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Georgia weekly opinion. (Atlanta, Ga.) 1867-1868, April 28, 1868, Image 3

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GEORGIA WiE E K L Y OJPMlNIIliOiN THE WEEKLY OPINION. THE CITY. Ficm The Daily Onxiox ot Monday. J AnnK*TPD.—Joe. Brown (colored) wa» arrested title evening by tlio military for threatening colored voters for voting the Gonlon ticket, Thk Electiox To-Day.—The morning wj» dark ami cloudy, with rain falling oc casionally In heavy showers* Yet by seven o'clock, the hour for opening the polls, not less than a thousand whites and blacks had assembled within and around the Court House. When the polls were opened general rush was uiado lor tho different doors where the tickets were received. Then began tho usual excited electioneer ing by both political parties, and each seemed determined to out do the other in tho way of securing votes. Tho most of the work seemed to be expended upon the colored men, some of wlioui seemed to stand the pressure and vote as they had intended when they left their homes. The Radical tickets wero printed upon blue paper, with an engravlngofa rail road train on the hack, the train running upward on the ticket. The Democratic tickets were white, yellow, red and n dark blue, with the train on the hack, tho locomotive heading downward. The Rad icals kept n sharp lookout for tho dark blue tickets, and were quite active In rush ing around to sec that none of them Were voted by the Intelligent colored sovereigns. The negroes were all excitement, and en gaged In expounding tho new Constitu tion ns valuably, If not as intelligently, us so many Webster* might have done. Home rather rich scenes occurred. One negro came In. elbowing hb way through tho crowd, saying he wanted to vote. “ Have you a ticket," asked a young gentleman with h roll of blue tickets In his iiatid. Just at this moment another young man approached the colored man, and asked him to take a white tickets— “O, lyes,” said the shade, 1 * 111 take It nod will remember you when 1 see you again." Another negro cried out: ‘•Gib me de Express ticket; 1 goes on dat train." " 1 can't ride on dat Bullock concern. It's too near busted; I goes on de Gordon wagon." said another. Every white man had some especial ne gro to electioneer, and every negro seemed to have some sable brother under bis charge. Many of the uninitiated were constantly searching for some new Information, yet asking the same questions over and over— all showing that desire to have those whom they have been wont to regard as their su periors to be familiar with them. •‘ Golly," said one ancient shade, u deso big folks do come down to us now. After de election dey won’t .-peak to us common niggers." White men of every class and party seemed to think it a duty to be iu close caucus with the negro, and did not shrink from imploring ids vote; the candidates were partietihuly so. We overheard one candidate in conver sation with a colored man. when something like the lollowlng conversation ensued: “llow arc gou going to vote?" “I’ll vote as Mars .Songo does," replied the negro. “Then you will vote against your race." Jald the candidate. *•1 don’t euro if 1 do." replied the negro, ‘•1 am free and will vote as 1 please*" a Wh»t l- your name?" was the next question. The darkey gave ir. What tho mative was for asking tiie negro for his name we do not know. -You got ills face on your ticket ?" asked one negro of another, at the same time showing a photograph of Col. Bullock. “Go way wid dat huv," said tho other, • liar's too much iielly for do face." A colored man named Aaron Dobha pro claimed publicly that lie had been paid three weeks ago to work for Col. Bullock and the Radical ticket, and that he then had the money III his pocket. Tills state ment he repented three or four times. In a very loud tone, and iu the hearing of at Jpast twenty person*. Although the whole Hall III the lower story of the Court House was crowded, and some live or six hundred whites and blacks on the outside, yet the utmost good order prevailed. From Thk Dailt on*ion of Tuesday.] Tun .Jm-KKSOX UoL'XTV Prison**•*— We this morning visited the gentlemen • who arc now confined In the calaboose by order of the Military authorities. We cer tainly found them as comfortable aa could la? expected under the circumstance*, with 'hut one exception, stnl that la that their rations are of the ssiue kind and quadty Unucd to soldiers, and ulso that they have but little to read or aid them In passing Miav the tedium of prison life. We have not i|Aca to give more than the name, age *nnd reside**® of each. • _ j t. Darker R a native of Jefferaon county. I* rtity-t»oywr.of »K»U » mcm- l*r of tins MctlioUUt Church. During thn wnr ho engaged In the ltallro«l D*- iMUtmont. . . _ J.uie. M. DcriMo iu born In Jeflbnon county, D thlry-clghl jr«nr« ori«*-ni In the Cobh Union and wrvsd under Oen. Young, tu* bu.lnua U Umt of , flirtn«r. U T. Mnnlcy w*» horn In I'.ndolph county. U Iblnj-elght ycnn of ngj. He served elghto*. month* In the !8th AM* b»ma Infantry, under Ocn. WUhijfc- Dr. It. A. Gsrwiu wn* born In Joflbnon county, U thirty *cvcn yean of a member of Ooi. Brown’. Stnto MUItls. 0. tf. Lumpkin was bom In Burke coun ty. la thirty-six year* of age- waa a addler In the iWth Georgia Infantry. • R. J. Pannel la twenty-nine year* <o f JK* was born In Augusta. Waa In the Confed erate army during tho whole war; lint In the 1st Georgia Infantry, and afterwards In the 03d Infantry. All of liU service was done hi Stonewall Jackson's Corps. He was wounded once In the side of tho head. R. A. Diehl was born In Banks county, la twenty-four years of age—was a soldier In tho 4th Georgia Infantry, and served through the whole war !u the Western army. • JL L* Gobiirt was lx>rn InJeflenou coun ty, is twenty-three years of age—was In the 8th Georgia Cavalry, and did all of his service Iu the army of Northern Virginia. O.W. Qulnlcy was born In Jefferson county, la twenty-two years of ago—was a member of tlic 27th Georgia Battalllon of Infantry, and did all his service In the ar my of Tennessee. John A. Watkins was born In Banks count)', is 21 years of ago—was a soldier In the 2d Georgia Infantry; served lu the army of Virginia, and was wounded four times. Win. A. Tompkins was born In Jefferson county, Is twenty-four years of ago—was a racmlter cf the 2d Georgia, under Gen. Longstrcct; was wounded at Cblcka- manga. A. J. Oliplmnt was born In Jefferson county, Is twenty-one years of age, and was n soldier lu tho 42th Georgia. O. T. Bnrganter was born In Jefferson county, Is nineteen years of age. They arc all confined In one room, and arc properly In the custody of our excel lent City Marshal, Col. Thomas. They speak In the highest term* of the military officers who had them in charge while at the Barracks. AT Joe Brown, tho colored politician, who was Incarcerated In the city ptlson, yesterday, i.y order of the Military, for threatening and attempting to Intimidate freed men lor voting the Gordon ticket. Is still held iu confinement, lie has proba bly found out by this time that other darkles arc as free ns he, and that they have the same right to vote for Gordon that he has for Bullock. The action of Gen. Monde in this matter is but an addi tional evidence that hej* taking no part In the partizan strife, hut that lie seeks merely to discharge Ids duty, as a conscientious and sworn otlicer of the Government. urn Tux Daily Upikiom of Wednesday.] Attkmpteo Stamiino.—Monday night* brakemnn on the Western and Atlantic Railroad, named Thomas Brady, broke in to the house of Ko.«u Thoiimoii. a ttymph du pa re, who resides in the jungles on Mariet ta street, known as Brooklyn. Yesterday Rose swore out n warrant and bad the midnight prowler arrested, and was hound over by tlio Mayor to the Superior Court. Sut hJlcd. Rose started for her den, and when near there, some female friend called to her to “run," n* Brady was behind her, and would kill her. Looking round, she discovered him hut a few yard* lieliiud Iter with kiilfo drawn, evidently intending to murder her. Affrighted, she run down ii|m>11 the railroad track, lie i**r*uiiig her, nut fortunately was met by olllcer Jack Smith, who cheeked lihu in Ills wild career. Ho iiltempteif resistance to the olllcer, who applied Ids ~i*vi>ii;tdt-r” gently once or twice, which had such a sootliing effect that lie went to the calaboose In a spring- wagon. This morning he was released from cus tody about six o’clock, and shortly uftcr- wanls nn ottb-cr appeared with a warrant, hut he hud flown. He might just as well conic lu, for the olllcer* arc after him. Wiikkk’s that Laxd and Mclk?—Quite it number of colored men have been making Inquiries upon the street for the office ot* the man who was to give them the laml and the mules if they would vote tho Radical ticket. This may not be what would legally Ik? called corruption or tho sacred Ballot Box, but It looks to us ilko something very nearly akin to it. When political parties are reduced to such straiu in this. It seems to us that lc would lie much better for their reputation as a party, that they close out and bo hon orably defeated. If a |K>lltlc*l party uses corrupt mean* te secure the office* of a State, they will most certainly use tbe of fices til the same way, little earing how much the State may suffer. Tbe man who will report to lo«v and unlawful means to get position, u ill prostitute that position to low* and unlawful uses. Well may tho people leur the success of the Radical party. Vnm far Daily Orixiux of Thursday.'. II. K. QuRluit. Ltuigdon Kills ami Rich ard Hall, citizens of Alabama, who liuvo been tried by a Military Commission, con vened under General Order* No. 57, Head quarters Third Military District, upon thn charges of ••obstructing Reconstruction,**, h ive liecr. a quit!c I by the 1 omniiaalon, anil their finding approved by Ueo. Meade, and the parties discharged. The evidence •bowed that the charges were entirely without foundation. DaRIXO Bobbkby— United .States Bonded Wart home Broken Oi*n—Twtnly-on* Boxe* of Tobacco Stolen.—Hometime last night a party ot burglars effected an entrance to Dr. N. L. Angler's Bonded Warehouse, on Forayth street, by drawing tho ataplo to the United States loca with a crow-bar, and unlocking the private lock with » skeleton key. The entraiico Is at the side door, where the pood* were taken out upon (tie street and loaded upon a dray. They succeeded In getting boxea of tobacco of the best brands. Smith & Rich mond lose seventeen boxes and Meador & Bros, four boxes. The whole low Is call- a t $800, No clue to tbe robbers baa yet been found. GfThcy have strawberries and cream In Montgomery, Ala. from Tax Daily Orntiox of Fridsjr.J FionT.—A regular old fashioned country fight, of tho fist ami skull pattern, took place lit tho streets this afternoon betw een Gen. L. J. Gartrcll and Geo. Hammond, Esq, both of this city. The difllculty, we understand, originated lit sorao words which wero passed between Get). Gartrcll and Judge Hammond (the father of one of the combatants) yesterday. As there were no deadly weapons used, it Is thought that neither party U seriously Injured. Cot.. Townsend axi> thk Klkction at Marietta.—Wc were pleased to he inform ed by a gentleman from Marietta, that tor tho fairness and good order of the election In Cobb county, they arc indebted to Brevet Lieut. Col. Townsend, who Is temporarily In command at Marietta. This we knew would be tho result when we learned that this officer had bcon assigned to that post. Col. Townsend graduated at West Point lu 1850, and after two years* service In the Third Artillery, resigned Ills com mission and entered upon the practice of law lu Detroit, Michigan. When the war began, he tendered his services to the gov- inent and was appointed a Captain and as signed to the 10th Infantry, then a new regiment in the regular army. From the first occupation of Nashville, Tennessee, he was chief Ordnance officer of that depot, amt supplied General Sher man with all theamiiKiultlon he spent upon Atlanta. In 186(1, when the new regiments of the regular army was organized, his the decay of political pabtib*. At s recent Htatc Convention of the Democratic party In South Carolina, reso lutions were adopted favoring qualified negro suffrage. Similar resolutions hate been adopted by primary meetings and district conventions of the party In other Southern States. These manifestoes have wrested the attention and commanded the Approval of lending journals and politi cians North—men connected with each of tho contending political parties. There arc thousands of Democrats In that sec tion who arc not Copperheads; nor la It true that the masses of the Democratic or Conservative party South are Rebels. It Is equally well known that there ore Re publicans, North, whojare not Radicals, and Reconstruction!*!* South who are not “ne gro worshipers," Thublow* Wkku, for in stance, and men of his school of politics, are neither Democrats nor Republicans; they arc neither Radicals nor Copperheads; because they endorse tlio Platform of nei ther forty as an entirety. The same D true of Mr. Raymond of the Times, Mr. Bryant of the Post, and others connected with the metropolitan press. Mr. Ciiask has always been more Radical in name than fact; and the recent onslaught-* upon him by the leader* of the Radical party, Ids position on the Impeachment issue, and Ids subsequent virtual withdrawal from the ranks of the Republican party, are Indica tive of his private political sentiments. Adams of Massachusetts. Gen. Hancock Gen. Sherman, and Ri.aiu of Missouri, are battalion of the IGth Infantry was made certainly as far from being Copperheads aa the basis of the 25th Infantry, with which ! they arc from being Radical Republicans, regiment ho is now serving, although he J Judge Reagan,of Texas, Gen. Loncistrkkt, stands first on the list of Captain* for pro- 1 Obr of South Carolina, and Irwin and motion, and there Is now a vacant Majorl-* VakCY, of this State, a* far removed ty In the army. ( from Radicalism as they are from w bat has We arc sorry that this distinguished and | been termed tho “Rebel Democracy." gentlemanly soldier is not permanently to ; Now the question arises, is tliorc nocorn- serve In our midst, but when lie does' mon ground on which reasonable men of leave us ho will carry with 1dm the kind both section* can unite hereafter? If it be wishes of many warm friends lie ha* made hue (and no intelligent man will dispute during Ids short stay. | It) that there Is a large and powerful ele- nient In the Republican party. North, who OT We find tho following editorial; disapprove the oppressive legislation of parogragh Ir the Cincinnati Commercial j Congress touching the question of Reepn- of the 23d: ! stnictlon, and who arc advocate* of quali- The Georgia papers ju-tify tho murder A** negro suffrage only, what Is to hinder of Asiiburn, on the ground tfmt lie was a this clement from 'miring with the Demo- vulgar. Inn,.rant an.l jlijrepuuble man. C rat* of South CHrollna uml of other They linrp upon tins thing continually, i a .... , . So we HIT tort to the vonclu. Ion llwt In Southern SUtet, who llkewljc favor <ju»!l- Georgia murder and U’Wiivrtiiiitlon are con- fled suffrage for the black man? It ha* sidcred moral means of punishment for (icen confidently assorted that every Na tl** want of education and sanctity of prl- f .i onjl i n..|i»orrit and ConrervatliP Ri>n,.l». vatc life, and that the knife and pistol arc I \ onal , ,, ‘ 0crn , creative Kepub- rccognizcd hupleun iiU in tno m Iioo! of *» Georgia, would unite with that manners. If a mini is ignorant, stab him j party bavin/for its platform n standard in the brean; If he 1* gn»*s and vulgar In | ofuualfjlcd suffrage, under which all men of color can b. permitted to the mask and when the victim U defense- J vote. We believe that a large minority ol less. That l* the Georgia code of honor In j both the political parties North, hold the same opinions; they certainly do, If the uoiigh to , ^ inc t j |U ncwg p U | K . r press of tliut country this year of grnc \\ ill tlio < ’OiniiK'H i.d he g> ^ r» - — . nuusui me newspsuK-T press oi uiuveoiimry inform It* readers trh<u pijn rs iu Georgia t|, u sentiments of the |*cople. It “Justify the murder of A»hlmrn, 1 ground that he ’ the , Is natural for |M>lith-al parties to run disreputable man?” WJJJ It do this, or cease to misrepresent the “tieorgia press" without discrimination ? A Rbw ix Auuksta.—Tlio Augusta pa pers, of yesterday, contain tlio particular* of a disturbance which occurred in that city on the la«t day of the election, and which well nigh resulted in a hioody riot: After the polls closed. Foster Bloilgctt appeawl on tin* stc|i* of the t’oiirt House with a roll of money iu ills hand and of fered to lict $1. 00 that Uu.hH’k was elected Governor—»luiklug the roll of money at the crowd. This produced considerable excitement and called forth from the white men present shouts not very complimenta ry to the Military Mayor. The negroes became insulting and aggressive at tho In stigation of the miserable wh'te scalawags. The negroes arnu d thennelvcs with clubs and the whites (wlio were not more than one to live) ar n*«l them-elves with bricks. Then commenced n skirmish (ii which bricks were used freely, several lsdng woumhHk but none seriously. A serious riot was Imminent bur the military and the Influence of several respect ible citizens, allayed the row uud the crowd finally dis persed. Press €ileanlng«ou the election. A Vlltainoua Outrage—Judge L. D. Bunrcll was reuiovcil from office as Man- gar, ignorant ami | n toextreme*. The Republican party lias become oneof extreme, narrow proscriptive measures; so much so that the more patri otic and able men of the organization are abandoning it. The Democratic party North Ini*, by force of circumstances, been driven to the opposite extreme; and the Cop|«erln*nd and IVmilcton wing occupies, to all intent* and purposes, the same ground occupied by Mr. Vallaxpioiiam In lSGI. The consequence Is, that tlio intelli gence and worth of both parties have ceased to act ill unison witli either, but •bind ready to meet upon some coir mon ground, basing suffrage upon nuoli qualifi cation* a* would exclude from tbe polls and from res|ioiisibleotUcestlie great mass of ignorance and vagabondism thrown to the surface by Radical revolution. On the Ramfaok.—'The Radical disunion press of tbe North (s getting furious over what it calls the “continued disloyalty of tbe Southern people," for the purpose of stimulating weak-kneed Extremists in the faltli. The continued quiet of civil and political affairs In the South, the steady ad herence of our people to their holiest sup port of the Government, lias so dis appointed the Revolutionary leaders that ^ uru •? rc r? 10 and a man now under indictment before same nu-ans to deceive their |*copie oiinty for liog . J. Juilgo Bur- well lin* been oiioof the Managers ofelcc- tions In Rome lor tiie pi*t ten yesrs; lias alwav* inaiiitalncd tin* highest integrity tor character, and stands unrivalled aa a man of honor and a rhri-tlan gentleman* We m turd hi* removal a* uu outrage u|ion the good |tcoplc of Rome and vicinity, and until some satisfactory explanation lor the course pursued I* given, we shall deem those Instrumental in Id* removal as par ticipants In an unwarrantable piece of treachery, instituted to praetiec fraud upon our people in the election now going on.— Bom* Commercial, 23d. Vreedmen Arretted.—'Two negroes were taken up on Tuesday last, by Col. Ritter, for Violating the order* of Gen. Monde in threatening voters with death or other penalties In case they failed to vote the Radical ticket-—lb. The election here lias passed off quietly w ithout much lighting or quarreling, hut a heap of work and intrigue. The polls are open at two places in the county— Kingston and t’artersvllb*—and we think when the vote is coiiiiDhI out. tlio result will be very gratifying to tlio Democracy. C'artentitle Krpre»».£Uh. The election In till* county Is progress ing as we go to press but w Itli what result we have no accurate Information, a* the managers, under General Meade's orders, are not allowed to count votes until the close of Hie noils at 0 o’clock on tbe last dav of tite election—tills evening. From Information, however, derived Iroui per sona who have watched the polls very cloeely since they opened, wo think It may be safely sahl that it will lie found, when the votes are all counted tills evening, that Whitfield has gone the entire Conservative ticket by at least one hundred and fifty , majority* Gordon will run ahead of the j ticket—nU majority, wc doubt not, will be I at least two hundred and fifty. We are gratified to state that the election, i thus Ikr* has passed off very quietly. I Xortk (Go.) lit publican, 24 th. that the founder of their party—the Devil—did to deceive our first parents—by lying. Having no unfavorable facts to make capital out of, they resort to making capital lie*; and so well do they succeed, that we cannot but think they are follow ing the natural Instincts ol their nature*. But we think mat they and the devil will not succeed this time. We believe a ma jority of the Northern people arc tlio friends of peace and union, and will not be deceived Into the support of a party of scoundrels who would destroy every ves tige of the old government and establish upon lu ruins a despotism with themselves at IU bead. The Radical )*pen may rave and bowl over tlio ill success of their schemes of treason, for their power is bro ken, and their throne will be trampled to dust by the people next November. OT General Ashley, of Ohio, who got bla title at General by being general agent for Brandreth*s Pills, and who declared during the canvass, In 1806, that “he would not give slumber to his eyelids until Mr. Johnson was Impeached," Is evidently making up for lost time In a huge nap, as we hear nothing of hint now, and It can not be possible that so Important a crea ture as himself could be awake, and not be noctead In the public prints. Bleep on, “Jeems," the country don't mis* you. Kansas Hotels.—General Sherman, In writing to a Wend In Columbus, fays of the Kansas hotels, that “their price is three dollars a day—hoard and lodging extra." UTJasper Hay, a well known sports man of Columbus, died one day this week. TKlROMAMfCJtlWMiOBHCK. From tbr New York PrSM^AMoclatlon. I'rtai Washington* Wahiiixu rox, April 24.—Just before tho Senate adjourned the Presldeut's Secreta ry' arrived with a number of messages. Immediately after adjournment an ex cited crowd gathered around and the mes sages were opened amid apparently In tense anxiety, sbowlug that the Presi dent's actions are still regarded u of some moment. Tlio President withdrew the nomination of Ewing, and nominated J. II. Schofield as Secretary of War, vice Stanton to be removed. Grant issued an order instructing the Commanding Generals of the Military Dis tricts comprising tho States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgk» Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tcxua, that all vessels at |M>rts within their commands, from fort* Infected with yellow fever, cholera or other epidemic dis eases, but having bad no case during tliclr passage, be quarantined fi»r fifteen days, mid thoroughly fumigated. A short Oibluot meeting to-day—all present Customs for tbe week ending tbe 19th, $3,141,000. Mr. Nelson spoke all day. He kept the Senators and galleries well seated and In terested throughout, the attention becom ing closer as the effort drew to a close. Ills |K>Int* were well made, nnd iu some case* startling. Mr. G roes beck speaks to-day. The end wl.l not be reached under two weeks. A pointed part of Mr. Nelson’s 8|>eecli Implicates four of the Mnnagers in the alia vclla affair, which interrupted the re lations between the President and Judge Biack. Prom Virginia. Richmond, April 21.—Schofield issued an order this morning that Congress hav ing mode no apprepriatlon to defray the election In Virginia, for the ratification or rejection of the Constitution, the election will not take place June 22d, unless Con gress should make an appropriation before that time. It the election docs not take place on tliut day, Congress will doubtless substitute a later day, of which due notice will be given. Miss Putsell and Uortunn Cox, ot tills city, a ferryman and negro, were drowned Wednesday night while crossing James River at Judge’s Ferry. At a Republican meet I ng at S o'clock r. m„ 3,W0 negroes were addressed by Mr. Hun- ntcutt. Xerth Carolina Election* Kao.ioh, April 24.—The following ma jorities arc reported against the Constitu tion: Catawtm 800, Iredell U)00. Orange G00, Alamance 300. Cle\eland 700. Cumberland 200. Rowan, official, 477, Lincoln *200, Gas ton 200, Davies 250, Dublin 400, hnmpson 600. New Haven, Craven, Kdgecomlte and Halifax are largely Radical, but by de creased majorities. Carteret bis gone <’on- servative, but no figures. Franklin doubt ful. Chatham reported against the Consti tution; Wayne for the Constitution by 213. official; Wake between 800 and UUU, In cluding Raleigh 804, official, for tlio Con- tution. Nkwiikrn, April 24.—'The Republican* claim Craven by 1,944 majority, and lamoir by 300 majority. It I* rumored that Green give* 150 majority for the Republican*; Jones, official vote, 149 majority for the Republicans. Carteret—majority against the Constitution 26, Catawba 1.200. Iredell 850- Caldwtdd 290, Stanley 200, Alexander :W0, approximated Conservative majorities. Burke and McDowell ltulicul by small ma- jorlty. WiLMixaTox. April 44.—I'nluiiilm. cpnt- pU’tr, 373 CoiiMrvatlve majority; lllwlrn ami Riibeaou, «nt.ll Kn.Ileal majorities; UlelimoiKl doubtful, with tlio clianee In litvoruf Itmlleala; Dublin 437 Cumervu- tlve majority; Bnmawlck mull Conwrra- tlvc majority; Halifax complete. 1.630 Radical majority; Kl^ceombe reported nbout 1.600. The rtturna tbit, far. Indicate that tlio vote nn the Conatltutlon lm very cIom. Tho extreme We,tern rountlea will decide It. U*.rrla Elacli.M. Savannah. April 44.—The Board ol Registration commenced counting at lour o'clock r. M. and have lasen delayed on thu queatlon ol admitting tlio challenger, andutlion. Tbe olty role, up to 7:30r, la 143 Conacrvatlve and 401 Radical,. Tbe large boxei arc yet to count. Tlio Conaervattvea claim a majority. It la tho general opinion that the Couierva. tlve, are ahead In tbe vlty by a large ma jority. Ordera hare been received to-day by the Commander of the Pott, from Oen. Meade, to notify the Dally Advertber to ccuae III Incendiary and Indatnatory article, or It will be auppremal. Ai'Ot'erA, April 44.—Counting of the voter la progressing .lowly. It will be Mverel days before tbe oWcial rcault la known. It U believed that the Radical, have carried the Dietrich electing Prince to Congress, and giving ■ ntalority for the Conilltutlon end Bullock. The Democrats claim live out of the seven member* to Congress end e majority of the Legbla- turc. Tlic Republican, an coalldent of Bullock', election, the Democrats ditto of Gordon's; but all this l» conjecture. The official count will ihow a close rote. A negro man, bayonet ted by the mldlen In the nw yeeteidey, was buried this af ternoon, followed to the gnve by a large procession of men and women. All ierenc. r teas Ualilau, Xew Pel etna, April *4.—Thera was a grand Maaonle proem bin to-day on tha occasion of the eoneaentloti of the Ms- •onto Cemetery. All the Orand Officer, of the Hlafu were preient, and organization, of the highest degree, wero represented. Further return. Incream tbe majority for the Constitution In the parishes. It will lie mine days before the result can lie officially promulgated. The,Constitution U ratlflodaml the RadicalStato ticket clot ted beyond a doubt. The Republican any. tlio scat of Mann, tho Democratic Congrcas- man elected from the First District, will be contested by the defeated Republican candidate. frauds by Radicals, In city am] country, arechurgd, and cosesMted In ono precinct in this city where over n Ihoiuand more votes were polled than registered. One u f lhc Ilvgl.ters olllelslly to the Com- mandlug (ieneral that ono of tho ballot Ikixom U-ar. marks of violence ahowlng conclusively that It ha. Imtu tamper, d with. ... From Wu.hlngten, >\ AaiiiNOroN, Ajirll 25—It Is Gun. J. M. Scliofiilik coinniimliiig Um First Mill- lary District, whom the President has nominated Secretary or War. Pen. I.otell II, [tousseau hits arrived from Alaska, under Auiiinions as witness for the dcfciite* Regular pools have been opened at the fashionable gambling hou*e* whore bets urc made on ull impeachment question* involving the final result, rotes on In terlocutory quest fon^final’rwniU, termina tion of trial ami votes on Interlocutory questions. Mr. Nelson’s speech i* universally read and applauded. It is admirable. General Rousseau left Sacramento on the 4th of April. In the House communications were re ceived from the Secretary of War regard ing the detention of the steamer Sabine at the Navy Yard. New London, for alleged purpose*, and from the Secretary of the Treasury regarding sales of gold, but were not read. The !!ou«c then went to the Impeach ment Court. In the Senate the resolution that the pro ceeding* of tl»e Court, in retirement, in* published by regular rc|K-rters In the usual way, was postponed unfit Monday. Judge Chase ordered the prosecution to proceed. Stevens being aWnt tlio prosecution asked time. The defense then proceeded, and Grocs- bcck U *|H*aking. Weather inclement. Prom VlrRlnla. Alixanoku. April 25.-Tlic Radical county Convention recommends Uuux- lmr«t for Governor, and nominates one white mid one negro for the Legislature. A split occurred, when nearly half the delegation withdrew. The receders are r4tiit|Mired of about an i*qunl nuiiiWr of whites uml idaek*. Tiik Elkctios ix Fulton County.—At tlie time of our going to press the vote of tbl* comity I* not counte i out by aisuit eight hundred vote*. Gordon’* majority will not lie far from three hundred cither way. Gruhh and Willis Republicans arc ejected. Tlic Democrat* have the other offices. Dnr impular friend. M)f. Venable, received tlic entire vote of t>oth parties. Floyd County.—Tho Romo Courier of the 25th say* It I* believed that about fifty negroes in Unit town voted for Gonlon. The total vote I* 2/1.19; White*. 1,296; Col ored, 742.' It is probable that Gordon’s mu|ority III tho city will lie about five hun dred. The vote of last October stood a* follow*: For Convention, 057; Against Convention. 5; Not voting on the question, 1.423; Total Registered vote 2.397. So it seems that some three hundred dhl not vote in tin* Inst election. Mi scoork County.—Tho 8m* ami Times of the 24tli says: The total vote is given at 2.791. It i* said that some 150 white regis tered |ier*on* did not vote, and that over 175 additional were prevented from voting by the arbitrary action off he Registrars. Not fifty whites voted for Bullock, whilst over a third of the negroes voted for Gor don. GKNKRAL PcnoriCLD AND THK WAR OmcR.—Our dispatches to-day inform us that Mr Johnson lias withdrawn the nom ination of Hon. Thomas Ewing, and *e it to the Senate the name of General J. M. Schofield, Major General U» S. A.* the present Commander of the First Military Distriet. General Schofield Is regarded by those who know him as a Conservative, and If court rim'd would probably act In harmony with the President. But the Senate regards Mr. Stanton as the Secretary of War, and It Is not proba ble that hotly would throw away so pliant a tool us lie k for one they could not con trol. Ami more than this. It would look a |ioor exchange to give the Commission of k Major-General for a ten months lease upon a Cabinet office. We think the Pres ident la wasting time In bidding for the Military Chieftains of Jhe country. Judgk Ciiask axd Politic*.—'The cdt- torof the i Inclnnati Commercial writes from Washington that “the Chief Justice occupies a position of elevated neutrality on tho political questions of the day. I doubt whether he propoeet to become en thusiastic about the Chicago nominations. We rosy not have the pleasure of seeing him at home next tall to vote." Remains or Gur. Skmmks.—The re mains of General Paul J. Somme*, who wa* killed In one of tbe engagements In Vir ginia In 1963, have been removed to Co lumbus by bis friends and relative*. OTHarry Macarthy Is playing In Au guata* 1L