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FABULOUS LABYRINTH. IHk HOVE OF THE NITATUH HU dim ov i:hkii. IHiraordlwar, Mr.nli. I min Hrlll*!, l .plorallons In (reie—The llonxe ill >IIOi, Ibr Inn Mm, Mas lin n I nraethed—The lllrlaran tavern, W here Kelts Wooed and \\ an I, nri>l>n. tom the New Vorh <'ortimerclel Adver tiser. In ■ letter recently printed In the Lno ■ m Times nn account Is given ot the n , lerfully Intertstlng ruins that have ! a •|y been unearthed In the Island ot i retc. The discovery Is that of the an .nt city of Knossos guy Messrs. Ho . irt'i and Evan*. the explorers: T he discoveries made at Knossos throw the shale all the other exploratory impaiKtia of last season In the Eastern M llt-rranean, by whatever nationality i lucted. It Is not 100 much to say lhat -ye materials already gathered have rev ,l utlonlxcd our knowledge of prehistoric ,recce, and that (o find oven an teprut h •o t ie results obtained we must go back 10 Hihllemuns grr-nt discovery of the Hoys I Toomtis at Mycenae. Tin- prehistoric site, of which some two t hove now been uncovered at Knux *, |>roves to contain a palace besides w :ii ‘h those of Tlryus and Mydentn- sink Into Insignificance. Hy an unhoped-for pea of good fortune the site, though In tie immediate neighborhood of the great • - civic centers of Ihe Island In ancient, in- tteval and modern limes, had remained I tactically untouched for over l.ttit years At but a very slight depth helow the sur ir.v of the ground the spade has uncov • nd great courts and corridors, propvlaea, a .eng succession of magiislnrs, Oantaln it'-M gigantic Slone Jars that might have hidden the forty thieves, and a multi tude of chambers, pre-eminent among which Is the sctual throne room and rhamber of Homeric kings The it rone Itself, on which tlf so much faith b j-ermttted In us) Minos may have de • mred tho Jaw, Is carved out of aiahas ttr tail* brilliant with colored design- Bill relieved with curious tracery and i ocketed aroadlng which Is wholly <■' '(lie tn ancient art and exhibits a strange a ti Tpatluu of thirteenth century Gothic. 11 the throne room, the western entran -e s-t.icry. and eisewnere, partly still ad hering to. the walls, ixtttly in detached ••bees on the floors, was a series of fresco paintings, excelling any knovn examples of the art In Mycenaean Greece. A beautiful Jlfe-slxe painting of a youth, eiih a European ami almost classically tireek protlie. gives us the first real knowl •ilge of the race who produced this mvs tuioue early dvlliaatlon. Other frescoes Introduce us to a lively and hitherto un known miniature style, representing, among other subjects, groups of women engaged In animated conversation In the "*rts and on the balconies of the palace The monuments of the aculptor's art are ", “by striking It may he- sufficient to mention here a marble fountain In the ".ape of a Hones* head with enamelled • ' fragments of a frlexe with heautl ' ''‘h 1 ut rosettet, superior In Its kind to > ything known from Mycenae; an ala to-ter vase, natura Islb ally copied from Triton shell; a porphyry lamp, with gra, eful foliation supported on an Kgyp 'lanlglng lotus column. Tbs head snd l'"t of the body of a magnificent painted ■ • let of a bull In geseo duro are unxur iwsseel for vitality and strength l< Is imposslhlH here to refer more than Incidentally to the new evidence of In ti very remote iscrtod supplied by" in* palace finds of Knossos It m.v be men- II Tied, however, as showing the extreme • ihtlqulty of the earllsr elements of the liflding. that tn the great -satem court ” ,s found an Egyptian seated figure of -I'orlte, broken above, which can he ap t- -'tlmnlely ihitnl atiout JtmO 11. (\ lie 1 w this again extends a vast Stone Age ’ "lement which forms a deposit In some 1 lac. s twenty-four feet In thickness x. fiber Is It iKisstble herv to dwWI on • '■ w Indication* supplied by some of the discoveries in the "House of Minos ' ' to the cult and rellgema Iwllefs of Its o-cupanti. It must tie sufficient to ob t\. tliat isie of the miniature fresrcoai f.-’ind r.*tresents the facade of a Mycen ■m stirtne and that the palace Itself ' Mo hnii Is * a san- tuar , f the "rctan g. and of the Double Axe, a well as i dwelling place of prehistoric kings. There can be little remaining doubt that ' huge building, with Its male of cor ' -‘Sirs and tortuous passages. Its medley of small chambers, its long succession ' f with their blind endings, was In fact the labyrinth of later tradi tion which supplied n local habitation lor the Mlnmaur of grisly fame. The grist figures of bulls In fresco and re lief that adorned the walls, tha harem scene* of some of the fres.sirs, the comer °nce at.d plltirs marked with the In • rvs or double ax—tho emblem of the 1 retan Zeus, explaining the derivation of the t ame "labyrinth" Itself—are so many "> <ll“ which all conspire to liear out this blent mention. In the palace-shrine ot Knossos there stands at last revsaled to ns the stiactous structure which the skill of I 'hol,i Ins I* -aid lo have Imitated from the crisit Egyptian building on the shore ■ f I -ike Moerta. and with it some part at least of his fabled masterpieces still 'dinging lo the walls Hut. brilliant as are the illustrations ihus recovered of the sngh early clvlllta tlon of the city of Mlnoe snd of the sub stantial truth of early tradition, they etc almost thrown Into the sh.ule by a discovery which carries hack tin- exist ence of written documents In the Hellenic hinds some seven centuries beyond the first known monuments of the historic Greek w riting. In the chambers and mag siloes of the palace t--ere came lo light a series of deposits of clay tablets. In form somewhat analogous to the Baby. lonian, but Inscribed with characters tn two dist rict typos of Indigenous prehls. toric script—one hieroglyphic or qmM-pfr torlal, the other linear The existence of a hieroglyphic script In the Island Iwn been already the theme of some earlier reacarehea by the explorer of the pa lace, •ased on the more limited material xut>- r'.li'il by groups of signs on a class of retan seal stones, and the smpte eorroh c rollon of the conclusions arrived at was. therefore. Ihe more satisfactory. These "rstan hieroglyphs will la found to have l" i ial Importance In Ihelr bearing on Ihe origin of the I'hocnlulan alphabet But tho groat bulk of tablets belonged to the linear class, exhibiting an elegant mid much more highly developed form of r rtpt, with lectors of an upright and sin gularly European aspect. The Inscrip tions, over l.ouO of which were collected, wer* orlgtnally contained in .offers of clay, wood and gypmim. which had been ti lurn secured by clay seals impressed with finely-engraved **Ttnet# ami oounter morked and counter-signed by controlltng fficUls In the came script while the clay leas atilt wet. The clay documents them- Ives are, beyond doubt. Eh'' palace ar ■ hives. Many relate to accounts concern ing the royal arsenal stores and treas ure*. Others, pertiap*. like the contem- I-oniry cuneiform labial*. refer to con t-wnts or correspondence The problems attaching lo the decipherment of these ay records are of enthralling Interest,! aid we hove here locked up for u ma ''-rials which may om* day enlarge the hr unds of history. The work of excavation In Ihe Palace of Kuoasow Is barely half completed, and yt-1 whichever xray we turn the relics wl nwdy obtained from wlthtn Its walls sup ply new and unhoped-for data for the reesnsfiruetton of the early Aegean civlll ■i. Nor 1# this all. Kxplonrtory dig ging to tha south and wig of the pslac# rev sated a veritable PompoU of houses of the same early period, which yielded, auuitig other things, hy lr lbc serts* y*t found of vases of the singular pnmtlive Cretan polychrome style, un r'l'rrsvnts-1 m European museums One remarkably wtll-pn-eervrd bb* k of build log appears to be a group of shrines de voted to Pillar worship such as is known on the Phoenician ami Palestinian coo-ts, and of which the palace Itself *up **u#* k* l example connected wl'h the cirti of (h# Oman Zeus. Hrmlijr, in the **arly \h<s clmring or the Cave of Psyehn*. ncjiortmis mnee •om* yearn tts rh h utfivr dtvpusits, <*arrle<l chm. Thl fve is no other ,f * n ll**lt*l ani Vlnrtl sinte ilMit the Supreme Gotl w * un tied. There took plore the urutw of Zeus vMth Kuropa, and th**rWrom. a- from another Sinai. Minus brought down the Law afteT communion wrth the Ckul. The hUtsilnjr ray of the fallen rocks \n the upper holf of the wns u> rev*ale<| a rtnle altar of burnt sacrifice, ami a nai'rod or rutn- with the voting deposits frmi five fret to seven fret deep, full of vase*, libation tatafle*. weapons and implements In bitwise, bon and Iron. Matuettes in tt*rra ooftm *u l muk-U of everybody ob- Je**t, ded4c*ite<l to the (kxt In the lower half opens a profound abyss, where a ffloovny sutt* rrmean jmol out which rksea a of *i.*4a**ttt!c pillars con tinues Into the heart of the mountain Hero a surprise was in stor*- For not only was the bottom m\sl full of bronse statu, ttes, weme arvl or tide* of male and female use. but the vertical slits !n the pillar* were found to have been ujm*l os niche* and to contain an im mense numler of votive doublo weapons an*l trinket*. This vast cavern ws undoubtedly the mysterious Holy of Holies Into which Minos descended slone and nn emerflnf as r>lotyslus says, shdiw-ed the |rw to the people * a iftft from Zsus himself. The discoveries made In this esse cover the whole primitive lerlod of f*rtan history bank to the pre- Mycensean ep>ch. Thr tfldnlaht %|ipetlte. H R Vynne. In the New York Comtwr rial Advertiser If New York is the paradise of eplcure It ran also soon prove Its right. If It choose, lo the title of the Klondike of purveyor* 8-ane enthUHle*! ha* flpirs] lhat there are at present only two places wl>ere ths honest wayfarer may pay more for hotwst food and drink than in New York Namely, at Maxim's. In Paris, where the names of printed oti the menu no prices attached ami the mool of tne waiter or the condition of th guest; ami the Arabian desert, where the gue.M Is charged naught for his dinner, hut is romp**;led by etiquette to give hl host a hors** Maxim s menus ar** florid affairs, artistically as well ** roimtHi tally On* of th*m lies liefore m fait souvenir f (k'lirlou* *ooking ind of piracy supreme It Is |*rimed In black, red n ! gold, and sp*>rts lr> one tv>raer a bkml youth In a fall hat ami a avlph In whi r tulle stifrgeiilvely tipping s chami>sgtv g'ass Tlte Idond youth haa hi* hamla In his |SK*kets and his monocle foe use-1 on his liver That also Is M*rge*tive The prices charged in uptown restau rants are regulated. o experts agr*-e, not by* the volume of |M9tronage received In the day. twit by the extent of the dinner and after-theater trade The place that Ir popular after the theater Is the place lhat flourishes, ami when such a popular! tv is once won the prosperity of the pro prietor. apparently, ha* no Mmit. It hue been said, whether justly or unjustly, that, with generoua furnishings and equip, merit, the more ruinous his prices the more popular will Bonjfsce Iw-com* Th**rr Is one uptown esiab!l*hment where th waiters receive tips for "holding a table ** These thing* can lie accounted for only on the theory that the vas* after ihewur AOs'*ting popuiaflon regard it* midnight appetite witn tees aAcrtiuii *’*•*• the chance lo spend It* money It* method of allaying Ihe former and accom plishing the latter are equally dramaH- In other uayt ‘‘Del'*.'* *'B.herry , s.** "the Waldorf." were terms suppoee*l to convey the idea of limitless extravagance ai st etiea for • midnight aupper. There arc now several eatabll*hment* in upp**r liroadway boasting of figures on their bdi* of fare calculated ;o put Charlie Heimonlco or lw>ui Cherry to the blush The thing is in no way remarkable ex cept that the very penaun* who pay them without a moan or sigh atiil cherish the hallucination that all the extravagant e in in Fifth avenue, and would *hiafcler .it the i'lea of going there There I* never a night of week when these place* arc not crowded, and the only wonder i* where all the money come* from If the crowds Increase *o do the price* In a way it Is perfectly legitimate. Mine boat can care only for so many. If aome are turned away those who remain must pay. A thoroughly •oumfl prouusltlor). A glance at the card* of three restati rants, all of them wtttgrt half a mile of each other, and all catering to the after theater element, will cMscloaa aome inter esting figures After such a glance M it< ,-wsy to aee how u very ordinary sup per may cost a sum that would keep a family of four persona comfortably f*n a w-ek One Is no: inclined to grtimbl? at $2 for a pheasant and <anva*ba(k duck, as we all know. 1* ckaap at It A dosen escslloped oyster* at SI * i e*m to approach luxury ami thimbleful of pre pared crab meat at the name price sug gets enjoyment for the purveyor. It .* when glancing at the list of vegetable and other ne essary *oncoailtanta of a modern frost shat *hinkier* permeate the system and dreams of bankruptcy pre vail A t>ak*d potato for .*> cent*, lima beans for tt. cauliflower for a luffed tomato*** the arul asparagus for 91 may not produce nightmare hut they suggest It. Coming to thr salads, one loses one** head, or one's solvency, as the case may be There I* little on the list for less than 7ft cent* and the "dr**sting" is extra Ju* as if the mixing of one r own silad wfre not Ihe *ne compensa tion of the person paying for it. One purveyor hat* Invented a d.*h that he call* "crab meat ala Dewey," that he claim* Is having what he calls **a great run ** I . f ill . f yopfH-r* and iwtur.iltv nith. r hot It costa fi.fth, nnd It* victim* never com pi* in Botitfi pfrton of fivll IntfiiM !artl lb* rfi*ori rfic.ntly that there wo to boa .(■i.rrlty of lobUer*. Tho restaurant price of a hrolleii k>hator lirnnedtatfily roeo to fl, which moy account for the Wu,h of the eruxtacfian when it t. xervej The after-theater olotrtent hi partial to lobster, and wll! have It at any price. It lx a child of the nbrht anil will make the purveyor-- fortune xh-.uM all elae fall. It g vea countenance. In a way, to tho price Chanted for other dlhe. atal the good nature with which It l conaumod afford, no forexhadowlnic of tho after offoctx. One of the pot*n truth* of civilisation l„ ( ) w ii no man con chcruh nrurcr ft>r lonx aanlnxt Ihe hoxt who feertx him well The übllmitioit lx too deep Thai, perchance. |x why the roaturateur'x popularity la enhanced by the fact that his p.,trona clv.-n hm their all But whatever Ihe reaeon the fact remalnx that the moot ex penxlve Broadway and Flxth avenue rex tnurantx turn atrny patron* nlxh* after night and that the freniy of thoae pa tron* to gain admtxxton la In exact pro nnrt'on to the Mght of the chargex The m'dnlght appetite exlxtx and will be paid for Gaiety and glamor c:*r tm equally rear"’net file with good fo-sl for the miracle t. (a curkatx, however, to think the titi..- my com- when ttelmonlco and xherry JlLiy *land at the door of mine hoxt of iirmulway, humbly xnd hat* Ifl hafi'l, and ask him how ha does IE EAT-WELL ' CHRISTMAS and be happy. THE MOHNING NEWS: MONDAY. DECEMREH 24. 190 ft MORE STORM DISASTERS. Paclge I >•t shares In iienersl Hl* lock In Shipping. Tacoma. Wash., Dec. JJ— Details are coming in of shipping dl*aiers on the North Pacific coast during recant atorma. The American brk Highland Light. C’api McClure, was wrecked ihrc# day* ago on thf> shore of Han lav * Hound. Vancouver I*land Her crew escapel The dorm played gre;t havoc at A*to ria, where ihe French <en. Mllllnet was strand*d on a sandy shore. The ste*mer Oswego was i-wamped at her ins>riiig and lies in ten feet of water. The isi-rk Musktikata drsggHi Iwr an chor and struck the shore stern on Ttie fovrrment lightship at McKeuxle head was driven high on th l*cach. The steam er Charles I>. Linr was towel into I‘irget sound last night after ternblo experien ces, which threatened several times 4o *end her to the bottom. A M*U IIIMNIIMt I.KAfil r. OiHclals of Present InisriHiii lennr to Organise ho. if. Chicago, IVc. 23.—The American le/igut No. 2 the only name which can he given It until uiHither Is officially adopted—will be launched In this dty next Thursday At a conference to-night between Presi dent Johnssm of th* league. Attorney Thom.if* J Navln of Dttroil, nisi George \V Iturnham. It was decided to call a meeting for that purpose Th" league will b> organised at first with five cities, Detroit. Toledo. Minne apolis, Kannus fity. and Louisville, but will eventually te made to include eight cities. This is not due to any lack f available territory, but Is )>ecaus- the new league. like the Amerkki), 1* emhar rasse.L by a surplus of good cities which desire franchises In the new body Incidentally it is also dm* to the fact that the American league's circuit Is not yet leflnlfely flinl, arid It is not const leresl desirable to com plete the new circuit until It Is decided what < Itles will Ih* vliwndoned by the American Grand Huplds. Htiffalo. fit Paul and Indianapolis are strong poel- I ilit re for tht* new* league and there are t half dox* n others who ore applicants for franchises. I)K. PR AN MW ft* CilFT#. % Christmas Prrsrwt to C 01-4irsdo 4irsdo Col Ira 4*. Cliloago, Dev’ 23—Dr D. K Psarsmis I’.ufi S4ni his check for fuO.dOO ws a Christ itiM iru*nt to Colorado College Within the la.*t sewn weeks Dr. Pearsons ha* lo on*- other eduoatlotial in tltutlon, but declines to state the name if the recipient. who gave a pledge that tne donor’# mmu* should never be divulg <hl iuilng his Iff•*un* lira llt lleaalled From a Hob's lllte. Lancaster. Pa.. lec. 23 —Benjamin Hish op. of Penryn. aged 42. die4l to-day at rtt Joaeph's Host it a 1 Borne time ago while f* *tiin*r his iilshop w as viciously at (a fcrl by a boar, which Idt him s#ver#ly on the teg. 14loodpolsoninjr resulted. *♦* I Son Kills n Hrnlsl Father. < ’hiesgo. Dee. 23 —To shield his moth'r from ai*)ii'4- and save himself from a he.iting with a pok4*f. AJhert Albertson to-lay shot and killed his father at tia-lr home, in Wentworth avenue Albert, who is 17 years old, was arrroted ,*.... 131 1 Syracuac, N Y , Dec f3 —Theodore I. Poole, rnlteal Ntatw, marxhal for the Northern IHxtrlct of New York xtato ember of th,- Fifty-fourth Congrexe frem lWt to ltkS and a C*vl! War veteran. dlf-1 of apoplexy this morning i InelHnntl Haflmut Man Dead. Cincinnati. Dec. U.-dT. E. Jonex, who Jnx been tre.ixurer ami naxlxtant xecre. 'ary of the ll.ittlmore and Ohio South weatrrn Hailnay and Itx predereaxorx for over thirty year*. <lte<l xmMenly here to day. aged U. lit- Itralnx Beaten Out. lx>ulxvllh*. l>ec. 23. John Kn|>p]**iMti, a prlvaia watchman, wax found to-day near til. place <g tnpJoyiDMt with hlx tiratim txrtten out lltx pneketx ha<l heeti rtfied of hlx wagex paid him the night before. standard till Hnn Dead. New York. I>ec. 23 -Henry Hannah, formerly the reprexcnlatlve of the Stand, anl 1411 Company In the Ixtand of Java, died to-day at hlx home. here. TH Id HOVItn wilt. Ft pert Players Drl.ea Oat of lamr by a Man Armed With Iteueex. From the Chicago Timex-Hera Id New York, Dec. 20.—When twker lx idayed at xea It lx Juat as It lx on land— the novice win* Ami that lx why, when the big North German 1-loyd liner Kalxer Wilhelm der Groxxe uame In to-day, all the fioatlng caah wax In the racket, of Herr H. Morgen Hill and of Herr laail, 1.. layrlllard. two men who rarely. If ever, played the game before llerr Ixjrlllard. the wnoklng-ronm ex pertx say, "cleaned up'S2IO.UOO and Herr Hill about Hit*) Neither would admit hie winnings, hut both were tipping xtew ardx. porter, aid tlock hand- with a teckiesx prufuxenem that la shown only by him who has xuddarily got a lot of money he didn't expect. Herr Hill lx a financier In San FVamda eo Four men jitarted poker in the xmok- Ing-room on FrMay utgljt. among them Herr lairlllard The xhlp wax pitching In a rough xea. the wind wax from the wext. and It wax dark and cold. The piayarx nettled a fifth man. and someone art nix ed llerr Hill. Who wax xtttlng In a corner thinking of the Golden Oate 111)1 didn't want to man who win* everything l alwayx he who haa to be driven Into the gam.- by xhaei force. But Hill xat In, man- to be atnla. We than to make money They played ami the honor* were eaxv. Then xoma one, by wwy of a bluff made a large bet. It wa* eer and raised. In an Intwedlbla xfiort space of time there were hundred, of dollar* In the pot. Someone bad four or five ace*. Thlx wax the concluakm of the onlooker*, who were sure also that bextd* the scea wane one else had a hand worth holding When the mm in the pot reached It.UO Herr Hill called Herr liorMard showed ace high and Ihe other* hail nothing a* good except Herr Hill, who took the 11.ISO, with a pair of deuce*. After that Herr Hill played some more The ending of Ihe voyage also end-d hlx gain* III* pockets bulged with money The old poker player*, who knew all atiout when to go If a'" l "hen * *•!' out and mjtil caleulate to a nicety the value of a hind, gnashed their teeth as they saw Herr Hill and Herr torillard walking off the Hoboken pter with their money. . "1 don't know anything about Hoyle, said Herr HUE "and wouldn't recognise him If I collided with him In the street " "It wax Hi* Ac*’ •t 1 "* 1 1 * v, * r Ptav-d poker for motley.** admitted Herr Lofil* lard. -A Moist Definition.— They were onca more talking about trusts. "I heard another definition of a trust the other day.' said Mr. Northxlde to Mr. Bhadyxlde What wa* Itf "A trUM t* a body of men entirely sur rounded by water."—PtlUburg Chronicle- Telegraph ON THE ISLE OF EAGLES. A Will) SPOT OFF THO € kill OH. MAN to in. | Nrsls llnllt ott I iisi rell*le Pinnn. vies—Al tempt of Two %iientnr> ous Fag Hunter*-.lilt <l* Mint Fotmlif ibr %% onld.||e-Nolher Almost t the Top—Hurled Into the Aea. I From New York Comnwrclal Advertiser Tib’ ar 1> traditions t*f t*allforiui ha\‘ j romethlng to s a> ab<Mit Hence, whit* I tended buds of the Inlands 4>ff shore, title of which waa given t twme which signified the Isle of Jgagles Th** bird- m the old days were vn*'jderd sacred bv the natives, the tail ft-athers Iwitu; use*l as aai riUci <r offering* to their gi. not taker, from the bird, which was never molested, but from the nests The birds were ro tame that at tin* time of tin* last Siainish exiwthtion the\ wr Known to dash down and ►•!*• tlsti frxuu the hands of W4gn< n, who wi re no match J for them. Thee birds .1 n* still uiKlts turlied. It being .in unwritten law to pro. tect the c.iglcs; o>)nsc*|uentl>, they have in reused in numt>er* of late years. lNair ivdnt* of varnnge are the lofty and in •cccsalbla ;gnn< ies which rl** from the Ifoi'ky shores, him! their nests are usually built t4i points iieyotwl tie* nti. It of the most skilful cHmbcr. un danta t*a<!lna there is a pinnai le. i*erlapa its* feet m height, crmpl*'tely j*a* and ffutn ths IBhore. thi* sea having eaten the iatervsti- Ing rock .iwm\ and about It the waters swirl atxi ruwh furlouslv The punt is the moat of any. faidng th long seas which tome down from I'oint Concs|ftH>fi, arul In storm** they strike the eyrie of ths sagh-s and rUo*. MpUndMl mass of from, to the very eun mk. where the Umch of wood and branches Jndl atee the neat of the great r*glr Nnfortunately the i*gg of rogle* are in dematul by collectors, and a few ad venturous spirits tnak* liuiliinm of trying to set uri* them, literally taking their live* In their hands The oral men tioned, on the north end if the island, from being unmolested grew to a Urge slxe; a heap of kelp, branches of trwrs and shrubs, easily dlstlngulched fro*n yachts and other craft To reach It was the ambition of <t score of men, un i finally two 4b term'nod t< make the at tempt The north Isluiml Is iinlnhabHed •i male of hiNs, intiuntains ami canons, some of which are famous for their In-wt. the ißksnii gradually narrowing *> it •d’ptva'has tlie north until finally ther- Is nothing but a rl.lge pole or rock, nar row and dangerous, akutg which a man can crawl n.l so attatvi th** hk). I'ouv loihrillo. Iwynn*l which I* the local pil lar of Hcrcula#—thi ryrit- The men starred frtmi Avalon, rowing u|* Iht* C' .ist. itukniK lht*kr hca*iqiMirt4 is In a littla txtv about two mil*** nouth of thw cyrlf*. While th#rc arc tv> storm* her#* In sum:n#r, there Is a twavy sea. which often piles In, makln# thr ai4irt*a< h )4 the rock impossible; s the men waltrd for a oalm day, and wa-ied two w#aks. For days it would hr* absolutely calm In thr vlclnitv, hardly rlpplf dlsuiri4iuc the waters. bt th#* rock of the t*a*l* •rpfnwi to bo k<wMh<l hy some mysterious power, a* the sea rose and f*!l unceas intrly alMjiit it. swirled alx>ut and w >*t* ked into iiVMteen with ominoui sounds, as th*ni|th 4lisa|q>earlt4< ln?t> tlie bowels of the 4-arth, to be •‘iimilv’l with such volume erd force that a I mat would ha crushed Again, 4h* l*a*e of th - rock was covered with a sklrtimr of kelp, 4r mors, and the waves would rise 4*l# M 01 ten feet, then as staldemly drop away, *'*** - "f *dww..i 1 4 .inig iumn wMfh a iot would b4* hunit until overwbeime<l hy the ne*t wave. * All the** points th*- men sn#iiel for day*, and rinally one morning 4hey found tlie s**a so quint that they to make the attempt As they approa* n ‘ eMticies r*ee wKh wild cries u<.<] flew away. The men were e*|i4|pe*i wMb #un*. rop* • .%i>l provisions, and their plan was lo vain tlie rock 1f |*lbl* and remain un til they had ar* v tired the Tliey rowed a boat about the forblddlnir rock for ten minute* than the sro betnr l*rel liny rushed at M. The man In h* ls*w l*s*ied onto a ledtfe ns they struck. Uv* other dr*Hi>ed the oars ar>l sprang to bis •- s’stnrv e. an*l at the w*rd t>oth lifted ths boat mam 4 he ledire But at the hamo moment the sea sank -literally dropped away—leavirt* the boat stern down, over the woler; then as It rose It lilted her; and whan It ajrain sank dtwrwd her from thalr hands, and they found thetnsfAv#a on the far-*- of the rock with notnimr to rot. tne pro visions hetna dumped ov*rl>o*m). and a disabled iKOtl. th# bottom havitur lesn crushed tn. They secured from the b<at a can of water and a rope. and. *lll determined to try and secure the eojd# e#r*. led the bout around to the lee *ld, where she was allowed to float oft to the lenirth of th** rope They then turned their attention to the nest. rHvlixt on some of the pasMn* yachtw. w-hlch round ed the Island almost every day, to take them off The rock was s!!pi#ry from lone accumulation of guano, and the men presently saw thwt to reach the nest was almost beyond human possibility. They 4x>uld climb the ba**. which was irregular and broken, to within forty fret of the nest, but from here there wa* nothing hut the smallest break* In the way of fisrthold* One of the *dven4ur'T>. however, decided to at temp* It. and tn an ingenious manner. The lory rop** whl- h they ho*! wa* doubled and a sfon# attached to the doubled end. and with a w*ing this was hurls* 1 over the top so that it fell doarn on the other aid# of ths rock and €h#y had encircled It; tn a word, the hunter proposed t*> ascend It as the native* the Ho*ith I'aclflc cl Rub tre*-s He Uqcan the climb barefooted, not icoin* up. but irruduallv clrclinic th# pillar and hitchin* the rvte upward. Holding to ths crevices with hls toes, he m id* it od hendway, and by the time he had completed the circuit of th# rock he had gained ten or twelve feet, and th# foot ing was growing b*#ter tflowly h moved. oba#r\'lng every cau t.on, now overhanging th# as. which but poorly concealed jiHtlng rocks, now over the rock Itself; and on the second turn, always hitching the rope up. he h*i gwined twenty-flvo fret He was reaching *lown to roiae the rop** when he heard a cry' from hta companion, ami then came a sharp WhlaHlmr aound, 4 rush, and sororthing filled the air in front of him. atHking flare# blows and throwing him from hit fret, so tha* ho hung for a second by the ro|e, falm and bewildered by the blows It was the mother eagle, that now. convinced that the object of th# visitors wa# 4o attack the neat, had plunged down from a gre,it height, striking the roar, with wring and talons in a desperate effort to throw him off. The bird dropped away for a moment, jirrhttp* alarmed by th# cries of the nwn below, who altto threw pNs'## of dlain tegrjted rock at it, giving th# climber a FOR EXPECTANT MOTHERS IWf 1 eiJ PoM Dhtnofnftnrt tutd Oartgor < * 'tfMUMp wh< re“MoUlcr'i hICDd” is not | A/titalfi known or unfit. ' vv*C**iaa Comfort and Smfmty tAfc Kmdß&aWy ul; r> ilk- \irtiic of “ilotDcr'i Friend " wc known. • ■ S It t, th,one and only finiment in th* wo,tdthit by outward 1 W 1 hiidWrtb l fix txrrorx I , s 1 /*!(l*.*" Miouid t(U b IrwrK’s ol It, wbethxr needed now or ael. moment to recover and secure anew footing and take mil a tone roller "'teath knife lie was ie ne too soon, si* .iimln the eagle : ish and at him. turning when it r<achd him and etrlkina him with Its * law sand at th* rom*' time with Its bag wing Having both hstwl#* free the man watded off th - w ng blow sn itching at it tn an endeavor to and! able |t. th* t*h result l*elng several frothers. while .4* almost bat las bniavv*e Th** *4gle w.i* n w hit si|<tgrely >4l the breast In a pt* f •.h k from hats I of the *4h**r man us 4 as t; w • tutidng which sent it tumhiing <lownw ird. but If enurht Itself anti fl* v\ awa\ oier th*‘ Water The man b*drw now emb avnr**d to In duc hi entnronion t* come ibiwn. but the latter rwplled ht he was going to reach tin* nest if It took ail iuimiut. nisi holding the knife In his t.*cth hr n9vci| on. th*' other hunter piling up stones am! rock of convenient six** ss ammunition In case of i return of the cbiugr The pillar l*etn*, taw m4*re broken th* < llmiwi mail* rai id headwai snd In ; sb*>rt titti" hal roaotuMl witldti flv* lei of the lop. where he h4l the same exp*r.u*4 An eagle seemed literally t* tumble cwit **f th. sky on t him lilsatng and s.-reamliig a feathered fury l*en on his dewtru*tlor At |>oint the rick part 4*f th 4 debrlh ot the 4>|l nest had rolitni down, n<l .itnong It wits e htnb tf a tree whi- h th‘ clknlier grssied, sh the iNg|e struck at him lie trust It direct - ly In its fa e stvl pushot! H off. hi |ssl tk*n lHng such that he could not strike Th** Nnl merely fell away t4* regiin its equlllbrmm, then turned and plunged at him again with loud anl •ll>* -on hint cries Tin mmi rtrut’k at th 4 Idnl with Ids knife, holding the stick as guard, hut missed It. and one of (h* claw * fasten'd Into hi* clothes and became entangled, then sukbnly I♦- lost his Ktluncc an*l fell against th 4 roj • which broke, utul tn ti and bird w*nt plunging Into the s*m The fuA*t that the bird's talon had caught In hie rk.thing utHbuihttnliy save*l the i*gg hunter's Ilf* . WS the lard as s*mmi .is it stru* k the water began to try t*i fl>. and actually h**l|ed the man out of • h** kdp l*e| nt*> whh’h they hsl fallen, then bv its struggles freeing itself, al lowing the fiiaii to swln t*> the rtH'k. where h* was tuuibst up by hi* rompmiori Another • igle whs taw wheeling mI-uH the im**l. aiwl as It was <vl*l*-nt (hot there w**re >oung in it th** Id* a of reaching it vi h abmid *ie**l l*f*on Investlgailon .t was foutul tlmt the Imimt was damag’ and bex'tmd iepH.l, and as the swlu to Ihe piece ivher* they '*'iiki climb the cliff was too long mid tlangerou* tlie adven turers wre ’bilged to wait for n boat That night the sen ruse, but they crawled inii a 4 rev Ice on the lee rob where thr y r*at shlveriiig with the cd*l, until morn* ln f , liven 11 1 it I tig t hem *♦ Ives In a s*-eih Ing caldron where re lews* was impossl Me At low tble they caught Mmpcts an*l some alalonee, bit th - lack 4f wraier lagan to tell on them that night, and they determined to mak** the attempt to swln around the |s*int of th** Islarwl As rood fori ut’** would h.\e it the sew* went ili/wn later in the dav and early follow Ing morning they were rewu#s| by a l*a<*sirur, afte** a serbw of attemt*t*. ta ing bulb’d through the surf by lasso.**. A number of |eopie ha\e ha*! experteoces at the Islands when robbing eagle's nest*. . n l In almost every rose the tdnl* came 4ff vlctorimis In their attemi** to IfO tect their young ( HIM,. 1% NATtOYXI. t'tl'll'tl.. % Cxxxhl I*, M norli- % fillet Win. Stole a Med-Hol Krifin th<' W.ixhlngto* l'**' An arrext wax made under very tauftfia file clrcumstune.-* In Washington xeverxl years agn. when th.* striking of on ol*l fashioned loud-toned clo. k wax th* mean* of the capture of a thief An old . olorr.l L . n ,,,, r,— Wsahlxeinn com plained to th- officer on whose- l>eat she resided that *ome time during the morning her house had ben robbed of a valuable old Clock The negrex* wept bitterly over the loss, declaring that the aged time piece wa a family heirloom and wax nil (hat she hail left to remind her of "the gotxft old days before de fiah " Inquiry developed the fact that Ihe only visitor *he had had during the morning wu* a negro pqddler. who had purchased from her some old clothing. "Hut." declared ihe lewrful. "aunty." "he couldn't have look de clock. Mfidjh Officer, for he w.ixn'i alone In do* house m**rs den a minute." The officer thought differently, however, and *oon locuted the paddler a few tilre-kx up Ihe xtreet. engaged In u purchase. The policeman approached Ihe peildler and ,-atd: "lo>ok here, uncle, whal did you <lo with lhat clock you stole thi* morning?" •'Clock:' exclaimed tha gray-holred old a-iKp. "(Jo away, boss; I never *toi* • clock or anything else, 'detfil, 1 didn't." The officer wax about to put another question lo Ihe peddler when Ihelr cam* to hlx ears *he sound of a awael-loned bell—"ding. ding, iliug. 'ling " The xmlied. while the peddler * face assumed a* * shell a <lor as a ne gro's countenance can The policeman pulled out hl watch, and. after glancing at It. remarked: "I'm-le, that dock you have under the rags In your cart I* (en minute, fast. When we get lo tha pollen Wat lon you can act It by the clock In Ihv aergeant * room." The old man broke down when the much-wanted dork wax pulled out from the bottom of the wagon, where It bad laid under a lot of old rags "It * a warn ing from do good 1-awd." cried (he ne gro "I aln'l a-going to *toil no more" And neither did he for six month*, un less It was done In Jail. A number of years ago one of Wash ington's struth-houn-l* capture! a noto rious thief In a way that would have don* credit to Sherlock Holme*. The- detective who made the arret* wa* one of the clev erest and most bailees thief-taker* ever In Washington, and he still resides In Ihe i'atdtal city. (Hi one of the fashtopabl* residence streets of the city a woman who had become r*du< and In circumstance* kept a boarding house, one day she was surprised and gratified when she'answered her door-bell (o see an old friend, a lady whom she had known In year* gone by, when she was more fortunately situated. It Is needle** to say that the good board lng-hous keeper at once made her vis itor at I Rime and assigned her the best room tn the house A few day* wrnt by, ami the woman of (he house missed sev eral hundred dollar* In goal, which she had, by xirtt economy, managed lo save. She basked high and low lor the missing money, tail, unable to find It, finally re ported her loss to the police department. The subject of this story was assigned to the caee He called at the resblence and rlosely questioned all of th* Inmates He inquired particularly aa to Ihe wo man who had recently come to vl*H th- Imardlng house keeper, ami. of course, t!> good woman at once resented any re. Ilecflon Upon her friend's good name "Afe you quite sure," naked the detec tive. "thl there have hern no strangers In th* hou* of late." t'Qulte sure.” sspiiod the woman. 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Of course, you iwnnot suspect him " The detective asked for a description of the man. ami after thinking for a mo ment. ho took Ms leave, with the remark that he would return later, when (he young man was In tlie house, that he would ring the bell ami ask for him. but he wa* not to l>e recognised by Ihe lady of the house, who wax merely to say that ■a gaiitleman lb-sired to see the young man The next day ihe detectlVP drove up to the houae In a cab, rang the bell, and alien the door wax opened tie Inquir ed If Mr. ltlank was to. ' Why. yes," was Ihe answer, "he lx tailing on hlx mother" ' Kindly tell Ihe gantlrtnsn that I should like to see him." sabl (he supposed Vt ranger The young man came tripfiling down the stairs, wondering who could know that he *■• In the city. H* went carelessly into Ih* parks' The detective grrstfd turn cordially, ami total him thill he knew him very well by reputation. Then. In an undertone, he communicated lo IH.f man that h# had been r*< ummriided to • all upon him by a mutual friend In New York. meiMlonktg the name of a rlever nnd notorfoua thief The man wa* start led for a moment bul Ihe reassuring ton* of the detective disarmed him. "What can 1 do for you?" h asked "Well.” said (he detecllva. "I have a tug Job on hand, amt It Is one lhat I cannot work alone, and I have been told hy our mutual friend that you can assist me." "I'm your man. my core." said th# young man. "hut I am luat now In a lit tle trouble myself, and 1 will have to work very quietly." "Tell me shout K," satat the defective. Thereupon (he man untnirdened himself and told him about the ihft of the gold "Is |t In the house now?” Inquired tha . . Ail ■i.ltHTl "It Is." “Get it amt come with me, and we will gi t II out of the way." The young man went upstairs and toon returned with a fishing-rod case In hi* hand* The two went to lha cab. got In and drove away Once In Ihe rah. tha detective piled hi* victim with question*, and. having secured all th* evtdenee and the Information that the money was In the fishing-rod eaae., he tipped the driver, arul the cab drove up to the etatl-m bouse. Then the detective showed hls badge. and Informed the man that he was under arreat The young fellow vu completely knocked out. but submitted quietly. He was sent to the penitentiary for several years, amt upon hta release resumed hi* evil way,. The same d*t*o tlVe arrested the fellow imuty limes later, but none of the arrests required the thought and Ingenuity that the first one dbl. Thousand* have laughed at Ihe "alunta" of the late "Old Hoes" Iloey of "A Parlor Match" fame. who. In hl character of the tramp, would steal Innumerable things, among them a stove. In which wa* burning merrily a red-hot fir*. Not one of the amused spectator* jirobaoty dreamed that such a theft occurred tn real life. Such l* the cane, however, and the police department of Washington has the record* of such theft* Not more th.m two week* ago the residence of a Wash ington man wa* entered by tramp* and a stove wax ripped from Its fastenings and taken away Ths atove contained a fire, and In a tin dish on the stove were boil ing some eggs- The thief took the eggs along with the xtove. and the ihoten prop erty wea never located. Three men carrying a large kitchen •tove, were dlecovervd Humbling down • WINES For Christinas. Get them today, SHERRY, gallon, sl. CATAWBA,bot. 25c; FORT, gallon sl. SUTPERNONI., gallon $1 BLACKBERRY, hot. 40c; gal, $1.50. TOKAY, hot 50c; gal. $2. The S. W. Branch Cos., for. Broughton #n<l Whß#k#r. Phonre W side street with their burden no! lon* ago liy a Washington police (dtlcer, "W hut urn you fellows doing with that •tove at this time of night?" (ho officer id. as h>' stopped the trio. U was then past midnight. "We are taking U to my mother**, whose ■tove broke." answered one of the fel lows. "flhe Is going to have company for dinner to-morrow and wants to bake soma bread We borrowed ibis from my HUM.’* "Thai’s a pretty story, isn’t Ml*' es < lalmcd the guardian of the peace, an>| marched the oultlt. stove and all. to-tha nearest patrol box. where the wagon was called and carted the three men and tha stove lo the nearest police ttatton. Tha next morning developed the fact In tha Police Court that the atove had been etol an from a lawyer’s house on (’onneettewt avenu-' Tire three thieves were sentenc ed lo ninety days each, while the owner of the atove had It returned to hte house try an expressman. Men. women and children of every Slav, color and description havs spent nlghte In cells, but rarely It Is that an animal Is held as a prisoner. An Incident related by one of the veterans of the force recalls that at one time a dog was held as pris oner. nr si were It not for the presence of the animal a rase of grand larceny would have been quashed In court. It happen ed t hot one of those hugh Ht. Bernard dogs, which are trained to carry baskets, acted as accessory to crime, and waa seen carrying a basket with cosea of Jewelry along the street. The dog was followed, ala! ihe valuables recovered by one of the sleuths, and later the matter of the dog waa arrested. No one had seen Ihe rob bery committed, and It was not until after the gossip were recovered that the robbery was reported. It was learned that tht defense had plena to dispose of the dog and thereby sever the link of evidence, but the police took the animal rnptlve and he was brought lo court as rvldenoe. —lt often happens that people sing Jubi lantly at church. "We shall know each other there." who refuse to know eaah other here .-Tit-Bit* 5