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The Savannah morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1900-current, December 11, 1904, Page 14, Image 14

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14 SOCIETY. AFTERNOON RECEPTION. Mrs. G. B. PritcHsiril. Jr., ( <>m 11 1 i— nirntrd I>> sli Pritchard. Most attractive and charming was the afternoon reception with which Miss Pritchard entertained yesterday for Mrs. George Barnard Pritchard, Jr„ who is her guest for the winter. The rooms of Miss Pritchard's home on Macon street were beautifully ar ranged for the event, with many lovely flowers and handsome palms, giving a decorative touch. The walls are tinted in a light soft green, against which the green vines that garlanded them show ed with pretty effect. The mantels were covered with smi lax, and in the first room, where the receiving party stood, the flowers were American Beauties, two or three vases of roses being placed on the mantel, and others on the piano. In the sec ond room, the flowers were pink car nations, with pots of blooming pink azaleas placed about on the cabinets and tables. All the flowers were pink, and the lights were shaded in the same color. Between the two rooms was an arch of palms, rising at each side of the wide doorway and curving to 'a circle at the top. In the receiving party were Miss Pritchard. Mrs. Pritchard, and Mrs. W. G. Woodfln. They stood in the first drawingroom, against the south ern windows, palms being gracefully arranged at each side. Assisting Miss Pritchard were Mrs Ormonde B. Strong, Mrs. Henry C. Walthour, Miss Jennie Bryan, Miss Edith Johnston, Mrs. William E. Harper, Miss Julia Hunter, Miss Nelly White and Miss Flora Dancy. Among the callers during the after noon were Mrs. W. W. Gordon, Jr., Miss Mary Joe Stiles. Mrs. Harry Newell Walker, Mrs. Wright Hunter, Miss Barnard. Mrs. D. Y. Dancy, Mrs. Charles G. Bell, Miss Maxey, Mrs. Ed ward Frost, Mrs. Beirne Gordon. Miss Mary Comer. Miss Fair, Mrs. William R. Leaken, Miss Rowland. Mrs. P. W. Meldrim, Mrs. Fred Hull. Jr., Miss Ysabel Smart. Mrs. Charles McLaugh lin, Mrs. Horace Rivers, Mrs. George A. Whitehead. Mrs. Marion X. Corbin, Mrs. James Farle, Jr., Miss Elizabeth Gilbert, Mrs. Edward S. Elliott, Mrs. George L. Cope. Jr., Mrs. James Men zies, Mrs. W. M. Davidson, Mrs. L. P. Pettus, Mrs. R. S. Claghorn. Miss Mary Wayne, Miss Caroline Meldrim, Mrs. Pratt Adams, Mrs. Heyward Lynah. Mrs. W. R. Crawford, Mrs. Oli ver T. Bacon, Mrs. Olin Mclntosh, Mrs. A. L. Alexander, Mrs. Frank Butner, Mrs. F. D. Bloodworth, Mrs. Charles H. Wlllcox, Mrs. Charles L. Willeox, Mrs. Henry McAlpin, Mrs. LaMartine Varnedoe, Miss Lola Moynelo, Mrs. Alexander Carey. Mrs. John Gray Steinhimer, the Misses Olmstead, Mrs. C. M. Gibbes, Miss Ethel Taylor, Mrs. Julian Chisholm, Mrs. George F. Ten nille, Mrs. George Cosens, Miss Belle Daniel, Mrs. C. M. Gilbert, Mrs. Frank Webb, Miss Madge Reid, Mrs. C. R. Woods, Miss Elizabeth Heyward, Mrs. George Heyward, Miss Edith Thiot, Mrs. Richard Thiot, Mrs. Frank Mil ner, Mrs. John Heard Hunter, Miss Jessie Anderson, Miss Eugenia John ston, Mrs. James H. Johnston, Mrs. Horace Crane, Mrs. William Cann, Mrs. Edward Stoddard, Mrs. Charles B. Malone. Mrs. T. M. Cunningham, Miss Cornelia Lee, Miss Emily Charlton, Mrs. Anton P. Wright, Miss Margaret Vernon Stiles, Mrs. Trenholm Hopkins. WALSH & MEYER, \4 BROUGHTON STREET, WEST. WOMEN AND CHILDREN’S STORE. Practical Holiday Suggestions, Gifts at Lowest Prices, For Men. Umbrellas, Handkerchiefs, Collar and Cuff Boxes, Sofa Pillows, Laundry Bags, Scrap Baskets, Office Baskets, Gloves, Couch Thrower, For the Little Ones , Band Made French Caps, Hand Embroidered and Crochet Sacque, Afghans and parasol Covers, Leggins, Mittens, Bootees, Bibbs, Sweaters. Nurses’ Caps, Aprons, Wuists. HEADQUARTERS FOR KID GLOVES. Only the Best Makes Kept: Fownes, Regnier; Freres, Maggiom. ALL GLOVES WILL BE GLADLY EXCHANGED (If Sites a te not Correct after Christmas.) Miss Phoebe Elliott, Mrs. James H. Hunter, Mrs. Maner Lawton, Mrs. Ral ston Wylly, Mrs. V B. Girardeau, Mrs. George Cann, Mrs. Charles Park. Miss Duckworth, Miss Mary S. Jones, Miss Lily Anderson, Miss Eliza Lamar Hull, Mrs. Otis Ashmore. Mrs. Francis Rob inson Clarke, Mrs. Marion Thomas, Mrs. S. L. Varnedoe, Mrs. J. B. Ches nutt, Miss Pape. Mrs. Harry Blun, Mrs. Harold O. Ayer, Mrs. Gordon Harrison, Miss Edith Warfield, Miss Irene Withers, Miss Georgia Freeman, Mrs. Frank Battey, Miss Nelly White. Miss Laleah Adams. Miss Minnie Adams, Miss von Gundell, Miss Rems hart, Mrs. G. Noble Jones, Miss Sey mour, Miss Cecelia Woods, Mrs. J. S. Wood. Miss Royster, Miss Wheeler, and the Misses Newcomb. BOOK OF oi.n RECEIPTS. Compiled l.v Bishop Beckwith So ciety From Old Savnnnsli Homes. An interesting compilation of old receipts, many before unpublished, has been made by the ladies of the Bishop Beckwith Society of Christ Church and will be sold for the benefit of the Free Manual Training School. The title of the little book, "Favorite Receipts from Old Savannah Homes," suggests its character. Most of the receipts arc ‘ those that were in use for years in old Savannah families and have been handed down from generation to gen eration, tested and endorsed by a suc cession of good housekeepers. This fact will make the collection invaluable, as receipts of this sort are more and more sought after and always difficult to ob tain, not often being purchasable. The book, which has been made up in very attractive shape, will be ready by Dec. 15 and will be put on sale immediately at the Woman's Ex change, so as to be available to those who desire copies for Christmas gifts. TO ENTERTAIN MISS GOI.DRKRG. Visit of Field Secretary of Connell of Jewish Women. Miss Janette Goldberg, field secre tary of the Council of Jewish Women, is expected in the city this evening and will be at the De Soto during her stay, which will last two days. Miss Goldberg's visit is of great interest in Jewish circles generally, and will be the occasion of much that is pleasant socially, as well as important in con nection with the work of the Council. A committee of ladies has been ap pointed to meet her upon her arrival. To-morrow morning she will be taken for a carriage drive, and will after wards be entertained at luncheon at Bannon Lodge. Her first public ad dress will be made to the Council of Jewish Women in the Chapel to-mor row afternoon at four o'clock All Jew ish women in Savannah are invited to be present. It will be open to the pub lic, and, while Intended primarily for the Council, the members of the junior section and all Interested are asked to attend. To-morrow evening, Miss Goldberg will be the guest of the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. George Solomon, with whom she will dine, and will afterwards meet some of their friends at an informal reception. Miss Goldberg is organizer of the junior sections of the Council of Jew (Continued op Opposite Page.) SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS: SUNDAY. DECEMBER 11. 1904. MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY HEADQUARTERS WITH US. CDCPIAI OAIro in every Department this week. Our last week’s business was very ‘gratifying to us, and recipients of gifts bought here will be pleased with same' OrtUIAL OALto Good, sensible articles for everybody; articles that are lasting and will give real comfort, will be yours if you trade at this popular shopping center Down Comforts. Were selected a $7.00 grade of this popular article and priced them so low, that if you see the quality you'll (tjf* QJ surely buy HOLIDAY WAISTS, /ft mm mm ft* Made of Chiffon Taffeta, trimmed with tiny tucks IjL me AO and buttons, neat collar and cuffs, in black, navy red and brown; $6.50 values, now priced W Fur Sale. Warm weather still with us, consequently too many Furs. Prices cut very, very deep. Note these two specimens of what awaits you, if you come in time. Ladies’ Handsome Fur Neck Boas, in quite a variety of furs, $2.98 VALUES FOR 5 Q Handsome Furs, Stalls Capes, Boas and Collarettes. Scarcely a piece in the lot worth less than $10.00; some even /f* £ OJP more; . j now priced Hr For Women . Handsome Furs, Hand Made French Muslin Underwear, Fancy Shell Combs, Silk Hosiery, Hand Made Neckwear, Fans, Perfumery, Evening Scarfs and Shawls, Evening Gloves, Evening Waists, Street Waists, Holiday Umbrellas, All the New Shades. \ Chiffon Ruffs and Capes, Real Lace Handkerchiefs, Real Lace Collars, Sweaters, Dressing Sncques, Kimonas. JACKSON & PUTMAN ' BROUGHTON AND WHITAKER STREETS. SENSIBLE ARTICLES FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS. Grand HOLIDAY Opportunity in Ladies’ and Children’s Suits. One more grand sale to add to the glory “ ~ir Our Misses’ and Chilkren’s Department ot , t 1 i fer to the buyer, during this sale, a most ex of our many successful sales held this winter. ce ile„t opportunity to buy Ready to-Wear and to indellibly impress upon your mind the garments for barely the cost of material, thus , . f ... doing away with the worry of making during absolute supremacy of this gigantic these bus / days> K * READY-MADE DEPARTMENT . Children’s Dresses , of fancy checks, yokes of plain Cashmere to Ladies’ Suits, of finest French mixtures, I match, trimmed with fancy Wg mrrii i on g and medium Tourist Braid, Velvet and Buttons; Jmf Coats, with strap backs $3.50 values, now priced I a °;!Jri e „. sleeveSl s2s '°° IJ'UU Children’s Caps and Bonnets. Mostly ere values, now -r . ■■ - r thing want . Long Tourist Coats, Made of. English Man- ed is here. One special line of Silk with nish A O pleated front and Kuching, rt* 4 Q A mixtures, in light and dark jrafJ W/l pink, white and light blue, jfc I I greys, mixed, brown and HOT .in A V HANDKERCHIEFS— Buy now while the line is still complete. No disappointments to you or your friends can come from our goods. They are positively correct, and our prices the very lowest. CHRISTMAS LINENS. $1.35 Beautiful Snow QQ- White Damasks UUu $1.75 and $2 Nap-fl*| AO kins, pure linen....oli*tU H. S. Linen Scars A and Squares Hot Embroidered and Drawn Squares, Scarfs, Mats,etc., and Renaissance, prices in profusion. Feather Bows. Just a few left after the win ter’s selling—all white, white and black, pearl, grey and plain black. We’ve slashed the flfl so that you get a S2O article for 01U1U U Useful Presents For Everybody . Hand Embroidered Linen, in Lunch Sets Centre Pieces with Mats to match, Buffet Covers, Bed Sets, ' * Very Attractive Gifts in Our Hand Made and Art Department. These little gifts must be seen appreciated. Work Bags, Frames- Cushions, Etc. Sofa Pillows, Lambrequins, Portieres, Lace Curtains, Table Covers. GENT’S GOODS. Buy your Ties, Hand kerchiefs, etc,, here and save money. All Linen Handker- |f) ft chiefs ILL Handsome Ties 25c Pretty Shirts soc Fine Socks 25c Oriental Art Squares. 9x9 feet, very handsome and very heavy; makes an ideal and everlasting floor covering. A $15.00 value. Now of- OQ QQ fered at wuiOd HOLIDAY UMBRELLAS. An One of the iargest invoices ever brought to Sa - M mIW vannah. and so marked as to insure ready sale. * S One special is a handsome Ladies’ Umbrella, silk covered, at ® $2.50 White Quilts; Large Size With Handsome Oj “IE Fringe Oh I J Laundry Bags; Shoe AC. Bags, Pillow Tops,etc. Zull $4.50 Marseilles Spreads; Large Size, Heavy Jin Quality gdiTj $3.00 Lace Net Ruffled Cur lains; to close a line QQ_ we price them per pair DOC Kid Cloves. The genuine Centemere and every thing that’s good. From now till Xmas we offer our $1.25 line of Suede, P. K. and Kid Gloves guaranteed to fit per fectly and wear exceptionally nn well, at OIiUU Wool Dress Goods. Black and Colors. We offer an ex ceptional leader of all Wool Che viots, Batistes, Albatross, etc., plain shades and fan cies, 60 to 75c values, now priced.-..*. Handsome Silks. Velvets, etc., Real Laces, Silk Hosiery, etc., For Gentlemen desiring to buy for Ladies, we sell you anything with the priv ilege of exchanging at will. Holiday Handkerchiefs. Handkerchiefs Daintily Embroidered, or Lace Trimmed, Real Lace Handkerchiefs of Valencies Duchess and Point Lace, Hand Embroidered Initial Handkerchiefs, Every Kind for Men, Women and Children. All Holiday Handkerchiefs done up in Fancy Boxes. Suits, Coats and Waists, also Furs. Tn our line of Outer Garments we have made Extreme Concessions in Prices for the Holiday Purchasers. These Goods are Highly Tailored and only made of the best material. PURCHASES STORED AND DELIVERED AS DESIRED.