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The Atlanta evening capitol. (Atlanta, Ga.) 1885-1???, August 26, 1885, Image 1

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A A A* 41 -xtJ' '^n^feAlnF. *4 lAtianltMHl VOL. I. ACTUAL NUMBER ISSUED TO-DAY - 5,500 ACTUAL NUM RE R SUBSCRIBERS TO- DAY, - 5,247 Second Edition. Fair Weather. Washington, Aug. 28.—The indications for Georgia to-day are fair weather, and stationary temperature. TELEGRAPHIC. That is a curious incident brought by telegraph this morning of the explosion in a saloon window in Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania Democrats are hold ing their State convention to-day. LEGISLATIVE. The House this morning defeated the Dart Pilot bill. The Senate committee reported favora bly on the Stone Mountain Circuit bill. • ■ A Little Reminiscence It is worthy of note, in connection with the gift of the historical manuscript presented to the Legislature to-day through Gen. Gordon, that at the winter session of the Legislature of 1881, Col. Lucius M. Lamar, of Pulaski, tried to get a bill passed to appropriate SI,OOO to pur chase these same records, which were then of fered to the State for that amount. Very much to the disappointment of all those imbued with State pride and love of Georgia’s history and institutions, parsimony prevailed, and the bill was defeated; and, as far as the Legis lature of 1881 was concerned, the opportunity of securing these really priceless manuscripts, was lost forever. Chance has placed them in the State’s hands. The records were offered to Mr. J. S. Morgan by their possessor, and his generosity and love of the United States prompted his gift. There arc two volumes of these records, which are well preserved. The handwriting is small, neat, and very regular. The volumes are bound in raw sheepskin. AN EXTRA. THE RIPE TIME TO ADVERTISE. i The Capitol appreciating the demands of the merchants who want to do A HEAVY FALL TRADE, and wish to place their claims properly before the people of the city and surround ing country, will issue an EXTRA LARGE NUMBER OF COPIES next Saturday, August 29th, which shall be faithfully ahd judiciously distributed. The edition will be 8,000 copies, and the size of the paper will be only a six-column, eight-page paper, just twice the regular size of The Capitol, and will be PLAINLY AM) NEATLY PRINTED ON GOOD * PAPER, nicely pasted, cut and folded on our new eight-page folder and trimmer. So that one page will be as valuable to advertisers as another. THE RATES OF ADVERTISING WILL BE LOW, and every merchant in the city should avail themselves of this opportunity to present their claims to the buying public. Os the 8,000 copies 1,000 will be distrib uted in the towns along the railroads lead ing out of the city 1,500 others will be Sent to our regular mail subscribers, and 5,500 will be distributed carefully into the hou ses of the people, by our own carrier boys, over the city. Advertisers should hand in their copy at an early hour Friday to get good posi tion and heat display. Our regular patrons will find it profita ble to take a Column or a half column ex tra on that day, and they will confer a favor by handing in copy on Friday. We promise faithfully to issue 8,000 pa pers, (full count), to distribute them care fully, and get Up a paper that both read ers and advertisers will be pleased with. EVENING CAPITOL PUB. CO., 48 South Broad Street. Festival Last might. A large crowd assembled at the Baptist Sun day-school Mission, corner of Howell and Foster streets, last night, the occasion being a cream festival for the benefit of the Mission. Every body had a most delightful evening. The music was'conducted by Miss Katie I. [Sullivan, and a varied programme of song rendered. Miss Lorena Porter, Supt. J. D. Holmes, Mr. Dick Jones, Mrs. M. J. Dorsey and others, contribut ed everv wav in entertaining the guests. Mr. Jones hauled in the little ones bv the wagon load, aud ice erearo, cakos, candy, grapes, wa termelons, lemonade, and every other good thing were served free to all. Our reporter ar rived very late, but will be on hand next time. Another Sunflower. Born, to Mr. C. A. and Mrs. Rauschenberg, a lovely ten-pound baby girl. A TERRIBLE EXPLOSION ■ AA BNa.XPIaBC AISILIi OUTRAGE A X WITH DAMAGE. ; An Exnlosm Package is Placed Outside of a Saloon Window. A<tioclbte»l Press to 'The (hriToi.. Philadelphia, Pa., August, 26.—-About 2 i o’clock this morning an explorsion occurred in j the show window of Jas. B. Rodger’s saloon, at j the northeast corner of Nineteenth and Callow Hill streets,which wrecked all the windows in all I the store in the vicinity. An explosive package was placed on the outside window sill, the mark of a burnt fuse being visible. The contents of window were wrecked and panes of glass broken. No other damage was done to Rogers’ premises. The window-panes of houses adjoining to east ward were broken from No. 1839 to 1845 Callow Hill street. On the opposite side of the street the back window of saloon of E. S. Early, No. 1842 Callow Hill street, was shattered by the force of the detonation, and panes es glass in "front of his house broken. There are no panes of glass left in the front windows of the house of J. B. Schlader, No. 1844 Callow Hill street and on South side <»P the street the window panes were broken in build ings numbered from 1834 to 1840. The glass in the East front of the building at the North west corner of Nineteenth and Callow Hill streets, is also broken. Several men who were playing cards, in a neighboring saloon, were thrown out of their chairs by the shock, but no body is reported injured. Mr. Rodgers is una ble to account for the act or motive. He is not ; ware that he has any enemies, aud the af fair to him is a.profound mystery. Policeman Rothermel and special officer Strat ton, who witnessed the explosion, and several other pers ms who v,’ere in the neighborhood at the time, are of the opinion that the explosive used was dynamite, as the detotion was very loud, and the destruction of glass 60 or 70 feet away quite extensive. Gunpowder would have to be used in very large quantities to cause such damage so far away from the spot where the cartridge was placed. THE PENNSYLVANIA DEMOCRATS. The State Convention Assembles— Kinging Deliberations. Associated Press to Capitol. Harrisburg, Pa., August 26.—The Demo cratic state convention, called to order at half past 10 o’clock,the opera house being packed aud over four hundred delegates present. R. P. Allen, of Lycoming, was elected temporary chairman, by acclamation. On taking the chair he spoke of his party being in possession of the national administration, and said that they had a perfect right to present to the public, utteran ces of importance. He eulogized President Cleveland, and said that the people were now having a higher, bet ter and purer administration than has been known for many years. The fact that public office and public interest was being carried out in the State is sure. He stated that time was rife for the presentation of living issues to the people. Referring to the new Constitution he said one of the great questions was the regulation of laws governing’ great corporations. It was their duty to keep them within the.bounds of the con stitution. He charged the republicans with allowing laws to remain as a dead letter when they had an opportunity to enforce them. Gov. Pattison was highly complimented for his move on the Southern Pacific railroad, and the speaker requested that thfe governor be fully endorsed and sustained in hi(* course. Various committees were then ; appointed, after which the convention took a recess until I o’clock. Spain and Germany. Associated Press to Tire Capitol. Madrid, Aug. 26. —Count de Beromar, Span ish ambassador to Berlin, telegraphs to-day that Germany states that she has declared a protec torate over Caroline Islands, believing they were unoccupied, and that before doing so she in formed Spain that Germany was willing to dis cuss the question of possession with Spain, or if necessary to submit it to arbitration. Admiral Courbet. A associated Press to Capitol. Paris, August 26. —The remains of Admiral Courbet, which were brought home on the iron clad, Bayard, were landed at Hieres to-day. Mass had previously been celebrated on board of the Bayard. The casket was covered with wreaths, and salvos of artillery were fired during the disembarkation of the body. The weather was brilliant and the scene very im pressive . Cholera Still Raging* • Associated Press to Capitol. Madrid, August 26.—There were 4,969 new cases of cholera and 1,547 deaths reported in all of Spain yesterday. Tou bon, August 26.—There were only ten persons who died here, yesterday, of cholera. ARrillianl Lunar Phenomenon East Night. About 11 o’clock last night, several members of Thk Capitoi*—aud we have no doubt many other observing people—had the pleasure of witnessing one of the most beautiful Lunar and Nebu'ojis phenomena that ever appeared in the heavens. The cool, brisk west wind drove a patch of snow-white cirro-cumulus clouds slowly across the clear sky and as they covered the disk of the full moon they were fast under going a change into what is known as cirrus clouds and presented a perfect picture of long snow-white clieviot wool combed out into thin wavy fleece, through which the moon could be plainly seen and the effect was a large and beau tiful corona of some five or six degrees in diam eter. Its color was the most wonderful feature, being a dark old gold on the parts nearest thethoon tinted slightly with the colors of the rainbow: while it was shaded-back toward the outer cir cle into a bronze and seal brown. The whole coloring was rich and clear, and with the sur- I rounding gauze-like cloud and a few more snow- ! white cloudlets that appeared to the southward I presented a scene that might well cause the most : sordid person to exclaim with delight, and to n , lover ot nature furnished a treat such as is en- j joyed but few times in a lifetime. At Cain Creek, Rutherford county, the blacks held a festival. A crowd of White bandits robbed the treasurer of several hundred dollars. Some jumped from vviddows, leaving children behind. One member of the brass band stood his ground and was killed, but not before making one of the bandits bite the dust. The sheriff has fol lowed the robbers into Tennessee. At Beth Page, Sumer county. Tennessee, yesterday, W. F. Moss killed Archie Harper. Harper defamed Miss Lizzie Moss, sister to the slayer, and one of the belles. The Moss family is prominent. Five professional men were before the er this morning for having signs hanging over the sidewalk —$1.00 all around. ATLANTA, GEORGIA. WEDN s VINING. AUGUST 26. 1885. NEU* IN A Nf T SIB ELI.. I rc»ni the ToSegrupliic toiuu! This Vi orn i tig’s Faj er. There are railroad strikes North and The Apaches are still raiding in New M - The government feeds the starving I !<• j New Mexico. 1 lie reported escape of 108 convicts : i ■ Carolina whs a hoax. Ex-Governor Fenton, of New Y< - <i 1 denly yesterday evening. x » Patrick Egan, president, of the Ain. : . 1 ’ 1 Irish league, denies that it is dead. The smallpox scare in Montreal. Can 01.-x j great. Police have to keep the people in oifci , at vaccination. Poor John McCullough grows madder. . .9 nearing his end at Bloomington Asylum. ' A temporary injunction has been grau'ij straining the Pennsylvania raj 1 road acquirK the South Pennsylvania rpad. Danger is feared in Chicago from th*’ i i supply, which is effected by river sew ra. • I Precautions are being taken against cjicicra. | France applauds Spain against Germany, a d says France should join Spain against bur •<! enemy. Hostile meetings are stilt held 11 Spain'. | The strike on the Queen and Crescent - on. Only passenger trains are running. I • men were offered a.iuon‘h’s pay. They • '• demauding’two months’ pay. Col. John S. Mosby, late I'nited State.- ( I sul at Hong Kong, landed at San Franc < n Tuesday. The Chinese merchants presented lum with a silver cup in China. The Alabama claims commission's ex pen,si shows twenty-four persons on the pay roll n i legally entitled to pay. The requisition t e money to pay them, has been disallowed. The United States have attempted to g n? Hollanders to show how they polish order that our American rice growers m < the benefits, but they say that is thei secret. The Republican State Executive Comn; ; H; met at Saratoga, yesterday, and appointed ' f September for the State convention. Overt ut « of peace were made to those who bolted I’K . and resolutions about Grant were passed. 1 President Cleveland and party are now ■r , ing at Willis Pond, in the Adirondack* th days journey from railroad. The President wa. ill for three days, but he is now well. H lislo and plays social euchre. It is said he has m a young lady. ♦ CROSS'? i E SPL INTERS. Dr. Willie Byers has a bo.' s excursion on ha ■ < Read his banner. Sam Webb has discovered a new sm , spring on the Chattahoochee. Messrs. C. W. Wilson and J. H. Walker, of Savannah, left yesterday via the Georgia Pa cific, for Texas. The E. T.. V. & G., is touching up the boys a littte with cheap rates to Cincinnati —$10 for the round trip, good for five days. Col. J. H. Latimer, southeastern pa.-, eugc agenj of the N. O. A St. L., has gone to N-i ville to remove his fami’y to. Atlanta. ' Mr. W. W. Foreacre, division road-n -f, the Georgia Pacific, is to commence at orKe i SIO,OO residence at Austell, on that line. A large party of Atlantians went out on the Georgia Pacific to Salt Springs this morning A number of people go out there every day ■<> Hue the heat of the city and spend the day. _ It is said that bn Sunday Sentemb the Queen and Crescent route will put he cannon ball express, from Birmingham, t< > nect with the Georgia Pacific fast trains. A party of New Yorkers are camping at Salt Springs. They have been to the Yellowstone region, and have traveled all around generally, but find that Salt Springs yields more bem-Jt than any place they have visited. Water had been sent from the springs, and its merits thus ' beeame known to them. Mr. John P. Slough, formerly of the Be>- Line. I has been appointed a passenger agent on the E. T., V. &G. Mr. Slough is an old railroad man, and was formerly a resident of Atlanta, but has been railroading in Boston, Mass., and Denver, Col., for about two years. His head quarters will be at the office in the Kimball. Five freight cars broke loose this morning from a shifting engine on the Georgia railroad, at Pryor street crossing, and went thundering back by Whitehall crossing. They were off and switched on to the main line, and parti.- ' having climbed upon- the runaways, soyn brought them to a standstill with the brakes. THEMARKETS. Atlanta Wholesale IVlarket Quota lion*. Chamkfr of Commerce, ) August2G 1885, H :30 a. Cotton —Strict good iiihuiling, UP4; middling, b strict, low mitbiiii'xs, strict good ordinary (Jkain and H • Y-—'.'orn—St. Charles white. 70: No.‘j white mixed, 65: No. 2 mixed, 63. Oats —Rust proof, 42; No. 2 mixed, 39. Kye, 1.00. Hay—Choice timothy L. 8., 1.0 Q.: No. 1 timothy, L. 8., 95. Clover, 90. Ghoceiues and Pi.ovisi >ns. —Sugar, cut loaf, bbl ; powdered bbl, S'; standard grandulate-i 7/a standard A, 7’4; Off A ,7 1 s : white,ex. C,6; 4 ' : yello -. ex. C 6’4116/2- Coffee,fancy rio,l2@’l3; fair rio, ’! Rice—Choice Imported. - ■ Or- ; leans, fancy centrifugal, 45: fancy Migar, 50. Cheese —full cream, 12; factory, Sfa',lo. Fish —No. 1 mack- I erel, % bbls., 6.50. Poatee-. 2-50. 10 lbs. average -.a a- • S.C., 13. Lard—choice leaf, tierces,B@9’2; refined.*; Lgt ’ 7%. Flour —Patent. 6.2.%a';7.00, Extra Family, s(c 25; • Extra, 4.00@4.25. Meal, 68. Bran —Large sacks small, LOO, Foreign Money Market. Associated Press to The Capltol. London, August 26, noon. —Consols 100 1-16. Liverpool Cotton Market. Associated Press to The Capitol. • Liverpoot.. August 26, noon.—Cotton —Steady tin somewhat inactive; uplands, 5 7-16; Orleans, 5,4 : - ■ 6,000 bales; speculation ami export, 500; receipts. 4.000: American, 900: futures dull but steady; Au. and September. 5 27-64085 28-64 . September and Octc 5 24.64<a;5 25-64: January and February, 5 22-64; ruary and March. 5 24-64: March and April, 5 27-64: tenders for deliveries, 100 on the new docket and 100 >’ the old. MheaL— Dull ami demand poor; supply large. C< - Steady with fair demand. Beef—Extra India mes-. x| Spirits turpentine, 26s 6d. Liverpool. August 28, 2 p.m.—Sales of American, 4.500 bales: August,s 29—64 seller: August and Sept m bcr, 5 29-64 sellers: September and October, 5 25-64 buyer; October and November, 5 224J4 buyer; N ber and December, 5 21-6-1 buyer: December and Jan- I uary, 5 19-64 buyer: January and February, 5 23-64 j seller; February and March. 5 26-64 sellers; March i.-i-lj April. 5 29-64 sellers; futures quiet. Liverpool. August 26.4 o. m.—August 5 29-64 valim . Airgust and September, 5 29-64 value; September ai- October, 5 25-64 buyer; October and November, 5 22-64 J buyers; November and December. 5 21-64 buyers: De cember and January,s 21-64 buyers*. January and Febru ary, 5 22-64 seller: Februaiw and March. 5 62-64 < ier . March and April, 5 29-64 seller; futures closed bU . . . New York Slock Market. Associated Press to Capitol. New York, August 26—Nonn.—The market was irreg ular this morning as compared with last evening's clos- 1 ing (|uotaticns. Witstern Tnion. New Jersey (.’••ntra!?j Missouri and Texas and TyN - .' I’a. ific Rowing sm u! ad i vances, and Northwestern .-nd Lackawanna being un- | changed, while the nst of the active list were from 1 I to % per cent, lower. In early dealings there was an j advance of ’4 to ; 2 J” r cent, but this was soon fobow- . by general breaking, in which Lackawan.-a led. deeb. # ing l' ;! . and the rest of the list losing ‘‘arly ad' > exceptions were in Western Union and Erie, whi-'h ' r. > weak from the opening. Towards 11 o’clock the market became dull and abont steady at decline noted ami » - that hour so continues at fractions above lowest ti- ir.s I Total sales fur first hour. 72,000 shares. JACOBS ; Dreg Store Offer: 1 Our Ring I’nee. Price, ’.llcoek’s Plasters . 8 10 t 20 :.REWEI{ S td’XG RESTORER. 63 100 S. s.. large , . . . 99 U 75 S. S. S.. small .... . ;>9 1 Oil Jacuhlia I’.alm 50 75 BROWN'S (RON BITI'ERS .77 100 HOP RITTERS . 78 1 00 '.EM(U' ELIXIR, small . 39 50 JIENEYS EXPECTORANT .*’.B - 50 tail*' Hair Renewer .75 1 00 DH.M'IS LINIMEAT !0 . 1 7.0 IT IT SPILLS . 15 25 •I* \’’FIELD S REGULATOR, small 49 75 HinDI'IELUS RFGVLVIOR. large 89 ] 25 ' AR.XEPt'S SAFE KIDNEY Ct RE. 85 1 25 S;ni’ >on*s Liver Regulat< r, small p’kage 10 25 S -zodom 60 75 I*CKLEBERRY COR6IAL 37 5® ER'S HAIR VIGOR 73 100 r 'red Brown's Es J Ginger 39 50 BROWN'S BRONCHIAL LOZENGES . . 18 25 I UO'IT S E.MVLSIU.X COD LIVER OIL . 78 100 ELIOWS SYRUP HYDROPHOS- PHITES . .. ] 23 1 50 BEEF WINE ANDIRON . GO 100 ’III LU PS’ EM. COD LIVER OIL . 78 100 Avan's Down Powder 15 25 Ah-iicine Tumblers and Corkscrews given away to Customers. Jacobs’ Disinfectant Approved by the Sanitary Commission and the Medi al fraternity, the BEST ami CHEAPEST Antiseptic id Disinfectant known. Large bottles, price 35 cents. THE CORNERSTONE. : lie Sub. Cuniniittee’s Address and the Railroad Rates. The sub-committee of the joint committee of ; the Senate and House, having in charge the lay g of the cornerstone of the new’ capitol, ap pointed to take charge of that portion of the cer inonies relative to issuing invitations to the military and civil organizations and the people generally of the State, met yesterday and issued the following address: To the people of Georgia: The General Assem ; biy having determined to lay tbe corner stone ; of the State Capitol on the second day of Sep , i inber, at 10 o’clock a. m., at which time an ;i dress will be delivered by General A. R. Law ion, and the ceremonies of laying the corner* stone will be conducted by the Grand Master of the Masonic fraternity of the State. It is desir ous that the occasion be made additionally attractive by your presence, you are therefore earnestly requested to be present, as are also ’ <hu judicial officers, both State and national, of , th s State, and military, civic, county, munici . i organizations. Any organization desiring participate will report to Captain Henry Jackson, chief marshal, who will arrange them pro. t place* in line. Rodt. G. Mitchell, ; Chairman Joint Committee on part of Senate. B. F. Abbott, 'hairman Joint Committee on part of House. W. A. Turn eh, Chairman of Special Committee. Tit railrords have given special rates. 1 i’.Jile —State railroad, East Tennes- e, Virginia and Georgia railroad, Central rail- 1 ad ana Georgia Pacific for organizations. I 2 cents per mile —Air Line railroad, At inta and West PoipJ railroad, the Georgia aci c for persons. THROWN FROM A WAGON. Ir. Vol. Dunning Meets with a Seri ous Accittent. Mr. Vol. Dunning met with a serious accident his morning on Capitol avenue. He started to take a drive with his family in his delivery wag on. When on Capitol avenue, just beyond Rich < ardson street, the right wheels of the wagon ran into a deep hole and the sudden lurch threw Mr. Dunning out of the wagon. He is a very heavy man, aud, falling with all his weight 1 his right leg, the knee-joint was dislocated. ' r. Dunning was carried to his residence on ; rs n street, and a physician summoned. \ ( apitol reporter visited Mr. Dunning be fore > e physician arrived, and found him suf great deal of pain. He said the hole n'. -’(.h bis wagon ran was hidden by a loose •; * .< of dirt and was made by workmen who .c ■ 1 Hying water-pipes. The ladies and ■n; • lin the wagon with Mr. Dunning came 1 ii ’.ir being thrown out. There seems to have j 1 been some carelessness on the part of the en who did the excavating for the water- can’t leavn to make fine pictures by guess if. . t. Scientific drawing taught at Hagan’s i Ari School. Uncalled-For Abuse. ‘i 't seems that the press, to some extent, are j heaping abuse npon Hon. R. A. Connell, without I foundation. They seemed to be entirely ignor ' ant, as far as the bill is concerned. In behalf : of *:he Honorable gentleman, The Capitol re porter will simply make this statement. That bachelor bill, as was introduced by Mr. Connell, did not consume over fifteen minutes time. As far as an extra session is concerned, it is utterly ■ bout foundation, for there has never been xtra night session held up to this date. The ; fuse met as a married men’s protective asso mr on, in order to have a pleasant time, and ; was no expense attached only the burning little gag. Mr. Connell, with an eye to the estof the State, withdrew the bill, for fear it would consume time in debating the tion. Although Mr. Connell a public prop ’ ■ the reporter cannot see why he should be tiled as aconsumate ass: Ac. He is a per i - gentleman in every particular, and it is an : istice that he should be assailed in such a u inier for such a trifle. Adairsville Blots. Mr. J. P. Dyar is attending court this weekin Dalton. ; Ir. Wylie Dyar and son Eddie, spent to-day ' in town. ? •. Scott Clark and wife, who have been visi ; ting Miss Mellrove, returned home to-day. Thu concert which was given here last night i f)’ the benefit of the new Baptist church was a grand success, and was enjoyed by every one present, both young and old. The music by Mr: A. F. Manning, Mr. Lowman, of Chattanooga, ind Mrs. Manning, Miss Lottie Woodberry, of Augusta, and Miss Lina Manning, was excellent ami cannot be surpassed by any who have had ' the same practice. While Mr. J. H. Tatum, a I noble young man of Florida, formerly of this place, presented some very interesting scenes of Florida with a magic lantern. There was a splendid audience and good behavior. Loraine. Key Reckt. A fresh lot of cigars—best brands—from two to ten cents each. Cheapest in city. T. J. - Harper, 7 Peachtree. MENKO NOT AT THE CORNER, BUT AT NO. 3 WHITEHALL STREET, with a full line of new Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats and Furnishing; Goods. Every quality, no old stock, every garment just bought We sold our entire old stock on the corner before we opened the new store. We have been in the business in Atlanta twenty years, and we thank our many filenfls for their past Wrowe, ani we pledge our .past record as our tee course. Call and see ns everybody ’ A firm mates itself t its awn acts. We make Hats and h oes a Specialty. We sell the Best hirt made for the money at SI.OO, formerly sold at $1.25. We thank the many of our old friends who have called to see us, anc2 hope you will call early and often. MEMO’S CLOTHINK HOUSE, 3 WHITEHALL STREET, Established 1855. ATLANTA, GA. The Legislature Should Adjourn, Go to the Art Needlework Store, corner Peach tree and Walton streets, buy some nice presents for their lady friends, and go home. Steamship tickets, lowest rates, steerage and 1 cabin, all parts Europe. Harrv Lynan, 4 Kim ball House, Wall street, 38 Wall. Half-gallon glass Fruit Jars SI.OO per dozen at A. H. Summers, 100 Whitehall street. BREAD. More for the money than anybody. I NUNNALLY & BAWSON. Stamping done on all kinds of material at very low rates. Art Nefedle Work Store, Peachtree and Walton streets. Winham & T.eater, 36 South Broad Street. Old C onstitution Biiid inf, General Job Printers. We are prepared to do first- class Job Print- • make you an estimate. Winham A Lester. The Roses? Designs Do not always please, but the designs of roses i at the art needle-work store, corner Peachtree and Walton, please all. Don’t forget that Prof, and Mrs Hagan’s Art I School re-opens for a abort term only, Septem- i ber Ist. Fine portraits. Success or no pay. 1 Call over M. Rich. Buy Glen Mary Lump Coal. For grates and stoves it has no superior. J. C. Wilson A Co., sole agents. Office and yard 7 Spring street, on W. and A. R. R., Atlanta, Ga. Telephone No. 312. Road Carts. We have only a few left. They arc for sale cheap. Come and see them. We want the room they occupy. Milburn Wagon Co., 39, 41, 43 Decatur St. CIiY REHASH. About $15,000 has been raised by the Georgia Midland subscription committee. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Myers died yesterday afterdoon at their home on Rawson street Capt. Crim says that from sto 10 dogs are killed in the city every night by unknown parties. See Vernoy, railroad ticket scalper, 28 Wall. If you want a bill of lumber furnished from the mill with promptness and dis patch, and cut right, call on us. We have a car of superior posts just brought in. Heart Lumber and Shin gles a specialty, at 158 Whitehall St. Taurman & Fortson. No Guess Work About Our Delivery. Glen Mary Coal and Coke Company, J. C. Wilson & Co., agents. We weigh every oi I coal that leaves our coal elevator and send tick ets showing the amounts of each load, and you know what you are getting. Price for lump I coal, $4.25 per ton, delivered. J. C. Wilson & Co., Agents, 7 Spring St. i Harry Lynan. Steamship tickets. GERMAN Whooping COUGH REMEDY. Mr. Kaufman, of Lieberman A Kaufman, i says : It gave instant relief, and cured quickly. Mr. A. Denk, of Elsas, May & Co., says: It relieved my child at once, and cured ! rapidly. Prof. Schoeller, of Dalton, Ga., says: It cured my children very soon. 11 could recommend it to all whose little j ones are suffering. German Wboapins Coiil Remedy IS SOLD BY ALL First - Class Druggists. Sent to any . Idress on receipt oi 25 cents, by THEO. SCHUMANN, Sole Manufacturer At lanta, Ga. BUY Menlo's Old Reliable Shirt. SI.OO Best Shirt Made for sl. / B 1 !' I. I » I w ' .y/l I O' i/J 9 1 ' ;f)R ess i r rsW I ANO I J. ■ Fine • Linen • , MrNEQtTujj ■ FOR SAGE AT MEMO'S CLOTHING .HOUSE; NO. 3 WHITEHALL. Shoes and Slippers I That Department will be our spe cial objective point for the next few days. Wu will sell them to you so low that you will not care to look further. NO USE IN QUOTING PRICES I We are known to advertise only what we mean and always sat. exactly what we advertise. S t ike our word for itand come i will sei! you Shoes and Slippe.: for we will quote you a price that will sen them, and you will save from 10 to 20 per cent, Over the prices of any other House. We have the facilities for bu i ” rs these Goods low. 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