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2 THE TECHS GOOD FORTUNE. HTATR'% %TIO\ IAM 111* m;mmi. imia Mr. Jrniiri Hmiinii Mill Ohr St2n.iMM hihl % u*l ••• r f.MMNNi llm lit* Forth* I'ontiMii —Mr. of I'lttatiurM Woy Lnlarge Textile Deportment. No Orilrr I mn Ma>or \N nodivard llr Imikliik I'rhuNrrt lleeorder Hrovle* Unm 1 hrrr la f ur %ut*h on lUrn'io* of %tborlt>. Atlanta. D# -4 Th action of Oov. (’andlfr, In approving appropriation f*.;i ii *ur for th*- TANARUS < hnologl al School a great future. It mean# that In add I tion to re riving 140.000 fr n the state, jhat the school will get the tame amount. 1f not more, from other r urrru. Mr Sft.tnn ha* already announced hi* Intention of donating s*).<**> to the Instl tut. n. and it l* confldvnely believed that another Ijm.OMu mill te forthcoming In a fem day* In speaking of the matter Prcfident Hall, nai l io-da> “When Oov. Candler • iat • 1 the bill he in pi red for the Tech, a future that H* moat artlent supporter* never dreamed of. We will get non a* much money a* mo* given u* by the ai.v- . •nd firotiably more. Mr Swann. who l*. In New York. U helping me with the mat ter and a* >otn a* he return* I will be able to give out the names of the other people mho are going to gve monej " It 1* r jiorted that Mr Aaron Frervh of Pittsburg mill enlarge th* titlle de partment of the a* h<x! In n few day* Mr Fren< h* greatlv Interested In th. T** h. and If he makes the . ontemplated chaiige* In the *h<*l the T'-ch. will have textile department uneqailed by any two textile ‘-ho Ip In Am*ri Mayor Wnodmard dll not l**vie tht u-ual proclamation re basin a city prison - t-rp for Chrlatma* to-day. It •* firohtbl# that the Mayor'* order would not have hewn obeyed if it had been iouel. Re corder N.ten Broyle- *ald thl* TH*ridnjt he could proeecute any one reb-a#ing the prisoner* on a charge of aiding prison er* to escape, a* there wa# n* lam to justify the rel* a*e of offender* the city law* He said “If the stock ade prisoner* are turned looee to-morrow every man conne-'ed with it mill l>e hell responsible ’* “it a Illegal, and the Mayor know* It I*. List year I had the city attomev render an written opinion on ? h** cjuestlon and he save that it I* ille iral That opinion is on file in the city re.'ords. ami the Mayor and the officials of the dej*.irttnent of public cvfh* ,r on notice of this opinion* existence.'* Tit It'll TO \\ ItE< K A Tit lIN. I nkmm n Mlarrmnt Turns “witch on f\, H. A *. H. H. Home. Ga . I>ec .4 —A passenger train on the Chattanooga Home and Southern Railway was wr ked by an unknown miscreant at Miller's nurseries early I*? evening The train employes mere in jured and the ia*#enger# badly shaken up. but nobody m a fatally hurt. The wreck occurred one n! one-half mile* Mo* Home The nort abound paa pencer train between t'arrollton and Horn**, due here at 4 o’clock. i T linn It 115 at full a|*eel through MUler’a station when the train auddanly took the aide* track wnd crah*d into a losen iwwi care The engine of the p ie-*, inter ir.itn wan al most totally The enalneer and fireman aaved thHr live* by Jumping, nlthoufti the fireman re wived aevere In ternal infurie* Beveml of the pMMHUtofW y wn% narertalnej thin morning that the •witch lock hol l*een broken nr! the •witch purpum-lv turned The matter will be biva*tlgate) by the roimty authority •* and ratiroad ixnnilt* at once TBfi UMinilKl) OtTOI'I H. % Specimen < itpfnml n t Keanfort and herded for tapper. Mean fort. 8 C., Dec. 24.—An ortopu* or devil fish wan capaured In the river in front of hl* place yeaterday ufiernoon by Mr. H. D. Reynold*. The creature was. Judging from Ms small proportion*, a baby o' Its specie*. It was exhibit**! by tts captor in ao Iron tub him) wa* very much olive. It posse*****! some twenty tendrils or arm*, attach* I to the unW r surfac- The tenacity with which the creature clung to the Pi<k* ami iohom of ft* prison was astonishing Many curious folks congregate*! to inspe. t the devil fish, and an Italian fruit *ielc-r flnuily purchas**! it for S cents and prepared a dainty supper oik of the hideous thing. K. 11. COOK A RMCKIVISK. Judge Speer Pali Him In ( barge of the Hoar t afr. Augusta. Qi., Doc. 34.~Ju4xe Speer has appointed Mr. K I! Hook custodian of the bualniw of J. N. Johnson, with In atrieslona to take char** of the asset* of th* Row Cafe Proprietor John.on. In stituted bankrupt.'y proceeding* several day* ago. Augusta ta having 1.1. .<1 Christmas weather. cool ami cb-.r. tail sarin enough lr> tho bright sun*hlne to !• comfortable without Wraps. The store* have m-cn crowded for viral .lay* with Christmas shoppm-. and the turds have be. i. thronged. TMI: I>IM TONTt l.ts it til Holt. Krll> A Hart the Utils Bidders for the llredtalttat Work. Washington, lie.*, 24—Kelly an.l Mart of Nrw Orlrans. *. re ih. sol. bidders (or the work of dredging aid deepening the channel In the Dry Tortuga, harm*. Their offer teas SO cent* per cubic yard This la merely a continuation of a ta<-k begun about a year ago. The navy de partment Is making Inquiries and xiot yet awarded the contra*? Tut: >i:w comtiiMitmai, Judur Apn-r t||*lnt. Mr. , u Mr. I.rnl. Macon. 24 —Ju.litr 8| • r to-d.iy a-. capt.d the reatunation of J. F. Lrwta a. Lnitwl Rtairo Comrniaaioner at Kavannah and a,>polnt-l in tila at. a.l telwor.l c Ryn!.. Merchant, here • they have not had auch a Chrleima. iiwle In thirty y.-arr. mi. c. m. ih di.i. i)t:%l>. L„a Roberta, 111. klayrr, lla. Fled •he (onntry. OfTerman, Oa., Drc. 24—Dr. C. W. Dedya, who wa. shot by I-eon Roberta. Saturday, died at 10 a. m. Roberta haa aklpped. , The hew. al oternu. Oltorman. Oa . Dor. 24 —Mr Harman C. Oattk) and Mlaa Motile Warwick war. married at Ihe home of the bride's father Met evening at half past .even. Justice M.-Ohae of I*arteraon officlatlns Dr. C W Dedgc who waa fatally shot liy young I-eon Roberta last Saturday, la still alive, bui la not exp. *rd to live through the .hay. Two brothers of dr. I e-dye reached here yestenlay at noon, aid left at once on a special train (or Mai ne io be at the bedside el Uictr dying iuetbar. The Small of the Back That is vhere som* people (eel weak all the time. They are likely to be despondent and It is not unusual to find them borrowing trouble as if they hadn't i enough already. The fact is their kidneys are weak, either naturally or because of sickness, exposure, worry or other influences. ”1 am thankful to .y." write* .1. l„ ramp ball, of byramors. UL. “ that Hood * barwapa | nil* has cured ro- For on any yea r* 1 sas troubled with backache At times I*a ao bad I had to be helped from the bed or chair I am now well and strong and free fr*m pain " What this great medicine did for him It baa done for othe-s. Hood’a Sarsaparilla Promises to cure and keeps the promise. Begin treatment with Hood's today. m-t m imt.tKt tT. % i’rsrfltsl l.|irrlsn’itt In llnne -hld I'.eon mlr • Since flrt Inception. more than a year ago, thr Houto keep# r#’ Clast* in the j Ikumesth ftclen e l>e**artment of th# 1 Georgia Normal an I li.duflrlal Folleg* - .it | MlHeiHft vllle ha !*een a brilliant ex im* I i*4e of what the cultured and Intellectual ■ m'omen of the South an do toward brtng | Ing about more whffiemjme Using ar I hrt | ter economi onli!ion* in the household Ilkis: > ear they gave their tlm** to • on sidet tng the o < tlon, the food value j aid the a-dual **kln* of the every-si v 1 foods mt**ee pre|iratt n hav# - #* much I < do with the health and happiness of i the famllv. This vear th. advanced cits is considering mor. fully the chemistry I and composition of food*, their economic use In the pnner balm inff of meal* and th* wise pur* ha.-e of food materials, as I mall a* th#lr abi|gatlon to different peo | pie. llluatrated In s|e* uil .*n rider at ion o.' 1 the feeding of Infant*, children and In valid*. Asa |rt *>f the work on the e*onorti. , side aid a* h-tving very *lir< t bearing on Ih#* pra tliwl imlnl*tratlo. of hi*e- | hold affair*, the class l this year giving a eerie# of mewl*, in which the cost l limited to !) cent* per person per mea! 1 said meal* to supply a sufll i*nt amount of food and to be properly balanced with j regard to the building .tnl rejwir mate | rial needed by the body and The heal nl ' energy foods requlrM. This series of M tr. and I* twdng m*-1 enthusiastically carried out by the class* under the super vision of Mis* Ford, the director of rh* Domestic Ketone* Department. Th** #c ond one of the * riea wa* given on *he narnlng of Wedneaday, Dei*. 12, by Mr*. J Harris Chappell and Mr*, I#aura Compton Miller, and because of the approaching Christina* season w a** called a CTirtstma- morning bre.ikfaat. It defm>ru*trat*-*l th*- food fposalbllltles wrap ped up In a dim* when *uiil. minted by science, Intelllgen**’ and ♦ nthuda-m quit* ns .ittractlvely a* did the autumn bifKtieon served by members of the same la* * and suggestive decoration* of vine* •r>l holiv. *h* br-.tkfi*>t a t only another ,1 lustration of the skilful use of ih*- e%ery day materials, within th* reach 4 every houeekeefter. The entire itet f th* meal .v* I*l :. * ‘*r w ‘ wl *•*** v*fiv#> cents. Menu. flak**! A|*t*l<- Cream of witn Hot Mi<k I Mg* in Blankets. Indian Htttor Cakes Brown Bogar Syrup. Chocolate with \Vhij>il Cream The was p !ann**J, prepare) am! ! served by Mrs Chapped and Mr- Miller and as they moved about the kitchen arul timing room. In tholr •poll*-** v ooktng uni form* of whit* ai>rna. *aj* mi ruff* they jru\** "outward and vi-Jine proof' that the mistress of a horn** may be even more attractive In the kitchen than 1n the parlor, and furntohed n good antidote to the too common feeling that "any old tldng” will <k for th- kitchen. As to the different dishes served, that whk h made them all *o deliciously |>|***- tislng was the skili and * or** with wht< h they were |r* par* ) The a|g ls were an liltftr ttlun of the wonders a compliahed l*y the long. *k>w. cooking of fruits. These had been baked for three hours In u very slow oven, and the deliciously fl von*l. treautifuky colored product resting In • rich jelly, was something absolutely un known to the cooks who gallop their ap ples through a ht oven in twenty minute*. The cream of wheat Is a form of breakfast food which should Is* more used on Southern table* than It I*. When cooked. ar*l nil carafe should ie. by stlrr ing Into four or five time* Its own bulk of rapidly holing salted water, ttnd I tolled for five minute* where It will not orch. at. I then put la k Into the double holl er to Mrum for thirty or forty minute- It Is a dish fit for |h* gods. especially if serve*! w*th rich hot milk or a little creatik The pigs in blankets is a very •imp’e and app**fixing way of serving oys ters. and is called In Knukinil Angels cai Horsflwick. though It Is hard to see the forc- of the term The large oysters are washed nnd seasoneal, .list each one map |w-*l in a very thin slic* of breakfast ba con. which l* fastened by o toothpic k put leur through bacon ami oyster They are then pot into u Imt frying pun without any grease and fried until the Ui -on Is crirq* ttel brown oti all sale*. They are serve*) on toast which has been rut into tin *s with a rrudhifti sited Macult cutter toasting and dipped in hot oyster liquor after toasting The syrup for the butter ke- was made by billing one cut* '• biown sugar with one-ha If cup of water until It drvpa nlowly anl havlly. It is h very goo! substitute for maple syrup | <*hocolate wws served as the beverage, t*e-uuse its fo*d value so greatly exceeds [ Halt of teg and coffe**, neither of which. { < l*air. ha\e any value as food. Being tna*!*- wtfh two-thlr*!s milk, It helpel to supply ! the protekl necessary for building and re palr This tth*r full aevouni of this ten-, ent breakfast I** given in order to help hou>* k*-eiers throughout the stab who are anxious to bring about better **'onomlc cotslitlons in their households. Th- next meal of the series will he a .Sunday night supper, am! will la* given in Januiry by Mrs. Judge Roberts and • Mis- M K Armstrong TO rt Rb % COLD l> ONR DAY. Take L**atlve Hr. mo Quinine Tablets. Al. druggists refund th*' money If it falls ito cure. 1: W. Grove s signature Is on ! each box. t&c —ad. Aearly All of Tbrin Tnipayera. Kdltor Morning News At a meeting of th* City Council on WVdiien lay last to | consider the pmpo*d railroa 1 to White Bluff, the statement made by a gen i th man opposing the enterprise that the j |K*t>;' ll\ ing in the southern sett ion of the county not exp** t any * onskl ; eratlon from ihe city Council of Huvan nah. *is none of them were taxnayers In the city. This 1* a mistake Nearly all those owning property at Whit# Bluff an*! also a large number along the pm f*c.ed route ow n | r*perty. and ar> tax payers. In the city. White UlufT R( F.KH! i AO Cl HR, AO PAY. Your druggist will refund youi money If Paso Ointment falls to cure Ringworm. Tetter, Old Ulcers and Bores. Pimple* and Blackheads on the face, and all skin dis -1 easts. Wv.—ad. THE MORNING NEWS: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1900. * jt, fIT) gHIPVITIBfI. Christmas Day—Th* bitsir * office of the Morning News will ba |#n f rom 5f 5* to 11 a m and from 7 to 10 p m Th** Chrlailitas tret* celebration of th*- i Huuduy 8* hool of ft I’aul CTiurrh mill l*- held to-mMrow night at Tonge's lla l An old negro man named M ni* -*>n *ji found Saturday dead in hi* yr*l Coroner ilo#Ur, wlio lnve*itgatsl the .**• could find no suepl lout* clrcumstan •■*. aiul mi gu'<* for the burial mhi. h took ]►! ■ • y* -i*rli J C. Daniel# colored, mas Deteotivr Htark last night on the chan uf steal.i g lh* goal svafcli •! ..<m and overooat of Mr George Morreii. The theft. VKita ('ommitlml tKh five nmnth' ago. When arrested Daniel* wi* wearii.g the m atch The overcoa* ’iss t"t >ei .* n rei*overes| but doubtless milt Is - *rtl> Chari** Davie, eolone*! wa** arrest#*! at Hroughtoii and Hull streets, and is hell at the b.rr k- r*i the charge of *’.t mlth Intent t< muni* i M* I** am* in volved in a dlffl ulty aid made an as sault U|Mjn Mr lai< y M- I mlth a rasor. cutting through hi- coat an*| narromiy missing inflicting a *• rlou* possibly fatal, wound. There mas n> session of the Bupertor I • retained at hi- home by reason of his lndlapniition The judg* has l>eeu ► if feriiig from a very sever# cold lor the |Ktst month nn<l ye#ter*lay It mail** him -* uncopfortOb! B tha* It# i* Il* I h# m lid i*’ ggßtvn ooi ol doofg TPIm trial *f the \nf*on InJuiiCtloii rase will be re sumed to-morrow morning. A new name for voting machines ha been invented. They ar* now called voto metwt I I M.H 41. IN \ IT %TIN^. N< iHWt KdD—Th* frierwls and a qiain tance* of Mr and Mrs. Jam* - Norwood, are reject fully lnvtt#*l to attend th* funeral of *-ir da tighter. Mi-- Ivina Nor motel, at loir residence. No. W flroad *tre*t. th- aft* rroon at 4 o'* .t>rk fl'M I Nl. NOTH l>. City of Savannah. Office Clerk of Coumil. Ur*. 25. I9U> T>-da\ fChrlatmaa) being a legal holl da). th# city office- mill be close*! fly order of the Mayor. W P HAf DRY. Clerk of Coun* il. t I MM KI M i of Wle-alen. Germany. wishes hi friend* a Merry* Christmas and a Happ) New Year V. T. \ Nil I. ll* - ' IS. Ml. Nolle# to Street * nr I’sirona. *>n ac uunt of holUlay to-da\. |*ar*** I car will make one trip only, leaving lal* v of ll*H”‘ at 7 a in aid city market at 9am A 10- minute schedule will la - put on Thunderbolt line. * ammenrlng at 2 p. in H. M LOFTON. Gen. Manager ION IIItvND NO Office of Kdi**on Klee trio Illuminating fCompany of Bavmr.ah, Dec. 22. Th* liounl of Directors of this company - hav this la> d*-rlarl a svml-annual dlvl<|ent of (P/bi three dollars p**r fhare upon th capltal atock of the company, payable on aiwl after Jan 2. WW. to stockholders of record Dec 22. It* l * GKO. J BALDWIN. President. p.tßl TION HK 111 HK4TOH“, the llrrctiantk Niailonal Haul of Sm v a mum h. Savannah. Oa.. Dec. 4 h. WOO. The annual elect tod for nine director* to man ig*‘ the affair* of ihl* Association mill Im held on Tuesday. January Bth. 19M1. lit its ti.inaing ;knih) curciet ui<invi and 8t Julian streets. In this city, be tween the hours of 11 a in mml! p m. \\ M DAY ANT. ('ashler n** Til Ik All persons are hereby cautioned against liar boring or trusting any of th* - rew - of the Norwegian st*wmshlp Olif Kyrre. Pol sen. master, from Phllatlelphl*. us no <iebts of their contra* ting wIH be pil l by muster, owners, or by \V W WILOON. Agent. Consignee. NOTK WL Neither the master, owners nor con signee of the British steamship Lvnalder will be responsible for any debt* contrac ted by tho crew WARING. Master. NOTH :. All person* ar* hereby wvirne*! no* to harbor or trust any of the crew of the Norwegian bark Nova Hrotla. Ilalvorsen. master, a* neither the master nor con signee# will 1# ree|Kinslbl for any debt* contract#*! by said crew PATKIIHt N-|H iWNING CO-. Consignees am: ham; tiii: finiat line of Box Paper. Perfumery. Pocket books. Lap Tablets, Belabors and Bci*- sors Bets, Manicure Bets, Ladles* and Gents* Dressing Cases ever thown In this cHy. Please call early and leave your or ders for lUYLEKB CANDIES, in baskets, boxes and packages. SOLOMONB COMPANY. 1I I I ION (• ill) PKIN I.t City of Kavanmh, Office of Clerk of Council, Dec. 15. lbw. Under and by virtue of a r.wolutbwi aW>ted at a meeting of Council held on the evening of Dec. 12 i*s>. an election for the office of city printer for the year. l<s>l. mill place at the next reg ilar meeting of Council. Dec. 2*. 19in at 8 p. m Bids for same must be handed In thl* office on or before Dec . l!>o. 12 m The city reoervea th# right to reject any or all bids. WILLIAM P. BAILEY. Clerk of Council. LA I* II TITLES. Abstracts ot the recorded land titles of Savannah and Cnaiham county from tha aattlement of Oeorsta to dale. Monty loaned at low interval on city real estate. UUL'kKIT 4k BECKETT. FUR SALK. Ona 10-Inch Steam Shot Oun Feed. *2 fee! lona, one Hill Oscillating Steam Nltt yer. and 10-lnch cyeiltslere only need about thirty Uaye; one FU-kct Ma hine and one Netcy Oulde; also a lot of Circu lar Maw. from I to 6* Inches diameter, from the mill of H. P. Smart A Hro. in Emanuel county. The above for mil* by VALE ROTAIa MFO. 00., Savannah. Oa. TNU WAV TO CLEAN CARPET*. Tha only way o get your carpets prop erly taken up. cleaned and taken cars ot tor the summer. t o turn the Job over to the District Messenger and De.tvery Cos. telephone 2. or call at 32 Montgomery at real, and they will make you an esti mate on tha cost of tha work. Prices reasonable They also par*, move and store furniture and piano*. C. II MKDLOCK. Supt and Mgr. "fANIT '■l-IWAI l> Mil K Wo manufacture and sell alk kinds <>f fancy prsased brick, tvlng and l utldlng brick*. tUir common brick are the (M-st for building purposes, twin* larger than other kilns make, and cheao er. (Wr saaaplee and prices. SAVANNAH BVILDINO BI’PPLT CO., cungtso* auol Drayton strecus. nan. The One Thing Needful^a^ |yi TS* ehr++\, irtalfr da y* ) kart e*-mt, \ T\t a Uxrttiitto/tkt yea* - . M* ’a (</ l/w tma b<mls an i foam **a cups. ||BH And jolly Chris*ma rk€tr And the one thins y/SM#\WBk r.s* *1 lu i lo give tone ImgaratiV mn <1 b* i ▼ t ti * -v-tfc' s . r.? t. r^'ii*# utCUiUU MURRAY j Ittapnr •i 1 mm and [ stand* cthoat a rival In the trade. | JOS. A. MAGNUS & CO. CINCINNATI, O. MEKTIAfd. DE K ALB LODGR WO. D, I. O. O. F. A regular meeting of the lodge will tw held thi* evening mi 8 3* o'clock. Memb* r of sister lodges and vbdtlng ' brethrrn rdially ii vlie*! to attend C. H. CARBON. N. G. W W GHOBB. Be-T*‘tary- SA A ANN AH I.OIHiK NO. IM. 11. P. O. j KLKI. A recular meeting *f ibis lolge Will be J held ihl# (Tuesday evening st 8:10 o'clo k ai Elk*' Hail. Yieiung brother# are cor dially Invited to attend. There mil. Im- an Initiation. J J KIRBY. E R L. J MAXWELL. HecreUry. •A VANN til I I oil ID % A Nl9 AA K9T- I.HN >1 til.IV V V lit. Annual Meeting of Mod* hold ers. Savannah, Ga.. Deo. 15. “.W. TThe annual meeting of the stocklffil*!* r* of thl* *xmiany miil he held at the of flees of th# company In the city of Sa vannah c, im Wednesday, Jan 9. 1901. it io lor thin at dire or# and the transaction of such o*h r husitK * os may com# before th# m - ot tng R. B SMITH. BecreUry. 9PETI AL NOTH ITS. 'I It I ST*;|“* Mid: “leek of Carriages, AAngons. Itng g Ir*. Ilnmco. *atllle and tar* rlngi Healer*’ *up|illr*. Heal***! bkls ir** Invited for slock of carriage*, buggies, surreys, maxon*. nn aoouts. carts, delivery wagons, harn*** sadilles. bridle*, m hii**, rob*- - au) car riage dealers* suppli* * of Mark Apide. b.inkrut. conalnul in storehouse 33i> Broughton street, west, and warehouse 112 and 114 AVest l<roa*l #tre* - t. Havanrvih. Ga TERMS CASH Tlw* right i* rrscrv'ed to r* J* t bid* if none are *atl#fac4ory. Bid* must In- hunl*l io trustee by Hi o’clock a m.. Jan. 5. Ifni, ai hi* offi* ln the Cltixen* Hiuk building. Savannah. Go., and will be Immediately delivered to Hon. A II MacDonell. Referee In Bonk nipf*’> at hi* office.corner Hull and Bryan by him In the prescence of bi<)d-rs and all parties at Interest at 11 o’> luck a. m on akl date Prospective bidders can *#• Inventory and inspect stock on .judical ion to trus tee. A L ALEXANDER, Trustee of Mark Afpe. Bankrii|d. ALEX A ND Hit A HITCH. Room# and 21 Cillaens Bank Building. Proprietor# of Buwanee Springs. Buwanee. Fla.: Gentl* men—ll affords m** gr* at pleasure to 1# enables! to give expr*"4#ion to my high appreciation of (he merit * of th* waters ot your springs a curative apfit I was a miserable sufferer with rheu matism. nearly ull over my Ixsly, Ha*l had It six month* Was reduced in weight lo !*> pound* Buffered great pain, and when down could not g* t up miihout a fUiann could not Step furUi*r Hum right in i ' !W •i t *• S \\ i• • S - r ii. - - and after l*elng there on#* week I noticed that I was getting a Hill** belter. But. oh! what a change was wrought In me in a stay of six week* wan en* llrely cure*! of rheumatism, mas sound and well, and I continued to Improv. - afier coming horn* - , and In one month af lerwards 1 weighed 165 pounds, and though thl# occurred eight years ag. I hav# - never felt rheumatism since, and I attribute It all to the virtu** of the waters of Buwanee Spring# Your# very truly. THOMAS P. PIERCE. Haw klnsville, Ga. All you can drink for Fr at IJvingslon*#. HEADS • MOMHg, NOTBU AM> HOSPITAL® Ha.* It ever oc urred to you that nearly one-half your life l* spent Inbed? The mm;tream is the most abused article of furniture, and should be w* II made and of good, clean material, it should be pick ed and cleansed st least once each ihr c years. We make new one* to order, and have Improved machinery to cleanse and pick old one* Our mechanl -a l work. lin of ticking# and material for Ailing, flrsl claw* Medicated Steam Renovation of Feathers. Hair. e\ NATIONAL MATTRESS AND RENOVATING CO.. lie l Phone :iM. m Draytotv \*t i li i:. Neither t; • master, owner* nor con signee of the British steamship Pydna will he responsible for any debt* con tracted by the crew. J H. C ROBB LEY. Master I AM Tlte largest grower of Cut Flow er*. and My Flowers are the Fin est Drown Strong talk, hut the proof i* easy—send me your order JOHN WOLF. Orower of Fine Cut Flowers. IMPORTED Ml KK It IK*. old Family oioroeo. Hp.nn; Hurgun db-e Fori. Old T twn. y. obi Taragon . obl Tom <.n. OH Holiaod Din. French Cognac. Vintage IM3, Rhine Wine. Clar et*. .piart* and pint* Ail Imported W.ierxhtirger H>4 Hr*eu Beer on draught and bottb OEOHOE HECK MANN. Phone 710 U-U4 Whitaker St. SPBriAL iOTIIE. Wo are now giving peclal attention to hoove | Minting. ka!*omlnlng and tat>er hanging, elc. Withs corp* of only tlr*t cU* workmen and ■ corajH-tent *uper tntcdnenl we .-an do your work promptly and *atlaf*c*orlly Det our animate on anything In bou*a decorating Itna and •*ve monry. ANDREW IIANLEY CO. iiomx. i ski i rso. By the American Hooding and Tru*t Company of KaUtmore. Wa are author- Un, to execute locally (ImmrdUiely upon appllcatlor.l, all bond* In Judicial pro ceeding* In ilther the state or Lnlted Rtatee Courts, and of administrator* and guardians PBARINO A HULL, Af*m*. Telephone 94. Trovldcnt Building. HEATERS. BARLER OIL HEATERS. ALUMINUM OIL HEATERS. The Special “B” AIR TIGHT HEAT ER, burns woed, cobs, chips and trash, 18 inch, 21-inch, 25-inch. PALMER HARDWARE CO. LOWIXIT PHI( n. IS IT ANY ADVANTAGE to pay $lO for a pair of glasses that \vc charge you $5 for, as we fit anil till your eye prescrip tion. and guarantee every pair, for one-half the price that others charge. Graphophoncs, Records and Supplies. Kodaks, Cameras and Supplies. Rocket books and Card Cases. Perfumery and Cutlery. Everything we sell is the best. Livingston's Pharmacies, Bull and Congrkss. 309 Bull Street. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY. SAVANNAH STEAM LAUNDRY srw IAL NOTICCM. \OTIIH City of Savannah. Ga.. Office Clerk of Council. Dec. ,a . IffiL Th* following ordinance* are publlh‘'l for the Information of nil concern##! WILLIAM V BAILKY. Clerk of Council. FI RK WORKS. An orJlnarce to jK-rmlt the firing of fire cracker# ar#l firework# *lurliig the C!ul*t ma# holiday* a* herein provided. B#*< tlon 1. Be i( ordained by the M ivor and Aldermen >f the elly of Savannah In council a**embled. That the firing of flr*- cracktra an#l firework* i hereby p*Tnilt te*l in the city jf Savannah on liberty *treet and eouth of Liberty afreet (ex.ept on Bull street north of the parade ground> from D*c. 24 to Jan S. both Inclusive, and th# - ordinance her#*t#i<ore parsed on thl# aubj## - t l* amende*! •ccordlmrly. Kxc- p: as herein provided, firing of firework* and firecrackers in th# city of Savannah \* forbidden under penalties of existing ordinances. 8* 2. That the firing of firecracker# or firework# In. from or Into Forsyth Park i# hereby forbidden under the uld penal ties. *— • Tkqi .ti ordinance# and part* of ordinance# In conflict with thl# ord.iisn * ar#* hereby resale#! ordinance p#l Dec. 15. 1597. BON FI H KB An ordinance to permit bonfire* In the Park Extension or parade ground during the Christmas holiday*. S#*<-tloti 1. Be U ordained by the Mayor arul Ald#*rmen of the city of Savannah. In Council assembled. That th* building of Itonflre# In the Park Ekten*lon or para le ground, from Iw 34 to Jnn. 1, l>oth In clusive. 1* hereby allowed. B*c. 2. That all ordinance# and |<irt* of or<!ln;ince* In conflict with thl* ordinance ar* hereby repealed. Ordinance pis>td Dec. 15. 18S7. GIIIIKH'4 St OTC II WHISKY. This celebrated famous old vetted lllgnlaid \\ hi >ky I# Imported dlrwt from the distillery by us. This Greer Scctch Whisky la guaranteed to be botthd abroad and Is consigned to us from Glas gow. Scotland, and Is in bond In the Fnlted B<a#es Custom House in (hi* city. This grand old Greer Scotch Whisky L beautifully mellow and mild to a degree ano Is soft to tha polite a# one could poaMbly wish, and there 1# a nuttlne** about It that Is especially pissing. We are glad to let the public pur chase a# small quantity a* they wish, even one bottle, for the pu*'- po#e of Introducing the best brand of Scotch whisky extant LITPMAN BROS, Wholesale Druggists, Llppman’a Block, Sole Ag#nts for the Greer Distil leries. Glasgow. Scotland, and Dub lin. Ireland, for their Scotch and Irish WhUktca. f t LtvriMl HEMEMIIH\hCK FOR % holiday gift. Holl.l Do'.d Spectacle 35.C0 Solid Oo.d Eyeglass 5.05 Gold Filled Bpectscla 3.50 Gold Filled Eyeglass ; J.SO Aluminum Eyeglass 2.30 Aluminum B(>e.'tacle 2.50 The shove prices include the very beet lenses made. The par ty who receives them can have their eyes examined and glasses changed to suit within one year Free of Charge. lilt. M. *('■<W tit A SOY, 17 Hull Street, THE GEORGIA STATE BULDINO AND LOAN ASSOCIATION IS YORK STREET, WEST. SPER CENT, per annum allowed on deposits, withdrawable on demand. Interest credited quarterly. 6 PER CENT, per allowed on deposits of even hundreds, withdraw able at annual periods. DEO W TIEDEMAN. President. B 11. LEVY, Vic* Prvsldent. E W. BELL. Secretary C O ANDERSON. JR. Treasurer. OLD NEWSPAPER*. K for 25 cents, el Business Office Morning News, KOTK ES. ■ 1,1 P H ' • % 1401 11. GIFT l* an cli Iktlx o k. Nayler, or Btr# k •' • L gg> Pb.idon or Stanhop or Run • vn hast than :i mml win bs open until 1 o'clock to-dav. Call uh early a* poetflbl# foil I'N-KF I.M AN FARRIAGK AND WAGON CO. Itruughton ard West Broad srrevt*. fl}4r Sterling WITS Silvef Toßet Article l * Table Ware, huvrlti •#. Hut* In #■*•#!* Single i'lec*#. Cut Glass. A great variety of 1# autl aria-le*. suH#*l to Christ maa. Hunter & Van Keurcn. 1(3 Hull Ktrert. Us I‘hot.i- 9*l. OLD ABE WHISKEY IN HALF PINTS. t-KNTS EACH The laundry that will make Savannah famous. < 'fflct* 307 Bull Btreet. I’none 700. in Newsooper Piste. For oftlr, a For.aJth N.*w-ptp.r FoM-t; will (oIJ shrt 27x43. It I. In go I prio 3100. It coot ortgtnally $l,lOO. but w have r.o use for It an.) want tn room It occuptM. It will be an Invaluable adjunct to any nowapapor office. Addr.aa MORNING NEWS, Aavaanah, Ga. The Chatham Real Estate and Improvement Cos. ARE PREPARED To Make Loans On Reasonable Terms. IF VOL WANT UOOI> MATERIAL •nd work, order your Ittnoyrmphod and printed atatlonery and bl*t k luks from Morotn# Ntw, Sovauuab. Customer most generally comes back where they are treated fair, and get their money’s worth. Just so with our Misses’ and Children’s Shoes. We give the best value and the most wear for the least money. Our Misses’ Dongola Button or Lace Shoes $1.50 cannot be bought elsewhere for 50c additional. Byck Bros. Cor. Broughton and Whitaker Sts. THE CHATHAM BANK. SAVANNAH. l-EOPOLD AULASR, i'ro.ldml. C. S. HL.1.18, Vice Prld • JNO R DIUL/IN. <■.liter. HAHIEON CARTKR, Aaat. SoJlctl* the accounl. of Individual*, llrm. bank*. a,>clation and or>rijn. t ion,. favor, extended to correap*n.i n.k tank, u, our unaiiri'ae<l fanliiie. for colie lire tneiirt promiM return,. RfYS ANI* SKUIdt FOREION K\-. CHANCE, WRITES LETTERS UK CREDIT AND ISBEES RANK MONEY ORDERS PAYARLE IN ALL PARTS UF EUROPE. lntere,t compounded quarlarly on Or p‘li, m the SAVINGS DEPARTMENT Safety Pipoeit Boxes and Vaults for rent. The Citizens Bank UF HAY AAA til. CAPITAL $500,000. Transacts a Uruernl Banking llualnraa. Aollelis Arronnla of ladleldaal,. Merchants. Hanks and other (0r,,,, ratloaa. Collections handled with safe's, cconom, and dlapa'cb. Inirresl, compounded qoarterls, allonrrd on deposlls la nor Karina. Department. katrts Deposit lloxra and Storapa Vault*. BHAKTLET A. DF.AMARK, Prraldrat. *•*!**•• #• LAVE, Vice ('resident. lil.(lHiiK) c. KHCKHAIt, ( ashler. GORDO A 1.. GROOVER, Asst. Cashier. SOUTHERN BANK of ih. aui. ol (isoraio. Capital IWO.Oix Surplus and undivided profile si p| uo DEPOSITORY UF THL STATE C GEORGIA. S ,■ ■ nr facilities for transacting ,- k General Bank Inn business Collect! ns ;u- ~ g,, oil uutoia — —. a nra.tble ihrouxTi tanka and banker. Account, of Hanks, Ranker*. Vferchant. and others solicited Safe Deposit Uoxet for rent. I 'epariment of Savlnga, Interest payable quarterly. Sell. Hterllnif Ex, han*e on London 0 JOHN FLANNERY. President. HORACE A crane, vies President. JAMES BUI.I.IVAN, Cashier. DIRECTORS. JNO. FLANNERY WM W GORDON E A WEIL. W W GORDON. Jr. H A CRANE JOHN M EGAN. I-EE ROY MYERS JOSEPH FERST H P SMART CHARLES ELLIS. EDWARD KEI.T.T JOHN J KIRBY THE GERMANIA BANK SAVANNAH, GA. Capital Undivided profit* ,ohi Tula bank offera Its servleea to corpora tion*. mercfuinlk and Individuals. Has authority to art a* executor, ad ministrator guardian, etc. Issue., draft* on the principal cltlea In Great Britain and Ireland and on 111* Continent. Interest paid or compounded quarterly on deposit. In the Savlny. Department. Safety bOCM for rent. HENRY BEEN. Pre-ldrnt. ORO W TIEDEMAN Vice rreaileat JOHN M HOGAN. Cnkhler. WALTER F. HOGAN Anal Cashier. SUM Ml MO CAPITAL, $.'150,000. Account* of bank*. merchants, corpora lion* and Individuals solicited. Ha vines Department, Interest paid qua-' terljr. Safety Boxes and Storage Vaults for rent. Collections made on all points at rea sonable rates. Drafts sold on all the chief cities of the ""■ d ashsdtfJ* Correspondence Invited. JOSEPH D. WEED. President JOHN C. noWUAND. Vice President. W F McCAt’LET. Cashier. No. 1640. Chartered I** -THE- Mis Will it UK SAVANNAH. CAPITAL, lutai.uuv UKPI.t?B S!OO<V UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY. i, A O CARSON. President BEIRNH GORDON. Vice President W M DAVANT. Cashier. Accounts of banks nnd hankers, fner chants and corporations received up"' the moat farcrable terms consistent With safe end conservative banking. CITY OP SAVA.Y.NAU POCKET IU. SO cc.vrs EACH. rmxTKu is two colors. RICKI.Y lull M) IS CLOTH ASH •TAHPKD IS QUUI Oh SIUIJ. For tele hr THE HOHNISO NEW|