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2 STRAIGHT TALK TO MOTHERS The First Duty of Every Moth er Is to Fit Her Girl to Be a Mother. THE VALUE OF VITALITY How to Guard Against tbe Exhausting Strain oi Study, Over-Excitement and Other Drains on a Girl's Vitality. j Every mother should study her health. Not merely from the outside, but ■also from the inside. ; A girl, remember, does not always realize there is something the matter with her. when she is merely listless, colorless and appetiteless. But you. as a mother, should. You should understand that these seemingly slight symptoms are signs of an alarming condition ot your daughter's health. She lacks vitality. She is losing Jier hold on life. The flame of her lamp is burning low. The least little disease, cold, meas les, scarlet fever, typhoid, appendi* citis, may extinguish it. Only one thing to do. Supply fresh fuel for her vital flame by giving her Wine of Cardui. You can depend upon it, that this medicinal, vitalizing tonic, will do her nothing but good, hokever young she may be. It is a pure, pleasant preparation, made from extracts of medicinal plants. It contains no salycilie or boracic acids, or other preservations likely to injure the digestive organs, but every single ingredient has its value in restoring the vital forces to sick girls and women. If your daughter is thin, pale, weak, unable to stand much work or play, listless, t'red, expressionless and seemingly without much interest in Jife. she needs Wine of Cardui to build iher up. If she is nervous, irritable, highly Strung, excitable, a creature of moods find habits, has twitching of the eyes, face, muscles, fingers, arms, legs or feet, studies too hard, etc., she needs Wine of Cardui to relieve that high strung tension on her nerves. If she suffers pain, such as head ache, neuralgia, hackaohe. dragging down sensations, monthly abdominal pains, etc., she needs Wine of Cardui to relieve the pain and cure the weak ness which causes the pain. In short, for growing girls. Wine of Cardui is a necessity, whenever there is the least sign of vital weak ness or nervous trouble. It is the finest tonic and builder that was ever prepared for sick girls. 5, Girls who exhaust their brain and nerve force by over study, or who are weak from childhood up, will never be fit for wifehood or mother hood . Mothers should realize that their first duty to their growing daughters is to fit them for life's pleasures, du ties and tiMals. Experience, in a million cases, proves the truth of what we say, viz: that Wine of Cardui will do what cannot be done by any other food, medicine or treatment. It will build up nerve and vital force, of girls and women, relieve all their pain and suffering, enrich their blood create new bone and sinew, and make of a frail, pale, thin, creature, of ghostly appearance, a magnificent woman, with the bounding pulse, blushing cheek, strong nerves, spark ling eye and beautiful figure, of per fect vitality and health. Build vour daughter with Wine .oi Cardui. and do not forget that it is as good for you as for her. Barge SI.OO bottles sold by all druggists. Free advice, on any of woman's ills, is afforded by our staff of specialists. All letters confidential. Address, La dles' Advisory Department, The Chat tanooga Medicine Cos., Chattanooga, Tenn. GERMAN DRAWING AND WOOD CARVING. To Be Used In lie Athens Public Schools. Athens. Ga.. Dec. 9.—Supt. G. Bond of the Athen City Schools, secured more than five hundred specimens of the drawing work from the German exhibit at the St. Louis Exposition. He went there for the purpose of get ting this work and after a siege of two days with the United States cus toms officials succeeded in getting it released. The work is of the highest perfection in Its line, showing a very great superiority In finish over the nature drawing of the American school children from 12 to 18 years of age. The primary work by the little tot is not so good as the American children do. Supt. Bond also brought back with him several dozen specimens of wood carving from the German exhibit. He has arranged to secure several hun dred English specimens and will use these specimens in training his teach ers. There will he a school exhibit of the work of the Athens children next spring, and bne year from the coming spring there will be given in this city the most elaborate exhibit of this kind of work ever attempted In Georgia. It will embrace samples of the work of the school children of several nations, and will be an object lesson for the teachers of the entire state. It is the Intention of the Athens educators to have at that time present in Athens as many as possible of the teachers of the entire state. ltaby Slum at Americas. Americus, Ga., Dec. 9,—The baby parade and exhibition was the crown ing feature of the Hospital Bazaar, a magnificent success throughout. A hundred babies contested for the prizes, which the Judges, Dave Armstrong, Dr. McKee and Lee Hansford, neither of whom owns a baby, finally awarded Master Glover, aged 1 year, und Mtsa Bridges, aged 2 years. Already the bazaar ha* cleared more than SI,OOO. Coffee County Really for lniiulHranls. Douglas, Ga„ Dec. 9.—With the At lantic and Birmingham Railroad run ning east and wpsi through the cen ter of Coffee county, and the Wadlev and Mt. Vernon north and south through the center, crossing each outer at Douglas, Investors and homeseck •rs will be given every Inducement for transportation and settlement In the garden spot of Geoigla. Tilton's Nn Aldermen. Tifton, Off., Dec. Tlfton's munici pal election for three aldermen was held yesterday, There was only three ‘ondldaMs M T. liargrH 1 and J J Golden wore re-elected 10 succeed tfcemeeLee. and J. T Mathis was elect • 4 In place of Mr. C, L, Parker, whose> in Florid* prevented fail run - for (lie off!> s NEWS OF A DAY IN GEORGIA’S CAPITAL TRADES AND THE RAILROADS REACH AX AGREEMENT ABOUT SUN DAY SWITCHING. After Having Made Case* Against the Hallroads in the Police Court the Federation of Trades Readied an Agreement out of Court—Har ing Certain Hours on Sunday There W ill Be No Sn itching in the Y ards. Atlanta, Dec. 9.—After having made cases in Police Court, with a view to preventing the switching of cars and handling of freight by the railroads on Sunday the Federatton of Trades to day reached an agreement with the railroads on the subject outside of the courts. It is provided that there shall be no handling of freight cars within rhe city limits on Sunday between the hours of 10 a. m. and 2 p. m. and be tween the hours of 6 and 8 p. m., the men affected to receive pay for a full day’s work. It is stated that there will be no more prosecutions for Sunday switch ing. Heeoviler Assessed Alimony. Recorder Broyles made anew record for the Recorder's Court to-day when he granted S3OO alimony to the wife of Ben L. Littlefield and made Littlefield pay the whole amount at once. Lit tlefield arid his wife came here from Spartanburg, S. C. Use of liquor was followed by abuse and cruel treatmeht of his wife. When she told her story to the Recorder, and it was found that Littlefield still had left In bank about SIOO of the $1,500 which they received from the sale of their home in Spar tanburg, the Recorder made Littlefield give his wife S3OO under jienalty of go ing to the stockade. She got the money at once and Littlefield promised to let her alone. SIO,OOO for nil Ear. Clinton R. Walker to-day filed suit in the City Court for SIO,OOO damages against James K. Hickey, proprietor of the Kimball House, because his ear was bitten off by D. P. Mahoney, at that time a guest of the hotel. Walker says he heard a loud noise of persons fighting and went in search of the house detective. As he passed Ma honey’s room he says he saw him beat ing his wife. Mahoney insisted on Walker’s taking a drink; words and a fight following, in which Walker lost his ear. He now wants the hotel to pay for it. Her llusimnil |* Enjoined. Mrs. Dr. Rosa Monnish to-day se cured a temporary injunction to pre vent her husband, Dr. W. A. Monnish, from selling Ihe property at Peachtree street and Forest avenue, on which their sanitarium is located. She claims her money paid for it, though the ti tle is in her husband’s name. Inter est in the case grows out of the fact that residents of that section fought tor a long time the effort of the MOn nishes to build there, this being one of the city's most fashionable residence sections. The Monrushes finally won in the courts, and efforts have been made ever since to buy them out. Will Compete With Stale Road. Secretary of State Phil Cook to-day granted an amendment to the charter of the Atlanta, Knoxville and Northern Railroad, under which it is permitted to build a line from Marietta, in Cobb cqunty, to a connection with its line from Wetmore. Tenn.. into Carters ville. This road.again practically par allels the Western and Atlantic road, the state's property. The Louisville and Nashville, which owns the Atlanta, Knoxville and Northern, and which will soon be extended Into Atlanta, will then practically be in a position to compete with the state road between Atlanta and the most important sta tions on that line. Apportionment of School Fund. State School Commissioner W. B. Merriett is preparing the apportion ment of the school fund for 1905, which will amount to more than $1,723,000, or $200,000 more than ever before, as the result of the increased appropriation made by the last Legislature. This does not Include the convict hire un der the new convict law. which is dis tributed directly to those counties which do not receive convicts from the state. Look Out for Potter. The Davidboro Bank has wired the police here to look out for M. S. Pot ter, formerly cashier, who on Nov. 16, absconded, it is ulleged, with $20,000 of the bank's money. A reward of S3OO is offered by the bank. SI,OOO License to Sell Wines. The Ordinary of Walton county, un der the act passed at the last session of the Legislature, has fixed the license fee on the sale of domestic wines in that county at SI,OOO, which is prohib itory. Cnrulvnl fur Amcrlcun. Americus, Ga., Dec. 9.—The Americus Light Infantry completed all arrange ments to-day for a military carnival and street fair, beginning Monday next and continuing through the week. The Wright Amusement Company will furnish a full line of carnival attrac tions and a week of 'anti-Christmas merriment is assured. The Light In fantry is endeavoring to build an ar mory and the festival proceeds will be devoted thereto. Coffee County's Tax Collector. Douglas. Ga.. Dec. 9.—The consoli dated returns of the election here show W. L. Kirkland, elected tax collector of Coffee county by 100 majority. Cheer Ikl Can be turned Into good ra Efl 4ays by taking Hentz’a fij HJ Curative Bitters, It takes ij BU ten minutes to eat some. ■ wm thing you ought not to Eg Eg eat. It lakes two days to |9 ■ gel over it unless you Lake H H Mntz's Curative Hitters, U ■ "’hen you expect trouble H Wa with your stomach take a H dose and you will lie all MM right It can't harm you. EB Pj Rend 1 lie booklet "flier I] ■■ I'p!” and learn how to tie D healthy and enjoy life. jj' ' lru * "'ore* or M Ih m vr/.'* mm ns co. If Philadelphia | j SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS: SATURDAY. DECEMBER 10. 1904. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! Waltham Watches HAVE STOOD THE TEST OF TIME. The Perfected American Watch/' an illustrated Book of interesting information about ‘watches, free upon requests AMERICAN WALTHAM WATCH COMPANY. WALTHAM. MASS. MILL-HAVEN COMPANY. LUMBER In order to reduce our stock we offer for immediate sale the following material at very low prices f. o. b. cars our mill: 2 car No. 2 Com. Bevel Weatherboarding 1 55.00 2 car No. 2 Com. Square Edge Weatherboarding $6.00 1 car Sheathing SB.OO 5 cars Framing Stock SIO.OO Weatherboards and Sheathing dressed, framing surfaced four sides. PROGRESS IN TRADE. Despite the Severe Henetion in Wall Street. New York, Dec. 9.—R. G. Dun & Co.’s weekly review- of trade to-morrow will say: Wall street's severe reaction was not due to any setback in the commercial world, all measures of legitimate trade showing wholesome progress, and con fidence in the future is unshaken. Rail way earnings in November averaged 9.2 per cent, greater than in the same month of 1903, and the distribution of merchandise is sufficiently heavy to produce freight blockades at several points. Manufacturing plants report increas ed outputs in almost every instance, except where inadequate water supply provides a temporary interruption. This difficulty is most severely felt at coke ovens and paper mills in Pennsylvania. Seasonable weather has stimulated re tail trade in wearing apparel, and holi day goods are in great demand. Notwithstanding the sharp decline in raw- cottop the cotton goods market has remained fairly steady as sellers refuse to make concessions on goods manu factured from material purchased be fore the decline. Only urgent orders were placed at the high level, but the statistical position is very strong. One of the best features is the export trade, many mills being well sold ahead on this class of business. Failures this week numbered 239 against 331 last year. thebiggest’convict IN GEORGIA. ■■ ■■■■■l •> ;- k Escaped From Ware Cnmpss 1. Feet 7 Indies lull. Valdost'a, Ga., Dec. 9.—The biggest convict In Georgia was captured yes terday at Naylor, having escaped from the camps in Ware county several months ago. He is a negro six feet hnd seven inches in hight, and was sentenced for Sixteen years from Dooley county. He has been working near Nay lor for some time and was located by the chief of police here. He is said to have been one of a number of ne groes who stole about eighteen bales of cotton. Print Cloth Market. Fall River, Mass., Dec. 9.—The sales In the print cloth market during the week are estimated at from 50,000 to 60,000 pieces. Despite the fact that the market for the raw material has de clined almost 1 cent per pound within the past two weeks, the tone of the market for the finished goods con tinues firm on a basis of 3 cents for regulars. The bulk of trading during the week has been In narrow odds, a slightly increased demand being re ported for 28-Inch 64 by 60 at 2%. Wide goods are quiet and firm, at unchanged prices. Douglas Pastor Given a Warm Wel come. Douglas, Ga,, Dec. only all the Methodists of Gouglas, but all de nominations, and people of no denomi nation are rejoicing over the return by the South Georgia Conference, of Rev. Tom B. Stawford, to the pastor ate of the Douglas M. E. Church, making his third year here. He has done more good in this section, than all other agencies combined in the time given. His congregation showed its appreciation of his services in a sub stantial surprise party at the parson age, last night by contributions of checks, cash, and supplying the lard er with all kinds of edibles. Mi nil ill Men Postponed Meeting. Tifton, Ga., Dec. 9.—The meeting of the Georgia Interstate Sawmill As sociation, which was to have been held In Valdosta this week, was post poned until next Tuesday, on account of the conference in Savannah. It is expected the Valdosta meeting will be one of most important held by the association. A large attend ance Is anticipated and a Hoo-Hoo concatenation and banquet will be held after the business meeting. Sorry They Held Their t'olton. Cochran, Ga., Dec. 9.—The drop In the price of cotton has startled the farmers of this section. Visions of 5- eent cotton are looming up before them. The memory of unpaid mort gages and such evils following low prices are making them nervous. The warehouses here are full of cotton that might have been sold at from 9 to 10 cents. One farmer Is reported to be holding 300 bales. Pulaski Farmers Don’t l.lke the Hoad ha HI. Cochran, Ga., Dec. 9.—There I* wide spread discontent among the farmers In this county over the road laws. This county operates a chalngang. and the farmers feel that since their taxes go to its support, they should not be call ed on for additional road tax. The commissioners have assessed a $2 tax, although the law allows $3. GI'AIIAXTICK t I MIC KOH FILE*. Itching, blind, bleeding or protrud ing ptlea. Your druggist will refund money if Paxo Ointment falls to cure you In • to 14 days.—ad. To Ptshl email I'ws. t'ochrhn, Us,, th>e, I,—On account of lhe amtillpijs last winter In this coun ty and Ita early appearance again tlna fall, the County Hoard of Health ht,a m ilrrefi < nmptilaury vscrlrfatlon of pu pils In the public si Houle METHODISM IN GAINESVILLE. Florida Church Is Proud of Its Standing and Its Work. Editor Morning News: We have been reading with much interest the reports of the Georgia conferences and the growth of Methodism in Georgia. If not out of Diace I would like to tell you of Methodism in this city. Rev. W. J. Carpenter, pastor of the Hava na ugh Memorial Church, has just left here to attend the Florida conference. He has been here four years, the lim it of a Methodist pastorate, and will be sent elsewhere. His report, which will be read before the conference, is one in which both pastor and people take just pride. The membership of the church is 378. The total amount collected for four years is $11,372.96. The total collected for missions for four years was $2,043.81. There were 56 additions to the mem bership last year. The Home Mission Society has grown from 18 to 62 mem bers; the Foreign Mission Society has grown from 14 to 60 members. Is not that a pretty good showing? The moral and religious tone of Gainesville is excellent. All of.fts churches are prosperous. Our various schools have an attendance of over 1,200 pupils. J. O. Andrews. Two Houses at Lyons Burned. Lyons, Ga., Dec. 9.*—' Two houses be longing to Mrs. W. E. Wilkes were burned yesterday. The fire caught from an oil stove which was being used by one of the tenants to cook supper. The insurance will about cover the loss. The occupants saved most of their furniture. A shepherd dog be longing to Rev. I. (C. Jenkins, who went from this place as a missionary to Mexico, was burned. HEADACHES FROM COLDS. Laxative Bromo Quinine • removes the cause. To get thq genuine call for the full name and took for signature of E. W. Grove. 25 cents—ad. V MLSI-'.M EATS. PRESENTING MPT. RICHMOND P. HOBSON. THE AMERICAN NAVY; Its Brilliant Past; Its Glorious Future. GUARDS ARMORY, TUESDAY, 8:30 p. m„ Dec. 13, 1304. Seats on sale at Jones' Pharmacy, —Prices SI.OO and 75c. 30 good bal cony seats 50c each. MEETINGS. National Bank of Savannah, Dec. 10, 1004.—The annual meeting of the stockholders for the election of eleven Directors to manage the affairs of this bank for the ensuing year will be held at the Banking House. 10 Brynn street, east, Savannah, Ga., on Tues day, Jan. 10, 1905, between the hours of 12 m. and 1 p. m. F. D. BLOODWORTH, Cashier. SPECIAL NOTICES. A^TrUHSTMAtn^XZAAir^' Mrs. Louis Lippman Is holding a bazaar for the sale of Fancy Hand made Novelties at moderate prices for the Xmas holidays. All are cordially invited to attend. Open day and even ing. beginning on Thursday, Dsc. 15, and to continue ten daj■ — MRS. LOUIS FLORIDA ORA2CBE&. 200 boxes for sale cheap to-day * V* : A only. Call early and avoid the rush. GRANTHAM BROS., Bay and Barnard streets. LILIES OF THE VALLEY. American Beauty Roses, Double Violets. Something extra handsome are these products of our greenhouse. JOHN WOLF, Phones 634. Ott and Anderson Sts. ROOFING PAPER. Large shipment Just received 2. 3 and 4-ply. See us about it. ANDREW HANLEY CO. Phones 109. IT II m I F.'s TO*PAY. Everything the best—only the best. Those wild ducks, those wild turkeys, doves. t|iinll, snipe, woodcock, venison. And the finest meats In the world. Or der that dinner to-day. Phones 107. JAB. J. JOYCE. P. S.—Of course ws have the fruits and vegetables, fresh and line. M'Ft'IAI. NOTICE. Neither the master nor the agents of the British steamer Miguel de Lartimtgn will I>* responsible for any debts contracted by the crew of eald vessel WILI.IAMHON * ItAI'ERH. Agents. Savannah, (ia, Dec. 10, I*o4. Call and examine our line of j- — ■£r-rr~r Cooking Stoves and Ranges, ; ii and Oil and Wood Heaters. VVe have several grades to se- lect from. Prominent among them are the celebrated Char- 7 7**?] ter Oak Cook Stoves and 1 'r Ranges, and Barler Oil Heat- Our prices are right and satisfaction is guaranteed. PALMER HARDWARE CO.. Bay and Jefferson Sts. ‘ Some Simple Suggestions pGM L HAS It J LIVINGSTON’S PHARMACY Phones 293. 2<> West Broughton. Suppose you try a CASINO OYSTER CRAB STEW Nothing its equivalent on the market. Sea Food our no ted specialty. Shore Luncheons our great success, and late hour tit-bits are always here. SPECIAL NOTICES. SHAD. CAULIFLOWER. FANCY CELERY. CHOICE TOMATOES. ENGLISH DUCKS. SELECTED FOWLS. CRANBERRIES. ALL PORK SAUSAGE. M. S. GARDNER, 411 Whitaker Street. PHONES 575. 1 WANTED, I 20,000 POUNDS PRICKLY ASH BARK. Must be free of wood. LIPPMAN DRUG CO. OYSTERS. OYSTERS. OYSTERS. Oysters and the best of oysters! served In every style and delivered to any part of the city. v SCHWARZ CAFE, p. S.—Remember that you may or der here anything that the market affords. Regular breakfasts and sup pers 35c. SAVANNAH STEAM DYE WOKKS, 19 York. West. Cleaning, Dyeing. Pressing. Lace Curtains finished by steam. Only skilled workmen employed. Bell Phone 1145. Ga. Phone 1264. A. C. OELSCHIG & SON, Eloral Decorators. Handsomest Palms and Ferns in the Southern states. Cut Flowers and Floral Designs. Your orders solicited. Both phones 496. J. GARDNER, Agent, 18 Broughton street, east. POLLYCHROME RIBBON. Have you seen it? Writes in two color.?. The latest models of the Remington Typewriter are the only machines equipped with this new de parture in typewriting. R. M. HULL. Sole Dealer, TO CAPTAINS, MASTERS, MATES AND SAILORS. The latest New York, Boston, Phila delphia and other daily newspapers; weekly Journals and monthly maga zines; books and cheap literature; letter and note paper, pens and ink. —at— ESTILL’S NEWS DEPOT, 18 Bull street, corner of Bryan street (near the U. S. Custom House). SPECIAL NOTICE. Neither the owners, master nor the agents of the British steamship Sidra will be responsible for any debts con tracted by the crew of said steam ship; H. VOGEMANN, Agent. RIPE BANANAS. INDIAN RIVER ORANGES. Just arrived. Fancy Fruit Prices low. Fireworks cheap. COLLINS. GRAYSON & CO. Both Phones 244. INSURANCE. Fire, Tornado,, Marine, Accident, Sickness and Life Insurance. Your interest carefully protected in any of the above. W. T. HOPKINS, Agent, 18 Bryan street, east Phones 219. Chas. Inglesby, Manager. We will launder most beautiful ly 7 large Ta ble Cloths for 35 cents. 307 Bull St. Plione 700. Dainty Dressing Sets. Beautiful Manicure Sets. Sweet Scented Soap, Delicate Per fumes, Pretty Hair Brushes and Combs, Elegant Box Paper. A world of Druggists’ Sundries. BUSINESS NOTICES. HEADQUARTERS FIREWORKS Order in such quantities as your trade requires, but order early—earlier the bet ter. 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