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THE MORNING NKWB Established IM9. • - Incorporated IMS J H KBTILL, President. BOERS’ LIVELY FIGHT j,ltl . FEBUSti DUE ovnit THE ITI ATIOV DE WET THE CHIEF TROUBLE. KITCHENER'S DISPITCBM HARD tv W AHR ANTED IH CO A TEATS. ghe IttTMlnn of I |>e Colon) Well. I'lnuurd-Evident That Colonial nuU'li Are Op*o|*ert* 11 ait Willi the Hoere— Shrewd Unrulier. Get llolil of Dynamite—4'olouinla Said to He JolntOH the lot oiler*. London. Doc. 21.—Lord Kitchener'! dl j;c:.e. breathing a confidence hirdlv 3 tfle.l by their contents. pte almo-i tie only available news from the seat if hostilities In South Africa; but tele glum* from Cape Town iteptct the situa tion In anything but roseate hues. Without b Sieving the assertion of the Transvaal agency In Brussels that HOnO Jmers have Invaded Cape Colony, it Is quite evident that the invasion was a se j rus and well-planned affair. In con i ectlon with this a correspondent sends on extremely interesting letter, dated Jtethulie. Dee. 1, describing Oen DeWct and his doings "DeWst has never been taken seriously though. 11 fay* the correspondent. "It Is of little use to pursue him. as he fights a rear guard action and gains twenty mil's while he Is being fought "He Is a born mintary genius, whose "i u-rful powers have kept up this phe l unei al resistance. m >• he' fails, the whole thing roull |>e crushed in a fortnight. He has every eagle commando under his supervision All his patrols and columns march ai.d countermarch on hi* order The forces .nd<r his commard have been reduced by his strength of will to a properly or ganised army, moving at l;ls word. The r ■ ■ f the British rid themselves of the Idea rhat De AVet's forces are a mere j;il>h'.e, wardering aimlessly, the sooner thev will arasp ihe need of the deter mined effort which la necessary to cap ture him.” The Cspe Colony cabinet had an ini p. nant sitting yesterday (Sunday). It up. j<ars that th*- Boers havevleatroyed a iallway bridge ninety feet long about tweiie mile* south of DeAar. and that he. Cape mails hive arrived at Ulo-finf un tun f. r three days Further anxiety Ixis been caused in ta; Town by hr itlscovery that *. ■ • ... W- ne.kMo Kodtea let rail if tin way place* have requisitioned ujk I lie of dynamite The colonial govern ii .nt is now tiulcavorinir to recover now s'- mion of these explosrve* and is retnov- II s vll stores of arms aiui ammunition 1 ■ m d©i*>t. Other advices from Cap© Town repra ? r •*„. Du*< h I* •!,’ r.t in *\i ■- ' ' a fretily elated over the southw *rl prosren* of the Boers, and a ** boasting that the whole district of Victoria west will ,ivM4 y.e raiders. It is ©xj*©cted In i Town that fh© for e traveling fram Zouipdii'i Drift is not a body of Boer a But one of colonials, hastening to join che invaders. Th© I‘tetermaritssburg correspondent of the Daily Mail says: Th© Boers are active between Johan r*burg and Pretoria, exchanging shots with the British outposts, and it is re jwted that parties of Boers are ho\*ering art uml Johannesburg " t tUllltN Tlt OOP’ HKTI RV. I MlnHinU U>ll rd 111 (irinl flrlinln. Halifax. X. 8., Dac. 23.—The Hfinwr I.tike Champlain. having on hoard Col titter and 530 Canadian troop* returning from South Africa, arrival this morning from Liverpool and disembarked her* Col. Otter nays tin* reception given 111* an*n In Urrat llrltain was magnificent. In South Africa the Canadians were lieated well by all the Imperial officer*. Lord Hubert* In particular aeemed to grarp the significance of the colonial *#• rl*aance given U> th mother country. Col. Otter cona.dcrs the Free Staters bel ter lighter* than the Transvaul men and more mi* invent He saw no white flag abuse p)-r>oiMlly on the part of tlit Jioers The republican* had much bettet gun* than the Brltl*h. Among the returned eoldlere are foriy kick and wounded. One man Is Insane. The Mayor and Lteutent Governor visited the soldier* before they entrained, and a sa lute In their honor was lired from the citadel. * a tiii, u.u*e ilk* HiiDHunii. Many Vessels Have lts*i t npteaaaet Ivxperlenre*. Queenstown, Dec. 28.—The gale has moderated and Incoming vessel* report fearful experiences. The German ship lielnrich, Capt. Sag. r. encountered head winds which prevented her sailing fur ther than 230 mile* ca of the coast of Ireland. The crew were utterly exhausted, hav ing been day and night at the pump*. The Heinrich will dfick here for repairs. The British steamer Karoon. Capt Freeman, from Philadelphia. Dec. 7. for fork, has also arrived here and report* having passed a Leyland Line steamer off the coa t of Ireland, during the gule und that the latter was listing to an an gle of 45 degree*. Blip l\ BHH I IvniiCKU). isisral of the Crew Drowned and Two filed on an Islnnd. Copenhagen, Dec. 23.—The sailing ship lvtrra was wreck*,*! last Friday near Cloeteborg, Southwestern Sweden. Seven tx the crew were drowned. Three man aged to reach On uninhabited latand. vnere two died, the third being reacucd ‘•-day. | ( FUkernrii Are Altering. London, Dec. *4—A dispatch from Aherdeen says that live Shetland Ashing boats have been missing since the storm thsi raxed last week, ami It is feared that t only-seven fishermen have been drown •i LilWesiat Count Anollaky Mlaatk*. Stockholm. Dec. 21-The dUappearano. rf I.lout (‘mini Snollsky. military *l -of the Swedish and Norwegian le gation in Berlin, ia attributed <o mental Ovr-ngement. watumnal) itLirniug Me to 6. M'DONALD’S CONDITION. slayer of Aadllor Morris Mill Ll*, i tug, hat His Death Vluoirntarlly F\|©*tel. Washington. Dec 23-Samuel M - Donald the treasury clerk who shot and lulled l-'tank H Morris, auditor for the War j Department .*• the Winder buiklln* yesterday and then wounded himself, was in a precarious condition at the Kmer- j Itency Hovpi a) to-night, and his death 1.-* expected moiicntiirily M iMnald has bevti entirely conscious since his removal to the hospital lit* tondltion this morn ing seemed favorabl©. but tonight it took a turn for the worse, and he began to ,-tnk. He has constantly reiterated Ihe hope that h* would die, de* lanng he did not t are to five. All day long there was * continuous stream of visitotw to see the wounded nun, but the Im:ter was partic ularly anxious that none of his friend* should talk to the newspapers about what h* told them. unl he even took the pre- 1 caution to tear up their \isltiug cards so that tlieir identity might not be learned. Mui’houald nas a large number of friends in tha* rity, and the opinion was expressed quite generally that his mind was in an unse:tied condition at the time of th* si outing. An anu>\ was performed on the body of Mr Moirl.s to- la> and developed the fa-1 t at three of the five bullets tired struck him. The body will In- taken f on her** To-m>rr<w evening, to Clave* lnl. O, when the Interment will be mao© in Lake View Cemetery. Ttio fam ily of the d* ad man were the recipient of mam telegrams and letters of condo lence to-day, and among the touching in cident?* wu- .i visa of twelve children from Mr. Morris' Sunday School class from Faith Chapel. Dan A iJrosvtnor, deputy auditor for tin. war department, and the next in line of rank to the Uie Mr. Morris, was dis charged on Saturday Mr Orosvenor re ceiv'd his die- Margo papers half an hour after the killing of Mr Morris They vcr conveyed to him from the office of Secretary Gage, the discharge taking ef fect at one* Capl. C aba ugh of the treasury watch, took charge of affairs at the Winder building shortly after the shooting on Saturday, with instructions to report to \V W. Brown, auditor tor the navy department, and the predeces sor of Mr Mortis, who has been reinstat ed in hit* old |HM*ttlon as auditor for the war department. OHIO VALLEY TIED UP. of Hrranfoti Klrrlrlr Hall ikiiy I• in|n ii l on for Iftjthrr \\ n*rn. S. ronton. Pa.. Dr *. 23.—Every otir of the 300 car ant bam employe* of the &rantoo Hallway Company obeyed the •trike order which went Into effect at b Ul .unt lll| IIIUI IIIIIK A rtf’ a */rieuw..w only two car# were running in all of the Lackawanna valley to-d*y. These two , urs were manned by Superintendent Pat teraon and dlsiiatchem, loremen and clerks There wore few passenger* The tted-up region extends from Pltts toti to Forest City, a distance of thirty miles, and Include* slxty-flve mile* of tracks on which are run ordinarily eight cars The men of the Wyoming Valley Traction Company, operating all the linen sou;h of nttaton as far as Nantleoke threaten to go on strike Thursday. With both companies tl*l up there will be a (aval cessation of street car traffle In a busy stretch of country, eighty miles north. Including the four Mg Miles of Scranton, WUkeebarre. Plttslon and Oarbondate. The strikers met to-night and appoint ed committees lo inan the different de pots. They are to watch mil for men who. It I* reported, have been rcorutled I. Thev will also destrlbute card* lo strang ers notifying them of the trike and ask ing them not to ride on trolley car*. An „pi>. .| to the local public was also is sued, asking that Hie cars be not pat ronised. Tn. men demand twenty cent* an hour \for old employe* and from fifteen to sevenean and a half cents for new men. A< present the new men receive an aver of 15 S-M cents an hour and after four years service thle Is raised to !7*i cents They also demand a ten-hour day instead of twelve hours as at pres ent. Tl>>* company In Its answer to the grievance committee’* demands says it Is not In a position to afford any Increase wages at this time. President Clark arrived to-night and Stared that the road would be operated with new men If old men cannot bo se cured. THU THI tTI imITMtITOHV. Times hoy* B#lad Cannot A a ree lo Afuendmenia. London. Dec 24 -The Time* In nn edi torial on President McKinley’s decision to submit Ihe Hay-Pauncefote canal treaty to Great Britain, reproaches him with "shiftln# a dangerous rcsponalblkty" on Ihe British government and my*: "The President inuer bear the responsi bility for any friedon thal may ensue. The amended treaty Is n bargain to which we cannot agree and lo which no rea*on iblc American who take* Ihe trouble lo r,fl* c t upon ur side of the question can expect us lo agree '•When Senator I-odge announced that American* expect Kurope '>> y*P l °“ t ‘ of America he forgel* that Kngland I* a groat North American l-’Wer and mean* to remain *uch a power. "If the Hay-Pauncefote treaty I* noi adopte<l In a form acceptable to u*. we shall stand quietly upon our Indubitable right# under the Clayton-Bulwer treaty, right- which cannol be affected by any actum the American Senate may choose to take." _ lit a*lA # a OFFKK DRCLINRO. Hoamanla IHd Not Care to llarler Her ladepewdenee for Gold. London. pe 24.—"Kueala offered Houn mania a loan of slstaen mliUon#." **>* ihe Vienna correspondent of the Dally express "to assist her In Ihe financial crisis but Ihe offer was declined because there were condition# attached undermin ing Itoumanlan Indspendante," VON 111 BLOW HONOI4KD. t.mperor William Confer* Order of Black Baale l'|on Him. Berlin. Dtc. 22,-Thl* afternoon Emprr or William Visited the Imperial chancel lor count •on Hueiow, end personally conferred upon him the insignia of lb* Order of the Black Logic. SAVANNAH, GA., MONDAY. DEC EMBER 24, llXM). FOR BRITISH ARMY 30,000 IIOR9i:n AM* Ml IsCV to be P! H<NA*EI>. AMERICAN STOCK IN DEMAND. ngNRWAL or lOTIIfTII MAKES MOHE AVINAUI \Ktl>tttV. M ill Tarn I oims Aevrrsl Million Dollars In This tountry—* vrraur Life of Army tnlmnl* ft an Auutli Africa Oslr vi Urrkn ati<l tbe ft o*l Is gtllO a Bead— Only l urh bin* From Kansas ft ftt > l South Africa. Kansas City. Dec. 23 Capt. Ilavgate. of the British army, is purrhaing Go.<X#> cav alry hors©* and mules for the British army in (South Africa lie * ante ner more than a year ago to buy horses and mule©, but was ordered home a short time tigo. But the unexpected renewal of hostilities liah made the purchase of more bones and mules necessary. As fast as the animat* are Inspected and bought they wilt b sent to New Orleans and shipped to Cape Town. Durban, and New Ixmdon on British tran*fK>rta, some of which are now on their way to th** United States one ship load of the ani mals will be taken to Bouth Africa by Lieut Moberly, leaving New Orleans soon after Jan. 1. Lieut. Moberly said "By th© time the horses and mules arc Ur<id |n Bouth Africa, they .sf the British government a head. That If a large price for an animal which will be fit for service only six weeks. Most of the animals die be a use of the change in climate. They must cross the equator in going to Bouth Africa, and Ihe heat of th© tropics kills them rapidly. The aver | age death rate on ahtphuard la thirty-two to the thousand. “Forty days after a horse is pun-based in Kansas City it is land©*! In South Africa. 8o great la the demand for hur*©* at the front that it is impo**ible to glv* them the nee*led rest after landing l**for© putting them into service, with the re sult that they soon die. Since th*' begin ning of the Boer war. England ha* pur chased over 100.0(0 head of horses un i mules In the United States Ift required sixty-five ships to carry them from N w Orleans to Bouth Africa. Government transports will be kept very busy from now an carrying the horses which Eng land will need in Bouth Africa, and which K■ vx h**n rrxtor#-d mirr*ha©d in the Unit ed States Baden-Powell he* 25,(*w> tramm ed police, and it is proposed to mount SO.OOO of the lmp* k rlal infantry. England ha* discovered that her soldiers must be mounted to be able to cope with th© Boer, who gets over the country with alarming rapidity." LORD KITCHENER REPORTS. 9) Rnfr Mo,riMrlit Into f'apr t'oli*- ■i. Has l,rn CbwkfU—User tnmmantlß l*raurd b> Urillah F'nrrss. London. D*c. 23 —Ths war olßt ha* r*- celvsd tha following dispatch from Lord Kitchener dsiol Pretoria. Dec 22; * “As far as It is possible for me to form an opinion from th* reports of officers on the spot, 1 think the Boer movement Into Cape Colony has been checked. Of the two forces that *ered the colony, the eastern Is still north of the Zout|an berg range, while tha one that entered west appears to have been turned In the direction of BrMstown and Prleska Our troops are getting around both bodies, and a .pedal column Is also being or ganised which will be dispatched imme diately when 1 know where It* services are moat wanted. "The Boers have not received much as sistance in Capo Colony as far as my In formation goes. v*> lave armed some of the colonists who are assisting our force*. Hallway and telegraph oommtinl ,otion ha* been much Interrupted by the very laid weather. "De Wet Is tn Ihe neighborhood of fienekal Gen. French. In oonJunction t*ia Gath Clement*, attacked a force un .iyi*.v.r. aouth of the Magalleeberg. The Hoers broke away in a southwesterly direction toward Potcheatroom aryl were followed by Gen. Gordon with a column of French'* force. "Yesterday evening about S o'clock Clements' fores engaged south of Oll phant’s Nek, but I do not yet know the result." A later dlrpateh from !*otd Kitchener, dated Pretoria. Dec. SI. Bay* "The western column of Boers occupied Rrltstown and cut the railway south of De Aar Junction. The enemy I* being fol lowed up. "Gen French has been In contact for two day* wlih I lie t oronvi. n toe* of lleyer* and Delarwy south of the MagaMe.dxrg. H* Is pursing thven The enemy hove lost considerable and Ctomnvandani Kreuse and others nave been captured. ■Gen Ooivllte engaged two separate commando* Dec. 21 near Vlekfonte4n. with slight losses, the enemy retiring." BI NNING MINK I NIMvH I IINTROL. rirr Alerted 42 Year* tgo and May Take Twn Year* ta Aohdae. Tamaqua. Pa., Dec 22.—The officlaja of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company are Jubilant over the fact lhat the fire In tha celebrated burning mine at Summit Hill, which started forty-two year* ago, la now under control, and It Is said thae Ihe next two yearn will see ll* extinguish ment. The lire, which ha# consumed about thlriy-llve acre# of Ihe finest coal land In Ihe anthracite coal region, ha* moved westward toward Lanaford. Two Immense drilling machines which have beer constantly probing for the fire, have now bottom® honeycombed lo the earth to the weat of the burlng portion Culm U being poured into these hole*, and a solid moss will thus confront the fire ■ I Archbishop Ireland Denlra the He port. #t Paul. Sftnn., Dtc. JJ.—Archblxhop John Ireland to-day denied report* the! he wo* to vtelt Cub* and Pbrto Rico aa a special commissioner appointed by Pren- Ident McKinley to aetlie dispute* In regarJ to the division of church property. THE CUOAHY KIDNAPING. Police Hr|in lo (.ft Some l.lgltf on Ihe taar, baft Make • Ullp •• the M llsfk M Man. Omaha. Neb , Dec. 23—There was a da cisive devolo;nent in the Cudahy kid naping case Sunday, although ths dis closure is negative in kind It ha* i**eu learned that tiurs wsre two bandftft? noi three .mplicaied in the abduction. One of the outlaws has been slhninuted The dark coni(Heaiond mail with the Ida k mustache and black hair tinged with giay. so minutely deathbed by klus M.uM Munshaw. was in the office of Chief Donahue ft his afternoon and w there confranted by labile Cudahy, his sup|K>t'd victim After carefully *<• rutin ising him the boy said That U not the man. H* is not tall enough by an hu h and a half and h©‘* not broad enough. ila’s too small In every way.** There is still a dark -amplexioned man in (he case, but he Is larger than John son and younger Otherwise he Is very much like Johnson. tMving a black mus tache and dark hair sllMiily mixed with gray If the police hi*r* any Iden who fthk mai la wttl fi"t atlMill it Bo I far ns they know* he mis been seen by i but one p r*oii and that*!* Kddle fhidahy i him-vlf. The other bandit wa* tle light complexloned nan with the brown hair ud long light muMache. slight of bulb! and whose age la s-ikt to lot somewhere between 3o and S3 years. The |oltce ate | attstied that a hey know thU man and If h is the person ft hey think. Iw* is. he probably will be In custody within the next ftHi days K j A. Cuday. Hr., still entertains the theory ; that if Cat Crowe wan not one of fth* men who kidnaped his son h' will U*- no time In advising him of this fact Mr. Cudahy has befrinded Crow* many time* In the past. Why." said the pucker. *‘Cal Crowe know* perfectly well that If he had corn** lo me a week ago and asked me for 13ft he would have got It. He has often ex pressed a sense of gratitude for wnat 1 have done for him, and 1 can hardly be lleve he would turn uguinM me in this way." , % • \t Aft %OT TUB UtK" M AH. Omaha Polftre lon l.oeklng for Ihe •l.lahf' Haa Omaha. Neb . Dec. 23.—The myefterlous "dark” man In the Cudahy kidnaping case was arrested this aft* moon by the police from fth© description given by Mis* Maud Munshaw. who lives near the house in which Eddie <*udahy was hekl for ran dom by his abdtrt ore His name is Ed Johnson a lub.>rer inr th* Culahy pa king pant. Johnson wst easily to prove to the satisfaction of the |Ohce and Mr Cudahy, who was called in, that he had nothing to do with the case and was al lowed to reftum to his wife and family. He had tried to rem the house, but the m>,n i</, i...i .•„•■, iv. * *,.• . * . ..... LMiishue says th** ftrr***t of Johnson nar rows I in* in;* down and •’•Wits tb* chlsf inlcmn ahons ih* "ilghl 11 man who r*>nl ni th honas from Mr schustdsrwlnd. h ts RDM'SIID MM ORII \hin* of Sinn Klllrd In |•h•la•I•-l|>hl■ Hs.tng Csnlrit. PhlUulclphU. Dwc. 2)—A* • result at the fUT t*Hnln*tfOn W smetsur boxing bout last night at the Phtladelphtx Ath- Ictlc Club between Jose|,h Kelly and Ed ward Sanford, who fought under the name of Frank Bart, all boglng contesta have been prohibited for the present by the police authorities Direptiw of Public Safety English to day issued an order to the police to the effect all permits for sparring con tests hvretoforo Issued are revoked, alii that no more (termite will be granted for the same for the present, ami the police are ti.elrunted to prohibit sparring ’exhibi tion* until further notice. M mill AGE DEI 1. SHED OFF. \V< uld-He Bride’s Mother Jumped He tween the t'onpie. Busquehenna. To . Dec. 23 - At Hawley toct Usi night while David D. Owen and Mias Nancy D. Vaughn were being unliol In nvirrlage by a local justice of the peace, and when the marriage ceremony was just half completed, the young wo nan's mother Jutm-'d In between the young couple and forba*le further Ite ,'endings. The marriage was then decared off It Is said lo I— Ihe flrsl Instance of the kind In the annais of history. olVI> 111-:IIIt KHI IT. TIM*. Germany rroleets Vgnlnsl Tarkey’s l.lttle ('miner Order. Constantinople. Dec- 23 -The expected Imperial Irade authorlxing the signature of the contraeA for the construction of a cruiser for the Ottoman navy hy Ih* Cramp Mhip-building Company, together With he initial deposit of lIOU.IMI. he* not yet been Issued. It anpear* that the German embassy has protested to the Porte against Ihe payment to Ihe Cramp- before the amount owing lo Herr Krupp for naval guns ha* been paid ( JAP A NEAL MINI ATKII HKSIGNa. Minister Tori AA na Former .fapaneae llepreaeatallve at AVaahliiatow. Yokohama Dec. 22-llo.hl Tori, min uter of communications and formerly Jap anese minister lo Ihe United State*, has tesignsd hi* portfolio Mi consequence of rile lierslstelit allegations of his Implica tion In financial scandabi. He will he sue , ,„.|ed hy Mr. liars, former minister io Korea It I* possible that the stability of the 110 cabinet wld be affected atohm in nohthaa fat. Minnesota Kaperlewelag First Dll*- sard of the AA later, 8t Paul. Minn.. Dec. 23.—Thl* nectlon of the Northwest I* experiencing (he first hllxsard of th* present winter. Jn 81. Paul the snow-fall has been light, but the fierce wind blew It In blinding sheet*. The storm Is general throughout the stale to-day. Strike In Genoa t omes to an Kail. Genoa. Dec 23.-A strike earned by th# police closing the Bureau of Labor Union# came to an did 10-day. Ihe government consenting to a reconstruction of the bu raau. _ The German Aeronaut. Berlin. Dec. 22—Count Zeppelin, the aeronaut, will aooil address th* German colonial Society upon th* prospects of ullllxlng hi* alrshliv IN THE PHILIPPINES ftx>\i>irio\* tiikhi: hfroirrr.n in ftiiA. MAO %1C Tilt H. CIVIL QUESTIONS DISCUSSED. TUB (IIIHI A. 1 PROBLEM ONE WIIB II \li3slM TO lift. 9IVIT I.EIK % loirgr Inorraar ftn ft nwloni* lie* rrlpla I utlrr inirrli tui Mn it*•*- mrnft—l nl(*l liumlgrftln l. N( >iilft'l ti lb© ftttiniiiii. \r(M llmn Mini* Mnr|g‘t l*roi*r© I nilrr Anu rli uu walrol mI ftkr l'*-t||* Ar Well \Allh lh- I'rpinii I urui f (•otrrumml. Wimliiiiftton. Dw J-* Tin* War iK'parr* meni ban UMip iwbiic a **ri#*.- of r*iorft maU© lo Urn MaoAithur by li© üb' rx i-tiiwiiiutiiift the o: tbr \arUAi.x t>ui'* < aua and u ntn wltich liavc adtniitlfticiwl ih© cMI affairs of ill*' PliLlpi’lit© IcaiKk Uuriug fth* lat Sir Tlarc uufllrlwntly but clo#ftljf auiiimarlxcsl iu Hi© rrioti of ikeut. Cos. Crt>wticr. Ttitriy-ninfth lirfanftry, to tb© mililftiy givcrrM>r. i I'lMkr th© h©4ui of th© trragury •l©i*ftti m©it. It U aai<l that th© problem of ©©- curing 4 ctAhl© cur fancy ha* never up ! piixtclvti a ilcilnlt© aoluilon in th© Btiii ! ipi*UH-> ttwxHfli It haa ftot |r*Mt 1 for 1 inwnedtat© *©itl©if>©nt until very recently, when L’nltci Bt.ii©> ami M©xl*an dollar* w-r© for a few l.ya ©\en!y ©xcinsnged. This *ai* tcrmiimitti by h i*ro\i*biMl or •Ur whereby tin government arranged to raitnbur*© tin* itank© for any lor* they might luaiain tltmugti ja>li.x out Mexi can •liver fur Unite*! Biatew currency from di*lHin*lng olll'cm aixl trad** IXHftbt la exprcened. however, an to th© <!©liabl*. tty of ('oftittniilng thin arrangement. Th© cuHhinis aorvlc© In ill* ua*d at ©Wki iengih In th© report, aial It ia mml©l that j there doc© not n©em to t© any present ne cftHialty for an Increane in fth© numbtr of portM of entry. Attention la directed o th© mar kel ;ncrea?*e in the euatoai* re t elpfts under American minag< tn* fit Thta ie explained In |tart by th© fact that lor meil) a large jwirt of th© tmi*ort* atn© I from Bpalu and paid no duties. Al?o th© i Am* rl< an of collet ilon ia Mild to ! ten*l to tvM.eM t'ollectioiu*. The new tariff adopted for Ihe Island Is set out In detail In almost every case specific dune* are tlxcd, following the es tablished system In the Islands, which It was believed to bw dangerous to change to the ad valorem system. The extension of the United Wales Im migration laws to the l-titfud without suh wtautlal < hang* to mart the local condi tions I* said to have proved of doubtful expediency, and especially wo with regard •o the contract tabor law It Is essential ly say* the report, for Ihe mercantile In terest* to secure employes from abroad under contract, els* business will suffer. These laborers do not come Into competi tion wllb'Che native residents. Mote than 2a.OX) Chinese entered and left the Is.amts last year, only one-ninth uf the land In Ihe archt|elagn has been brought under cultivation and there la no land tax. Kegardlng the judicial *icpartment. H was found necessary to provide a ays loin which would l>e divested of Hums harsh and oppressive features so much In con flict with American aiwndards. ll was Im l*osatble for lack of lime lo supply an eiiltiely raw system, ao some changes regarded as indispensable were made by a general order It appear* that tha oper ations of the law ns thus oualtlied have I mama. a|l **>> lev a**oj r.b is I/a <l>f AArj. ants In criminal cam* l!ic fun4*<u>*nti rights of Amtlo-Saxtsit t iiiii.hhl U* Tilt* aI It of hal>cM corimj* ha* boon frequ* fil ly tnvokt. and uiulor ita apretfy ojM*r- Hon nearly 1M) |iDollar*. th hcrifojc** Hpanlnh roglme. hmc* betn liberated front unwarraiH^l <*ol. Browder *ay* that onoo the mlnin te lawn urn brought up 10 American atan dnrdu the mineral condition of the <ouu ry will noon h cnornvup>ly improved, aa * xic rlenced prwjpfN-tot ami competent mining etigine*‘r* nonr In the |*.an<U atand ready to ujidertake the work of exploita tion (ien J. F tfmuh. military governor of .Neg roe, which I*land baa bad under the entire period of American control, a *ub •tentially autonomous form of govern ment. report* that it ha progreveed in merged and favorable contrast with the other Ularide The attitude of the fwopi* In highly favorable toward the t'ntied States, and the largely autonomous gov ernment which they now enjoy Moms to be their fitting r* ward, and the people are naturally dwdroo* hat it eliould be con tinued Hut It will bo inspuftsibig to dis erlmlna< In favor of Negros, the report ♦*•>>. in the scheme of government to be ultimately adopted, so that complications are • up* not easy of Adjustment AI TONOMA PARTY MRG tAlftll) Loyal Filipino lomdera Prepare for .lelf- (tutrmiuriilt Manila, Dec. 22 —The recant I y organised auou omy ptrty wo- IVShi'M to-<kt' at a o;tS.laa JlkhAid by virtually all thr loyad Filipino leader# In Munlkt Tha ilac la rat ton of principle* was read, and af itt some discussion, adopted by a vole of 123, less than half u doxen declining lo vot*. All slxued hcv Indor-cmant of the plaiform. including Kvnor Patrrno, one of th* most Influential of the former In surgent leaders, wnose nsl attltud at ward American authority had been mot h qua# I lotted The principal dlscusalon ms with ref erence o the organiautloti of the govern ment of th# parly. A council of 23 mem bet# was elected, together with nn execu tive committee, including Metier Arel lano, chief Justice of the Supreme Court; Mr Frank H. Bourne, (tenor Amrlosla Frorr-. a former Insurgent general, (tenor Florentine Tor re*. attorney general for the Philippines. Bailor Joee Near, proaecutlng attorney, and Me fair Toma* del Kosailo. The amall e number of vote* received by any can didate was eighty. ONLY ONR MAN YAOIhDKD. Art lletaeb ment of Ninth Cavalry Killed Foety-Bve Inaiirwenl*. Manila. Dec. Advice# brought to-day by at earner from Southern Luson nay that a lieutenant and sixty men of th* Nlnlh United Ml ales Cavalry allocked a large hody of Insurgents last Wednesday near Got nobs tan, province of Albay Afi*r tb bat*!# forty-five dad insurgent* w#tr itHintel, together with many wminl ! ©d. Th© oiiiy Annn an casualty wa the t\ounlinK of a *rg nr.ft who w. -otn**t ed b\ © ren© -. *i.d trv k in th* | l k by a bolo Th* relwl lo* *• th© heaviest recorded ainong re ent ctnoun- j nr* The cutting of the erlr© h© delayer! the offU let 1 reiort of th*- engagement ALL WANT ToVe SENATORS. %Rlßtnuf ftnrrtar* of War MelLle foliit Tr>luu ft** <•©< On** f lit© IrliraaisN I'lnnit. LirwVdn. Neb.. Dec 2.’. \**l*tant fiac re tat v of War Georg© D Mclklejohn. will arrive in Igituoln b*-morrow to assume i*. rs.vii,i management of hi* canvaaa for -©at In th© I nlted States H* v nat© Th© Nebraska leglalafttir©, whi h conven©* on tin flrvt of the new year. wil. have tw* •©rator* to el©* t. a succe-*or to John M Thtirmon. and on© to fill the vacancy caused by th© death of Monro© I, llay wand. which la l©lng flll©*l at present hy Benator V Alien, by appointment of fth© Governor 1 h©r© Is a ninoil Be publican majority in both bouara f the l©lshi tur. There ar* a doaen candidates for the vacant sat* the m*r© promtnatit being Mr .Melktejohn lUlward lbw©wwtrr. and t'ofifrwMiuiii David 11 Mercer. f Onwhn, David ThoiMpoon of Isliudlii, ex-t*on re•Miisn Halnvr of Aurora. L. I>. Itich ards of Fremont, E If lilnahaw of Falr bury, and ei (ki\. Lorenao ftYouita© **f Fort t alhouii. himself a member of the -daft© Senate. TDliim'ft % 1(1' ft OMMITTKK. Fine 'talk From ltnirman Minn on A% lat ( ummltte© Mill Do. New York. Dec. 23 - The Tammany ootn j nil!tee of five. ui*uo!nted to look Into vie© in this cifv. will bold a meeting to ! u.orrow b|**aktng of the work of th© committee, Lewis Nixon. Ha chaiiman. *atd to-night “\V have our own ayetem of checking up the work of th© |*ollc In relation to our complaints, and If we find that places *iifpoaad to be close*! are really open wiU |troc©*d again*! th© aptaln re|sn rible. We will ha\ 'bargee preferred r.gainat the iwptatns ami have tliem ftrled *1 believe tivat there are som© ) gam l.ling house# .itid j>ool rooms in th© city. \V- have ahwi complaints against sixty of them. “We intend to go ahead until every gambling house in the city Is closed." fUOVtSIVK ItOHH AT AHWIICtII. free* I proolrd and 'noil lionaea • - • •• tsk l.risssml Amerirus. (ia . Roc*. 33.-A storm of al most cyclonic proportion* struck Ameri cas thl morning resulting in consider able damage along the path followed Many small houses were leveled pith the ground, while several hundred trea were uprooted and fences were carried away, llrlck chimney* were awept from house tops. several of which wera crushed by falling debris. Two cMy hacks standing at the Beebosnt Hallway depot were overtuned by the gale and sent rolling down the hillside. Injuring ill** horsea sod drivers While dam*#* In the country may be consider able no loss of life has ben reported. TWO *KVrftSM* DHOWNKII Irfhtar Manaon. Beamed. Kails Iw n vri-unil Tlsif, flusquehanna. I\*.. Dec. 23 —While a tarty of young people were skating upon the ice on the ttusquetvenna river last night at Histe Dine, four miles north of Husquehanna. the Ice broke and two of tlie number. Mbs Ida McKune of Htate Dine. 23 years pltl. and Arthur Munaon of DatM-Nhcro. aged 30. want under. Miss McKune's body disappeared from view, but Munson aucceeded In reaching shore. While working with the rescuers a few minutes Utter he fell through a aadpnd time and was drowned The bodies were recovered several hours later. t tiL t. %hiim:h* llKtmi AD Senator Platt '• Mooaevelt Itld Nof 1 onuull Him. New York. I>e<*. 23.—**I waa not con sulted." said Senator Platt this evening when he was asked hie opinion of the removal of District Attorney Gardiner and the a in**! fitment of hoigene A. PhilMn as his successor, "aiul as far aa 1 know, no one connected with the Republican or ganlsatton was consulted by the Oovernoi 1 do not desire to criticise the action of Gov. Roosevelt. Mr. Phllbin rnay be a good men for district attorney. If he rhouba perform tils duties without fear or favor and proseA'Ute lawbreakers. h* a ill have the support of the Republican organlxatfor and the peojde of the c§!*' ** Sill II GOYKHVMFVr MONItA. Aald lo Hava Been Part of the Loot of a vote Hohhery. New York. Dec. S3—John Gleason. Jr.. 20 year# old, was lock*-! up by the police In this city to-day. and will be examined In court to-nmrtow City detective* aay O.easmi on lie 7 sold to (Tlark A Bon, banker# ard looker#, two IPX) three per urn! United Htatrs cvuiioa tionds nurn I, re-1, i•• i*- > * i\* .v . 13.3C7, 12.2 M, for 2218- The November coupon# were not detach ed These bond*, tiie detective* sald.w<-ra round to lie port of a safe robliery that took place In llarrlabung. Pa., on Dec k The prisoner refused positively to make any (rtatMnvnt. t AIINF.GIK'A LATFIAT GIFT. Hooker AVaabliutlon Get* ggn.iMMl lor Library at Twakegee. Beaton. Dec. —Just before Booker T Washington left Bolon. where he has been raising funds for ihe permanent e downnient of the Tusfcege* ai h-aoli'. h* re ceived a teller from Mr. Andrew Carne gie announcing lhat the latter had de cided to give .# for the erection of a library building for Tuekegae Institute The building will be erected entirely by student labor. The Population of Berlin. Berlin. Dec. 22.—'The population of Ber lin. Including the suburbs, Is 2,40.4711, as compared with 2,074,248 In 1823. DAILY * A YEAR. 5 CENTS A COPY WEEKLY 2-TIMKB-A-WEKK.It A TEAK JAPAN IS TURNING l*t BLIC OPIAIOg 19 AOW FAiim* ABLE TO ft HIS A. ARE SORE ON MISSIONARY IIEI.Ift.KM a |>\ thkHft HinrißKll TO FI LI 111 * ITJtft. >ail%© Papers Ar© Ndh Hanged an •H© Side *{ I*©aim©)-—Ant ft>i*|a©d l llellalnuß Propagnndlsni, but n Frellaa I haft lb© Mission Hoard* I nnsiliui© a *tnallttK Mrnar© to I'eaerfNi International flrlaftfttna. Yokohama Ik< .. -The wearisome and dtaappointing delay of th© Pekin dip,onigs are having a market sffect upon public opinion in Japan, producing what may bo regarded as almost a revolution of sent I meui in favor of <'<ikna. The nativs (a ircra si* now mainly ranged on Ihe tide of in dealing Wit* the chief in stigators. not only from a practical point of vh w looking at the wuprsme Import ance of Inducing tne government to return to IN ku. hut al owing fto the Inherent fHce f the spirit of patriotism character!i©a the Japaneeo natives. The Japan©*© are natural!]! diking thcniselvee what they would Imve dor© under eimlltr piovo* a lion and a* a result Japan ia rang ing itwrlf on th© sid© of the nations which ar© counselling the most moderate t©rme po*Jbl© In th** ingnuationa with the i*hi n©so court Even som© of the foreign i iaiM*r* here are ii|mhi the aon)© aide. Tha tnlaslotair y iiuestlon of course ©e ctiidc* a foreinoat pla* e In the dlsctiwrlon. It Is now f it as that the WM ern Powers lake C4gnigame of the sen* Mvnetit here that nllgioiw InvAiioni of Oriental countries by powerful western orgAiiisatlbti-H aie t ntam*utM lo filibus ter rig expcditktna. and sltould not only Iby discountenanced, but stern measures should be adoptC4| for tlielr su;preaalon, it la, of 4ours**, adnvluad tlrat Individ ual rellglnua xe.l In the line of proiaga*- illfin cannot lie Interfered wttn. but tha fwliitg here is that mlsehm lajwrds <*otv* •trtute a a?audit.g menace to peaceful In ternational relations Tie buslneee stagnation continues and la exciting some alarm In foreign aa welt aa In native T.v heritor of Yoko harrm la well nigh denuded of shtiHdng and there la a ateady. though as yet smalt extslim of foreign residents. When the ('hirvese trouble* are a*(tlhl. however, everyone is !o>kiiig for a subslamta4 re vival of trade. Nothing has been yst heard of tha training ship TsoklGitma, which disap lM*arl off the *a tern coast In the re cent great storm, and Intense unuUety - -*• #— 4k. 1.4. lk *tl. dents on U>atd A warship has been dis i*atcliel In search. TO ACCEPT JOINT NOTE. -w—— * 1.l Haag < bans 1 * Health Mai Permit Hlai ft* Attead Neetlaa With I'rlnee China T*-Si. Pekin. Dec. S—LI Hung I'hsng. on swenua an Inquiry from Uis furclgr. a* vnys regarding hi* health, said he be lieved he would be able to as lend tha meeting to-morrow In order to accept with Prince Chlng, Ihe preliminary joint note. The note will be prerensed by the Hpan- Isft minister. Kenor B. J DeColotrsn. doyen of the diplomatic crops, with a few words expressive of a hope of as prompt reply as (si.sihle to a note which has been carefully prepared with every desire to continue the dynasty and ..... in he hard toward Ihe nstlod. and of a further hope that the Chinese plenipo tentiaries will urge upon Kmpemr Kwang llsu the necessity of an immediate oom- Idlanre An answer Is expected about Thuraday. MINISTER WU DISAPPOINTED. Ilrmaml* un < hiss as Harsh an.l Ar.rrr sail tlopra Tha* AVIII Hr .Amrllt.ralsff. Washlnxton. Dae. 23 lHutomatlfl rlrcla* iksunnl with Inlrrrat to-day lha pro visions of Ihr joint axrrrmanl whlrh has hrrn hy thr rrprrsrntatlVM Of Ihr Powrrs at Pekin for prrsmlalln lo rhr Uhlnrsr plrnlisrtrnllarlrs. The hope I* xrnrrally rxprras—d that Ihe latter will < t promptly In Ihe i-on■ lon of Ihe note, and thus pave the way for prompt m (collations for Ihe settlement of peara terns*. To Mr. Wu. the Chinese minister. Ihe demands made by the Bower* are a keen dl*ap|iolmmeiii and are not such In his opinion ss should have animated Ihe gov ernments which have Ihe ultimate best Interest* of the Chinese empire at heart ll* regards them as harsh and severe, hut espressea ihe hope that they will be discussed by both sides In an amicable and conciliatory splril and that (he Pow er* eventually will ameliorate the objec tionable features. Mr. AVu expect# that while 14 Hun* Chink *il Prince Chin# ere fully quali fied lo act In ihe matter, yet the terms of Ihe note will be sent by te|eraph In ihe court at ll# present ebode. which Is connected with Pekin by let. raph. Ws ( baas lo Hr Made an llpea Part. Paris. Dec. a.—The eml-olfiolaJ Temp# announces In confirmation of the proas dispatches -that the viceroy of Ihe prov inces uf Hu Pet and Hu Nan declare* ■.hat Wu chan# will be mad* an open port. tt lll. not " Her Pes." London. Dec 11.-Dr. Morrison, wlrln* lo Ihe Times from Pekin Haturady any# that official Chinese declare that China sill accept all ihe condition* of the joint note without "losln* her face." TORNADO IT MIfiSIIMIPPI. Houses Were Hlonn lions ead Two Killed. Macon, Mis#., Dec. Jl-News was receiv ed here to-day that a tornado iwseed through the eastern part of Noxubee count* and the western part of Pickens and Bumter routine-. Alabama. la*t nt#ht. •fc>tc# great damace On *ever#l planta tions house- were blown down. Two ne groes are known to have been kilted. Will lee American rretxkl Oars. Manilaxo. Chill. Dec. 22.-The #ev*rn ment of Chill, which recently Invited lan der* for 4h> freight car*, has accepted nil of American maoufactura.