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THE MOKNINO NEWS r< ahlUhcd IvV). - • in. ori>ur:iti <l is*t J II KSTII.I. Prll* nt DE WET IN A CORNER 111 It IIRITMH fiEtKIlUt ARt: KWAGIW HIM. HE HOPES TO BREAK THROUGH. }\! 1 i IIIIM-It RBPOUT9 HE I* IM4lV |%€i HOKHH HACK.. l?nl Mia Rrporla Mhnw Thut the non* \rr 4<Ml-l'liihllng | i.ulnu on Ml h % umber of Place#. ll rported That B*er Umlrr* Will offt-r to Surrender l oiulllloiinll). linn lloera Ob*rr%wl rhrl*l*. London, Die. 27.—The following dls- I iirh ha* been rwlvoi from Iril Kit-'ti t n* r: Pretoria. Dec. 2*l.—iKnox, with i Pilcher find White, is* engag-d with Wet's force. holding n position in the i „*tiborhood of Iguwkop. I>e Wet hopes to break through anl so i iuth again. The Boers* eastern roiumr In Capa 1 t ~s.ny is apparently headed by our (i.m|W aitoui Heliport spruit. The Boer>’ j \ * rn column la reported to have gone i th In jwo portion- on*- tow rls Prl* y . Hid the other through Stryikhbru. T . y are being followed up." IIOMHAU IIOKHS IN f ME4 K. lint Kitchener Mu** Nl Vet P. 1I* lleil Them Krom tap# C olony. Ij, lon. Dec. 2\ 3 . m The late , >*> from fiotvUi Africa show that *1 Kitchener bos succeeded In holding • invading Boer* In check. Put he ha** i,.t yi been successful In expelling them fr.m Cape Colony, while small com i i <lot* continue to display astonishing hiring and activity over an Immensely yuk Held. I Is questionable whether his procMma t ( will have much effect until Gen D - t has been captured. The Boers at • w > to regard H *• **ur of wcokn*#* i I to have a wholesome dread of De \Vf,,M vengeance if they surrender. The pro* I tmatlon Is approved by the tir \ it home that favors conciliatory t rins o the Boer* as u step In th** right •.iir* et lon. ♦pieeen Victoria. It Is said, baa approv i I th* proposal to Institute* anew- order if knighthood to rew.r*l officers who have • . • . In South Aft m • called the Star of Africa A dispatch from Vryberg. dated Dec. m, says the Boers. In considerable num **r>. were then miking an tin# xr*-"# I movement westward. They had !V* vv *g- Trie dispavh suggests tfi *t th v wvr trekking ** Oamaraland. although the I n?™ themselves denied such an in tention. fIORRX IIHINKN BUK. I.i-n. Kitchener Report* irvernl wnmll r.nueoent. l.ondon. Deo. 27 The following dispatch fr rn Gen Kitchener was received from Pretoria under to-day** date: Ye-terd.iy two hundred Boers a Macke 1 r mill |*o’.lce post n#r Boksburg The ji • gallantly drove them off before re i • r * m-nts from Johannesburg arrived T • Boers damaged the mining machinery i th neighborhood. ■ {'he Boers attacked Utrecht at 2 r l* k this morning on 1 were driven off The itoer* held up a train three miles y of Pan and were driven ofT. The eastern forces of Boers lu Gap# < Inv was headed ymterday and driven in th** dlr**e:l.m of Venterstad. • The w* 'tern force Is still being driven I) >rtn through Btry<lerburg.‘* N Util*:lt fllllKTH \H. ln> i elehrnted by llrtermlneil At tack tlong Entire Mae. Newcastle, Natal. Dec. 27.-The Boers c 1 re and Christmas lit the district be ••a*** u Biant#rton ami Ingogo by more or 1* determined at tuck* upon every BNt- I ti g trrisun along the lines of eommunl * i.m. Th* hi . however, were In nil cases mi --•‘fully repulsed At Utrecht the J ommaoctant ?>ent In a dem tsl for whi key. cig irs rind Uhrlstma* luxuries. 1 i ling wrtlch he threatened h’ attack the town His demand was Ignored *nl th** Bot* attacked I?.trectit its s rong fore** t*hrih*naa morning. They were repulsed vhh loss, the Brit lull casualties being alight. 1)1 Molt* III' *1 I)HI'-ADKU. |)p Url. tp)n mill Han*broct*k Unlit tii llmr II ml n rlrrPiiP*. Itioemfontctn, Orange River Colony V. Iromlny, Dec. W,-Therr tire renewed • ■in unconfirmed rumor* here lht Ooti. De Wet. president Steyn and (Jen. Hni*- bro-.k have hail a conference ml de • el* l to offer to surrender. (irovkW the i "!"irlol retei|* are not punished a in! lie 1* i *. In' uillna thamaclv* .. are riot de poned.* i min otT iMU*iiM*n. Itnt trr Itfinu Hotly Pnraaed b> the llrilUh Force*. r. . rghersdorp, Cape Colony. Pee. ?• Cot. Orenfell continue* In t.meti with K rultxlnger'* inmiiuipl of *even h u let re 1 men. who are carrying off the Brlllah I l*oner*. Krultxlnger ha* abandoned hi* M xlm* aml earl*. An attrmtl of the h th lamcer* to turn Krult*lntt r * flunk ' I’ialsterheuvi 1. Dec. 21. re*ttle.l In el. • noeiiallle* among the lanrere. In- lii lr>K Ipoiil Frederick Blackwood, who Wa* wounded. iiidvt it tt r piiinoskhs. Itnet* l|p|ra<rit Yeomanry After Tkklnn Hrw* and K|Ml|*menl*>. I<olVton. Dec. 27.—The Evening Btandard to-ttay *ay it nn<ter*tan<t* that the **|ti*d run ot yeomanry which, a* announced In a itl*|*lch from Cape Town yesterday. W I* ei trapped and captured by the Boer* w hom they were following from BrUtown. was reeaaed after the men had been re lieved of their hor*a and other equip ment. Tan of the yeomanry, the paper *-Ma. wre wounded. Barra Hepuleeil nt H*rahrr*rt**rp. cape Town. Dec. 17.-A email part' of l’***mi ait irk'd Hurgherwlon* on 24 7t**y wer* ter he*** Saliimnal) ihornino Wrtos. The Itoer- ire active and skirmishes In several pi • n have bean retorted MurtlMl I .aw Proclaimed. Town Ijm . 27. Martial law has Ism |r*> iuim and In th* districts of Beau lon. West cd Ourruivon SIDNEY MILLER FOUND. \\n With Ills Mother Asleep In a Mouse Ottl> HU Miles \wu. Mrs. Miller ta%e Ip the t Mid. Indiana poll I*. 27. dl-ln* y Miller, the j 7-year-old s- n of K.imusl Mill* r. an l grandson f .x-l'nlte.l Btn4e* Attorney OUL W. II II Millet, who was ksl nap{ied by M mother last evening, wa* recovered • arly to-day by hi* father. Mrs Miller and tin hlld were found at reiice. >ix mil* - * ist of th* city, asleep in th** h >m** of o man nunel Marshall, where the> had obtained lodging for the night. Th* j.wl. • reache| th* place at daylight Mis Miller give up the child, and w.i not pitied under arrest. The finding of Mr- Miller and th# chill w.i* tf** culmination of one of the longest , chare*- In the hl.-tory of the police dc jiart* meat. When the chief w.*> notified of the ! case, nnusiirc* wbre a* o. •* taken to j And the b t knun who drove Mrs. Miller, j the t\ it, if ;-. „ .\eri:•■- * from the 1 *on Hot* I, whej* th** child hod been tiktii to visit his mother. Th** driver w* lot.t-| i:i* illv at his home. He said th.ti wb'Mj the govern* s* jumped from the *•.? rlag- M? Miller rdvted him to • lri\* to Brih'w>o4| where rt Is thought ; sin* Intended to catch a train. H* ual not r a :• Hrlghtwood In time | fr I * ’rain, and forming new plana Mrs. Miller hired at d*.r outfit and w*ns taken to 1,4%\\ r i. * S nour said fie dl l not aua- I*eet f. r a moment that th* chlkl was l*e ing kuln.tpt** *l. After h<string Honour's vtory Tin |sille* started on the right trnek •rd '.a : but ll le difficulty in finding the mother and her child. M Miller rnrrl* l Hainuel Miller nine v • ir- <• Hln* *- I; miiie r Mr Mll ! r 1 :.*.■* te-ldcl her* 1 and his wife In New York. BRITISH ARMY REFORM. Maj. *lr !lrnr> ( nhille'i Krlg util '.mi l)rnmnlnl-*#*nal tonal lr% r lop mi nit KpN*lrd. London, lim 27 Tho War Office ha* Upim the promi*#-! reform of the army in n iM-na itlonal manner. It has damarwl • I 'h* r >• icr.nlloti of M.iJ. to n. Ibry Col vlll# . <omiuandlny the Ninth I)iv|ion of the South African hold forces. Qn. Col ville ref tit* • to re-Ur . and he l now on liia why to Kngl.tnd. The now* t* all the more xtartllnß a* ihe queatton of Gen. Colville's re^ponalbllty for tha Yeo manry dbr*t. r nt Llr.dlay lari May was fully Inveatlsat *1 by the authorities when Oen Colville returned from Smith Africa aoturner Afier th** Inquiry Gen. Colville was reinstated In hi* com mand at Gibraltar In September last The attitude of the Wnr Of?lo* indicates that the tiew regime In Pall Mall will reverse the decision of Lord latnds.lowne and l>>rd Wol-**l* y In regard to -ome of the recent commandern In South Africa. Gen. Colville, ilk G* n Methuen, ha- always l>een a (treat social peraonaife In London mi n prominent Hub non. He has had i m*>*t dir ingutsh* I military career h been repeatedly mentioned In dtopatch**, and I?* familiarly kn- wn us "Odirers." lie in also a well known author, and on the occasion of hls murlug*. crewted a stir by fcouiK on hls honeymoon In n balloon. THE DRYFUS*BORDEREAU. I)rr. (IK Drplnrr. lint- n Forgery ■mi >■). tkr llrlulnal . Written It. K.ifrltn.. I<* niT Hi*nr|. f irli-. Dec 77 —Dreyfua ha* written to .. < . - u n ...... ... .1.... 1 lit* |.| • mi. t . .** *. .... • e -............ u. ■ InK a) 1 another (alirbcod Ihe receni state ment f.f M. H.-nri Rochefort In (be In tmnslxrant thill hr. Dreyfus, had sen! i in Emperor William of tlermnny, In IKM. Ii letter stolen from the German embassy l at l*arle nnd which. annotated hy the llmperor. conslliuled formal proof of the rrlme "far whh h I have lieen twl a un- I justly condemned," and add*: "M> Innocetic* s absolute and legal rec j r.gitltVn <>f thl* Inner ncr hy i revision I will seek to my hist breath. I am no. t . iiKl'or of ihe horelereat. annotated hv (he IlmpeiMr. which 1* a forgery. iv>r of (hr original, authentic bordereau, written Henry AH (be I'rti" Ipal nutlior- of my Iniquitous non ; trmnnikm are atlil alive. 1 am not de- Milled of all my's I at ill retain illaa of every man to defend 111* lionor >pi] have ihe truth proclaimed. I there i f. the right to .1 -k you to oreier an Inquiry.” , SHOT CHIEF OF POLICE. thief llrown of Bn r re. \ t., A*a*l nntrd by llnlliina lor Breaking I’p Hoetnllat Meeting. Barre. VI.. Dec. *7.-Chief of roller Patrick Browne I* In a critical condition with email .hope of recovery, on necount of three bullet wounde Inflicted by Ital ian H.Klallel* early to-diy. The chief had hern called to a hall In which the Hi* Inllel were holding a bn I. to nttcll a row. Sever'd ier*one were driven from the hall. The chief wae ehot from am . way took to the nation QUO tteriwcclo and I.lKl H leel have Iteen #r reeted. anal Identllled by the ehlef. a lielns connected with the attempted a*, sierlnatlon. A l.l\ III.V Itnt I'KIIBH. l-reeldent of l\nn*n* W. C. T. t. Wioitehee AIPII Worth of Vllrrore W him. Kan.. IVc. 77 -Mr*. Carrie Na iler., |.r. lihin of Harher County W. C. T t' entered the Carey Hotel barroom to-day and wilh a stone smashed a m< painting and mirror valued at lion. Mr*. Natlen broke mirror* In two *u loon* at Kiowa. Kan., *oroe monthe ago „and declared tltere I* no law under which ybe can I*' pro-routed. Khe wa* lodged , n <!„. ,minty toll thl* afternoon charged with malic lout destruction of property. * a w Two Steamer* Ashore. New Orlon. Dec 17—The Morgan Una eteamer El Rio. Capt Maeon. from New York, report* having !tvt*d o tuamrr with two maat* and smokestack ayhore near beacon it. rlor 'tfhe°al*o raw a ..earner with white smokestack and black top a*kora on El bow Beaf*. ri*. t SAVANNAH. C.A., FUI DAY, DEC EM BE H 28, lIKHi. CHINA IS RELUCTANT < n%\<; %\H t IIIM. II \% I' MKAHI) KHOtl THE KkPKROK. CONDITIONS NOT PLEASING. (OlItT UITtfMA RKDtf I lO> Ol tiii: rimn. MalnlrnNiii'r of Pt-rianne nt • **• tton • • nords %lso t*hJ%M*t*l to—En voy a Will Hold Further t wittnmsl ration With the Court—Me law* li nt rut of I nl ted states Troops to ln% estlgnte He ported Ituralog if t hrlntlaas. Pekin. Ib*c. 27 —Li Hung Chang and Prince t'hlng. the Chinese p i e com mission* rs, have h.ud from Bmi*eror Kw-tng Bu. Prince t'hltig • -!:**•! on the foinx r for consultation, remaining over an hour. Th* -xnirt obje t strenuou-lv to reducing the fort* and also to all *w lug permanent legation guard?*, which. It seems to think, could be made -ufTiviently large, at any time, u wus d**slrcd to menace the court Itsilf. After the conferenc* It was and. l h**l t** hold further o-mmunlt i l**n wltfi ih* court before seeing the ministers The British have incra* and ihelr gar rison at Yang Tsun by a hundred men. with hor*** and three gun**. A flying column of !.%>■ cavalry will scour the country l*etwt#ti T en Tsm and Yang Taun, lu obedience to Field Mar shal von W alder*#*'* orders to le ri th* alert. In view of ih- French r*|H>rl of an engagements with 2,r* Chin*--*- tr *>p Col. Tulloc'k’s regiment will return to destroy the towns he recently held. Thai action Is owing to the fact that It ha* been discover***! that a number of Box ers un*iuesilonably made them their he id quartets. The British authorities say they do not npset serious trouble from the Boxers, mainly b> au • they lack arms. Fortunately. th* Chine.-** gavtra ment fears ro trust them with arms. I**et a rebellion against th* dynoat) Is under taken. Otherwise the danger mlgnt nave been serious. British soldiers have l*c*n found dead outside of the Tempi* • f Heaven, with bullets in their heads The murders are believed to have been com mitted by Chin##*. A detachm* nt of the ftixth Unltel States Cavalry. Ninth Infantry and Fifth Artillery will leave 10-mormw t lnv ttgate the reported burning of tiutlve t*hrlslians by Boa era, as report *1 by Bev. Mr Kelly, fh* Presbyterian missionary. The expedition will l>e command.-I by Meat. Col. Theodore Wlnt of tin* Sixth Cavalry. SHOT IN HIS OFFICE. Secretary *my llr >y * n tt om.ti 111. l (hr -hootlaa. Imt la.llralloaa Taint tn tlrni|>tril In.llanapollr. linl Par. -7—Willi m H flmythe, rrorHary of thr <,l of the rtrtlr. nil- MOI 111 ihr tl< l I in his office In th* Mnsonlo hull tin r !ior l> after noun to-rtay. Il ► lirlirvr.l hr cannot live. Mr. (tmythe rlnlmr ■ m mm <ll*l Ihe hoot In* The police have so far em unable to b**. lawls A Colrmon. an attorney, foun t Mr Smylhe ahorily after he aas shot lying in a pool of eioo*l on fhe fl.ior Me Colemon *al*l he deiec!e*l a -mdl of *u.'t poorder the moment he t.tepi.e.l into Ih room. Mr. Coleman at on, e ran from the -nil.ling and telephone.! the i„l,'* department. When the police arrived tae wounded man wan In a aemi-eonactous eoridl'lon. bul aaa able lo nay that he is reated at his de*k when a blonde woman entered hie olthe and asked to uee the telephone. Me said she had tteen In several times before, that the lust rail Irritated him and he refused *he r*que-t, and that she then drew a revolver from the liorotn of her dress and tired. Thl- Is all he would -av except that his sou would give all Ihe Information desire I Ir. K in* r rtmythe. when to-l that his father had said he would give Informa tion as to the wonu.n who did th*' shoot In*, replied thsl he did rot know her. . When a search for Ihe woman failed to reveal any traee of her 111** thisiry was advanced tnai Mr Smyth* had attempted to luke his own life. Ills son* said that while Ihetr father had been very .lespond ent at tlm*s during th* past year, they were unwilling to believe he had attempt ed his own life. HI'I.ATIOY* WITH tlllt. Senate t ommlttre to Heel Immedi ately After the Holiday*. Washington. la*- 27 The Semite Com rrdttr-e on Relation* with Cuba orobably will meet Initm-dlately after the expira tion of the holiday* for the purpose ot further conetderlng the question of Irreg ularltle* umk-r the Cuban service, * di rected by the re*olitlen of the la*i *e* *(rm. The Lawahc report made to the Secretary of War ho* rot been r-e®lv**d by the committee Tno*e who have la come fsimilar with the r>|Krt •> that It contain* very little Information that ha* not been olteaily given to the pub i HAWAII'* n.lld F. t'blDD. *-. Hole to It eeom me nit I'aimrnt of Ihlne*r and .lapaae*e. Wayhlngton. Dec. 27 —lt la expected thit Oov. Dole, of Hawaii will make a recom mendation to the Hawaiian Legl-Hture. which mcela In February, for the s'Ue ment of the claim* of Chlne-e and Jap nee growing out of the deslructiwn < f their property nt Honolulu at the time of the bubonic plague outbreak. It ap pear* that th* 1 Chlneae claim* are !e~* than wa* ot drat estimated and that the total of Jaiwneae and Chine*.) claim* la appro* l bta'ely II at. tim A *1 gllilW KIIB CMOHBB. Mn*t Anawee lM*ialrle* In England Hraprctlng lit* Income. Loudon. Dac. 27.—Rickard Crokar. who hat been rusticating for *evetal week* In Cariabad awl Nice, raturrad lo Waihing ton twd day* before Chrutma*. where he received n summon# to appear Jan. 3 lo reply to Inqulrlea rtspectlng hi* Income In connection with the Income tax. He left Wantage yeeterday pr**unwtbt> for the • ontlnent. Hl* houe to-day wa* ahoo lutely clotted, and there I* no expecta tion of hi* return before next week. FOUND CARTER’S SECURITIES. Ittorney brsln Hilnltt Judas llrimn Will urdir Ureenr mill t Ueorgls. i Macon. Ds* 27—District Attorney Ma i rlon Id-win has returned from New York IH* says b** bas no doubt that Judge Brown will require Oreetw* and Oaynor to < *.ie to Georgia for trial. He says h* has loun I tldn.tOb of Carter’s securities, which *o mysteriously dlsuptwaml when the . ourt martial was h**kl In Bavatvnait in I<7 The country U being scoured for the n* gro suspect rt! of the murder an.l nh -j aery of Mrs Dave Birdsong, near here, I yesterday 8o far. no truce of him has nwn found. A mgto boy tried to drive a hms* hack i !wt ■>*' frcrtii an East M**COti sidewalk to , day The horse kicked th* hoy, breaking Hi. skull Examinations for West Point cadetship from thie district w til be hcbl hero to | morrow Ten i*pplk*tlons for the auictintivlency *>f th*- So.lwre Horn* have been tiled with Uen C M Wl*x. one of th* trustees It is thought .* ap|*ilcatlons will be made. tn* 1 job pays % ve.rr and home. Partners are offering to pay their lab. or*rs ons hundrnl pounds of lint cotton per in* - h next year. Tlirre will Is* a liiiivi i *lon of the laborer# t(vtn*rriw in th. um and they will organise if poxslhi. ati l lemand %vhatev.*r price is * tgifrtl u|ion among themselves. ilatfirus J* welry I'aluc# Vit **lose*l here to-night and John U. Cooper was appoint* <l r** *dvr The proceedings ar* a hill in equity. Hied by creditors who obtalnexl state .ourt J'wlgments h*alnst Mr Max UiX%r*is In It is <lalim**l by them iha? Mr. loixarus Is sol*- owner of the Jewelry company. THE PHILIPPINE TARIFF. t tMitnilaalwtt D*n!a With t|M'*tlnn f i hiir<*li r Giurrniurut Hsn**r* ftltlp uf .1 Mtilli'hl t all*a<*. Manila. Ibc. 27.—Thr Philippine com mi**lon ha# ompl*t#A th#* tariff hill aiwi mailrtl It to Wushlng*on for api*rovaJ Th** •I# i*t >n of the commission will t> ma*!# pifhiic The rtr#t question dealt with by th- commission affecting an issue I* t wr*>ii the church and the Fnfted Bt#tc# gov* rntnent L whether the control of th# * I ' Nt !*• i < i‘K* * '*“ •*“ •*' ’*•** ti,. - **• • *"' * -nturjr, an*l the Jesuit order woe given Its con trol When th# authority of th# Jesuits In the Philippine* c**a#rtl the Spanish gov*’rntncrr direction of th# ool !**#. anl kt#r fiermlttrtl th# Dominican order to conduct Han Jos# <*oll#g# a# part *t th# Fnlv*relty of B*nlo Trims 1 "k* lowing th# American oerupattlon. a rvp ! recrttlv# of h* paaplo Insist**'! that th# colhg# uiHlcr th# treaty of Parts, cam# Into control of th# Unit#l Btt#. and ; otigtH ttot to b# control!*l by th# church Th# * iiirrti aufhcfitle** clamed the church had full l<Ngal iwjasesaion. Q#n. Otis final ly rl*#*l thi Institution. Th# first hear ing took place i*li#rtly after th# commls arrived. The Archbishop# rhopptll# rtt <\ Notakaki m ule <h# pr—entaUons of th* church's poeltlon If the rttnmisaion decides hat th# con trot h v. Med tr. th# government, lltlga tk n I# M.nsidfhKl probable. NOT WORKING FOR BRYAN. Scree.ary UaUh Dewles Report Democratic Ynflnnnl e omraldre l* for for IflOt. Chicago, flee. 71 —Charlr* A. Walsh of |i,n i ircretery of the Ifemocratl*' Na tonal I 'ommtt ee. arrived here to-day to noim In arranging feir the meeting of the National Ke ittive Commlliee In Jan uary. Itrgnrdlng n report circulated to Ihe effect that the present organisation of ihe Democratic party la planning to make W J. Mryati ihe preaklentlal can didate in 1901. ho sold: "There I* no foundation for eurh a aiory. A* the lust aeldreas aent out hy the . ommlthf enya ’ll la not designed to ad vance the interest* of any man or fac tion.’ Tiiat la what the organisation de clared and 'hat Is all I care to ay about the matter.” ttc%. I Mini. lIHUtTBO. luliimltlan Troop* 111" Over Me**. Washington. Dee. 17— I'nlted States flange and Affaires Heauprle at Bogota, has cables, the Hiaie Department that lee hat- been Informed hy the Colombian gov erntn*tv that the Invading troops were overlaken by the government forces at Rea>r!o. also that their leader, Gen. I7rl -1.- wes defeated at Comsei. In Ihe prov ince ot Bolivar. He was retreating with a few remaining followers through the .1. (Marine nt of Magdalena toward th" Veneiueian line The wnr Is said to he ptoglD'seing lavorably for the Colombian government. KII.LKU lit % YOl TH. llerrlisnl at VV ndeshors, A. t'.. Fata I - shot hy 17-teAr-l.ld Hoy. Wndesboro. N. ('.. Dec. 77.—John M. Murray, a merchant, was shot twice yes terday afternoon hy Pearl Cagle, n 17- year-old youth of Itlchmond county, and to-day from (he wounds Murray and Cagle he. ante Involved In a quurrel early In th- afternoon. Cagle left, lx,light cartridges, returned and renewed ihe quarrel. Cagle was arrested, also It. It Itlttle, who Is charged wltm being an accessory. TIIK I-KTTKH TO Hltl f.l-711. Hrspoaslhllltr IMaclalmed In (he lluteli Seaalr Ir.lrrds). The Hague. Dee. 27.—0n the rmssem- Kiuaf Of tlte Hehaic to-day Senator Ren ger* d| In lahalf of the house-, nil responsibility for the letter of the dent Of the ffc-nate to Mr Knaer, i 7. 11l s . doing the Hcnator painted . id that the Senate merely aulhorlied the I resident to express sympathy with Mr. Kruger. _ ( FIIYB IIB'IW HBPOKT. Told Cabans In Drive Ameri cans o*l. Washington. Dec. 77.-A. E Try*, ths upen: ter.dent of education of Cubs, b.*s islsgrsphed ths War Depsrtmsnt • swssp •ng denial of th* published story to th* effect that he Issued a circular or proc lamation in Havana, advising the Cuban* to proceed to drlvo use Americana out of Ibe island. '■ < SOUTH’S EDUCATORS ti %< iii iis n gt:sxio> AT Bit MANY PROBLEMS DISCUSSED. Ft I.TO\ T tI.KA OF M% GRO IAM %Tlt>\. No %l*i|iiatr llrtnrni for ih* N|llllas ttpeatl—The 4*retet \eel of tlir Nonflt I *-•*%> a threat liistltutloa. hvi'rilimloeing Nil Others. for *1 e'liat*al lusiruetian—Nlaitv Ills- IhiKublirtl l-aloeaiurs l*r*snt lU. hmond. Va . Dec 27 Th* tenth an nual convetvtlon of the Hoot hern E!uca iimixj Asrto<ia!k>n in**! h*t* tb.* morimu: the attendancf being very good The l*o i> \ died to otdtH b| J’. ii i chaii . Hunts, and an invis atlon war- made bv lb v. ’rey E Morgan of tills city Addresses of si li oa** were deltvereil by tov. J Hug* Tyler, Mayor Richard 11 Taylor ami Cky Hcboul Huperlntendem Fox. and resjnaise* were mad* 1 by rtuper m*4dent Wooten of Paris. Tex It (’ Glenn, state >tnm is do tier of **li> atlon of Georgia. t*ml Superlrt*nl*nt of Ihiblle lu sruction J F. r.ilhoun nf laajis.ana. Mr Hill then surrendered the gavel to Pres ident II It Fultou. chancellor of the tUniversity of Miatilsalppl. who thereupon : •red Ins annual mddreea It. B. Fulton. < tinncellor of tlic t*nl verslty of Mlssisidppl, lu Ins annual d -ilri-ss a# president of the a*aiclatlon. dls cussrtt the f.< llltles f>r education given by the !A>ußt to the whit* iinl cotore*l races and said in *o h mat* they had divided with t fe colored rare th#' fund ral**.| by taxes |h* *1 almost entire.) by white mii, and had given equal educa tional fa**tl>ti*w nt the puoll* expense. H.* askrtt whether It had been proven that the studies Which tmln to uteuess th- Angl-fUtxon mind w r*- the l**st t* sharp **' the Moimodaii or th# African Intel l#*K Had n*t blind -antiment Iw* n aim ing to give Angi-Baxon mind# to th-* negro ra •* |n#t ad of offering d< \rt**iHn* tif ind training u hi* h would ln -i •ic**t tho |MM#lbl!ltl## of that rac* ’* Mil lion# of dollar* had been #i**nt mr ual.\ for thirty-flv# >**c*r# m th*- Huulher.y stivtes for the of th# nrgi. rat **. Had there been an adequate retutn In advancement sfnisn’ It ivm, he ad*l - th# duty *tf rh* intelligent edtic*ttor# of th# Houth to study and discus# these t*rnb|#m# tn all fullness, and with Impar tial lnt#reet. and to determine, inform tin* kind and method of education and training that ahould b# afforded to tn n#gr*> race Continuing. President Fulton sld in port: "There are two important particulars In which coming changed will certainly mo*llfy the Dilicie* and the work of our school# of higher rank In the firm place, thus# Institutions which aspire to be caß #*! ctdleges or universities must se* that vastly more I# lost thttn Is gained when h*dr rolls are swelled hy th# tiain* s of tmmaS ure and id ml*#-* In pr*- P'lnHory chits##, and when th# funds and energies of th# Institution ar- work that pro|erly' ts-iongs to elemen tary or secondary school*. "In the second place uu<ittiitlons Intend ed l*> give sper tally sclent 111 or technical training will |#?arn that their I*#t work is not don* when they at nipt to lie all things to nil men—to work upon material that should he in th* grammar schools ns well as that which Is more advanced— to give classical #r literary ctllttir# as well us technical—to prepare for ultimate entrance Into th# profession of leaching as well is for ih** management of Indus trial f*nhrjir|u , n, "Technical education In th# South,ln the Institutions already established, and In those which may be established will imt achieve for Individual#, nor for she com munity. th# high* m and fullest results until iich education sin 11 be ma*le to r n -form more fully with th# law which th* experience of nil t ie past shows to Ih* the governing prhc lfd# In educational ad vancement. "The greatest educational need of the South tx-d*y b at least on** Institution pr# emlneiHlv fUterl hy Its nmterkd e*|iilf>- nwnt; Ms mean# of supirort, an*l its #n vtrorwnent to command and hold without challenge th# position of leafier In tech nftcal training -imong the fnetltutlon# about M No one of the state Institutions ran claim this r*o#ition for our serf lon To afford the material appliance** for such /•r* Institution •# we need. lI.OOMWI l a minimum sum To maintain Its work as ll should be. an endowment of not less than 03,000,0(10 woultl Is* needed. On# lostl tiMlon with am|b* *r|tilpene;:t prf;t>cr!y ■■alert *n*l *>rgnnta***!. could c.i-lly I*.* made to exert a guiding and helpful Influence u|tnn all manual and technical training in all Kch*Ktl* In the Soldh •'('an there not b* found twmrwher* that urlon of wealth, material with w-alth of m tile liberality which shall provide In th* flr*l year* of the coming century for thl* mo*t praewlng n ed of e,*uieitlon In the SouthT’ The morning session wa* concluded by an admirable paper read by MU* Cele*. tin S I'arrleh, professor of phy*iolo anil phllorophy at th* Hand.*!ph Ma-on Woman'# College of Lvnehhttrg on the auhjei't "Kducallon for Southern Women " (• yt Parrlh profeor of phlkwophy In the tliinilolph- Macon Woman'# Coll ge of | Lynchburg. V i pre*en|e.| ooine Intel e*'- tng fucta regor*llng the education of wo men In th* South I-art yeir aliotit !.? So*tthern women, he -aid. were doing col lege work In recognised Inatltutlon* throughotu the colbg- year. Although : (h*. result* of the opening of achool* to ' Southern women nr*, under the clreum atanee*. a*s nl-hingly larg .they had been dteapiK'lntlng to many otitlmlrllr people. He continued: •'Of couree our poverty, the recency of the i wakening of women to *elf-c*>n *t loti*nee. nod the con*ervUm of 'he Soull> might be mentioned, but the ma n reaeon Ir probably found In the defect* of our *eeo-dtry ** h ol* for girl-. Th**e rchonl. do not fwepare for eollegc and give Hill* " r n't •tlmulu* to further work. They have no endotvmeftt. are crippled by competition, employ (*>or leacherw. n*l overwork rhem to a Pitiful extent. They have, a* rul*. no laboratories ilbrarle* nor gymn.t-iom* Their work I* nueltittlcil. Of *tlmulat- Ing many-*idert development, of creating abiding Inlereet. of the gradual adju*i ment ro the eplrttunl po**ea*lon of th race of e*lucatlcn " filling h attklent to take pn*elon of the culture we Inherit from the pan. they have never dr earned “Our great nerd now 1* good teondiiev 1 uchoole An tmporant atep In thla di rection will be to strengthen city high school*, hut even when thl* I* don*, that ■mall elite* and large country population of the South will make n*-**ry a num ber of girl* boarding *.chool* If every ’fema.e college' In the South would make jtaclf the college It claims to be. or drop He nam* nnl *l* avowed an*l lamest sec ui *r> work th* prM* in w.i.ild pi > l;< t|y sd\el That le probably t.s* iiitich to *xp* t from humatt natut . i hen**** some iiium !*■ • *•* *t*l l -i* and Th**s- J Si am Id te avwe*lly • ••. • |ar>. mioiikl b* **ndWrt| ind lu>u.l i*ni{'i"> n- teacher# ■ •'!.*;•’ men aii'l w * mi* i %vho have ha*l. thorough prof-.#nami tratning " !’• ad*nt t’harie- I* M l\*r of th* I Stai* Normal and Industrial tVdlege ot t North' <*ar*dlna. an*l Miss Nina Horn** i of <*>n\*is*- i'olh'g* South Faioilna utl> lts. uase*l th* pap**r. This aft* tlks.• th* asia* iatlou had six l*lNrtm*ii **unferi*nc's. in which va* ous tophw* were *tieiuss*l and later th tnemWrs ttt*nd*l a t •••ptton at th •*\*‘.uttv* ntanslod anl a tn*' Wtanan’s t’iuh, th* latter given by the Virginia Ed ucation ll AssO*iMtl*Ul At tt regular p*-sion aldres#es were mad* by Dr Nicholas M Butler *f <*► iumbtu 1 Diversity, New York, President F I*. Vcnabh, l'nlv*rs:;y of North t*ar ‘*llna. Piitui.d It VV Ttmetall. T*mi Institute, Port Depoalt. Ml . Dr W I. fount'll, *>f Wasnii.gtoit and l.* Fniver sify. ami Mis t'harles \ p*rkins *f the i ntv* rslty of Tenn**.e- Th* Blinkers before ihe dcjsirtmenfs Wer* kilss (Vlestl* S Parrish liaodtdph-Ma o*n t *tlli g* . Dr I. \\ Kin*. Virginia Sat* Kaiiitlt* Stimuli Ht'hool, Dr Kts*n Ai*xind*i. I diversity *f North < atoltn i M 1, ltr)tt*ai. Fultou ctHint) , •* . t’li.itl* - E V a role#. Miller Manual Hehnol, V , Prof VV A VV ltn*is, t'allege af Ag rtculturv* in.! Me*haiihal Arts. North t'nrolltia, l*>f i*harl*s A Taylor, Wake Forest. N c,, mi. i Prxif \ll*ert Tuttl* l lilver sl*) f Virginia. Ku|i B <’ M Iv*r t'hester. 8 *' . II It Work. Wheel ing, VV V. Prof E 8 l,*u*ton, Bristol. Tetin ; Prof A. G liu* kner. Kings <*.!• leg*. T*mi , hi *1 Prof t'harles VV l>ah ney, Knoxville. TANARUS un Presl-lent t'liarles VV Dabney, of the Fnlvrndty of T* nnc-** r*ad a t*|H*r on “Hi tentifl* and Te hnl* il Education In the Booth." Te*finical skill, the •*jeaker said. Is need *d t utilise the raw material m the beet ad van tag* The tinu* coni##, however. In t lie history of every nut lon. when It must edllcaie Its |H*f*l*- 111 sl*'iice an*l train then In manufactui*** ai*l Industries, or It will go down. This higher scientific *lu* ation Is the forerunner of higher pros perity. il th* nation which foil* to de velop the Intrll* tual faculty for produc tion must leK* ncrate. for It cannot stand still. In society. as In biology, there are three *t.i t? r In the first, th* State of prim il equilibrium, things gi< w neither hette for wars*, the -****nnd Is th*** 1 *f • -vlutton or detalwpm*nt. during which unlmaia and planta ***lapt themselves to their envlr**mn* nts, and take on new iara Itfblkt; tin thiii that f d*- genenttioti. when they first statsl still, th*n •b*.*\ and so g< *•■ k to the eartn from which they npraitg Th** sam* Is true of nations. Our Boiithland stands the beginning of the *u i *ond slate W* have live-si as long ns we can upon th** bounties of nature, and have reached that point at which twe must study sclenc.* learn the arts, use our material resources and accumulate wealth, or else fall be | hind and g> down | The study of science and the snplka i lion of sclenc* always have gerne td #l - must go hand In hand Asa matter of fact, discoverers and apt Her* of #c|em*w *re often * ml>!ned In the same parson The Intereg** of pure science and tech nology are largely blent lea I and science cannot take a step forward without open ng new* fields fr Industry New truth# In science always lead to new |ev*lop manl In Industry Mem*e, we must have the inventor as w*-ll as the lnv***tlg.itor Tt Is no: g#*n rally known that was h great haltsver In scientific and technical education. The gouthern peopla have Mtlll to rcullxe the Ideals of 14** In education. FEMALE PRISONERS RIOT. Ilarilrairfl Hwrn In York Jail Make I>•••!• ra I•• ImhiilU on %lnlrn and Unrilrn. Nw York. I)*"’ 27 -Twenty prljan*rn in llw Ibiyniotvl direct jail. Hrooklyn. to-day arwl flrrrrly mMM.tull(* 1 Vuiroti Kiinnlr llandy a* *1 Wardrn McGrath. Th**fr w.m no attnntu to Thr riot wan (hr onPHqurnct l of noth inir out 111 frrilim. Miw II indy mu trano frrrinif th* |*rliHnrri from on#* corrUlor to another In i;r* womm i Hri tlon. ah*n •hr wan afta*krM| by NHlk' Jom-H. tt pow erfully built woman, wfio luMt trrn iwn trn -al to f!ft a *li vh for Intoxication Mira Handy wj* fallaif Nineteen othrr prlMim ra 1 1>• i wiMiiitMl h*r. While <h* low- rained thlf k U|wn her he | nn l liody eh manaiied to r*a*h u |uah bill ion that ran* a In II in the warden*a of fl’C. Warden MeOrtth ritniiel to the wo m.m'a depart mem without watting to call for aaalatance. Ah be entere| the rorrl dorx he diverted the attention of the In fill Ist and women and they Jumped on him 'I he Mow ( were f;in( and furkua, and M-Graih went to the floor. Hat.Mna wre l<'uu|ht Into ;*hy am! hl fine, head and neck were sotufed Mix* Handy made her way through Jfhe • r*w<l ar>d **•* ran*; the akirn? Tle her iff. underaherlff and tl\e deputies replied They lad much trouble In auixiulnK the women, but sue. (•ceded, and two of them were plac'd In *tmight-jack* ts. Tnc others were put In si parate cells and then th#* (iriaon physi cian wax nailed to attend the* wound#-; warden and matron gr K ASSIfiY. said In fie Due • Dtaagrraarant of Part tier*. Naw York. the. 77.~(Turrlar A Hunker, who rttd business as stork lirokara at 71 Park Row. male an asslgnmant to-day for tho baiw-m of thalr rrlltora, to Wll ilsm II Honytnge. Currier was a mem bar of the CotvalMntal Exchanga. F. H. Hard, aiiomay for tha asalanora. said that ths nsatgnmani waa primarily due to a disagreement between tha partner* Mr Hard would give no Idsw of the as sets or llabtllttra. bui a tapra.aniailva of the firm said the luaid.ltla* would be within llj.wth ■III. KIRK 11 K IST I.OYOOY. Klia Shad* Del rn, ed af I lie Kail India Ihlrka. lmkm Dec.. 77 On. of th.- moat seri ous fire* which hs* ocetirra.l In th# Kail Kml of Unix ton during the last l#n years, brokn out 10-day at the Kul India docks. Five immense siiads fllll with goods. In cluding a thousand talas of hemp and quantities of Juta. ware consumed. The shipping in the neighborhood .md other T.--'(houses were only saved by th* great exertions of ths S.-sman. A Twentieth Cssfsry Ra,|oaa. Nw York, Dec. 77 —Tha Jo irnsl thl* morning, on Its first pegs, ssk* the c|tl tans of New York to Illuminate their home* Monday midnight, os a wouome to tho Twentieth Century. DAILY fR A YEAR. 5 CENTS A COPY WEEKLY 2*T I MK - A-W KE K .ft A T*AR ROBBED, THEN KILLED % TAI.R OF tlt IMF %\l> VIM.URV mini I ti.iFoßMi. A DEVIL IN HUMAN FORM. rmirr nor#, tmi v kii.i # womb uho tih m;u HIM. Then i heated the by Killing Himself— I Tinsley Married Ills tills Jan. 2. Traveled %%tth lire I ntll He ltat laafteu VII Her Honey and Then Desert eil Her— Re cause she *mi|fhl t *l***l Negress ID- Killed Her. Is** Angeles Cal Dec 27 —John W. Tinsley shot and kllb-1 hut wife. Anna P. Tinsley, on the street to-day and then fit* Ii bullet into lit own msid, dying Instantly. he couple were married at Vannuran, Ark Jan 2. a hi* year Tinsley repre ente| himself as p >-sr-d of property In Helena Mont . to the value of 173,000. Ills w'ife Im*l cash and a house and lot In J* kmtn. Tenn., valued at 12.3U0. This Inter her husband Induced her to sacrlth e for 11,000 and five days after marriage they came to I*** Angels# on #% honeyni4Hn trip, the expense# of which were <lefraye*t hy Mrs. Tinsley. From Here they went to Mineral Wells. Tax., and Aug. 23 reached Excelsior Hprlngw. Mo There Tinsley Induced hls wife to trams f*r to Idtn the 17*0 that remained of her muc) iui I to|.| her he must so to Helen* to settle up hl affairs. After hi* d< i*i t* tr* she finiiMl that h* h*l alwo taken u diamonl rlrK and stud, valtjed at WW Hhe r* elved a telegram fnm him litter, dated L*** 4 Anirelea. in whl h he ocknowl’- edaed that he had deceived her In rs yard to hls wealth, and that she would s#*e him no more. Hhe followed him her*, hut in the inoamlm#* he had left for Mon* nett. Mo. Two week* later he returned to TjOs Angeles, and an arrangement was mad* w hereby he cave her a #lraft on an Ar kansas bink ftr MS and promised to make otlur reparation. Hhe aenl tno draft fr collection and It mu returned with the statement that the money to Tlnaley'a credit had been withdrawn hy telegraph, on the 21st of this m#nth Mrs. Tinsley filed suit against her husband In the Huperlor Onutr. to recover the tl.Kd fraudulent!* obtained from her. and bit terness over this suit and the trouble leedlns up to w e\ida*ntly caueed the double trayedv to-dar HAVE YOU SEEN CROWE? IMsuotxeil as a %% (Humit In C'tileaao, lie Is on a tean**r for User* Pml nod Taklsa n llrtnk In M. J#eet*h. flnston. Dor. 27.—The I lost on police have etrldmoe to ftndl at**, they think, that Tat Crowe" and the other man who la wanted on a charge of kidnapping young Hifdahy. arc on the Warren liner Mich igan. hound for IJverpool, and a cablo eontalnlng that Information has been sent to the Hctlnn*l Yard detectives, who will be <m the l giver pool don It wrhaa the steamer arrives. Just before the Michigan sailed last Hot unlay, two men who acted so stiapt* ciously os to attract attention, and who atiHWercd to the des# riptions of Crowe and the other siisrsjfH bssnSsia •hr stramrr with a Inrgs amount of hag g.igr. Th* stvamsr sallist In n vary short tlm<- but not brforo aroni of tha prasatma of tha stranger* had baan sent to poll?* haa-lquartam. A* WIDOW 1% Milt imvi. hiaago l-nllaa OfNaar *■■ ( rrm. la In That Clip. Chicago, Dra. 77 IHsgulsa.l aa a art.-, man. f’al Crime srtwi I* bring s>ught by tha |*ollca alt ovar tha I’nltad Htalaa or, tha rhsrga of klitnaigUng Kaklla I’uelahjr at Omaha, fuss la-an aaan In r’hicaßo trnhln tha last faw days, ami may aftil ha In Mitlnic hara. a> •• nllng to stafamanta rruntn to-ntght by Daiactlva H.-rg.ant Hloran, a •’htrago |M.t|ra offlrar who ha. arraata.l Crowe a number of ilmea In tha post. Htnran claims to hava trar-nl Crow* to a room, whar* he wo- rmisq .ara-tfiar as a young whloa In mournlnv. taH that <Yowo recalverl warning from Ms frt'-iub* that tho |m> h r wars on hls traH. an.i earapad be fore a capture could ha affecterl. WAS TAHITI) A ItltlAK. at. Joseph Pallr-na* flee# t raw* Cuter Saloon There. Omaha. Neb.. Dec. 27-A rparlai dla nnfch to the Worfd-Henld to-ntght from St. Joaeph say* that Patrolman Carson H* Pat Crowe enter a South 81. Joaeph ■aluon thl* afternoon H* yh* I* sura of th* mart a* he know* blm well. In Omaha no credence b* placed In the etory that Crowe wa* In Boston or any point In the K**t. - . g • i ii > ■*■ PORTO Hit IX* FOR HAWAII. Arkadln Nall* From I'once far Save Orleaa* Will* tint **n Hoard. Ban Jutn. Porto Rleo. Dec. 27 — The New York and Porto Rico Steamship Cum. t ny' eteamer Arkadla. ended from Ponre yeitenki) for Neat Orleana, having on lioard four hundred I'orlo Klcaaa. ■ |i*r cent of whom were women and chil dren, deellne*! for Hawaii. . g . A HKt’OKIt IINIHKIIN TRIP. Steamer tenuat, Philadelphia to ** Fra arise a In .I** Hays. Ban Francisco. Dec 27.-Th* new nan er Sonoma, built for the Oceanic Steam ship Company. ha arrived htre after *- record-breaking run from Philadelphia# She cam* around Cap* Horn In thlrty eight <lay>. nina ho-r* making no e:opn. { gar and tsarina to Rctarw. St. P*t*r*burg, Dec 27—The ~*r and Cgsrlna will return to Taarskoe-SaiOt R*ag hero about Fab. *