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The Atlanta daily intelligencer and examiner. (Atlanta, Ga.) 1857-1858, September 29, 1857, Image 4

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tnftr lirtt ftm ixul, <nH, / >fl<.W i'» ill muM «wu» with Which | an Irwaits, writing fro« Wayat* U snrortandTar it bMuuij Uff* country, and-Witwcnc jtrar m tried Hrpeuk 1* commend \i tayil «• Htj beneficial m tiaimtefor which it it recot rfforta vs bser of thi iSSttt*. rer* report ot the «a ‘srswd la the W«*t*ru a ad TssssasExsa l.vssay, iimon,uT]ionl the Medicine!! ■ •d In Jttionl lkatdn*Mlakut,Uouuipil<s, wh.n kMUutnndj enk* » l>0( UTWVMtUll T«. ‘ ’U»ad B«« Imitation-! tMwltte lloouiiai, Nsw York. l*r<ottsusing it will tid It to agr«* wtH. with the »U><ueeh. Thi-* valuable (new In tlis** part*) end haprotvdpuKU eC^ . . • , , itiou, comw+u.U il—IftSLtkt tipfcb! noG?f ot Trivtltro, **u account of it*, aval anff compact term. Ifri* u-in* ,ff. we j* et heodtu plae** wherw-the Alllltlcd mljjht be unable to procure theetteadeuoe ol e physi cien, or the ntk*rwU# icquWto xewtUie*, or where •rtu if obtained, the article* nuj hot be or thxt pu quality m aseekxerj In * fftctlng Spcetynu4 i’erutmeui relief, this Compound!* prepared with the purrs drugs In a highly Concentrated lo a style of attaint inurpaMod, end at an expeate bexelr exceeding the price which e suffering patient would be compelled to pay for a £h?iici*n‘4-advice, also being palatable. Another AdvilutUKU U has over others, is that of occupying but atritlia space. It can alway s be conveniently carnwl wi!bou° apprehension of its being injured tn any manor ... The Patient uses it dudig tke day, follows Ufa ordinary avocatiou no danger ofcatehing cold, will-used no physician, will save himself from grieved feelings by an e\po- • ore, and lie Effectually Cured in a short time, nod no one wiser of his mlsiort u De lta entire freedom from any mercurial preparation, opium, or any other injurious drug, is a decidedly great adr«nta» to the patient, it is par tic olarly 1 Soothing ami Ileal lug. i he perfectness of the preparation, its almost taste less form, Its pleasant mode of administration. • he ease and certainty with which the cure is effected, its freedom from nausea, claim far it the continued patronage cf the public and present to the unfortu nate Arguments for its use and preferanee over any remedy of the pres ent day—which must be and are Uuauftwcrablc. Kysch. tend Whiff Oofl-tfreets .New (Mean* Hager, . icd Pr niooa*! • • * v- v&goo the - ^t.crraJ ad Confiai*, by i reeeipt <A Good* Atd to sell at a* : is the dtiea of uUxLoq (the freight Jke advantage of the •Lima neers on first nek of .'lor Orleans cheaper than they can • abme mc.ntxroed. J. 4c J LYNCH. wall-paper?, and for sale k CO. c Sion?. keep a Wholesale Book, Marie et, Atlanta, Ua. ptly attended to. dwly Shares FACiFIC RAJ ROAD 'O C K ! f the Pouthcva liiciflc d wfcs deefre to deecelbe, will do t as an that w»weer be esttrt for ap*.o i tee gnats from the Stats of Tern, are Sdeot U pay the other am; ty fire per jmOmof the load have beta pat sad»r h Smoi. J«ta T. Grant k Co . of thk »nw ■>» twaniir^niu IKIMW7 con f the Toad. The rigfcta, Fraoeatae*. aod f this comyaayers saeured beyoad all con ia IBM, ICO IM MM Ml M WWW MSTIJ »«m; — .wceive it. Am theCompaay have no imme diet# ase far feeds, I am aethonsed to* tabs acod pa per autaneg at Savaaaah. Char las too. Mobil*. .V«w ‘jrlnna* t* New York, w the 1st »f Jfarvh, 1859. with interest tad evehaage added. The Stock may be **- -ar-d oa application to me at the cA« of williams, for sai» of Southern Pacific Railroad , .“tack ‘a the "uu of Georjr A’fia'a iaiy 23, 1MT form of Stock Certificate. 2* it kaows that-- ■ -is ttaUtWi to :«i«tigMd AjnuwBoons, on th, L„.r,n).Qd .Mil bottU. iKittta,or.libottk.lottt SoU.bol. lbj ICBOVU * UK AD. l>Gka>tr*un.kat.C<atludSt. UmU,K.O. »OTio« luSoniiuSiins, to whom .11 or •pfUeotton. for AfHoloa no .t bo addrounl also by A. Aiaxacdsr, Atlanta Ga.: J. u LttanUGa.: BUJockkCampJ’afrbnrn4a.;W _ om-v agent tn atuota JL - ■’.“lir*"*‘,iS,S“" A. ALEXANDER Important to Married Ladles and those about to mam-! DR. D ELCSMER’8 CELEBRATED HON. THLY PILLS! Prepoml from * ptoKiiptioa of Aleruxlor Delmme, memtwr of the French Academy of Surgeona, and attendant phyiician b> her Ml' jeoty, the Empreu. ^ Thi* invaluable medicine aco like * charm in alt menstrual difficulties, remorln, ohetruc. tlone. and bringing on the Monthly period* with penect regularity. Ju all caw* otNerr- on* Affection*, Palpitation of the Heart, Flour jAlhi* or White*, and .in fact in all complaint* arising fiom a disordered cmdilion and un healthy srtton ot tile (ienilbl Organs, these Pills will ciSrct a speed, and pern-anent cure. Thty ire put ®p in (mail (date glar* flask*. «o cutely aieled fromobaerralion, *nd arcomtun' ied by fall direction* lbr use. |*;j . ... package. N. B.—There Pill* thutild not be be females dutrng the firef th'ree montHs cfprtg- naneTaa they are rare to bring on miscarriage; bat at any other time th«? nrc harmle**. J. K Blandtn. 51. It. only Agent fur the United ft ties and Canuiaa I Al*> juat receired at th. Doetor's offer t freslt iUpply of Ricord’r Ketuaie r -an ! uofailir-g pretentire of conception, and mvaiu- able to those female, who. owing habit* „t life or physical malformation ire incapacitated, from *-i* re-pmdaetion. Priee .ent by mid. In c-mnecfion wdh the.e remedie*. I hare cons antly on hand the foilowing work.: Mat- r> n'i Manual MamagefJuide, Drsetac* of Fe- ma aai ; eases of Males-Esch work is aubaUmial ■r <>”und »od beiutifnlly illastrated with colored (cates, and contain nearly foqr httmlrcd pages of reading matter, .“ent [nrt pai I t„ a ,j. ■Ires, on receipt of HI. and U cent* in atamp*. , All letter* addressed to me will receive my immediate attentinn; and letb ra of in.iury ; [when a poatage ia enclosed.] rrill be prornielr attended t>- J. K. ULAA'DIN.M. D. ' Syraeuae, New York. Juneilt. Igftj ,lw6m the patient la earnestly nfrrreil. g^hnew |1 p«r Box' or «ix boxei for 55 DRUGGIST Siyil of Ike Seyro if- Mortar, Whitehall Street. inn .All commuuiiilions will bo kvpt^fatrietly e«er«t onfidoatiftl. TRUTH WILL TEIUMPH. Frool-Htul Poiui Teslimony. Wurr Porrr. Ga.,, l«5*i. xia A*Unt»,xn l caiUfsl toUyoaknow f th*ro-fall, which U *< follows—| logxn using it «ojou dlroetoti xod .*.»on f mad I was cur*f!. I Uiod foltof thv CtHnpfiumionly. »o i ; over two months h*v« p4«.»«i xod! perepiro tu> r* turn of tbo di^xw, thvreroro! b+Uer« tbe enrols a j prnaxnent on* though min* wxx so loog standing atd I «*r*r». I have nowpmvo.1 by i trial that jour Com I pound is x certain. «xf«, and p*rman*nt curr, b*«Idr» b*tng*ctirrly ffw* from injuriaua effects, flrr! a gr*at dvul strotigvr than bofor* 1 took tfc*>ih*a«*. l: ill grrat p!«ikur* tn r«comtn«ud it t*> rnj ' ^ *---* ,, 4B( J : - L --r'-' : 've--V ■. -"i-rb-eero wX| 8sH -imnuB|| in»jr, «!•"••! AAMik-Jaw, Heart-Punt, Tooth anti bar aolic, SsrvoUAiMs*. OuatlvotwM, Burns, Son> Gums of loathing Infants. Ilsmomn, Abocoss, Stiff Nooks, UroVrn nrwist.Cullblains, Tottvr, ShiugleH, Krostrj Foot, I'fivtf and Aguo.Chapjwd Hands, or any that aw *oro and painful. Is the ouly article «ri*gj Drought beforo th* public that will do its work p*fr fectly in from throe to twenty zuiuuton—has b*«o iirx’; by \houaauil* aud prononue**! th* ta*t r*oi*i!y ov4f ilucuxmdw . ■ i . . This Oil acts on tht* system with eleotriuity—is of putv rogetabl* pr*|viratioa. Not the sllghh^t tUn*-r of applying it outwardly or Inwkidl/, It at ouce gives a panuaneut cure—iu uioat cases from ten to twenty minutes. The best Physlologysts of Kurnpo have discovered that all orgaulo darangetueut of the animal system is the effect of an obstruction of the physic* electric llu id in the orgaaster disease. A skilful applicant of this oil K ata iu Unmediate motion the nsrrelluid aud the cure t at once accompli sited. No blaedtngv, no vomiting, purging gi* blistering is restored to. None genuine without thu signatxue of Prof. C*. !>* Grath. labels signeii tn wrUtng. 1 rlnciralftepot, No. 39, South cightii st., threodoors below Chesnut, rhlla'elpUia. Country dealorv nu.i Druggists cau be supplied wh^CSAk aud refuii. l'i *35 eta. 60cts., aud 91 per bottle. ^ Try everything elaa, give this one simple trial. Caution —He cateful to ask for, mid get lH;<Jr»rh’ Metric Oil. as worthless imitations abound. There are numerous imilatioos sprung upon the rep. utation that my article has acquired The public must bewaro—they are worthless. .JI.uon, April 6 1S37. i—lVar>'ir> This is to certify that ! had a fall, sprained my shoulder and was afflicted dlpatth dheirlfii, hloctrio for eighteen could not ral the wonderful v; iouhl not ral*e toy band to my head, ires effected by J pplicaiien of the Rlectrlc Oil ' l»e tirath' CAtiiAirnc rrim u’crful Inflnonet on the tif» !l.e hlooil ;iud “lijoi ’•v They romftvo t ^ i liver, undid, er •int, u ut discaiio. rr..f*-s,.»r» l . hi s of <\an- t. t hey not 1 {-ositlon of imtntlb American enabled to raise my baud to my head and take off my { bat. Thank God \ aiu well, and r>beerfullj recoin- ' mend it to all the afflicted. The application was made i hundred persons S’or.r< truly, (sign. d,> ' A Hater. CH Hiv^rs t, I k’mnklin, A 1» Boss. U l* Freeman. A. JORDAN. John Wltrantly. Lewis Young. I WAderhoM il M.-.ny • boen no*lcd up by . keep K<.J.a«*. ! ally u, -:, l, jl,cov \»rti3 IS5* dreadful uletrs t. - 'Prof IMlraXh—Dear Sir . i. Upt. U.'li. Wth.hMv , tho purgi;^ Dtix/yitg » uwt of these PiUs.'and by certify ttiat 1 hare beeu *tllicte«l with Rheuinatism i dLjp,n$t;i;^ k „-... "hldi (■etiuCu to saturate for four J oars, aud at times could not sleep. Uvhear. * «if whole cystcir. i'a completely neldcc to their ingot the wonderful cure* by PaGratir* LUctrlc UU, j nutoence, 1 fur in,; the sufferer in pcnV4 health. I was in-iured to try it, and the flrit application of the i PatiOntd! year duty t.* t..>eicty forbid* that you Electric Oil l was at once relieved *ud now have tho I should ' uroum' the world covered use oi my arm. The appllcsnt was made tifty J with phnpVs, ht^lch '. ulcersvres, And all or any P* r,,oli< _ C .., TI1 T .. ‘of the unclean diieavs < f th.* skin, because your 4| . . . B. B. SMITH, Twiggs to. | 873t er» r.-.;r.U ^aiul ... W t'!Til ffiairlv # ll To Pl U!I * tl "' « 1 ' the !*at modi- J j IUI.J.J 11 Br.ntlj. ll^u-I.r. ^ ^ j dnr 0T „ Jisrov-.^l Th-y -h'ottld be takrti frorly CEKriMi'ATE- — <md frequently, and the impuriUeo which sow the WiasBotui', S r, March, 9. H57 ; weda of incurable dis-wex will Ut ffwept out of tlie I. I'-arid F.ikiu. -to hereby certify that 1 hav,. b*on [ system like chr.:f befor** the wind. By this property badly afflicted for t»o months with inti iminiU ry » tney do rs much > \ in preventing sickness as by rheumatism, one of my l*S*being much swollen, stiff j the remarkablr''u tvhi.'h they tire making every where. if. DeGrath’* celebrated Electric Oil ir». and 1 now have th* j*-rfect use « limb. I was al«o troubled with partial • rubbed ■ xceediugly difficult t Lit hr C Afftrtiou* arife fr .* r .......... .... torpidity, congeatl d 1>) u »ingleapplicatioD of the Electric oil | lorpidiiy^ar.d coty g his Wen greatly Prof. DgGratli—Dei cur»-l < t tny llradai : Thi. DAVID ?I.KI\ March ■> hi? i to certify tl irj much. rT icoil. 1 have I Prof. PeGrMb’* Kelactric OIL— %'li t git- i'dofor the x;>ntchcc,s.i u •:t a printed some dirty bills and called hi uamoofmy Electric OiL Of lf.w pc l!er» and •lru«gi»H who put x stuff c<'tup>«*e>'. Catnj Lsnt i*:i. calLcc »? K1.ECTH1*: »'Ii S-> i the gnsun- i-J.-ctr.cOtl in the l o. «f S Mate lb? sure xnd get I'etii'Ntb's IJecmc oil or j<- rtaaCAoxi priviJage*. amis, and ether property pa ay. traatferahU doty on tke Book* af the or kit attorney, ea this Ort’/btate. Oo taco nf I '» paid, cad ao farther call oi twa, >jt shall » w*Am na the ^toek repisswoteJ by U*M CmtUAcmxm la teetiaaoay whereof. Uo «ai#€am paay karecaaewt thia Certificate to be signed, kn. New Rente to the South-We*l. «ra,&u * QvMn E*.A£a*4 OaqlvM I CwMetlat Ci*tt*D0*j», 1n*A Chariot**, B. C.; S*Tumah, Oa.; aad all Hortk-Eajtsni Cilia*, vitk Hcspkil, T*r.a. p9~ th. last cosootier Uak of Rail-Road Wtwoo Hot Twit aad th* MMarifpi Rh This Ra«d is ao* rorapkttd, sad opnad for tho malar iraoaportaaloo of Fuwnor, act Frot<kt- aad aiQ aihrd aaoro oxyoditloa sad loot .. .. ... OhK,^ W * *ro Oloa**.! to lofonn »ar many tm. lt a*] patroo* that *. bav. nad* larro trcoAon. S'. “ <d l*or«. MOi.too, Pur* t-b.nusal*- PaAnU. Otl* Colon, ti!s«« War*. Wio.loo Cist., foo- tal tod t-argUa! Brath.t ot 'T-r/ .art,- ty. Povfwoov t*4 r***j kt. to nriot/, qt** tit, *&! ^utitjr ot tv^x bar. tdod to moat oor boa** canvaaf.raAWietA-botlb**. of bar fttilrool j!fr ifoe. j-, tUa_ sutth a cxturi D. B. PLUMB * CCh, BEOAD STREET, AUOTTSTA, OA WHOLE34LR AIDBBTA1L DZAl.ilEB II Drags, Medicine and Chemicals, DVE WOOBti f. DYE STUFFS, OiU, Ttioij acd Paintor/ Article*, Varnish** Window OI*** and Putty, Glees War, French, and .American Perfumer) Fj.s* T.^Jet and Hhfiwinf 8oape, PinF Tooth and ilair firuahea. Paint firuahes, SurgioU and Dental hutruni/nt*. tri;h*E4, 8LPPobter« op all KL\Dh Hfiecs, Hnoffc, Manofidared Tobtcro, ait •he Patent or Proprietary Medieinert < the D»y, Superior Inks, Pure Wmee and Brandies for iled ird Purpoeee, Extract foe Plamnof, Lb ice Tot lef and Fancy \ Articles, etc. Wrw^er foocleeqaaily ae low a* they land Bom any aindiar e^sWiehmeul to be Pure, Prt ik, and Genuine, from the Country urompUy witn regard PILES! PILES! PILES! 2*41« hitherto i$Uractabl« iliteute, «./ every jurm and im entry Uivje. CURED BY RXIEKNALAPPLICATION ONLY Dr. CaTanaugli’s Pile Salve. TI7ILLn«T*r fait in giving iBuamediAte relict, «cd VV po«itiveiy caring the wurit and meat obeitcxti <uke% of Hemorrhoid* or Pile*. It i« the ONLY tNjTALf JBI.E REMEDY KNOWN berw or elw where forth* Pile*. a»l l* the’ raaolt of j jaar« of patient etudy and inr*xUgatU.u. Sufferer* from Pile* now have x remedy at had which will STAXD THE TEST OP TRIAL, -without a fear of failure on it* pari, to do ail the pro priwtor claim* for it. Full direction* aecr.mpaay *aeb box ; and alt that ii reqalette i• etrietly tn ebeerv* them, and a cure Deer tam to follow. Th* proprietor refere to the following teetuuonial* fr< tn geoUsimeo of character and «Un<i.Qg, who have volanurily given their certificate* in lu tavor. iu re gard toitee^eacy ia their own raxee. Heart them. TTie folloeiog i< f.*‘«ra one of the moU reliable citl teni-eff Cbleagi . the late Treaen rer of Cook county 111.: Chicago, July 25. 1*56 frr. Cavanaugh— l-war .l.wDh hereby to make known to th* affliete l that I have b«*u trouble-1 with the PUea fo» twvn'.j jaar* or upward*, aad at time* moat Mrterwij. And J a ring a recent arid exceedingly painfulattacx. a frlrod procured * box of your .Salve and asked me to give it a I did ao Not, howev er, with tue expectatif n of benefitting tny dieeaee, for truly. I had tried .«o many application* I ha-l loat con fidence in all. But in making are of your ^alve, I am, to far *• I can iudge. a well mao. I mouteheerluCy make thi* Rtatcment, believing it d ue both to yoanelf and aueh a* may be afflicted wi th thie mo*t trying and painful dDeaae. Idu not he«iu:e to vajathat Iconeifter your preparation aa fnvalaable really fortbePt **. Mo*t itncerely your*. H. N. HEaLD. The Hon. Richard Yate*, lat^ member of Ccngrere from the Springfield, fil e.>di*trict,jiay* Jacksonville, 1,1., Sot. 16. 1 Dr. Tho*. H. Cavoaaagh—Dear dir . TU#pr*i*retlon, Cavanaugh** PR* J'alve, whleb you furniehed, I found of great *»?TTt«#, pr'idoringao tmat *nd speedy cure j do not hesitate to recommend it a* ao invaluable remedy for the Pile*. K**p*etfa2ly RICHARD YATEr 1 . Tha Inflow mg from Rev B. Y. Bristow, i« aeqfllcient rteocameo-iattoa tn tUelf: JaeksoaviUe. III., Iwcember 15, 1354. Dr. Cavanaugh— 1 conceit* ;t to be a duty ! owe to the afflicted to make known th* invaluable virtue* and remedial efficiency of your "Pile ^alve.' I tat lor several week* *or*ly afflict"! with that painful and oeUuocoe d*****e. the P('.e*« After having ex La a* ted my patience in /ying variou* pre*eriptioon of phyii- daas and otner* wjhont receiving any benefit, by the etrong recomir.eDdat'on of your Palvo by my friend, the H<>q Richard Yates, 1 w.u induced to try it I am happy in *xying an application of your «alv* for three days perfected an entire cpre JUeyMtfttU/ yoor*. Ii. i. BR1HI0W. The iollow'.og ;a th* voluntary t««tia*ony of an emi nent phyaiewau with a btfife ao-1 extensive practice Jaeksoewiile, 111.. Nov»mb«' II, 1864 . Dy T H. Cavanaugh—Dear rtir Having for aom* time L«ard of the cure* performed by your Pile Halve, .1 recoiumeiaJed It to many person* give it a trial ; and they have TFpdTtvff tnwin*eWew to me a* entirely cored, or rreatiy relDved byit*u*e. Your*, truly, £. J. DVSUP, M. D. Chicago, August30, 195&. T Dr - Mol.AKB'f: < foi sn i'lc !•: Mtfteir rssvv,-.; Ttvoofltio israt Pnqmrftii^iii «i i h* ,\g fi Thiffl arc noc - mended, as W'nivovml Cure-alls, but uinip!, |jr what thei* nawW pur ports. TIk \ : 1 ! i. : u r expelling Voum., the human •■■vstem; lu . also been adinini. tere<l, with the niast sati-{iiet< : > results to various anitr.;. , subject to M'orms.' Tile Livs:r Piu,s, i< -. the cure of Liver Com plaint, all Bilious De rangements, Si'-k Head ache, See. Purchasers will please be particular to ask f6i Dr. C. McLane’s Cek brated Vermirugk and Liver Pill.s, prepared ! . SOLE PROPRIETORS, • ! i, . burgh, Pa., and t . „ $ other, as there arc v :' . other prepara tie n. i • before the pubii porting to be Yermifv'-c and Liver Pills, t\\i others, in coinparis. n with Dr. McLane’s, arc worthless. The genuine McLane’s Vermifuge and - Liver Pills can now be had at all respectable Drug Stores. FLEMING BRO’S, 60 Wood St.. Pittsburgh, P.c Al’sharp b> tl-eir y SJ lnUruAl : Vfri\u.< !a» p wfifF it intd fftb-Uhv--• fctwtnustiom of the itmn i * organs of thn bixly, * aMt*'n'D> hnalth. com " derangements a-^ai^* 5 *- An exteuahe tiiar^ > PhywHnn*. v.nd Pr.tjM'f* 1 grriuu dhuJi. ys nimo.-* >-J 1 substantiated V pri*o» t * and chnrarti r . . t : : .'.l i Their ccrtl<i ute* i- • Almun.v. the Uv’ ■ mu.rd pleased to fundah free ♦'» aH«fr..,iiliInxr. Annexed «v give Dip. ./iq^x frr their in the complaints which they hu\e Wn found to euro. Fort CosfTivrNrk*.'—Tnk’r'on*.» or two Pills. u» *uch nusmtity aa to gently mme the bowels. Cna- tivenrss is frequently the r.gffrivoting .auso of PifiRs, and the euro of one eurttplimuV tho cure of both.• No person can feci well while rmdrr n costive habit of body. lienee it should be, ss ft can be, promptly relieved. Fou muFGFHT.v, which i^r sometimes the cause of Costiixnas, ami always uticnmfot table, take mild dojea — from one to four — to stimulate tho stomach and liver into luvtthjr action. I hcy trill do it, and the heartburn, badyhvm, and souMum of dyspepsia will rapidly disappear When it lias gone, don't forget what cured you. For a Foul. SroM.vciJ, or Mcrbid Inaction of the BotacU, which produces general depre.^ion of the apirits aud bad nealth, take from four to eight Pilb at first, and smaller do«cs aflcrnariU, until activity and strength fs restored tn the system. Fob Nbrvousnrss, Hick Uf.awacur, Nachha, Pain in the Stomach, Hu k, i-c Suir, take from four to eight nill* on going to hod. It* not oper- ato sitffidehUy, t. ke m«-ro the nett ca^ntil tney do. Thexo complaints will bo swept out from the system.w Don’t wear these and their kindred dia- ordera because your stomach is foul. Fob Ponorri a. F.'ivan’Pi and all Diietucs of the .xa. * ii * i'.. . freely and frequently, to ptiuna will c« i, « r \vsmcB, and all flitiuM u soma derangement — either i. fa olrstractions of the Liver, btiou vitiate the llle and render m- This is diiuutroiia to the stiPitixn i r frequently under* I’.u r, • Indigestion is the symp- f .the duct, which empties the it unfit for dig' health. And the ruined by no other J- ■ tonnSObatruction fy • bile into the *!■ ranch cvrsoe the bile to overflow f : T ■ Into the blood. This products Jaundice, with a -.v-.oc^ i ^ oc d dor.gercufl train of evils. Cosliveness, or “ alternately costmncvj and diarrha-a, p*revnils. 1*. Met L r. ; Fcrcriahaymyt '"l.svguor, low spirits, weariness, mri —I w.’.; resdc**nets. i.r.d melancholy, with sometlme3 In- »can;c, wt: ability to fletp. and gone;.mo* gToat drowsir.CTR; by It -' - ■’ ill -*r sometimethere i, severe pxin in the side; the skin . : and tfcc white of t> » eyes become a grccninh yellow; I • toinft<? h add: fho bowels sore to tha touch; the whole *y«tcn; irritable, with a tendency to fever, which may turn to bilious fever, bilious colic, bilious diarrhcea, dysentery. *?e. A medium dose of three *r four Pills taken at night, followd by two or three , in tuc raoa ir.g. -nd; . ;•< ated a few days, will remove the cause of til IL* • Ir '.“Is:. It In wicked to suffer ruch pair.* when yn»: ran them for Pi cents. UHKUMATiBM. ’*.iijt T. ind all Inflammatory Fr- ; vers arc rapidly cured '•< t... i r..'fyiniT effects of these Fills upon the ’ !■ od and tV Htiniulus which they afford to tl;c vital prlanplj. f 1..' . For these I ar;d all kindred cumplaint-x tl Vy sho;ild bo taken in C. HEt'RER For sa'.o by SMITH A. EZZAKD, solo agent- i Atlanta <it PKQF.CifAA. Dec RATH. LJHo.itb Eighth street, PbiUdaltiiiia. Atlanta. May VJ joth agrceahle and useful. No Pill can be nude more pleasant to take, and certainly none has been made more effectual to the purpose fr>: which a dinner pill is employed. PREPARED BY DR. J. C. AYER A CO., Practical and Analytical Obomists, LOWELL, MA88., AND HOLD BV A .Alexin Lr, Atlanta, Ua., ar: i Druggi nrally. loc, 11,1 856. dAwitnn;*' Itmr Hir When I arrived vii fuferlac iatenaely viU th* f-l!*-*. my eoaditloo U» you, asking yonrartvle*. trim! It—the effect we* lauae-hate, ao>! ! an oov well. I ketiev* it to b*, a* it prove.1 in my eaoe, an iovalaa- bU rviaedy, and a tare ear* fur thetrtifrca**, the PiU«, aad *»sach.r*eenirn*T»! it to «4h*x*. ** t% trail, J. W. IUNBON, offlt. jgo. •Prte* 91 per box. For sale in Atlaa'a, by A Ida*, tad by JruffUU awd <!«al*r* geavrally dl.l H CAYaMACGH, ^ffyiUlor. to. 3T1MT. ffiJkWlr.7 FI. fAnls Mo HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO ftfdCTIyiKUH, M4tuu>ir.nciiA.\TH AND VVIIOf.Kff Af.K OIMHJEBN. OR. Ft UCT WA SGKK'K Klavnrln , te Pros!nee at a Pl«ui»fi|« Nolle* tveryiD.Irtd I.lquor. ^HK ondmifncil baa Utrly in*.!* great im ^ provctncnUin thia branch of buai ■ ew.— he fli roving* arr pot bp In package->f 6, ID out Hm» a> and 40 Gallon*, and vequirra 1 f*w days ago. Your r ■***'! itU»n*d > adding of Pwa Hpt'nt,eitbar UtorOVfrocf ami \.h\nor r,ne, eilhej^lfark or pile, Holland ‘"maiea and Hi. croia Rum irlion* Iri*h and Horfcb ’twb C1|«tt and Raapb :rrr M •• ^ -n. Tht EUREK A OIL, (irfatc«t Discovery of tl.i Woodman's Cherry Expectorant /♦ the Great lirmtdy which i* taking the place of at l Other a. I N a country where multitudes arr annually carried oil by pulmonary disease* jt is scarce ly necessity to enlarge upcu «hc rneriu of a REMEDY, which,if taken in time, will assure From the Columbu*8un. edly prevent the aad con/equence* too often j 4 r.ew remedy recently introduced t<> the ariain/from ; /*\ public, i.-; start ;ng our rocurunity 1 v thr COUGHS, COLON AND INFJ.UEN/.A. wonderful cure., th .t tr-• I cing effected by its and the various TRACHl SL AND URdN- u^e It has !»etn tr d inui.-f- < f the tr.* .1 rio- CHI.\Lotr«cviona that Income when neglected i lent cholic, on sore brvasU.ft: eked nipples U'*.- the PRECI RHORri OF L'ONHlLMPTlON j ters, eruptioiwot the skin, u’.cew. ore legs ul- AND OF DEATH. | corated aoreg of long standing, sproins and bruia The Balsam quidt* the most violent cough in | es, in every instance whore we have luavd of us the course of a few hours, enabling the patient j being used it 1ms proved to hr a mro and speedy who may have been kept awake night after I remedy. To it- former high character, is now night by the continual recurrence of paroxysm* j mldedthat of tin destroyer of the hot in that vnl- to ENJOY CALM AND REFRE8JUNG ^ uablc animal, the hor*e VVh-i would be with id Samaritan frr the ailments ul umr. and bend, tfs ti c Eureka Oil. It can he had in this city at the -tore of A K Ayer, and .at the drug store rd Darfforth. Nagel A Co. If is a dibcov ury of southern origin, and is rahu- facture.l and •. dd at wbolestUe (». \V. Croaft fit Co, nt'tlie city r.f Atlanta, Go. Rend the following no'e nddres«etl to u- yesterday : M.EEF It loosen* the cough—relieves the tightness of the chest-and rapidly mitigate* all the symp toms attendant upon an IRRITABLE CON DITION OF THE ORGANS OF RESPIRA TION. A* a family medicine, it ha* already acquired a high reputation in the west, and ought to oc cupy a place in every fanner’s arid planters medicine, cheat. " 1 Coli wnrs, Ga., July 23, l^hi. The following original letter was handed tousj. 1 think it my duty to inform the public thro’ fur publication; a remedy which can elicit such I your valuable paper, Of ft most n-fnarkablo cure - rr,..-* he. • which wah Flb.*cu*d oi^ a horse of Mrs. King’s, which wo* taken in Rroad'Vfrert, and pronoun- ccd by knowing ones to be iiupi-Iccily affected with tho Butt*. I administered Eureka oil, and in a verv short.rime tho home wan entirely re- ioived, t»the astonishment of a < rowd „f spec- t mere hail countrymen and other*, wn had been attracted to llioepit by the ngoiffis of the animal. By giving this a place in your col umn!*, you will confer a grcit favor on man and bead- CH ARLES V. SMITH. cucoiniurns, rr ust t/e a goud one GALvrtTON, 'i’rxAH. April 2fi, 1856. Da. t). O. Woodman, New Orleans; My Dear/Sir:—In justice to you and a duty I owe tua suffering, und I may *ay, a world of coughing people, I *t*le what your invaluable Cough Remedy—your. CHERRY EXPEC TORANT-—has done for me, when all other remedies have failed to give any relief. f n the fall of l* I V. living in St. Louis, where I have resided moat of the timo for the last sixteen years, 1 took a severe cold which settled on my lungs, and was confined to my bed, and dosed and b/isteicd by doctor* for several weoki, but finally got on my legs again, but not cured of my hard roughing,and rattfiDK c ud tickling in my throat, which continuep in errantly fox more than *ix months,always fho worst m.tli • winter. My friends insisted l h d coughed enough to kill a doxtn men, and that I must ho iri the last stage of consumption. I made up my mind that I must cough my life away. I left St Louis in December last, to travel and spend the wiutr? m the douth— When I called at youretorj in Vicksburg, you will recollect, I was coughing so hard I cffuW not piake mx>busin«g» known. You said you wouliPcure my cough. As'you gavemo n l■ut ile of your CHERRY EXPECTORANT, I thought 1 would not slight yon an*l your medi cine so much an nut to try it» and in thankful- «r»3 shall I ever remember the day I did so. In but a f*w Ugan to allay and diminish my cough and tickling in my throat, ami be- f ,jr | bad used more thin three fourths of the contents of that bo tie I was entirely cured, ami frr wreks I did not rv»n rateM cough. tLeugl exposed «lay ami oigl»t, in all weathers, in tra veling. However, in March, wlulo traveling in North Carolina, l took a sever** ccid, end rny coughing commenced again, and alto tho Uck ling in my throat, at intervals; and Ufo/> m; arriving ut New Orleans, on the lib, Inst., on some night, my couflung would c.mmcnce ' **- fn r an uour or two. ' sou *- Mii l*i« C J * AlIlifteH Iliad! *• I called n> sen a Lady from Alabama, who had r/jum to Atlanta on a visit. When I« n- Inri-d tho room, 1 found her fitting in « chair with the gl.uuS of her nrck so much swolh n and inll tm' d, that sin: could not (urn her head to tho right or left, to apeak no ni to be lieir.l across the to in. I prevailed with htr to try Eu- r ka Oil. Him consented, and commenced by rubbing it well on tho throat, and gargling fre quently, and to tny great astonishment, injbree days she pronounced horse'.f eiTectually cured, and left for Alulmma with a gOod supply of the jo-'Iy cjlebratcd Euraka Oil. Hold ouly by H. I. SHACKLEFORD, .Sole dg’t. Try II, Evei jlmdj ! A Lady in this city who wa , awfully afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism from th*» bqttoin, /fiona (, f tfit* left frot up the same, limb *ulu, both bhoul- ‘ dars, and ilowu the arm to (huends ut her fin- g-rs. Could not walk, but J.iy in bud tunueAtcd wi th the most cxf , rufiatii»gj/*in day and nigh* l recommend I her to try the Eureka Oil. Who readily agreed to dor) n v d comrn* need ribbing it on tho surface three or font tinvrs a day, and in about live days Jhe was calirely r*dievrd of inffarnmaticii and pain. I was an aye wifriess of the wonderful effect* of this oil. and affirm tho above tr. heaisbslantisllv Uur. H.J HIJACKLEFORl), Agenl. August 11, Idf»7 dif SlLttAiN & OAl Sole l*roi>rle(or.s. / Finith Fczard, Atlanta, Ga. A. Aluxaoffer, “ “ .1 K. Wofelborv “ Wn.Rowt, . XiiTiatt, •» K. C. Ellington * . g «»n, Jcurvfcore. \V. a C. Hanantt. Fsyetterilln •* J Itr^iar, f‘—atur, 8 11. Griffin, Palmetto W. B, Swan. Campelltuo It V. Ituasilt, Villa Rica, rTatnp ti Ctirlatlaa, Falrburn, •* * ruwo, MclN.nouifb *• >.,riton# Mountain** J. M. Ue' K Po New an<l Important Discovery in the Science ofMocUoine. F .TKNT OI'FICE SEAL C x,AT Briliati, Diplwtnp *!e 1 hcrmacie Pharma- cun «’e J’ari», and Itii|K>rial CullegerdMedi- • me, Vienna. Sold wholesale and retail by Dr. »!. A. BARROW,, member of the Imperial College of Vienna,'and Royal (Jollrge of Sur geons, London, who may l»e personally consul it d at bis residence, l. r »7 Prince street, few blocks wv.-t of Broadway, N. Y. from 11 a. m- till 2 p. rn. and from 1 till H p. m. (Sundays ex- copied, unless by appointment. ’ Trlcscimu No. 1* Is a remedy for Relaxation, Hpennatorrhma, and all the distressing consequences arising from f'ftrly abuse, indiscriminate ex cesses, or too long residence in hot climates. It has restored bod ily and H xual Hrcm th and vigor to thousands who aru now in tho enjoyment of health and the functions of. manhood; and whatever may bu the cause or disqualifications for marriage, thc*> arc effectually aubdued. Trtcftcnmr No. !!* completely and entirely eradicates all traces of Gonorrh.m,hnth in ita rnild and nnd aggnaated forms. Gleets, .Strictures, Irritation of the Blad der, Noii-rucntion of Urine, Pains of the Lions and.Kidneys, and th-jac disorders for which Oopsivi nnd Cubehs have so long been thought an nnlntotw* Tricsi’iiiar No. 3, i» the great continental rcmojy.for tiyphiliaand Her mlary Symptoms. Tt also constitutes a certain cure for Scurvy, Scrofula, and all Cu* s ilicons Eruptions, removing and expelling in jj course all impurities from the virus stream, to au nliogelhcrto eradicate tho viruoof disease and expel it hv insensible. |»cr*piration through^ the medium T ofthe |»on*« of the skin and It u a nt vi r failing remedy for that clias of rlirrultra which English Physicians treat with Mercury, to the inevitable destruction of the pa- tients constitution, end which all the FartapaV- rillft iu (lie world cannot remove, FRIEHEMAR No. 1, 3, and 3, arc prepared in the form ofloxenges, devoid of taste or smell and ' au bo carried in the waiscoat pocket. Bold in tin cases, and divided iu separate dosss as administered by Valpeau,Lalicman,Xoux. Ri- cord, dtc , dre- Price $3 each,or cases in one for $U, which saves $3, and In $17 coses, whereby there is a saving of $0, i Nouo arc genuine unless the Engravings Of tho Heal* of the Patent Office of England, the Beals at tiioEcole !i> Pharocie do Paris, and the Imperial College of Vienna, aro affixed upon h wrapper, and around each case. Jmita- nrc liable to tho sevvrost penalities of the law, , special arrangements enable Dr, Harrow to forward immediately, on receiving a remittance the #9 nnd larger site cases of Pricsomsr Prsc af carriage, to nny part of tho world, securely packed and properly addressed, thus ensuring genuine Eiiiopchn preparations and protecting the public from spuriJu* and pernicious imila] * - dttendsnee and consultation fifcom 12 a. m. UU 3 p. nuamlfru h 4- till 9 In tho evenina. 16 !•,]*,. *• - e ” AND fefttuS