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THANKED THE JUDGE , !( ,*ES HOUSTON, GIVEN UFE IM- I-RISONMENT, NEVER FLINCHED. CONVICTED OF MURDER. Kll-LED DELIA GREEN CHRISTMAS EVE AND MUST PAY PENALTY. Hr I bnt 15 Year* Old and Hi. Youth Served to Save His Neck—Jury Ac e'liniianled ItK Verdict of Gnilty With a Recommendation to Mercy. Ilouktnn'a Victim a Girl of Lea* Than Hia Own Age—He Took the Ordeal of the Trial AVithout Torn, inn a Hair—Thanked the Judaic When Sentenced to Penltentlray for Life. • Thank you. sir.” This was the re sponse made by Moses Houston, a 15- ? ear-old negro boy, to Judge Seabrook, v. hen the latter sentenced him to spend , lie remainder of his life in the peniten tiary, for the wilful murder of Delia Green. Sentence was imposed at 6:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon and, thus relieved of the necessity of further attendance in the , ourt room, Houston pranced gaily out. He was in charge of a bailiff, but this nldilional restraint hod no effect upon his temper. He was as calm and as de bonair as if the experience through which he had just passed was a matter of . very day occurrence and of no particu lar importance. When lie was arraigned in the Superior Court yesterday morning, the youth of ttie prisoner was the most striking fea ture of the case. He wore short trousers and had the round cheerful countenance of many muiattoes. He seemed to be raiher above the average of negro intel ligence and certainly gave no outward in dication of being possessed of the "aban doned and malignant heart," which the law says shall be inferred to exist when a killing is committed under circum stances such as surrounded that with which he was charged. The selection of the jury occupied a comparatively brief period and then Hous ton was arraigned, in accordance with the solemn formula prescribed by the law. To the questions of Solicitor General Osborne lie gave firm and ready responses, de claring his innocense of the crime of mur der. The shooting had been done in a house near the corner of Harrison and Laurel streets, in Yamacraw, on the night before Christmas of last year. Emma West and Willie West were in the house at the time, and they both testified that the shooting was absolutely without provoca tion. save some contemptuous words used by Houston's victim, and that it was as cowardly and brutal as it was unprovoked. These two witnesses, the most import ant of those introduced by the state, swore that Houston and Delia Green, the girl who was killed, had been more or less intimate for some months, and that on the night of the homicide the boy and girl had had a quarrel. Delta was 14 years old. The conversation said to have been car ried on between them was not particu larly elegant or elevating/, if WilHe and Emma West are to be believed. The gist of it ley in the fact that Delia treated with supreme contempt Houston’s as sumption that he owned her and refused to acknowledge he had any right to dic tate to her what she should or should not do. Then it was, according to the state’s w itnesses, that the fatal shot was fired. The girl lingered until the follow ing afternoon, when she died at the home of tier mother. Houston made his statement to the jury ■Kith the same composure which charac terized him during the entire trial. He said that he had been asked by Willie West to bring his revolver home from the repair shop, where it had been left, and dUI bring it to West on Christmas eve. He acknowledged having had some quarrel with Della, but said it had all passed before the shot which fatally wounded her was fired. He explained to the jury that he and Eddie Cohen, another boy of about his own age, had been Indulging in a good natured scuffle for the possession of the revolver, which was lying under a nap kin on the center table of the room. In the scuffle the weapon had been discharg ed, but he had not known until some min utes afterward that Della had been shot. Houston said that he had been gone for b physician and had quite willingly sub mitted to arrest, while he was returning from this errand. There had been no rea son, he said, why he should have shot the girl, and he declared he was absolutely innocent of any intention to harm her. IV illiam Mills, a negro who has been a fellow prisoner of Houston's at the county jaii. corroborated his statement as to the scuffle with Cohen, but Willie and Emma West, recalled for the purpose, swore that ■Mills had not been In the house when the shot was fired. They swore also that Co hen was not In the house, and Cohen, whom the solicitor general was success ful in having found on the streets, claim ed to have left the house some time pre vious to the firing of the shot which mor tally wounded Delta Green. These were the essential portions of the evidence, though there was enough In ad dition to keep the court busy until about 1 o'clock. At that hour both the state and the defense announced they had con cluded the Introduction of evidence and the arguments to the Jury were begun. Mr. Raiford Falligant made the argu ment for the defendant and Solicitor Gen eral W. W. Osborne for the state. Mr. Osborne spoke only for about fifteen min utes, contending the evidence showed the crime to have been murder, brutal, cow ardly and unprovoked, and asking of the Jury a verdict of guilty. Judge Sea brook's charge was short, crisp nnd to the point. He wasted no .time or words in non-essentials. Once, after the jury had retired, it returned to be re-charged. It wanted to know what penalty would be imposed if ■ verdict of guilty should be accompanied 0 recommendation to the extreme mercy of the court. Judge Seabrook ex plained that imprisonment for life was all the mercy the law permitted shown under ueh circumstances. Ten minutes later, a verdict of guilty, with n recommenda tion to inerey. was returned. Houston was directed to stand up. His m rve never faltered and he faced Judge Seabrook with perfect composure and "ithout any evidence whatever of emo tlon. Houston,” said Judge Seabrook, “you have been Indicted and tried for the '■rime of murder. The Jury has seen lit to accompany Its verdict with a recom mendation to mercy, and It now becomes m.v duty to impose the sentence directed V the law. I perform this duty with •omc pain and some reluctance; I dislike to condemn one of your youth and aipar ,nt intelligence to life Imprisonment in 1,0 '*°lng I exhort you to be a man, even " confinement, co repent of your past ‘HI deeds and strive to earn the cun ft i'-nce and respect of those placed In uu rorlty over you.” The formal sentence imprisonment for life was then hn iioijMioii H mother* Mti old, bludc wotnm r '*l#clab|o brok down and i>ltt#riy, Not io the boy him #l **• Utm ke<J tft*brook gttily Foye & Eckstein. These are “Opening Days” and * show days for the new Easter Mil linery Suits and Dress Fabrics. The store will be in gala dress all this week, as is befitting the occas ion. At a bound this store has step ped to the front, and with this dis play we shall demonstrate more forcibly than ever our right to the title of Leader. If experience was bounded by the few months we’ve had this new store, you might question the permanency of this rapid growth. But there are years of experience behind this busi ness, and this growth is as natural as is the growth of a plant when it is transplanted to congenial soil with bright, roomy surroundings. Store Policy: The greatest possi ble freedom to visitors, no obliga tions to buy anything incurred by your coming. Nobody shall ask you to buy. Any bargain you make can be unmade if you find your money would buy you better satisfaction elsewhere. Your trade is asked on this basis, and we believe you’ll keep coming. Foye & Eckstein* as he was conducted out of the court room. While he was sitting In the sheriff's office, one of the deputies asked him how he liked the verdict and sentence: "I don’t like it at all,” was the answer; ‘‘but I guess I’ll have to stand it.” MANY GORGEOUS HATS. Displayed by Jackson, Metzger A Cos, Yesterday. One of the prettiest millinery openings of this season was at Jackson, Metzger & Cos. yesterday. The house was beauti fully decorated, and the hats were artisti cally displayed by Miss Snow and her as sistants. The stock of hats is large and the prettiest creations purchasable in the East and abroad were exhibited yester day. The Buckle hat is original with this firm. It is not displayed in the show win dows. It is a large Leghorn hat with garniture of mallnes or chiffon and a large buckle or small roses. This Is the very latest creation. A beautiful thing in misses’ hat is the Queen Anne. It is pink chiffon streamers of the same, tied with rosettes of pink baby ribbon and white tips. Trimmed in delicately tinted pink and white, chiffon roses, chrysanthemum facing, and the crown of Jet. A lady’s pretty hat is a turban of white christofolo and applique, with large rose crown, handsome buckle. Another misses' hat is a large flat, red pleated chiffon, trimmed in red silk pop ples, eigrettes and ribbon, and has strings of ribbon and moline, tied with popples. Another is the snow drop hat. It has a crown of taffeta and applique made of pleated chiffon and lace, trimmed with snow drops only. It has streamers of wash taffeta ribbon. Another is a moline hat, top brim of roses, covered with real lace, faced with folds of moline and au tumn foliage. Large crown of pastel lib erty satin, handsome rhinestone buckle in center of crown. In mourning hats, Jackson. Metzger & Cos. are specialists in Savannah. Their stock is large and complete. It Is a fea ture of the business. This season flow ers are worn a great deal, mourning laces, with dull jet lace, hair braid and chiffon. In the suit and shirtwaist department everything is to bp, found from a muslin shirtwaist to a silk waist-from a crash to a skirt, from a 10-cent bit of un derwear to a handsome lace-trimmed skirt or overdress. On the right side of the first division is the dress goods department, below this i the gentlemen’s furnishing .Tepartment. On the left side are the fancy goods, hosiery, gloves, neckwear. Mr. Merritt has charge of the dress goods department. Miss Roche of the fancy goods department and Mr. Rolinski of the gentlemen's furnishing department. In the second division, on the right side, of which Mr. Benson has charge, are the linens, white goods, household, etc., and on the left the embroideries, insertion, etc., followed by the corset department and ladles' underwear, of which Miss Whitty has charge. The windows of Jackson, Metzger & Cos. are attracting a great deal of attention. They represent the “gates ajar, the background Is yellow, the ground work Is cloth of gold, the columns are good repre sentation of marble. Standing just inside the gate is a lady stylishly attired In a beautiful tailor-made suit, wearing a swell spring hat. This Is one of the most artistic show window displays of the season. at FOYK A KCKSTKIVS. rim r min u: nn<l Dnlnly Millinery Shown Yenterilay. At Foyc & K kstein’H millinery opening yesterday an array of new spring hats were shown. They were exclusive. They represented styles of the old time. They were all the more beautiful and more sought for. Hoses—from flaunting red blooms to buds of tenderest plpk and yellow and white—form the key-note of the millineiy trimmings this season. At the new store, where they have been holding their first Raster opening, the second floor is a gar den. All this season Is lightness and sim plicity. Styles have harked back to the •lays of cne's great-grand-mothers, and before then, even. One can almost see tile piquant faces of old-time beauties peeping from beneath dainty leghorns and plctuie hals. There Is an old-time flavor like lavender hovering about the daintiest and prettiest of the#<- paragons of feminine head-gear. Hut every one Is of the newest of styles. Feathers are few and far between, the ley-note of the decora turns is the flower, fhlidren s hats art trimmed cntlrel* with THE MORNING NEWS: FRIDAY. MARCH 15.1901. field flowers. All the styles are modifica tions of those of the periods of the Res toration, Empire and of 1830. Parisian mil liners saw the possibilities of these per iods, and the present season's styles are the result. There has been no more beautiful or successful display than this one at Foye & Eckstein's. Other attiactions are there in plenty. On the first tioor are displayed all the latest dress fabrics in wool, silk and washable fabrics; also a fine display of laces from the cheapest to the finest. On the third and fourth floors are dis played furniture, carpets, rugs, etc. In the suit department everything of the latest pattern is shown. Everything is exclusive—being made only for this firm. They range in price from $lO to SSO. In this department are a handsome line of skirts in different colors, and two toned effects ranging in price from $lO to S4O. Avery handsome line of underwear Is also displayed. The decorations were elaborate, surpass ing any previous display of the firm. Fes toons of greens and roses were profuse. Suspended from the second floor, and swinging out in front of the entrance, was a fairy driving a dozen white doves, which was especially attractive. More than twenty-five clever canaries were sil houtted around among the festoons of green, and furnished the music for the morning. This was a novel feature of the opening. One of the most novel window displays this season was that of this firm yester day. It represented a lady in a garden, the plum and apple trees were in bloom and the ground was strewn with roses. The iady was attired in an exquisite tail or-made suit and stylish spring hat. The background is a landscape in oil. In or der that those who were unable to visit the store during the day, Foye & Eck stein held a reception from 8 to 10 o’clock last night. An orchestra furnished music during the evening, and carnations were presented guests. No goods were offered for sale at all. SUIT AGAINST HEGELIAN. Dredging Company Secured an At tachment for $8,217. All attachmnt for $8,217 was filed yes terday in Justice G. Noble Jones' Court by the Babcock-Lary Dredging Company against W. W. Hegeman. The attach ment was levied by garnishment, notice being served on President W. W. Mack all of the Georgia Construction Company to hold up any money that might be due the defendant by the company. The attachment was sworn out by George T. Warner, manager and agent for the dredging company. Mr. Hegeman is a resident of New York. The case is re turnable to the May term of the City Court. The suit grows out of the Hutchinson's Island terminal work. The Georgia Con struction Company let a contract to Mr. Hegeman to do the dredging and drive the piles. Mr. Hegeman secured the dredge John Babcoek. and it Is for the services of the dredge that the claim is brought. HELD FOR HIGHER COURT. Ilronn Charged With Stealing Cop per Wire. At yesterday morning’s session of Po lice Court Richard Brown, colored, was remanded for trial In the Superior Court, on a charge of larceny of goods valued nt over SSO. Brown Is charged with hav ing stolen copper wire from the Savons, nah, Thunderliold and Isle of Hope Rail way Company. Golden Snow, the self styled Gypsy fortune teller, who bus given the po lice no end of trouble, was sentenced to serve 3t> days for being drunk and dis orderly on the street. Rosa Chlslom, colored, was reman*led for trial in the City Court on a charge of simple larceny. IMPROVING TENNIS COURT. Grounds at Holton and Drayton Street Popular W ith Players. The tennis players who have been using the lot at Bolton and Drayton streets for some time are making many improve ments on it which when completed will make K u very good court. The grata) has been cleared from the entire lot, the court clearly market out, and a wire fettce about eight feet high put up. 'Though there is To regularly organised riub. shout twenty gent.einr't use the court and games are played almost every tin** after noon In the morning the <-oirt Is used by j the lady friends of the players, * PATHS IN A CHILD’S BRAIN. The Effect of Earlr Training Di cua.ed n Kindergarten f 1n... The subject discussed at the sixth class in "Child Study" atllhe Phllbrlok Kinder garten yesterday, was the “Structures of the Central Nervous System,” and the modifications produced In the brain by properly training the senses of the grow ing child. “We may enlarge any given tract in the brain by exercises.” said Miss Backus, "so it follows as a matter of course that in two brains which weigh the same we may find a large difference in the number of developed brain cells; one may have certain tracts highly de veloped and others full of miniature cells, while the other may be full of brain cells of equal size and development." Education, physiologically speaking, alms at giving full development to all parts of the brain, and the basis of this development must come through the senses. Every time a child sees anew tree, smells anew flower or odor, tastes anew kind of food, feels a substance that he has never before felt, or walks, jumps, skips, hops or runs in anew way, there has been an ineffaceable path cut in his brain, and the cells through which this path runs will be permanently modified. When a great number of these pathways are cut the "associative fibers” connect them, so that the most complex images can be recalled through the uniting of these paths. When a child is young and the brain matter plastic these paths can be formed without difficulty, but after the age of thinty-three, it is almost impossible. “We should give to children as many vivid impressions of the world of nature as possible,” said Miss Backus, so as to enable him to form correct images through the eye, ear, touch and smell, otherwise the foundation of his education is poorly laid. He should also be taught to use his muscles in as many ways as possible, for man only thoroughly knows what he can do. A child raised in the country has a chance to form many more images than, a city child, and Halliek points out in a chapter devoted to the purpose, how nearly all men of unusual minds have spent all or the greater part of their childhood or early youth In the country. Although the psychological and physiological discoveries mentioned above are of a comparatively recent date. Froebel held exactly the same views ns to the proper training of the senses and embodied his ideas in his book on, the mother play.” Miss Backus asked each of the class to bring a stanza of discriptive poetry to the next meeting, and much curiosity was aroused. Endless reiterations seem necessary to make it clear that visitors are welcomed to any one clnss—all classes are held from 11 to 12 Mondays and Thursdays at the Phllbrlok Kinder garten, 302 Hall street, east. Special terms are made for those joining now for the remaining six lessons. WILL INTEREST SMOKERS. About the Manufacturing nnd Adver tising of Clgurs. Some people think, that because a cigar Is largely advertised; that it is done at the expense of the cigar and detracts from its merits; but, this Is not true. The large advertisers of cigars work on the same principle es other large adver tisers; they call the attention of the pub lic to their article, and it must have merit or it does not hold them. The cigar manufacturers who advertise largely do a proportionately large busi ness, which enables them to sell nt a smaller profit. They have greater facili ties by buying in enormous quantities, and securing the cream of (the tobacco crop at the lowest prices, which Is all for the benefit of the smoker. The firm of 'Hinschhorn, Mack & Cos. Is one of the largest manufacturers In the United States, and their Henry George cigar is strictly hand-made, and wonder fully good. At five cents, this cigar would be an impossibility, were it not for the advantages above named. Their Tom Moore cigar Is also hand-made, and of specially selected Havana filler and Su matra wrappers, from their warehouses in Havana and Amsterdam. In buying direct, they save the middle man’s profit, and are able to give superior goods at the lowest prices.—ad. The Canadian Pacific. With reference to Canadian Pacific Rail way advertisement in another col umn. That company is very anx iuos to interest the people of the South in the advantages It offer* to tourists, pleasure and health seekers In a trip through Canada. This railway is operated under one manage ment from the Atlantic to the Pacific. By it you can visit St. John, N. 8., and “The T.and of Evangeline," historical Quebec and Montreal. Toronto, Niagara Falls, a trip on the Great Lakes through Georgian bay, the Land of Hiawatha, I*akes Huron and Superior, canoeing and fishing waters of Quebec and Ontario, Winnipeg and the great prairies of the Canadian West, mountain scenery of the Canadian Rockies and Selkirk ranges, Banff National Park, the Great Glaciers, Kootenay, B. C., the greatest mining country on the continent, Vancouver and Victoria, Alaska and Klondike, China, Ja pan and Australia, around the world. Mr. F. W. Huntington, Southern agent, No. 8 North Pryor street, Atlanta, Ga., will be glad to give all Information. Plan Four Pan-American Trip Via New York or Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley Railroad, and enjoy a sight of some of America's grandest scenery en route. Best service. Lowest fare. Write Chas. S. Lee, general passenger agent, New York, for pamphlet describing the route.—d. A Message From Canada. “I wish to inform you of the wonderful cure which Graybeard has wrought on me. For the last twelve years I have been troubled with dyspepsia, gas on stomach. Jerking and nervous. This trouble grew so severe at times that I could scarcely stand upon my feet. I was in this miserable condition when Graybeard arrived. The first few doses relieved me, and I have not jerked from nervousness since, nor have I suffered from gas on stomach or from dyspepsia. “I have taken two-bottle* of Graybeard, and have taken the pills along with It, mid am now quite well again. I cannot praise this valuable medicine enough, and strongly recommend It to all who are troubled with dyspepsia, stomach or liver troubles. Yours sincerely, “Mrs. william Pollard, "lona, Ontario, Canada.” For colds and grippe, keep the bowel* open by taking Graybeard Pills, Little treasures, 26c the box. At all drug stores. Get Graybeard Compound at all drug stores. It Is the families' best friend now. Respes Drug Cos., Proprietors ad. Nee* Naphtha Launches $27.". Here In *a* annah. Why send off and buy a naphtha launch that you cannot *•■* until you havs paid for It, when you can pick ona oul right here In Savannah for the Kama money and will be instructed In lie use free of charge, and cat) ilk and try it before you pay for it? Call on I.ippniaii Brog, for full partic ular*,—<L WE STOP Classifying want and similar ad vertisements at 9:30 o’clock Sat urday night for The Sunday Morning News. After that all ads. go unclassified, so get them in as early as possible, Everybody reads the classified advertise ments in The Morning News, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS. PERSONAL. goods, jewelry, scissors, cutlery, shaving outfits. Will commence to-morrow at l a m.. at his temporary headquarters, 111 Whitaker. Some switchea are badly burnt, others are only little singed. Some finger rings, the gold Is partly melted, others are ready to go on the finger that Is waiting for them. Some razors are 'n a had fix, others hardly got a speck of water. Come early. You are sure to find something to suit U, and pretty well at your own price. “SOIREE, REDDICK-ADA MS DANCI ing Academy, at Catholic Library Hall, Tuesday, March lit. Rosenfeld's Orches tra, "GEORGIA STEAM LAUNDRY RE ■turns your quilts counterpanes, blankets, coverlets, clean, smelling fresh and healthful. 'Phone 94. >• THE GEORGIA DAIRY, 343 ABER corn street is now open for business, where everything carried by a first-class dairy may be found. SOMEELEGANT DRKSSERS, CHlE fonlers. toilet tables tn Birdseye maple, mahogany, white enamel and golden oak; come and eee them. C. P. Miller, agent. "“BICYCLES FOR RENT;" EASIER going than "Automobiles;" at reasonable rates; try a ride to-day; free air on Sun day. Walter F. Higgins, Drayton and President. "GO TO C. HETTERICH FOR DELl clous molasses candy, popcorn, brittle, peanut, cocoanut, lemon and sassafras, rose and benny, at 10c a pound. At C. Hetterich, 110 State street, west, be tween Whitaker and Barnard streets. YOU WILL LI KE"r HE MILK FROM Springfield Dairy; It's rich and pure; try it. _____ SPECIAL SALE OF BEDROOM FTJR nlture; sideboards, china closets; every thing new and up-to-date. Tel. 18S. J. W. Teeple. "COME ACROSS BARNARD STREET to Miller's furniture and'carpet emporium; fine goods, medium goods, cheap goods, that will astonish you If you have never been there before. C. P. Miller, agent. 'JUST COME“TN~AND“SEE OUR LINE of pocket books and pipes. Oppenhelmer, Sloat & Cos., 12 Broughton, east._ IF YOU DRINK MILK.' TRY A GLASS at lea cciu aerated milk, at Jersey Dairy, Whitaker and Perry lane. IAM NOW LOCATED" AT~tft WEST Broughton; ring up 1186 if you want t> have your furniture moved or packed for shipment or storage; I guarantee prices the same as I do the work that’s given to me. A. S. Griffin, 414 Broughton street, west; mattresses made to order. GEORGI A STEA M LATTND RY~ I RONS shirts so that the fronts button without puckering up; try them. ’Phone 94. 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WHITE MOUNTAIN GRANDE Re frigerators are the purest and cleanest; satisfaction guaranteed; sold at J. W. Teeple's. Telephone 183. OLD NEWSPAPERS, 200 for 23 cents, at Business Office Morning News. MEDICAL. HOW ARE YOUR FEET? IF YOUR feet are troubling you, call on me and I will give you relief; I cure Ingrowing nails, ctorns, and all diseases of the feet without pain; charges reasonable; can give the best reference* In the city; pa tients treated at residences; orders can he left at Livingston's drug store, Bull and Congress streets; telephone 298. Lem Davis, surgeon chiropodist. HELP IV ANTED— M ALE. FOR V. F army! able-bodied unmarried men, be tween ages of 21 and 35; citizens of United States, of good character and temperate habits, who can speak, read and write English. Recruits specially desired for service In Philippines; for Information ap ply to Recruiting Officer, 303 Bull street, Savannah, Ga. "WANTED," TWO BARB ERS. APPLY at oinh; good wages paid. 531 Liberty, east. “WANTED*,” YOUNG MAN WITH pleasant address, thoroughly acquaint'', 1 with city to do collecting on salary. Ad dress W., care of Morning News. A COMPETENT DRIVER FOR LUM ber wagon, must be sober, and acquainted with the care of stock; recommendation required; steady employment. Reppard, Snedeker & Cos. TWO SALESMEN WITH WID®“X<?- qualntance to sell slocks of well known lias torn concern on commission basis. Ad dress H.. Box 52 Postoffice. WANTED, A COLORED" MAN WHO understands the care of horses and driv ing, and is willing to make himself use ful about the yard; must be well qualified; send references. Address "Good Quar ters,” care the Morning News. WANTED, 'SHINOLE“fIAWYEr7“TO get out shingles and lath by contract. Call or address Shingle Mill, Ochwalkee, Oa. "salesmen"wanted to sell our goods by samples to wholesale and retail trude; we are the largest and only man ufacturers In our line In the world; lib eral aalary paid. Address. Can-Dex Mfg. Cos., office, 28 Board of Trade Building, Savannah Ga. HELP WANTED—FEMALE. WOMAN as nurse for young baby. Apply between 11 and 1. 1511 Abercom. WANTED, A ’<idol) COOK; MUST FIE neat and como recommended. 205 Henry, east. AGENTS WANTED. f '^wantbdTa^district^agent^to represent the Washington Life Insurance Company of New York at Savannah. Ga. Liberal contract. Add less Leon P. Saw tell, state manager, 901 English American Building, Atlanta, Ga. EMPLOYMENT WANTED. EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER OE sire* to make a change from present pa rtition; good references. Address M., News office. EXPERIENCED BOOK KEEPER wants few hours' or half days’ work on set of books. Competent, News. W ANTED—Mist EI.LANEOI S. ""BEFORE YOU" ‘buy' 7)ST~SeLL property, consult Robert H. Tatem, real estate dealer, York, near Bull. WANT EDTp TBCHASBR' FOR~N J NE hundred dollars' worth real estate; low rate Interest. Z. H. P. care News. " WANTED. ’ LIVE" FOXES, RED - OR grey, and live deer. For particulars ap ply to P. O. Box 401. Aiken, 8. C. “IF YOU want“a PLACE TO DUMP earth, dirt, sand, manure, etc., free of charge, just at city limits, hauling over hard road, write or telephone Brown Bros., corner Anderson and East Broad streets. IF you want gooeT milkToet it from Springfield Dairy; it’s rich, pure and wholesome. ■—■■■■■■ ..." FOR HUNT—ROOMS. room*. 108 East Taylor street. “for - rent, nicely furnished south rooms; all conveniences. 808 Bar nard street, near Liberty. — FOR RENT, ONE DESIRABLE southern room, furnished. Apply 127 Lib erty. west. FLATS FOR RENT. 'for RENT, FLAT, POUR OONNKCT- Ing room*; rent reasonable. 214 West Duffy. “FOB KENT, ONE DESIRABLE FLAT. Apply 127 Liberty, west. FOR RENT—HOUSES. Robert H. Tatem, 7 York street, west. FOR RENT RESIDENCE 'n6T"3 Jones street, east. In perfect order and condition, every convenience; will rent to desirable party -be, j us* present tenant Is leaving the city. Eft. Halomon Cohen, West Broad and Broughton streets. FOR RENT, DESIRABLE HOUSE, 1812 Abercorn street, corner Third; brand new; rent twenty dollars; immediate possession. FOB HUNT, 1101 'HE 42# BARNARD street, facing Chatham Hquare; rent $24 Immediate possession. FOB RENT, HKVKHAI, DESIRABLE residences, thoroughly renovated. Apply A. Wylly, agent, U Bryan street, east, , FOR RENT—HOC DM. FOR rent! atreet, east, comfortable house; perleot order and condition; hot and cold water t every convenience; right rent, right taa ant. Estate Salomon Cohen, Broughton and West Broad streets. FOR REMT-9TOMI. POR RENT, THE LARGE dSuSIS stores In the Whitfield building, corner Whitaker, State and President streets; they have large, well lighted cellars, and are splendidly located for retail business; Immediate possession given. W. M. & W. E. Coney. TP YOU ARK LOOKING FOR A small store, see Bewan, Bull and Thirty, second. FOR HF3\T—M ISCELLAHBOC S. FOR RENT, CORNER BROUGHTON AND WEST BROAD STREETS; FOR MERLY OCCUPIED BY THE SAVAN NAH CARRIAGE AND WAGON CO H. P. SMART. "for"" rent! silk hope men plantation, about seven mile* from the city, on the Ogeeohee road. Contains 260 acres of rice land under bank, rice drill, thresher, residence, and house for labor ers; possession Immediate; for terms, ap ply to Geo, W. Owens, 4 Brayan street, east. ± _ FOR SALE—HEAL ESTATE. ~WWNTEIh7pURfMLASEir^OR^U^ hundred dollars’ worth real estate; low rate interest. If. I*. H., care News. "RESIfeENCE AND BUILDING LOTS for sale all over the city. Robert H. Ta tem, real estate dealer. No. 7 York street, west. ■“advertisements' set in“cap" ITALB WILT. BE PRINTED I>l CLAS SIFIED ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN FOR TWO CENTS A WORD. NO AD VERTISEMENT TAKEN FOR LESS THAN 30C. FOR BALG-HI!iCBLLANDOiJ9. USE BENZOIN BALM FOR CHAPS and rough skin; use Sov Rem for the grip, cough; use Anderson's Lightning Cure for rheumatism and the pains after the grip; use Good Luck Embrocation for croup, cough and whooping cough. Persse’s Drug Stores. "FOR S*A LE M ASON~&~HAMMN~UP rtght grand piano, practically new, cost SBOO four yearn ago; will sell for S2OO cash. Address Music, Box 79, Savannah. SAW MILL FOR SALE. LOCATED near Allay, Ga., a first-class saw mill, fully equipped, several teams of mules, shingle mill and a first-class tram-road engine, with four or five flat cars, which we offer for sale at a very low price. Ad dress S. G., care Morning News. "FOR BALE. MILK, AS GOOD AS THE best; Art* fresh cow and Jersey bull. G. M. Hyals. Georgia 'phone. 899. "TY PEW R ITER'S—A FEW"MORE - OF those slightly shop-worn No. 2ealtgraphs; manufacturers’ price JBS; our price sls. shlpi>ed privilege of trial and examination free. F. H. Webster Company, 315 Broad way. N. Y. * SODA FOUNTAIN FOR'SALF WB are agents for Robbins. Shelbyvllle, Ind., who are not in trust. We carry a stock of soda fountains at all times. Lippmun Bros., Wholesale Druggists, Savannah, Ga. ‘SMALL STOCK SHOES. DRY GOODS', notions; good business location; low rent. Bewan, Bull and Thirty-second. “FOR" SALE; MAMMOTH BRONZE turkey eggs; largest poultry farm In the South. Glengarry Poultry Yards, Somer ville, Terns. “f ire proof s a fejl-we carry"a fine line of fire proof safea In stock at all times. The parties can see exactly what they are getting. Our prices are as low as manufacturers sell It, with freight added. Parties Interested, who wish a good fire proof safe, will do well to In spect our stock. Llppman Bros., Llppnaen Block, agents for manufacturers. “fertilizer," forflowersT"thud thing to use; two dollars double load de livered. Telephone, Springfield Dairy, LOST AND FOUND. LOST, A LEMON AND WHITE SET ter bitch. A reward will he paid for her return to A. B, Elliott, Planters* Rica Mill. MISCELLANEOUS. MALT MEAD; RING TELEPHONE and learn all about It. SECOND - HAND FURNI T U R B bought or sold on commission; we have some bargains In stock; repairing and up holstering a specialty. Jones Furniture Company, 143 Jefferson street. “GEORGIA PHONE 877 TO TAYLOR to estimate on your painting, paper-hang ing and general decorating. 138-140 Bar nard. ANH eYtIbR BUSCH BOCK - BEER and Llmburger cheeoe at O'Keefe's, Dray ton and Broughton streets, on Monday. March 11th, to continue every day until further notice. SHOES HALF-SOLED AND HEELED, BOe, while you watt. New York Pants and Shoe Repairing Parlor, 112 Drayton; Bell telephone, 1881. SHERBETS AND”SOD-AS^-A - LARGE assortment of soda glasses and sherbet cups and saucers, also sliver plated spoons and the largest assortment of bar glasses in the city. S. Bernstein, 303 Broughton street, west. WE it MPA I Ft ANY SORT OF stove or range; our prices are right; w# exchange stoves. A. C. Price & Cos., Jef ferson and State streets; ’phone 858. "TAYLOR FOR WALL”PAPERS.~TAY* lor for paints, varnishes, glass and pre pared kalsomlne. Get his estimate, 138-114 Barnard. Georgia 'phone 877. WE ABE HEADQUARTERS ~ FOR sewer pipe, fire brick, fire clay, oils and varnishes; give ua a call. Adams Paint Crmpany. DON'T TROUBLE YOURSELF about moving your furniture, relaying your carpets or matting. Perry A Ben ton wilt telleve you of all that trouble. ” PANTS*TO ORDE R — CLEANING, RE patrlng specialties. Pants pressed 13c', while you wait. New York Pants and Shoe Repairing Parlor, 112 Drayton. Bell telephone 1881. — ICE OH ESTB—JI ’ST - RECEJVES>, A lot of Ice chest* from a bankrupt sale. Will sell them at cut prices. S. Bernstein, 303 Broughton street, west. WE REPAIR ALL KINDS OF BEER pumps and make a specialty of putting in colls, faucets, beer stops, etc. A. C. Price & Cos., State and Jefferson; ‘phone 858. £ERRY A BENTON, UB STATS street, wcsl, will move, pack, ship or store your furniture at short notice; also ren ovate your old mattresses at little coat. Ball phone 1124. OUR GERMAN“ READY MIXED paint Is sold under a guarantee; have your house painted with it. Adarai Paint Company. CALL AND SEE OUU~ WATER hack ranges; they’ are beauties, and are sold on easy terms. A. C. Price A C#., State nml Jefferson; 'phone <SB. BARGAINS FOII THIS WEEK—'WIL low clothes ituskets at Sac. 46c, 63c, worth double the price. All riles butter churns from 3 to 4 gallons, at 16*' per gallon One burner gu* stove at Me; two burlier oil stoves at 86c. S. Bcrueteln. MS Brough ton street, ant, A - FULL I,INB — OF - ORATE* - JUST received, will sell any of the separata parte. Adams Paint Company, UH Con givsa street, west. 3