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Union recorder. (Milledgeville, Ga.) 1886-current, December 06, 1928, Image 1

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\lMBER xox Mml Union lMahHshsrt in IBM •oatheni £motder" 1819 Milledgeville, Ga., December 6, 1928 ConaoUdntod in 187S Number 16 CITY STORES IN HOLIDAY ATTIRE Business Houses Get Christmas Decorations. Shopping for Santas Annual Visit Being Done Milledgeville took on the holiday ir and Christmas spirit this week hen the stores in the business Hec- c»n became transformed with their corations of holly, Christmas bells, cis and red and preen streamer*, annual visit of Old Santa Claud * ~ announced for December 25th, * shoppers began their hurrying Bit: ! scurrying in ornest. ' Christmas poods went on display ;t"d the toy stores became filled with tin* kiddies as they looked over th? many different varieties of toys so tney could inform the Old Gentle- ’ ; Jn, known to every kid, just what they wanted. The Milledpeville stores are laden with pifts of every description and hoppers from neiphborirp towns -are !>t*inp attracted here by the unusual display. People of Milledpeville are findinp their needs and the spirit of Christmas i» surely in the air. Show windows show it on every hand and with only sixteen days left to finish their .shopninp business, the people here have pone after it with a happy, snappy spirit. Large or small the fever seem* catchinp and our thoughts are turn inp apain to the day that pave us the preat Kinp of Kinps and gift ex- rhanpinp hts become the popular pastime. The City Councl’. w:'.i have a special session Thursday to grant a franchise to the Natural Gas Company to pipe the city and brinp their enterprise into this territory. The Gas Company will complete the work in one year, brinp their pipe line here from Mississippi. The company will open offices here and will make a bip investment. Mill Executive Coming to Milledgeville This Week Hud of Hosiery Mill Planing to Locate Here to Visit City. Work Clothes Manufacturer Also Will Visit Milledgeville Chamber Commerce Advised AGED WOMAN IN AUTO ACCIDENT Miss Ann Ola Rice in City Hospital With Injuries Received in Ante Accident. Capt. Wm. Rice Hurt Hiss Ann Ola Rice. 80. remained a critical condition in the city pital suffering from injuries re- ired in an automobile accident on r Man i Rond Monday after- n. Rice and Mr. Oscar occupants of the aped with minor in- CENTRAL WANTS TO DISCONTINUE TWO TRAINS Evening Train to Covington, Midday Train to Macon. One From Eatonton to Be Substituted The Central of Georgia Railway Company have filed an application with the Georgia Public Commission to discontinue the trains that reach this city 'rom Macon In the af ternoon, and the one from Covington that arrives here about midday. If permission to discontinue these trains is granted they ask to estab lish a train to run >etween Macon and Eatonton. The ‘rain to leave Eatonton at 9:15 A. M., and reach Macon at 11:30 A. M., returning to leave Macon at 5:20 P. M., and reach Eatonton 7:35 P. M. The Commission has set the date for hearing the application Dec 18th, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. the low noon. Capt. Wi Med lock other juries. Miss Rice with her brother and Mr. Medlock were enroute to their home in South West Baldwin and were about five miles from the city when the steering-wheel locked on the curve at whnt is known as the Old Smith Gulley and th? car lung ed down the forty foot emoankment, turning over several time?. Capt. Rice and Mr. Medlock were thrown from the hurling car and escaped with minor injuries, but Miss Rice was pinned in the wreckage. Miss Rices’ condition due to her age is considered serious. Internal injuries and bruises and lacerations make Miss Rices condition grave. Capt. Rice is seventy-three years of age and Mr. Medlock is a middle age man. Capt. Rice was in the aity I Tuesday and although receiving a bad shock and several bruises he had I recovered from the accident. .Following correspondence that has I been in force several weeks between | the local Chamber of Commerce and ! the President of a leading Hosiery Mill of the East, the Mill head will come to Milledgeville this week to inspect sites and go into detail further toward bringing the Mam moth plant to this city. The Chamber of Commerce haw made known the fact thut the mill executives were interested in u new location in the South and that a proposition hud been made the Manufacturers to come here. They have considered the offer and the deci-ion of the President to make the trip to Milledgeville is a s:rong indi cation that the enterprise will be landed, the Commerce officials be lieve. The President is expeetde to arrive here Thursday morning and a tour of the business section and factory sites will be made. He will be tendered a luncheon by the Commerce body I at noon. I The mill is one of the largest cntei- I prises of this type in the nation and ' if located here will represent an in- 1 vestment of several million dollars i employing over one thousand peopl with a large weekly pay roll. The Chamber cf Commerce offi cials have arranged to meet the de mands of the company to take block of stock in the mill if it comes here. A site has been secured und offered them. Free taxes for a period of five years will also be given the new enterprise. The Chamber of Commerce has al so been notified by u owner and operator of a large Work Clothes Manufacturing concern in Chicago that he will come here to inspect the sites. The Chicago executive is due to arrive next week aid is coming in response to information sent out earlier by the Commerce body in advertising Milledgeville. Mrs. C. A. Mize, of the Agricul tural College in Athens, appeared before the Board of Education at their monthly session Tuesday and urged that a course in Home Eco nomics be included in the s.utiy in the county schools. The proposi tion is being considered. Mrs. Mize is a sister of Mr. W. I.. Ritchie and Mrs. Dixon Wiliiama COMMISSIONERS MEET THURSDAY Matter of Farm Agent to Be Considered. Routine Matters Consume All of Time in Tuesday’s Session GUARD AIDS IN PRISON ESCAPE Robert Crocker Makes Getaway Friend Here. Clemency Recently Refused County's Board of Com- rs will convene in a special lesion Thursday morning to the matte * of the Farm •elative to the con- COUNCIL NAMES SAME OFFICER 1 * Col. George Carpenter Given Twc Year Term ai Recorder. Other Officers and Employees Named for One Year CADETS BEGIN BASKETBALL PRATICE C.fer. Begin Work-out ot C. M. C. for Schedule After Holiday.. Firat Gome in January Coach Babe Florence, Coach Bmndnax and Coach Rentz started eliminating the more than sixty candidates that reported for basket ball pratice thi? week in preparation for the Menson that open? after the holidays. A wealth of material is at the dis posal of the Cadet coaches and * heavy schedule waiting for thin oy aim at the coveted champion- -hip. Many games will be played in the home arena and Coach Rentz who ■ as th- schedule making in charge *y» hr w»U bring some of the best •’■ms*in the state here. The sport hns grown in popularity -t few years and fans are eager- waiting the indoor sport after 1 • *t ball season has become his- CREEK BRIDGE WORK FINISHED I Bridge Torn Away in Recent Floods Replaced. Will Be Open To Traffic Shortly. Macon Work Continued 1 Workmen completed the br: 'ge I spanning Fishing Creek on the old Garrison road this week and turned it over to the County Commissioner? who have accepted the work under the contract to replace the bridge that was torn away in the floods of ! last September. The bridge work was begun a ftr 1 weeks after the old bridge had born torn away when high waters and | heavy rain? plaid havoc wit i read * mid bridges over the entire o—*‘v The old Garrison road was one of t..o main arteries of travel in the county I and at that time was the route used to Macon, the upper road being under construction. The County C >mmis- rioners rushed plans to replace the j bridge and the work was completed All present officers and employees of the city were re-named at a meet ing of the City Council at their ses sion last Monday night for a period of one year with the exception of the City Recorder who was given a two year term. The present Mayor and Council entering their second year in control of y»e city's affairs re-named the prsent officials unamiously, no oppo sition being brought before the body. The nomination which comes at the December meeting is virtually an election and the entire staff as it is at present will be elected at the January meeting. Col. George Carpenter was named Recorder for two years and enters his sixth year in the city’s service. The following were the official? named. R. T. Baisden, Sr., Clerk and Trcaa I*. E. Williams, Superintendent of the Water Works. W. J. Hayni , Chicf-of-Police. F. N. Broome. J. M. Murphey, J. H. Thi: . . i and D. M. Cox policemen. T . W. Ivey, Superintendent of THE ELKS HONOR MEMORYOFDEAE Annual Ldoge of Sorrow Held in Lodge Room Sunday Afternoon. Rev. J. T. Morrow Makes Address j. T! - , Street Superintend T ml A?bficld. Sanitary Officer, ir :e Carpenter, Recorder. R. Hines, Attorney. , M. Murphey, Fire Truck Driver, Knight, Assistant; W. R. Dun- 1, E. D. Allen, F. E. Wood, C. J. mani, Hardwick Dent and Tom ratn. Firemen. 1 thin ■ »ek. AI-LEN AND DR. TIGNER VISIT ROOSERVELT " r '1 !>. Allen and Dr. E. A. Tie- ! • m Monday and Tuesday at ' rings, visiting Hon. Frank- ! -* I* rvelt. Governor Elect of New York. ^ '^ay they attended the barbe- cu j* at (1 ipley, given for Mr. Roosar- u ‘ 1 w ‘ho made his first public appear- n J”‘ " i,: “ his election as Governor ■*f W York. ■ NTe rments |n cemetery Thrr, , V( . The approaches to the bridge have not been built up but this work hns begun and the county officials feel confident this road will be open to traffic within a few weeks. Work on the Macon mad was re sumed this week and State Engineers are rushing this highway to comple tion. The work was suspended when hishwiy fund,' became un»v»il«Mr however the county officials have been assured that these funds would be received and the work was con- Plans are being carried forward to complete the highway work planned by the commissioner, early in the year. It ia believed the road from the Jone. to the Wn.hiwrton county line, will be paved when the Macon to Gray war's in completed. U. D. C. MEETS FRIDAY THj R. E. Lee Chapter of U. D. C’s. will meet at the home of Mr». David Ferguson on Tuesday afternoon December 11th. An interesting pro gram ha. been arranged and all the member, are nrfed to be prwent. The ladies of the Guild of the St. Stephens Episcopal church will hold their annual apron sale in Fraley’s Pharmacy, the sale beginning at ten o’clock next Monday. The Milledgeville Lodge of Elks gathered in their rooms in the Elks Home Sunday afternoon in their an nual Lodg « of Sorrow-, and paid tri bute to the memory of their depart ed brothers. The ritual was read and an inter esting program was rendered. The address was made by Rev. T. J. Mot row, of the Sacred Heart Catho lic church/ The address was un ap propriate one, and was hea r d with deep interest. Capt J. H. Ennis, Exalted Ruler, paid tribute to the memory of the departed brothers. Dr. Y. H. Little read a rejection. The program was interspersed with a solo by Mrs. R .E. Long, and songs by u quartette composed of Mrs. Long, Mrs. Chu.s Conn, end Messrs Chas Conn und L. H. Andrews. The Lodge rooms were well filled by an audience which enjoyed the impressive* exercises. DR. ULRICH B. FHILLIPS HAS WRITTEN HISTORY OF SOUTt Awarded Pr.xe of 52509.00 For Bes Unpublished History in American Field Dr. Ulrich D. Phillips, son of Mr. A. P.. Phillips cf thi, city, hnn keen awarded a prize of $2500.00 by Lit tle Brown and Co., publisher* of Bos ton. for the best unpublished history submitted in the field of American History. Dr. Phillips book is a His tory of the South, and will he pub lished at an early date. This history was written by Dr. Phillips, after great reseach, and will take it? place high among the histories of th© South. As an educator and writer through out the country. Dr. Phillips has a wide reputation. He fills the chair of History at the University of Michigan. Baldwi misaioner called j consolei i Agent, action tinuance of this office being delay- i ed due to th:* consuming of the time j of the session Tuesday by routine ; matters. j R. H. Wootten, representing the Chamber of Commerce, J. L. Sibley, 1 representing the Kiwanis. appeared From Prison Aided by Guard and I L. N. Jordan and George Tunnell. Friend H»r. ri»m»n<- v I representing the Kiwanis appeared before the Commissioners and urged that the office of Farm Agent be re tained and that a competent man be secured to curry on this work. The farm agent, office was made ten Mr. E. A. Nc- It is not known Aided by one of the guards at the State Prison and u friend in this city, Robert Crocker, felony prison- , or at the State Farm, made his I escape from the institution Sunday!®?” 1 morning and nil trace of .he prison-! " ,at ,h er ho, boon lost | Crocker was recently refused ex-' ecutive clemency when he made an appeal while serving a term for n I rou *‘ crime committed in Gainesville, his’ them, home after having been reared ii this city. He was a trusty at thi prison, hnvlnp chanro of tin- .loo,' routine „.„ tu . r , c „„, u mecl the thnt ore o.V to cooped prison-j ^ ^ T ^ ^ Trcordimr to the rtory yiven by I th * - F * n “ moU Capt. J. M. Burke, Crocker left the j ters w * re ,t>f4 unconsidered, prison Sunday with J. P. Gheesling i * ' and a guard, R. D. McDaniel. They SOUR CREAM STATION TO drove to Macon where the guard left BE OPERATED HERE them turning his pistol over to them and returning to the farm, Crocker i^ n< | *o Sunshine Creamery, of stating he would return to the prison Monticello, Fla., to Operate At Monday ar.d the guard reported this t Store of People's Hardware Co. fact to the prison heads. McDaniel wo. immediotcly di»chor*cd by tho i A «mr croon, Motion will ho open- prison outhoritios. ed in this city within the .nelct ton j that there is opposition to the office being returned, but the Commission- j erg have not made known their in- , tent ions, the financial view being j brought into the consideration by I them. | The sfH-einl session called for | Thursday was made necessary when Gbeesling and Crocker have not been heard from and have disappear ed. Crocker had been at the farm about two years. H. S. WOOTTEN C.C SECRETARY Large Volume of Corretpomleiice Received Here Demand Time of Active Man. Visitors to City Expected Mr. H. S .Wootten has been named .Sccrctu.-y of the Chamber of Commer* e, and has tnken charge of the volume o' correspondence and inquiries that r>**e coming into t! office of Chnmbrr of Commerce. For the past veral weeks num bers of letters of nquiries hav«* come into ke office of th eChamber of Conn: rc * relative to the advantages to be offered by Milledgeville for the location of manufacturing plant*. Within the next ten days it is ex pected '.hat several capitalist.? inter ested in enterprises in the Ea*t and West will visit Milledgeville to in vestigate the advantages here. Mr. Wootten i»i one of Millcdge- ville’s hustling and enterprising young men. and will look well to the dutie? that he will be called upon to do. daya Mr. Finn, representing the Land ‘O Sunshine Creamery, of' Monticello, Fla., was in the city Tuesday, and made arrangements to open up a sour cream station at the store of the People’s Hardware Co., Mr. T. B. Dumas, the Manager, agreeing to fur nish space and lights free of cost. The Creamery Co., will put in charge of the station an experienced creamery man, und equip it with up- to-date testing machinery. Cash or checks on local banks will be paid. It is expected that the station will bo installed within the next ten day*. WATER PUNT SHOWS PROFIT IN NOVEMBER ©ral Needed Iraproi Bern Made in Paal Months The Water Department of the city in the report made to the CHy Coun cil by Manager Williams for the month of November shows that there were collected $1,810.71. The cost of operating was $1,201.60. A pro fit of $609.05 was realized. The city has within the past few months made several needed improve ments at the plant at considerable cost Milledgeville now ha? a well equipped plant, and pure water is being fumsihed the consumers. DR. EDWIN ALLEN SPRAINS ANKLE G.S.C.W. Class in Journalism To Edit Paper Next Week The Class in Journalism nt G. S. C. W. will i.ave charge of the Union Recorder next week. The issue will be made up of editorials, specin stories, local news, general news, etc., all of which will be written by mem bers of the class. A young lady ha? been designated and made responsi- able for each department. One of them will solicit advertisements and write them when so desired. The class spent Monday afternoon hr Macon and the Telegraph Tues day carried a page of articles pre pared by them, a number of news stories being among the number. They were brightly and snappily i f written. Th * reader.? of the Union Record- 1 er can look forward to next week’s ifsue with interest, as the class, which is taught by Prof. W. T. Wynn, is composed of a number of Georgia’s brightest young ladies. The editor of the Union Recorder will band to them any news items telephoned or «nt into the office. The mechanical force of the Union Recroder is going to do their best to make the next issue one of the most attractive ever printed in the office. A number of extra papery will be printed and «ent out Sheriff S. L. Terry ha? been criti cally ill the* past several' day.?, and great concern ha» been felt about his condition by his family and physi cians. The latest reports from hi? bedside is that he was resting easier. Sheriff Terry is pne of Baldwin county’s most popular men, and all our people are anxiouy about bin j Dr. Edwin Alltn .uffead „ pain . fui injury last Thumday aftrrnoon when he epmined his nnlcle while nn u hunting trip. Dr. Allen stepped down in a ditch hurriedly when his dog? had pointed and twisted his ankle. Mr. Jack Ed- jwirds, who was with him, brought Wm to hiy residence. The accident. While not serious, was very painful. J. L. SIBLEY HAS SOLD TIMBER ON PLANTATION Mr. J. L. Sibley has closed o deal with Washburn & Sons, of Macon, selling them ‘.he timber on his plan tation In the Southern part of the county. There was a large quantity of valuable timber involved in the sale, and it U reported that Mr. Sib ley made $17,000.00 in the trade.