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the morning news. i Hlkhed IV' 1 - - Incorporated j H I.'HTILL, President. against reduction rRBSIDEST TAIiK* MUTHKII!* nEPßßimvnox. first positive statement. „l |TF4> Ml* ATTITUDE TO VIRUIAI \ COJtUHKNMM. , .j.iriil Sul* There Were Kny u ,„.c. l.rowlOß '• "< Kowdltlona Mulh. Me Kell They Weald rime Heellly Themelre-*eM ,„r llnolel lla* More •*- I'lnn for KronehUe llratrlc ,inn to ' Iriilnlo. lng ton. lx*c. s.■ President McKln i .ared hlmaelf to-day a* oppose.) , proposition looking to the cutting' ,i* representation of thoee South , - in which mere hove been en ,„wg or . onetltutlonnl omer.dmenta , i ito restrict the euffrase by elim i , me .Kiiocanl vote. • been known to thoae clone to the j that he would not favor any ittempt* to punish the people of t .■ uh. which have sprung from the ,i ,and minds of iMrtlsan Republican , ra cn. hut It was no: until to-day , . be gave open expreawlon to his v i. .VS rs ranlel and Martin, end Rp . , Ives Oftlejr and Hwanaon of Vlr , , ~and at the White Houw this , . to pay their respects to th* >r , . ..,nt. The uual greetings had hai I m exchanges! whn President M< l.a hr ught up the'subjeet himself Ji. did not say very much, for a grea: p.m words on the auhject tvgre not i sarv but what he did say was de ,ll x to the point, and gave greet rat pfa lon to hie auditors. lie eald that he wa* not In favor of any r . m- nt to cut down the representation p, tip ... of the Southern siatee which had t it lint Il*d to put Into effect there re e . lions on the ballot; there might be , . . .Hit of conditions In the ~ t, it he felt these would In time r i!:, t * mteives end that the pcojde < I ic ladled on lo do Jualloc. He did mu go into details to any ex -1 but he did make his position clear, v , i Is of course the main thing. This ciM nt is an open dedaratlon of Pr*W i ■ McKinley’s posU|.?n as It has been i, -mod. A few men like Judge Crum pi'ker and others who want to enter the < io er In tlielr districts will ptobab- I nue et.deavora to agitate the i t down of Southern representation. i '• ... efforts have the gympothy of I er t lie President nor other Uepublt- Sr nil tor Oiinlol** I'Un. r nation It I * |ntr*tlmr to! • I w t h i Rnnntor D.inlH, who wan om j ~m pr->.nt at this interview. U *i i hon i pro;N)M*l (nnchlM •mrndmciu r o Virginia constitution. which ti* * will mot wtth favor In hU -n * Thl* * not th* 'grandfather ctou*e.*' 1 k will exempt from th* operation* of Mi. u tonal qualification all ffUnn* nil war*. - would lrt In. It In argusd. all • rul.t n p well an ox-Confrdrrmtra. an 1 M quiilf) for* a number of time negroes who wrvwl in one army 'he other. ' Mrlnjf the Civil War. a number of enn tod lawn under w hich all those t* volun eerl In the Union Army were t u the fiajiohtwo whether they hid * n eligible for tuiffrage before that or r • A good many comparatively recent grants, who went Into the army. • given the right* of oUisenahip un* f. r vime law*, being a specially prh !< -d olaa of voter*. Daniel plan I* on the eeme line - d*'signed to eliminate the illiterate r # <rro voter without cutting out the old i-'Drutet, who are not able * meet th educational tet* s entln*vt of preserving the to the old Confederate soldier .* t it w*ti! in hark of the ••grandfather f! e,** but the latter goes farther and * *to protect, for a term of year*, the * and grandsons of o!d Confederate* * ’ ’ Senator Daniel believe* his plan meet all requirements and will stand * • better chance of running the t of the Supreme Court than the dfather c'ause of Louisiana and * t Chirollna. iF.Airs n iTiniH h:izihb9> ••"nd* \nlnnl at *H4.*T Tllkrn anil Fifty-four Arrnti Marta. hlrgton, Par. S.—ln hln annual rc tha supervising *peclal agent Mata* during tha l*: fiscal yaar goods of value of SAM7* were el*ed and that four arraat* warn made for tha vlo t n of thr ruitnmn law*. • •■nilon |* called to tha aatiura of t! ?rlad diamond* on tha t'anadian hor t ■ appraised value of whlrh was t no. total ru*tom* receipt* at all porta ' ia United State* la statad by tha su iting agent to be 1i11.775.000 and tha **penare r.IEtWO. KENTUCKY’* rtmOIIRMtICK. trrtlflaataa l*nad to Ulna Demo arnt* nnrt T*o It a pub Hen an. inkfort. Ky.. Daa. s.—After canva**- •a vola of Kentucky, tha State Kler mmlimxi to-lay |§uert certificate* ton to tine foliowtnat congressmen: "t District. Wheeler, Democrat; S'o- 1 Alan. Democrat; Third. Khea, Dem ; 1 . Fourth. Smith. Democrat; Flftn, Republican; Sixth. Gooch, Demo Seventh. Trimble. Democrat; Eighth, tri. Democrat; Ninth. Kehoe. Iktrov Tenth, White. Demccraat; Eleventh. 1 of. Republican. ‘ judge of tha Court of Appeal*. • er. Republican. , Beckham's Plurality. F "'nkfort, Ky., Dee. * —Oov. Beck ’’ • Plurality aa o(Itdally announced to “*r u j,*. Satnmna!) tHormno iXctos. LIVES ARE LOST IN GALES. More Than a Doscn Nphimnm Were Wrrrknl on >i-w England C oast nntl Mnuy Arc Ortinnrtl. Bouton, Dec. L Anothci severe storm has swept over Sew Kngl.tiarl piss*l on to the port heist, aril like hundreds of its *nor|ellr prMft <•“*>, |*ft <leth and destruction in its wakv Yesterdays gale Is to-night threshing ! the waters off Nova B*otla and New i Found land, preparatory to making a stir- j ring descent upon the European st*atnr j ira k. so that Its destructive history is not yei fully c<mplete. Just whwt it sc- j corn pii shod In th| line in New Rngland j and particularly along the coast north of | Uonton. can be Himnud up as follows: Klve G.oucesttr drownei; ,tx coasting m huonera comp ct.- wrecks: nine vessels sunk; eight achooaw-t ashore and eleven others more or lews Injured through ■•oiliMun and loss of gear The usual amount of damage occurred on land, buildings blown down, telegraph i wires piostratcd, etc. Boston. I>ec. s—The heavy gale which swept the New Kngland couid last night and to-day. created havoc among the ! large number of schooners caught off the ; north shore of this slate and the beaches of New Hampshire and Southwestern Maine. Mor# shan n dozen schooner* were wrecked. a largo number of others were damaged and several narrowly eacapt'd being da*hed to pi rc+n. Serious loss of life w * report e 4 in the of the fJloiif'es’er fishlnp sehooner Mnry A Brown, won wrecked off Hampton Beaoh. N. H.. whies rr'w of seven nion perished. At 2 o .m life e ivers lierovere*! part* of a ve**el cominir A patrol of the shore w.ip then hßun Shortly afterward the body of a saHor was pii*ki*d up and mui’h *K* washed in. The Brown was a two* mawted of fifteen ton* groes 8h was built at Bith. Me., in I*7*. A aehoon er was reparted on Krarboro Beach at noon. The ptnrm moved in a westerly di rection. Several gales swept over Nova Syr*!.* this afternoon and over New foundland to-night. The wind last night alonjt the New Eng land roast attained a velocity as high as seventy-five miles an hour. Thick weather ar<x>*np<tnied the ' Uknv. making las! night one of the mo r trying for seamen has been experienced m tw> years Most of the damage in New England was that experienced by shipping Land damage was eonflned to small buildings, trees, etc., and to telegraph lines. C rl nertlon with Vermont by wire waft prac tically Impossible to-day. owing to dam age to several points In this state and New Hampahire. \ I.UST (IIT IH I WVARB Stnrm € r*ateil lliMtir but Lives trr It rpftr f **l !.*••!. Pel., Dec. fr—Tho severe gala which has been prevailing along the New Jersey coast continued to-day. The dredge Potomac, valued at Ito.onn, iound from Alexandria. Vh . In tow for Atlantic City. a:d which put hack to the Delaware Breakwater from At’an'lc Cpy t>ecausc of the gale, sunk last night in seventeen feet of water. Her crew wa taken aboard the tug which had been towing her. The schuoner Oliver R'hofteSd. lumber ] tden. br>und from Norfolk to New York, which went ashore yesterday Tom> i r*ver life suing station. l*eg in going to ! nieces to-day Portion; of the vessel are I h*lng washed ashore. Kl<* lITI\C \KIK PRBTOIIII. \ lliom and Kmamua Hrported Hur rmimliil H> Hrlllah. London. Dec. 6.—A London news agency publishes a dispatch from Pretoria sav ing that fighting has been going on for four days at Hronkhorst Spruit, east of Pretoria, that Commandants Viijoen and Kr.ismus. with 2.500 Boers, are now sur rounded. and that eighty Beers have been killed. At the war office this dDpateh Is ch*r actertsed as belated Information regard* In- events covered In the official dis patches from lx>rd Kitchener, dated Bloemfontein. Nov. JO. although the state ment that the Boers were surrounded I* not nupiorted officially. HBC BI*TIO< TO HIHIBHTi. lie Wnn Given n llonsina Ovation In lliirhan's upliwl. Durban. Immv 5.- Ird Roberta, who ha* arrived here, was accorded a tumultuous reception. Members of the Irish Associa tion dragged hi* carriage to the town hull. The streets were |*rofusely decor ated and crow.iM to auffocntloi). Numer ous addrease* were presented to the fio.d marshal. m q\| rUBKHI F(H KHIfiKR. \\ alke.l From Hotel 1.. th— C,th,drl • n tin* H*l. Cologne. Dec. r. -Mr. Kruger walk cl to day In th* ratn from hi* hot-1 to the cathedral He wa* cheered enthuslastl oally hy an assemblage of people who had lonit wait—d to are him. Mr. Kruger re-. peetedly rsised hla hat In acknowledge ment of tbe -he*rims. He departs at 10 a m. to-morrow on a *P—isl train ron n-celng wlih th- Dutch express at Zevo naar. ONLY EI.BVBI W f.MH fiAVKD. Report From St. Ilrlanr About the Rtrnmrr Rnangull. gt. Brlauc. Franaa.. Dee. s—The English Maamar RosHfull. which ha* been lo*t off the roaat of Jersey, wa* engaged In tha aervlce between England and tha Chan nel la land* and Bt. Brleuc. She foun dered in • gale at 11 o'clock laat night. Accoidlng to the report which h* reached her# only eleven persons out of the forty people on board of her have been taved. Itulgnrten Cabinet Resigns. Sofia. Bulgaria. Dec. Thn cabinet ha* raetgnad owing to mlnlatarlaJ dlff*r annaa SAVANNAH, CA., THUKSDAV. PECEMBEB (i. Ukm. AID TO FOREIGNERS THEV worm C OME l> FOR KBAKE OP sIIIP si HMHII's. FRYE GIVES AN EXPLANATION. liul l.n FIRST II II r. TO 111 II I) l t>- ItilA IV AMKHR l. Hale Had Heard lle Measure \\ ould (•hr the ruriisnrr* f.’l.tMMMNii. Er>r Chnai Tl*re \%tald lie l*rrre|ulsltes to tim rlrsri le latr > —Prv lln I ndcr \\ lit<*li til \ easels *harinit in Mbilillss Must Carry Frelulit. Washington. Iro S.—Senator Frye at to-day's • eastern of the Rrnate coi.Muted his siee< h ut>on the subaidy bill. He devoted hi* attention pi in jvHl> to a techni al expl.nata>n of the v:rl u* provisions of tne measur \. . with especial care Hkil provision which would admit to Aine in registry for elgn-buPt chips, which much of the fort!iomlng dcl*at* will re-t. Mr Frye said the amount of subsidy could tw no inure than t8.U00.000 per year. Thai limit, he said, wa* fixed definitely in the b|il. "Ro far as the co§t to the government Is concerned," he added, "it will be rt‘all>’ no more than f7,. : s'o.oiio. as th* sut>*ddi**i shipe are required to carry the United State* mill* free of com to the govern ment. The amount paid now f>*r the • • ryintf of these foreign mails is a bon. sl#- 300.000 a yea*.*’ A remarkable rUteroertt had l* en made, he wild, concerning the subsidy cost, ••but, ' he said, "thgte Is no me hod what ever in the madnea* of the critics of tho bill." Tne limit of tt.OOO.OW in the subfti l> woual not be reached for nt least flv* years, aft within that perUnl there wou.d not ba enough vessel* to draw the fult amount of the subsidy. When • at imlt Is reached the Secretary of the Tr* as ury is t* retluce the amount of th* ?*‘i • sidy paid for sailing and ?|*<d lr. tn! nt -the redu to be pro tata atn*i g tin ships subsidise 4 !* The small vi >*.* en joying the subsidj would t>e on P r ' ve.y the same ptame and would receive perfect ly impartial treatment. All tlual t arr, Freight- Referring to a provl-l -n of tii- pc -1 nz bill tequlrlng all a hi.-* to take freizhl up to a certain p.-rcema.r< of th-ti cur rying capacity. Air. Fry- raid It wottl-1 prevent v-a 1* Ilk- th- Amerb an tin. t dt. Loulz fr->m purtlelisMing In in- bene fits of th- act. He announced, (her-foie, that to-morrow h w.-u.-l pio|>o*e to tn. Committee oil Comni.-i an am-nmeant providing that all rhlpn shall take on freight to an amount to . t" of th-lr carrying capa Ity when leaving a port of the United Stater f"r a f r.-ign port. That would so distribute th- pro duct# to h- camrd a. to do no Injuath <■ to anybody. Discussing that provision of the lull which nabte* foreign built ship* •* * h hrought under the Am-rloan Hi.g. aial to enjoy n portion of th- propos-l aub-ldy under certain r-atrlctlona. Mr Fry- ald A had l>— <l t-MTtPI that fiUO.'W ton* of foreign would com- In at once and—r th- provlalon a* It now .tan-li* If ald It Vaa hi* purpose to off-r a sut stltut- for the preent |.ro\lslon, m> thit It could b- deter mined d-flnlt'lv Just lew many foreign veel would he admitted to American registry. Mr llale -aid he ta*d r< -!v. 1 a strong prot—t against this provlaton of the m-a.ure aigiwd l,y forty or fifty ship builder*. In ihe rourii) of wit, -h the *t ti nt* nt wa* mad- that air. . ly partlea .ire engaged In foreign fhip yard* In the conatruction of v-**-la whh ‘i w-re to participate In th- pro| --d atihtldy. Hlu llniinl > for forrlun-ra. -It I* mid.” added Mr Hale, -tnit th- Isrunty for foreign built er.lp* will amount to more than fc!.flton> a year Mr. Fry# *atd the B'at. m. nt w in not •Tnd-r th- provinton* of th- pending hill." said he. "owner* of foreign built h!p* -annot draw a cent of bounty un til they ronetrurt In Ihe rhlp yards of ,! country an amount of tonn i- -*iual to that which they nave brought fnan tibroai." \ltf s provision f r It* ,ion of foreign built f?tl|w und-r I rop-r rtstrlclltm was wise b- usc It would t-sur- to th- United Rtatce it t-spc-talda fleet of merchant vni ft bln a rea sonable tlm*. Mr Frye sill th if he had always con tended, .gainst the do trine of fr-e ehlptt. but when a previous *un*l ly bill upon which he had worked had proved to I • a d-ad failure In Congre* ie bad agreed to a proposition to a Imll to -Am-rican regietry th- New York and I‘a'ls of th* American l.lne. with th- agreem-nt that two ship* of cor—tondlng -l*. md sp—l *hoiilil be built lit ltd* eounvv. That had ln*tir-<1 to th- I'nllel H it-* a strictly American line of ships to Eu rope. Th- itucces* of that venture ha 1 Induced him to In-ert In Ihe pending measure the provlsl-n for the admission Of a certain fixed number of foreign built vessel, to Am-r in I ( ' • " r similar restrictions. He did not bell v* that another ship would lie ndml't. I to American registry except ti n . sp. 11l .1 ly provided for In the tien.lh g m -.sure At .IH> P m - Senile h-l Ia brief executive session and then a tjounied. MU I*l ANA'* SENATOR*. Information no Cuban Fronde I* Wanted by IVMlttraw. Waehlngton. Dec. S.-Mr. Harry of Ar kanaea. presented the credantlale of Sam uel D. McEncry. elected a senator from ljoulslana for a term of elx year*, from March 1, I!W3. Mr. M Ellery than himsalf presented tha rtedenlla;* of Murphy J Foster, elect'd e senator from lx*u|e,ana for si* year*, beginning March . MSI. Both act* of credential* ware Iliad. Mr lliisin reported from tha Committee on Foreign Relation*, btil* permuting Capt H. H. M.tCalln and Com rounder W. C. Wise of the Uni tad Staten Navy, to accept decoration* fi.wn tha Emperor of Germany, and they were passed Mr Aldrich preeantad the credential* Of hU coil-ague. George Peabody Wet more. elected a Senator from Rhode I aland for e>x year* beginning March , lICI. They ware filed A resolution Introduced by Mr. Petti grew calling for Information aa to the postal fraud# In Cuba, "Vaa referred to the committee on relatione with Cub*. I Tb# Senate than a* lMt P. m-, oo mo- •ion of Mr. Ix*lge. w, nt Into executive session. At 2 o'oloek the Hcnai© resumed In legis late e •! "ston T.♦ House hill for the celebration of the Mi Kish moot the s,*at of the na tional government In the city of Washing ton, wa* i**w*ed wlthmit discussion. HAY-PAUNCEFOTE TREATY. of Its lni|Mrtant I’rov lslo IHut'iioknl by the Senate lit Its t'.mecutlve Aesafon. Washington, Dec h In excutlve *es •ioii to-day the H-i ate oonsidere<t the Hoy-I*.lunceftde treaty. The treaty an! the amendment to It suxgeted by th** ('ommlitee on Foreign Rotations we e read t the instance of Senator legist*** who took charge of the treaty on hehilf <‘f tlie committee. He then made a >* • t . in explanation of the treaty n>l urg*.i it * S|>eely latlti itl’n as a nece-*- .-ary preliminary to the consideration of th*- Nl wraguu canal bill. 8-nator Bev*ii>ige a>k*Hi whether It was nt true that the abrogation of the Clay ton-iluiwer treaty would have the effect of p*imlitlng Giwit Hrlialn < ot|Ulre prop, rty In the ar'a affected. Senator L‘s:* replied In the negatLc. tuyinß it,< n v\,* well known to all that th ♦ Uay-Pauncefote tiraty, while abrogating ihe lay'tti>llUiW(*r tr* aty e far as it |- p.i.-s to the United Stateh and binds this country, still leaves Kngland bound lo Its t -m- For thU reason he w.s sure there need be n apprehennloti on that is'ore. Senator latwis y of Keitu< ky mode q t* a statetneiii s- to he said h* onsld* re*i a popular nils.i*prehensio as to the ••(fact of the amendment. 1 And," he said, that moot people appeal o think t:ia- ihD amendment pro \ i*l s P*r the fortification of the canal, wnertas it *k>-e nothing of the kind. a reading of It will dcnsMistrate." H. ...unit'd i at it oluy pr*>vldes t th# tv.iv for lh* protection of no tights of the Unltisl States. He i’.Uxl attentioft! to the fact that while i n* treaty of Uonsiaiuinoph* applvittg to <* Hors canal had lats iael as th** tfcii is of the imdU*g treaty, on.y the flrsi seven urd les of It had b**en incorporated In the Hay-Fauncefote agr#etnetit, leaving out arttek- 10 of that agreement which ?\s the Sultan of Egypt the right to de fend the interesta of tlmt country in con met ion with the Hue* canal R* l lylr.g. Senator I-o*lge said he had not contended and he di<l not conteml that tt* am*n*lm*nt <onferr***l specif! wily the *w e lo foriify th*- canal Tin fit rat benefit *>f the amendment was found, he said. In the fo t that It applies to ths first copied fr*ni the t*-mstantlnople iii*nl providing that th* canal "shall be free and open In time of war as In tim* of pence to the v <svls of commerce and of war of all nations-” The amendment, he further ald. was r iy in the language of article ten of the Constantinople treaty. In conclusion, he urged early action on th# tmt> n- of great Importance, he caus# of the general *le*ir# to go on with the Nl* iragua <*anal legislation. flena or Money of M sslsslppl Indicated that he might vo*e for the raty If the amendment was retained, though not sat- IsJl-’d h- said that the* ainendm#nft would make the document entirely satisfactory. Upon the whole he thought the Unlt**l HftaUw w*uiM best promole its own Inter ests |*y proceeding to construct the -anal without nvklng the ahl or consent of any Other country. During th# executive t-ewlon several comparatively unimportant trr*atl#s with other countries, largely Health American, were laid before.the Senate and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. Horn*# of these wire reclproejty treat lew and others extradition ogret-ments. One of them was n reciprocity agreement with E lor. and another treaty with Denmark, providing for reciprocity with the Island of Santa Crux. AGREEMENT OF THE ALLIES. It llaa lleen t i.nelnded and Allnlster Conger Is Authorised to sign for the lotted stole*. Washington, Dec. S.-The .State lieparr nu nt has b*en Informed that the foralgn ministers at Pekin yesterday —ached an ag—ement whlih was submitted to the h< me offices. Secretary Hoy to-day cabled Mr. Con ger authorization to sign the ag—ement on behalf of the United States gm-ern mcn*. It Is dtmcult to gather details of the understanding at this tfme. However, k Is known that In the two Important Is sues that were still open, namely, those n alng to punishment and Indemnity, the views of th- United Stales government have prevailed. As to punishments, they are to he the severe*! that can be Inflicted by the Chi nes.- government. As to Indemnity, the Chinese government I* to formally ad mit Its liability and then the matter l to be left for future negoilalon. I was under*t>d that on the other potntn th- Fr-n-h proposition ha* formed •he basis of th- agreement. ((UMIAK IA THF. HOIATAIM. Strong For— t oiler fien. M* Holding the (hi l-l Frontier. Berlin, P— 5. A dispatch from Field Marshal von W.dders—. dated Pekin. Tuesday. Dec *ny# strong detachments of Chinrse regulars, under flen Ma. Are reporled from ■ it> ba ii.dding th* mountain passes on the frontier of Chi 1J An explosion at Pao Ting Ifu during the clearing out of a powder magaxlne. kilted one man and wounded 1.1-ut. Wolf gramnt and four othem. BIF.t I TIM. RFMKI, LEtDKR*. New Governor f *han *< Getting In Huinr Work. Berlin. D#c. 6.—'Th* Chliwm* mlnit#r here has handed tha foreign office official* a telegram from U Hung Chang to th# rtf act Hint S.h Lien*. the no* governor of Shan St. ha* publicly ■•xacu el upward of eighty r< ligl leader* and a*-orting that he I* otherwise acting with th* greatest •overtly In the *uppre**lon of the Hox-re and energetically ptotectlng the mUalon ariee. TOWNS! GET* SENATORSHIP. Has Decided to Aoeapt Appointment • From Gov. Lind. Duluth, Minn.. Dae. Charle* A. Town# to-night confirmed tha report that Oov. Lind had tendered him tha United State# aenatorahlp to aueceed the late Senator C. K. Davie, and sold ha had decided to accept the appoint mat it He ban telegraphed tha Governor to that effect. ARMY BILL OPPOSED OFMOt R %TIF MEMBER!* M7T FttEl. THEIR FMH|t EMI M’CALL OF MASSACHUSETTS A Hl.Plß %I.MI ni'MUM I II HIM rtim * IHMTRHH The Bay (Mate Member’s %tttfile Fell I.IUe a "I btittderbolf I |tt t and leiiu ties —Was the *ra*tfca <l the flay—Bill (le the l*rcsident Tc Much I'owrr t%er I lie \rm> I >•• nine rats Fear !tftliverfti<in **f •• • I on si ii ii lion. Washli g on, D* •• & Tba Ho; e and voted tlie day to the army bill, which wa brought up under u -i*. tel order. a<kft*tl at tie* opening of ih*- session, which lltnl** l general h-iKita to two hours on n side Lieut. Hen. Miles and it n iml*er of am\ officers were Interim tel ftpe'tati>r> throughout the day Only two It* puhil ins participate i in the ftfivia drbat < hair Huh of the Military (‘ommltt**. wli was in charg, of the bill, anil Mr I’.uker of New Jer-* y. who l* member *f the Military Dominit t**e Mesers. Oochrane of Ml -Oirl. K.e berg of Texas. Md*V Ibn of New rttiafrolh of Colorado. Dummlng** of New York and < ’ox of Tetme c*. Democrats. sp*ke briefly against the M l ami a large staii*ling a* my. Mr. McOell of Massachusetts Republi can. then iir ui" 1 the only enthu.- t in of the day g net Hu* in H*v ral t4nn** tluring the Ihsi < - •n, notable >n the Porto Rican inrifT bill, h* refuo* 1 to follow hi* party To-d.y he attacked Ilia whole Philippine i**i - y if the inlmln 1 Ifttratton. He also critical and t* ♦> l> se\*eral features of -he bill, especially that lodging In the President the discretion to expand or reduce the mw of llift army at will. He declared that the Dned Rtntaa should Immedlately give the Filipino po -ple honorable assurance that they should have government of their own Mr Hull declared that until Dongr* * noted to the contrary w. must rt u. l enforce our sovereignty over the PbMlp pinee or disgrace ourselvoa be faro the world. Eleven of the twenty-six pag** of the bin Were disposed of before adjourn men* Why Democrats Oppose It When Mr Dalftelt of Pennsylvania, from the Committee on Rules, pre-c ted th • *p*cis! order for the considerttlon of the army bill, Mr. Richardson '’f Tennessee, nn behalf of the mlnoilty. siid thoe on his side of the house r*--oftilsed the ne cessity. for some legislation, but they di 1 not agree that this bill establishing a permanent standing army should Iw.-ome a law If an emergency exists an * m r.: oncy should be provided for. a large •landing army should not ** established One obnoxious feature wss fun.lamenta! It was proposed to provide an unv which could be expanded a the will of one man from B*.- *• So matter how grwHl or abe that man might U* be was not willing to see one man given • uch power. It was in Ids **|4nlon atdl catlng the functions f Congress Mr l'nderWO"d Alatnama also in vrihr.t ctoihln* id- t'r.-i.i-nt wild /ll- rrtdmary power to #xp-ui'l or , mtlm I Ih- army t will. Mr. (itosvrnnr Favor* It. Mr tir *>. .nor of Ohio in *u|g rt of the resolutl'M. —ld that | y he was lit favor of ■ iumU.4 *r*ny of I'O.Wt net. The people, he sold. w*te not alarmed by the etle* that their lit-rty w...- to tw s li veried It was a g.i.ilous tribute t our sviMeni tha' never ai the l*re*hb nt ol the United Slate* attampt-d to a hoe- - |H>.-r me atm.. • Si# of the nut nlftceett acts of drover Cl-t.-wid had twr—o his assumption of his duty to k -i> th* lataee in gregt .wnwnonweglth Ity mean* .* the Unlte.l Wwte- army slid the governor of that slate did not want him to Interfere. Mr drosvenor said If th-re had teen a standing army of Mt.tHl loyal men at the ball la of Bull Run. the civil War would have -ml—l In thirty days. Mr tlrosv-nor and Mr I rvKrwood In dulged tn *om- sharp cro*.firing, after wha-h 'he resolution wne ado|>ted without division. Mr. 11 till ruggesfed ftiaf Ihe oleomar garine bill, which was s s|-c|,i| ord-r for . i.— I m .st[ |IH w:ir iii*iiOfH of. Mr. I Alabama objeel-d. Hull Fxplnlne llrtnlle. The House then went Into Committee of the Whole, and look up the con-Merit tlon of tha army bill Mr Hull -.plained the detail* Of the bill which he said fol lowed p magically tha scheme already twice Indorsed by the Hon*- The main objection he had heard to the organlautlor pn P—l wa- to the alleged p-epoi.derating Influence of th- ThU. he said, wa* ne .retry beentws -f the effectlvenaas of cavalry In oi*ratlon* In the Philippine* Mr. Hull rill tiled the Charge* made during the recent campaign by the oppoHb>n to the effect th- Hapublk-an party desired to fol*t upon the country a grant standing army. Replying to Mr. Hepburn of low.. Mr Hull said that to appoint votunt-er nfll car* to the grade of major would do a great Injustice to regular armv officer* who have ear vat twenty or twenty-five year* In tha army. Mr Cochran. of Missouri. who follnwol Mr Hull. Introduced the political phu*e of tn* question 11a charged t iat tlo ivowal purpose of the *o .1, army of ®. to enforce ll mandate* tn the rhlllpplnea wa* the vary esMVice of tmi>erlafi*m. No nrmv that marched on the f*ee of the earth cot- Id accomplish the u >J. ■' lon of the Unillr pine* Their georw|>hloal position ma la Ih-m practically Independent of outside control. Mr Kleberg of Test* announneed hi* opposition to on increase of tha atandmg army Its <m.i Has OWIM b* the eatehllahment of a military govern ment tn tha Philippine* ami ha appealed to hU colleagues to stand unflinchingly again*! the subversion of the -onstltotKyi Mr Shafroth of Colorado offerod some figure* to show that tha retention of tha Philippine*, for which thl* proposed large . t,. * mart He stated that It would coat the people of th# United States M9.M0.000 a year to tarn IIT W for Amer.cen manu facturers and exporter*. McCall Creates a Sanaa tlon. The sensation of the day occurred when Mr. Shafroth took hi* seat. Mr. Hull, In (Continued on Fifth Pag*.) REMOVAL OF NAVAL STATION. It* nr %lmtra! tUtlcMt Mill (#l%e III* I ndornr nirnf lo the He port Is Intor *f i hsrleftfen. Washington, Dec ft- Rear Admiral Kndicott h.N returned f m a flying visit t> Port nay .il ftixl Charleston, more than ever impressed with the wisdom of the lr> p*s tl ttanefer of th naval s atlon from Port Royal to Charleston. In vl**w of the f t that he is chief of tle Bureau of Docks and \ nrds and Is i in a me*ure ie p nslbe f,r th# pr*u*'#e*l transft t, h*- felt it his duty to t# a* fully advised on the Mthje-'t ns p>s*lble. hence, i or ttcelvlng t *• re|M>n of tle toar*l. i w hich Hear Admit al H.slgera Is chair man. h* concluded i: would l*e to his ad vantag*- t* mak*- a isusonal lnvesilgatbn ,tf the lw! sit. Accordingly, he made t.lp to th* HiUth end is |njw el t* ' ►Jve ill* heart> In in tt to the re i rt ,*f :h*- H*lgers b*.ird. which Is. s lim been stated, favorable to ihe traits ter. It IS not probable that he will submit on Indlvptual reimn *n th# sutje*’t b#- * .use he Um-s not feel that th dreum •mMilt'*• h re*ilitre It In transmitting the re l***rt to the S* retsry f tae Navy, be content huts. If w th giving tlir re }Hrt Ills Indorsemei.t To drawings and plans which form a part of the report. I r* nearly completed and the report is ex I cted to he In th# liatids of tle I Hecretary' of the Navy within a few day* | It will then be transmitted fto Congress i with a favorable recommendation of the I Hecreiary. Tillman, who l watching lb** matter very closely, will, • member , f #ti* ummHiea on Naval Affairs, at tempt to sec ire a prompt action upon ch legislation as will facilitate the abandonment of the Port Itoyal oration A nd ft he establishment of na\al ren dezvous at Dtarl*st.ii. THIRTY TWO MEN ENTOMBED. Iltll Ihr of 'Hod of f'oo ,11 From XX ho i \%owlH 111.%0 Horn >fol l>.nlh. R<-ran ton. P.. l>><. S.-Thlriy-i*< mn t th* Nyu colliery In f>un were rtnootled )>y h cwve-ln Ih., fnorntn*. hiM tnanke lo n o)mple ftunf . ircomomnc, a lerfllxo <llooier txoo ovnldel. The m.n were 01 work About I l **' fee* from the ho Horn of the ntope. nml ki feet le the rf.i<’ when two n reo of the room tetWMfi t.'em nl the elo|*e <l.wn with a terrltU craeh. cruhln ihe plli.iro heneAlli It ail cAuoln* a ruoh of fr thot Almowt blew trie men from ihHr f. et m.l hurled the roof off the fmi hnttee. Tlielr Inmra were extmitoleue.|. hut the ■ t I) pure wi.l th. s re.lxht.-*' t;u m Tlie of the jrtl’ani In their vl rlnliv lold them that the rave-ln w-a extendlnit (.-ward them. an*l that they mum won find a w..y out or be cau*hl end killed like nto In a l-ap. K. reman John tllldono bade them keet> *-or>l Prawllnk on hla hand* and knee* over the fallen roof and oometlmeo eriulrmins through crevk-eo that lierely admltte.l hla, tie made hi* wav to wlthlti fifteen feet of the airway, which l! to *he oec ond oj*enln*. and which It w- 1 preattm-d wua not alfected hy the fall, to tt lo n.trrow iiooatfe cut throunh aolld nrli. Ret u mins for tile men. he had them take their toola and follow him After a difficult and danserou* journey they rew- hid *he paint where the fall Mo. ked their way Thin waa attacked with lwr. pleka olid .hovel, and after an hour'o work a poaaage waa cleared lo the ulr way. which, aa they had emot ed upon, waa oi—n. Aa faat aa they could , I, , . their way to the aeroml ar t |., the aurfa.e. hre tin > were greeted with wild hurrah* from the thouaanda who had gathered lug to *ee them brouitht out eruahed and mancle.l corpaea. If they were hrought out at all. HtMLA't (KW 1.11)1 OH 1.4W1. # _____ * nf the I’m vision* Have Heen I rificlard. Manila, lire, i.—The hall occupied hy til— United Statee fommlselon was crowd ed to-day, the nr.or lon the publl dlscuaalon of the Manila liquor Hcetise bill. The aeetiqti providing for tarnishing so on* the Ess-olta nnd down-town plazas was strongly rrltldzed -fudge Taft exp.atned ltut the United Courts had e.-ttlsl the right of the police, and the power to limit Ihe sate of liquors, and yet th- place* where they were sold were unlimited lie declared that the Otiditlon of the .Kerolta. owing to the presence of *alorais. wa- dtsgrw.wfui. Tha licenses expire In January and the sec tion of the Mil requiring removals will lake effect In April Th* bill provide* for a llcensd of Af*> peso*, eml-anntially, for a regular a bsin; Am for a theater and Uf> for a hotel, bealde* a llc-nse. None of these will !.* allowed to sell a native Intoxicant. Places are livened separatrly for the !at >.r They are p—>hlbped from selling to -.ldler* and Sunday .-losing I* required But lotels cun serve liquors with meals. I.leenaes a— lmfSM.e.l on distillers, brew ers and wholeswlo d.-ab-rs, HAND ril.llT WITH FI 14nWO*. Motive Smuts Ktlled Wlxteen of the Insurgents. Manila. Dae. 5 —A dispatch ha* been re ceived from Hen Funston giving an ac count of a two-hours' tight In th- wtxids of Santo Domingo between an Anierkhn fo—* and y>< rebels, commanded by Ban dl-o. Tha Amerlcgn force, consisting of thirty native scouts, commanded by l.leu<. Jar nlgan. attacked th* rebels, who retreat ed. leaving on Ihe Held alxteen men killed. Including Ih* rebel leader. Aguilar, and ■n American negro. II wa* at first thought the latter was a man named Fa gin. a deaert-r from th* Twenly-fourih Infantry, but this turned out to be a mis take Not one of Jernlgan’s men was wounded. kmii arii.i. CH.iaiMt! i>: wet. Hut nrltlsh l'rr.l.trse( la Wot Vet Krearilnl. London. Dec Th* war office has re ceived the following from Dord KPchaner. dared Bloemfontein. Dec t. "Oen. Knox re-engaged DeWet near Be thulla on tha Bmlthfiaid road yescerdev. He drove th* enemy f om all their po sit ions before dark, when they retreated northward. Col. Pilcher aealsted by a turning movement on Knox's left.” laar.l Kitchener reports also several I minor affair^ DAILY $* A YEAR. S ru.NTH A DOPY WEEKLY 2-TIMEH- A-WEEK.fI A YEAR MINISTER SHOT DEAD ritF*B%TtCRI%* rm V UH.LU) IT AV ALTER< ‘.MOV FIRST FIRED ON HIS SLAYER. MIA Ftl.l l N FOE SPAT lit t.I.F.T W ITH I M JtHIM, AIM. Itev. John \\ \* hl* of %\ tlltenisow. W . In., Atiot bott a Hon A. Ikirtft Atokea, nnl Then Hrcrhrd a Hal lo! Throngli lit* lirnln—shooting l-'ollonpil t| ii to I* I v t |in a Wordy IMlfloalty—Th* %\ Ii <* le TriiH*t) Is s|ru*tel In lt**#|i thiiorp Wil iafivon. \\ V 1>• '. f This after noon lion H ta\l Slose** sh*t and in ;t 11 f1 \ ki 1* *1 Rev, John W. VVohl In street due her*. Mr Htokes being n|no dangerously Injured. To-night In the whole town and even In the country and Milcta the excltemant Is lntense. Mr Stoke*, one of the itK>*t prominent ' oung lawyers in Mtngo cmuity. left hla oftlce this afiernnou Immediately after dinner and pleasantly greeting frlrnds on : the way, walked with quick and firm I step In th# dlreoflon of the houe oceu l*(by Itev. Mr Wohl, and hl houee* keeper. Mrs Mr WoM'ft family be ing in Kentucky Mr. Htokes stoppe*! at the gale to talk with Mm Ijevine, who •m*s| In her dn>rway Within a few mln nies the mlnl-ter ante o*it nf hoaee. lie !• •*n<’| to I#- greatly ex* Red ihouf mnetlilng and *n!l i* Mr* as he l#st*d h< r at the *| t r "You would be much be ter. at prseent, j In the house." Hh laughingly reidled that the day wax far too pretty to h sj**mt enftlrftdy within doors, aial Mi Htokes Interrupted by remarking. "Yea. d*m t think of leaving ua for tha house ' ’ (Julck as a flash Mr W’ohl turned and nd*lref>slng Htokes said "Lftuive the premise* ’** An altercation followed. Both men ran to the tldowalk directly In front of tha house. Hotneihing w.-t* s.ild almost !n --dHrtlnguiehahle. that drew from Rev, Wohl a sharp retort. "You are a liar!** nnd In an instant the report of n revolver waa heard. Htokes itumNel, tried to re gain his footing.*hut feH In the street; Hl* Aim it.. Sure. Wounded a* h- was. hr drew hla re volver and covered th- minister, now wllhtn ten f-et of his fallen foe Again Wohl fired, and simultaneously with that shoi the gun In the sb.kmr hand of Htokes Spoke AVh-n Ihe smok* cleared away two mm lay In thir own hloral U|*in th* *ldewlk A crowd ran to th* c*nc. Rev. Wohl was d-ad. Chance had carried th* bul let from Stokes’ pliol through th* h-ad of the minister, killing him a* h Ml. Th* bullet had entered Blok**' side be low th- heart and pa*-d entirely through hla body. In th- hall of Ih- minister'# home, fac ing the fearful duel to th- death, falisn across th* doorway, wne found Mrs. I*.- vtne. It was at first thought sb* waa dead, and had probably hern ahot, but an Investigation show—l that all* had only fainted from fright. Up to a iat* hour thta evening Mr. moke* ha* refused to say anything mo cernlnc ih- terrlbl* twgdy, and Mrs. la>vln- is In too msich of a state of ex cjtement to talk. Rav Wohl wa* recogniz'd a* on* of Ih# muwt forceful and -Inqu-tM of Preehy tvrtan minister* of thie state Mr fitok-a I* an ex-Virginia University president an.) comes from a prominent Virginia family. MORE BROKERS ARRESTED. Those Taken twin t natody charged . With a„ in.liina Many People In Klnek Trnnanellone. N-W York. Dec 4.- As the re*u of In vestigations mad- by Assistant DMgrlct Attorney Byrne. C. W. Morgan, trading as C. W. Morgan tk Cos., stock brokera. and Morgan's taxikk—per, Michael Hart, were to-day arrested on th* charge of conspiracy and grand larceny. The men were locked up In poller headquarters Th- detective* confiscaled all th* hook# and |>apr* In Ih* office of Morgan *nd In Ihe office* of U E Van Riper *nd > John B. M-*Kcnzle. discretionary brokers. V*n Hliwr and McKenzie had left their offices. It was found I ha) (he written mailer In th* book* of Van Riper and McKenzie had been torn out, leading ths polic* to suppose lhat (hey had been In formed of their coming. The attention of A militant District At torney tlyrn# wa* dlrr>-t*d to the niattwr through Ids work In the (there ease, 'h* defendant having heen arrested for. It la said, aecurlng a sum of money (nan IM. Daniel E Ki kle*. three week* ago whletz was lo be invested In stocks. Rhera*n lookkeeper. It I* all-g-d. Intimated that aueh nsethods w-re In vogue with other brokers In Wall strict A thorough Investigation waa made ■! It wa* found that Midvenzl* and Vanßt per did an extensive huslneea throughout the I'nlted Btates and Canada. They sen) out a* many a* .one hutxlred thousand Inters a week, some of whteh told how easily money wn* made In W'zll streat, uml others cxidalnlnK certain deals, tha money to be sent to Morgan A Chk. or C. B. lawrence. Jr .'anHiper ami McKenzie. If Is alleged, advis'd -a-h other of their surer** with the prospective customer and they In turn advised Morgan If a man sent money to Morgan he would advlee the brokers. Morgan had an offie# at Thlriy-Thlrd street and Broadway and the police say he bad various oflW* throughout th* country. Host the Cissw Was t anaht. The complainant against the prhMner* M William 8 Bailey, a mill owner of Mztteawan. N J. The police say they hav* thirty others who will testify against tha men. and on* of the thirty admit* having toet IM.OOO through deal*. When th* police entered Morgan’* offico to arrest him they found a man whoso name Capt. McCluaky reflated to divulge (Continued on Fifth Fag*.)