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iluitm MiBcdfcviUe, Ga., September S, 1929 Number 3 bounty Commissioners Hear Officials of Power Company plans to Develop Furman Shoals Made Knwon to County Board At Tuesday Meeting COMPLETE DETAILS WITHHELD Th Board of County Commission- . were given inside information Tut-day regarding the proposed de- nent of the Furman Shoals •over and co-operation was so- fr.rni the county governing in what ir expected to b f.'lion dollnr developoment ■once river about four milts f r .,m Mill-dgeville. \ 0. Bass, land a (rent foi :niapan.v, and O. R. Dobbs, of the •ring department, were here Tuesday and outlined the tentative to the commissioner-. Col. Frank Bell, attorney iresented the officials before the- hoard anti told something of the prrliirinary work that had been done makinir ready for the construction a dam at the Furman shoals site a part <>f the development that is :r.c made by the Power Company G-nrgia. The power officials stated that ir!. would in all probability begin riddle of September. They did ' give definite details us to the P'-ti ns of the darn but it was jr.vi' known that the bark water hr .lam would cover the Little bridge under twenty feet of vatu making it necessary to abolish thi* highway. The road will not only - he raised but probably 1 to cross Little River at an- oth<' location. The work necessary to rebuild these highways will be a part of the development. The power men asked permission to abandon roads that lead through mpar.y land that has been pur chased. The roads that will b.r doi.e ith 4re not a part of the hirinray sy.-tem and will in effect people now living in way hack water on the Oconee id its tributaries will cover tr'u-ands of acres of land which * ave a ,r «ady been bought Workmen tr? now engaged in clearing the l*nd at the point on the river where the dam will be located. • ompletc details hnve not been r ’“ r ut by the authorities of the c mpany, the only definite informa- b° n has been available ( fr-m the two men who brought the Biormation to the county . k.Current rumors tar. proven exeggerated and nothing • r f:n:v in detail has yet been made Dnwj! by tb- power heads. COUNTY SCHOOL BUDGET $83,780 Board Complete* School Plau* at Seuiou Tuesday. Salem School Suspended for Year LOCAL TRUSTEES INSTALLED Dr. Tigner Gives Accurate Account Of City’s Birth An Accurate Picture and Data of The Ground Floor Plan of The Capital City of Georgia and Giving Prominent Mention to The Commissioners That Were The Artists TAX RATE FOR COUNTY FIXED *•"'! SI6.00 on Thousand for C «“>ty Purpose:: $5.00 For Spools. Slate Rate $5.00 ~ r,, unty Commissioners have ■ foi tb year 1929 for county purpo-es ’ho thousand; for schools. ■ the thousand. This with r.-'trv 0 f §5.00 on the thous-! 1 nv*ke a tr,tal of $20.00 H the tax payers of Bald- ’ "ill have to pay to Tax I- D. Smith between this T • ! th twentieth of December. ' ' Ibctor is busy getting his ’ "ly. and will open them for rnent of taxes at an early A budget calling for the expendi ture of $83 780 for public schools of Baldwin county was adopted by the Board of Education at their monthly meeting Tuesday, when plans for the opening of the county schools were completed. On a petition of the majority of the tax payers .and patron- of Salem school district this school will be «urpcnded for the year and the chil dren who have enrolled there will be transported to Coopers school. Miss Evelyn Humphrey, teacher at Salem b.\s bc?n transferred to the Union Hiil school. A resolution was adopted requiring all bus drivers to carry public li ability insurance which will protect from injury the children riding busses to school. The law docs not require the hoard of education 'to cany this insurance but the resolu tion will make it necessary for the i to give this protection to the children. e budget adopted will call an increased expenditure for schools in the county. Of the fund adopted G. M. C. will he given $16,- 000 dollars, an increase of $1,500 last year. This increase was made to take care of the increase in the county enrollment in the gram- and high school departments of G. M. C. Appropriation was made for the erection of a primary building at Union Point Work will begin on the construction of this new build er as soon as funds are available. Local trustees commissioned for term of three years by the Baird of Education were: W. D. Giles, Un- Point; D. C. Leaptrott, Midway; A. B. Echols, Coopers; M. E. Webb, Browns Crossing; P. N. Lawrence, Meriwether. These men were re elected to these officies without opposition at a special election Inst J month. Truck drivers will meet Saturday | when an inspection will be made of, all truck .and instructions given a < to rules and regulations. R. W. Mar tin who re»igned as a truck driver o» truck route No. 5, will be succeeded by Mr. Jessie Evans who was named by the hoard Tuesday. School books will be sold at R. II. Wootten’s Book Store. The text books have already been received. OLD PICTURE SHOWS SURVEYORS PUT OF MILLEDGEVILLE □ng Thii • of pictu. ground floor plan of Milkdgcville, Ga., a. signed for the permanc State Govcrnm.-nt 123 elected bers of the General A trn The by her remarkable features mentioned in this paper; stamp the memhe pecinl commission as distinguished ervants of the State. For a glance is sufficient to show the intelligent thought and wonderful foresight that they used in the interest of good governmental arrangement for this Suite. Reservations of land were made for public usages ample for a long run of time. Twas the patriotic idea, it seems, of all pioneer thinkers and • haper;-, of government in those days and surely in th-.* minds • of these i’lujtrlous Georgians serving oft this important Commission, that a gov ernment site he impressive,—be dig- nifiedly featured. And they so con ceived as they wrought the plan and location for Georgia's Capital on the Indian-Inhabited banks of the Oco- G. S. C. Opens With Largest Enrollment in Its History G.M.C. OPENS 51 TERM WEDNESDAY Cadets Arrive in City Tuesday. Strong Faculty Named to Direct Work for Coming Year URGE ENROLLMENT EXPECTED Entering the fifty-first term, the Georgia Military College will open next Wednesday with nn increased enrollment ov*r the pn«t several years. Col. George Roach announced ?nerul Dtvid Dickson. I General John Clark. Lieut. Howell Cobb of the Artillery in the Army of the United State.". Major David Adam;-. Major T. U. P. Charlton. Miliedgevilie was created and planned for the sole purpose of be ing the permanent capital site of Georgia. Two guiding reasons in fluenced in behalf of this particular location viz: It was in the middle of thi Plate and on a navigable river. This picture and study is to call attention to the plan of the scat of government as worked out by the Commissioners and adopted by the Legislature of the State in regular session, December 1804. The plan is dignified and beauti ful. The four large (20 acres) pre serves set apart, in symmetrical ar rangement for present und , future lege of development public usages—the wide streets with Remember, this ull took place just 10 years subsequent to the similar transaction when Washington, the capital site of this Republic and the District of Columbia was so brilliant ly treated in plan and layout in the then wilderness along the Potomac. Washington City has weathered all storms and enjoyed unbroken prive- our civilizn- k page) second term ns President of the col- lege. Cadets are expected to .arrive in the city Tuesday, registration con tinuing through Wednesday when the first organization of thei students will be made. Applications on file indicate the largest enrollment of boarding students in the past several years, and it is probable thnt the number will exceed the estimate thnt has been made by Col. Roach. The organization of the students will be made Wednesday with physi cal examination, uniform measure ments. clnss .assignments and liar- racks routine organization taking the greater part of the first week. Plan* are being made to welcome the new students to Miliedgevilie at a special chapel exercise during the second week. Lieut. Nash will .also organize the military department ami start the year’s work with increased enthusi- Tho first Issue of the G. M. C. Kay-Det, college paper will be off the press this week ready for the cadets. Orer Thirteee Hundred Students 0 Arrive ia City Tuesday for Official Opeaiag Wednesday ONE HUNDRED ON FACULTY tor thirteen hundred Georgia girls will arrive in Milledgevitlo iday afternoon to enter the Geor gia State College for Women, swell ing the enrollment to the largest number in the history of the college, Dr. J. L. Benson stated as plans were.completed for the college open ing. Tuesday afternoon the Beauty Special will arrive in the city over the Central of Georgia Railroad. Tho students have been assigned rooms in the dormitories where they will make their home during the next nine months. During the summer Ennis Hull and Mam-ion annex have been renovated throughout. Atkinson Hall has also been extensively re paired. * The formal opening of the col ego will be held Wednesday morning in the college chapel. Dr. J. L. Feeson will make the address of welcome to the students. The local members of the Hoard of Trustees will also be present for the opening exercises. Members of the faculty will arrive in the city Sunday and Monday. The first faculty meeting will be held Tuesday morning. Many new teach ers will come to the college for the first time this year. The faculty, matrons and office employee.* nt the college will total one hundred this Miss Annie Moore Daughtry, di rector of the Y. W. C. A. will arrivo in Miliedgevilie Sundny with n num ber of the students active in Y work who will plan for the welcome of the students to the campus and assist in .directing the new students. Ihe Y Th, faculty „f the college ho. I,cc„ | w|u hnV( . „„ „ rlivc | urt in caro . few inrtancc, during , pu , activities Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Beeson will tertain the entire faculty at dinner iesday evening which will he fol- Ared by an informal reception. MIDWAY BAPTIST COUNTY SCHOOLS DISTRICT HOST OPEN WEDNESDAY Wil! Entertain Members of Wash-!City Grammar School Opens Next ington Association in One Knn- | Wednesday. County School dred and First Conference Also Open Same Day 34 CHURCHES REPRESENTED TEACHING CORPS VERY STRONG COLONIAL TO HAVE MIDNIGHT PERFORMANCE NEXT WEEK changed the summer. A strong corps of struetors have been secured to direct the academic work and student ac tivities. The following is the faculty that will work at the college this year: Colonei George S. Roach, Presi dent Major A. A. Waters, Supt. Bar racks and Mathematics. Major Sa*. Whatley, English. Major T. h. Rentz, Faculty Di rector Athletics and History. Major Godfrey Qstermata, Band Director and Science. Major Ciaude P. Philpot, Shop and Mechanical Drawing. Major C. E. Ray, Science. Major Elroy DuPuis, French and English. Major William Lajton, English. Major J. E. Broadnax Coach and Science. Major George E. Florence, Coach ing Staff and Spanish. Mi s Omie I;art, Latin. Lieut V. L. Nash, U. S. A. Com mandant Sgt. O. H. Wooten, U. S. A„ Assist- EXTRA SESSION COUNCIL TONITE c °tton market passes ONE THOUSAND MARK Staple ( ’ i!| ? Rapidly. Eight After Twelve Sunday Night For the first time in Miliedgevilie midnight performance will heaven the Colonial Theatre next Sunday glit.’the picture show opening a w minutes after twelve which will then 1 • Monday morning, Manager Curry has announced. The feature picture to he shown nt the special p rformance will be “the Road to Ru n” a picture of juvinile delinquency. The picture will be on the pro-ram through Mon day and Tuesday. - j The picture comes to the Colonial - representing thirty-four Baldwin county schools including i the Washington A-socia- 1 thf> L , rnmninr gchool of G. M. C. opens ! for the 15*29-30 !es?ion next Wed- ! nesday morning with the largest en rollment ?n t! « hi-tory of the school system, Superintendent Bivins stated |*nt to Commandant, thi, m ,k a, ull plan, wot complete Elixubetl. Hr. Mira Gertrude Trei for the opening day. Dr. Richard Binlon School houses over the county will Surgeon. preached by Rev. R. D. Hod- ger or the alternate. Rev. R. B. Harrison. Others on the program for report * and special , addresses are: Rev. J. Calvin Smith, W. B. Harrison, Dr. R. C. Swint. J. M. King. W. M. Wheel 1 Dclcgab churches i tior. and a large number of visiti will be the guests of the Midw Baj tist church next Wednesday a Thursday, Sept. 11th and 12th. their one hundred and first sessid Rev. J. F. McCIuney th>- pnstor of thi* wotk n« nil nlnn* were comnkte ! Mra * Elizabeth Brown, Secretary, the church acting as official host, lwr u , e ujivnuig uuy. j «■ i i p* • m, t • P.ev. L. P. Glass will preach the . .. . | ,,r * B»r*'ard Binlon, Physician introductory sermon on Tuesday. In the event Rev. Glass doe- net attend. become tht> centPr ®f :ntere.s* -a—.. , p v J. »* Fnlghum has been selected Th;- merry voices of school children MRS. McCRAW TO MANAGE to deliver the initial sermon. The i w*ll he ,rd on the street- and the BALDWIN HOTEL Missionary Sermon, which will come hustle and bustle of school life will ! • corn! day’s program, and be in evidence in every community ' w; „ Bp j n Ooer.tion of in the county. j Local Ho.telry by Her Daughter*. Supt. Bivins has called a teachers I Mr. Tom Simpson Resign* meeting for Tuesday. Plans for the | year's work wil Ibe outlined and de finite arrangements for the opening of all schools completed. Col. Roach has everything ready for the fchool children of the city at the grammar school. The G. S. C. The present officers of the as-1 W. Prntice School will .also be open ocintinn or : Moderator. Rev. If. D. J to n loree number of MUIedye' UIe Yarnock; clerk C. W. Moran; Treas- children. Dr. Beeson President of \ Ben. R. Tanner; Chairman of J the college, stated that the enroll- Executive Committee. Rev. 3. F. | ment w». up to the rapacity. City Fathers to Hear Highway Head at Entrance of City in West End will he I Harris a, a special attraction and highly, y piu W . p. nutrean and T. recommended. The real condition I. .. . changing moral standard-, parental neglect and other undesirable con ditions are pictured in the special - to Milledge- offering. , Stays Above Mr. Curry urges parents of MU- j ^ »U I ledgeville to sec the picture. i ,J^ c j^i’’A'«oece« 0r will be named j L. R. G. Burfeitt will be the dii I _ «ad T |ct Rev Wamock who nas moved out | tor of the prntice school again thi thousand Kilos of cotton “ i»' StKa“on. the Milledge- CHU . d„.. M-r’i- an d the members j .School trucks will begin theii Mrs. Alice McCraw became man age, of the Baldwin Hotel Monday morning and will have charge of operation of the local hostelry, and will be assisted by her daughters Mitt Virginia McCraw and Miss Alice M rCraw. Mr. Tom Simpson, manager foi the part several years, tendered h: r -ignation effective the first of this month. Mr. Simpson has not made known his intentions. The hotel will be continued to be operated on the American plan. Mis? Naomic Vin.-on of Macon, will be th** In extra session tonight (Weuncs- duy) the city council will li-ten to an official of the State Highway Department who v* ill bring before them the matter of paving the short -tretch of road nt the entrance of the city in west end. Tho State Highway has pn tically i ample ted tho paving of th** high way to Macon. A gap in the road where the highway ends at the city limits will be left unles- tbe city officials agree to pay part Of the -? nt for the paving. It is under- ♦o- 1 tbat the representative tonight c;' r to bear three-fourth* of tho port, the city paying the balance. The stretch of road will ■■■> t about •ix thousand dollars. Citizen-, of the city have i een sum moned to meet with the council at •r.t to. the city progress wil 1 also be The road to Macon will be com- ’ ted Saturday and oper *< 'raffic ^un'ny, making the V complete -avrd road out of thi: city. FIRST TAX PAID 'twT* r the "nOdUv^of"hl» etorehOT making plan, for | regular route, Wodncsday morning , dietician .it the hotel. •I Wedne-day, w-hile the that Rev. - • ^ ^ BaptUt cpt ertainment of the delegate, j bringing a large number of students ton remained above tb'* Pnj"k, will P . , • entertain a ! to the city schools. ark. the majority he. church next Sunday mnrn.ag and ; and ^.re pre^nng^^enterja.n ( ^ ^ ^ ^ ghteen and „„e-hnlf even.ng. rocr , e „ izt . d , two day session. One of the bed , sad every indication points to a term f ,'v lending Bapli t minUtera meeting, in the history cf the as- thnt will be succes.ful In every .n-j taxes |T t h tat ' roclation Is anticipated. |*»-anao. I”"" : better. *31 white .and gins The first of 1929 Baldwin County paid by Miss Mamie Tor- *?EV. A. G. HARRIS WILL PREACH SUNDAY MORNING Cordial Wales Awai Rev. A. G. Harris, the new pastor, will preach at th? Miliedgevilie Presbyt-rian church next Sunday morning. Mr. .and Mrs. Harris ar.d children e expected to arrive in Milledge- •a from Senecca, S. C., sometime Friday morning Tb? iv.anse has ;n made- ready for their arrival, 1 they will bo extended a cordial