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UNION RECORDER, MILLEDGEVILLE, GA-, AUGUST 10, 192* UNION RECORDER SUBSCRIPTION RATES • Year $1.50 Months -... .75 OFFICIAL ORGAN OF COUNTY The Union Recorder would advise I naturally objects to the killing of ail careful thought to those who are con- the state’s murderers in close prox- sidering turning their back upon the j imity thereto. It is enough to have party of their fathers; the party that several thousand lunatics .and several the represents a government which ■j equal rights to ad and special jes to none; the party to which uth must continue to back if a voice and representation in vernmenL THURSDAY. AUGUST 16. 1928 REVIVAL OF INTEREST ment of a community enthusiastic and whole co-operation of every hui n and every citizen in tl ity. Just as the progress is hampered unless eve of the organization b ben flop. While v ■eallzi that the: 'here has been a h City Government * Our people have ave given little 1 ■e*s of Milledgeville There has be •o-ope effol usonations to work harmoniously toward the de- velopement of our city. The Kiw.unis Club is the only one that has sur vived .and there ure many business men who should be active in the club showing their enthusiastic interest in the healthy and substantial growth of Milledgeville. Union Recorder regrets that there should be a division of the Demo cratic party in Georgia, and that there are those of our fellow citizens who are tumnig to the Republican party the party that has never had any sympathy with the people of the South, the party that humiliated our forefathers by placing negroes in I power over them—the party that ha-1 as iti candidate a man. who set aside the rule segregating the races in his j office, and issued a ne.w order making ' them work .vide by side in tho offices, of his department in order to [ strengthen his candidacy for the nomination. They have turned from! the party that redeemed the South' from tnc horrors of the days of It would be much better from every stand point for each county to exerute its own murderers, as was done before the gallow* was abolish ed. —Dawson News. A NEW WAY TO SAVE During the last year or so a nc*\ riety of the evor-popular game o idge. contract bridge, has swep the country. In this game the bidde •s to take all tho trick- that he can; he contracts in advance o take them. Now a writer in the current f the Magazine of Wall Street pr ►- °ses a new plan for savings which ntract thrift.” It so like Rood >g "Savings. The writei egult ir budgets but ■ver quite lay under the head- Ther al of i Another report hav been issued by the Bo*rd of Trustees and Officers of the State Sanitarium marking the **ight-fourth annual report of the Great Georgia Institution. An examination of this report re- '’-’"Is many interesting facts, and should fill every Georgian with pride, because it shows that this, Georgia’s largest Institution, is being economi cally managed and is acomplishing great good for the mental and physi cal defectives of our state. All through the report one ran find the mark of splendid and efficient service. It shows real conscientious effort by every member of the large family required to keep the Sani tarium going. From attendant through to Superintendent a « co-operation and sincere servic depicted, and it iv our pleasur congratulate the officials and ployees of the Sanitarium on splendid report. One of the outstanding facts o thrift has th< ontract with an outside party f> I n definite payment to be mat egularly. Buying a home is an e: mple; so is buying building ar • I! shares, buying bonds on long- L-rm contract, etc. The contract should be a long-term one; if it isn’t, there is danger that the player will allow himself !o quit hen it expires. Contract for a tangible form of iving—vuch as a home, which can enjoyed while it is being bought. The writer illustrates his pMnt thus: Early in married life he and his ife drew up n budget and tried to •How it. They found that they me*, all their bills regularly, but that they »t save any mnoey for the fu- nnd they concluded that this i-cau*e the money budgeted for s always came last, and was illy shouldered out at the last minute by some unforeseen expendi repo to the is the dei n. This is an excellent tribe ell ent of the Institution whole. It is rare that an Institi of this kind will show a decrea expenditures for maintanunce and at the same time show such a marked spirit of progress und advancement. Georgia has in the pre??nt Board of Trustees nnd nffieials at the Sani tarium a splendid combination of business ability, and professional superiority and every Georgiar should look upon the Institution wit! pride. they decided to compel them- s to save. They bought n hou hich the monthly payments wc Thesi payments al ways had to come first; and they dis- red that when the payments had e made they could be made with trouble. When the house was paid for they started buying bonds the When they had GET A MANAGER TO MANACE That is the way to run a town. •Vk your chief executive;—cal! them natutgers, mayors or whatnot—be- ause of their trained ability and •kill, their experience and probity, v»t because of their cunning in the ut of corralling votea Their job s the biggest job in the city and it - too big to be tossed as a prize he ravenous glutton, spoils polri There isn’t a business man anywht vho would think of employing a w o run his office or factory for *.i cason other than his superior ability to do so. Business couldn’t last over night the way so many of our cities and state* are run. And the Amer ican taxpayer ought to awake to the fact that public business cannot af ford -uch ways. One criticism of the city manager plan is that it is all right if you get the right manager. Certainly, and our experience in municipal govern ment has taught us that no system is much bet'er than the personnel back of it—and yet there is this to be said about the city-manager plan, it is in it elf an evidence of a protv healthy tate of civic winscience, that is to fay. by the time a city reaches the point of calling in a city manager it probably has got far past the point of tolerating professional incom- petency in public offic<? under any system. Public Service’ Magazine. ’ CAPT. BURKES AUTOMOBILE STOLEN BY CONVICT TRUSTY Dri» Car To >nd Stores In Garage Notifying CapL Burke A. To Where He Could Find It L. E. .Stribling, trusty convict and chauffeur of CapL J. M. Burke, stole th>- Chevrolet automobile of Capt. Burke last Thursday afternoon and stored it in a garage in Macon noti fying CapL Burke of his action and sti.ting he would find him in Fla., in the flood section. | Stribling went to Capt. Burke’s home and told Mrs. Burke he wanted to make some reparis on it, Capt. Burke being in Atlanta He drove to a filling station here had the car filled with gas, charged it to Capt. Burke .and drove to Macon. He j stored the car and sent Capt. Burke j the storage ticket with a letter tell-, ing him where he could find iL Capt. Burke had the car brought back to Milledgeville Sunday. The man has not been found. We wash cart with the tame accuracy the laundry washes your clothes. All dirt and grease it re moved, and it looks like new. RALPH SIMMERSON Buick Dealer FOR RENT—Seven room house on South Clark Street with garden, chicken house, hern, and five peacen trees. Mrs. S. B. Gilstrap. ■eaks weekly—It is the RALPH SIMMERSON Buick Dealer There were few peope in attend- FOR RENT Sii nee m church services Sunday. Sir, I "ember ef Cil ‘"'on held at Fort McPhergcin v^ d,y ° f 1,1 " w eek to,select , te»’ m T represent the-a' f* " Perry, Ohio, in hte Nations, Match.? Bazanoa made a 243 out of „ „ ble 250 and tied with Major Oral' dick of Barnesville for top Other member, of Company I , ' Fm“n K for a place on the team'w.^ Capt. H. B. Ennia, Sgt. Curtis Pi,. rr „ Sgt. William Thompson, Sgt F v Jordan and PvL Bszanos. * * Bazanos was a member of the r f! team at C. M. C. and has ma4 brilliant record on the range at ,1* college. NOTICE All for rent, want ads, lost and found ads will be run for cash only after this week’s issue of the Union Recorder. This policy is adopted due to the great loss that has been had in this department. The Decenary expense for book keeping and billing that has to be done when these ads are charged | makes it impossible to continue i charge accounts for this small | amount. Tbe amount is always | small, but the loss of several ofi these ads each week make it I necessary to adopt this policy. i We will appreciate your co operation in this matter and will capt. h. b. ennis indicted by appreciate yonr not asking for federal grand jury | credit as this applies to everybody. Several citizens of MJlIedgeville ! un. j L J* ■re summoned to appear before the . Whe ° * d ‘ m P h ° ned 1D ’ A “ be tlernl Court Gran.i Jury in the necessary to send the money to the office before the ad is run. Yours for better service, UNION RECORDER. •stura barges against H. B. Ennis, Capt of Co. I. of the 121st nfantry of forging the names of lent hers of the Company and collect- ig their pay checks. It i* reported that the jury indicted Capt Ennis on the charge. WANTED—Six ition Sept., 1 * than five and a i fell here Friday. the beat, Quaker State, Texa». drain and refill while you w.i RALPH SIMMERSON Buick Dealer TOMATOES—For canning pur poses, ripe or green $1.00 per bushel. Delivery made day after order. H. T. Cline. FOR RENT Two 2 Rooms and Bath Apartments In one of the most desiable Sections in the City Phone 352-J. SPECIAL! $00.50 buys you a first class suit or overcoat. Some thing that I can recomend to be strictly first class in every re spect. GEO. W. BARR Merchant Tailor definitely contracted to pay $10 month for « bond, for instance, they found thu* they always paid it whereas they usually 'failed whei they merely agreed to lay aside $1 a month for a saving* account. The writer’s suggestion sounds to us like a good hunch. Maybe it will point out the solution for some of us who can’t seem to make our bank accounts grow the way they should. —Valdosta Times. MOVE ’’THE CHAIR” FROM MIL LEDGEVILLE YOU DO NOT HOVE TO 60 TO MACON We repair bent and dented fenders to your entire satisfaction. We have the tools! to do it. It will always save you money to * eeus sniflim RALPH SIMMERSON BUICK DEALER The Democratic party ha* teen the party <>f the white people of the South. It has been the party that has stood between the South, and the Republi can party, and in the days of recon struction prevented negro rule and oppression. Jsince htose days it has kept back the bayonet being used in the South in the government control of elections. Has the Republican party changed its uttitude? It ha* not. Did not the present presidential candidate of that party only a short while before Jps nomination issue an order, compelling the white clerks in -he office* of-his department to work side by side With the negro employ- The Democratic party has been the bulwark that made the building of thiB great { Southland of ours possible. Would it be what it is to day had the policies of the Republi cans been carried out? The people of Milei eville are very electric chuir house—being i* demanding id jury, in session : ly. joined porated the following i presentments; ”\\e wish to co o cord emphatically opposed chair for the execution of all con demned criminals for murder nnd other death penalties. It is depress- child. of the entire community, and especially upon the hundreds of young men and women from every part of the state attending our col leges, and we recommend that our representative and senator take ac tion at the next *?ssion of the legis lature and use every possible effort to remove this menace from our The News can understand the viewpoint of the eitisen* of"Mttledgf- ville. Furthermore we sympathize vith them in their desire to^jid them selves of the praedfic* of this instru ment of death, and hope they will succeed. A town in which Is located the largest and most successful col lege for women in the state very For the Balance of this Week Only. 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