The Savannah morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1900-current, December 16, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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Many Men who do not own a Full Dress Suit Would appreciate one even as a Christmas Gift. It is a neces- Vy sity to every ,\ v man who has A. \\ social preten , ' \\ \\ sions. Our Line Is a very se / lect one. and / / a suit from / I our stock will i prove a per ennial gratifi canon. . $30.00 q izz&'issi. $45.00. We ask attention to Our Overcoats, In Men's, Boys’ and Children’s St) les. Every conceivable vogue is represented to its best and fu lest extent in our stock. Men’s Raglans, Paddocks, Box, Capes, Etc. Handsome fabrics elegantly made and finished. No more sensible T^7 Holiday w-SS Gift for a loved relative or / *r* a needy / | V \ friend. fr, H£l We still (Ley have some J of those l fi " c § I %t, Boys’ i I J# Cape YYt f / Overcoats \ \ )eft - n uIS garments. PA Will close - 1 * out at HALF-PRICE. Gladden some boys’ heart. Men’s Suits. Our Men’s Suit lines are incomparably away ahead of any at *r tempted coin /' \y petition / j where W | • Quality and *i Current Stylishness J.X n I Are concern j I h ed. Of course , j’r j you can / jj V always get r so-called Clothing of ancient styles and shoddy materials at any sort of price. But you rarely get VALUE. Yoong Men’s Saits Illustrate our supremacy in < vt ry respect. peciaily to our r^jvTmllE Yoong Men. Mf S Wbo know Style when they see MV And Want It. |0 Perfection lives here. Paragon for Dress. Dutchess for Business. The greatest variety of Good and Best Trousers in Savannah. Boys’ Outfits. L'erything for Boys. Suits, t Overcoats, Hats, Caps, Shirts, Shirt Waists, Underwear, Socks, Stockings, Overcoats, Reefers, Etc. * Lovely line of Boys Christmas Neckwear. Short Skirts We again hold out a tempting offer in our re mainingjjspecial lines of Rainy-Day or Walking Skirts. A wonderful example of Great Value for Little Money. $3.50 and $4.00 SKIRTS, $5.00 to $6.50 SKIRTS, $3.99. Elegant lines of Dress Skirts and Silk Underskirts. We ask especial attention to the Patent Self-Coniorm ing Underskirts. No draw ing strings. Adjusts itself to any figure and to vari ations in physique. FITS ALL FIGURES; Ladies' Fur Scarfs. Nice quality of stylish Electric Seal Scarfs for $1.58 Other pretty specimens in Mink, Martin, Opossum ami Persian Lamb from $1.75 to $24.00. Waist Hits. Black and colored SILK Waists at moving }to. SS and $9 Waists for 53.98. Waists for $5.98. 9^ut, Two and three of a line, and these “gift” prices are only to clear them out. Come at once. Flannel Waists. New and attractive lines received during past week. As pretty as our earlier lines. Plush Capes, Reduced 2 > per cent. * THE MORNING NEWS: SUNDAY. DECEMBER 10, 1900. One Week Practically covers the shopping period BEFORE CHRIST MAS. You haven't much time. We can facilitate matters for you here. Everything is at your hand One Department suggests another, and you can accomplish in one visit more than a month's thinking ani planning could achieve. Every item in the BIG STORE is PRACTICAL as well as BEAUTIFUL. No trifling gewgaws or gimcracks to dis tract you or waste money on. SUBSTANTIALS---Every kind of the BEST KINDS. The synopsis before you will urge you to SEE the gigantic lines gathered in our spacious warerooms. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS from the BIG STORE WILL Make Christmas Memorable* Babies and Larger Ones. 'S > & , Infants’ Long Cloaks, Caps, Mitis, Sacques, Boots, an d other desirable touet and nursery accessories. . vV. J ; Small Bjys’ Comforts, . & J Such as OVERCOATS, SUITS, LEGGINS, HATS, WHM V CAPS. UNDERWEAR, STOCKINGS, CAPES and SUNDRIES. We ask VOlir WC lift VC U I nice line of Spec 3 15 he I ‘Be famous Attention, _ I Stnttgarter L,a ies , Best Suits fel (J Sanitary to RllV 4 Pure Wool To the 10 OU > # / v . lt „ . ft . C'-A Night Robes Popular and AfyPM Tbecxtr* wear and service u * vg- • and Correct -Worded by the H. S. & M. „ „„„ .uif. are enou t h ,o recom- Underwear KABO mend them to every careful Bust When you learn how Ipfcpsiß I W omen and stylish and becoming they , Perfector. are, how well they fit and COIIQfMI. keep their ahape, you will RvSl-tYijW It has no peer never buy any other kind. TANARUS" Y a _p.rf.ctor tWe ask no more for them ■1 1 \ 1 than you have to pay for in- I 3 | Ckrri|M 1100 ►> dart. *lm I AND THERE ARE OTHERS, Whose fine Clothing is controlle l bv us, inch as Ttf2 STEIN-BLOCH CO., HAM BURGER BROS., STROUSS BROS, and HORNTHAL, BENJAMIN & REIM. ONLY HERE do you find THE CLOTHING CREAM. Ladies May Invade Male=dom. Our GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING DEPARTMENT is at the service Of Ladies Who Have Men’s Presents to Buy. Our rich lines have been especially adjusted to meet their critical requirements. Here are some of the Treasures you may acquire for your Husbands, Fathers. Broth ers, Cousins, and The Young Man on the “Anxious” Seat: House Coats. Bath Robes. Silk Suspenders. Silk Night Robes. Silk Underwear. Silk Half Hose. Smoking Jackets. Our Neckwear is the “NDOse” That Captivates. B.H.Levy&Bro. Leather Cuffand Collar Boxes. Traveling Sets. Fine Gloves. HANDKERCHIEFS. MUFFLERS. FANCY VESTS. UMBRELLAS. CANES. MEN'S JEWELRY. SILK NECKWEAR, Strictly exclusive and su perbly rich, from 25c to to $3.00. This is the “CONVENTIONAL” finish ing depot in Savannah, and the LADIES can rely on finding the exquisite arbiters of swelldom, and our cordial assistance in selecting. Pacemakers. Our Man-Tailored Ladies’ SUITS are the STYLE arbi ters with good dressers in Savannah. We continue this u, week the special iaiic chance to obtain the greatest val -11 ue cver offered for SOM,ML IBICES. i "f S2O to $25 SLITS LJ sl2 00. $12.00 to SIB.OO SUITS For $8.50. You will regret losing this opportunity if you fail to get a suit. Cloth and cheapness of our fine Collarettes, Jackets, Capes, Automobiles, Etc. GIRLS’ ANI) CHILDREN’S JACKETS in splendid variety. Also cattCTUs PRESENTS of the most desirable sorts abound in our Ladies’ section. Fancy Umbrellas, Silver and (Jilt Purses, l.eather (ioods, Novelty Boxes, Tablets, Hand-made (M NUBIAS. JggL/ Chiffon, Silk and I.ace THIMBLES. Y* Fine FANS, J\ and many other handsome and seasonable articles. Perrin’s Gloves, The best known PERFECT FITTING— aII sizes and SbJdCS. Kab " 0k Corsets the new l i,\% / Models, The Best. HATS _ Are much esteemed as Christmas Presents especially good ones. You are safe in giving A Dunlap, Stetson, Young, Miller, Imperial, or Gotham. Wo also have a nice se lection of SILK AND OPLRA HATS O— HOW 1 ARE I YOU OFF for rf | SHIRTS? If some good relative or friend presents you with a half dozen Manhattan SHIRTS, you can call your self most fortunate —Ibal’S AIL We Have Caps! For Men and Boys any sort of Cad you can name or think of. Nothing more use ful than a CAD. It’S AL WAYS “Handy.” Do You Know that we have a full line of UMBRELLAS? FINE, GOOD, ORDINARY— an elegant selection of fine presentation UMBRELLAS — Handles that would invite the envy of a prince. The 11.00 or the SIO.OO kind are Best of Their Kind. RAINCOATS, Traveling Bags, Toilet Cases, Dress Suit Cases, and lots of other MEN 8 Thicks that you’d scarcely suspect were here. We have every item that btIOD&S to till wardrobe of a well*dressing man. Any one of them a prime Christmas Gift. 7