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Union recorder. (Milledgeville, Ga.) 1886-current, January 17, 1929, Image 1

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rm tantlv mutt X'O'JUM XCIX Federal Unha Established in 1829 southern Recorder “ 1819 MSedferik, G»., Jewry 17, 1929 Consolidated in 1871 Number 22 safe i, ellcnt f larantei 60c. a: armacy ftOPSOS ecu _ H IXX2 LEES BIRTHDAY JOBEOBSERVED HATCHER NAMED Baldwin Superior S. A. R. PRESIDENT Court In Session WEEK OF MUSIC | OHIO FIRM BUYS FIRST OF .SAY' South'? Ckisftain to Be Honored. American Revolution Sons Name’ Prof. Wjm 1® Deliver Addres ‘ Hardware Man Head. Organiza- Conri Convenes Monday for Two' (A A Vflft iVi on Ltc The Educator tion Offers Medal to Boy in Weeks Ss.ion. Civil Case* Con- i* "1» i’lmVIjU County Writing Best Essay REV. HARDING ON PROGRAM — At the regular meeting of the Sons r.ukltinn Drill by Cadets to Pro- of American Revolution Tuseday txniDluon r „„ evening, Mr. R. W. Hatcher was elect- ted President of the organization, succeeding himself. The meeting was held at the Darien Hotel and a delicious dinner was served before the business ses- ut i Ceremonies in College Chapel. Cc! Roach Presides The birthday of Robert E Lee, The Sort's treat chieftain of the .ixtiw, wiU he celebrated by the , -iled Douphtcrs of tho Confedrncy Saturday lucmint at 10:30 in the c M. C. ehupol with exercises to aonemorate the life of tho lender of the Lost Cause. The people ' the city and county have been invited and urfcd to join in the celebration of the birthday of the Confederate leader. Proceeding the exercises, he G. M. C. cadet batallion will give an exhibition drill ir. the business section of the city. •pjv principal address of the day will be delivered by Prof. W. T. Wynn, using us his subject, “Lee *i« an Educator." Rev. F. H. Harding will use Stonewall Jackson as the abject for an address also. The birthday «>f Jack.-on is on Jan. 21st, & few days later. Col. George Roach will presid. the exercises. The G. M. C. Band under the direction of Maj. Oster- man and the Sophomore Normal Glee Club of G. S. C. W. under the direction of Miss Alice Lcnore Tucker will furnish the music for the occasion. Mrs. M. H. Bland will also direct several musical numbers of the interesting program. The following is the program: Mudc—Georgia Military College Band. Invocation —. Rev. G.'orge B. Thompson. . Music—G. M.' C. Band. Song—Bv Quartette. Music—6. M .C Band. Songs—By the Sophomore Nor- G. S. C. W. W. T. Wynn, on Robcn E. Lee as an Educator. Song—Quartette. I H. Harding. Music—G. M. C. Band. Benediction—Rev. Geo. B. Thomp- The following officers were named for the year. R. W. Hatcher, Presi dent; Y. A. Little, Vice-President; Erwin Sibley, Sccretray; H. I). Allen, Jr., Treasurer: Dr. J. L. Beeson, Registrar; and Victor Davidson, His- Judge James B. Park and Solicitor Joe Duke were guests of Col. Erwin Sibley ut the dinner. The two medals given by the National society of the Sons of American Revolution will be given for the best historical sketch on John Milledge, revolutionary soldier for whom the chapter is named. The contest is open to boys in the high schools. One of the medals will be to a G. M. C. student and the other to the county Junior High Schools. . I The purpose of the medals is to create interest in Revolutionary His tory. Weeks Sssion... Civil Cases Con sume Docket First Weew Grand Jury in Session Excep for minor c-aes in the civil docket, Baldwin Superior court was into tbs first week of its two week's session today, with Judge James B. Park presiding. Judge Park opened court Monday with a charge to the Grand Jury which immuiaiely went *n;o session. Judg Park called attention to the jury to the Prohibition law, the gam* and fish laws ar.d auto laws. II. spoke at length on farm relief and expressed hi* hope for a more pros perous year in 1929. Grand Jury elected II. T. Cline foremnn and Jera Moure,. secretary to complete the organization for busi ness. Bills presented to them art consuming their attention. It i* not known what special recommenda tions the Grand Jury will make. Solicitor Joe B. Duke is making preparations for an active criminal week wjth several murder cases ing him and other important < appearing on the docket. The court next week is to be the busiest in cral years all indications show. ANNUAL REPORT Reviews Year’s Work in Extensive Report of Affaris of City. Shows City in Good Condition Financially port read •.» the City Coun cil, last Monday night. Mayor M. E. ington review..! the year’s work pointed out the improvements romplishmentr- <*f the city dur- hear j j n College to Sponsor Celebration of j Local Office Brings $156,090 in National Music Week. Operetta Deal Closed Tuesday. Transfer to Be Staged to Open Week’s to Take Place April 1st Festival KINGS TO MANAGE BUSINESS interest the celebration of National I New Company to Take Over Other Mu ” c Week .hi firat w.rk in M.,y 0fficn b fy, Section MiU- ing r.L ■ ively into detail matters. Mayor Penning fflce. ?gar the annual Music Festival sponsored by the Music Department of the Geor gia S ate College for Women will be The week will be ushered in with a brilliant program by the College Glee Club, preventing “The Egyptlnn Princess." The operatta will be staged in full costume by the college talented voices will he opening perfoimance. edgeviHe u Center ith a complete detailed review of the activities points to the city’s financial stand ing nnd shows the current assets suf- going exten- i The jr re! ,hman class of over three ling financial. hundred voices will sing “Mar hu” a j charming opera that delights hte \ music lover. Lntor fn the week ht? Sophomore Normal clnss will sing Verdis “Ernani” another opera with many pleasing musical scores. Voice, Piano and Violin recitals' ficient to offset all liabilities. Ho ] "ill complete the reviews the paving program nnd urg es strict economy on the part of the cek’s prog i« The report was ordered published and appears in full in anothr page of this papei. NEW BRIDGE TO Recreation Park for G. S. C. W. Girls is Being Made BE BUILT SOON 01d PeA Being Trans- formed into Play Ground for Young Women. Community Hut to Be Built Highway Department to Start an Scottsboro Bridge at Early Date Assurance Given B. D. Ed wards Highway Head Gree: LOS ANGELES PASSES CITY Giant Dirigible Enroute to Lake- hurst Hangar Goes Over City Hundreds Crean Necks to See Silver Monster lumV of bridges to repair the Division head -dated and these had been com pleted and the work at Camp Creek Is to begin immediately. Mr. Edwards became head of hte highway on January 1st, and has pressed road work all over the coun ty to bring tile bridges and roads back in shape. Mr. Edwards also be lieved the Department would remove the temporary fill at Fishing Creek on Wanye Street and place a permanent spnn there. The Macon Road is being rapidly rought to completion and wiht f&v- INSPECTION OF K. T. TUESDAY *‘?" d Commander of Knight Templars to Inspect Plantagenet Conunandery Next Tuesday Evening. p ‘>rht Emminent Sir Chas. S. r , Commander of the ,ran, ‘ Conimandf ry of the State of * orable weather, Mr. Edwards believ-, (l, frria, will make the annual in-| td the detour would be opened with- 1 ."-•ction uf Plantagenet Command- ,n n weeks. Tuesday ev ning at] 1 Masonic Temple. DR. SW1NT ADDRESSES MACON nnual bln„u rt „f thy tom- ROTARY LAST THURSDAY The mighty silver mens er of th nir wiiled quietly through the ether j „ th' moving at what seemed to the eye n slow rate of speed. The ship v at such distance that he motors could not be heard. Its silver sides glittered in the sun as she sailed across the heavens. -ommarwl; Ifeqnet !in , Eitrh Ke ^ the T ; Alfrier K *«rht T if* rnapec *EV. F hi Id before the in- “• W. L. Ritchie, Plantagenet Com mie at Loth the ’Ption. *U Sir Wood is one Mn f h annual visit <o th‘ The will i Old Government Park street, one time densely wooded land is being transformed into a recrca- Work will be started on the bridge tion park for the young women of over Camp Creek on the Wilson Me- : the Georgia State College for Wo- morial Highway enroute to Scotts-! men. boro, was the assurance given Mr. j th£ center of the sixteen acre | Enroute from Miami to its Lake- P.. D. Edwards, head cf the Highway {rac t will be erected a Community hurst Hangar, the Los Angeles giant Department of the county, this week, j House or "Y” Hut. the gift of the Navy dirigible passed over Millcdge- Mr. Edwards had a conference j graduating class of 1920. Surround- vflle ab()Ut four 0 * c | oc k Monday af- with ire supervisor of thi district for ing this center will be cleared tracts the Highway Department Monday for play and out door conferences and he war- promised immediate ae- The undergrow h has been cleared highway has had numb- away, lowlands have been filled and the once wasted land will Ke con verted into n recreation park for the thousand Georgia girls that make their home here for about eleven months in the year. The virgin growth of pines and oak will be unscathed. Wild flow ers will also be left in the fields and a beauty spot rarely equaled will b? kept for the pleasure of the young women. The tall Georgia pines and mighty water oaks swaying in the southern breeze will give protection from the summer sun and add beauty to the spot The college gained this property loveral years ago and the young wo- nen of the class of 1920 gave a fund or the erection of the house to be t place for "Y" parties and confer- «nces. It will be built of logs and st rustic*architecture will he in keep- ng with the surroundings. Dr. J. L. Beeson made his plan- u-veral months ago and paths and •oad ways have already been cut hrough. Buildings having crowded >ut playing sp4ce on the campus, the ilnce that could lay ground. The veral years used place for club NEW OFFICERS Grand Lod«?e Officers Install Blue Lodge Officers for New Year Banquet Preceeds Installation Ceremony More than one hundred members of Bencvolen Lodge No. 3, gathered in the Masonic Hall Tuesday even ing to witness tho installation of the new officer* of the Lodge bv Most Worshipful Part Grand Master A. G. Miller, and Grand Treasurer Frank Baker of the Grand Lodge of Grand Master Raymond Daniels was prevented fram coming duo tr i’lners and his representatives with 'o: Moore Grand Lodge officer of Milledgeville conducted the Install;:- tion ceremony. P*iiy to the service- inducting the new >fficcrs, a banquet held in the lub room. Mason- isitors from ghboricj. lodges were in attond- ■e at ‘he banquet. Joe T. Andrews J. T. Kng. Manager of the Mil ledgeville Telephone nnd Telegraph Company closrd a deal Tuesday selling the properties of the Com pany here to the Public Utilities Investment Corporation of Cleveland Ohio. The consideration w:.:< $150,- 000 according to Mr. King. The Ohio Company will take over the property April 1st, continuing Mr. J. T. King and Mr. J. T. King. Jr., as Managers. The new company will take on offices in neighboriag towns, making Milledgeville the central of fice for their operations. The new concern coming U Mil ledgeville is one of the largest in the mid-west nnd will make extensive improvements in this territory. The sale came as a surprise to the prop!? here, Mr. Kir^ hzvirg recent ly made improvements in his plant adding n number of telephones. The sale was the largest made in this city. Mr. King cme to Milledgeville twenty years ago, and the business under his management has grown rapidly and is one of the best in the H. T. CLINE REAPPOINTED POSTMASTER FOR FOUR YEARS lomination Sent to The Sena) urdny by Pre»ident Coolidge Will Be Confirmed The nomination of Hugh T. Cline for re-uppointmont of postmaster of Milledgeville for the next four years wns sent to the United State * S.*nate by President Coolidgc Saturday. The nomination of Mr. CHne will be confirmed by the Senate within a few day;. Mr. Cline lias served as postmaster here the past four years, and has served efficiently and satisfactorily both to the department and patrons of the office. His re-appointment was expected here. NEW BAKE SHOP T9 OPEN HERE : Club. Tr. owth Of St* tornobile trip through Emminent Sir §id in 'l Commander, will r 1 n committee. Kyle 'fPlar, will be present at -i^i iARD,NG addresses THE l, ONs CLUB Ik. Li,., Club ip-.l; .. ns club biKt In an address before the Macon ^ Ratary Club list Thursday, Dr. R. C. j roll Swint reviewed the history of insani- jjy ty and the Georgia Stat? Sanitarium j Tc and showed that this stales mental j disease problem was not a that of many other states. The address of Dr. Swint was a most interesting one and was packed with information regarding Georgia’s insane problem. He showed the growth of the San itarium from nine patients ni 1837 to 5,100 in 1919. Dr. Swint was introduced by Pat Gumb.*ell, a mem-sbtr of the Sanitar ium board of trustees. Jj* ul '•* Friday evrnine " * '“Ijrrt -CltianuMp.” exam pl :• of ■ Harding drew for lhe one thnt «a*n an , ,nlcres t of his fellow ^ied *o hi ^at lived and b »nything S th\ aV ° idinB takin ^ l »3-i * h,t W0 “W tend to help at it. llt0 ple. acute in j - ndtn-- cemn fires a-d preparinir lunches on the smoldering ashet, and Dr. Beeson with his advisor conceiv ed th? idea of building the park. The work will be gradual, stated Dr. Beeson, but in a few years will have a recreation park to accomo date the girls who come to the col lege, and possibly in a few years we will have a swimming pool on the park site too. CADETS MAKE SOUTH GEORGIA TRIP The G. M. C. basketball five led by Maj. Babe Florence made a trip into South Georgia last Friday and Saturday for two games. The game Friday night with Montezuma was rained out and the game Saturday at Vienna was lost to the Wonder five by a small score. fas chairman of the committee of ar- angements nnd put this end of the venlitga entertainment over i ! *tyie. The sight was impressive. Many The services in the Lodge Milledgeville p:ople for the first time which were open to the lady visiVarsj saw the Lovia.hian of the nir and its [ were open t. the public. Both Mr. J * tremendous site and majestic beauty Miller and Mr. Baker took part *>■ ElectHx Maid B*kt Shop to Open made a firm impression. They go the sendee and addressed the Lodge. ij n « «wn d , view of the Nation', miphtie-t nir Thc Mhwln , otficc „ „„„ Here February. ISA. Will Be craft. They saw and had a similinr e( j. Located in Old Benson feelimt that cum- oyer the people w. H. Ilauir.Bartel, Worahipful Building alonj. tho count when the (treat Craf Master; L. L. Beck, Senior Warden;| : Zeppelin concluded its cpoc mnkine Oeo ., Junior Warden; W. B. A *. a , terminated Saturday, trip across the ocean. Wood. Sr. Deacon; S. L. StcmliHdcr. leasing the Horne Buildlne on Wayne Hundreds rrenned their necks to Jr. Deacon; J. T. Andrews, Sr. Stew- strett to the Electrix Maid iiuke watch the greet fh ‘P “i 1 “O' 1 the >' urd! W. II. Stembridge, Jr. Stewerd: S h„ p , w ho will open a romplete kept eye on her until she hud faded T . McMullen, Secretory; and J. T. electrically equipped linker-, in th • liny. Treasurer, und Warren Welch. buUdinc February 15th. Tyler. The Baklny cunctrn is a chain of j bakeries operating over 7700 shops K1SS10NARY INSTITUTE TO in ,he lInit, ' d sut,nL A ”“ tcr lmk - into the dis.ance. MOTHER AND SON DIE WITHIN A FEW HOURS DOUGLAS TEAM CANCELS GAME The Douglas A. & M. Team sche duled to play the G. M. C. cadets Tuesday evening canceled their game because of the influenza epidemic. The Georgia Alabama Business Col lege of Macon has been substituted and the game is played tonight, Wednesday at the AtltaleUc gym at G. M. C. Home of Robert P.tter.on in South Writ Baldwin Desolated by Flu and Pneumonia The home of Mr. Robert Patterson in the South-western part of Baldwin county has been the scene of ;-uffer- ing ar.d sorrow :he past week. Mrs. Patterson died early Sunday evening with pneumonia following an attack of the flu. At the time of her d?uth there were seven or eight ill in the house, including Mr. Pat'er- son and cMldren. Later Sunday night her son, Cleveland, followed hi.» mother in death. The family thus afflicted were in circumsatnces that called for assist ance, and steps were taken to provide a nurse, medicine and nourishment. Medical aid had already been render ed. At the time this is written wo learn that Mr. Patterson is in a criti cal condition, and that the four young people who are ill are showing im provement in their condition. The funeral and burial of Mrs. Patterson and her son were held at ML Pleasant church Monday after noon. Rev. J. F. Me Clan ey officiat ing. BE HELD HERE TUESDAY cr will which will be charge of »he xuii view of ■city, the first entire electric plan: the city The machinery is th? ost modern the lesves stated, and •cry form of pastry, cake and otn- bakery delicasies will be made- in the new shop. Both the retail and > j wholesale trade will be servtd. Prcachem and Laymen of Southern Portion of Oxford DU- tr'ct to Gather in City Dr. Wallace Rogers, one of the lending preachers of the North Geor gia Conference will be ‘.he principal speaker at a Missionary Institute to [ be held r.t the Methodist church this city Tuesday of next we?k. The institute Will be composed of taking rights in the city aad the ’he preachers ''"d laymen of the! j e:tg; . closed Saturday bring? one of MethodJft churches of the Southern' . hc i ar(rcst baking plants in the c< un- portion of the Oxford District andj try here, promises to be largely attended. ' Dr. Elam F. Dempsey, Presiding Elder of the District will be In at- ‘endance and preside. In announcing the Institute Dr. Dempsey announced that he hoped that Biahop Beauchamp would find it posaible to be present. The Institute will be held Mrs. Bernice Brawn McCullur, wife of Mr. C. B. MeCullar, was ad mitted to the bar by Judge Jas B. (Tuesday) and a number of interest-! Park Monday in an open session of ing topics relating to this carse of the Superior Court. Judge Park con- Missions and other phases oi work of the church will he discussed. At th~ noon recees the ladies of the local church «UI serve a dimer to the visitors. gratuiated Mrs. MeCullar open eesafully standing the examination, and welcomed her as a member of the Milledgeville bar. She in the first *1