l 10-dav He ©Tpiaincd th© urgent n©c©**lty tor imni©iltar© action. Tho objes-tjon to tho rw©arlnr in of Mr. Cannon of lowa, th© fiipcmaor of B©na i*r DoiUver. which w.h ral©d by Mr i;ai.*y of T©xns ' • *t©rJay. w.ui r©n>'*©'l • " Mm I* i • w •*.-• oi • i *■iPutUiN from Gov. Hhaw, and he took Ui© oath. l*hr©* 11.1.s wer© pantad nnd©r h© call of committ©©, th© moat important N injf on© to provii© for th© detail of n<H to 10U r*tlr©il army oftn*r* ami 90D non-rtimmlsniftnth! offl©n a© military In-, atructnra In th© publl. ©o-hooU .f !uch • lti- • at* adojM a ifyntrm of milltar>' in truction. Th© oth**r© w©r© "to pr©\©nt th- failure of mi.iiarv Jirvtic©.” and lo I'wiiiz* an I. ** of yj[p.afi> in bi'iida by Frlnua county. Arlsoiiii. Tl© i©tlm**i<! n of Mr. P©vri©. of Cal- Ifornim, who ! now .* member of th© 4>o*rd of General Appr war lM h©for© the 11.U5C- The .p©*k©r announced th© appoint ment of Mr Dav.a of Florida a* a mem ber of ttv Gommltt©© on Merchant Ma rin© and FUh©ri©.- Mr Hull of lowa, chairman of th© Mili tary Affairs (’ommift©©. repotted th© army reorganization btU. Th© voiunt©ar* under th© prepend law. h said mu©* muatcroil out July 1 and ©very on© must fel th© imperative n©©d of provldlit* for anew army He asked tmanmtou* ©>n -*©nt that tli© bill be tak©n up to-morrow' .Mr. 6ulzer obieett-d A resolution pnnkiinf for memorial ©xerrls©-* in th* H.ll of Representative© r*n th© occasion of th© c©l©brTaton of th© crntennial u rmivorsary of th© founding of th© govefnm-nt at Washlncton, Dec 12. was dopti*l At I .ia p. m ti* Htjuac adjourned. ADVANCED RATES IN APRIL Freight un Bttwmlnoite I ,i* 1 to He But lip fas l-er Oat by Ptsa s> liflnin Kallrnad. rhllttdelphtM. Dec. 4 -The Record to morrow will sav: "Probably r.o more evidence of the intcreal* secured by the Fennayt v ante Railroad in the Baltimore am) Ohio. Cheeapeake and Ohio end Norfolk jnd Western Railroad®, and what It aig uille* both in making and maintaining of rate*. Is the fact that It Is the purpose o advance the tidewater rretght rase* .n bituminous coal 10 per cent. In April 1301. "The Pennsylvania, Ba’.'lmorc A- Ohio. Chesapeake & Ohio and Norfolk St Western Railroads. control the en tire output <>f bituminous ,-oal to tide, and the harmonious relaHona existing between them by reason of th* Inter, i ts had In each by the Pennsylvania Kaliroad. permits of a concert of action In advancing freight rate*, eat*- dally *>n bituminous coal, and the mainurxt; e of such advance, that under other circum stances waa scarcely possible "Supply ir.d demand and the fact that the bituminous coal producers have ad vanced th< price of that commodity are .<•- !gr*d a- among the reason* for the pro pored advance in th* freight rates Bi tuminous shiiqa-rs ixintend that the pres ent freight rates i higher than thev have been for year*, amt lhai th— trudo ts In no condition to admit of still fur ther Increase in freight*.” THEY DETECT A COOLNESS. <irrmn I’aper* I'iu.f faeli %4lth the l-r-ald-nt'a M.-ewtn-. Berlin. Dec 4,-Many of the paper* believe they delect in H>* J-reaiden nieesaee a cooler tone toward Ciermany than toward Kogland end I rene®. Ihe Vossisehe ZeltUli, *ay*: 'Tli* tone tn which rre*ld-nt McKinley uprak* of the r'-l.ition of United tttn c end Germany i* etrlkingly cool, j. j, p.ot (t he Ignored t it America'* r<- latlou* Fra-ice and Great Britnir. a.o while. :t> Ji>*aUing of rclatlonu witu G~r(ry. l.’-.e PreiUiet't ay* that ei wit; prevail*. Buch a differeiiee can not or tvithout d.-elgli,” The Berliner JJeoeete Na lot tlien. al Anrciger otvl other*. *j>esk eltntlurly. MAY DECIDE IN A FEW DAYS. Dm- Prrl*l*lai l<* th- '*4*l **■- tion I’raolieaily All In llnml 41044. Washlnaton. I>e.'. 4—Hear Admiral Kn dlcotl. chief if the Bureau of Yard* and Dork*, returned lo Washington I hi* mom injr from a vielt lo Pori Itoj.l, and Charlreton. He rcpor'it Ihe work at Charleston comideted end al Bort Ito>*i neatly to. Rracllcalljr ail the dat* col lected by the Port Roya: to*rd I* al hand or will b* In ti day or two. and u l -*• (u'Clrd tint the decision of ih<- hoard a* to the location of lh- naval a!ai|nn wllj lie rendered within a few day*. shot 4.411 KH.I.Kt> TUO 4TK\. l.eorae Wkrelrr M* Two Men In Hl* ator- In *ll>Hma. Selma. Ala.. Dec. 4 —New* ha.- been re ceived In thia city of a double killing In Wheeler'* Btor-. a. email *ettlem-nt In Jjowndea ceunty. (ieorge Wheeler hot and Instantly kill ed t Waldrop and Calvin Harri*. ho:h whl't- men. Waldrop had le-n farming on share* for Wbe-ler nd went to hi* '. to have a .ettlement. Some dlapot. arov over money matter* and M heeler slot and ItiKtantlv killed Waldrop. Harris waa n the store at the lime, and Whetier *ay* Hnrrl* attempted to reach a Wiu cheater rifle, whi. h 4*-aa laying on a coun ter, when ho ahot him dead. French Opera at *t-4 Orlean*. New orlean*. Dec. 4—The FYarwh o|wr troupe opened M* aeaaon to-night, slnr tng "Le Hu* we twin." The artl*ta aeore.l hit* and the flnaivclal aueccaa of th* en terprisa la aasured. SAVANNAH. GA.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMKEK 5, V.H»\ GEORGIA’S GORDON ELOQIEmY 4DDRESEO THE EKIt TUIuHX IMM UTIU \L COS YFNTIOX. SOUTH FOR A BROAD POLICY. hki.ix; \tf,4 \\ i:i.< 11% uov. mimri) t\ m;ii\i r or state. Ilrpurt of fit© Com mitt r© on Oruan- UaUnn—l'aiifra H©ml li> l*r-l©nt Al<l riunn <>r 'I Ulan© I nUrihll) uiiti M. V. lti'harlß. liMlualrial Atnt of Honthrrn ( nl. Il*ni|ililll of Ailantn \lm* n *i©i%ftt ©r—l>©l‘i|(it*a liiiui MlnirnKua anal. N* w >rlc©n9. D©©. 4 Th© {Southern In duMrial op©r.©ii li©re tu-dy wMh a fln uit©ndam| >T- u*nt If. H Harttrovc culled h© convention to orti©r and Ui©ho(> ITavld -sum or>*'n©*l the* proc©©Ulngs "tth prayif. Gov. W. W. H ird *l©llv©r©U th© ad dp ©a of welcome in b©ha,f tf th©©. Th© roll nil of©>- a i.iil©ol ©ui among oth©T. who t©t>ond©l a. r* Gen. John H. Gordon of G©r|. i. Hin m T<l < * ©a> fronouuc©d h© ©loqm-nt vr heard h©r© H© ©ud in reaatd to |© Itioa. adverting to tli© aubject through indirect rferenca to th© motto of th© convtn tion. *No p<'liri''. no w© tlonollnn. but bud; n©s* ’* that h**- wintM to aay t! if what ever th© p©op © of th** South had b©©n in favor of tn the past th©y w* r© no linger In fa\Mr of a narrow or contra ted tn tlona l policy. At th© conclusion of G?cv Gordon'* ad rroaulent Aidorman of Tula! I*n4- voridiy th©n r©ad hi pttf>*r; Th© r*t>ori of th Comin;tt4?e mi Organ taanou w.i ak©n iri It nam and the >t>- Jccta of the ainii'iatlon to jipunota tu inouauial dt-wupmeiU of the South; to ba oma an ag©iey for g.ith**rlng r l fh.s w©minaring data r©garling the r**©ourrai of th* flouth; to all in and mam (airing commcr* ial ‘.oris or tMiiin*-©© clul>9 tht'rtienout the Suth. and m ganerai, to b-tym** the iruiiuni tor stimulating the pocdl© of the SHith -rn aui?© into groat* r effort© for ni.muf.i>- turjric their raw matcri**a on their owni aoll. and s*t*k to Interest capital to Invoi in th© South and © 'our.ig© ©t tl©rfc to cvwn© nnv't.g i5. Jn addition to providing for ol!l:©r, conimittein and m'©tingH. th© report ©m power*M the ••stabilplim*in of o bup m or lyceum as .< leiwuato inient. The mnttei waa laid t>v©r until Thur day. M V HI Is! i. land nd industrial agent of th© rn iiallfr.iy. r** a paper on “The Duty of th© Cltlaen." The night ©©salon *f th© Industrial (’on* v© tion waa giv©n ov©r to th© reading of poeer* on th© Nicaraguan rami. Lx- Mayor C. ILauretta of Mobil©. YV A Hempnill of Atlanta and Sidney Story of N©w orl-ans wore th© ©i-*ok©t* Mr Story, as chn rmiti of th rocnmlt te© on Nicaragua Can *I, prej , *ute*l i m©- morlal to th© Senate of the Fnited Btatem, urging the early building of tl* canal. Th© following tel©grnm waa ordered a©nt to Jh niitor Morgan: • Th© Sou;n©rn Induatrial Gem*©ntion. n©w in ©©-slon in thin city. and r©, ta me t* ©©fKi you th© ivirmwi gr©©?lng* of th© body, th© gret *t of It* kind ©ver a*©m blnl on thH t'or.tinont. on the |riapA t M th© ©arly crowning with ©u crsH of th© y©ar of laU>r >ou hav© glvtii to the Nic aragua an ©nt©ri>rifM* that na* Ju't r©oiv©4 th© unanimou* indora©m©ni of thia oarrmblv •*N F. Thompson. S©rr©tary.*‘ Th# Gaorgia d#l#gation rriv*<t on th© privat© *©r Alabama to-ia>. headed *>:* Gen. John R Oordon ll* .uiquar r©r© tvt-r© oieti<d n*. St. <*harl© Hotel. Th© dele gaiion Im coinpoffd >f Gen. Gord<*. W A lbmphlll. J. B. S Thoni|n*-*n, William T.iwaoft Pe©i L. H. Be k. T B. Nall. Joaaph Jacobs of Attorn*. !-Mw|n Brobson mid C. W. Darning of Brunswick STILL CAUSING A STIR. German l*r©a OI ©appointed by Em peror William’s Itrtciftnl to Rerrhe Prellent Kru©r. Berlin. Dec. 4.—The pr©ss <r>tinu# \o make a stir rcgarilr.g Mr Kruger scrd disappointment deepens at Emperor Will iam’s refusal to r#o©lv# him. K#vertl;- brnt many Journals admit th© poUM< ul i•- cessity lor the Kaiser's act According to th*- Frankfurter Zeitur.g. Emperor William not only informed Mr. Kruger that he waa unabie to receive him, but expressed th# wish that (he Boer %taics:na:i would avoid Berlin at presen’ Dispatch#* trom (i/lagrn.- *i#fc-;ri4>r Mr. Kruger e* very weary. He keeps h i room for :©st and to uiMbli to resist the Ocrinsn ©old The croS'l tha* demonstrated lafore th# British consulate in Cologne tried to t©ar down tlie sign. CLEMSON HOME Qcarl-t i>rr In Hi— lolir*. ,ud *mnll|i<*x HrcnUß biy In the hlal- lnMn. 4-yliMu. Columbia. 8. C.. Dec. 4.—The Clem(>n Agricultural and Mc Utdl-*e wa* emptli-d of it* flv hundred cadi-t* thl* mr-mln* i 1 iwtve b,-*-n *<•(* horn* In deflniialy heenue— of the ap|K-arancc of a cae- of *carl-t fev-r In Ilm coll-*c. Sfjjnllpo* haa invaded the Si iir In.anc Aeylum where there arc about i thous and patient*. For two year* every pre -a.Mlun haa h— u taken to keep Lh* die eaee out of ihe Institute. APIUOPIIIATHIA BILL BK HIT. The CntnmlM— l *p-cte a bier. niton of Hill T-<la4. WaahlMtton. I-c. 4.—The (Vanmltie* on Appropriation* Of the Ilotiee to day com pleted the legislative, executive md Judi cial appropriation bill Ti e commute'- -*• pert* to be aloe to obtain con* hi era tion for itTe bill to-tnorrow. The bill , ,irr|. . f.‘i.4lW!'%. l-’ing l.oil lee* than Ihe -*• Umate*. and IS,l*i more thnn * car ried bv Ihe prea-nt law The whole num ber of (wlarlc* provided for in the b ll i TSC !e* than Ihe number eetlmatwl for and an increaa, of 1* over tnat carried In the preeent law Will Ceatnl Hnrn-14'e Rl—Hob. Birmingham. Ala . D-c. 4-A prominent Republican and a close perwinal friend rf Mr N. B Hp-ar*. Mated to-day that fir Sp-ar* would coute.' the election of Con gressman John L. Burnett In th* Seventh district. EXPEDITION NOT EFFECTIVL i Marar Kvaiiril l*r a|—rtir*-© Mh tlurtn* and Itornt)-lhrer Hoi - ©re Etrfntpd nt T*l Hiiif. Lor.d in. Di 4—A *p© el dispatch from Nan Kow Paa, dated Nov 3). nay* th Ka ran expedition Waa Intffootlv#. li© t'hhi©-© evading all aftoenpta to ©n • igo them. Th© town? ©n route #©r© oc • iipleil unoptH>a#d and soen© tolls of -kin© ;ud aiivcr were levied. Th© **,vir> cap tir©d the baggage of th© r©tr©,ting Cha rt* ; - fore© at Sw©n llwa Fu, killed thirty *#f it:- guards inf ©©cur'd 2h*n‘ taels Three mandarine, who "rv tnNUgatora cf tho maseacro of converts at T*l Ming ird twenty-thres Boxer- w©r© executed, but ttw* OermaiiH generally Ignored evi deti • t*f anti-foreign activity Thor© arv* tontlnuou© di*tur b*nc© In th© inti r;or where th** dispatch add*, a Imre *ton hoc been mad© by th* ©xcee *lvc withdr.i" l f*r#ipn tn" p and th© comp!.iotii4*‘ of th© allies Th© mission aries anticipate a taorudmeence of the outrage# Fnifed States AmUawwad'or Choat© had a long <*onv©restton to-dev with Secretary ~f Seat© f<r Foralgn Affair*, th© Marqu,© of Lulled owite. In which the proposed al ten *tlv©- and am©ndin#nte in S©cr©tArv H, recent note and th© no?©* of fh© other Power* w©r* fully dlacuated N<dh i:;g definite w arrived at. Ljonl Lan* down© ©bowed <h© moat friendly spirit Mr. ('boats i© notify ng Secretary Hy of 1.-r l Unofvwnai \daw * Further con sult*k>na will follow shortly. ( IIIM.M, REni hARS AT UIAO CHOI’ Two IlrtAchaients of Troope Prom Tien Tin 'rnt tn Eagag# Tham. B#r.ln. Dec 4 A dhpatch from Field Mar>hal Court von AVaiders##, dated P© kiu. Monday. Dec. 3. a#y * conaiderabl© | force of Chinees p-gula** ha# taken up a | i>tt!on at Bang Chou, ninety-live kll > i stjuthw.ird of Tien T©ln. and that tu -t ichment* of troopa from Tien Ts:n, commintl©! hy t'ol. Ijohr? i, ‘’h#lH and Maj. Filkenhayn. ure prK*©#ding against I th#.-© Chineses. 1r Mu mm von Schwa rtxeniM ©ln. th© ! German inltmter to China, cahle* that !h© ha received a conciliatory dispatch ! from Yuan Bid Kal. th© military gov -1 ■ riHii of th#* pu/vlr* ** of Shin 1 ung. a fiumiia full responsibility for the safety if Hialiop A lexer, who ts about to pro . .-.i to Trl Nan Fu, to confer with Yuan Khl Kai. A TIKN V9IW fUBTORT. Germans Aald t Ha## I#*©t Tvrenty i**n West of ••** Ting Fn. 6 ding ha;. Dec 4 —lt ta reported in Tl©i Teln that th© Germane toet twenty killed hiil man' wour©Vd west of Pao Ting I u where they were attacked by twenty-five nundred Box era. mtIPPCD OF HANK AYD TITLE#. Urn. Tnng Ta llslana Wgl *© i'er ntlttrd to Itctaln Comma ad. Bhaoghal, Dec. 4—An imperial edict rives Gen. Tung Fu Hsiang of Ida rank .ad tit It u, but pertPGf him to retain com. iToamf of the troop© H© ban been ordered !. disbond ni#n end to withdraw to r . province of K.m Ru with th© r©matn .J©r Tli© edict deprecate© hi© .gnoranc© :.,,d rougnnesa in < testing with foreign af t •©. but H Is not regarded a© a serious import. v recrudiwcence of tti© siutharn rebel l,.,n i-* reported The "triads'' er© raid to I. uniting fresh auppH©* of immuultl<ai und :*•>© o ar©l pi*pailng outbreaks In th© provineea of Kwang Tung ai*f Kivang Native papers ©sprees th# b#H©f that i ha court to return to Pekin. hit e l©ra hav© b©©n i#©u©*l to send the rjr© trioute. instead of •* k i©ling It to Kian Fu. M.%V HR DlXAl’lTtTfcil. Predicted 4 ate of Pri**t Tuan and Grit. Tun* In Ifßlan*. I-onden. Dec. S—" Native p*4wr re |g>rt." say* b- Sliangha! corrc*|ion<ieni of the Time.-. that tlie court tie* d elded to Issue an edict ord-rin* th- d • apltatlin of IT!rice Toon and Gen Tun* Fu llslang." lr Morrison, wiring lo th® Time* Mon day from I’ekln, say*: "evidence ha* lwn proha-cd pnrvlns that Cept. Wait* Jonee wa* murd*red after four day*' Inhuman torture eight march.-* I—yot.d Ka grtn •ivy *!t.m-n that !he custom* rev enue l being remitted to Bl*n Fu I* erro nmri. The only money remitted to the coui i has beau l.i provincial silver coti t:lD-Utiota to t!o central govenu-ient." MJ DKF.'VITR CUCUTIOSI. 41 r fouaer tatl.tlr'l With the Pro ceed Inam, Ihmrttr. Pektn, Dec. 4.—As waa expected, the m.atlnx of (lw for'lgn envoy* 10-day did not result in any deflnlt* conclusion ow ing to the fact that not all of tho govem m-nta have notified their representative* u* to the form of Ihe preliminary note to th- Chines- plenipotentiaries. Mr. Conger. h United State# minister, aoat after (lx- meeting: "Apparently It Is tho desire of oil lo errivo at a ealls f.,, tory conclusion. 1, believe the n-xt m*-ellng Will be the last, but will not bo railed until ev.-ry minister h rei-elved detlnlie Inatru-'tlon* covering all eentin ge e-.,*. pereor illy I "in *atllled with tlie result# of the prweedtng* of to-duy." TO BF. IBUAPITATRI. Tana Wen HiaaW Paraded I atlrr strong Guard al ITen T'sln. Tier. Tfto. Mondny. Dec *.- T*n* Wen Hun nan. th* atMhor of the otMntxes upon the I’ao Ting Uu mkutUmarle*. arrived t0,13y ,l 3 y ard was pat.i.lci through tho Victoria road in a ' art timler a irong German glial l pr.-viou* to ltng tao.ded over the pruviaionu, govrmncot fot d~. aplla tlen. \n ( ■■ ti ruin I lon of story. Berlin. Dec. 4—A foreign office official, referring to-day to the r*|a>rt from Tien T*in that th ■ German* had lo*t twenty killed and many wounded In an engage ment wit of IMo Ting Fu. eald that no confirmation of the rumor had been re ceived and that It wa* not credited in of ficial circle*. Gave Satisfactory Seeurauee*. Shanghai. Dec. 4 —The Yang-tee vice roy*. *1:0 are master* of the l!U*toi. gave Vice Admiral Seymour *uttafaclory astnirame* of th-lr future policy, on the o'ca*ion of hU recent visit to these offl ‘ls FRENCHMAN’S FANCY C*E\ MEHCint TF.I.M HOW FIW FM.IdMi I ill I II IIF l\\ %DRfl. BRITISH NAVY POWERFUL. BUT (.tlK%r It It I I 4I N Hi© M\ H 111 %© I 9 to in in - h:\iied. a TramuiHl Wat Mitm* Thnf lh*- Vtrltlali Irmt I *nll lot Perform W liat Uin I-. |r <*tr>l f ft |irlll*l Pr , aii*r 'aitl t tlnvr F.\pr©©rl Frsr©—<©n Merrier Finally Hiilnl Out of Order %tnl>l tUr I l*er nl tlir tiovarnnient. Paris, !>©© 4 G©n Merrier raised a deep sen ©a Hon in #h© Herat© today dur ing th© tiate- .*n the naval bill b\ point ing out th© ©*•>.© by which g.nirland mini tw Inva led H© d©m.d©d that in** g.v ©ftimeiit tvMmduee into th© plant* for mobilisation at tit© army the navy meth ods for th© rapid ©miarkation and A larkaUon of an expeditionary com* The preelilent. M Kallleres. Inf©rv©n©*l and • ir ina that auch pr>t©>ai© ©r* out of o der. Gen Meroter ©aid "In view of th© i©'s albHlty of war with Great Britain, the us© of the army * not ©uftl lently i ik©n Into account The times r© not th© same ax they wv<* a hundml years .*•* t(t©am, the navy, th*- t.*i gruph and tin* railroad hove rendered th© problem of th© Itivaeion of Engitnd much ©aster of aolu tlon Moreover. Fkigland herself is n longer th© fitnux Thr Transvaal war h©© stiown that in© British army, although | brave. t* not equal t th* task which heigland expected It to i*©rform The British navy la powerful, but It has many coa*t# to defend Fra U 4- Euklsiiil'i Fqcinl. "France, therefore. ;s numerically let>giaiid a ••'l'ml at certain point* and i© ! even her euperler in th© Instrumenti* of dttructlon History furnishes many m [stances mutiny 1 th© fctoglisti navy at th© itwunant of butth A l and tog in Kigland Is. therefor©, not tieyond resU | action. This is not only my optnlon. bur th**t j also *kf high naval tilth ©ra Tlk* British •rernler recently •*xpres©4-d slgnihant fears, and. if th© principle of i.mdtnit l.i adnuu***!. fti# tmact ioal means of ♦ ,\c % u Mon may be discus.** |. I vantur© 'tj think that th© work 1 p-p©r©d while! commanding an army cori's could ©rvc as a binds for such a which would not I© ©■xpeiudv©.*' I>©ill©l ilia s*h©ni©. At this pHni protestm were raised and M Falllert-s atk©d Gen. M*nl©r not !• rmer into th© details of the s 'heme. Gan Merrier replied tha* th# -• h*m© cotild be hel l over the head of Kmc-and like The sword of Ixamorlen.' and h© pro lOMed a resolution that tho Berost© shou! ! invite Hi*, government to coniplrt- Im medAatel:.* prepiratitm# for th© mohll xi tlon of the army and navy bv prepaid.g everythltig necessary to embark and dis embark a© rapidly as posaible an ©x;v dittontfr Protests were rale#d frjpm va rlous l*©n* tie© and M le lan©©*tn, Minister *f Marin©, followed th© Preetdent's ruling, that th© motion was out of od©r In Th present detsat©. hy d©*'laring, mnld che* r. that ti© government could noi possibly accept It. CUBA'S CONSTITUTION. Tbr©# t m|*l#t© < unulltiitinn* V*r© iriihHi for th© (#nld©nillofi of thr (On'©ntlon. Ha van#. Dt 4 Th© Cuban ConaH* tutlonal ConxMiUott rviunvd its #©<Mum to-d ny. Thr## comptaft# constitution# wer# auhmltted by Gen Rtv#r. B#nor d©- qiMn*la aial tU colored livn Moruu P#- ip#ctlv#ly. On. Htv©ra'a |>ro|iO!i©<l ©nnatifiition provld©# for a |>r##!l©i4. a *©n.t©. a housH rf r#pr©##ntatlv*. a nv©rn >r foi #a#:h of th# six provliH ©n. a lextolatlvo lHaly for ©#' h province and on# m©tnl>rr of th# houiw of r©pr©*©matlv©f for ©very 3C.<XO intiabltiint#, with alertlou by |op iil#r voi©. Hh ach#m# rilled al©* fr lh© ©l©rtlon of thr©© electors In ©ach muntcipal •!!-♦ tilft. who## duty 1 shalh >© t>* •;©?t i IcqUlattv# l>oly of ©l©v©n for th# proving© In wnicti tn©y r©#UJ. This Icxlslath body rhal! #lcc( th© gov©rrwr and rn#nicr# of th 3tn*l. Finally, the six toftMuturc* shall tn©#i and choos© G# pr©tdci)t, who niu©' l© a liXlive Cuban. Caud'.o:t#K tor betiSUnUl honor/4 milet hnv© freomw of st Iras* V/J a y#r G© R.v©ra plan in to * xv* th© powc v©ht#d in tb© ©ntra! grov#rnm©nt. sn*i th# onv©ui ' vlriualL dlv'to' * R* If lo un Htatrs xovcmmcnl st yesterday's *cr*t leraioti. ts*no* I>© Quaandw'a propooal would •*♦•- trails© th* n ,. nAl „ ,it .i hous© of r©ir©p* ntwtivcs ~|,wtud Yy th© (wopl#. *ufTirt*r*- if-inn r# sirlclti to ©disAtbuml quallticatlons. G#n Morun offered for .u*jr*vs. th© roostltiAtion *# th© ! ? filt©A Hut©s. with tb# ©x ©ption th#* u.von© wii" foment in th# war might be lio©©s> pr©skl#m. H© pix>f saqil 4#nv#s th© qu©#t;**n of an army and navy to l> d© i I©*l by Conxr©## S© ©r Y.n viis off©i ©d • H.iuw pr.. Ulum; ■that a Judicial body hiKh©i than tb© Au pr©fne Ooisrt should b© ©l©ct©d bv popu*ar vote, and providing that any offl dal r© nvvd from offl4-q snould have tb© ri#t!it of appeal to this l*>dy. 6#nor submitt#d s K#n**ral cutkMiai •w’hrtn* tK’RDLH XTllele % Ko |l©xr#lo|irti©wl© In th© Minnie %f --f#lr #t Tt*•#•#• till#. ThomaKX'lU©. O# P©*' 4 Th#r© hav© l##n no <l#v©lo|>m©nt h©r© to-day In lh© Himvn* murder ca#f Various rumor# h#v© besn In circulation, but non© •*■ h© traced to n aut liGlv# soar©© Th© foronet'p Jury held another sewalofi but adjourned over until t*> rrunrow without tnakinx ttp Ita v©r 11 *t. Th© au h •rlt!©- seem to be working on certain clews or •usplclona. but they have not taken th© public Wt thrlr confldenc#. tl©MlMtln t I'nrtrsf. Wash in* ton D* 4 Representative guiser of New York to-day Introduced a r©tfouilon In th© Hwto© r© itln that (%on xrss protests. In th© nam© of humanity •nd civilisation. s*sln*t th# continuum© of th© Boar war. and urging h* British government to adopt th- arbitration to stop th# "awful at roc U laa" lo Buuth Af rloa. BRUNSWICK HARBOR ITEM. ItHer aail llsrlair (iinimltlfft Iu • f lm- Ht-crlpt of 4 apt* 4*ll - I sum© t * Washington. Iv. 4 Th© River and Harbor Committee in th** House, which is etn; tn w -rkit a out in executive session D * dlflb t tf.-m- of the |v©r Mild Itarbct bid to )•© |m -el this s* s *l* It, reidicti th© Brui*wl k harbor Item to day, but wa unable to proceed with It, because t- t * *lmates of ('apt. Gillette have not yet been re vived S'* t.u a can b© learned, the commit •e© ts *• mi it in favor of continuing th© work of giving limit ©;* k deep water, which up to now ha been in charge of C*l Go>> iyear Kit there I* som* do*dt as to the wr\ In w hi h *1 will Im- don. Pol Goody*.i t.. i ndttiK on ffer to continue the work, which has > fni l©#n d**n© hi him through #|M* ial leglglation, aisi th© . otnii.itte© is divided l**#we#n this metlnsl anti placing the harbor in th© hards of the arms engineers. Th© hull, at ton* i*r.- trial th© committee will act favora v upon th© loiter plan aw aoon as Cap! Gldette s estimate is b*’ for© thfni Pol G<H<d\er had a claim for Iruroiwd widths which he has se cured under hi© fotliter cmtra'*ts and th© sentiment of the unmitte# seems t> b© In favor of leaving him this claim. Senator t lay's Mill H i ator Clmv Intr.siu . t th© fot fe wlng Mil* In th© Henatc t.*-dv A bill to place 4i th© fre© list all ar- Ui hto( merchandM© and wares lantroibl u> lomUifisUuna or trusth A bill to r#iM> i<* ' luimants cotton tax ll'egrally iolb*ct©d Thia Mil was tntro •i . 4-1 by t'ongit tnian Maddox In th© House last se*:Mi Al>s a bid •* pension at the rat# of $7& P# month Mt Julia Crenshaw, widow of ('apt. Frank <*r#nslaiw, who dl#*l from wounds re elved tn the Philippines. ©niMllpo* In llousion ( snsl). R©|W©sef)tatlv l#wls has enlisted the •ervh.■©• of the Hospital H©rvl©e In an . fr. it t % nip out smallpox which is now rating k Mich an al.uming extent In Houston ©otinty. As oo#i as h© ar rival in Washing!**). Mr I. wli called upon fturgson General Wyman, of the Marin© llrapitnl Brvlce, and ©xp!a!n©d to him flrai th© terrible scourge was mak ing >vn©t<l©rahl© healway In that •'ouniv H- r©.|u#atetl that an experienced offlesr, one Tsmlllar with tli© treatment of small pqx oases I*© sent tt on©# to Houston, to arsis' th© I*al autlmiitlea In #tanit*lng out the dlsoae© Gen M vman tt on*# detail©*! • ©vn (>• **.* ph\s|c|ati to proceed a one© lo tl*a! locality an*l ro-oj-*rat© with th© u -thorltl©# In preventing th© further si*r©al of the dtseaae. Mr L©wls save h** la Undc- Ing anxiously f*r resume from Houston for a' last reports the diKean© waa spread ing rapidly, and had mod© Ita way Into th# homes of some of the v©ry !©#• fami lies. som© d)©tan*'© removed from where smallpox might l>© expected to exist HO \\ tv TO AWE VOitUHTE. abandonutrsl *f ll© \ •••©! Wmn ts© Only I nure© FonelM#. Manila. Dec 4 -Two m©mt©ra of th© g©vr of th© 1 ntt©d Htatwe auxiliary ©ruber Yosendt#. which r#*#ntly fmmder ©l durlna a typho*u. ofT th© leland of Guam, hnv© arrived at <'vit© on board the I'nlted iran#iort Ala'm. whk*h Guam Nov. 2*l with 76 m.irlnea. who bad b**©n transferred to Guvtt* from Guam. Tin* men ar© Joln Barry, a twr perwer. and Henry f'c4llg*ti a hospital np prentlc#. A boacn fifty fM long and a f©M thick, which wis r*iKi<'l over th# Y<*©mlt#'s stern. snnpt>©d off when st lemptw wer© md© to steer wHh It. Mean time whst wa* left of the propeller was Mlrr.nfr out of the w.xler ai.d the steamer was <*owa*#ii!y settling lower ly th© head No progress was |osihlc. and all on board thought their lani niommis had com©. Th© discipline wo- good on Imard. After the Yoa#mtt© had drlft©<! shore ward from her anchorage sb© pounded on a rr t. Th© wiial shifted with extreme suddenness and terrific fury and carried th© v-ss*l out through #uch a narrow out let In #h© liarbor that no on© understood hotr sh* got thr.-ugh. Att#m|Ms of th© ITnlted Htats roU'tr Justin to tow cb# rut'©r w-r© )*©!#•* and th© Yosemß# would Inevitably have stink Th# tw# men said they believed there mjida dlfftoulty with tb© pump© In getting water ‘*ut of ih© forward ©ompurtmenl. hut tho hoi# in the istttom was so big that th# cruiser nun* have sunk, no matter what had been done. Bwveral marines who were at Aipma, Gutm, during th© typlusm aald that thn -quarters of the (own was under water and that all the dwellings wer# d©- •troyid. excerdlng (bos© having til# roofs. Th# corrugated (non ioof# surmounting the government buildings and r#aklt.rice*i wr tor ih roo-t pin lifted tod4iy. The marUn u k jilitJ about aisl aaaiat#<J wom-*u a.r ! children to plar©s of safety. In th# Judgment of naval officers th# abandonment of th# Y##-mlt© was tb# .ril> • <*u *• f* * .hi- tin feeling l© in. thnt th Justin might twiv© stood by longer, Im! that th# result wouhj have been th# sam© i>KT%mci> in < \i*k or iH.vrra. It. If. Slay Held nt l*orf Bsrrlns by (.tistiuiiflln trsi) ofH-er. New Orleans. De- 4 Tl steamship BtlllwstcT arrived here to-day from port Barrios.* mala. Her offl ©r* and a numehr of th# crew wr© at one# taken before a not#ry an*l ina I© uaf<*m©nta rel ative to an out rax© upon n American cil ia© n Mr. R II May. who one# #©rv#d th# government of Guatemala as tho contrac tor f* r t 1. rtuatemala Northern Railroad, w.i arr©at*d at lln* gvmgway of h# stiHim* r and thrown in p Ison up >n th# charge of attempting to leave th© repub lic without having paid hie debts. Th# animosity of th© ofTL’iato of th# llttlw re public agxlnsf May is probably atlrfbuti bb- 40 tb© fact that Mr. Kenner, th# Brit ish umpire In th© arbitration of th# cas# of H II May. an American ©Risen, against tb© government of Goa>email, r©- cfi tly rendered a Judgment In favor of th© claimant to th© amount of $!#"•) American gold, on a contract which M iv had with th# government to operate and Improve th© railroad. Tho rttlllwuter arrived ;t Port Barrios. Nov 9 Sir Miv tinder th© re*|Ulr©n©nta of the hw mud© th© ntenaary arranx;*- ments to leave the country. All papers hud bean secured, together w th a pass port from the commandant of Um isrt. *\s May walked to h© gangplank an offi cer of tb# army Informed him that or ders had been Issued for hit d©e#ntlon. May exhibited hi* papers, bin th© offlc# wo© firm Mr Fuqua, who was with Mr. May, cam© as a pas©ng©r H# wdll go to Washington and lay th# case before th# State Department. DA If .V #' A YKAft S PF.NTM A ropy WEEKLY LTJMi.h A TEAK CANAL CO! CLUSI3NS rttr. tiTiiMi t\ < <>mmix*io!v rtvonx thr \m iii %<ii . iiDt-rr.. • r*~ MOST PRACTICABLE ROUTE. COST* 41..H1 IH.\ IM4 Ul 4 NlllTß, HIT 441.1. C 4 411 iitl.ia 4• I mi. I•- of flip ( wt ■>( the IHITrr-. -M. l*ri.| i iimm I*rr.li4rt *-■" 4.r.-®.l>* In th# l*r|r-l —. nltr.t In 14# Rnr <*r©ai*-r lit- •• •fl i. .| by tb* ('anat 1'" Ln*|ir-h tt ln.r* \-©!>! la HullH t'nnal. Washington. He© 4 The report of th© ( anal Cocnmissi- 1., by the President <o Congress to-day glv*-* s* ttM* iisuniimous ©oncitisl'Wi of that h*>!' that "th© too©* practicable and f©a*. lb> route for an Isthmian ©ansil, under th© ontrol. ni.rvtg-m©t4t and ownership of tl*© I'nlted States, is that kieywi* sa tlx© Nlearagun rout© ** The commission eatimatrs th# cost of [this rout© at UII.MO.W This estimate ta ; much in ©xe#*o any heretofor© mad©. n! Is due to increased dimensions and other feature* rot licretofor# consul ©rad. Th© eommis- rm also estimates th© ©oai lof a nanrl by th# Panama mute at J 142.- jfl.’TS acrqrdirtg to on© rout©, or rw.* JH.Ui# acnmlliii to another rout#. As I'M we©n the Nicaragua and Panama roivt© th# commission inm* up a num ber of advantage favorable to th# for mer It states also that under the ©otic—■ •lon given by the government of Co|om* Hia to th© Panama t'anal Company had government ta not free to gtant the necessary rights to sh© T’nite*! Htat#s #x. ©ept upon ©ocidttlons mads by th# com pany. Along the Nicaragua root# it was found ttvtf th© abort aection of partlallv constructed canal ts perhaps In as good shape 10-dav aa It was when th# work was mopped The huildmgs. how—, are rotten and the dredges, loata, eta , are worthless. V •sited I*r©w4dnf felsys. Th# commission v!#l:©d laya anl other l©alirg ofti. Inis of Nica ragua and tound tlmrn gr©tly Interested in h project. The iv upitlon of th#lr t#rrlt*ry bv th© Pnllad Ktotew for canal pur |o*o* did not seem to b© regarded AS a serious oh#ta©l#. provided the sover eignty c*f 4h© republic was Along the Panama roui© the ounmlMlm found a large for* # of workmen upon the canal line, about 2.000 In num ber, acordtng to the Panama company. The ©anal had b##! opened to soma • tent at both ends. No value should ha given to th# plan* now on lh# Isthmus. usta Klrs'a l*r#ait©Ml. A visit was also mad© to President Igl#- •kas of t’osta Rb a n*l his cabinet, and a s'rcmg sentiment foutwi to exist for an American ©anal along the Nicaragua uiigs. Trips wer# nlao made along the Darien rout© Tli© o mnd*iovi luivtng In mind the tncreasln* six# of sen*foing ! vJtoM-ls. It was determined to fix upon a depth **f thlrsy-tlve feet at mean low water and a bottom width of ICO fees, w 4 #*h som© Incrtats of dimensions, at ©ar taln pints. The*© dimensions are larger than thus# pmpo*© ! for *nv ptevloua ca nal scheme A width of 1W feet wiy al j low all hut th© very largest ships to pass ; ©aoh other In th# canal, while th# locks ar© of a dimension to permit #v#n th# latgest ships afloat to be inuneu'ered. Th© stae of locks i 74h feet length. *4 ! f© t width. h|the dear, with a depth of thtrty-flve f©et. Thr Mcßrsins float#. Th# NFarsicu© rout# adopt#d follows ; essentially th© lines laid down by fha Nicaragua Cat ml Oomnliilon In Its re port of \mn \m ft begins near Grey- I town .m th# Atlantic side, follows tha San Jusn river, enters Lake Nicaragua .ind terminates at Brito on the Pacific Mid# Th# distance from ocean to ocaan Ih about m mMw Plana arw glvrn for the great harbors required at Groyiown and Hiito. Tli© fit out difficult engineer ing work is th# ‘kwn across th# Ban | Juan river to reguioke th# waters of tha laa© on whose construction hinges large- J ly th© tlm© required to build th canal, i The commission says ©lgtu year* woula probably t># a reasonable ©stlmat© for th# tlm# of building R At leant two y#srs will *# consumed In preparatory work and opening a harbor at Greytown, sa that If work on th# dam should b# ©stn menced tmmrlUtely (hereafter, th# (Ima required for completing th# #ut!r# woik will bo about ten years lal.iustf* VMhiulltisl. Th© commission then submits tns lol luwtnf estimitsd cost of & cans! on tho Nicaragua rout* KniUui dlflslon tfrom Giv>bwa to IWsk Han i srios dam) . N..-I St.tMKLW , Middle division (from Boca Ban I (*arkw dam to l®.i I®nJas 35,42r.g00 I w©s* rn division (from I*a l-a* jas to Brito) * M.4P.C10 Total Eighty-nlm- miles of r.vllrad I 7 . <BO.OOO Total i Engineering, poll©#, sanitation and general contingencies Aggregate 1J0.540.000 This estimate provides for a double *ys • lo k woukl reduce th© cost fll.C' ‘i- Narrow ing the bottom one-third will permit a fur ther reduction of 04.. This would (•ring the estimated cost down to $143,012,- 000. Concerning the Panama route th© com mission says Its natural attraction Ucm In th© combination of a very narrow Isth mu# with a low summit. Th# estimated cost of construction tMala 11D.415.W1, while the engineering, poilc#. ©anUatlon ard general cof*4ituc*nci## •w#H th# ag : gregat# to $112,342,570. j Thl* ©etlmat© Is capable of reduction !to slls M 1.215 If Hngl© looks and a narrow ; not ton* are adopted. An alternative ##- I iiin.© \p eulunltted. baaed on having tha I Alhaju. to dam built to Impound th# waters of th# l'p*>r (Thagre#. This ea tttnnt# Is |ljC,s7h.3W- Ti© ommiMioti reports that th# vain# ih# French work already done to eatl mated *4 8.5t4.4e3. H is estimated that the tonnage that wuuld us© th© canal will amount to 7.08k -027 tons in 15kg. I nnal'i l.rral U.nrlll.. The report **ye: ”A connrl with r:<n-<n>-. ihe i'nited fltelr* will derive from th- canal far irnwler benefit*, both .-omm-rciuliy an*l *nituifriaHsf Th* canal otc-e opern-l, mir trade with the weat ronM oi South America wilt raplfliy hi (ConttnueJ on Fifth Par*.)