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the morning neyvb ■ ■ iiihcd 1350 - - Incorporated ISM i H. EBTIIJ*. President BAD DEAL IN FRANCE qtm CTITTO mTKH EXHIBIT LAID I MII’.H KMHUtGO. railroad claims freight. 31 |J. BRACKETT M%4 THOIHIK UITH TUB I'HKM II COt RTS. Ilailr*Ml (nmpiuij 'Juke* Riffulu (liNru* %% lilch llavr Hn-n l'rovi*n I nlniiiitlnl nml flic i onfrnrlor for tbr F.%11n lltilldlnjc Alan 4n** Into fit** f ooria fo hnforrr I nr*a aonttltlc ( laltiiM—l* |nrturr of I ru|. rrr I'ralrir on Icrouul of Tlo#r Claim*. I’arU, Dc. 24. Thirty car. forming I M t of thr Culled Bint## govornmonl ex \ ~,i at the recent Bari# exposition. xx*r suddenly laid under embargo to-day a: Havre. *he railroad company ir<*:inlit* to aurrender them. landing payment of a iliiim of 5.710 This extraordinary • lion, seriously delay Ins the departure o* the auxiliary cruiser l*ralrl from Havre for New York with the govern n ent exhibit*, was madf* the subject of it formal protest to the Krencji n*>rn inent by Cnlted Hiutc*# Por. ter. 1 he company base* Its claim on demur y.i . . bargee on fr**ighl Into the car? when t |*oim|h were brought *> the exposition for installation. &otru* time ago the claim %\ i# submitted. Dii MaJ. Brackett. secretary >$ the American commiMilon, Inveatlsated it at. I con luded that it had no foundation. .*< potne of the cars charged against the Am* r: an government never on ain< and rfti* *1 exhibits, while the others were tors utilised bv private exhibitors awl no' the refore chargeable to the t nited State* MaJ Hracke t thereupon endeavored to ► core a settlement, but without avail. Tt* matter dragged along through th** summer, the se ret ary of th* American • • t rep* itedly *xpr< -smg h'. v dingness to settl*- any Just claim it. tins! :he ITnlted Btntes. The company I t t • cace in an unsatisfactory manner in,-I finally emlstrgoed the cars. When MaJ. Brackett was Informed by th- I'nited State* agent at Havre he wired him instruction* to fsiy to the com- I % 4 0 franc** u, th‘ presen -e of l*gl •* charities and at the same time to en t- r a *iatm against rfle company for 10 my frai ■ •# as damagts for obetructlon and delay. laist summer the company aubmtttel n bill of 32.7iC francs for freight charges agaln*t he commission." he sakl 10-d.iv. "mi pressed for payment. Pending an explanation of certain Item**. I |nl*l 2VW !!.n* on account, at the same time ##k it-g for details. When these were fur hid * **n charged with 4.lid francs which t old have been charge*! to the ‘om it me General* Transatlantic)'!*, while 4. tiaies should have been charged • I *. • xhlbi or*. The company is. th re l 1 1 • obliged io mak** a rebate." i**-inufiow l>elng a holt*lay. there will be i • holding of the Prulrl*. The cars w;ll l* re.eased by the payment of ihe SUO fr.iti- * Should Wednesday not bring a tad*factory solution MaJ Brackett will prot-ablv pay the rest of the claim under p"te-s In order not to further delay the s<d.iiig of the Prairie. At the same time ) • w ill enter an claim for dam nge*. - rne trouble aim arose with Philip 1. ju* . the contractor who bulli the n t* il pavilion. liwro.e the American c ’cn.i-sion l>ec. 11. saying that ih la.-? ].‘M. fmm i , nmml**l(npr Oeneral Peck w rot satisfactory and asking when the ladi t rig would be turned over to him f i TT* molMion. Two days Inter he noti fied the commission that he intended to tk• ito*session und l*eglti destruction Immediately. He In turn wji# Informe*! f t tue building would le place*l under I U ..fxrol Dec. 2*l, and at a formal meet ing h. was notified that the commission would remove certain furnishing' no; sup plied py him. a proposition to which his rcpreaentotlve dil not object. Sitimfay night while the American cus toill.iu of the building, assisted by two v kmrti. was removing material belong- Ina *• the I’nHed Stare* a force of police arrived n l arrested all three on tl ground that they were taking good* v nil did not belong to them. It Is said H M. laixie* brought about the or r* MaJ. Hnackeft secured their release to '•*' M lasies served him with a legal •Of Ice that he would not accept the p ' limn |i Its present shape and would and *- rnnl damages for delay. The Preneh •nan will now be hefd to the strict term* n* the contract, which Included demolit ion and a counter claim w ill be enter-’ I for n forfeit of 300 francs doily from M irch 15. the date when the contract ‘ ‘de.l for completion. nn*l June 21. to* • ther with a claim of 2.000 francs for defective construction, as the roof leak*! i*l certain furnlsnlngs wen* ruined Moro than this, there will be a special claim o' 2On francs If It can be proved tnnt M latxles brought atout the arrest, tn iking , total of 34.n franc* Anothe l*ne of contention may be the sertle m< lit of the restaurant concession in the American pavilion, which h.s n*>t b*“* paid for. Helios % 1.0 Ml Pitot t:n. • oroitr's Jry Charaes Him \%itli Killing f tmlltnr Morris. Washington. Dec. 24.—The coroner's In quest In the <nse of Frank H. Morris, cudltor of the treasury for the War De -I‘rtment. who was killed at the Winder building Saturday afternoon by Bmuel t>onald, former disbursing ofllcer of h' bureau. wa held to-day. The verdict " that Morris* camp to hi* death by f "on of n pistol shot wound Indicted by M ! Irma Id. M-'Donald, who Is In n precarious con dif;<n at the Kmergency Hospital suffer ing from self-inflicted wounds after kill ing Morrlc. If somewhat improved, and hft> a chance to recover. ♦ AHHKXIAM W %%T IIKLP. B*s ointlonnpy Federation Tele urapba President McKinley. Beaton. Dec. 24.—The Armenians revo lution federation have telegraphtd Pres ident McKinley a resolution adopted in annual convention to-day urging this government's Interference In behalf of the Armenians' who. the reaelutlon aeys. are and will soon be extermi nated. jl&totttt&l] Jiafuinjj Jffdto'jSL HOW THE BRITISH FEEL. They \V*nld lhai the War WrreOvfr but %re Not Hrpeatta* the “lllach December" of m l **r V4* I*>ndcn. X>• *. 73. 4.20 a. m —There |* no .“igti of the despondency which character ix* and "llluck I>t mber" last y.-.r. At tin l same time the Christmas editorial' tirsl llt:le can *■ for extreme satisfaction. All express regret that the nation Is still t war. Home take the trouble to remind their reader* that there ore four time as many tr ope In Buth Africa now us there were twelve month* ago, and all engag 'd in the monotonous and wearisome du th * against an ever-evaaive fo* and need ing ihe sympathy of friends at home at this festlx. *on. The Siar 'ard. which ssys that Chrlel mri tiiuii the Btitisli in a ed mood, nvriilx** u|*n tie strange lack of pollti .<] foresight, regarding the char acter and ihe wisdom of the ofcrations against th** Hoers. It confesses that "ev erything has long since been done that would n x• • h*, n possible to end ihe war if w* had In • n <'ontendlng ugaluat Kuro l*'.m Powers." It b -ntidetit. however, that the •♦*t thment l* only a question of time Dord Kn - il* r' dejsirture for De Aar would b* *■ ffl. lent to explain th*- absence of offl< in I nf*w, Kl iior.*f. pr* iwratlons an- being mad* to give l*or*l Hclgrti a popular welcome Jan 1. Ten thousufbl troops will b* guih * • 1 In i ; .> to line the route to Buck ingham Palace. t %V%DI %N H %\TF.D. To Join Hmlrn-romrll'a Trniionnl Mounlcl Police. Ottawa. Ont.. Dec. p The 'olonlal of ti e i< anxlou* to get as many Canadians i* po**lM> to Join Bad'Ot-PowcH's Trana v<l moil. *.l police. If I.PJO Can.idtins volunteer for thl* *erx*lcc* It I* the inten tion of the ImiH-rlal government to offer ten captaincies and fifteen lieutenancies in th* for f to qualified ofllceni of th* Canadian militia. The pay for men is 5 shillings per day from the date of landing In Cape Town, with fre** *r n*i-rtation from Canada to South Africa. NOT GOOD 101 l lilt IT Mil. It* port* nf Serious *lt*llon In < |ie I ninny i uullrnied. Don*lon. D,. 2f —*‘Wc lenm," say* Ue Dully Mail, "that Ihe rejiort* of the se rious situation in Cjh* t’olony arc fully t'onflrmed. The invading Boers are r-?- •eiving much aseistan- e fion* the C*pc Dui n. Hallway communication between ipe Town atsl the ttorth is almost en tl ♦ .v severed, partly by Boer operwtione and partly by rains." KRItiKH flTirK-*F/KFD. Iloer Victory llns Made t#*c Old Man Foolish. . In4on. Dec. 25.—" Since the Nootlt .rv..*.*rw fT lr " wavs the iv>rr(iMnibn of the Daily Mall at the Hague. "Mr. Kru ger ha* become stiff-necked. He now ornfully r*Jects all private suggetuion* ;n the nature of i*e rc ov- : !|i< n.” Kitchener lo < rush Invasion. Cape Town, Dec. 34.—Lord Kitchener ha* arrived at Do Air. Cape* Colony, and la taking measures to crush the Boer in vasion. Grand lliipldn Inxltes Mr. K rimer. Grand Hapid*. Mich . Dec. 24 -The Com men Council of this city unanimously adopted a resolution to-night, extending Mr. Kruger an official welcome and Ihe freedom of the city. MOR|~ I Hot HDl* FOR SHIIT. Dene I *>u on Lnalhh f nmt and Several W reek* flccnr. liondon, Dec. 21 —Denso fogs on Ihe coasts are greatly Interfering with nav igation and wrveral wrecks have occurred. The Ftrltish ateamer Brunswick groun*iel in th* Bristol channel, heeled over and sank Seven of her creir were ilroa nel. Th* rcjor*s that several Shetland Ash ing boats were in great ierll from the storm and had probably been lost are con firmed. Only one boat out of five has been found, and It I* known that no few er than twenty-two fishermen have per ished. A KRtTIIKI -IKMITIA*.. Two Men Killr<l nnH Two \\ nnndnl nl ilir I’arli Dlallllrrjr. Indon. Ky., Dec. K.—Two rm-n were killed tid iwo wounded at Krl* dltl ilery, In I’la) county, twelve mile* from n. r.. late yealer.lay Four nevnl.t-rs of ihe .Stserr.nrc fjmlly or. one ehle and H.nry ltarrett and \V. II Voun on the 0: net. t itu tk' dln n def>erate tlkhr Your> ,rl one ..f ihe Hlienwfree were kl.lwl and iwo Of the Sizemore* wre prolmldy fo tally wouiwled. An 0.l feud woe the cause of the trouble. I * DKAMAKK'tt Hill tI.TIB*. King Christian Will i>ewd chrlel nma In Ilia Own nniilrr. Copenhagen. Dec. 24. -King Chrilan will e[entl the Chrintnta* holuiwya In iM-nmark for the first time since the death of Queen Uouloe. This evening all the member- of the royal famllyare the guests of Prince Wald.m.r and Princess Marie To-morrow there will he a great banquet in Ihe rojal palace, which all the royal tlee will attend. _ , Kl ltol'K II t* TMK UHIP. Knalish anil \merlcnn, llnve n Join! 4 lirlulniNH 1 rrr. London. Doe 25 - The weather through out Europe 1# mi and and fherc arc many **omplalb<* of the presence of influcnxa. The C’hrlsim*!# trade fenerml>y Is active. A bril iant entertainment was arrauge.l In Vienna last evening by tbs American )n d colonies, and a large aloc tfically Ugh'** Christmas tree was dU played at the Hotal Bristol OIL LI 9 JOHNSON KILLED. toother Keotoeky Affair With Fatal Heealta. Middle boro. Ky - X>#c. 24-Omis Johnsoi was shot ind klUad by Charias Wlioox of Harlan county to-day. Wlleo* sightly wounded. Johnson was s.*ot four times. <kath being Inwtsntanaou#. Johnson Is reputed to have killed three men. SAVANNAH, C.A., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1000. SOLDIERS MUSTWAIT ONLY O.OOft VOLV'VrßfS't* C AN f OMF. HONK NOW. DEPARTMENT EMBARRASSED. Ml ST KF.FI* fhl.lMIO TROOP* IN TUB PCtIMPPINF*. With flettirtilnu N alwnleers and Hrgalart w ho%- Tcriu* llnve Kx- I*• red 'there Will lie %toul MMI.Ni Men • llrlng lluie AN Immm* Place* NNIII 11 nx c lo lt- taken li> 1 re*l Men—4acn. Mne iriliur l(ce<mnienl • llnunty uf gg.*V lor Ne--nH*l mrnt, Washington. Dr 24 Asa result of a confer* in between the H* r* tsry of Wat and Quartermaster General I aldington, it ha* been decided that no further action can be taken with tegard to the return of the volunteers from th* Philippines until Congress shall make provision for their replacement. Th** War Department is considerably embarrassed lv the fail ure of c>ngrrmi t,> make provision twfore th** recasa for the relief of the military situation In the Philippine*. Acting upon represeniai lons mad* by Gen. Ma Arthur, the department has concluded that It 1* absolutely nec**f**ary to maintain an armx of €O.OOO men in the Philtppin*-. until the current policy of establishing muni ifwi govetnnnaits throughout fhe archipelago lus been executed. It 1* stated at the department that any reduction of the mil itary strength !*low that flgure under existing condition* would un*lmihtl.y lrov. most fo the Interest* of the Cnlted States. There are now about <BS.<via troops, regu lars and vo.unteer*. in the Phllipplnea and atrangements have been made already for bringing home 9.'W) of that number. No further reilurtion will be made until the War De part merit is advised fully of the pur|*>*e of Congre** with regard to army legislation. When the necessary authority has been given k is the purpose of the department to bring home s rapidly as possible oil the volunteer# and regular* whose term# of enlistment expire on June > next, but not before It 1# possible to repkt* •> them m n for man with new recruits enllsG and under he term* of ihe new army bill. It. therefore, appears that ifter the l.fttO vounteers have left the Philippine* no more troop* will be withdrawn from thm country until hey can be relieved hy fresh troops recruited In the Cnlted States In accordance with legislation yet to be enacted. It l* expected that Congree* will "let promptly on the army bill soon after it re-# k **mb!r# in January, hut even in event. It la aabl at the War Department it will not be posidhle to get the fresh troop# to the Philippine# Inside of lw. months’ time The general homecoming movement of ihe mas* of voliinrf>rM therefore, will have to be postpnti<d tin tll about the first of Kebrunry. That will give the quartermaster's department but five month.#' time to bring home the re mainder of the volunteei# an* 1 the regu lar troop* whose terms will expire at the same ;imc. aggregating aU*ut ♦*.<• m n. before the first of July. Tills undertak ing I# believe*! to tie beyond the capacity of the transport service a# at preattit organlxed. and may necessitate th* char ter of additional steamship*. AH ar rangement# In that line, however, will he held in abeyance until definite informs (km ha# been received of the Intention ft Congress with regard to th*- proposed In crease of the regulir army. Recent cable advice* from Gen, Mac- Arthur indicate a strong desire on ihe part of the volunteers generally lo re turn lo the I'nlted Stat*‘# and thal com ro w .*!•#!* fee.' of *|u.*n urn lllrolv in fw. enll.t wlilkiui the mult liberal Induce li.ent* are offered. Il I, understood lhai Gen. MacArthur ha* rei-ommendeif that bounty of I—lie allowed ,o each *ol dler In the Phllipplnea who re-enltdl* for another term and the |>lan I* Mild to meet with the favor of the offlclals of Ihe war department. It M moii. tit r**|- WIMT com. <te, eral Vnlauieera Killed and %%.nnde<l In l.lttle kktrnit.he.. Manila. Dec. 2*.—Advlcea to the AesocU atel Free* from the (eland of Leyte. how that there Ik kIIII conoid, ruble turmoil on the went coast, but that Ihe count ta quiet, the leaders having retired to the mountains. Lieut. Frank K. Lynch and three men of the Forty-fourth Volunteer Infantry were wounded neor Ilona.u*. on the west coast. Two men of Company L Forty-third Volunteer Infantry. wire kill'd and three of companies 1. and K. together with 1-ictit. Louie II Leaf, wre wounded Dec. 13 mar San Miguel, north weKtem Leyte. No decided result, have yet been se cured by the 2.**W Cnlted Slates troop* distribut'd among the eoaat towns of Samar. Gt AM l> A II \ll W IV. Inhabitant, Have kniiplle, for Only Three W eekn. Manila. Dee I*.—Ofllcer, of the Cnlted State, crulfer Newark, which ha, return ed from the Inveattgatlon Into the cir cum,lance* of the disaster that befell the foiled State, auxiliary cruiser Vosemlte. off Ihe Iland of Guam, ,ay there were supplies enough available when the New ark left to laat three week, and that tho Inhabitant, would then be dependent upon aupplle, *ent fr>m f-avlte. They almj report that the noil will produce rice and com by April, although at prea-nt everything wear, ■ forlorn aspect. The f nited State, crutser Albany. Capt J K. Craig, has sailed for Hong Kong to ascertain and repair the damage slut sustain'd through grounding on a reef in Hu big bay. Mr Ml lit t: *F.%\ * BITIHBHi. Krle Hallrnad tn C at Off the Train Hoya. < lev land. 0.. Dac. 2*.-Order have been Issued abolishing tha (rain boy, or "new, butcher," on all train, of the Erie Railroad System west of Salamanca. N Y . alter midnight Doc. 31. and on all lire* east of (hat point after midnight Jan. 31. Own. Pole-C'arew to Marry. London. Dec. 11.-Gen Reginald Pole Career, who has returned from South Africa, will marry Lady Beatrice Prance* Elisabeth, elder daughter of the Marquis of Ormonde He il U year. Of age and ah* I* under £k QUEER MINING CLAIMS. Kx*( on•• I IV llliutn* xitwultl Slnkr an Baplaaalion of iliniux Hrconl* of Manila Ogle*. Washington. Dec 24 -Inquiry at tfte Slate i depart tn t-nt disc loot* the fact that no >rli tal notice wa* taken by the l (xartmcot of * statement affecting in some M**.*ure F WlUxm*. who had b*n consul to Manila before the Stpanun- American war. (‘apt. Burt tit. was th* author of ini- statement, and. tieing m charge of the mining bureau in the Phil ippines, in the course of mw annual re iort lo Gen. MacArthur. commenting up on <lu* (ItHiing in an irregular fashion of an cnorniou* number of mining ctaim*. said; "The record discloses an undefined hut apparently close rtiatkui of lion, Oscar I Williams, ** CnHed State* consul. v t i tti torate f mint*, that ta of such a rutur. a* to seem to require a #t. • ment of the facts appearing in the records of this hunuii " < apt. Iturrttt then recite# *om> case* w her** the onsul had certified on certain • laim*. sorne time after the claims al ready had been allowed by the Spanish mlM* g nffb bil*. Th** general statement of the r*|ot t that certain men. fore-cli.g the overthrow of Hpanitdi sov ereignty m th* Philippines, ha.l nb*l claim* u|H>n everything in sight In i min ln*i way But Consul William* I# now #• in- home in Syracuse. N v and ha> no connection with the Cnlted Stale* government, #o (hat It has no longer any authjrity to call upon him In .vuinecllon with this matter. The mining claims filed In the irregular fashion referred to are Aiouf to In* taken up by the Philippine Commission. Ho he* . r N v . Dec 31 When rg- Consul William# of Manila wa* shown this afternoon the dl*ial h In regard to that porCon *f l.ieut Burrett's report to Gen Mo* Arthur concerning Mr Wil liam*. the latter kernel to be Indiffer ently Interested. He said, however. 1 or some length of time previous to May l, l*t‘ there were no Americans in Manila, and on May 3. when it I# <-aid th* plan w revised and put Into opera non to end#rrn#H the government and nerve to friend* a large control of the is*#’ mining leg.on of the archl|eiago If Spill* should be obliged to yield the isl and* permanently, I wa* with Admital Deweys fleet, having come with him from Hong Kong, and did not go ashore for #e eral days after the memorable bat tle of Manila bay The HpanDh officials to whom Lieut, liurrett refer# In hi* re port are unknown to rn*\ and I most em phatically cony the whole story." KILLED FOR A WITCH. #lartliiK Evltf••* of *uprtl(•■ HrtMiulif om nl Trial of Two Filipino*. Washington, D*o 24.—Now® h*#n rocaivfd t tho War D*partmrni of a p#- cull.irly atrorlou# murd*r In tho Philip pine#. the clr umxtanc#* of which were developed at the trial of six nailve# be befoge u mtlliary comm! Uai at Capls. Pansy. It appear# from the testimony that 4wo of the prisoner# were re#ponl kl .. *k. 4.t*. • •*■ tell. >d -# th* lr neight*or*. With #even or eight other men they went to the house of a native name*! Victor P*re and forcibly took I Im nml hi# wife to the Panay river, where they l# unU their hand# behind th m am! told (hem that their "last day had t'ome." The woman was struck wkh a b**!o und her dead b**ly thrown into the river. Her husband wltiu-sed her mur der and anticipating similar treatment, ftpring Into the river and. notwithstand ing his arm# were pinioned, manager lo reach the opposite shore. . •*• • frltnom Hm mIHt Cog Um if* X.# a XapmffiStltMM belief that th murdered woman aa • witch poasessed of powers whereby ah#* had In some mysierh # way caused the d**ah of th*' neighbors’ <4ii!d. The two men ;k. •Aftian/ < j irt Kf >i*l( ( I*o MacArthur mitlgaicd the eemence of each ca*.. to confinement at hard laltor for twenty year* out of consideration for the exceedingly low order of intelligence and blind superstition of the aivrUMd. FILIPINO POLITICS. —t Federal I'arty titrlvlna to Get To gether Those 1\ ho Are Willing to Aeeept Pence. Manila, Dec. 2*.—The Federal party ha, •h • tiled upon anew- organisation and to day |)tib:i*hel In the Spanish and Filipino evening paper* an oddrew lo the Fili pinos. "Tho number of Filipino* who are con vinced that the time for peace has come. Increase, datlyC eay* the addre,*. "The object of the Ftderal party I* the reun ion of ail Filipino, who truly wish for pc*.. arid who are disported to work for It. li appeal* to those who will attempt to attain for the Philippine* the great est tttmlet of liberties under the applica tion ol the Amert'.in constitution “VVe call ourselve* the Federal party be mac, under American sovereignty, the righteous aspirations of the Philippine* will he to form a part of the American federation a* state, of the Colon." The Executive Committee ha, cabled President McKinley announcing that the organization ha* been perfected and ten dering an expression of good will. Copies of the address have been sent Into the provinces. The new paragraph In the platform, declaring for Ameri-an recognition of the legality of *ome act, done hy the authorities of Ihe Insurgent government Is In conformity with pre cedents established during the reconstruc tion period following the Civil War In the Cnlted State*. PRK*IDK*T Tirr* HIE 4. gnhafltnle I nited ainte, Cwrrewry tn Philippine* nt Ones. Washington. Deo. 24.—President Taft of the Philippine Commission has come for ward with another suggestion for th settlement of the Philippine currency question, which I* how pressing urgently for adjustment. He discard* the former plan* of something like a trade dollar, and of maintaining by the credit of Ihe Cnlted State* a fixed ratio badween the Mexican dollar and American gold, and propooe* to adopt Cnlted State* money, para and simple, as th# money of the Phi Ipph ea. He point, out that radtonl a, I, thla move. It ritual be made sooner or later. If tha laiond, are to remain on. der the control of the Cnbed State*, and that delay on y serve* to aggravate tha evil* of th* preatnt confusion of ay*- lams. -q r i tsar'a Physician Has Returned. St. Petcrahurg, Dec. 2*.—Dr. Popofl. the Czar'* physician, bos returned bar*. SEEMS BADLY MIXED POWERII NOT SITBKIEII Allot I JOIN I* NOTH. A SERIOUS ERROR SOMEWHERE BIT VUIVT IT 1* IN NOT KX- I*L%INBD. I nited strife* Mnr Not He Able tn Take Part In Ktsrstlns of the Plan* Owtllned—The Nome Nremvn t rlftrUr# Ihe Note noil 'no t on dltlou a* to Troop* t ntinot Apply to ltu**in. Bt Petersburg. De . 21 The Nov. * Vremx;% sharply crltblsen the Joint n-d.* of the Powers to China, a# being t*x long to produce effect. It says the accusw tlons against the Emperor and D.wager KtnpnMm art* unfiHinded and that the a* ctma'ton that Prln *c Tuan D alone re s|W>n*ibie fr the treachery l* ridiculous. The |i|>er aldr "ll>lers sometimes betray their own country, but treason towards foreign power# l> anew conception. The #tte nict.t in 4he ultimatum that tm* tro'i"* wi.i not l*e withdrawn hefora the con dition are ac.tpptinj cannot neon ltup*i*i, nil's* 1 t r*M e* have rtll uds V tie* l !'• t'hill. whereas M tnchurhin affair* do n *t concern the power* The note will not bring |eace. Tibs Powers possibly repent not having Imitated Russia's example ' The minister of the Interior ha- starts I from St. Pi ter#burg and the minister of war ha* left Yalta to mei th returning troops, at Theoilosla. \l 1e Witte, th* minister of finance, is exp**cted here Jn I€. according to the Ho- Y. A apeclal dispatch to the Novoe Vremva from Vladlvo#t**k say* the exploitation of ttie principal Manchurian Hall road line and the construction of a branch line to Port Arthur will he turned over to the government. Hus*lt has always * ari fully I rials ted that the Manchurian Hull rood enterprise w* purely the affair of a Russian private eor|M>rat|on. The news. If true, I# of great Important** pcklitkwlly The same correspondent vrlres tlwt the demobilization i# ending everywheie fin Manchuria. Huron Kaulbars is dlstrlbiit Ing ihe railroad protective guard along th* route The Chinese |**pul.iion akuig the rsilrnad Is suffering from famine. The Russians up to the present have had plenty of supplies. Washington. Deo 94.—Secretary Hay fw* • eceived a .hblegram from Minister Con ger at Pekin, announcing that ha ha.l signed the agreement reached by the for eign ministers, hut had done no with a wricen explanatory statement setting forth the exact position of his govern mnt. Tne text of the statement l* not forwanH by Mr. Conger, but It I* under stood to be t*a*d uton tlu* last lnar - 4lon ho received from the department, which, while disapproving the Inclusion in the agreement of #m* of the mr* severe language, accepted it as the tK** arrangement that eoukl be nia*le at this time, it Is believed that the l’nited Btates also, while sanctioning the provis ion# of the agreement relative to the main tenance of permanent line# of communi cation. legation guard*, and prohibition of the Importation of arms Into China. Indicates clearly that <onotltutlonal rea*- on# prevent the ex<*cutlve from making any pledge to take part In th execution of these plan*. The signature of the agreement by thy minister* close* wjtat Ik regarded here a the tlrat, the meet lin|K>rtant. anti the most difficult plwiko of the negotlMUoiis a* to China, for It I* not 'louhted that the Chlnrae envoy* will euheertbe to the agreement, without amendment. lia con chtrion has been marked hy one of the most curloua mlKtakes In the history of Internal tonal exehang*. for hy a cipher error, the majority of the signatories found to their ■nsunnelM that they had contracted lo do exactly what (hey .I|.| not Intend, and moreover, the error wos Irretrievable. Si 111 1 4 ft MM IT* *1 II IDE. Frank Bennett Follow, Ml,, Seltnel der to the Gr,ve. Honolulu, I>ec 17. via Ban Francisco. Dec. 2*—Frank P. Ilennelt, Ihe well known American aooul, committed sui cide here by shooting himself In the head last Thursday. III* aulclde followed the death by poisoning of Miss Hchnel der. an Intimate friend. BHUwtl was an Indian fighter of national reputation, hav ing been one of three survivor, of the I itie. . ■ hi ,■ ii ■' e ■’ i .... . I heat known and having taken a promi nent part In running Ihe Apache Oeronl roo lo earth. Mis* Bchnelder w,s a <ke mestlc In the family of Paul Neumann. The Rrltlsh sloop of war Icarus. Com mander Knowllng has arrived at Hilo. Bhe left Kaqulmault some time ago. under order* to proceed to Panama to Inquire Into the eel sure of a British steamer hy the Colombian government. The United Stale* training ship Adorns arrived hero to-day. YOIXG WOW3*I Missive;. strange Disappearance ol Maggie Doe Int Pnehlo. Col. Pueblo, Col.. Dec. 2* --The police to-day failed to throw any light upon the mys terious disappearance of Maggie Hoel. who yesterday left or was taken from the home of her uncle. Charles Realty, a shot I distance west of this cky. It ho* been learned, however, that some time yeaterdwy morning a carriage drawn by white horses was In the vicinity, and a richly dreased lady alighted from It. and seemed to he searching for some thing It has been tmpcwslMe thus far to find such a carriage The girl, who la e-ghteen years of age. bad a guardian In Mlaaour. and a young man here was known as Mr sweetheart. The latttr Is grltfstrleksn and la doing all h* can to aid in solving th* mystery. Th* simpl* and Innocent character of the girl wemi to preclude th*orl*s of elopement and hn circumstances nppeer to Indicate kid naping. but for what motive cannot bn i learned. GERMAN NEWS NOTES. Emperor William Aery Miielt I'leaaed Will* t hsscrllur von llo*lov'a Mannacnicnt of Iteernl 4ox eminent %Anlra. Berlin. Dec. 24,—Kmperor William's he *t<*# i upon t’ount von I tue low. chanceiior. of the hlgheMt decoiatlon. the Order of the Black Kaa-e. Is Interpreted to signify impend! approval of his recent utterances tn the Helchst g. (Muitoularly of hi* *u . *’--.ful moimgein.’iil of Ihe (‘hi* m*-? and bais, as well as the Kruger ln i •l-nt. as ag.i ii-l tin pan-G i tiuin agna tion It Is understood itiat Hi# Maje*ty re ga>*i - tl chancellor’s present lour In South G* nwuiiy a grr**it su. m> In ce menting tiie adherence of other German * ihlnets to th* lanperor s fr* ign policy. Hen \\ arslnskl.dllevtor of the |euts<*he Grun.G.JmlJ ltatk. on*' of the emt*ar to have e- wi***l to Italy, w# srrtskHi in this city yesterday Tlu* National /.Htung, a Journal usually friend.x to tin I’nilei Hlul* li*. usatng the rejv non of the llay-l'autn efote treaty In I original fmm by the Sn i. says: "Th** Incident means such s #k*i at th** executive s# • in #* im *e|y found. •**• only In the hi-tory of the rnitei States, hut In tlu par.iußiettlary history l the world. Presumably ti\ treaty I* not now a. *|>t;bl to On ill Kritaln " , The . namls rof <>infn* !■ of in rlln ha# presentd a i*etlttn to fount von Itueiow asking f*r tin* :iHlnt**n.iu • of th* pres ent miff policy f the empire. prott*#tliitf purlieu.arly agalnet the tnwxlmai *nd minluiMi duties, the abandonment of the m.*-t favored nation clause arl the exten sion of the ad valorem system Tin* Christmas weather in Berlin I# mild, cloudy ni dry. Tmlav tlwre were tin* Ueual street *.••>no* fclmfxeror Wil liam at 3p. 11l Ottelekd the dlStribothMi t Pol**.l mii of |r -nis to the troops of the Garde |u forps. He dined a the pilo. o an h<Hir later, aisl than Jollied in the famiiy festivities, which in* Imbnl th** iisimil array of table# covered witb whit* cloths an*l the fhrlstma# traaa for tne prii.* es. one for each. An a)>peai ha* isvn taken In tha case of the Herltn •*.k*r. Hternberg, recently convicted of an offense against morality, to the HtgHvma <Vnrt of the empire. ITALIANS MAKE TROUBLE. % I lirlstMin** Im ••** Turn*! Inf** a Grnrral Affraf. %%!•• Om** Killed M Mil %l MM 9 W DiMiilnl, N* vx York, Ih- 24 An llalliui (laiic# il MammoiM'k. N. Y.. which wh# #t#rt#**l last nlgtii. ns a ('hrisanwi# rel**brallor. #nU#l this mnnilng In a murderous row. nn> man tn-lng kilt* *1 outright. amth*r so twill)- Mtatbed that ha la Mpfolsd to and s*v*ral other# ho*| wourwla. Th* s*‘**fxa of th# was the "Foot-amk-.i-Ilulf Houa#." Krorn wlial ran ha Imrussi lha row was *>tarlr<l by Antoni IHjtl. V*4o Narsgiaao #.i wuitslng iirinir*! tlu* da lira hall with a yvMirtg woman who had r*fu# *1 to danra mill I tril I lit- tri*HT |t'| tn*et| IH*HI M IKMH Ihr hall ridiculing thrlr ilati* Ing and making htniMdf gnirruJly dl#a gr#rttldr to fhrm. Nttragbino rrpllr<! (o hi* fount# and Dorl rhatlrfigisl him to <• dual. Thr d/tin • was st*Hl* *l am:* d;*f ly. Na rag la no .m*i Dorl atuia -| o it Hid** foHowod hy nil th# ravrMcTw ai#l flu- mull* Inns irft th< ir inatrumania on ttiM fl*or. Nsiraglaiio dr*w a revolver. Port a atllaito. The letter itmd** , plunge mi Nar.igiano anl drove* his stllrtto Into the man'# brmst. Namglano tirr#! twi r Onr tthtrt trr opsn Dori's arm. and the other struck Antonio Gulsrppl, one of the must -lain*, In th** e>>, the txillrt penetrat* trig the or tin This lrnm.wllHf*l v |re*lp|- tat#**! a gnieral fight. When 4ha Italians had fought th‘m#*’lven tlrnt, Gmaepid nnl Narnglono ix* re h** I pies* on the grourKl. !'*.*??!**!••* 4 ‘hlpid ai-.l nulsannl 4 'isrlp* w*r* Id* * fling from many rut*. Gulwrppi, the tnustrian, died to-night, an*l Nnraglano I# mill on* oniMoua. After the tight there was a general flight of from Ihe town, and as but little Information ran be nigaliml no urri'in hnve been made. TUB l*L %NT %% ILL (' (IK. D |*>*l(l*tt Taken In Rehnlf of Hn. I'lniit In Ness llnven. New fl.iven, Conn., Dee 34.—fn the rn bate <’ourt to-day <te|M#ttiinn were taken In the aqtlon of Mrs. II R. Plant agalnrt ex-Jurlge Lynde ll rrl#on In the celebrat ed Plant will case Judge Harrison I* one of the executors of the will of Mr. Plant, who left about sl7.ooiso An ef fort I# t>elng made In behalf of Mrs. Plant to have the will probated in this state. Instead of In New York. In order to Increase the amount coming (o Mr*. *• 4 Ml 'i simli: VF.asRLa ashore. *firßt„n Ipsmrn fle<*ncl by 121, Oavlng i>f*i, Washington. Dec. Jf.—Supt. Kimball of the life-saving service to-night receive.! the following dispatch from Keeper Hitching* of the Bmlth'a Island (Va.> life saving station: "Tug f>cen King, the barge Rondoul and barge Astoria ran ashore on Myrtle beach, eight miles northeast of Bmlth'a ||:iii>t station Crew* numbering aevn tecn Kgve.l In the llfelnat hy the Bmlth'a Island und Cohb'a Island life-saving crews. SHOCK Hl* TOO Gil BAT. Miss Itohrhaeh Was Sear Dealt When Auditor Morris Wes Shot. HotlMayahurg. Pa., Dec. 24, Mls* Juan ita Rohrbacb, an employe of the nudltor'a office of the War Department, has been brought to her home in this city In an a.-ute atngc of nervous rollopse that I* likely to prove fatal. Alts, Itohrb.ich was near the lsk of Auditor Frank H Mor ris when McDonald entered ami shot him The anoek of the tragedy wjb too much for the young woman e nerves. A t it mist mas mini. (lew. Fnrnsa Gels Ip * Holiday Me volt In Aenesaeln. Curacao. Dutch Guiana. Dac. H, via Hay tier C*b!a—Caiaatino Parsaa. former ly th* aacrttary ganaral of Pres Ment Cas tro of Veneauela. ha* revolted against th* Veneauelan governmant. naar leiema. In th* Ouarteo district. A force of 2,300 Vest exitelan troop* under Gan. Aristide* Fan deo, has bean sent against Paraxa. DAILY. A YEAR. 5 (TNTS A fOpy WFKKLT 2 TIMKH A-WKEK.It K TBAR CLOSED HOLY DOOR IIOMF/4 IMPOSING #pi:i t\i i.k at XT. Pl.lldfß. HIS HOLINESS OFFICIATES. AN IMMENNH THRONG N\ ITNKftfIRO THE € ERFMiINY. The Pope, 4sl|ed In Ills fardlnnls anl Ihe II Ig It Oltlrera of Ihe • hareh and la (lie Preseaee sf a Great •.afh r* lia. Goes Thrmisll Ihe leremony of Walllna; I P the Holy Door of #1 I'eter‘s I alhedral. Rome. Dec 24.-The l*pe to-*lay per form **l the * eremony of closing the holy door of H;. Peter s (‘ithe.lral, with lha gorgeous form* usual to great function* of this kind. It wa* . m/ignlflcent spec tacle. There was u !*<•€ gathering of Hie prince* of thn hur* ti, who isirilcl puied In the ceremony, which Mas wit nessed hy enormous crowds. The closing of the holy door took plttra with lha utmost i**mp of the Catholic Church. Ill* Holiness descended to Bt. Peter's fatiiedrsl at II a. in. and tha ceremonies lasted until 1 p. m. Tha I'ope then returned to his aptmrtmenu apparently not fatigued. ll# intoned tha Te f*um In a r*onant vol**e, and throughout gixe evidence of being In ex cellent h* *Mh uinl spirits. He iimhl the artistic goMen trowel. *ubjirrlt>cd for by the fat holies of the world. In maturing the three gild*-*! brhks which h* pDcad, as a first layer, on the thrcslmid of Hi. Peter's door. The whole porMlilca! court partic!|iut**d In the ceremonies. The sjM'ClacJc In,*l*l* the vast hasldca wsa sii|H*rb. I*he |ilints of the cemral naive were drap*-d with gold emaotdered s ari* t cloth, and tie porch under which the function took place was transf<>rnied int fiiagniticentiy dei'orated hall. On the left of th- holy door wn* erected tha I*anlfl al throne, covered with re*l amt g* *1 On the right hand of the door stood tribunes for royal pereonagea. pr hires, Knights of Malta, prelate#, repiesentativea of tiie Homan nobility sml other distin guished |>ersona. litehle the church every Inch of *•( e was omnipied by the thnotig, which gathereat esrlv In the m*riiing A strong detachment ** troops, station ed In the square in front of the cathe dral. controlled the in*omlrig crowds, who literally faced to secure the best posi tion a The Pope left his Hf¥irtnents at 11:4*5 a m . borne in the sa**red chair and pre ceded by the clorgy w|lh lighted candle#, bisiiops. mi•* hbishop* and cardinals, and ei*t>r**d by the |smtlflclsl nobis guard (m hi# arrival at the portal of Hi. Peter*a he a.lghtr*! ami entered lha chtircll through the holy door. A# lie augured on tin* threshold the solemn and silvery tones of the trumpet echoed through the e*iiflce. The chapter of the Vatican mat him #o*l present'd to him holy water *■*.* ... m,., iii.ini ui,,i in- l;on. AppUihwi lin fnrhKhlrtk, n rnim loin* w.i, ob*t<rvnl tilrh Mffhl* nl Uin muiklmir ami Imitttmulv,nma of Ihn mnmrnl Horne now on thn mdt, gestatoria t> the high altar. In- striqeKl to the groun.l nd kn. It le.fore the mod pre-’toue rel. tea of thn Catholic Church, which were displayed on the altar. Then the pro. es. slon reformed msl proceeded to thn chnpel of the r.itnent, wlwre Ihe pontiff again knelt for ~une time, while the choir of the Histlnn .‘hope, chanteif I’salma. The pope wjb then liorae to the holy door and wuMed until the entire procession had iKtssed out through the door, he leav ing the church last, and walking to tho throne, where lie sent.*! himself A man lier of snerad songs were sung by thn IMfstl choir, after which lus> rose and lilcnscO nil the mnlerlsl cnplnycd In clos- Imr llu- (tewtr 'l'ti. n IX,. ih** thrn#. kn lt l#foro (h 4om# and lal<l with ilw Kulfl*n ‘trowel a layer of cement, on whlrh he pisewd lhr*‘* xllt in-1.-ka !x*ir|r*t c.sninemorstive Imu-rlp tlons. ft. stles the hrk'ks ho placed a casket <ontHlmiig gold, silver and hronso me.lah anil hr.trlng Ihe head of lo*> and ins. rlptlon* recording tin. opening and closing of *h* holy door The Pop... having reaecended lha throne. Cardinal lllshof. Arrsrtno Van NiMalll. great penltenthiry. nnd four other cardll nals. performed , slmCar .* remuny of laying cement and three hrlek*. after whleh the mao;is employed by Um Vati can ckjard the loorw:iy with , eativns acri'en. pained to r<i>resejtt marble, with , < rone In ihe canter. The r.indles borne hr the clergy were ex - tlngulahnl, tie* Te Ib um we sung, amt the pontiff, having given solemn henedte -1 low was inune.Hnt.-|y c n rrie*l hack to hi, apartment,. It I, estimated Hint eighty thounand fa r. wins were spectator, of thn ceremony. A RIOT aTpIDCOCK. Mesaase Received at iJlnian sys a White Man and a A race Have Keen Killed. Qultmnn. Go.. Dec. 24.-A telegrnpti mesenge has ju,t tern received by Mar shal W'ade from Pldcock, n mililown In Ihe weetern part of thla, jlrooka '-outxy, announcing that a rim of some naignliiaj* was In progress, and that Iwo men. one white man and on* negro, had beer, killed. The telegram calied for th. marshal an l policemen of Quitman ar.d th*- sheriff erf the county. SherlfT t'onoly la In Thomaavllla. Effort, to get the particular, have tolled ao tot, I'M. ock I, Ihe Southern termtnu* ot the Georgia Northern Railway, and a torge mill Is situated there. AAOTHFH Hill K IDA APED. Thla One Returned Home All niaht. However. Kalamaxoo, Mich., Dae. M-Hobart Cl,yhcrg. n )7-yc,r*i!d boy. whose father, John 11. Clayberg, I* ■ prominent citizen of Helena. Mont., was kidnaped tn thla vtty 1,-at night by two men. Th* bqy was blindfolded and compelled to walk to Malta won. a distance of eleven mite*. It became ao stormy that the kidnapers Released young Clayberg at Mattawan. after relieving him of the small sum of money he had In bla pockets. Tha hoy telegraphed hero for help and was brought home during the night The sheriff and a fore* of deputies have been working ca tha case since Clayharg's return. Big Colliery Strike at Sarandon. Shamoktn, Pa., Dec. i*.— The Enterprta* colliery operated by W. L. Connell A Cos., of Scranton. Pa., wa, tied up complate.y to-day by seven hundred employee going oa strike.