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UNION & RECORDER. ODR AUGUSTA LETTER. THE WEDDING DAY FIXED. MISS FOLSOM TO BECOME THE PRESI DENT’S BRIBE ON JUNE 10. Augusta, Ga., May 28th, 1886. Editors Union Recorder: Augusta is full of Presbyterian Min isters. A remarkable fact is that most of them are tall. One can see them <ui the streets, a block or two in the distance, towering far above the aver age Augusta man. They are all well dressed, and appear to be well fed. As a rule, the Presbyterian preacher is well provided for—comfortably housed, kindly treated, and well paid. This is right." No minister of God .should be allowed to suffer for the comforts of this life, while trying to save the souls of his fellow men. The General Assembly is composed of the most intelligent men in the de nomination. many of whom are ex ceedingly handsome. Their meetings have been held daily in the First Pres byterian Church, which at times has been crowded to its utmost capacity. The debate on Evolution drew large crowds. (Overtures had come up from several Presbyteries begging for ‘‘de liverance'’ upon this subject. These overtures were referred to a special committee, with Dr. Armstrong as chairman. There were two reports. The majority recommended the As sembly to declare its adherence to the belief that Adam and Eve were crea ted, body and soul, by immediate act of Almighty God, without any natu ral animal parentage of any kind, out of matter previously created of noth ing.” The minority recommend that the General Assembly should not make a deliverance on the subject. The discussion that followed lasted the whole of Monday and most of Wednesday, Tuesday being set aside for the celebration of the Quarto Cen tennial. Many able (?) speeches on the subject of Evolution were made, and the majority report was adopted by an overwhelming vote. Put after all, what has the Presbyterian Church gained? What light has it thrown up on this perplexing question? What right has that, or any other church to say that the creation of Adam and Eve .were immediate acts, when the Word of God is silent on the subject? Suppose the theory of Evolution can be established as a fact? How would that alt**r man’s relations to his Creator? The truth remains that God breathed into man the breath of life, and “he became a living soul'’. Hi s accountability to God is the same whether he was created by an imme diate act or was evolved from an in ferior grade of animals. P strikes me that the Assembly wasted much of their precious time in the discussion of a useless subject. An enthusiastic meeting of dele gates irom the counties on the pro posed line Of the Chattanooga Air 5dne Road was held in Augusta this week. Earnest men met earnest men face to face. For a time politics was forgotten. Bacon and Gordon were • not thought of. A railroad was want ed, a railroad must be built, and so the whole talk of the earnest men was about this railroad. Practical speech es were made, practical plans were laid, and the delegates left Augusta assured that in a few months the iron horse will be snorting oyer the track of the Chattanooga Air Line. A daring robbery occurred at the house of one of our citizens last Wed nesday. The children of Mr. Geo. A. Denning, one of our largest contrac tors, were attending the Houghton 1 institute picnic at Schultz's Hill, S. C. During the afternoon Mrs. Denning locked up the house and walked to her section in the city cemetery. On her return she was surprised to find every window open. On entering, a hasty glance disclosed the fact that a’ thief had broken into the house dur ing her absence and helped himself to -whatever his fancy suggested. Six medals, several breastpins, rings, and jewelry of all kinds were missing. That night while the family were •grieving over their loss, a colored man -by the name of Mattox called at the .houseand returned all of the missing •articles, save a gold ring. On being 'questioned lie said that his little son—- eight years of age—had stolen the jewelry and placed them in a hole under a certain store in the vicinity. The father's suspicion was aroused by seeing a part of the stolen property on bis son's person. He immediately wrung a full confession from the boy, -and lnul him locked up in the Guard House for the night. (Sometime ago this same boy stole a horse and bug gy from Mr. James Bailey of tin’s city, rsurely there is need of a Reformatory Institution for Richmond County. Measles are still prevailing all over the city. In some instances it is a se verer type than the common measles. Some have been known to have this disease twice during the present sea son. The different schools are making preparations for their closing exercis es. In most of the schools the linal examinations last only three days. At the Houghton Institute the exam ination takes upj an entire "scholastic • week. This institution is now prepar- for a brilliant commencement. Washington, May 26.—Dr. 1 ierie, of New York, a brother-in-law of the late Vice President Hendricks, called at the White House on Saturday, and was closeted with President Cleve land a full half hour. “It is a fact'’, he said when he final ly emerged, “the president is to be married. If he had not told me so, I would know he is to be married any how. I have been married more than once, and can tell w T hen a man intends to take a wife.” “Did you ask him the question? the reporter inquired. “I did, and he said the marriage was to take place on the 16th of June. 1 It is stated by a friend of the presi dent that rooms for a number of the Folsom family have been engaged at the Carrolton hotel, in Baltimore, from the 12tli to the l4tli proximo. This is interpreted to mean that the relatives of the bride-elect are to stop in the monumental city, where they will be joined by Mr. Cleveland, and from there go to Buffalo, where the wedding is to take place. On account of the death of the grandfather the wedding is to be in private. Among our Exchanges. miles from Atlanta to WEDNESDAY THE DAY, JUNK 2d, LAND WILL WHEN PRESIDENT CLEVE- BK MARRIED. plain Washington, May 28.—President Cleveland will be married at the White House on Wednesday evening, June 2d. to Miss Francis Folsom. The recent death of a relative of Miss Folsom lias changed the original plans for the wedding, and invitations will now be limited to a few of near relatives and members of the Cabinet and their -wives. Rev. Dr. Sunderland of the First Presbyterian church of Washington will officiate. The ceremony will be followed by a collation. The ding in all of its details will be and unostentatious. Miss Folsom arrived at New from Europe kist night on tlie werp steamer Nordland. Slie was met at the steamer at quarantine station by Col. Dan Lamont with a revenue cutter and landed at one of the up-town piers on the North river. Her coming by an Antwerp steamer was so little regarded as -within the possibilities that only two of the New { York morning papers, and not any of the telegraphic reporters, had the news. The reporters generally were watching British steamship liners. MORE ABOUT THE WEDDING, Washington, May 28.—[Special.] It is 1,018 New Y T ork. Dr. Felton speaks in Macon county today for Bacon. Labor discontents and some strikes continue in Chicago on the number of working hours. The Ordinary of Madison county has refused to issue any more licenses to sell -whisky. Mrs. Carrie N. Preston, wife of Col. J. W. Preston, died of consumption, in Monticello, on 21st ult. We learn from the Eatonton Mes senger that Mr. W. J. Martin, a prom inent and esteemed citizen of Putnam county, died on the 22d, ult. Chicago, May 24.—It is learned on good authority that A. R. Parsons, wanted for illegal complicity in the Hay Market bomb throwing has been arrested. The Griffin News has sold a column of its space for “a reasonable compen sation” to the anti-prohibitionists and offers the same proposition to the other side.—Macon News. Pat Walsh says: “The issues of war ought to have no place jn this can- ! vass. This is a civil contest between i two distinguished members of the ! democratic party.” Last Friday, in Atlanta, Mr. Dud ley M. Hughs, president of the Macon & Dublin railroad, signed $1,000,000 bonds. The road is being pushed to completion. The period of great bussiness pros perity is postponed in Georgia until after the elections. In the mean time, General Green presses to the front with all his gallant aggressive ness.—Albany News. Thirty-two years ago the father of Alexander Bailes died, and after the estate had been settled, as was sup- weL posed, some papers and family relics were locked in a chest and given to the care of the boy's grand-mother. She died and the chest went to the moth er. Bailes -was married a while ago and went to housekeeping in Green ville. Mich., and his mother sent the chest to him. He opened it, and in the old family Bible found documents which make him heir to property worth $40,000. York Ant- How Powderly Made Himself Useful.—A passenger train on the Michigan Central road came to a sud den and unexpected stop not long ago. Engine disabled. Passengers get off and watch the futile efforts of the engineer to discover the cause of the trouble. Quiet man among the The long agonv is over. At last the passengers asks engineer to loan his ° • . n _-l 11.. n litfla aefnnicViQrl public is in possession of the great se cret.* The president is to be mar-, ried next Wednesday. Washington ( breathes easier to-night, both be cause all mystery is at last cleared | away from this absorbing topic, and i because the happy event is to occur ; here instead of at the home of the Folsoms, as has hitherto been re ported. President Cleveland, accom panied by Miss Cleveland, will go over to New York Sunday night. On Monday he will attend the decoration day exercises. Tuesday morning the presidential party will leave on an early train for Washington. Miss i Folsom, her mother and several other relatives will come to Washington on the same train. The Folsoms will be the guests of Secretary Whitney un til the wedding, which will occur at , 8 o’clock Wednesday evening, at the i white house. Only a few friends and relatives, the members of the cabinet and their families will be present at the ceremony. After the marriage there will be a reception to congress, the diplomatic i corps, army and navy officers and in vited guests. The date originally set , was June 16th, but it was moved up i two -weeks on account of the inces-1 sant gossip and the variety of com ments which is said to have been very annoying to both parties. This will be the first wedding ever had in the white house. It is thought per- overalls. Engineer a little astonished at the request but complies. Quiet man puts them on, crawls under the engine and, flat on his back, hammers and tinkers for awhile, then he crawls out. Engine moves off all right. Name of quiet man, General Master Workman Powderly, of the Knights of Labor.—Texas Siftings. The Gubernaterial Convention will consist of 350 delegates, or two for each member of the House of Repre sentatives. Six counties will have six delegates eaclj^ twenty-six counties will have four (relegates each, and the other counties will each have two delegates. It is more than likely that the majority rule will be adopted. The old two-thirds rule was about the only thing killed by the split in the convention of 18S0 and the subse quent red hot scrub race bet ween Col quitt and Norwood, and it will pro bably stay dead for a long time. Were the two-thirds rule to be adop ted in the coming convention it would be morally certain that neither Gor don nor Bacon could be nominated.— Augusta Evening News. Sometimes the confusion of a sim ple-minded person is ludicrous, and yet it seems ungracious to laugh. He will say that it cost3 more to make cotton"than it is worth in the markets, but he is obliged to make it in order to get money wherewith to pay the fectly proper that Miss Folsom should j debt he was obliged to contract in or- be married there as Mr. Cleveland is her guardian as well as the groom elect. F. H. R. Capital Prize. $150,000. WHITE & TREANOR S GREEN STOHEiI T. CO lit Fr"»'"‘ 01 J\ r o. 17 South Wayne St. •«*Oc lionc ry-y Lville* b> ) _ c . anl>e fom,i “We do hereby certify that we supervise the arrangements for all the Monthly and Quar terly Drawings of The Louisiana State Lotte ry Companv, and in person manage and control ,, ^ — j # - the Drawings themselves, and that the same are Tattled Goods viz.: DeSICated Cocoanut in quart fruit conducted with honesty, fairness, and in good DOlwcu vxuuus, \T* faith toward all parties, and we authorize the Company to use this certificate, with fac-slmiles of our signatures attached, in its advertise ments.” The finest lot of Fancy Groceries in the cit} We have just received from New York a fresh lot of (j a -D/,Hlnd GnArb i-irj . Tipsionlorl Cocoanut in nnart. . ■Dll glass top, Queen Olives, nice lot Pickles, Durkey’s Sah fachva the be? .■ancient a |oial lialuc Commissioners. We the undersigned Hanks and Bankers will pay all Prizes drawn in the Louisiana State Lotteries which may be presented af our coun ters. J. II. OGLESBY, Pres. Louisiana Nat l Ilk. J. W. KILBRETH, Pres. State Nat l Bank. A. BALDWIN, Pres. New Orleans Nat’lBk. UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTION! w Over Half a Million Distributed. Louisiana State Lottery Company. Incorporated in 1868 for 25 years by the Legis- tature for Educational and Charitable purposes —with a capital of $1,000,000—to which a re serve fund of over $550,000 has since been added. By an overwhelming popular vote its franchise was made a part of the present State Constitu tion adopted December 2d, A. D.,1879. Its Grand Single Number Drawings Will take place monthly, it never scales or post pones. Look at the following Distribution: 193rd Grand Monthly AND THE EXTRAORDINARY QUARTERLY DRAWING In the Academy of Music, New Orleans, Tuesday, June 15, 1886. Under the personal supervision and manage ment of Gen. G. T. BEAUREGARD, of Louisiana and Gen. JUBAL A. EARLY, of Virginia. CAPITAL PRIZE, $150,000. #3rNotice.—Tickets are Ten Dollars only. Halves, $5. Fifths, $3. Tenths, SI. LIST OF FRIZES. 1 CAPITAL PRIZE OF 1 GRAND PRIZE OF 1 GRAND PRIZE OF 2 LARGE PRIZES OF 4 LARGE PRIZES OF 20 PRIZES OF 50 “ 100 200 ’600 1,000 -150,000. 50.000. 20.000. 10,000. 5.000. 1.000. 500. 300. 200. 100. 50. 5150,000 50.000 20.000 20,000 20,000 20,000 25.000 30.000 40.000 60.000 50,000 APPROXIMATION PRIZES. 100 Approximation Prizes of $200.. 100 “ “ 100.. |100 “ “ 75.. $20,000 10,000 7,500 A Bacon Club will be formed in -each of the city Wards tonight. Rich mond county is solid for the States- .man. Houghton. Boards of Health endorse Red Star -Cough Cure as a speedy and sure rem edy for coughs and colds. Scientists pronounce it entirely vegetable and free from opiates. Price twenty-live cents a bottle. Eruption of Mount ^Etna.—Cat ania, May 21.—The eruption of Mount iEtna hourly increases. Molten lava was only two hours distant from Nic- olosi, eight miles from here on a slope of the volcano, when ’the inhabitants tied. Many dwellings were destroyed, but no lives lost. Earthquake shocks • are constantly occurring. T. J. Tookewas dragged to death by a mule near Perry a few days ago. I he unfortunate man had become en tangled in the harness while attempt- .»Aig to dismount. Houses R azed, Cattle Slain and Crops Destroyed.—Danvilla, Ind., May 22.—A terrible wind and rain storm over this (Hendricks) county yesterday afternoon, doing great damage. Many cattle and horses were killed by falling trees. Hailstones fell measuring two inches in diameter, to the depth of six inches. Many houses had all tlieir windows torn out by the hail, The greatest damage is to the growing wheat crop, now in full head, and which is wholly destroyed along the track of the storm, No lives were lost so far as known, but several houses are blown down. The University.—Governor Mc Daniel appointed the following gen tlemen as a board of visitors to the university of Georgia: Rev. W. J. Scott, of Fulton; Professor W. H. der to make the cotton. Advise him to buy as much cotton as he must have, especially as it is clearly cheaper to buy than to produce, and at once lie is overwhelmed with confusion. He cannot understand at all that the capital he borrowed really bought the cotton at a loss. Why could he not incur the same obligation an make other crops as well as cotton? Other crops are dearer to buy than to make, and cotton is dearer to make than to buy. Therefore he makes cotton at a loss to buy other crops at a loss. But he engages to deliver so many bales of cotton in consideration of the credit he secures. Well, he ought certainly to discharge ?his obli gations faithfully, but it would be cheaper to pay commissions than to deliver cotton with a loss in it. The factor would be satisfied.—Clem in the Perry Home Journal. 2,279 Prizes, amounting to $522,500 Application for rates to clubs should be made only to the otllce of the Company in New Orleans. For further information write clearly, giving full address. POSTAL NOTES, Express Mon ey Orders or New York Exchange in ordinary letter. Currency by Express (at our expense,) addressed M. A. DAUPHIN, New Orleans, La., or M. A. DAUPHIN, Washington, D. C. Me P.0.Money Orders payaWe andaiira Registered Letters to NEW ORLEANS NATIONAL BANK, New Orleans, La. May 11th, 1886. 44 5t -AT- Joseph’s: Crinkled Seersuckers, in all the popular shades. Crinkled Seersucker ZP^IZDsTTSI In beautiful Shades—Linen Fin ish Styles. It is very evident at this stage of the campaign that Gen. Gordon can- Baker, Chatham; Professor W. S. Me- i not climb into the Governorship of Carty, Jackson; J. B. S. Davis, Cowe ta: Jas. G. Parks, Terrell; I. W. Avery, Fulton; Rev. Groves H. Cartledge, Franklin; W. U. Power, Cobb; Bur ton Smith, Fulton, and A. S. Frank lin, Newton. At Butler, Wednesday, while Mrs. C. C. West was feeling in her hus band’s vest pockets for a match, a rattlesnake measuring over two feet in length dropped out. The lining was torn, and it is thought that the snake was coiled under it. Col. West thinks it got into his pocket while he was out fishing over two weeks ago. At Athens the senior class of the university have completed their recita tions and they are now busy on their final examinations. North Carolina makes over a mill ion dollars a year from dried black berries. Despise not small things. President Cleveland, who is 49, is four years older than his mother-in- law. Georgia by the skirts of Senator Jos. E. Brown. Col. Avery, who was Gov. Colquitt's secretary and who says he knew all the facts, declares that Gen. Gordon was opposed to the appoint ment of Senator Brown. There is a strong effort, however, on the part of Gen. Gordon’s friends to array Senator Brown’s against Major Bacon’s friends. Senator Brown has wisely declared that this is not his fight. He has too much good sense to make a gratuitous rally to save a forlorn hope. Senator Brown is a man who, however much he may have been opposed when he entered the United States Senate, has proven himself to be vigilant, earnest, practical and progressive in his duties. He has never lost an opportunity to work for his State or its people." He has proven a sound and a sagacious leader. He has loaned himself to no visionary schemes and relies upon no illusory fame. He is a man of busi ness sense and judgment and is not so much concerned in the spontaneous eruption of this political Etna in Geor gia as some other people in and around Atlanta.—Augusta Chronicle. For Gentlemen We liavo the newest styles of Neckwear, Shirts and Collars— Hosiery and Underwear. Look at onr Elegant Cashmere Capes! I Just the thing for a Spring Wrap. At JOSEPH’S. Milledgeville, Ga., April 20, ’86. 8 ly T HE BEST 5 cent CIGAR in town at C. L. Case’s Drug Store. [15 tF v - — m *• ■ - Ty Tomato Catsup, Celery Salt, <fcc. Just received fresh T and Pine Apples, both sliced and grated. TV e can suit v » n , will send us your orders or call on us and will make the WAKE Lville, Price as Low as the Lowest ve on hand the finest Coffee the market affords. j Csf J t of the celebrated Murray Hill Java in handsome P J ;al We ha\ ed a lot of the celebrated Murray mu Java m nanuso^ o toons, with screw top which makes it air tight and keeps^ aroma of the Coffee. In meats, we have White Meat ^ Bacon, Hams and Shoulders. Lard in any quantity. to suit any man’s pocket book. Be sure to ask for our > same. We can now furnish anything in the way oi PIC Nly (i wanted. We do not pretend to advertise all we keep, as p take up too much space. Try Cleveland Baking Powder sole Calhoun and Gravely are the best brands of tobacco, and you can al ways find them at the new drug store of Dr. T. H. Kenan. [35 tf 1 bo w lov Bt!” [ tower h hin£ ^ jot of H Bearde feu Ha 1 Bearde ture at / at 5 o’c Also our Jersey Patent Flour, We can’t help from bragging on our different grades of } cause all of our trade tell us it is fine. Try it and be comincl gr^Our regular patrons will please remember that we wffj times try to fill their orders whether we have the goods in < not. Goods delivered promptly and free of charge to any peaclie [Gordon iuith. ia\ erv 1, espe< of con well, tl the city. WHITE & TREANOP No. 17 Soutl} Wayne Street, Milledgeville.! - Miller j |ood an lis bettt Vg ladii May 25th, 1886. |e had i Tut Hill r-nolds, isniith, : ownei Special Department OF— in m W* in artei i-gb'ffersc twhich Toiacco! iw Pi Jes [to tak let, to Eva us Obt. Wh "We wish to call the attention of the Merchants of this sectioj our special and recently organized department. Our facilities for handling Tobaccos in large quantities is s« to none of any house in Georgia. We have over twenty brands of Tobaccos and can suit anybod either quality, quantity or price. Our trade in these goods is increasing daily and we have pie testimony that our goods are giving satisfaction. We have recently purchased and now have in stock, a large sortment of all grades of Cigars, and are now ready to meet all orable competition in this line. In Snuffs, we have different kinds and any size packages. Re no > nlon See our Goods and Hear Our Prii Is all we ask. We will certainly sell you. W. T. CONN & CO] Mom |tlie £ and bmed Jobbers in Groceries and Tobacc flNGT! mone fill ai |H say Ime 1 me m Oalla took old ? No. 22 and 24 South Wayne St., Milledgeville, Gm two April 6th, 1886. " 291 «dun from rusta Terre New Advertisements, application for chart UfAUTCn...l AnV Active anfl intelligent |f Alt I uU LAUI to represent in her own locality an old firm. References required. Per manent position and good salary. GAY & BROS, 16 Barclay St., N. Y. Its CAUSES and CURE, by one who was deaf twenty-eight years. Treated by most of the noted spec ialists of the day with no benefit. Cured himself in three months, and since then hun dreds of others by same process. A plain, sim ple and successful borne treatment. Address T. S. PAGE, 12S East 26th St., New York City. ANTED/ -LADIES to work for us at their own homes, $7 to $10 per week can be quietly made. No photo painting: no canvassing. For full particu lars, please address at once, CRESCENT ART COMPANY, 19 Central Street, Boston, Mass., Box 5170. . CONSUMPTION. I havo a positive remedy for the above disease; by Its _ dy l Tjso thousands of cases of the worst kind and of ions standing have been cured. 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Bethune and K Denton, showeth, that your ptuu ers desire to be incorporated ui the name and style of “The of the Milledgeville Baptist Cliur«use] which said church is located and in ted in the City of Milledgeville and State and county. The object of} petitioners, is to protect said Lai church and its property from tre;i and intrusion, and to promote cause of morals and religion m ■ City, County and State, for ul _ purpose your petitioners pra\ t they may be permitted to exercise, their corporate capacity, the p- leges of having and using a cornaj seal, if they so desire, to contract - be contracted with, to sue anu sued, to answer and be answered th in any and all the Courts of law equity in said State, to appoint, officers as they may deem necessar} make such rules and regulation: they may think proper for their o government, any three of whom =' constitute a quorum for the tran* tion of business and all vacancies said Board of “Trustees” shall be ed by the members of said Bapt church and said Trustees shall hi power to purchase, take, hold, recei and enjoy, and sell such real esta and personal property as may necessary to enable said corporation carry into effect the objects of tn< incorporation, and to have, and enjoy all the rights, and immunities, incident to c0 . r P? tjons of like character and descripu and your petitioners pray the P a j^. of an order by said Court gra this their application, and that ' and their successors in office be 1 porated for and during the te 1 Twenty years with the prn u o J renewal at the expiration J Term, and that the same be recorag as provided for by law, and petitioners will ever pray &c. * SANFOKI. Petitioners AttoRS^J Milledgeville, Ga., May 17th, tl