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The Alpharetta free press. (Alpharetta, GA.) 188?-19??, January 27, 1893, Image 4

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Ki 1 I I /'outinuccl. Hail ap|>'nr i- • b • t • . . lie new <■ ¥ j I -in ai i at' . Iv ai ta< k" «v ' ■ ■ ' • .’rii. 11 1 ' r 11 y on tliese \ ' an<l have tin Cni..t;<i . |le wilt U« a «-< iV ■ rain pi mail* ■> tn claimed, in that, • nrit, we eoul 1 fbuve <: without any • »»!♦• rpiiu t u . I. <a.i answer.>.i "»■•< • ■ nt. why m t c... for it with' ■' "ti's I• -i 1 . .. • ' (.letk's«<up ■!<]» «•: wi t f'i u (loberand Brown, rni av :-i ta i' running thiugn in :iie Ji’i-ii'i •<> i the quiet,” and when th tile was published in th" <1 .ily | they (li:<ovi ed t'wir mi < were trying t<> bed. e th <• < COIKi ivi d plan, iiop . u would uaik the li: d by r.ilowil , the v.< : bv mail the rule would Mill bl ind , againat u-i. Mote that . ( I t in bi teh gram did : o'. -ay tl -i h ■ v. 'll diamiHH it. No, tl J n.i to : . I ami be pointed !■« a-.i . ■ til! 1 1 ul - ami lli«- point to be u • dared not aland our trial. People h ive isr.t 11 oiiti < thehe ‘two worjliies” i.o: t n,i ccivc to what unfalli ri.a'ili' <h]ti. of infamy they are cap:.l b- of n ing. Therefore, we could not for n moment accept theii terin.i of t.u■ e. The cat wa- too thjulv covered m t to be ea-ily detected. It i <■]. n that tiober knew that ho would n< t find the paper in onr po«se ion when • he i- iied the tide, lie Knew he wn. ’ in u > dan,.e of unearth ng any < vi- i deuce thik record might |.)iow again:-: himself. In tint liikt place !;<• h. }iot been able to produce .any -v ; donee that there him any rc.i.-. n . supposing ive had the '• • jHayed HLll.m-t t'H, wi'il 110 pH ea'’—' to t ;.pi i 1 th. - tic ii • l . In justift lion. < 1 .ittr -I. tl d fiention, ho has te.oit' d ii. nii*ri‘prebenta*ion. ! version es tin - 1.1 th. 1: i efforts arc more I? •:u i ' ho knew tli.ll tl.ele .i. .11 ,i t. > that we could pt■ dut t 1 t in . !. ■mme Again, to .how li:s in . .. < I i:t- T ter disregard of I U’li a.: . I : e fne said < lola r, had tin ‘»i<| rter’s ’ notes,’’one paper about win. It u were ruled, I efore lie hft the te n’ll of Jasper, and knew that we did not |iavc it, 11.: ti citw:•tl <n in hi- Own a i n. and yet i e i. • .• Tpl< d I , for ciitilt...] p 1 ii itl fol ill in.' th:. 1 ill' ‘ . I. ■■ ■ cotdirg to th. aim uni i ■ , t blit 1 <III it ill Io; lilt i the i of Ids ten.i of oth> o v. ill la- < ■ i - in uiit it f :.itin I'i t ;i 1 i To funlicr “turn on th. i ah; that this n :oi nml ji■ ' o ■ 1 ■ hibiti <1 ill l.i ■ If m 10. dit |. I i foul even eetii es of guilt 'i lits j utlid foiiu from ■ !»• t ■ ,<•; the Ivttei from uh to !>.'> :< II w dated Sipteu her 21k i'b- 1 , mid the rccei; the ba- cd, a l.< mv. ■ -i. . the ink* on, mid yet thi- m ji:* ;:* bail tl o:::.i: >■ | : j < ■> in bi- ; ion in ( < |ol < , then .itt. r, fur* flier, at lie time I •'« <1 this lie Lad I efoi. him the Lili of exv> p tioim and the levord bowing .the # papers Mere net in oil- p. -.-s-mn. Tin refore, before ami at the lint. !>• instituted this ttile :...e:ot h: knew that neither 'to. t.leta, 1 myself had either p<»«e<sioii. poiw or eontiol of there paper . lie for ibertuotc knew that the cm: g> « that Veth of us Jiad rejn .h dh .*U<l i' . tjuently made ill hi-n t it'., a:., from one end cl tl * Blue lit ige . enit to 00 ether, and < i-c-wfere. Were proposed to be pt oven Uy tlyr jnotfim itself, end he, er nine cre i (.are of his had f. i i.d t feeolil, mid this tide was brought inert ly to rni»e a hue and erv about h on :i . principle of •efop thief.” • In a:ij>|iert of luimm If ho product one l of liis most al l and < liu :< nt witnes-ws, one George I>‘. Bi >v, u, su, tfiis man is induct I t > imj etch the record of service of the rule inch the motion for new trial as a j a.alh 1 to the attack of his master and j ro eurer. On the prhnijde, cl .i.m*. titai— •'Vice i* » inuustvrof sehideea.s mien. That to be h-V-cU needs Ina p. Ik «... n, Hut too oft. faiuiliat with li >■ . We first end uro. this rin.Tlit.S K XI BHAVK." Or again. perhaps, to l»e used to show that it is the i.«usl “gi;»tvin' in , tint Blue Kidgc cjici it to make sol emn records and to !<e contend: ted later when that wtm • rcc-»t I is udi.-d OU te show U|» inti’e ' !.«.««. I>' a duct. Whatever his his complete nud utter servility ou t .grditicas to vln , the eotnm r.ds . h|s A'd yet he s a ctea ire mure t bf , I J. - tan. d. . i ■ from i<mg pr< ' indulgence ai. 1 use <1 tl. v. i mid m.'ijdiaie, he is 1.-- to bj. than the man u!. t. . I.rn as t' pWter n ;tl day. His vajs.eity as .. I in hi* ability to lav- • • • «■.» . .* res’ lawyer, mid f.u a ! ■ z t t have Lis . .her pi ■- In short, his capa- ity 1.. in th. ; • that he u the •' >ii of I o .a. ‘ >.»' all this fntl . r‘- of th«- Bap'.iet chur- i t ■ x 1’ ! l«t» I the » of ’ 'j'liew lai .. thoLt b well known t/; ■ « | .J r ' • y f .• | f• r 111 rr»r:vlu:icu*.4ififf I Alii £pl ■ •<»' • - tt’ -.t < .4 ii , i viiie.- ei are t. : t t .t th ini' rd wrg 1.,' : p; .i\.-d, '1 ,t that i ’.k y were gii i .. hi arsy e l live of t Ibeardfrom the defendant now ntt&sr j iuvccfigati .n. Thee do t 't awir.i’; knowledge. Again, I am atUi ktd because II did ie.t interrupt the Judge < ; f th.- Supetiorf r.rt during the time he ; w;ts detiv. itg hi- opinion' at th > p'.i tid.i r 1 rin. Isfif), Tin■•<■ rm n j .now that it ii add have bi en high- ' ly improper f r ran to hn e d ne . that ,n.d y<‘t. tlicj a: i> r ; :’J ■■ i i.i i.iii if;u I; In .■an it was not. d m., I I hi" arc, il rcetiis to me. -is ht'-ot I listen! as day and nigltt. T-ey at-' i tack Mr. (1 lenn for b'‘rjii4cucy in i..- z ‘-n point when the < ujl, mr.i rnhi /. Tlwy ire for' .tier, I sibn il b-th nf r.> ned be j Ul:c < \i a . hi niniouuc ! Ii« -c -t i n ,: ! ir 1* u iiM j• vp l <•- • ' itiL Oh for me to rnppo e that four) ; pr.gcM < J that :n ii ni w<hil<l be lorn . out that Mich alterations would I appear as having been made by oar- It i. alio rliiee.l that I 1 ’ i;• ‘‘notice 5 of tbe altvrati n. Chat only I plhjws tii u L.xl dt’. peraie "traits tlnsv gi nth .men are put to I. inter up a ■ had case. I In their < pii.i Hiat wt. fair noth <■ win ii i o Juur ? on the liencn ! the;. < kufli i lb t rut* that lb ha 1 nltvi ’I the moth;!!. J i>»‘ .iit’wor i l ’i’v r to li' • 1 ini ■< I*(■ I'ktl.i . t<» | M -1., bis Ct iTOct. ... a. 4 I b what cyutwi a v soitod and uhic the ' cmIU t .♦••xert'. tl an f:< e s?u v to cor rect them u. n 1 wa, lai/ to pre- i.iue tli. iln w- ,tld i lake >. h eor ■rv iions .i he ilesired in a I gd and! 1 not i:i an illegal ay. i Again, there -• one fact in tl: •a ~ that this ( .mmltivu can t lo| ; and Lev. r d all imiimer of Jor.l.'t, ami ' : when settled tl.i, man < l .-r i- .■ n- i •'den.m l. Gclitlrmeu of the Coiu-i Iniittee, Cain r 1..,-. the mark «f I guilt mete jiateiitly than did tlii •> mail cn the night lie appeared before i you. Y u saw it and felt it. His I and incoherent, delivery oi his testi-; Jimmy mode miprcssi. ir on you, gen-1 titlemen. It was a scene that could! Jud fail to iiujifess v< u, <>t while vou Hile, will ) he able to blot mtttn-m ■ i your mem ry the guilty appearance, lot the num as lie opjiyareit beb\e' * y al. !' v - i.. iked, ami sti ‘cveni- I iiitere.-t.-d and di.-iuter-, asteil as ti.c crowning convii-titig .act fin the < . His ed'orts to evadej fqUesti''»• bis vv asive .ms., els, Were. 'I facts ths? ; un were eye witness -of. ’ liis resth im've... nrs, hi. inability |to look ( otnmili. • m the fa e a< rl;e«Uh'e dhk> t-«ti .io:iy, bi- -e .rm ; ihg ami ”bang de g way was not ic amative; d an ißUuci nt man r.-nsciaus . *<■ no wtwtX * His utKr.iHT was the autd - < f : Iwunt you exju'eted and had th •! t it” e' ped irui.’. a ig i MOI court. He i .pcttrh .. '. c i the r< bii !• r*s- I V ■>:< h . « I tbv pr. gr. -s '~f that'dr’ .1 n ... i iiyver ,lw .»t>Je to ».:.ii aou t ii.« c jamcra-u . a tV.t night | tU I u ... oil!' .rj'* . 'fr.rni tin man Isiwm e.’. art a-. «< .i jnty peiscmai v. e.a. ’er is in is«m. ipcrmit me t'» remark t' At this «.-uy.c man Bruwu t-xii m»tvd every i ort • > t!u4 s-wuetbam ti» cuarg.* in: not ; Ij.e Wore this x.-mmittei. lie on- 1 : deacon*! to feduoe s.ntr.d .. tain] P r>- mil e -rm ic*. a- Lc >uppu-. k >mn idiuin i itad Veen employed igaiti-t, to awi ar away itr charset r. ■ 1 *»»s>,4*>itl bimJP*'' a.' i r-i"’- i. rO-’-swese, !G..- • ai ui. { in hi- me rjthle Hi i :s I ■- - S«. Again he -;i- IvaVutA I to 1 tlcMFv’Y 1 I * rrnh 1 Jrnoimee L> MatdaemU: -.j Lt. - 3. ! ‘ - • ' ' ; -j >. .1 . ’•»’ ■ ‘i. • -'-I. *1 —■' ■ 1 -1011 I • •» (v« • .:.t trie j*■ 'I- •' *1 .■ ■'l cott .jn here , ..a '-..r:. tlv rent:.' .te l to come to| ' . y trad - ' 11.17 ■ 'he-.t prices for court-j l f,.H li--,. , f 1..- .1 ... .1 , o'loes J.A.Joti’-a v. 11- '“A • ■ k • 1 and I b / A '< I / b. J Livus y OidulUj RIN BY • 'owiey & Son, RC S W Q II,. G 3. > (I <1 hirsa I, good vehicles, safe-> ■bit ■r . Turn-outM obtainable at all ’ U. J. .‘7l q | z has ? rnPu] • jbi r-Q‘J j I j 1 iiu jA. : J U-U u I ill bU u q jlaiiss Bute Stas : ONLYSI.OO go. ( nn I sea njc, and bring C. J. PriitiiY. . 1 Ro "Well (in. Ri/ipk H/iu/k |oatlvix BSmiWixj ■n \-7 J IN XOW (HVN! J> BY J, M. Dodds, .Alpharetta, Ga. j Bia- k Hawk’' pedigree i< perfectly satisfactory. He is medium size— thirteen ;.n 1 a half hands high,- ; bla. k, and al.otit ten years ol<l. Colts i‘ '’ircd t-i c’ Xo respon sibility tor re-eidents. Will l e found j 21 I todd« stable .hiring the spring I trial tail seasons, iCcJ. Servu-C fee I due wK. i- mare is known to be in j ; fold. lithe mare should be traded the s.-n ice fee will then be due. J. P. BROOKE, Attorney-At-Law, \ipharctta, - Georgia. Prciiipt attention given to claims of -. . . 1 .:.i..i er YVP.i practice iii all t!:c ; Courts of the Mate. ' iAS. A. DC’DGEiV Attorney at Law, •7-’inrcttn,-G-n. ! uvi p ; . s. , | »•.. y T.l.err 1>: ric? of peorgin, the] in- . i .-■ni ..f W.c Stß4». flfCSnj-. dor I . ' . ri-’z» ( ireni’. .uiti .in- . . - C.mrta.-t M.slon a_:d a-ijolmn- G 1- -i- Physician & Surgeon, , A- h.ret la., ■ 0f,... . i:-l Pruj' >: »rc at n*>i(?eU€e } !' .d* is » a *!»* »ny cure «»f j 4 I . *. utd v«. «•: tiig ”>u<h , 4* ~. T„■ . . . •.. * '-7 \ . ■ ■ 4r; 7 u ‘ f . ;k fl d U U si /1* H I O ’Lt u 'TM-I i'- r - £7 1 :A . JrAHini ♦ FOR E-s- + HALF PRICE I I have fcr sate two splendid [farms, lying in Old First dis triv, county. One ( f these farms is composed of 160 acres of land— 90 acres of it being in original forest. There are 13 acre:, of branch bottom ion the place, and the entire I . . ! rm is well improved. A ",ood I residence, with outbuildings, is il - caled near the center of tire i: riant.-’tion. Three churches of I I different denominations, and two school houses are within two miles of the residence. It is worth sls u.n acre, but can i he bough.', for money now. The farm contains 85 1 acres, andjhrell located near ;: th ... o’ij«er q The titles to both j4?.c<'/ perfectly clear, v onc man N-.iv.-. li al's die part: i I will sell t .her’ef these farms on five years’ time, with 8 per. nt. in ere t, one-fourth ca »h. Ci lion is y, ling up, and this is your chance to buy a farm and i- :y for il on easy terms. Addr ? s , GEO. I>. RUCKER, Alpharetta, Ga. —.— r —? g Scientific American Agency \ DESiCN PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, etc. fr. •- iat i-ii nr Ufree Handbook write to ■ is XA; ’ : BlciAl h AY, NLV.- Y -rk. f .»•.! t< r » uanng ] a* • -t * in An v n-*. ' Every pat Hut tnkon out by us ta brought before th? put'iie vy a • given free oi charge in the Slnu’stfiiu Cz <S. I Larw t >n n* any arientlflc paper In the nxTl i. «- n r-I .ly dlustrateu. No intelligent tuhu rhi' writ ut it. Weekly. 33.00 a v. v; : « six linr. A IdTa.-H M< NN A NUKSEIiI Vrocx. 1 VMS W->. have, th oiigh tlm medium of the Nur- rymeiTs Xgem yof America procured the local agency for all the lead - !-g nur«.-ri< «in the I uited States ■ and m e pr-.-pr w -i U>reciive orders for -rra?r-U'», Fntl x Tises, AND TtENERAL suesery stock. W. «i- y e<;n yetalon. L< th in . Ity and price. Ljf" Grape vines a 1 Hix-vialtr. I ‘ l‘i>r ns M.-i-..r.g to purchase any ’ thing in .ur i’r.e will do well to send list of their w .t.ts and get. our prices. 'BroaM & Bro., Xloswoll, On. DB. R. E. STONE" 1 r ctic , Physician, ‘ Vj A. Al! ■ ' A <i . or t ight, promptly W. 3. PARRIS, WsMffiilMliWfStfflJ. ■A DECATUR ST.- ATLANTA, GA. Per Gallon. 1 P,;re >’h Orolina Corn, - - ?! 50 | ■■■' Ji f' ,n, - - - ■• - 2 (lit; . - i Pure <'hl Ytiilov. Corn, - - - - 175 , ■ t • • O', . Jtye, 1 to , .; \X 01-. i Kjt, 1 75 ■ .;.0. I: - . Rye, - . - 250 ' Pure Holland flin, 1 75 Ui .••. Ruts, • IXX XX Cabinet Rys, - - - - 175 Pm Keystone Rye, ----- 2 v.-ii, Ry,-. 2 ■ Pi;:;- Cnr.'iina Peach Br.indy, - 2CO It’ l .-;- Kentucky Apple Brandy, - 20" I ... I*. fir:.:. !y and licnuy, - 175 Bin. tiSiTry I'-rai'ily, ----1 ’25 All California Wines, ... - 100 Kentucky V/hiskics a Specialty. HUGHES & WRIGHT Tbs Livffjnei 81 ItaeH, Ga. Good, strong, rapid horses, nice closed or n and carriages, comfort a: and easy. SAFE, CAREFUL DRIVERS. Do all kinds of wagoning, and do it cheap. Ii you want to ride, go to Hughes & Wright for a turnout. If you want iinytlunghauled ftom any where to anywhere, get a team from HUGHES & W RIGHT, Roswell, Ga. ZOO •WjQI.’X’OSUIxS.S I Given by tbe Oldest News paper in New York City. In addition to the numerous new and original premiums offered to subscribers, in propose to present them w',th UlO Watches, ail of winch arc guaranteed by T. Ly."> h, 14th street and Union Square, New York City, who furnishes them to us. Tuts AnvnjnjsKii is tha oldest news-1 paper in New Y-or'.# City. Its Weekly edition is published in two sections, and eoinesout every Tuesday and Friday- - K.t Limes during the year- has six to eight p'.ges every i: ue, is well printed, j !: is .'it rty of pictures, short stories, tel iegr .phic news, financial ami market re ; ports, a woman’s page And the ablest i editoiials published by any New York paper. It is a model homo paper, with elevating and entertaining reading mat ter, devoid of sensations nnd objectiona ble advertisements. Ail for $1 a year. Specimen copies and Premium Lists •With full particulars of the Attractive .. ind'. '•.ii'iit: for Agents, sent Free on huiplfca-ion to / HIE ADVERTISER, . 29 Park Row, N. ¥. ■ .. 4- -:;i $ 5 Cain & Lyon, Roswell, Ga. EAD THIS: —WE DO A ’ BtaJ Basil Bisiwss. The farmers- who come to Roswell will find, us a call, that we will treat them right. Vv e recognize the fact that times are hard, and conse quently our profits must be close. We will sell as cheaply as any house in this section of . the state. I We ask all men and ladies who intend to do any sort of fall trading to come to our E store before buying. i jCain £ Lyon, Roswell, Ga. * —— • • rw* . 1 z -V ’ ■ ".• ';■■■ ■-.’ •' [WTv.&T L . ’ T-:3 X, W V 7?l RESSQVEI3 X- of FjiL-MJ, revives energy. R&STCRES .1 CtaxdMkat ft uuu sc 1 js Sira. on. HAnier k&c.’cr's so.. 9 uuu. .mj. I »»&■■■■ TTTFI Alpharetta High School.- Opened M onday, N ovember 14, and will continue 10 months. _ p. ZIIVISICMS. PRIMARYChart Cla?s, Ist and 2nd R«aders, Writing, fcl.fMj INTERMEDIATE: —Third Reader,, First Grammar, Spelling, Kudiraente of Aritlimei.c, Primary Geography, Writing, $1.50 GRAMMAR GRADE: —Advanced Grammar, United States History, Spelling, Writing, Geography, Practical Arithmetic, s2.Ou HIGHjSCHOOL DEPARTMENT:--Rhetoric, Higher Arithmetic, Algebra, Latin, Spcdlir.g, Wiitirig, Physical Geography, $2.80 C. F. CASTEEL, Prin. W. T. SWANSON, Adjunct Prin. 4J.SEALE, SOLE AGENT FOR r Bendall, Harvey &Co.’s Royal 9 Inch 4’s B. B. 9 Inch 5 s, The Best JO Cent and 15 Cent Plug Tobaccos Made. ■2?x’yLl , lx€>xxx. Tlaexxi. ENDERSON-&-AUSTIN, BUILDiNG.CONTRCTOR ND DELERS IN Blinds, Sa< Doors anil Dressy Laata LATHS, SHINGLES, &C Wooden and Metallic Burial Cases, Robes, &c JL.SO Ur.VL’IML DJBECTOBM ANI> EH BALM EKS. Henderson & Austin, ITaZa.i'io’ttfia.w G-0.. . . |, ii,, . i-i it* i ■ '■—■i'j*'"' ' Mexican Mustang Liniment. ' A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast. A long-tested pain reliever. Its use*is almost universal by the Housewife, the > Farme”, the Stock Raiser, and by every one requiring an effective liniment. No other application compares with it in efficacy. This well-known remedy has stood the test of years, almost generations. . No medicine chest is complete without a bottle os Mustang Liniment. Occasions arise for its use almost every day. All druggists and dealers have it. N OTie El o The Undersigned now offers for sale, by order, his POPULAR GUANOS, T’O’ZDTUJ Delivered ai Dos< for Seasons ai 1892, On reasonable terms, for Currency or Cotton Notes. SPECIAL INDUCEMENT To those buying in car load lots. Public patronage respectfully solicited. For full particulars, prices, &c., call on, or address, J. A. Garrison, R OSWELL, Ga, • /