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VOLUM XCK Federal Union Established in 1829 MilledgeviUe, Ga., January 3, 1929 Consolidated in 1878 Number 20 report MADE OF COLLEGES open IOBAECO CROP mpcDDIM fifteen Hund.-etl Dollars Spent to Start Tobacco Raisin* in County Last Tear. 75,000 Marketed j oherifr Sam L. Terry Died Sunday Morning After a Long illness > manhood In a report presented to the Ki- wani* Club by the Agricultural mittee. figure! contributions ' Tte report shows over fifteen innilred dollar. spent for the crop The Chr ’'- m “ r ' holid " yB °" r - co '- 30th, nt four o'clock A. M. The * h ‘obacco * c ‘ Ke ancl ^ rls 0,1,110 back to Mil- news G i n is death while not unexpect- ° • onntv b L, i Ivtovitlo Tuesday and Wednesday td hcnr<1 with regre ._ „ nd sorrow e coun.y , ready to betrin the Sprin K term, and ftronshout the city and county. Mr. Terry had been in ill health Hancock county. He n .a young man, and * was an employee at the State Sani.arium. At that institu- ' tion he noon won the confidence of I the officials, by the faithful per- Sheriff Smn L. Terry died at hU! f °rmancc of his duty and as an hon- home in this city Sunday, December I cst and courageous man, one in whoi One of Baldwin County'* Faithful . nra. . i e „ _ came here G. M. C. Opens V/eauesday and G., for I WM,, T **» P "*“ «vcnU y S. C. W. StarU New Term Aw< 7' ^*1 S * r y c “ Thursday. Bennty Sped.1 Utgely Attended Arrives in B1GMEP.GER Baldwin Firm Conrolidated With I Evens-Heward and Company, of St. Louis. Waher Stapler Remains as President i the job i all faculty member C. M. C. began Wednesday i last ye demonstration alone. It ing with n good return of students belief “hat the farmers of thi county gained valuable experience sad that it has been thoroughly demonstrated that the weed can be grown in the county equal in quality to that anywhere. It ha? not been determined ju^t how many farmer* will plant tobacco this year, but it is understood the acreage will be larger. The following i? the complete text of the report: November 10th. 1928 Sir. F. E. Bone, President MilledgeviUe, Ga. My Denr Mr. Bone: We, your Agricultural Committee *i«h to submit to you our report covering our handling of the tobacco trowing in Baldwin county this year. At your request, we your Agricul tural Committee, canvassed the basinet.: men of MilledgeviUe and se cured subscript! ...-. ..I..*., ..arrented our employing a tobacco demonstra tor, which we did with the following results, that is the farmers planted 117 acres and made about 75,000 lbs. of tobacco. Of course we regret very much that the prices were so very low this year thut no money was made, hov | ever, we h«*v.:f demonstrated to the farmers that they can grow as good if not better tobacco here than can be grown any w here in the United The following business men made subscription, which was used to pay the demonstration agents ‘•■alary. MilledgeviUe Banking Co., $.100.00 ; Exchange Bank, $100.00; John Hutchinson, $50.00; L. C. Hall, $50.00; Whitfield Grocery Co., $25.00; People’s Hardware Co.. • ? >0.00; L. X. Jordan, $50.00; Home Andrew Commission Co., $25.00; A. J. Carr Co., $50.00; Georgia Power! $50.00; It. H. Wootten, $15.00; H. S. Wootten, $25.00; R. W. Ivey, $10.00; McKinnon Motor Co., $25.00; Culver & Kidd, $50.00; John Conn 4 Co., $25.00; A. Gobtine, $10.00; William & Ritchie, $15.00; J. T. King, $25.00; M. F. Davis, $7.50; B<*.on Cafe, $50.00; Howard Blaine, $10.00; Charlie Chandler. $10.00; H. L. Curry. $25.00;- M. W. Stem- I ^ndKe. $25.00; J. T. Gheesling, | :'’0°’ Dr - Wilber Scott, $50.00; W. L. Fraley. $20.00; R. W. Hatcher, S25.00; Dr. Richard Binion. $50.00; < ity Grocery Co., $2.50; O. M. Ennis. I* 5,00 : E - W. Allen, Dr., $25.00; r H. H. Allen, Sr., $25.00; Bald- Z lU Furniture Co.. $25.00; F. E. Bune. $10.00; J. C. Cooper, $10.00; $5.00. Total and several new members of hte corp.? the flu epidemic have held many of them at home. CoL George S.-Roach was enthusias‘ic over the prospects of the Spring term and believed ex cellent results were ahead of the college. Basket ball praticc was re sumed and Coaches Florence, Broadn- j for several months, Buffering with diabetc?. He spent ’ the summer months undergoing treatment at the Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, and au operation amputating one of his limbs was performed. He returned to his home, but the operation had failed to stay the disease, which had fastened itaelf upon him. Physicians and loved ones continued their ef forts to stay the malady, and Mr. nd Rent* sent the eager* through Terry made , a brave fiffht for Vl{( . f fast work outs to be ready schedule that opens in a few dayr. The Beauty Special arrived Wed nesday night, loaded with the Geor gia girls that number ovr one thous and at the Georgia State College for Women. A comparatively small number were forced to remain nt home from influenza. The high •tnndard of health maintained at the | college is a record ir. itself that the college can boast, the college being one of the few major institutions in the .South remaining open the full period before Christmas. Dr. J. L. Beeson said students and faculty were ready for the opening period and an enthusiastic spirit reigned over the campus. Dr. Bee son stated the new term would be one of the best in the college history and every facility of the ehormous educational plant would be at full time operation. The college has rapidV ga>*ed ji educational circles and r.ow s'.ands with the greatest in th? nation. RAIN USHERS IN NEW YEAR Dampness of First Day Fails to Daunt Spirits of People. Watch Night Parties Big Interest bearing his suffering with fortitude and courage. When he realized that he had lost the fight he met death with sublime courage, and quietly and peacefully passed away. The funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church Monday af ternoon, Rev. Geo. B. Thompyon and Rev. H. D. Warnock officiating. A large number of citizens gathered from all sections of Baldwin county to pay the las: tribute of respect to a man whom they held in the highest regard and esteem. The pail-beurcr.i were: Jno. W. Hutchinson, J H. Ennis, J. C. Cooper, J. R. Stanley, J. E. Chandler, L. H. Andrews, L. C. Hull, and Marion Allen. The Honorary Escort, O. M. Ennis, Dr. O. F. Moran, G. C. McKinly, Judge W. H. Stem bridge, P. N. Biv ins, Otto M. Conn, L. D. Smith, Briscoe Wall, Erwin Sibley, J. E Pottle’, Judge E. R. Hines, Geo. Carpenter, Frank Bell, C. B. McCul lar, R. B. Moore, It. H. Wootten, M. H. Bland, M. S. Bell, Dr. J. L. Bee son, Dr. Geo. Green, Terry Treanor and Vic Petroulaa. The Junior Order attended the ser vices in a body. Many beautiful floral offerings were placed on and around the cas ket they would rely in meeting *any de- Mr. Clarancc H. King, President! mand that, came to him. He then ; of Evens & Howard Fire Brick Co.,: came :« MilledgeviUe, having been i of S:. Louis Missouri, .-nnounccs that I named as Chief-of-Police by the mein-j his company has acquired, Stevens- bers of the City Council. In this Incorporated of Stevens Pottery j position he soon estabished himself Georgia, who manufacture Kaolin ns a fearless- and brave officer, hav ing a high conception of the respon sibilities of his office, and his rela tionship in maintaining peace and order in the city. As the people of -he city and county came to know him as an officer, and citizen and man. he grew in favor, and soon bc- cume popular with all classes of our people. For the past twenty yeart< he has served Baldwin county as Sheriff and has made a faithful official growing in the confidence and esteem of hi-« fellow citizens. He met the duties of this responsible office fearlessly and courageously, and yet he had a touch of kindness and gentleness that stood him well in meeting many Steve *k-n judgment. Mr. Terry was kind hearted and sympathetic in his nature and had the manner to make and hold friends. He was generous, and was always will ing to aid those in need, and no one in distress was ever turned away by him. He was a faithful officer; a good citizen, a true and loyal friend, a kind and devotsd husband and father. He was a member of the Presbyterian- church, and was a regu lar attendant upon its services. He was a Mason, a member of the Junior Order and Elks. In all these relation ships he was held in high e.«teem as a brother. He is survived by his widow who was Miss Fannie Willis; three sons, Sam L. Terry, Jr.^of Burlington, N. C.; J. T. and Ii. H. Terry of this city; one daughter, Mrs. J. M. Vining, of Raleigh, N. C.; a sister, Mrs. Thomas McGurrnh, of Macon, a brother, Mr. J. T. Terry, of Virginia. Mr. Terry will be longed missed by i the people of MilledgeviUe and Bnld- | win county. efractorieu .and that the Company will be operated as a divi-1 sion of Evans & Howard Co. Mr. King suited that Mr. Walter Stapler would continue as President! of the subsidary company and ex tensive improvements would be made to double the present capacity at Stevens Pottery and this would prob ably he done by the installation of tunnel kilns. Both Evens & Howard and Stevens are old well established concerns, having started operation at 1857 and 1861 respectively. Evans & How ard now have plants in Texas, St. Louis and Georgia, which gives -hem :in advantage of freight rates in this section and still permits to maintain .qu...j c!... and | the high standard «f ihc-ir pipduct cd. The addition of the Stevens plant will permit them to serve Cuba and hte southeast. The two plants are among the old est in the country and the Stevens concern has been one of the oulstand- ng enterprises of the state for many years. Mr. Stapler who will remain as the President of the Company has been at its head for many years and is a director of the American Refractories Institute of Pittsburg. He is reco gnized as one of the best posted men in the South in matters of clay pro ducts. He has directed the sale* of hiw company in addition to bis Presi dental duties. No consideration in the merger wat announced. THREE CREAM STATIONS HERE Farmers Given Splendid Market for Surphu Dairy Prod arts. Stations Pay Cask and Give Prompt Service With three cream stationer* operating in the county. Baldwin farmers are given an excellent mar ket for surplus dairy products and I unusual interest is being taken in the industry in the county. Market figures have increased i weekly and a large amount of carf* is coming into the trade circles i weekly. The creameries operating I here are th2 Southland Dairy Corp., . of Atlanta, Armours Creamery of Dublin and the Land *0' Sunshine Dairy Company. One of these sta- ! tion-* operate at the People's Hard- ' ware Company one at the Purchase Sales Company and one from Chand ler’s Grocery store. All the stations pay cash for the products and insure prompt return of cans. The market prices are the higher L Baldwin farmers find the dairy surplus an excellent means of turn ing ready cash and are increasing their out put The shipment from this point is growing and equals that of "ninny Georgia counties officials stated. The prospect fo^ the establishment of n creamery here consutnt-'.ng the products bought is very probable. MilledgeviUe is a central point and the large amount ef sour cream marketed here will Warrent the establishment of the plant Cham ber of Commerce officials anu other- interested are working on this pro ject THE U. D. C. HISTORICAL ESSAY CONTEST AND BALDWIN COUNTY $1505.00. Chilly wetness of the streets and air failed to damper, the spirits of the people Monday night and the New Year came in w-ithout unusual gusto or excitement. The dance at the Elks Club was at tracted to many and a good crowd gathered there to bring into the New Year a happy jovial spirit. Watch parties were held in many quar.ers. Groups of young people as well as old sat the old year out and new in. The Colonial Theatre, showing Manhattan Cocktail was well patronized in the early evening, kill ing the time until new year arrived. The usual custom of bell ringing and whooping was absent and the , , New Yaar came in without mud, I for hilarity and bedlam. The business section was quite, painfully GRANDMASTER J.T. TERRY IS TO VISIT LODGE ACTING SHERIFF DUMMY CRASHES INTO OIL TRUCK Tr ain Hits Truck at Intersection of Pine and Wayne Streets About Noon Wednesday. Negro Driver Unhurt mony January 15th. Raymond Daniels to Officially Install Officers Grand Master Raymond Dnniels of the Grand Lodge of Gerogia, F. &. A. UK will make nn official visit to Benevolent Lodge Number 3 on the night of January 15th, at which time he will install the officers of th? the new year. p . us the Old Gentleman with the Sythe f » am Dcmon-trator. $1503.80; paid hobbles off the picture and the new ?!5,>. an 51-20. Total : born babe comes in, MilledgeviUe 1 made little fuss about it. Yours very truly, The colored people of the city at- GEO. H. TUNNELL, Chmn. tende<1 Watch Srvices in many of — j ‘heir church*. New Year’s u£ternoon hundreds m>i at Radios Intoning to, the Tech California football game. CHANGE in trains on central a. R. JANUARY -ND Succeed His Father Until Suc cessor Can E-s Elected A truck owned by the Texas Oil Masons to Have installation Cere-1 Judge Stembridge Names Him to i Co - an<1 driven by Abe McCuIlar, n negro boy, was badly damaged when it was struck by the freight train of the Georgia Railroad at tho intersection of Pine and Wayne Sts., about noon Wednesday, the driver escaping withou. injuries. The truck was coming from the Texas Co., enroute to the city and was crossing the track at the Wayne street intersection - when the accident happened. The negro driver’s es cape was miraculous, .according to eye witnesses, the truck being badly damaged. The Dummy was traveling nt a fast r..*» and gave no warning with whistle o.- bell for the intersec tion, witnesses stated. Mr. J. T. Terry ha.s been appoint ed acting Sheriff by Judge W. H. Stembridge, Ordinary, to temporarily fill the office left vacunt by the death of Sheriff S. L. Terry. Mr. Terry will hold the office un til a successor to his father, Mr. S. L. Terry, can he elected and quali fied. Judge Stembridge. under the law, is authorized to call an election, and is required to give at leaf: twenty- days notice. He has not as yet de cided upon the dote of holding the election, but will give public notice in next week’s issue of the Union Re- i betw id thr ar.d Ov- ugh Mil- THREE COUNTY SCHOOLS At from Covin*,®' „V „unn.'U- , uiscontinued. r ..’ tra * n * ul)5 tituted in is place) - •> between Macon and Ententon, , tJ. , tne following schedule: The, • es Eatr.nti Three Now Cloi being made for elabo- nnd rate entertainment of the high of ficials of the Fraternity. The wives of the Masons will be invited to a banquet that will be served before the im'alLntion sen-ice. Joe T. An drews is chairman of the committee making arrangement* for the Grand Master* coming and the entertain- | conicr. ment and is planning a big evening | Mr. Terry has been special law en- for MilledreviHe Mason?: { forcement officer for Baldwin coun- The installation sen-ices will f«,t ! ty, and has acted as deputy Sheriff low pc -arranged social hour. for his father for the past several years. He had full charge of the BUSY ^ es tne office, during the sev eral months illness of Sheriff Terry. I There has been no j nouncement of candidates, but it rumored there will be several in t CITY COUNCIL TO HOLD FIRST MEETING OF NEW YEAR Make Re, Thei EXPRESS OFFICE Will Open Next Monday The post office force did splendid | Three of the county school?, Merri-' work in handling the large volume of ivmi K-,t. wether, Black Springs and Union Hill mail during the Christmas treason. . fctve* Mffledxevill ° n » a \ n *nx \ ^ adcd *° °P en Monday morning due The outgoing mail was dispatched; ST ASSOCIATION MEETING arrive. * 110 at 10:05 j..i. *i— — „.i.. a *u_ inJu Macon 11:35 A - M. Re to the flu epedemic. the rest of the promptly, and the letters and pack-1 -cl.ools in the county opening on ages reaching the city were handled ■ HERE THE 10TH M.J time. The three schools closed are small- schools with a membership of The Central , er schools with a membership of a Com panv u-n ° of 8 ia Railway f 0Wt Superintendent Bivins ?*at*d. bon bv’tha ^ elr nppl ‘ ca -, The schools will open next Monday son to disenn+i ^ emce Commiv - bc sc boo! head declared. CovC ntinue the train to «c.n , 8ub *titute the Eaton- n train in its p U C t. The applicate . ^ lt ' A '‘th opposition -•ter this oppor.itj most successfully and accurately. | a meeting of the Executive Com- 193 MARRIAGE LICENSES -. Judge W. H. Stembridge, Ordinary W** ’on when first heard i during the year 1928 i&iusd 193 mar- EatonDn, Lut j (iage licenses. The large per cent of for colored people. Perhaps never in the history of the office was the Christmas mail ns heavy and the post office was crowd ed with people. Mr. John Gholson, and his sssist- ahta at the express office, were al so kept busy from early morn until a late hour handling the bu.viness of that office, hut they did it well, de- ill be no change of the public an- city officials wi .h the coming of the; New Year and next Monday the first session of the Council will be held for 1929. All officers, as previously agreed I upon will be re-elected. The Police | force. Fire Department, Water Com-! misrioner and Clerk and Treasurer and other officials being retained | avu.,. i a , L. ai . 5 iage i i withdrawn.! those ■ mittees of the Washington A'socla- tion, both of the Association and the W. M. S., will be held at the Baptist church in this city Thursday, Janu ary 10th. at 10:30 o’clock. This meeting will bring about forty or fifty men and women of the Associa tion to this city. The meeting Is held to disc ! sociatio without change. Mayor M. E. Pennington it is under stood will read a prcnared message, reviewing the years work to th-» Council and making a report of ac tivities. The Council will order this published it !.-> understood. Plans for tho New Year are being made and the Council Committe?s are arranging things for a progressive program of activities. Mrs. J. L. Beeson, Staiy Chairman of the Historical Essay Contest, Gn. f Division, U. D. C., announced at the State Convention in October, that. I the subject for this year i* Benja- : min Harvey Hill. 1 The pamphlets containing the l rules and tome historical material are now ready for the schools and j will be mailed to the District Chair- I man at once. Mrs. R. B. Moore has consented to be Chairman for the District which contains Baldwin county. Last year more than a hundred uwnys were written by the pupils of the Georgia Military College, of the Peabody High School and of the county. The grand prizes, two eight week Camp-ships at the celebrated Dixie Camps, are valued .at $450.00, and are the gift of a distinguished Geor gian, Mr. A. A. Jameson, of Atlanta. For the winning boy and girl of the fifth, sixth and seventh grades, beautiful gold mrdals are given by the Georgia Divi-.ion U. D. C. In addition *.o these price.-, the R. E. Lee Chapter, U. D. C., last year, endow, d a medal for the Georgia Military College. It in to be called th'- Alexander Stephen*; medal and is to be given annually to the boy or to the girl who wins in the Historical Essay Contest on the subject an nounced by the Georgia Division, U. C. Mr. Le ; ghton Moore was the ::ucecsrful contestant Jn3t year. It hi hoped that cv .ry High School hoy and girl will enter the contest for the camp-ships, and that all the pupil- of the fifth, sixth, and seventh grades will enter the contest for the gold medals. I- '-** Baldwin county the evt essay writing in her history.* OFFICERS OF TEMPLE CHAPTER NO. 6, R. A. M. The following officers h ve" beets named for Temple Chapter No. 6. Royal Arch Masons: W. D. Stembridge—High Priest. F. R. Hargrove—King. V. H. Coleman—Scribe. W. B. Wood—PrincijVal Sojourner. J. C. Ivey—Captain of Host. J. W. Riley-—Royal Arch Captain. J. T. Day—Treasurer. J. T. McMullen—Secretary. K. G. McMillan—Master of 3rd Veil. W’. H. Stembridge, Jr.,—Master of 2nd Veil. J. T. Shea’ey— Master of 1st Ve W. N. K right—Sentinel.