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VOLUME XCK JSSSMSBlB* i&t Milledfeville, G>„ June 27, 1929 Couolldatad ia 1171 Number 45 Three Buildings at G. S* S* and Library G.S.C.W. Allen’s Aim _____ . Thursday is the fourth of u r* i it • i- «. July, and will be observed ax a Mr. Frink He.nn*, Famous New „ ationa] hoUday . York Artist, Will Show Piin(in(s The banks and stores in Milled# e- At Home of Dr. Hill ville will be closed and all business suspended. EXHIBIT ON THREE DAYS Th '"' will be a number of barbe- Milledgeville art lovers will hnv jsual opportunity afforded them MRS. A. B. SCOTT KILLED IN AUTO CRASH SAT’DAY Chevrolet Coupe Cnthet into > Sedin Occupied by Six Ladies During Rein FOUR PERSONS ARE INJURED . T , tt . j to Thursday. Friday and Saturday The WercK Termed Unavoidible inK of ^ weck> when Mr. Frank Accident by Witnesses Who ; Herrin#, New York artist, will ex- Viewed Collision | habit his work at the home of Dr. T. M. Ilall, the public havin# been invit- jj r ,. M*ry Howell Scott, widow of ed to view the paintings and por- , Major A. B. Scott, of the U. trait, that will be on display. AnllV . was instantly killed Sat-' Mr. Herrin# and hi* wife, former- .j,. night when the automobile inly Miss Frances Hall, are spend in# ,"h -h. was ridin# was crashed! the jummer with Dr. and Mrs. Hall. . another car, at the intcrscc-J Numerous requests have c ome to Mr. n f Hancock and Clark streets. | Herrin# to give an exhibit while in ji Sc-'tt and her daughters, the city. .. i : •.hrine Scott and Mis- AgneJ Mr. Herrin# will .how a lnr#e col- with Mrs, J. F. Lin#o, | cct i on of water d Miss Mary | many of them bcii ART EXHIBIT TO Thursday, July Fourth Will FEATURE WEEK Be Observed as Holiday cues *erved throughout the county. The Elks will give their annual feast. The students at the G. S. C. W. summer school will be served a barbecue dinner on the beautiful luwn, Turin# West Huncock street. FINAL TRIBUTE STUDENT STAGE PAID MRS. SCOn STUNT NITEFRI Funeral of Prominent Woman Held Large Delegation to Attend at Episcopal Church Monday National Educational Association Afternoon in Atlanta Next Week , S. c. w. i the cal- The funeral of Mr.-. A. B. Scntt.J Friday night is stunt night at the whose death occurred Saturday night' G in nn automobile wreck, was held j «>t Monday afternoon at St. Stephen's j Ep ; s» opal church. > be large col- Hundreds of friends #nthered to painting*,! : „; n pn yi n(r the last sad tribute REPRESENT G.S.C. BALDWIN SOLON AT GENEVA MEET OFF FOR FIRST TERM IN HOUSE s for the sir. week’s anion shows, which is expected to ie the mort gala event of the term. Plays rtapvd by Mils Winifred •rowell. Dr. Webber, and Dr. H World Conference of Ednciton Attracts Four Members of G. S. C. W. Faculty WILL MAKE TOUR OF EUROPE To th.- World Federation of Edu- cation A«*o v -iatior.- meeting in Ge neva, Switzerland, July 25 to Au gust 3, four di-le#ntes from the Georgia State College for Women have been appointed by Dr. Uel W. Denikin, President of the National Education As«ociation. * Dr. George H. Webber of the De partment of Education: Dean Wil liam T. Wynn and Miss Winifred Crowell of the Department of Eng lish; and Mr. Linton S. Fowler. Bur sar. will rail for Europe in time to at. tend the conference. Th<- committee on International Relations, of which the** delegnt it wmn ....... many oi ineni living who in uiiu m-»i j din# in n Dodge Se- Milledceville which he has made since! early this month. Oth-! . the of resp 7 love. ate College for W omen ^ ,. r paintings were made of St. Sim- had been to witness a j nnts Inland and in New York. Mr. Herrin# will al?o show several oil j portraits that he hu? done in the past ( •ral years. Another interesting feature of the , At the time storm was in progre which was being driven by rine Scott, started across • ction of Clark and Han- - it ' ii uiura ««••* **“••" j exhibit will be the commercial art struck by 11 Chcv- di . p , av lhat Mr . Herring will show driven up W i t by Hike Wiiited. In iitv car with young Whited was Mr. W. M. Watkins, who he was c*rn n# her home from the C :!< r Variety Store, where she cirri* w. T-, impact from the crash turned tfc. -i thin completely over, and Mrs. Scut: va thrown through one of the pj-k li mr. Wing instantly killed TV";.! -din near-by houses ruhhed s„ 'hr -erne and rendered assistance ia n-cuin# the occupants of the car from the wreckage. lt«a- found that all of them, with {'•* xerption of Mrs. Scott, had ■inmlously escaped death. Physici- ir .•.■re -unimoned and the injured earri-.i into the Mayfair hotel. Mr-. Lingo was painfully cut and bra ■ ■! about the face and head, and rill be under the care of physicians for -eve ral days. Mr*. W. S. Brooks was shocked ai bruised but sustained no serious Bjnry. Mary Brooks and C-ather- ne Scott were only severely shock- •d. whil.- Miss Agnes Scott was slight- jr rit and bruised, and suffered fmr *he shock. Mrs. Watkins, who wv»s in the t let. was able to walk to the W i Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Walker, rid later was carried to her home. Xin ination by physicians revealed at -he had Wen seriously and pcin- ■ ly cut in the back by flying glass i had received severe bruises and •rk. It w.as feared that rhe had b*n fatally injured, but she is inl and her recovery is expected. a Whited escaped without in- remains of Mrs. Scott were n chnrge of by Mr. Jos. A. . and prepared for burial, wreck is considered an un- ddc accident, the blinding "d being attributed as Mr.-. K. r. nrown nnu — ~ T-ORIDA pastor to preach Radney, and other relatives. AT BAPTIST CHURCH These* paintings arc illustrations for advertising for many of the large manufactures of the country. The art exhibit next week will be the first ever shown in Milledgeville, affording the people of the city the rare opportunity of viewing the work of one of the most noted artists of the country. The exhibit will he open each evening from right to eleven and the general public is cordially invited by Mr. and Mrs. Herring and Dr. and Mrs. Hall. Th«* paintings may be purchased if desired. Mr. Herring will also give an ex hibit in LcGrange and Atlanta dur ing the summer. MRS. J. A. HARDY DIED SATURDAY NIGHT. JUNE 22 Funeral Service* Held Monday Afternoon and Were Larfely Attended Mrs. Hazel Jones Hardy, wife of Mr. J. A. Hardy, died curly Satur day night, at her home near the State Sanitari The funeral services were held at the Joseph A. Moore Funeral Home Monday afternoon, Rev. J. F. Mc- Clunev officiating. A large crowd of neighbors and friends gathered to in the last sad rites attesting the love and esteem in which tue de ceased was held. The burial was in the cemetery this city. ... have featured the amusement pro-1 j grain during the first two weeks that | were pronounced by! the students have been at the col-i rding. who read th lege, and the stunt night Friday is „„ r .. tv rruta*"'' the climax for the first half. Groups fried on the family square in I r-pre inting each county in the state r cemetery, the following act- will participate in the special event pall-hearers: Dr. T. M. Hall, and in their stunt give the outstand- chard Binion. Messrs F. E. in# characteristic of their county. n ^ Ottn M. Conn. W. L. Ritchie,! Mrs. K. R. Hines directed a special ^ p F. H. Ila To Seek Appropriation for Three Dormitories and Other Improve ments at State Sanitarium LIBRARY ASKED FOR G. S C. Want College Reimbursed for Money Spent in Building Dormi tory. G. M. C. on Program Entering upon his first term as a member of Georgia's House of Representatives, Col. Marion H. Allen, left Milledgeville Tuesday for Atlanta with a full program ahead of hiri as the guardian of five State institutions. His prepared bills for introduction during the session in cluded the securing of funds for .. in Atlanta July 3, three new buildings at the State this time plans for the meeting in Sanitarium, a sum sufficient to lay Geneva are to he made and the du- water mains to the Colony farm and ties of this committee are to be dis-i to erect an additional story to the trihut d among the different mem- Store House; reimburse the Georgia ht . r , ! State College far Women $85,000 for Bon M. S. Bell. Flemister. Mrs. Scott sylvanin, and KHcnir, airs. r.. ix. ««■ ** T. King and Louis play Wednesday night of this week 1 Mrs. Hines has a*-Med in directing native of Penn-^ the amusements anr' is leader of the •june' to thi*- city soon music at the chapel exercises, riage to Major Scott. The Fourth of July will he cole- iffirer of the United 1 bration day. A barbecue n the early State. Army, and «. detailed ,.ore afternoon will be the hi* feature a. Commandant nf the fl. M. C. wth a -pedal -how tea b, an u Cadet, ea-ly in the lR-MT-. When -Me company w,n ,K ' lhp bl * cv,nt the war between the United State, of the evening. and Spain enme on Major Scot. re. I Sr.-*. H. Mfc M..» h ' Joined the Army, and received rhool. announced th- »eek that a 1 n-hirh he never fully Inrge number of studcnLs and mem- —. f .he ^ «•» a—ifrneil a. Commandant of the Cn- National Edaeatlona Araoclation det«. and tea, llvin* here when he -e—ion in Atlanta next died. Mrs. Scott continued to re- ide in the city having purchased a home on Jefferson street. She was n member of St. Stephen’s Episcopal church, and was a cultured woman, taking a prominent part in club and ric affairs of the citv. Her large circle of friends admired *t*-r for her attractive chameteh and gracious manner. She was known for many kind nnd charitable deeds. Expression* of love for her and her fnmilv came in flowers which were beautiful and numerous. Mrs. Scott 1? survived by n step- son. Mr. Newell Scott, of Orlando, Fla., and two daughters. Misses Catherine nnd Agnes Scott of this city. The sympathy of our entire com munity has gone out to the bereaved ones in their deep sorrow. all Mrs. Hardy was a member of the Baptist church at Hardwick, and she lived a life of consecrated service. She was loved and esteemed, and he ith brought great ^rrow o knew her. She is survived by Mr. Hardy; a sister. Mrs. Bertha Rushing, of Wil- thc ijjunsburg, Va.; two brothers, J. M and Curtis Jones; two nunts, Mr.-. R. F. Brown and Mrs. J. T G. IW. C. SOMCITORS BEGIN TOUR OF GEORGIA AND FLORIDA Mr. Fowler will conduct n party iling June 20, touring Europe he re the meeting; while the other •mbarr of the group traveling on it and in England after . meeting, will return for the fall opening of the Georgia State College for Women. The meiting is expected to be the most forwarding moving of all Edu cational conferences held, the main purpose centering $n the develop ment of a greater International un derstanding. The four G. S. C. dele gates, n« members of the Internation al Relations committee. will assist in framing a world wide policy in re gard to education. The time spent in travel is expect ed to enrich the teachers for their ye. ork. MOTHER AND DAUGHTER DIE WITHIN WEEK Mm. Blair, Daushter, Died in Alla Wedne.dav and Mr. Taylor Die Saturday DR. WEBBER TO ADDRESS SCIENCE SOCIETY G. S. C. Faculty Me rfore Pi Gamma i Will Spe. in Atlanta t Week The death of Mrs. J. L. Blair, which occured in Atlanta Wednes day morning of last week, nnd that of Mr-. Arthur T. Taylor in west Baldwin Saturday, Aook from life daughter and mother within a few days of each. Mrs. 31air’s remains were brought here for burial and the funeral and burinl were at Camp Creek church Friday. Mrs. Blair is survived by her husbnnd. father and five sisters. Mrs. Taylor died at her home in the western part of Baldwin county Saturday from a h«*crt attack follow ing nn illne s with pneumonia, funeral and burial rh Rn Dr. George Harris Webber, is a principal l*p«akcr on ttfe program next Monday evening, July 1st, when the Pi Gamma Mu. National Social Science Honor Society will gather for their annual banquet during the ses sion of the National Educational A sociation. Dr. Webber is nn outstanding lend - - er in the National Association and vide for this huild'ng as a speaker on the Monday program * will rhare Patterson Pennsylvania, D. B. Harrison. New York University, Dr. Uel Lamkin Th" lunprai aim ...a. .... .. Pro«iii,nt of the A,.oclntion and Comp Creek church Sunday after- Dr. Leroy Allen, Dean of Southwc, * * ■* *-* * rn College. As a member of the principal com ittces of the association. Dr. Web- Atlanta Monday with S. Howard absolute need University of erection. noon, ami were largely attended. Mrs. Taylor is survived by her hus. md Col. Ro»tb Visit**# band, nnd five daughters: Mrs. Henry r- • in Search of stud- Etrekjn. MA. John Lehman. Mrs. Georgia A..I Fior . da (jjyn Burns of Atlanta; Mrs. John meet with the Committees on Reso- en *' ! Williams and Mis* Catherine Taylor lutions. International Relations and e „ . . Of thi4 county; one sister. Mrs. John Reference. The Resolution com- Col. George S Roach a^ Coach rother*. Ira, Ferney and mitt , c ns lHe policy determining T. II. Rentz left Monday morning for j Varmnr n tour of Georgia in quest of stud- H. Jenning* Will Occupy at Baptist Church N«*t Sunday Morning E. H. Jennings, formerly pas- 1 f the First Baptist church of her,*: and now head of a leading r, fi‘in church, will preach at the pt**t church here next Sunday ’rning. £‘ v - Jennings comes here highly " tended as one of the outstand- : >r nisters of his faith. The Bap- I ilpit will become vacant after '"■'“t Sunday in July and a num- "Ut-of-town ministers, will H- re to preach. Baptist church officials cord : - " ‘ited the people of the city to lr Br. Jennnigs. FAREWELL SERVICES TO BE GIVEN REV H. D. WARNOCK Re\\ H. D. Waruock will terminate hi, px-torate nf the Milledceville Baptist church the first Sunday in July. He will preach ut the morning services, and in the eveninc the pa,- tors and congregations of all ui* churches in the city, will unite in farewell services. Rev. Mr. Wnmock ha, served as partor of the BaptW church the px»t •even years, and ho, won the confi dence and esteem of the people of thi, community, hot-in* made a last- inir impression for Rood. The departure of Mr. Warnock and hi, fa"" 1 ? ,rom thi " ci,y wUI be deeply regretted. enfl. while MaJ. Genrirk' Florence went into Florida on a similar mis- Cooch Rent! will spent the sreat- er part of tho month in South Geor gia. Savannah being the first princi pal atop on his itinerary. Col. Roach left for Atlanta and from there will visit other north Georgia citieo. Mai. Florence will confine his work entirely to the Peninsular state visiting Jack|o4.-ille. Pensecola, Tampa, Orlando. Miami and other The college, officnls stated that applications nnd inquiries were num erous and prospects for n large en rollment wire very bright. The three faculty members will continue their work throughout the summer. Dr. Geo. L. Echols has gone to Hnvard Ulfiverslcy. where he will take a opccial course In re-snareh wort ’ W ' rm JUDGE A. K. MADDOX VISITS CITY MONDAY Judge A. K. Maddox, affectionate ly known to hundreds as “Coach, * ■pent Monday in the city visiting friends and renewing old acquaint ances made during the eight year period spent here as Coach at 0. M. Coach Maddox U now Judge of the City Court of Griffin. He is « strong advocate of the City Manager Plan of Government ss used by his home town. He was in the city only a few hours. group of the association, is the most important to meet during the week. L. S. FOWLER AND PARTY SAIL FOR EUROPE SATURDAY Aboard the Leviathian, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Fowler and Misses Cliff ord and Winifred Fowler of this city with a large party will sril for Europe Saturday afternoor of this week, to spend several weeks in the old country. Mr. Fowler and his party will visit the principle cities of England and Europe. jy expended for the erection of Miller Bell Ilall nnd nn additional $100,000 for U new Library, nnd n bill to gain for G. M. C. * maintnn- nnce nppropration as a branch of the State University. Col. Allen faces a difficult task to secure more money for the state Institution*, which is contrary to the recomendntion of the budget com mittee. which filed n report prior to the Legislature opening, asking a cut In all funds. / The Sanitarium bill is being intro duced with a viftw of reliving the congestion •nt the" fl*in!tari»nn and take from the county’s in the state insane people who cannot be admit ted to the hospital due to the already too many patients. The fund for three buildings will be used to erect white male, white female and col ored mail dormitories, which will ac comodate seven hundred. The .Store House floor space hns been crowded and the rapid giowth at the institu tion hns made it necessary to get more room. The trustees and offici als at the Sanitarium believe a wat er main to the colony a necessity. No increase in maintenance funds is being asked for G. S. C., however, nn effort will be made to secure an appropriation for $<15,000 to reim burse the Trustees for money which waR taken from the general fund and spent in the erection of a dormi- |. tory. Th* Legislature failed to pro- for this building at the last ses- and the Trustee* seeing the ent forward with the im of $100,000 will also be asked with which to build a library. This building is necessary to advance the college’s service, tho ofirinls stated. Col. Allen also stated that he would make effort to have included in tbs general appropriation bill n sum for the mnintanance of G. M. C. He stated, that if a special bill was necessary to get this fund that it would be introduced. The Boys Training School and The State Farm have made no request* other than their regular mainten ance appropriation, Mr. Allen stated. No local bills will be Introduced, the representative made known, and plana for other legislation had not materialized. Friends are delighted with the news that r*ache» this city daily from Mrs. Jos. E. Pottle who j* in u sani tarium in Macon. She is regaining her health and atrength moat satis factorily to her physicians. She is bright and cheerful, and is looking forward to her recovery- LEAVE FOR COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY EXT WEEK The follow 1 will leave Milledge ville the fin.t next week to study at Columbia University during the summer months: Mrs. H. S. Woo Hen, Misses Sara Bigham, Margaret Yarborough, Fran ces and Dorothy Thaxton, Mabry and Annie Harper and Katherine Butt«. Here it is! ! ! MY FAVORITE RECEIPE As given by Prominent Mil ledgeville Women. The first of this new exclusive feature Appears in this week’s Union Recorder. WATCH FOR IT EVERY WEEK And gain new ideas in preparing special dishes, for party, dinner or luncheon.