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4 {Ebc ISafniitg |Ccto^. XI .re in k >• Uuutll>( hi>m>|i, t.v l llll) \ V. Ill.i KMIII ll -JH, 1900. llegi.tered it! la* ToitofUe* In Savannah i ill WHWI nw* i• 19MI1W tnry >l> la the year. and nl to eutocrlbere Mi the lit), or xat by mail, at 70 cent* month, MOO tor six month., •ml M OO tor on* year. lilt: MOHMMi m;w by mat!. Ml times a well (without Sunday, • hree months. 11.. alx months, |3.iw. one year to 00. Tilt: UKChl.l ItEh I. two tillDS > Week (Monday end Thursday) by mill, on* year, I 00. Cubanrlpttons p.tyable In advance. Re mit by money order. Check or re*tst-r*<l letter. Currency sent by mall at itsk of •ander. . Transient advertisements, other than special column, local or reading notice* amusements and cheap or wan! column, 10 cents a line Fourteen lines ot •*•*■* typo—equal to one Inch In depih—ls the standard of measurement Contract ra'aa end discount! made known on application at business ofll e Order* for delivery ot Ore Moni*S Nears to either resldenee or place of business can be made by mall or by tele phone Np no. Any Irregularity In deliv ery should be Immediately reported betters and telegram* should be ad dressed "NllHimu NICWS. haainah Oa IIASTKRT OFFUF.. 3 Pirk Rot*. Near York city. 11. C. Faulkner. Manege' LNDLX 10 ktW ADVLRTISEMLYTS. Mating*— Ixmlk* No. 15. U a. A M Afuisnt laNiolroark I**!***. N* 231. F. k A 31.: Pal***tli* Commandfry, No 7. K. T . W. W. Os borne, South Hid** A<tmtfll*t ration Club Mass Myelinic to Indome Mayor Myers* Candidacy; South Side Political Club; South Kikl l*olttlc*l Club. Georgia Yf**h *1 Society. Military Orders—Order** .No 4‘. <bor gia Huisiin; Betiery A First Battalion Htsvy Artillery. R*m*cll Notloi f ibnagcric |o Cl ro< rles, A. 31. A C \\ West; 8(1 wan*** Bprilt| Water. Look. Knvintmlt Huildu.*; Hiipply f*ompan\ . Bhp Nolk r. Chr. <} A t o.; Notice*. Way A Washburn; Hpt*- ml Notice. D. CsAcfO. Busin**- Notices—Franklin Clgam, "Locomobile*”— it. V. (’ Auction Bleo—Fine Furniture anl Plc ftires. b> "jvann* i Auction and Cotnmi non ('ompany, (Iflatlm*—KatsHl Gelatine. Acetylene Uu*J. It. Foil <’o.. New York. laeital Notices— M A Davis. Bankrupt. 8 Marks. Bankrupt, J. A. Montgomery, of Glynn, Bankrupt. Foot •Form SUovs—il>ck Bros Cigars—Humboldt ('lk an*. la*# Itoy Meyers A Cos. Tile Place lo Huy Hot Stuff Bto\e*—At Aliens. Corsets—P. N. Corsets. The Greatest Clothing Offer Kvrr Heard pi In Savannah- It. 11. Levy it Pro. Washing Fotvder— Pe irllne aii-ui ai Ur. ivlini* t e ttoot; Hostotter’s Stomach BBtet> lluWil* PI1K; Stuart * Dyspepsia Tablet*; Mother* • Friend; Cwatorla; Mun>on* Dype|>la Cure. C heap Column Advertisements— Help Wanted. Employment Wanted; For Hem; i*oi Sale. L*at. Personal, Miscellaneous. The Weather. The Indications lor Georgia to-slay are lor rain. Warmer In eastern I*lll lon. fretth southerly wind*. whining to northerly nl night; and lor Eastern Florida, partly cloudy weather, probably rain, fre-h eosl to south wind*. In Virginia, the other day. a man was severely eowhlded Ihviiium* he loki a wo man that she waa ‘ the swteeiest |eaeh In town " What must huve happened i<> that nun lunl tie told her Kite was the '.•our ent persimmon In town*" Some twenty-five >eare ago A It. Shep herd was railed the ‘'bo**" of Wushing ton. He was charged with all sorts of villainy and corru|Hk>n. and was finally compelled to leave the rlty. Now they are talking of hulldtng a monument to him. It wan Shepherd who gave Washington her mngnlfh entlv paved ami Improved streets, making her one of the most beautiful cities In the world. It took money to do the work, and Shepherd had the gall to get It Now his efforts are being appreciated Shall we have, after a while, the spaclacle ol New York rais ing monument* to "Moss" Tweed and "Loss" Croker? A striking feature of moat nnarspapera and other Journals that are published for circulation among negroa# I* the number ol advertlaemenis of skin-bleaching atal lialr-atralghtenlng lotions which they con tain. The deelre for a fair skin and straight hair aeema to be Inborn In the negro. It Is the unconscious acknowledg ment which he make* of the superiority of the whtle-aklnned and straight-haired reea. Many of the lotion# are no doubt worthies* fraud*, but they continue to have a great vogue. One negro Journal, the Star of Zion. declines to publish such advertisements, aiat calls upon Its contem poraries to cut them out alao It say* ••|he negro who I* not contented with hi* color and hla hair Is a fool." Meanwhile the trade In bleaching lotions goes on brisk ly. , Blessed are the poor, for they are not harried by the yellow Journals. Hut let anything occur with reference to a rich person, and It la all printed In the sensa tional papers. No secrei, or sorrow, or misfortune. I* too sacred to la* dished up for the delectation of the prurient. Mr. Rockefellers daughter had an affection of ibe ear. Immediately there were plc turea of her, diagrams of the car and or the diseased pun, pictures of her father, her mother, ehelr home. ctr. Mr. Armour * Infant grand-daughter was af flicted with a hip-Joint disease, and an operation was deemed necessary. Imme diately the pictures were brought Into display, with diagram* of the little one'# anatomy, portraits of the mother and lather, pictures of the operating table, the bouse, the doctor, etc. And so It mss* Absolutely nothing escape* the re sorter and live artist of the yellow Joar ****• when a itch person Is ••oneerned, riot *veti the derail, of the advent of the lit j * tr * n * tl may Inherit th** fortune kw M.*gW <iUriMly ,u **uun# to perbttua of i>i4iThruTion a mi the %mm* HIM.. It Is hardly probable that there Is touch foundation for the report that there Is danger that the army bill will not la* fiufil |y the Hstiate. It passeil the House so promptly and had u h hearty support from the Ibpublhan members that It loc* not M*em r a outibh* that there is strong ojquMrttion to it among lie publican senator*. There are no doubt K* pvlbie an g*rmto> who an* .tfrald that if the p<rmannt army I** raised to 100.00* m*n. • provided for In the hill. public sentlnnnt will turn ag.dnyt the Republican party. Still, they urMler-land that soldier* for the Philip pine* must l*e forthcoming or else ’he policy of the Republican party ie*pee.tlng the Islands mu-4 I** n versed. There are now In the Philippines ifcrvit 00.000 soldiers, and that injwbrr Is not enough to carry on • uch operations fur tin suppression of tie- insurrection • Gen. M.u Arthur would like lie cannot begin to cover th* Immense • ountry over which the Insurrection has spread. One of the rumors respecting the army bill Is that it will In- protH>ed to continue the prc*u-n' arrangement for two years by a joint resolution. In nn*' way It 1* hoped to avoid creating a permanent army of Hfion men. The chance* are how ever. that If any substitute* for the pend ing bill aro offered they will be voted down. Tin men In charge of the bill have made up their minds that the best Interest of the country demands t this time just such mii army that for will* h It provide*. If was exp* ctt*d ill trim .In le and the War Department that the bill would in pu-i-*d by the Senate Indore the holiday*. Tl|e failure to do hi will likely (OXt the government several thousand dollars. I>- cause it will not be possible to begin bringing home the volunteers In nm*- for all of th* m4o have transportation on th* present fleet of transports They must lx* muttered out by June 3d. and if the bill hel p.o —d Ik*for*- the holidays some of the volunteer* would be on their way to this country now. In view ot th' fact that no many of them will have to ** brought hum* in o short a time additional transports will have to be hired. How ever. a matter of a few hundred thous and dollar* lias very little Influence on senator*. I; is probable lhat it will not be n easy matter to get recruit> for th* Phil ippines unless great Inducements lire offered. Gen. Mac Arthur recommends that soldiers already In the Philippine** h- offend a bourn y of |i-Vi to re-eullst. Ciders the sentiment among them under guts a radb ul chang* that sum will not tempi many of them to remain In the Island*. Ail of them seem anxious to get home us quickly as poi*lbkv IIMI %V* T %LK %T bI.M OIA. Mr. Bryan Is not wanting In frnitkn* ► Putn hi ft p nds and lii- poll t cal enemies know that. Jo bis speech at the banquet of the Jefferson Club at Ud .tin • \V dti* day flight h* mad. It il* n that he hittnded to remain tn politics, e ider ns a j*ri\ae . Itisen or as mu ofll- e holder. He dots* noi intend to se*k of flce Neither will he reject it If tlie people want nle servhe*. Bat fwhethei in tffi< • or out he Intends to bplll** for th* nrlti iplcs of the p.Htforgn on WliUn he stood when he was u <-andl*lute lor President He believes these principles. ♦mi\ one of t.ietii. free silver and all. will eventually have the approval of the people. In his speech at Lincoln Mr. Bryan for shade wed what he would *a\ In hlc speet h of Jan S In Chicago. It le evi dent that m* fat as he Is cuficertiv*! there will oe no turning from the course that was marked out in • Democratic p 14- form In lxts, and reaffirmed in IkiO. And It dea seem from what he said in ld LllK'Ohi speech us If he thought he would In* ask'd to i-d the party again In lad Unless the political situation nange* rad ically no caialxtate who stands on a fr* silver platform wdl have the su|>fior( of a urdted Democratb party in the next pfeshiemiul contest. wTi*f:F/r r%vi*i utnoved. If tlivr#* i.-> ono tiling more th:in un other ttwit the |*4t>V>le of ftavaniiah *(- prove of, it in (laving the !*tr***t# Moo i irrogrv## han ln-rn male in tin hut th**tv l much mon of that nort of work llow to Mcurr Ihe neinl#**! pav In*. with u minimum of inconvenience to tnx|Mty<>r# In a qiK-M.un which NhooM hav* th** earnest attention of tint tncoßK ing city rulmiiiietrafion. i w*ll thought our ptun. for Inetnrwt*. by which (vaving HMennifniit toukl be pai*l in mall quar terly Installment*. collectable at the pm** tuna tax*** ar* |mll. wmikt probably have the public ha net loti. I"nler #uch u plan the entire city could mkmi Ik* paved, unvl liie property owner# would hardiv feel the outlay. In the city of J*yraii#e. N. V . a matter of fact. *u h a ocherne in now in operation. The people are paying for the paving In one to live year*, at their ©r>* (lon. Another featlb.e scheme would he to divide the {MVing assessments up into •mill not***. extending over ore to five year*, and drawing S or t per cent. Inter e#t. The no'f could. If necessary, I* discounted by tire illy. If brick la to tw us<l. and that seems to he about the best material, n root ran for large quan tities could tiotiMlro be made at lower figures than ot herw|N Anti then the paving work would give Employment to a consider aba numb* r of prison*. IVo pie like to reskle on well-pax ed streets, atal property U worth mote on such streets than on other* An> w 11-arrani;- ed plan for extending the imvlmk there fore, wouid receive the upprovai or all Chore w ho love Havattnah. The Emperor William and the Prlii,* of W-tlro are Iwlli enthusiast!. yachtsmen and the ownrn of fust ruing craft. They arc. furthermore, mlnilrers of the yacht* of American make thot liove proven o *ucce*ful both t home and abroad. It te within the ranee of possibilities, there fore. tboi Invitations from the Preeklent of the foiled State* and the New York Yacht Club to attend the International race* would oe accepted by Ills Majesty ami Hl* Royal Rtghne**. Their attend ance would, of coure. mark an epoch in American yacht Inc, and II might also carrv Sir Thomas Upton well uk>ug to ward* that coveted peerage. Yesterday the New York Journal asked the rktlsen* of New York to illuminate their houses Monday nlthl. * w wr rome to the Twentieth Century. No doubt there will be- many who will comply wish to* rit|u*U THE MORNING NEWS: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28. 1000. I tiih cm imp* on nn: Tt rkinm • Ml PKN. j Turkey ha made a (infract with the | Crumps shipbuilder" of PhHa*Mp|iia, for a cruiser Mr Charles II Cramp says that h< does not know what the terms of the contract are, and will not know until his agent arrives In this country. It Is presumable, however, that his firm ha- taken good car* to Inslat upon ample 1 security for the purchase money. It , would la.* folly to lu Id a • nil**r for th*- i g.iw-rnm* ra of Turkey without knowing exactly where the money for it Is com ing from. It was the understanding some* ' time ago that Turkey would pay the • ! &t) which rh* owes this connin' for dam - i *g* * to certain in asiooary buildings I through th** Cramps, provid* and . warahlp were ordered from that firm. In th* cll*- i fat( h annouiicii g that tin* warship had j b* *-n order* ! no mention wa* mad* of our j claim. Ji i- a quest .on w nether our govern in. nt would accept payment in that mtindifboot way. It would lie rather un- I dignified to do r * S'Jd. there n> dD j Ifosltlon to caus** Turkey unnecessary trouble. If die were t pay our claim she would have <* pay the limn* ns*- daltna | whl h Koine of the European nations have ugiilnsi her. Ofie of the largest Is tlat* of I Russia, who is very anxious to get her | money As soon us *h heard that Turkey ; Mad agreed t.- piy our through the i Cianipn, * tie not lib I her that Russia s * c|o4m must to. twid without further de lav It is well understood that Turkey's Jinan* s an* in * meet deplorable condi tion There Is i* lelldt of about 010.000. W .iinu*-i> and to know where the money Is to com#* from t* meet th* Increasing The time must come pretty soon when Turkey will liavif to pay up or suffer the loss of ter ritory. Hei • reditor* Will not wait a great ! deal longer upon tier. • Turkey's revenues are *iult** large, and lif they were bandied skilfully ah* ould piv herself out of del* in less than ti Ig* in ration Code her piesent reckless j jinaii* ‘al n.aii k* m* nt. however, she* U j*, ttlng deep*r into debt wdttioul any piosrxi t of an increase In her revenues. There can b* but one outcome of such ; rec kies* llnamderiiig. When the' creditors ! think the deM !s big enough to Justify ■ ~( i on on their part they will present an i utumatum tn tin Forte, aiul it will have to be ;c epied. The ultimatum will r*- | quire Turkey o give up some of her hnant territory, and h r Importance among the ofct.ons will kvont* even l*Sf j than it b nuw. DEATH l OH. IM %'• A goo*l man has gone to hit* e-t. Dr. VNtlhoui Duncan was a broad-minded and ! publb -spliit**l cltlaen. a skillful, ayropa ertati. and cnarltahU* physician, and i lovable and conipanlonahio friend. He w * untiring In hie d*vOtßm to the cause of humanity, and the* moral and materkii upbuilding of the community. His ttm* md Ins talents were generously bestow.**! wherever they would do the most good. A large circle of friends and admirer* aid rditcelblv mourn his loss. in it dloMlWllU’. l,%\Vf *l'4ie eeisure mi J4hu* wardrobe by lb** New York I’uatotn House ofb- ial* ha* been th*' occaVlon ol a go*tl many rttki*n> of the law which doc* not permit persons to bring into this country more than s3# worth of wearing apparel lice of tftl.v Mi** t <SKllt*tifflltli had clothing valued at creat *lel more than that tfbe frankly tokl the customs o flic ia la that about all the clothing sue had with ln*r was pun ia**d abroad flhe Kitb with th legation during the siege of Pekin and h**t the gr.wter part of her wardrobe. On her mrival in Kurope she obtained I a n-w #upply. 9h* explained tiie situation fully. and if the law had i■•ti A 1 ' • ' eould hsv* pu- and .*r baggage without question. Tb* law h.:l to Im* complied With, how eve i and shf W- tokl to ap ply to tin- treasury department for r* iief. 6i* foUtAwed ;hU director. and htr effects were turn**! over to tier without the payment of toy duty. The rireum fttanc*' tmdrt whirl) Miss t'otHlH-fltnltl lost tier n irdrolx* %ver* and suftt* lent to Justify a suspension of h* law In her rd e**. But is the law which fxumit* a person to bung into the country *il> worth of i*'W clotlnng Ire** of duty bad on- ’ We do not Ihtnk It Is It was made nt the request of many of the lending bust nest* men of New York. The point they mad** w e*< t iat million* of dollars' worth of goods in the shape of clothing were being brought into thk country while goods out of which such clothing w n made were heavily taxed at the custom house Before the law wa** enacted it was poseioh for m clothing merchant tv bring lino ti- country, on** way ami an other a mock of ready-mode* clothing arwl tnus undctae.l those who sokl clotli ing mule in this country. Tailor-made suits for women were imported by th * scorer, and almost destroyed the busuuws of thus*- who mad** clothing of that kind And huintrety*. perhaps thousands, of men had heir clothing made in England, not because they got l*etier clothes, but be cause they were aUt to drees well (op Irws money. As long as there Is a heavy duty on ail sorts of materials which en ter ttito (ht 1 making of the clothes of tn**tt an*l women, ti is but just to tin* mere ban * and tailors of this country that the law agaiiuil which so much complaint is made should remain In force. Georgia has led the United Stales In textile mill huildtua duitng the current y-ar. with North r,troll'.rr n close second ind South t'aro.ina 111 third place. Th :s e'.nollnus still have each a larc-t number of .doth factories than Georgia, but th- Empire State of the South is ste.irhly forging to the from. It la put too much to predict tbai within the next tleeads sit- will equal In tiumoer of spin dles anti loom, him) amount of capital In vested tn> of her sisters of the South, if indeed she -kies not surpass them. Geor gia's liberal taws and unsurpassed nat ural advantages cannot fall to place her in the front rank of the manufacturing •tales. Il<t future Is particularly bright. It Is reported that seekers after antique furniture huve about depteted Charleston of her store Then, why does not Charles ton establish manufactory of antiques, after the mnnnsr of Battle Creek? li la said that 'genuine antiques" of almos' any period of history -an he purchased In the Michigan < tty, frcsli from tb fac tory. The full and true story of the f irnuu TMMSacre of Gen. Custer and hi- ictnali troop some years ago by Indian* has never been told, for t|g reason that no white man survived to tell the tab and no Indian could be found who would ad mit that he wis present or had any ki4>mledge of the affair at hand-. Two years ago Congr*** authorised the War I*ep.ntmerit to • olleM all imt*ert.*n' Information rfspe*vlng th- massacre that ould t*e procur*-d, asd to publish It. Frank Gouraud. a veteran scout and In dian fight* r, yet w lio is respected and esteemed by tia* Indians, was engaged to as.-lst in th* work It i said that Gou raud has succeed*d in getting full and detailed rtory of <h<* event from Indian who w*r* engaged In th* fiendish work. This story will shortly be made public. The Bible says that tntin and wife re of one ffe-h, and the old English law re ognisc* th**m a* *e person. but the Appellate Court of Indiana, silting at Indiana polls, th* other day said in effect Hum tnat sort of thing wa poppycock that whatever man and wife might Im* else where, they were two persons In In diana and would h* so held by the law. FI It sow %L. —Senator Fettus of Alaham. always affect*- a brilliant red bandanna, tie first and only *mi* seen In th* Senate since the days of Thurman. —Herbert Putnam, librarian of Con gr*N, says libraries are growing more rip idly than librarians and suggests that colleges train m*n for such places. —^The Prince of M le*, after the -hoot ing season, always amuses himself with • lady target practk • lb 1> said to be one of the best pistol shots In England. —Speaker Henderson I* r k| to be dh eatiiflvd with the pottralt for which he rat laM year. The face, le thinks, Is a good likeness, hut he object* that the artl-t has pus a nan's head on a boy’s shoulders. -Ex-President Harrison has declined nn invitation to deliver un add re before the Illinois Bar Association nt Springfield on the occasion of the celebration of Chief Justice John Marshall centenary hi Feb ruary next. —ADon S. Sherman, who was Chicago's third Mayor, is a.lll living, at the age of W. He was born In Vermont. Hi* pres ent home I- in Waukegan, 111 , and he sel dom visits th- city over which*tie ruled many year* ago. ft** moved out of Chi cago before the lig tire. —Professor Frederick Ht.irr. of the t’nl veralty of Chicago, start**d recently on a -lx months* trip among eome of the un known Indian srlbe of M- xieo He is ac companied by three assistants—u photog rapher. i plaster worker and n guide Much of th** traveling will In* through •lens** forest*, and ?•"* miles of hors;ba k rkllng w ill be i#*ees-*r>. —John W. Yerkea. commissioner of In ternal revenue, says that before the re cent el* lion, when h* wis a • andklate for th* governorship of Kentucky, one of his acquaintances among the mountain eers In-lsted on calling him **Governor.*' When a*k**d Why he did so She mountain eer replied that ir wa- t*e**au*c after the election he wouldn’t have a chance to ad dre-- Mr. Yerkea by th** title referred to BRIGHT HIT*. ' I gave that Mil and beggar .* vjiuiv, •nd he (railed nvr a 't* aiitiful ladv * 9 “Well, handsome is as handsome does.” —Detroit Free Press. “ls th* tioss In?" asked the stranger, entering the drug store. •No. ' replied the absent-minded elerk. ••but we have s*.m* thing Just as good ' — Yonkers Statesman, IDs Better Half—Walter. “What will you please to Older?*’ Mr Gashweil—“l think 111 take some deviled ham Mrs. Gaswril (crimsoning with mortiflca tiont—“Bring me eome that—that Isn't.’*— Chicago Tribune. —Magistrate (severely)—“How could you D* m mean a- to swindle |<*-<(ple who put contUlemc in you? ’ Prisoner— Well, yer honor. I’ll make It worth bom**thlng to ye If you'll tdi me how to work them lhat don’t.’’—Tit-Bits. —The Cheerful Idiot—'T wonder." said Hie shots clerk ooarvier. **,> (bay iSl* it mistletoe?*’ “It Is m called bccaus* the miss’ll t>* the murk every Dim* -h* sees a bit of it suspend**! anywhere." said the Cheerful Idiot.—lnolanapoli* Press. —An Injustice—She “You iem**mber. dear, that five hundred dollars you gave m* the other day to put In th** bank'*" tie—“ Good gracious, you haven’t run through with lhat. have you?" She (indignantly)—Certainly no. I have nearly fifty left.”—Brooklyn Life. —A Cautious Answt r— "Whirs 1* Jo- Mar?" asked Mr*. Corn!asset, uneasily • Well," answered her husband as he proceed to nil his pip*’ M I won’t say fur certain. If th* ice Is a* strong as h* thinks it i*. he's gone skatin’; an' If u ain’t, he’s gone swlmmln*.’*—Washington Star. I I It HEAT COMMEAT. The New Orleans Picayune (D-m.l e.iys: •<|. woni-l lie possible to arouse the val Chinese population against al) the whl'“ races noa sc-ktng to dominate them Suppose, in addition, that the other Asi an.e and the African races could oe In ched to engage m a grand simultaneous ii spectlve countries; Is it not concelvabla riat the whim races could be driven ftom the places they occupy In all th - Asiatics and African countries, or be ex- It imtnaterl? All that ie necessary is the concert of action The Europeans m those countries are in such small num bers. by comparison, that they coil Id t>- destroytd by a sodden, a general and ferocious attack by the natives, and If this were done In every country It would not he poelbl- to draw troops from ont to re-eeifotce utiother. It k> not likely that there will ever tie any general up rising of the dark races ag tlnst the whites, but It Is a: least possible Th posslTllttles ttre tremendous awl full of horror." The Baltimore Sun tDem ) says "It it suspected that there |* hut one really urgent r-sson for |iasslng .the H.inrni- Kry- subsidy hill, and that is because there Is an outstanding promissory note drawn for value received, which Mr Han na want# to pay It is not really pro poset) to vote 99,003,tW0 a year to 'promote itmmeree.' hut more llkelv to recoin |M use a little ring of shipping Interests for their assistance |n securing, for them and others, 'four more years of pioaperlty.' # * The Philadelphia Record (Dem ) s.t)s ‘‘Renator Hanna's present hopes of se. curing favor:*ld- action on the shtp-eub stdy bill by the Fifty-sixth Congress ‘s Inconsistent with the feat exprsaaad by him during the llrsi week of the session that If he should fail tn bring the meas ure to a vote before Ihe holiday recess the chances of Its enactment would be too small to be Worth mentioning It is most likely that Hanna s fears will prove <o have been better founded loan are his uopax.'* %l (be Other find. A certain naval efte * r was very pomp .us and conceited when on duty, says ; Spare Moment*. one day when b was officer of the watch, and he could not. a k usual, find anything of *iu* tu** r,, grtfiMi I c att-mpted to vent hi- pit' • •>(** f the ► , oker* of the vessel, who was In the engine-roc'm on duty Going to the speaking-tube, the offlrer I y* lied “Is there blithering Idiot the end . * f this tube?" The reply came quirk and startling “Not at this end. sir*" The feeling* of the offb er. m* he turned away with a black frown. *an be better | lui ig u*d than d* sc r I lied U wrth Hie Hi Here are. In S L. Power*' story at the Middle j .-ex Bar Association dinner the lawyer j trcd the oase for the complainant. sa>s tin* Boston Record Hhe sued • mid*b ig** i gentleman for hr* • n f promise lb* married an th* r girl. The jury retired, and Die defendant abo went hi* way. The | Jury returned, the defrndant did not Tlie i jury found for the plaintiff kn dam j ages. i The lawyer met the mhhlle-aged gcntle man • f* w minute* later In fin* lobby of i an adjacent hotel. i ’ Squire." >ud the latter, “how dtd the j Jury iH ldc?' "Ag * net von." wa- the answer. I didn’t think they would do that I -aid the middle-aged gentleman, musing j ly. Whats rhe damages'*" That ain’t so bad!" he ex* I timed, nn b. unr to4d. “H*iulre, th*re' that much difference between the two women'* \ *Un f ••*•!eve** and ••%nil>“. S*iu(tor' Henitor!’’ cried out a some w!ut idled man who hurrie.l after Se n ator Elkins the latter left the Shore | ham almost on a run. (' an** un. * said the BcnatOt “Hut. .■‘lop a moment—’’ “Coroe on; can’t stop." I The Senator went into a barber sh>p lf way up the square followed by hD i friend. Now *nd\. wti.u I* 1* you want'’” “oh. ot..\ my umtr*'tli atvl ov*-rcoui I that you ►• aj*d wsth." 1 ,\r. th* . y< ii * f!*lmcl the j statesman. "The satne " Senator Elkin* had sent a hoy io the ; Ho|i to ee whether thcie wa- m chulr I for htni The messengtr said he could ie • tuo4 at once If ho < :.m** right up He grabbed* the wrong coat and umbrell* u • wa • entiecMßi dal run iftai \ou. suh” ’ o-k* I th* inquisitive i*ari**r That -oh that was Mr. Carnegie." On** Tlilua 11 * I*- % %thw. James Whitcomb Riley when in Chicago recently fell to morallxing quaintly u|*>n the gradually Increasing disposition of people to seek cit rulnm* tu jiul .amuse ment. gay* ty and pleasure and laughter Instead of solemnities, deep expoundings of philosophy or harr wing tragedy and dlstre lng romance-, *.iy the Chicago Record. **l won't read anything which will not amuse me and entertain me. and T believe the majority of worldly readier* :o b#* in the - un* state of mnd and emotions he said. **lt is the book which distinctly en tertains without any sujwrlor effort to t(t h or pro* I aim * dovtrin* or tell * freezing, cok). stormy tale of w <* I hink the h-ttc*r n tragedy Is acted the worse It l. Bom**tlme> a tolerably bad tragedy murderously mi ted l ■* a confide'■able source of diversion. I remember the ia*t tragedy I witnessed. It wa* 'Hamlet.* with Edwin Booth • the young Dane. I trb-d to avoid it. because I knew it would be beautifully doo. With the steely dell ixicy of torture m Its exquisite art. I *•• dured It nj to OffftkMa s mad eene, than T feigned exhaustion and begged to be al lowed to go home and sleep. A** I l**ff the theater with the wall** of the daugh ter of Polonlua piercing my marrow bone I made a vow never to hear tragedy again, and I never have not ever will.” ■. - ■ # i ■ ■ —— Ka>il-i;l-lbr-(rslsr) Time. Too llapld. From a sense of dut> the newly mar ried young man spent Hunduy with his fath* r-tn-law. intelligent, wealthy, and -et in his way# *ays the Ib*troU Free Press •'Never put In natural gas for heating purpose* hey?” from the ?or.-in-law, as they were looking over th* bouse. No. sir. ' emphotlcallv "1 wa* raised In Ihe voal region# of Pennsv Ivanla. Mv folks always burned .oal atnl 1 always will That and wood ♦ r ihe original And proper fuel#,'* ‘ % Ni electricity, tither**** “I snook I #ay not This who.* electri cal business I-* wrong. It * helping to make me world too i.-i and u*> Mvrvous My lather got rkh without the telephone or the Ul* graph and I’ve done the same I'm not going through the world as though I wer running race. Auiomobik ' Well, I should say* not. What do you sup pose nature created horses for" Do you *uppo>- ’t W for u- iKKir mortals to nulllf) or Impair the great scheme of the uni verse? 1 won't allow a rubber tire on t whcdjhat belongs in my barn and noi a horse of mtn** is ever shod with a flat shoe I’m against all tht? new-fangled frippery and against very man Hut Indorses It. Things are coming to a pretty pass; that's the wy I look at It.* ‘ What time Is it. father?” “Half past three.” “Why 1 hive 3.-OC.” “What! Standard time? See here, young man. If ver you hoi*** to have any help from me while I'm alive, or io get any of my property when I'm gone, set that watch ahead to sun tim** and keep It there. Itn going to do what I <nn to keep running this world by the sun despite railroad.-, steamboats, factories, huskies* men. anti all the r***t of the monomaniacs on the subject of reform and progref- Het her ahead, and Just remember that 1 mean wnat 1 say.” When the tlrriwuteM I time. 1 huve just found out that the New Y’eai night. When the earth sleeps while and numb And the pal. moon wears a look of fright. An.l vale and hight Bear a ghastly light. Is the l ight when the Brownies . ante Goldin* anti ghosts and horrid ghouls. Thro' the void of sha lows throng: And they dance till the hour of midnight tolls. With restless souls That, from cvpiess knolls. Kilt Ihe snow-clad hills among I huve Ju-t discovered the fact profound. Tha* .h.- starve Ing child New Year, A|.pnl.. I by th- hideous shapes around. Would 11V the ground Ere known and crowned If the Brownies were not her- Then would not r he In on awful state. With forever the sail old Year"* Always l>eermi>er: what a fate; Forever late. Y'el no change of date. And the winter always here. But the Brownies came, .rod they twist and tweak At earh ghoul and goblin nose. And dive and lenp thro' each ghostly freak. And such torments wreak. That the spectral clique Hide in caverns from their foes. And the Brownie* crown him—while they sing— E'en with laurel*. Illy sprayed; And with rap.tire hall him "Forth's bright King"' 'Tls thus they bring From That Prince of life arrayed. —A. H Kronkhlte. ITEM* OF |VrEHE*T. -The question of the spontaneous • om busticn of hay ha* recently been investi gated by on** of the officials of the Went her Bureau, w o states that fer mentation within moist hay may raise the temperature to ?7I degrees I* hren h. ts I sir. t mi***r i ur* • lov* r hay will Ignib The Ives* preventive to M*on taneous . r mbustion * rapid and cmn ventilation, by which the oxidation •ml fermenting subs um es ar kept • ool ed down b* low the point of Ignition _Don C. Fort's came to Siotix city, la and soi l -m* wheat for 175. On hi* way lorn* tv w;* waylaid by masked men. who sear, he*l him and only found 3 .fiu- While tin hoM-up wras In |r* r*-s- n woman drove up and made .** if to com# to ?he r* - **. Dne of th** high waymen held her *t bay with • revolver until Forbes* i*xk**ts were thoroughly explor'd, and hen th* rascals mad** off The woman w • For be-’ mother, who had the rr. on her p'rson. In >• recent iddre-* o the students nttendl: k *-i-* * nurse of gynecology l*r*>f. Friedri h Hch.inta of Vienna expr* ssed th. opinion that law anl other profes don* should be thrown open to women, h, 4ii" at proant too many of * m crowd Into nn-tUln* for which few w.rc fltte*l Of every !*•* female medical aiu |nt-. he said, only thirty-three becam* physicians. ti- others l*elng KKM|t i* tated by the horror- of the dissecting room nd other impediment*. —Poih* Juestlce Judah, o! Portland. Me inadvertently rode a bicycle upon a for idddeti site w aik r* **Uly and on being reprimanded hy a iltlx* n went to his own *ffi< • and Ota a warrant for hi* own arrest The warr. nt was delivered lo Marshal Gibbon, who arrested Jud.ih and btought him into his own ourt for trial. Judah *a a* to.i< *■ JudK nl ts*k his own pi* a of guilty, lined film** if th us itil amount of $1 nd then |*ald him-* If the fine The record o. th* • a~* was In th* usual foi m —Over Hebrew of the Fan Side In New York have derided to form a He brew regiment In the National Guard—the first organization of it* kind In the l*nlted State*. On* of -heir leader* says that o\.-r I,rest of his rare have signed a roster, pledging themselves .* r* rults. Gov Roosevelt has sanctioned the schema and the only question now Is one of equip ment Granting that the slat* dors not cure to assume duch an expense. It is pro pose* I to raise a fund umong th* wealthy Hebrew- of New York. J V Phillips registering from St. Louis, was a guest at an Emporia. Kan . hotel. he had left a fwilr of gray trousers were found in his room The a**- omm (Minting b*rk wrote to ihe man's ad'lrru anl volunteered to send them to him In a few days he received this reply; “1 Imve never tc**n In Kansas, never stopped at the Whitley and quite certain that I never 1* ft such raiment as you describe in room 71 of Dial hotel. Yours sincerely. Mis.- J**--sn V. Phillips." —Home years ago tn the month of l>e cember a Jeweller of Sydney, New South Wal' Australia, paid a man to co le* t freight ar full of snow in the mountains and deliver a. much of it u him as h* ! could. On Christmas day in the Jeweler’s window w s a hug* snowball, resting on a deep iron tray and when the news -pread about ahe * it v traffi • w- blocked .or severai hours until th* novel -ighi had m lte*l. Men who bad not e*en snow f>r forty years when they emigrated from the “old country," hobbled out among the crowds and i*e >ple -warm*'! and strug gled to get a glimp**- of they looked on as a sort of eighth Wonder of the world 'lt bus been uIitBJUNI," ays a maii quoted by ih* PhifculeiphiA Record, “that there ar* about three hiindrts) arid fifty million her.* In the United Slat*- During the year !!••*. olihough th** year is not quite ended, they will hav* pro*lu* *sl at*- proximatciy fourteen oilllon eggs, which represent* in th* neighlorhood of $175,Q01>.- 00. That s, a tot of money, but Just wait a miuut* " ll* llgured on a slip of paper with a ij . ii. "Th** living value of nens at .Yf cents apiece." h continued. "Is not far from t 100.600.000, beside* which aiiout slY>.*.is.*sin w *h of iioultry is eaten in thi** country In the *ouise >f a year So yo tits quite n'flguri* in th- financial world ' Line Engelbert, rather n bright-look ing girl of 21. was brought into court ut Reloli, Kan., to ltd In *lererminlng whether a guardian should be appointed t* manage a moderate estate left by her father If wa* then found that th* girl had been brough up In absolute ignor ance of the commoneet thing- in lif* She could not i*ll mone> or lt> denom I nation, never having tioun.t a thing in her life. All her days ha-1 spent on a remote farm, wearing mans clothe- and doing man s work. and. tiiough #h* Vaguely knew that there was something disorder ed in her existence she did not know enough to protej*. The court took prompt measures to reform thi> deplorable con dition. Another important division of the warn* department is that of seed and plant in t rodu non A number of useful <* re nave recently been imported from Europe, among whlcn are th** nu amni wheat# ftom the south, arwl valuable forag*- plants. Some lime ugo th* Kiuwhu rue was lotroduce*!. from Japan, and the r -ult has been to increase the annual pro duction of I#ontsi.ti l.l by unhel In Arlsona. iute-trees iiave recently l*efi planted with indications of success. Th** practical importance of -the s l.fifin.- mu* of tne department's work is alluded ro by the Secretary of Agr. moire in speaking of the Increase In Ihe vied of wheat m IMitted from Russia. Huttgary. and Aus tria. and he -tales ttrait If this in<ro*ki - tUm results in an Increase of but on* bushel in acre ut tie farm price of wheit in lv*!* there tvoiikl be an addition of &: nno.otw to the In ome of Ihe farmers * -A new rroi-w Of <*l< hln* mr-al by an *. I<l blast h.js rerently int T... t-s| savs ths Kndneerlnir An nto mis. I spray of cl<t , p ro J- ,M vortical y *.!.,5: th- metal surf . which ;* t„ t m lid by m-ans of an ulr hi ist the pr-ssur- h-iiut trom ftv. to eight pottml# Th- . ompr.-ss. ,| air ,f rom ~I P 4 | r . tank to to. .lomlan an.l to th- w ishlnj appar -tua Rack ttMUn coiMUt# of a central tub- supplied with „i r undr pres sure and surrounded by smaller tubes In connection with th- .bid it, th- lal ,k Jl IM- arran.-eenent the air pruduc-s a lins-ly divided spray of a. Id, |,i-h is projected with consider..l.|- force against the m-tal surf..— required to he etched Th- surplus eld fall, ha k to the low. r twit of Ihe lauk uial I- Ihe iiomlzer. so that th- ttqui.l |. ,o n stiintly etr. i luted .luring the nrogre-* of 11 " tatk n Menn. are provld. I for moung the |.late during the etching >. -ration to In .natfy the action of the a. i.| Aft.—' the etchtnt I* con u.ded the ,>litc b washed .\l:h the al.l of water pr.der pressure Kioelon under th- add blast Is v-rv rapid, r. n>e sine plate, rreate' with nitric a. id di'uled lo Id decrees Paum ■ wet. tr nerl In three minutes as d—ply as the .■oi l etch' of the Immrr don pro css. whir l, will probnhly occupy iw-n --ty minutes It is no pradtl-al in tone th. st -.d of eroaton in the or lln ir\ pio ces as d-t.)Ho would be eaten away by undercutting and the heat would t. ■••] | U melt the t, t. In the ear of th- and blast process the projection of the spray U|s.n the In a perpendl. til at .lire-. tl..n Insures piupr etching n|!!,uu> . in . dere.nting the proteeted parte of the metal. Overheating Is also successfully I. ns the torn pressed air I# thor oughly .noted lieforr It enters .he aspn tors. and the ..mount #hori>c.l during e*. pnnslon I# fully equal to that .JV to i .mo ul action between tbs acid and tic taciaL The Quakers Are Honest People. §Th, Quaker H,r a Ttonlr i no! only , Woo.l purtflrr. hut , lilooii M.ikrr (o, l ali-. W,k an.) [>,. MlltalPfi twop.- at lo ha not alrcnmn nor blood. It art, a , o loftlr. It r*, , digmtlon. rurc, ,i y . iwpala and In ha fclr.nkth and to.\e i , tha nrrvoua .vst'an it la a medicine f**r n*n. It i> h purely vegetable tnedlclne and ran b. taken by the tmal deltcate Kidney t't - Msrt. Rheumatlem and all dlae.asea ot ih, Ulood. Hluma h and nrrvea root. ,ut rum . lo lie wonderful effecta upon the humn •ystem. Thous.nd* of people In Georgia re ommend It. Prior ll 00 yl'AKi:n PAIN BALM I* the m-dl ln that the Quukrr Doctor made all ot hi wonderful quirk rurre with. lt'a anew and wonderful medicine for Neur.lgit. Tootbaehe, Backache. Itheumaiuau Sprain., P.iln In Rowel.; In fact, all pa u can be relieved by It. Price Jjc and W). Wt AKI.R WIIITB WONDER SOAP. . medicated aoap foe tho akin. ,ra.p ait-l complexion. Itlc, 10i a rake. VM AKER HEADING SALVE, a v.g . I tble ointment, for the cure of tetter. < zema and eruption* of the akin Pri • 10c a box. FOB SALK BY ALL DRUOOIST* U l SI. Of HOPt R'Y MO C 8 i Rf SC II i.lll LE For Die of Hope. Montgomery Tbundar boll, Cattle Park and Wot End. Daily except Sunday,. Subject to chaOga without notice ISLE OF HOPE. Lv City for I. of H | Lv l.le oT Hope ~ JO am from Tenth jliilam for Bolton 7 JO am from Tenth |f uihui for Tenth **t am from Teath j J oo am for Tenth St li am from tio.tuu j H w> am (or Tenth 10 30 am from Tenth lb ut am tor Tenth 12 >n n from Tenth |U oam for H,>lto'i 1 13 pm fr .m Bolton til J> nm for Tenth 23U pin from Tenth ; 2tw pm for Tenth 330 pm rrom Tonih | 1 Wpm for Hopoc 430 pm from Tenth | 300 pm for Tend f> l |an trom Bolton 6% pm from Tenth |4OO pm for Tenth JU pm from Tenth |(00 pm for Tenth 7t pm from Tenth 7W pm for Tan'll 30 ptu from Tenth opi pm for Tenth 3o pm from Tenth ono pm for Tenth 10 30 pm trout Taolu 10 Oo pm for Tenth MONTGOMERY Lv cfty Oor Moug iy l Lv. Montgomer. jO an. lrou Tenlh'jfl* am for Tenth 3 3u pm ft mu Teath , 1 la pm foi Tenth t. pn, from Tenth j <Ou pm for Tenth cattle park. Lv city for Cat.l-ark, Lv. Cattle p.rk ~ it am from 'Bolton | 7 Oo aiu for Bolton i M am liom Uoltou , a oo an, for Bolion 1 ou pm from Button , 1 3o ptu for Bolton ; M b‘ n trom Bolton j 300 jtm for Bolton i tw pm from Bolton | J 30 pm for Bolton from Bolion j a Ju pm for Bolton THL'NIJKIUJUtiT. C#r leaves Bolton street Junction iJ4 a ui and every thirty minutes thereafter untrl U Sup m. Car leaves Thunderbolt at 6:00 a. m. and •very thirty minutes thereafter un i 12.(B midnight, for Bolton street Junc tion. KKKI <il IT AND BAItCKIs i'AM This ear carries trailer for paaMagrrt on al. trips and leavea oast sld of elt • mwraet for lsl of Nope, Ta—errh. ai.d all intermediate points at a. tu 1 Of p m.. i.W p n. leaves 1.-la of Hop- for Thund-rtsd*. City Market an.l all intermedia:# points . n "i a m . : 40 p. na, WWtfT i .Mi . 'Air. Car leaves .t side of city market for West Knd 6:00 a ni and every to minutes thereafter during the day until 11:K> p. m Leaves West End at 630 a m. and ’• ery tn minutes thereafter during Ihe day until If:*) o'clock midnight H M LOFTON Oen Manager Mercnonis S Miners IroosDortationCs Steamship Lines To Baltimore & Philadelphia Tickets on Sale to All Points North aui Waal. Fltat-clnas ti keta UicSuur meats and berths Savannah to Baltimore and Fhlla delphia. Acntnmodatlona and cutslna un-qualed. The steamship# of this company are ap polntad lo sail from Savannah as follows (Ccntrsl Standard Time): TU BALTIMORE. ITAROA rapt Billups. BATTRDAY. th- 2 130 p m CHATHAM Ciipt. Easter, TUESDAY. Jan 1. 2: p m TEXAS rapt Eldredge. THURSDAY'. Jan. 3. t:3U p iij I) H MILLER, rapt Peters. SATUR DAY’. Jan. J, 6.30 p. in. TO PHILADELPHIA. ALLEGHANY, rapt Foster. SATUR DAY Dec. 29. at 10:00 p. m. BERKSHIRE <Tipt. Ryan. WEDNES DAY, Jan. 2, 3:30 p tn ALLI-UIHANY. rapt. Foster. MONDAY Jan 7. 7:30 p. tn. T.cket ottlcs No 112 Bull atreet. J. J. < ARuI.AN Agent. NEWCOMB rOHEN, Trav. Agt Savannah. (Sa. W T TURNER. O. P A A D STURBINS A. T M J C WHITNEY. Traffic Manager General Office*. Rultlmore. 3ld. IT'S > CERTAINTY THAT Smith’s Chill Tonic A TRADE MARK. WILL CURE Dengue. Typhoid. Intermittent, Malaria, Aid All Forms of Fevers. ALL DRUGGISTS BELL IT ON A GUARANTEE. —Manufactured by— COLUMBIA DRUG CO., savannah, ga. Empty Hoflsheads. Saayay Molaaaea Magahaada aala by C. M. GILBERT & CO.