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FUNERAL OF DR. DUNCAN. MN*.KLt 4TTKMMD HI Fit IF.Mix Oil NIUT.IRI %\n CIVIC Hullltl. Irrflrn • • lwd©pr..l©w Prnl,. Irrlu Ckrrli * t,ndw-f©t by Hr*. |>r. Jinra 1. lilr-lh. <a*krl. arrrl Hllh II hllr Ho*ra, Hral. ril I aaatrr thr ohaadoa* nl liar ■’ aa 11.1 I *raaaa Wlllrt Or. Ilwnraxa llail Menrd liar nl I'rra.h.d f<ar Hall a 1 ©wtary —Maaaaaa ala. lr.l Thrlr Laal Ultra al thr liratr— A Milliard aalatr aaal Twpa" Endr.l thr Ofilrr*. Tlir funeral of the latr Or Willi.* n Our .an look pla©. from thr lrydepetideri. PreabjrlerUxn I'hurch at 4 o'clock yceler day afternoon Dee pile the ln©l©m*ncv | of Iho arathor lltr service* at the ohur. h a ere Isrgeiy attended, ami a lona line >f carrlairo* followed the caaket to the grav In laurel drove. The Georgia Medical So,-iety attend and the funetal In a body, occupying seats ; In the auditorium. The Hibernian So ciety was represented by a delegation, con- I sisttng of Vice President John R Dillon Treasurer Jordan F. Hrooks. Secretary i rharlea F Prendergast and Col. A ft ' Lawtoti. Ancient landmark Lodg© of Masons eacorted the body of Past Master Duncan from his late residence on Hast Oglethorpe avenue to the church, witer the Georgia Hussars, under the command of Lieut. W. W. Gordon. Jr., and a de tachment from Battery A. of the Savan t <ih Volunteer Guards, were drawn up. The casket was met at the entrance to •be edifice by Rev. Dr James Y. Fair, j imetor of the church, who preceded it up i tne aisle. The active pallbearer*, walked on either side of the casket, and the ad ditional pallbearers Just behind 11. Then followed Ancient Ignslmark Dodge. l nder the shadow of the high mahogany psilpll from which for half a century Dr Duncan had heard preached the word of the <ioapel. the casket rested I'pon it I were masses of white flowers, last gift, from the Individuals and Institutions Inc Dr Duncan had loved when he was In life The spacious body of the church 1 was well filled. ..a- . were even more than u-ually sad. tWitslJe twin fell In am, urn f-l drlggle. as though even the skies mourned the passage of a good man from earth. The solemn tones of the mlnlste.- he read the service ami then offered prayer of thanksgiving for the .m.| Dr Duncan had wrought anil of appeal I for consolation for the loved ones he had ' left behind, throhied through a stillness that was deathlike In Itself The choir of Hie church sang during the services some . of the sweet old hymns, which had been favorites with the dead. They were ' Rock of Ages," "There Is a Rlcssed Home." and “I Heard the Voice of Jesus (Say ” As thr last "Amen" was said, and th is*! hymn begun, the fsallltearers bore the * aket from the church The Hussars ami toe detachment from th. Guards were mill drawn up outside and presented arms a* the- body was placed In the hearse. The Interment was In the Ihincan family loi in Laurel Grove At the grave Dr Pair concluded the funeral service of the church ami the last rites of the Macon!, fraternity were celebrated by Ancient ! Landmark lodge, the members of the lodge placing 111 the open grave the sprig of evergreen that signifies immortality. The military salute of three volleys was :ired over the grave by the detachment from the Guards, and Bugler Kayton. of ;he Hussars, blew "Taps,” the soldier's farewell to earth, as tt has been to lit* duties of each day of his llto IT COST* TO HKOIH. • iind !'•■• anon %lork of the Smlhrm. Th* Inters* late Commerce Com mi union, in • nnouncinx * ri*<*tton l<*t ww*k with rfftmice to certain ntm charfrt lo l.ynchburf. Danvillf hul citlo. md* MMtmiMit, nay* the Louisville Courier-Journal, which must have har row**! the feeltnjts of the •tookholders of the old rocvla belomrinfr to th** fiou.hern Railway ayatem The • ommlsston. In l! declalon, which wae ifslmat the Southern Railway, asserted that the 512h.60t.i00 of > oinmon stock in that roatl had never had anything paid upon It. and finally, •‘that II does not reel In the whim of a reorganisation committee In Wall street •o impose a tax upon the whole *outhT. tHimry.** As the Southern Railway’s common stock was Issued In exchange for the stocks of the old Richmond Terminal system, the shares were pal*l for and very dearly at that, as any of th* old stockholder!* would bear witness. When the reorganisation wax effected It was In the darkest period of railroad depression nnd the mow that was expect#-*! In the company was to save the charges on the old bonds. Moat of these l#on<!* were assessed and the stocks were all heavily taxed. The Richmond Terminal shareholders had to pay 110 a shore and the Bast Tennessee common stockholders fT.g) per shore, and give up t© per rent, of their stockholders. Tin- burden was ao heavy and the Southern Railway com mon stock offered In exchange appeared so valueless that mtny holders would not pay the assessments and threw the bur den cm the reorganisation committee The rates complained of by the citliens of Danville may have been too high, hilt any man who has owned dock In a re organised corporation will bear testi mony that the process is a costly one. The common stock of big Industrial syn dicate* whose constituent companies were bought out at high prices Is frequently given away to the promoter#, but In the case of bankrupt railroads the reorganised shares, however worthless they may be. have cost the ortgnal stockholders a great deal of money. AT THK THtMTKH. "W hut Happened li Joaea" Pleased a t.arae Vndleare. Mm H. Hroadhuret# laughable farc comedy "What Happened to Jmiw' **<n bjr a good-ateed audience ai the 'l ne ater laat night The play ha* been *een here twice before, and It I* one of the brjghteat and nto*t original of the play* of that ela* which have been produced In the laat few year*. The company wae capable and the p-r. formanre wan morltorlou* in every re aped. Joeeph Dailey made a typlcr. ■ Jon**.” and got all there was out of the oart- Beaide* Mr. Dailey-, the other* Hi the company were. K. II Stfpii'ni. Btroey McDonough. J <"■ Vernon, Adam K Pox. Fred M Harrlaon. Oeorge IV Aideraon. MW* Mud*. Otla. MW* Leila Shaw. Mi* Edna Karle. Ml** Nina Fneth. Mra. Samuel Charter, Mix* Hen gie Harrlaon. DEATH OF a* 01,11 TIME SBGHO. I onernl ml Daniel liraal From Inde pendent I harrh To-ln>. The funeral of Daniel Grant, the old colored aexlon of the Independent Pres byterian Church, will aalte place from the church lecture room at J o’clock thla afternoon Daniel wiaa a fa miliar figure o round the Independent Church, which he hail faithfully ffir many year*. He had been 111 for aotae time, death resulting from drop#/. ASK >* the FULL NAME Hoqnil linosl Lwt*'".* 222 UitSw. w,t.f Kw*. to the me.lte.l pfe ( •at'ir rrft£ r • Il 4 i**2S rr * ® f ,b# **d llsrr* of laval r ice to fw’plc with •edetgtary fatbits and on shaolut* rare fot rfarooh jj Constipation. i labelo N _bottl E THE WEATHER. Foreca*t for Sat unlay and Sunday— Georgia Fair much colder Saturday; fro Baturduy night In southern portion. Sunday fair. fresh north to cant wind* Kastern Florida Showers and colder Saturday; frost Saturday night In north ern and central |>ortlon Sunday fair; variable winds becoming fre*h north westerly. Wreturn Florda: Fair, much colder Saturday. froi Saturday night. Sunday fair; fresh north to e*%t mind*. South (Viroltna: Fair, much colder Bt -urday. S.indiy fair; fresh northerly winds. Yesterday** Weafther at Savannah- Maximum temperature. I! a m. .'4 degrees minimum temperature. 2:&> mm. ♦* degree* .Mean temperature S3 degrees Normal lrm|rrature 48 degree** Faces* of temperature sd.vgrees .\ umu lated deficiency since T>e. 1 34 degree* A- • urnuUted excess since J<tn. 1 292 degree* Mil I Normal .. 11 Inch Deficiency since Dec. I Id Inches I>e Hr lent y silire Jan. 1. .7.62 in* he* River lt t*ort. - The hlght of the nah river at Augusta, at K h m.. ?srh me ridian tlm**. yesterday, was 8.5 feet, a fall of 0.3 foot during the preceding twenty* four tvours. Observ itlon* taken at the same moment of time at all stations. Dec 28. 11¥W>. ft p. m 75th meridian time. Name of Station T V K*ln Boston, dear | 64 I 12 -08 Near York city, clear... iW 26 ,fc 4 Fhtlgrlelphla. clear ’ *l6 ♦* Ws-hington ilty. clear j 42 | 12 hi Norfolk, raining W L j .08 H.Mi*nn. cloudy S * Y Wilmington, cloudy 54 ! L | .01 Charlotte, cloudy 44 L T Itaieigh. cloudy I L oi Charleston, cloudy 54 L 10 Atlanta, cloudy j4k 1R T Augusta, cloudy 52 L ‘3 S'..umah. cloudy ® L -I Jacksonville, partly cldy.. L 132 Jupiter. • lear 74 4 T Key West, clear 74 L .02 Tampa, cloudy *4 •-* MoNle. cloudy •> Montgomery, cloudy 56 9 <,rt Vick-burg, cloudy 42 # oc N w Orleans, raining *o L .33 Galveston, raining 52 24 T Corpus Christ!, raining... 42 20 09 Palestine, cloudy | 42 J 14 w Memphis, clear 134 10 ,00 (*lra Ik ati. cloudy 32 f 12 J (■> Pittsburg, cloudy 29 \ L T p.ufTak*. clear 22 ! 14 *O2 Detroit, clear 24 6 1* Chicago, clear 2? f L T Marquette, cloudy 19 *4 • Bt. Paul, dear 12 9 T Davenport, clear Jo w 00 Bt leoule, clear 2* jl2 On Kansas (Tty. clear 24 L Oklahoma, clear 28 8 .00 I lodge City, clear 24 L .00 North Platte, clear 24 | 9 II B. Boyer. Loral Forecast Official %||t. I IICOII.H %\n THK Charges the tifrwiin-lmrrhtn Clah to III* Political Opponent. Savannah. Ga.. Or. . M.-BStor Morn- Inn New*: In Justice to tnvaelf and the j*w Gorman-Americans. kindly allow m -pace In your valuable paper lo throw i little morn light on the real object and prime mover in the organization of ihe Herman-American Club last evening. The Germans, not the Herman American*. nee.l no protection for political purpose*. I assure you that Ihe Jew Herman* don't. The .lay for clae* organization la poll llce has come and iwssed. for If any po ll teal party desire* success In Ihe fu ture. equal and Just representation muni he given mas-ee. This 1 hava al ways contended for. Any |erson can see at a glaive that ihe German* atid German-Amcricwne have heeti well provided for. and have no need of organization for |<olltical pro tection, but the real organizer and prime mover In this organ!* itlon Is my opisi nenl for rlty marshal I eay to him get out like a man and light his tight on his past official record nnd not dodge behind an organization for self gains. If the services rendertsl my parly by me are not sufficient, then let Ihe man with the official rycord. or Ihe most com|>e tent man win. I am perfectly willing to stand on my official record, both a* a city or state official, or will go before the Finance Committee and see who Is th most competent man. 1 ask my oppo nent to do likewise. My opponent has been working hard for Ihe pai slz months. I wi.l start mv tight Monday morning and appeal to the rn isses of our party for Ihelr support. Respectfully. J Mobert Creamer. linnu'r of Kdiior Morn Inc N> ww: Allw m* to m* prewa through the Morning New* my vlewa on the White Bluff Railroad pro ject. under the bend of "'Danger of Mo nopoly." Shall we submit to a monopo llat In dlagutoe? Shall we aay that Mr. Parson* and hi* worker* ure the only parties who shall get a free franchise ftesr. our city? If the resolution of Mr. Dixon lo suction off the street franchise* for railroad purposes should go Into ef fect. there would be the grave*! danger of ii *is8!lo monopoly greater that! any Savannah ever had or ever will. Mr. Parson* I* In the North, but hi* repre sentative* ore at work In the South, and while our City Father* are honorable men. ■nd will -to all they can for the up-build- Ing of our city, there I* a danger unde-, lyai* thla money offering for a frnnchl*-. which It will pay them to heed. They will come far ahort of Iheir trim If they fall lo grant Mr. l-ester and hW company Ihe fronchlac he ask* for. It mean* hun dred* of thou*.ind* of taxable property to our city, county and stale, while If the proposition of the other aide I* accepted It mean* only few thousand donate In the city treasury, and the "bottling" up of all other* who may come tn a* a rival of the present system He swore of tht* money offering for It mean# monopoly. It mesne the aome old thing, the some old dog In anew collar, who I* mad for gain and will adopt almost any mean* o accomplish It IV aware City Father*— there la danger of monopoly. Cittern and Tax Payer. -Chevalier Dr. Alfred von Pleach, the new Ausir an Consul General In Chicago, wa* previous to that appointment, at Yokohama He is of an old Hungarian family, and haw been in tba foreign diplomatic aervlct since IM4 THE MORNING NEWS: SATURDAY. DECEMBER 20.1900. THE \i:u OHI KtNH H M EN. (hatter, (gale* and Treltor the Win ning Favorite*. Ne w Orica n*. JL>ec. 23 —Ben Chance, W B Oate* and Trehoi were the winning favorite*. The fourth race wa* declared off on account of scratches and a six fur* long rrltp g race *uh*tltuted. Flr*t Hace—S* ling.g one mile. Dram burg. & to 1. won. with We*t liaden. 6 to 1. second and Helen Paxton, lj to 1. third. Time 1:47*-j. Hace—Six furlongs Madeline Q., 30 to I. won. with Henry Chi' Rve. 12 to 1. aecontl. and Algte M, 7 to 2. third. Time Ll9 r Third K ace*—-Belling, one mile and on** • ighth. Ben Chance. II to *. won. with Little Boy Hhie. f to l. second, and False 6to 1. third. Time 2:03. Fourth ita e- Belling. elx furlongs Al rana. 3 to 1. won. with Avatar. 8 to 1. i*e< ond. and L*dy Contrary. 4 to 1. third Time 1:UB. Fifth Rmos—Seven furlongs, selling W M Cates. 6 lo i. wen. with Handcuff, to 1. second. amt Judge Magee, 2 to 1. third Time 1:33. Sixth Knee—4me mi e. Trebor, 5 to S. won. with Dan Cupkt 5 io 2. nn | !kmadgt. 4 to 1. third. Time I:4ft 1 *. Foil I VtLbRY'H Mm MILL. I'rnspr row* ( nndltlon of Farmer* oi llfliifitnn ( Frt Vglloy, Gw.. Dae. M —Tha Urg brli-k htulfflng for Iha tit-w knitting mill If rapidly noarlng complatlon. '['hr Sltt.fiKt capital ha a already t.crn paid In and nti* machlnrrv of thr mort modrm make ha. brrn ordrred, and It I. expected that thr inlll will be to full operation In a few week.. A high grade of cotton under wear will be manufactured axclustvely and already the management ha. clued a deal for thr entire output for thr tlra year. Thr farntrr. of till. m>c. lon arr almoet ahaoluirly ln<lr|mn.|ent for th© first time In many yrars. Thr good price received for their cotton crop ha. enabled them to settle all thrlr obligation*, istrcha.e thing, ea.arj for the comfort of their homes and with plenty of corn, wtiewt. js as |,v tator. nd fattening hnga. they are look Ing forward to the future with bright©.! anticipations. They learned the |.-~-ssi a frw- years ago. when cotton was bringing such a beggarly price, that they must first rat-e what they and mitk© cotton the surplus crop. This they are still dolngg More wheat and oats have been sown this fall than ever before, sev eral wheat mills have leu erected alt I one patent roller miller near here, which turns out a. nice flour as can lie found anywhere. Htock-rwlslng. which hereto fore has been a neglected Industry, Is re ceiving considerable attention. FISH EH tit: VM lilt, LICK. \t H* erase Young l.atly Hl.rover, o tear. I nder Her Med. Wayeross, <iw., Dec. at —A party ot fishermen tried their luck in Suwattnoo chee creek In Clinch county, near the farm of Hon. Jonathan L. Morgan, and mode a haul of nearly tjnu fine fish, au -h as trout, jack and bream, principally th" two first. It Is Invariably the custom of many ladles In Wayeross to look under the h..| l—fore retiring at night. Miss Isaac, daughter of Mr. A. Isaac, the tailor, I. no exception to the rule Night before last a burly negro was discovered under the young lady's hed In the excitement that followed he made hl escape and Is unknown. Parcel* Pont Adi orated. Braklentown, Fla, Dec. 38,—Kdltor Morning News: Accepting your editorial In the Morning New* of yesterday nn "Free Delivery on Parcel* Post" as be- Ing substantially correct In lls con< lu sion*. that free delivery and the parcl* post would bring a large portion of the articles we buy In country atorea to us cheaper than local merchants could sell such article*. It seem* to me there ean be no reasonable doubt that for the rea son slated we may expect to see them es tablished at no distant day. The clan* opposed to such cheapening U no sma'l compared to the masse:) who do not only want, but will have, such change when they see the chance, that In the nature of things the change must come Any such pleading a* you mention, that certain dealer* will be driven out of bua- Inees, will not avail. The people are anxious to knock a- many "middle men" out as possible. And they are right In so doing There Is no Justice In paying men to do a thing at n high pront when others can perform the service at lea* coat to consumer- than by an old out-of date system This tendency I* In ac cordance with Ihe spirit of Ihe age, ihe cheapening of Ihe necessaries and lux uries of life. There has always been somebody to oppose every Change of Ihe kind, but such opposition never prevails, and never should. It Is through such changes that poor people now enjoy many comfort* that formerly were only In reach of the rich, and further hack w .* not even to he hod hy ihe richest. You are right, free delivery Is very pop ular with people where It ha* been tried, and It afford* an immense saving where one man can deliver mall lo a large number of people dally who woul! lose valuable lime to go for their mall Individually even once a week, and the parcel* post will naturally be desired all the more when people And there I* so much saved by not being compelled lo go from Ihelr homes for small articles that can be brought to them so much cheaper than for each one to go after them Hence, a* I have said, these change# are aure to come, and the prospect l a most gratifying one Country life will be made much more agreeable than formerly, and anything that adds to the attraction* of farm life a* com;ired with residence In towns Is a distinct gain In the wel fare of the people who we know, have often left their country homes lo Ihelr great detriment, morally and otherwise. W. K. Driscoll. —More or le*a of the old Nore mytho logy ha* found lt way Into modern Christmas custom* The mythic tree Of the ancient Scandinavian 'forest appear* laden with gift* and adorned with can dles. The skull of an enemy klUed In war. out of which the Norseman drank Ms feaial ale. I# represented to-day by the wassail bowl appropriate to the Christ mas celebration. The vule log. too. i* tiOTM RAILWAY BUILDING IN 1900. MIT NO MIM NILFJ OF \F.M ltO%l> HI llaT An l.\%T YEAN. Ill(l*rr ••* Hrl%% •*•* fhr Track lai> - Inu In I slip nml I IMH>, lli*rcr. I* 3al Urfl—All llrturn* for llioo Anl \rl llrcrh ril Ip Ike II hi !%%• Igc' winilmi|'i%l Flllnr I nlilr Irm k Inlil In All Winlr* flaring IIMHI-M lr Mgr l.nil Fwrb Arnr Winre IN*7. Fewer tnllr* of n*w rool hvr lr*u oomilrirl In the* I’niietl Siuir* In Iskw> than w*r* built during 1W Ttir* rtiff* r rnv I* 1 Hit xrr( wtnl w* tncklnylnjc \n lung ru*hri twi number of line* lur lug thr (*lmng !>*• of thr year, It may b* that rrvl>*rl anJ l**U(r| rmuru* will •I'M enough milag- #• bring thr figure* up to la*t year** total, when 4.iv* miles of new ro**l were built At the beginning of ci*- prewent year tlierr waw apparently Nult< lent rvl li iit f to warrant the *- aumptLm tlmt the new mlloug* of UApj woulrf be greater than that of Ul year aixl in reeking a catiae for the *m iller mileage now* reported, reveral thing* muat be itonxMerfd. Klrti, the work of reducing grarie*. eliminating curve*, ereefing new structure*, relaying rail* ntul building double track Im* b*n carried on to auch wti extent by nany of the largr lyitrma tnaa much new construction previously planned ha<l to be laoattvonetl The return* thu* tar recelvad by (he Hallway Age. neceaaarlly Incomplete be fore the year ha* actually closed, show that not lee* than 4,322 mile* of track have been laid In the I'ntted Hlatea dur ing the year l‘J*W on line* In 44 state* i 141 (prrltorlff, an liMlicated In the fol lowing table. •• No. Htate*. Line*. Mlk* Alabama -1* W.2i Alaska 1 & Arkansaa 1 Arisotm & L’* 7 1 (’allfornla W 14“ ’3 Colorado • fC D Florida 9 TH.’.o Ueorgin 12 Idaho 3 49 W Illinois 9 Indiana * Indian Territory 3 l.’A 25 lowa . * 2*17.7i Kentucky ♦ la>ul*lnnu 9 1.V.0 Maine 2 3.15 Mary lend 1 Michigan It 14L*5 Minnesota i il.Nl Mississippi 12TW Missouri 1° 62 91 Mont*nw 2 30.53 Nebraska 3 in? 17 New Hampshire 1 1* 54 New Jersey 3■( *>' New Mexico 1 7.4.1 New York 3 3* ?*• North Carolina 6 43.16 North Dakota 3 121 f7 Ohio * 19 M Oklahoma Territory 137 96 Oregon 3 Pennsylvania 27K w* Houth Carolina 9 172 < South !>akota 4 l.*W a* Tennessee l ft 87.2 T. Texas 19 318 K. Utah 2 1 39 Vermont 1 Virginia 9 J* 23 Washington 9 71.7* West Virginia 1 A 225 42 Wisconsin * Wyoming * 74.* 9* Total In 41 stale# and terri tories 330 4.321 4T In addition to the mileage summarized in the above table there have been built a good many logging and private which are of a temporary nature, an I which should not he counted as addition# to the regular railway mileage of the country. The table Indicate* that Ihe South ami Southwest continue to be Ihe scenes* of greatest activity, although there have been many Imiwrtant Hues built In Ihe \Ve*| and Northwest. Twenlv-onc slal s west of the Mississippi river have built 2.412 miles of new line, or more than one lialf of Ihe tolal for Ihe entire t'nltrd State*, while the states east of the Mis sissippi ami south of Ihe Ohio have add ed 1.128 miles. If Ihe entire fifteen Southern states are grouped together It will be seen than they show an added new mileage of 1.71s mi’cs The New Kngland slates, with Pennsyl vania New York and New Jersey addc I. show an Increase of 38# miles, while Ihe Central Northern slateg of Wisconsin. Michigan. Illinois. Indiana and Ohio have added 4|l miles. The slates In which no new road Is I'rported are Massachusetts, Connecticut. Rhode Island. Delaware. Kansas and Nevada Texas leads all other state* In th Union with a total of 31# miles. Pennsyl vania comes second with 277 mile*. lowa third, with 357 mile*. Minnesota fourth, with 2T.1 miles, and West Virginia tlf'.h. with 226 miles. These are the only states showing an excess of 3b> miles. In Trias Important extensions hove been built by th* flout hern Pacific. Interna dona I and Great Northern ami Missouri. Kansas and Texas, and iheic have been many ehort Urns* constructed. The lerrltde alarm which swept oyer Texas some months ago. causing great damage to railway prop-fty. seriously ret a Hid railway con struction In that state and prevented the completion of a oonshk-rable mileage which It was expected to have ready for operation by Jan. 1. !*>! A large pro|>ortlon of the new mileage of the year has lieen built by the great systtm* of the West and South a* fol lows: Chicago and Northwestern, 240 miles: Burlington system, l&s miles: Chi cago Milwaukee and Hi Paul. IT# miles; Southern Pacific. 170 miles; St. Uuts and San Francisco, 170 miles; Chicago Ho k Island and Pa el lie, 16k miles; Northern Pacific, 151 mile* mot counting two short extensions In Manitoba); Chesapeake and Ohio, Ifl* miles; Seaboard Air l.lne. 101 BaritMftoi Cedar R iplda* a* l Northern, 100 miles; Atchison Topeka ami Santa Fc Hystem. HI miles; tgMilsvtlh-ond Nashville, M miles; Gulf and flh'p Island, * miles. Central of Georgia. K miles. Southern Hallway, ffi mi 1,..; International and Great Northern. 52 miles; Baltimore and Ohio. mile* This makes a tolal of 2,(i5h miles of new line built In the Interest of the seventeen companies named Railway building In the I’nlted States reached Its maximum In !##7. when almost lJ.flOu miles of new line# were addcl The rapid falling off In the succeeding len years and the encouraging recovery i.i Doctors Say; Bilious and Intermittent Fevers tvhich prevail in miasmatic dis tricts are invariably accompan ied by derangements of the Stomach Liver and Bowels. The Secret of Health.' The liver is the great "driving wheel” in the mechanism of man, and when it is out of order, the whole system becomes de ranged and disease is the result. Tutt’s Liver Pills Cure ail Liver Troubles, •the next three 'ear* .•• shown In the fol* ' table of track Iwkl In the last foui teen ><ars of the century; Year. Miles | Year Mil. * ! 19*7 12.kU • Ili|>4 1,R9 | lAM 7 lOH ivC | v : IW9 6.230 I*o6 .1 MH l*k 6 070 IXV7 I.mi IMI 4.291 19M S.ONt I 1*92 4.192 IW*9 .4.5 AA ! 1*9:1 . 2‘ , .: ; ] 4..1.2 j The construction *mpl t*%l In 1o brings the railwa' mileage of the t’nited Btiitea at the opening of the twentieth century up to the grand total of 196.163 1 miles, subject to possible in rsi*e by later ! returns € ITA HNKYITIK9. The Chatham Real F-late anti Im provenunt ('ompany Im- declared a div idend of II W i*’t shute on the stm k of the A and It series, payable on n*l after Jan. 5. Tlie First District l\>lltical dub seren aded Air. J C Sl..ter. tamlldato for abler* man from th First district, at his place, i Congress and Jeff>r*on street*, ltst night. Chemical Knglne No 1 *n l not No 2 should have been %'iedited with extin guishing !!•’ fire ut Oakman A (VNeib* an a> 'HMit f nidch ap|M*Hi4Ml in vester 4i.<v -s Morning New.- Tlie work was iui k n4l (deverly 'lone and the menilwis of the ('ompaiiy deserve credit lor It. Two boggle- collided yesterday id the | intersection of Bull amt Jones street!-, die wi4 occupied b\ Dr. Farmer and ht ; • olored driver, and the other was driven j by a color*st employe of the Btamlarvl (*ll Com pan > Th* accident was the fault * f both drivers, who were not sufh tei.t* l> ireful Dl Farnrer's buggy was r.ith j . r lordly we< k‘d by the collision, but the 1 hoi *es were not injurel seriously, and 1 Ihe oc* upunt* were fottuiMite in e* ap j Ing without any hurts W ADI.FY AND MUMYHMIFHV 1.1 NF.. ( apt. .tunica lu llrutn I fend Ing 111a ttallroNit T*w*r4a Helena. Adrian, (in . Deo. 28 (Yitu. James %dli iHgln to extend the Wad ley and Mont gouiery Hailroati after Jin I He is ex- IMH’ttng to go to H>dena with the railroad U fore he maker- another stop. Capt It li. Ihlgg* ■; hi- engineer, lias movwt Im- k 10 Adrian from Alacoti, to begin the work v .*. Spß tile rood gets to the (h ome nvej V win be aide to give com|)etltlve freight : rules by the Dublin oisl Hlver line. Mr J K. Webb, cross!?** cotitrwetcr for the Lrnlon and hltsoru Railroad. state> thvt lit* nas put ciHiiigh ties on the r*ad 10 last until June Decadence of a Overcoat. From Ihe Chicago Tribune "Wncrr do ihe old overcoats go”' Is a query that Is a natural successor to the old rl-lde. "Where do the files so In win ter?" The old overcoats sc. rn somehow to nide away, no one knows Just how The overcoat Mart- Its career on the laick of Its owner who paid #45 for It. It keep* him warm ami shelter* him from ‘tl wlmts and fi-om storms until It commence* In get frayed at the edge* and the fiork ete ate torn down Ihe sides. Then Ihe owner uses ihe cort for rsriny-d.tya only, and no more doc* he take li lo call on tils fiancee or lo recline or) the hack o' a chair wliiio He I* reading al the club. He keep* II another summer and ihe moth* gel Into It. and when he takes It out In Ihe fall It has holes here nnd there Ho the owner give# It lo the Janitor If the Janitor Is not a cold, msn. and the Janitor we irs It awhile until his wife girrs It to the tramp who wheeled out the three barrels of ashna. The tramp wears It until the old cout commerces i u fall a|iart. Then lie give# It to nnoltn-r tramp, and It tails apart -till more And then, some stay. Ihe coat has entlw Y dls. apirexred. No ore- know# how or when. The coal Just slmp'y fade* away. That's all anybody known about It. Driven to Crime—" Where do you spend Christ mas this year. Billy?" "Well, be tween my family agtfl Ihe church bazaars I’m afraid I'll spend It In Jail .*'— Indian apolis Journal A Illgh-Orade Institution (or I.adlsa Shorter College. Rome, Ga. Write for catalogue —ad. MIMF.I.I. ANKOl'a. "hot”stffkh7 get^tTh^hknfTnh HOT STUFF. WITH HOT STUFF STAMPED ON HEATER. AT P. II KIKRNANB. 10 HT ATE STREET, WEST. CHRISTMAS IS OVER. WE KNOW your money to short, come to ns for what you want; our term* are easy. A. C. Price ft Cos., phone* 65#, State and Jeffer son. 'WE ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR Sewer pip . firs brick, fire clay oil* sal varnishes glva us a call Adams Paint Company "DON'T TROCHEE YOURSELF ABOUT moving your furniture, relaying your car pets or malting Perry A Benton will re lieve you of all that trouble. “OUR GERMAN READY MIXBD paint Is sold under a guarantee; have vou houss palmed with It. Adams Paint com pany FIREWORKS; FIREWORKS' FtRK works, a large stock of fireworks at re duced prices. H Bernstein, corner Brough ton and Jefferson. “HOT BTI'FF HEATERS. 12 26. #2 .0. #3 50 and #4 50; water hock rang**; the very best at rockbottom prices; lei u figure wilh you. our plumbers and tl i ners are exiierlem-ed and oil work guar anteed. A. C. Price; phones Z*. “MORE THAN (INK HUNDRED CENTS In every dollar of your hard-**:rv-d hard rash at Ihe Southern Grocery Company, 114 Barnard street. I’Elillt A BENTON. 12*1 STATE street, west, will move. pack, uhlp or store your furniture at short notice: also ren ovate your old mattrensee at IMtlo cost. Bell ‘phone 1114. "WANTED ONE THOUSAND HUN. gry people st the Southern Grocery Com pany, 1H Barnard street. DRUMS! DRUMS! DRUMS' SM A El and large drums at reduced price*, fl Bernstein, corner Broughton snd Jeffer son. _ A NICE LIKE OF HAVfEAND AND French china iup* snd saucer* at sacri ficing prices. S. Bernstein, corner Brough* ton and Jefferson. JUST RKCKIVKD~ TIE_FINEST~OTE heater* ever brought to this rlty, call and see them; price will suit you. A. vJ. Price A Cos., Stale ais I Jefferson; phones 455. A FUEE LINE OF GRATES JUST received, will sell any of ihe # pi-aie part* Adam* Paint company, lflt en gross atreet, west. REDUCE TOUR 1.1 VINO EXPENSES by Investing your hard-esrned hard cash with th* Southern Grocery Company, 114 Barnard sir*et NORWOOD'S BOOK. umi MS HIE” For sale al all News Stands lo Savannah. These tiny Capsules are tuperiod to Balsam of Copaiba, 1 > i CubebsorlnicefionsatHlMlDni [#J CURE IN 48 HOURS VJ/I the MUM diseases without CLASSIFIED AUVEHriSEMENTS. I'KntlllkAL. TcXImTnhST (TT IN v UIVKH THE erei -of my being able to sell lady's 1 solid gtdd watches for 19.79. American gold*filled watch, 15 years' guarantor. >7 !*; American sil\er ladv's watch. $4 29, i diamund ring. $14.75. gents* gold seal ring $1 vi. plain gold rings, $1 To and up. ! baby's rings. 49.- and up; gold spectacles, , 12 49 Fegras. 2k Fast llrmightoft. Hair. Jewelry tind Biaiving Humdy House; thr pl.o •• w h . j t tiiitn, •I1 silver. **ld gold and 0111 coins are taken as cash. LIU KB OF THE VALLEY; M Y own importation*; In •'oUl vtorage. read/ to deliver pip* every But unlay; Hava or ders with J (lardner. agent, 12 Brough* ton • Ireet, east A (’ Oel*ehlg. nursery *4iiosUr Catholic Cemetery. KEE CIICNO A CO.. CORNER WlllT ak*r and liberty street** headquarter* for Chinese and Japanese fancy g*uds. teaa. etc . at low prlcea. Oriental and Turkish ornament* below cost price. Com* and visit us HOLIDAY II 17(111, CARPETB. FOR* tier- •. i* * curtain*, and a thou and and ae article* to gladden the good wife * heart * I* Miller, agent “TOC WILL LIKE Tit* MILK FROM Hptingflrld Dairy; if* rich and pure, try It. BLK*. AN l BEDRf kiM FI ft N ITU It® dining room furniture china closets, sil ver cases. *ldel*oard. buffet*, mlrror-dooe wardrobes, etc . >ur immense stock muat be seen lo be am>rec|ated t* IV Miller. CHOICE LINK OF WILf/lW AND rohbl*r s* at rockers for lh h.'lllays, at Teople w 317 Broughton, west. c anaries ano hold fibhT j tlgrdner, 12 Broughton street, east. I AM NOW LOCATED AT !4 WEST Broughton; ring up lIU If you want to have your furniture moved or packed for shipment or stores#. 1 guarante# pit e* th* same a- 1 *lo the j°rk that's given to me. A H. OrlfTlr'. 414 Broughton streal. wrest, mattresara* to order M OILLIS* LACK CURTAINS WILL beMUtify >our |*arlor. KENSINGTON FARM MILK IS UN eurpawn <1 fur liehneo*; delivery I* per fect. phone. 2.445. TEBPLE IB BIIOWINO A NICK MV® of ear|M*t*> matting rugs. h >d*<. boo bum, cheapest In town IF ITS HI GH YOC WANT YOU CAN get them cheapar from McGlills GILT CHAIRS. TABLES. COUCHES. o*y corners. roOUptlon chair*, leather hairs, an Immense assortment at rea sottable prices C. P Stiller, agent. WHEN YOU BEE M GILLIB' BlXTY inch 99-<’em rug*. yo*i will buy tharn. Just can't hep It. will sell In any quan tity. “ ••r('RN!TDRF MOVED WITH CARE" If ■ fp-rifltv nlih MKilHlf. IMMENSE LINE OF RAtTAN R(K'K ©ro from |l 4X up lo tti. C. P. Mll!©r, g©nl. MO I EI.IS IS CHEAT ON RUfi.4, NETS lace curiam*. hamm>*'ki. water cooler# pillows, picture*, eioves, bedroom suits, and furniture of every description. “MILLERS HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR brothers and other fellows' brother*, you will have to call and esamln* our immense line in older to thoroughly sp predato Ihe subject. C, P. Miller, agent. FOR A I’P.FTTT BEDROOM SUIT, parlor and dining-room furniture, vou should go lo Tee pie's. KENSINGTON FARM IS ON AN elevation In the cciimry. fre# from city drainage. Impossible for milk lo become contaminated, by Impure odors; If yen want pure Jer-ey milk, phone 2345 De livery prompt; satisfaction guaranteed. M’OILLIB MOVES. PACKS SHIPS and store* piano* and furniture; heal work only; no “Cheap-John" prices—no “Cheap John" Jobs “SI I LEER'S HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR sister# and other fellows' slaters; toilet tobies Indies' desks, chiffonier*, pictures of all kinds; come and eee us; we will help you out. C, P, Miller, agent. TEEPLECAN SAVE YOU MONJJY ON Stoves, steel ranges, oil heaters and hot stuff heaters. #l7 Broughton, went. MILLER'S HOLIDAY GIFTS Foit children; dolli and toys of every d*scrip Hot), chair*, baby carriages, go-earts. velocipedes, tricycles. ezpree* wa.-ons. pa trol wagons C. P Miller, sgsm “vUGIEEIS SEELS SIXTY INCH RUGS -Smyrna patterns-tor M rents. XMAS FLOWERS; ROSES” HT A • elnth* and IJIIe* of tha Valley; will be ready: order* solicited J. Gardner, 12 Broughton atreet, eaet, agent for Oel srhlg's Nursery. PHOTOGRAPH V. FOR A NEW YEAR’S !!!F? there's nothing nicer or mure appropri ate than a lovely photo of oneself; for mother, father, friend or sweelliearl. and Wilson's Studio. 41 Bull street. Is the place to get It: you are not "100 lata;" sit to-day and I will guarantee it In time. If you wish It; crayon and WMter color rn largrment* and frames a specially. M Kdw Wilson, proprietor. I* (4. -Why not have a photo taken during th* nlneleenth century, anyway; hurry 1 hurry! MGDIPAL. Stow AME YOUR FEET* IP YOUR fret are troubling you, call on me and I will give you rel Ff. I eura Ingrowing nails, corn* and alt dtseasaa of Ibe feat without pain; charge* re.u.mabl#; ca give tli* best reference* In the elly; ta tlenta treated at residence*; order* cao be left at Livingston'* drug stort. Bull and Congreaa atraeiai telapliona M. Lem Da via surgeon chlmnodlal HELP WAVTKD-MALE, WANTED TWO SOLICITORS; MOST furnish reference*. Call Saturday, FSh to II a. m.. 27 Abereorn at reel. K. A. Now lin. Mate manager. 'WANTED A GOOD BARBER AT on.e. Sir West Broad atreet. Henry C. <’aln. WANTED. AT ONCE TWO BXPERI i need salesmen to travel, one for Florida and one for Georgia. Arid res* H. Morn ing New*. WANTED TOI’.NO MAN WITHOI'T family to take charge of country store; only those who hove had experience In mercantile life -need ripply; must have some knowledge of bookkeeping. Ad dres* Country. New* office. SALESMEN WANTED TO SELL OUR good a by sample to w boles* le and retail rade; we are the lergeat and only man ufaclurer* In our line in the world: liberal salary paid Address, Can-Dex Mfg Cos., office. 2* Hoard of Trade Building, Savan nah. Ga WANTED. MEN TO LEARN BARBER trade: comparatively no expense; !t."> weekly lld men nfter only two month* with us; new flel | for graduate*, we fur nlh aleady practice. Insiruetlon*. lec ture*. diploma* and poHlon*. Apply bv moll to-day. Moler Barber College. 81. Ixruts. Mo. HELP IV GTI.IM KHII.K T^TkTTTnP;at"an h i ndi htri oue woman to take charge of dairy In city. Addre** Dairy, Morning New*. CHAMBERMAID WANTED, i’OLOH ed or white; reference* Apply Mra. S. Krouskoff. corner Thlrty-erventh and Ahercorn stleet* 'WANTED HOUSE GIRL AND WAlT res*. with good reference*. Apply at 2 Barnard rtreet Saturday morning. be tween 11 and 2 o'clock. COOK WANTED. FIRST -CLA SK cook wanted; no other nee.l apply. Call l tU Laat UunUnjdw al vnvs, HELP WtSTKir-rrXAI.K. wanted. A good house oirl at one© 23 Jonm. r*M WANTED A (K<OD FEMALE, TOOK for thrr© nioniha, t aounrry dub: muat lx< wob©r and "Iron Hood |xi y. Cal! at A M, A C W. Wml'i, h©tw©©r alavim an.l iwalv© ihla nHimlnp. WANTED. A YOUNG <Y>LOKBD GIRL lo mind baby, 3 year* old. Apply at 224 WaldbuiK rr©©i mi. WANTED. KlitßT-Ct.AW iflOK; miwl corn© v©H nmnwiaiiW. Apply • Ilnry *r*t, nul. WANTED. GOVERNFJ4B FOR OIRLS wfll-advancod In lilrrary ur* and muto. will **rbano r©f©r*ca. 1. B Obarry. Wlllaooorlit©. Ua. lillPUlfiKVr WATTS*. STKNOORAI’HBR. TYPEWRITER and txjukk©©|>©r i ©an funtlah boat rofar- Flirf.. .mu m.i< lilna if nrcranary. Compa l©nt, M.u-nlnx N©w. wanted, a' imlacf. IN komb wholr-il© houaa in th© city; *lll |ait in mi© or two thou-ind in Hi© iMialnaaa at!*-r a frw monllia' llm©. Addrraa X Y, Morn- Ilia N©m. U 4ATEI>— MiatTCl.l.*Aiont’b. WANTED. A UOOD-BIZKD ICB BOX. Addrraa Ir© MiM’liUik Nrwa. WANTED. FOR CAHH. DOGWOOD and prrxlmmon log*. Bouthom Hardwood Conipam I' ii Uox UH. rharlftton. fi. C. IF 3'd WANT A I’l.A* r. 1" DUMP earth, dirt. ©and. manure, ate., froe of ©bare#. Jnat at city limit*, hauling over hard road writ# or telepbona Hrown Hrox . ©ornar Atularaon and Bax I Itruad atraelx IF YOU WANT GOOD MILK. OKT IT from Bprm(fiekl Dairy; It a tlb. pura and whole aome ADVKRTIfiBMENTB fiET IN CAP ITAI/t WILL RE PRINTED IN C|*A BIFIKD ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS A WORD NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN FOR LESS THAN SC. —— . - . p _ Utlt RENT—ROOM*. "^?ICKLV~iTdC? IH?fFD ROOM ALL , -onvenlenoaa; sot llarnard aireet, near Llborti. ELEGANT ItOl’TH FRONT HiHtMS. I nl.ely lurna-hrd for on© or two gentle i mm. all ©raifirnleticee 2s. Wear IJiHtrty. NICELY FI RNISIIKU FRONT ROOM, ; nrodarn .■orryanlencea; aouthern riiwiir* ; 310 Jtarex. met. ADVERTISEMENTS SET IN CAP ITALS WILL RE PRINTED IN CLAS SIFIED ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS A WORD NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN FOR LESS THAN HOC FLATS FOR MEAT. '.21 AHBRUORN STREET. FOR nENT. fiat, southern exiKMtire; furnished or un furnished. rn suite or single. FIIH HF.NI HUl'gßa. OuFaT^hGuSe; No 117 WaJdburg atreel. east, between Abercurn and Lincoln, flrst-elasa order and condition: avery convenience Right rent to right tenant. Ratal* Salonen Cohen. Weal llioad and Broughton street#. FOR RENT. SEVERAL DESIRABLE residence*. Ihoroughiy renovated Apply A Wylly, agent, 12 Itryan silreet. east I IIH RKAT—Miar-ICLLAAk-OIS. LARGE WAREHOUSE AND OFFICE FOR RENT. CORNER BROUGHTON AND WERT BROAD STREETS. FtJlt- MKIII.V OCCUPIED BY THE SAVAN NAH CARRIAGE AND WAGON CO. U. I\ SMART FOR SALE—meal lariTK. street, near F.*l Broad; have only been sold lo first-class (Mrllet. who will make good nelghliora; ami none other, can buy. The terms are vary eaay. and I hoy ar* cheaper ihan any olhert In tha vl.lnlly H. Iroraolt. FOR SALK. A LOT FOR TWO HUN dred fkdlars. easy terms, on Ninth street, near East Hroad, no city taxation. C. H. Dorsott. ______ FOR SALK IrOTS ON NINTH STREET near East Broad, no clly taxes, at GW each; twenty-five dollars rash, and easy monthly payment*. C. 11. Doruotl. FOR HAI.K. LOT* ON NINTH. NEAR Rest Broad, si I2W each, will raw be advanced to #22#. when a lot has been |m*id for I can arrange to gel a homo MS. a H. Doeoell. RESIDENCE AND BUILDING LOTS for sale all over th* rlty. Robert H. Taiem. real estatowlealar. No. 7 York atreet, west. FUR SALS—mSt'BLLASMOL'S. A FREE SAMPLE OK HKN7.OIN Itairn for chaps and rough akin, given to any lady calling at Peraae'e drug atores. Henry arid Abereorn, Taylor and Whita ker. IF YOU \ B HOT TWO LUNGS LEFT, Sov. Rem will eura your cough, a dollar botiu guaranteed lo cur* or money re funded. Persse’s drug stores. “FOR SALE. BAI/roN'S OUTFIT7fTN counter. Ice bos. t>eer pipe, faucets, wal nut tablea. chairs, at Seventh and Bull streets. Chas Seller “ FTRE PROOF SAFTW BVE CARRY a' fine line of fire proof safes In stork at all limes. Th* partita ran sea exactly what they ar* getting Our prlcsa ara ml low a* manufacturer* aell It. wWh freight add ed Parties Interesied. who wish a goo-1 firs proof safe, will do wall to inspect our stork. Llppraan Bros.. Llpptnaa block, ngenta for manufacturers. “FOR SALK GROCERY AND BAR; A good stand Address G. H.. rare of News. rows, with youngCalve*, for sale Call 471 Wetl Boundary street; ae* them. ADVERTISEMENTS SET IN CAP TTALH WILL HE PRINTED IN CLAfI SIFIF.D ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOB TWO CENTS A WORD NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN FOR LESS THAN *C. " IF YOU WANT GOOD MATERIAL and work, order your lithographed and printed stationery and blank books from Morning New*. Savannah Oa. LOST AM# FOt XD. " is iSt"~ A FUII"M INff ~i ViLLAR. Harris or Macon sireeis. beiweew Bull and Whitaker, net wren Harris and Macon. A reward will be |athl If left at this of fice. . ;;:7j LOST. EAST NIGHT ON <VJI7y>"HEK avenue. lieiween Drnylan amt Whitaker, n pockstboofc ronlalulng r*ns amt money. Finder will lie rewarded If left at I# Ogle tliorpe avenue, west W. Stripling. ,IJSt“on THUBBDAY NIGHT. - JTTH ln*t on the lurmird street car. leaving the Bay. at lh:*> o'clock. #ls In eOrtency. If found, please return t*> me mi 128 Ogle thorpe avenue, west, William L. IVake lee EOSTT A~ BANK HOOK MONfiAYT”A reward given to the finder If returned to 198 Mtu-oln alreet, or to th* Southorn Bank. BIIIHDHO. 'TwnPZT rooms! RKAHoSiAMLB tioard. pleasaiu location, convcnlonot to buslnees. 3t7 Charlton street, west. PLEASANT ROOMS WITH GOOD Liard. 14 Oglethorpe, west 11 -I. nt aiMti# ch ances. in diic. ITAIA WILL BE PRINTED IN Ul*Afl- SIFIKD ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOH TWO CENTS A WORD. NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN rOR LESS THAN WC. 3