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Columbus sentinel and herald. (Columbus, Ga.) 183?-1841, March 29, 1838, Image 1

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COLUMBUS SENTINEL AND HERALD. VOE,. VEIL] PUBtISHXD r.VEBY THURSDAY SfORIfINO BY B. V. IVERSON AND J. B. WEBB. ON BROAD STREET, OVER A ELEN & YOUNG’S, M’I.'ITOSH ROW. TEti.VkS—ciuoscrtption, three dollars per an num, payable in advance, or four dollars, (in all cases exxeted) where payment is not made before the expiration of the year. No subscription received for less than twelve months, without payment inadvance, and no paper discontinued, except at the option of the Editors, until all arrearages are paid. adverhsem SNTS conspicuously inserted at one dollar per one hundred wonts, or less, for the first insertion, and fifty cents for every subse quent continuance. Those sent without a specifica tion of tho number of insertions, will be published until ordered out, and charged accordingly. 2tJ. Yearly advertisements —For over 24, and not exceeding 36 lines, fifty dollars per antuun : for <wr 12, and not exceeding 24 lines, thirty-five dollars ]Kr annum ; for less than 12 lines, twenty dollars per annum. Si. All rule and figure work double the above prices. l.r.OAt Advertisements published at the usual rates, and with strict attention to the requisitions of the law. Ai.l Sales regulated by law, must he made before the Court House door, between the hours of 10 in the morning and 4 in the evening—those of Land in the county where it is situate ; those of Personal Property, whore the letters testamentary, of admin istration or of guardianship were obtained—and are required to bo previously advertised in some public Gazette, as follows: Sheriffs’ Salks under regular executions for thir ty days, under mortgage fi fas sixty days, before the day of sale. Sales of Land and Negroes, by Executors, Ad ministrators or Guardians, for sixty days before the day o’’ sale. Males of Persona! Property (except Negroes) forty days. Citations by Clerks of the Courts of Ordinary, upon i pplic ation for letters of administration, must he published for thirty days. Citations upon application for dismission, by Executors, Administrators or Guardians, monthly for six MONTHS. Orders of Courts of Ordinary, (accompanied with a copy of the bond or agreement) to make titles to land, must be published three months. Notices by Executors, Administrator* or Guardians, of application to the Court of Ordinary for leave to sell the Land or Negron* of an Estate, F'our months. Notices by Executors or Administrators, to the Debt ors and Credi.ors .il ap Estate, for six weeks. Sheriffs, Clerks of Court, Sic., will be allowed the usual deduction. Letters on business, must be post paid, to entitle them to attention. O YES! O YES 1 O YES 1 1 NORTON'S AUCTION NOTICE, HAVE now taken a large and spacious Store, formerly occupied by Moore & Tarver, two doors south of the Columbus Hank, where 1 will bestow the •strictest attention to all business entrusted to me, and would say to those disposed to visit this market with consignments of Merchandise, that goods hy the pack age will sell here generally at Auction, at as good, if n >t better prices, than at private sale, and that tny most prompt and efficient exertions shall always be use and to promote the interest ait.l benefit of my patrons, and to give en’ire satisfaction to all parties concerned, pti.l as I have made new arrangements in business I shall therefore make new efforts t > merit the. patronage f the public. E. .SIGOURNEY NOTON. N. Id.—At the above stand I offer an extensive as s’ irtiuent of B . iks and Fancy Goods. also a stock of the leading articles of Groceries, .-itch as Coffee, ou t! ir. Pepper, Spice, AVines, Bagging, RoDe, &c. on the best of terms. E. S. N. Oct. 26 42 NOUK.SE VXD BROOKS, II VVE ESTABLISHED THEMSELVES AT A PA I. ACIHCO t v, for rntransaction of a SENEIiAL AOKISrCSr fSBI “” €0?IJI1SSI0\ ISUSING3S. f M’IHE\ hog leave to acquaint tln-ir friends and the J3. public generally that they will continue the husi ii ‘ssof the late fir.n of Nuuiisi:, Taylor & Brooks, at their old stall 1. and thankful for the liberal patronage extended to that firm would respectfully solicit a con tinuance of the same, assuring their friends that the business of the new firm will be conducted with the same promptitude an I security which characterized their former connexion. HIRAM NOURSK. IIIRAM \V. BROOKS. Apalachicola, July I. 43 ts WARS HOUSE Com minion BSusiuess. fMN'IE undersigned will continue the Ware House it anJ Commission Business at las old stand in Wont street. Gra'eful for |m>t favors, he trusts, by a r-triet regard to business contiJcd to him, to merit and .->• :e.ive a shire of public pa'ronage. He has iu store foi sale, on account idating terms, tJ3I C >ils b st Ken.uck-y Rope, ■t.V> Pieces B iggmg, different kinds, , Coffee in S i-ks, Chewing Tobacco, &c. &c. \V.Vi. P. YONGE. Aug. 31. 35 ts .T VHKS H.I.RINO .DS, WATCH (YIAiSSIZ AN3 JSWI2LLSR, Jrf door north of Killin'* Covfrctionary, Br'dst. RESPECTFULLY informs fc/' x - his town and country friends that he has just returned from ff New York with a very rich fj is \ addition to his stock of Goods, V ; ‘.e> atui ladies and gentlemen wish* f 1 - *,XjEri ing Watches or Jewelry of ytflyVNLsuperior quality, have now an opportunity of supplying them selves with articles that cannot be surpassed. Rich line gold Jewelry, Silver Ware, plated and Fancy Goods. The following articles comprise a portion of his stock, and he will sell on as good terms as any other establish ment in Georgia. Gold and silver Levers, Auchor escapement Duplex, Horizontal and vertical Watches, of the finest finish—ail of w hich ho warrants lirst rate time keepers. JKctts of Ladies’ Earrings and Broaches, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald. Opal, enamelled and every description of Breast Pins and Finger Rings, Gold guard and fob Chains, Seals, Keys, Lockets and Trinkets, of all kinds, iu great variety, and most superb manutacture, Gold and silver Spectacles, Stiver Spoons, Butter Knives, Superior Razors, Bo.vie Knives. Dirk and Pen Knives, Scissors, Thimbles, Ladies’ splendid Card Cases, ! Head Bands, Combs, Belt Cheques, Revolving silver mouateu -'asters, Plated Candlesticks, Fahcv Bellows, Cloth, Hair,Crumb and Hearth Brushes, English rtlle belt Pistols, Sword Canos, Four sided Razor Strops, Silk Purses, Perfumery, And every other article usually iouud at Jewelry ■Stores. .1. H. R. as heretofore, will repair and regulate CLOCKS and WATCHES of every description, and warrant all (that were made for time) to pertorm well. Gold and silver work, and jewelry, made and repaired. Engraving neatly executed. Cash, or goods, paid for * rd gold and silver. Columbus, April 13. 15 “ RACKS. The spring races of the mil- LED3EVILLE JOCKEY CLUB will com mence on tile second Tuesday, 10th dav.ot April next. Ist Day. Colts sweep stakes, SSO entrance, 3 or more to make a race. A tine silver Goblet put up by the Pro prietors, worth 560. 22 Day. 2 mile heals, free for all—Purse s3GO 31 Day. 3 mile heats, free for all—Purse *>soo 4th Day. ■1 mile heats, free stir ail—Purse SBOO sth Day. Colts stake, 2 mile hca’s. $250 entrance for the vouim Plate, worth SIOO3 —3 already entered—open until the 25th March. Toe money hung un each .lav. H. F. YOUNG is CO.. !'room-tors. Jan. 12. s*l lit COLUMBUS WHOLESALE AND RETAEL SADDX.BHT WARE-HOUSE. At the sign of the Golden Saddle, a few doors be low D. Hnngerford & Co’s, and nearly opposite Ujquhart & Ware, yv. W. WADE & CO. Have now on hand a complete as of articles appertaining to m their line of basiness : li I'™ —among which are— (lS Ili IfflSpanish, Quilted, Overlaid and Shaf- Ni ‘utllf W ted Saddles, A Planters’ do. Large and Extra Large do Ladies’ Saddles, of every quality and size. BRIDLES OF ALL KINDS. Some good for fifty cents; Saddle Bags. Carpet Bags; Valices; Stirrup Leathers; Sircingles and Girths. HARNESS—Coach. Gig. and Dearborn, from the cheapest to the best. TRUNKS, of every descrip tion. The above articles are of their own manufacture, made wider their own immediate inspection, of the best materials, and by superior workmen. Also, on hand, ENGLISH BRIDI ES AND MARTINGALES. Coach, Gig, Tandem, Sportsmen, and Waggon Whips; Stirrups, Bits, Spurs, Buckles, Haines, Col lars, Cut Tacks, Trunk Locks, Horse Brushes and Curry Combs, Trace and Halter Chains. ALSO—A good assortment of Coach and Gig Har ness Trimmings; Plated, Brass and Japan’d do. ALSO—A good assortment of Skirting, Harness, and Bridle Leather; black, blue, red, yellow, green, aud cochineal Morocco Skins; Buffalo Robes and Bear Skins. N. B. Traders who may buy to sell again, will be furnished on as good terms as can be bought either in New York or Newark. Country merchants are re spectfully invit-d to call and exaniine our goods and prices, and satisfy themselves. REPAIRING done or the most reasonable terms. April 29, 1837 31 ts GEO. W . WAY’S CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, CIORNER of Oglethorpe and St. Clair street, im / mediately in the rear of the City Hotel. The subscriber respectfully informs the public that he is now receiving a general assortment of Carriages of all descriptions, to wit; Coaches, Coachees, Cliariottees, Cabriolets, dickey seat Barouches, one and two horse extension-top Ba rouches, three seats extension-top do., Buggies, four wheels, for one and two horses, two wheel do., Sulkies of every des-cription. The above Carriages are superior to any ever re ceived in this market, and cannot be surpassed for ma terials, style and durability. Any article purchased from this establishment can be depended on. Call and see. aud I will sell you bargains. Carriages of every description furnished to order, by addressing the undersigned. GEO. W. WAY. I have a general stock of Coach Materials, which I will sell low. Repairing done in the very best man ner, and bv Northern Workmen. G. W. W. Feb. 1. 52y C. W. BUCKLEY & CO. HAVE removed to CALHOUN’S NEW Granite Building on Oglethorpe street, in front of the Calhoun Hotel, where they respectfully invite their old friends and customers, and the public in general, to call on them. They have on hand, a general assortment of GROCERIES, Low for Cash, or approved paper. Among their stock are the following articles, via:— Java, Rio and Mocha Coffee St. Oroi.x, Poi to Rico, and New Orleans Sugars I.oaf and Lump do. , New Orleans Molasses Champagne, Cognac, and American Brandy Holland and Country Gin Jamaica and Northern Rum Western and Northern Whiskey Madeira, Sicily, Madoc, and Malaga A\ inea Mint and Rose Cordials Lemon Syrup.—Soap Sperm and Tallow Candles Window Glass, Putty, White Lead Linseed, Lamp, and Train Oil Nails, Swedes Iron Cast, German, B.ister, and Sheet Steel Dec. 29. 46 JOHN E. BACON & Cos. AGENTS SOU THE SALE OF THE INDIAN’S PANACEA, HAVE just received a fresh supply ol this valuable remedy for the cure of Rheumatism, Scrofula or King’s Evil, Gout, Scia tea or Hip Gout, Incipient Cancers, Salt. Rheum, Siphililic and Mercurial dis eases, particularly Ulcers and puinlul affections of the bones. Ulcerated Throat and Nostrils, Ulcers of every description, Fever Sores, and Internal Abscess es, Fistulas, Piles, Scald Head, Scurvy, Biles, Chro nic Sore Eyes, Erysipelis Blotches, and every variety of Cutaneous Affection, Chronic Catarrh, Headaci.c, ■ proceeding from vitiation ', Affections ot the Liver; Chronic inflammation of the Kidneys and General De bility, caused by a torpid action of the vessels of the skin.’ It is singularly efficacious in renovating those constitutions which have been broken down by injudi cious treatment, or juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is recommended in all those diseases which arise from impurities of the blood, or vitiation of the humors, of whatever name or kind. Some of the above complaints may require some assistant applications, which the c rcumstarices <ff the case will dictate ; hut for a general remedy or Puriji cntirr to remove the cause, The Indian's Panacea will generally be found sufficient. The following certificates, out of hundreds similar which might he procured, are given to show the effect of the Indian’s Panacea, in the various complaints therein mentioned ; and also to exhibit in the most sa tisfactory manner its superiority over the syrups in common use. Charleston, Nov. 15, 1831. During the last w inter and spring. I was afflicted with a very severe and distressing Rheumatism, occa sioned by exposure in bad wea'her. I now take great pleasure in staling, that fix bottles of Indian Pana cea, restored me to perfect health, and I confidently recommend it to all similarly afflicted. JOHN FERGUSON, King st. Charleston, Juiy 12. 1831. I was afflicted four years with an ulcer in the leg, occasionally accompanied with crysipela'ious inflania tion and an excessive pain in the leg and ancle j nut. Several eminent Physicians exerted their skill upon it, but without permanent benefit. In this case, five bot tles of the Indian Panacea made a perfect cure. MARGARET A. WEST, Market st. 121. July sth, 1837. 51 ts F. RIZBDZISZiSKZ W r OULD tuform his friends and the public gene rally that he has just returned from New \ ork with a choice and fashionable selection of WATCHES, JEWELRY AND FANCY ARTICLES. His Store is opposite the Bank of Columbus, and three ioors below the City Hall. WATCHES. Gold Independent seconds, and two setts of hands extra jewelled, and finished in the best manner, (anew article.) Golcl and silver patent Levers, full jewelled and plain of Tobias. Becsly's and others best Manu facturers. Gold Duplex, Anchor Escapement. Ladies plain gold Watches and plain silver Watches. EAR-RINGS. Plain gold with tassels, long fiilagree with tassels, enamelled w ith and without swings, coral, gold stone with fiilagree, cornelian, acquamaritie, agate, onyx, jas per, jet, and every other kind manufactured. FINGER RINGS. Diamond, acqua-marine, enamelled, emerald, ruby, garnet, gold stone, blood stone, topaz, amethist, agate, ; tortois, pearl, and jtt chased, motts and plain. BREASTPINS. Diamond, diamond and pearl, pearl and saphir, pearl i and emerald, ruby, acqua-marine, emerald, cameo, i miniature, coral, agate, cornelian, topaz, jet and plain ■ S o,d - I Ladies ncc.k chains gold and silver, goldpvatch hooks, ; gold and silver buckles, gold and silver thimbles, silver combs, gentlemen’s gold and silver guards, gold and silver fob chains, seals and keys of every description, gold and silver pencil cases, gold and silver tooth picks, gold and silver spectacles, quizzing glasses, gold snaps, enamelled, fiilagree and plain shirt buttons. ~ Beautiful gilt head bands and combs, also artificial flowers tor head dresses and bonnets. Splendid Ost rich plumes ot assorted colours. Music boxes playing trom two to eight tunes. Coral necklaces and armlets, also an assortment of coral beads. Miniature frames and cases; Castors; silver and plated Spoons; silver butter Knives; silver sugar Tongs; pen and dirk Knives; belt, pocket, duelling and riffle Pistols; per cussion Caps, Accordions. Ladies and Gentlemen’s dressing cases; bead, silk and other Purses ; a full as -1 sortinentol pertumery, and everv other article coining j under the head ol Jewelry and fancy Goods. N. B. All kinds of Jewelry and Silver Ware neatly i repaired. ! Nov. 10. 55 ,f FLORIDA SEGAHS.—3O 000 Florida Cieears tor sale. The bills of the Union Bank of Florida taken for the same at par. by- May 19. Btf SAML.M. JACKSON. Auct. FOR SALE—A Dwelling House, well improved and suitable for a small family. The above pro perty will be sold on accommodating terms, or ex changed for negroo--. I Enquire a’ this office Pee, 21. 16 5m COLUMBUS, GEORGIA, THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 29, 183a CARRIAGE SHOP. KTEES & FRXCKXTT, Oglethorpe Strut, North of Calhoun's Hotel, HAVE just received anew assortment of good CARRIAGES selected from some of the best manufactories at the North. They having taken par ticular pains to have them made to suit tnis country, and to insure satisfaction to purchasers, they will war rant them for one year with fair usage. AH kind of Carriages made to order. Carriage and Harness’ re pairing done in very neat style by good Northern work men. Also, a good assortment of Carriage materials, all of which they will sell low for cash or approved paper. Feb. 16. 7 ts M’IN TOSH ROW, LOCATED IN TIIE MOST BUSINESS PART OF COLUMBUS. I WILL have to rent in a few weeks several Stores on the ground floor, and ten or twenty Rooms on the second story,for Grocery, Dry Goods, or Druggists. The above stand will surpass any in the City. “ The Rooms on the second story will be rented to Lawyers or Doctors for Jffices, or to Single for Sleeping Rooms. The first applicants for the above Rooms will have the preference. As many will be in want of Stores in the above Row, a speedy call may insure success. For terms, or a view of the plan of the above Row, please call at mv Office. ’ E. SIGOURNEY NORTON. June 15. 24 THE COLUMBUS HOTEL AGAIN OPENED. _ THE Subscriber informs the pub -11 lie that he has reopened the Colum fegyalfaij bus Hotel; and as promises are often made to break, he will not here make them. He only desires a fair trial. Sept. 5. 1837. D. SULLIVAN. P. S. The House has undergone a thorough repair, and every arrangement made to render every one com ortable. WANTED. BALES Cotton, for which the high ♦J” estcash price will be oaid bv HARPER, THORNTON & LIVINGSTON, BAGGING AND BALE ROPE. 300 ps. best Dundee Bagging 50 do Franklin works, Massachusetts 100 Coils Kentucky Rope 50 do. Hungarian 50 do. Russia Hemp HARPER, THORNTON & LIVINGSTON. Aug. 25. 20—ts THE subscribers are now receiving, at St. Joseph, a large and general assortment of GROCE RIES, which they offer at redu ed prices for cash, cotton, or approved paper, among which are Flour, Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Mackerel, Sugar, Coffee, Wines of every description ; iron Castings, Nails, Cheese, Butter, B tekwheat, Raisins, Almonds, Soap, Candles, Oils, Tobacco, Segars, Cider, Bagging, and Rope, Pork, Beef, &c. &c. &c. They have also a largo assortment of Shoes and Boots, Domestics, Cassinetts, Calicoes, Carpeting Bonnets, &c. &c. together with many other articles in the Dry Goods line, on consignment, which they will sell very low. Also an invoice of Hardware. STREET & THOMPSON. St. Joseph. Dec. 26, 1837. 49 2in COLUMBUS COTTON FACTORY. THE owners of the Columbus Factory respect fully inform the public that it is now in operation. They have on hand a general assortment of YARNS, which may be had at all times at the most reduced prices. Their Wool Carding Machine is also in operation, and any thing in that line will be done at the shortest notice. .IP’ A number of boys and girls wanted to work at the Factory, for which the most liberal prices vrill bo given bv the week or month. Apply to STEWART & FONTAINE, or S. If. HODGES & CO. Columbus. Feb. 8 6 ts VONGE & SLLXS CONTINUE to receive and oftet for sale ail kinds ofStaple and fancy Dry Goods. Boots, Shoes, Hats, Saddlery, Hardware. &c. together with a good supply of Groceries,all of which will be sold on the most favorable terms . Feb. Ist. 1838. 52 ts 7*^l3 LS. pickeled SHEEP HEAD. 20 boxes fine Scotch Herring, 4 bbls. Cranberries, 20 000 best Spanish Cigars, Just received and for sale bv Feb. 1,1838. 52tf YONGE & ELLIS. BALES OF COTTON wanted by the Vs I * A/ subscriber, for which the highest market price will be given. The undersigned is also prepared to make liberal advances on Cotton shipped to his friends in New York or Liverpool. B. HEPBURN. Nov. 23. 44tf TAYLOR, HOLMES & CO., wholesale Gro cers and general commission and forwarding Merchants, Apalachicola. Florida. H. R. TAYLOR, C. G. HOLMES. W. H. HARPER. Feb. 1. _s2tf DOZIER THORNTON. LAW NOTICE. CIAMPBELL, McDOUGAI.D & WATSON, y Attornevs and Counsellors at Law, having as sociated themselves togethet in the practice of Law, will attend to all business entrusted to their care in the Chattahoochee and Coweta circuits, in the State of Georgia, and in the adjoining counties in the Slate of Alabama. All letters addressed to them must have the postage paid in order to receive attention. JAMES H. CAMPBELL, A. McDOUGALD, THOMAS W. WATSON. Marchl. 4 9t Columbus Enquirer, Augusta Constitution alist, Charleston Courier, Mobile Advertiser, Mont gomery Advertiser, and Apalachicola Gazette will publish the above for two months and forward their bill to the subscribers. LAW NOTICE. THE late firm of Campbell, McDougald & Har ris having been dissolved by mutual consent, the undersigned will continue to practice in all the counties of the Chattahoochee Circui-, the counties of Barbour, Russell and Chambers,in Alabama, under the firm of Campbell & McDougald. Their office is at their old stand on Broad street, JAMES H. CAMPBELL. alex’R McDougald. Mav 4,1837. 18 ts MEDICAL. DOCTOR E. T. TAYLOR, of Clinton, has re moved to Columbus, and expects to devote his attention to the practice of Medicine. Calls cither in the City or Country will receive prompt attention. His office is on Broad street, nearly opposite the In surance Bank, and his residence next above Dr. Wil son’s. Feb. 12. 2tf THE subscriber would respectfully inform his friends and the public generally, tiiat he has ta ken the House in Greenville, Geo. formerly occupied by Gen. Ector, and more recently by James C. McGib bany, where he intends entertaining his customers in the best manner possible. JOHN C. MANGHAM. Geenvrille. Ga. Jan. 1838. 51 3 tn MUSICAL NOTICE. THE subscriber returns his sincere thanks to his patrons, and the public generally, for their kind indulgence, and informs them that he is now readv to attend to his pupils, and such as may feel disposed to honor him with their patronage. HENRY C. WALSH. August 3. 31 ts ROBIN HOOD. THIS distinguished Race Horse will make a fall season at my stable at Fort Mitchell, Alabama, ten mi'-s below Columbus. Exerv provision is made and every attention will be paid to the keeping of mares, but without liability for accidents. Terms will be made known by applying to the subscriber, at Fort Mitchell. ’ ‘ JOHN CROWELL. Sept. 20th. 1837. 38 ts TO MERCHANTS, LAWYERS, &c THE subscriber has opened an office on Broad street, above the store of A. Levison. Esc. where he may be constantly found, and offers to under take every description of writing, either in bringing up and keeping books, and adjusting accounts for mer chants, or in dial)Big and engrossing all kinds ol legal instruments. THOMAS WHITE. Dec. 6 41 ts AT the Court House in Talbot county, will he sold’ on the first Tuesday in April next, at public sale, within the legal hours, lot of land No. 131, in the 16th district of originially Muscogee, now Talbot county, it being the lot whereon Thomas Maliins now lives.— Terms of sale made known on the day. EDWARD W. WRIGHT. Jan. 30. Its GEORGE W. TOWNS. LAW COPARTNERSHIP. ~ ILTON WILLIAMS AND EDMUND H. ijJL WORRILL, have united in the practice of LAW. They will attend faithfully to all business en trusted to their car* - in the Chattahoochee Circuit. — Office in Ta’botton. F v b. 2J. I 8t NOT THE GLORY OF GASSAR, —BUT THE WELFARE OF ROME.” CABINET AND UPHOLSTERY WARE HOUSE. CONZBLTVXAN & ANDERSON MOST respectfully inform the citizens of Colum bus, and its vicinity that they have removed from their former stand, to the store lately occupied by McArn, in Broad-street, nearly opposite the Insurance Bank. They have now on hand an elegant assortment of FURNITURE of their own manufacture. —ALSO— Paper Hangings of the latest patterns with suitable Bordering, Ornaments, and other materials for Cur tains, &c. Adverse to puffing, they xvonld only solicit a call which would enable Ladies and Gentlemen to judge for themselves by examining the articles. All orders will be executed with promptitude. Cur tains put up in the most fashionable style. Rooms neatly papered. In short, any thing in their line will be punctually attended to. Aug. 25. 36 ts NOTICE. THE Copartnership heretofore exising under the name of J. T. S. COLLINS & CO. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. J. T.S. COLLIN 8, E.C. ROBERTS. Mr. E.C. ROBERTS is authorised to settle all demands against the late firm, and requests all indebted to call and make immediate settlement. E. C. R. Columbus, July 15, 1837. B. C. ROBERTS’ TIN, COPPER, AND SHE T-lOS MANUFACTORY. HAVING purchased the entire inters- of J. T. S. Collins, 1 will continue, at the old stand, to carry on the above business in all its branches. Tin Ware made and sold art wholesale and retail. Copper work of every description made to order, and warranted of the best xx-orkmanship. Stovepipe, steamboat chim nies, and sheet-iron work of every description, made at the shortest notice, at the corner of Front and Craxv ford streets. July 15,1837 3° DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. THE Co-partnership heretofore existing between the subscribers, under the firm of STACK HOUSE, THOMSON & Cos., xvas dissolved by mutual consent, on the 9th instant. The business of the Compan xvill be settled at their old stand, by their successors, Thomsom, Tomlinson & Cos., xvho are duly authorised to settle all the business of the late firm. SAMUEL STACKHOUSE, JAMES THOMSON, JAMES NELSON. Pittsburgh, Feb. 15th, 1838. Having disposed of my entire interest in the Steam Engine Manufactory and Foundry, formerly carried on bv Stackhouse, Thomson & Cos., to Mr. Joseph Tom linson, who has associated himself with my late part ners, under the firm of Tompson, Tomlinson & Cos., they xvill continue the business at the old establish ment ; and having the utmost confidence in the skill and integrity of my successors, I take pleasure in re commending them to the confidence and patronage of the friends and customers of the late firm. SAMUEL STACKHOUSE. STEAM ENGINE MANUFACTORY, AND IRON AND BRASS FOUNDRIES. The subscribers respectfully inform the public, that they hax-e associated themselx-es together, under the firm of THOMSON^ TOMLINSON & Cos., for the purpose of manufacturing Steam Engines and Iron and Brass Castings, at. the establishment formerly occupied by Stackhouse, Thomson & Cos., at the corner of Short and Front streets, Pittsburgh, xvhere they will carry on the business in all its branches, and are now prepared to exee.ute orders for Steam Engines, Iron and Brass Castings, at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms; and trust that their knowledge of the business, the quality of their work, and attention to the interests of those xvho employ them, xvill entitle them to a share of the patronage of the public. JAMES THOMSON, JOSEPH TOMLINSON. JAMES NELSON. Pittsburgh. Feb. 15. 6 It FLORIDA AND IRWTNTON MAIL STAGE. THE undersigned, having obtained the contract for transporting the mail from Columbus, Ga. to Fort Gaines, Ga. by the xvav of Fort Mitchell, Flo i Ace, Irwinton and Franklin, have commenced the conveyance of the same in two horse Stages, and xvill leave Columbus every Tuesday and Friday,at 5 o’clock in tho morning, arrive at Irxvinton at 6 o’clock in the evening on the same days ; leave Irwinton every Wed nesday and Saturday morning, and reach Fort Gaines at 12 o’clock at noon on the same days. Returning, leave Fort Gaines every Sunday and Wednesday at 5 o’clock in the morning, sleep at Florence, and arrive at Columbus every Monday and Thursday,at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The proprietors have made such arrangements as xvill ensure the comfort of those xvho may take their line. Their horses and stages are good, their drivers attentive and sober, and the houses at, which they stop the best on the road. E. E. BISSELL & Cos. Jan. 1.1838. 491f NOTICE. THE subscriber offers his services to those xvho may xvish to patronise him as a city Collector. He xvill devote his time and attention to settling up any accounts which may he placed in his hands. Office on Broad street, No. 4, Mclntosh row. Jan. 15. 50 lit MICHAEL N, CLARKE. NOTICE. WHEREAS the firm of FOSTER & FOGLE xvas Dissolved on the 14th day of last ?.larch. it becomes necessary that all the debts due said firm should be settled without further delay. Notice is hereby given to all xvhom it may concern, that the- Notes and Accounts of said firm are in the hands of the subscriber, who alone is authorised to settle the same. It is hoped that all indebe to the concern xvill settle their Notes or Accounts befo e thelst of January next, as longer indulgence cannot be given. Nov. 22. 44tf JACOB FOGLE. NOTICE. JOHN B. GUEDRON,of Augusta, having dis posed of his interest in the Livery Stables in Co lumbus, heretofore under the direction of Mr. Thomas Fleming, is desirous that the business of the establisn ment should be brought to a close. All persons indebt ed are informed that his books and accounts are at the office of Mr. Van Ness, where the claims against him will be settle.!, and where itis expected tnat all persons indebted xvill call and liquidate their biils bv note or payment. A. C. CALDWELL. Att’v. in fact for JOHN B. GUEDRON Columbus, Geo. April 13. 1837. 15 ts A TEACHER WANTED. A YOUNG MAN of steady and moral habits, pre pared to teach the English and Latin Lan guages, in a high, healthy neighborhood, will meet with •renerous encou r agement if he xvill call and see the sub scribers living near the Uchee Creek, in Russell ! countv, Alabama, eight milcsfrom Columbus,by or be fore the first dav of January. 1838 NOI.ON R. LEWIS. STERLING LANETR. WILLIAM BARNETT, JAMES PHILIPS, PLEASANT PHILIPS. No v. 16. 44tf Trustees. MEDICAL NOTICE. DR. EDWARD DELONY. having permanently settled himself in the city of Columbus, respect fully tenders his professional services to the citizens thereof, and of the surrounding country. He designs devoting his time exclusively to his professional duties ; those, therefore, xvho call for him, may expect the most prompt and regular attentions. His office is in the south xvitig of the Columbus Ho tel, next door above Dr. Wilson’s. Broad street, and his residence is the next adjoining, south of the l* o inale Academy. Columbus. Ga.. Jan. 4. 1838. I-*-. 3m FOR SALE. A COMFORTABLE HOUSE and LOT, with other out houses, kitchens, stables, &c. in tile town of Girard. Ala. on Broad and Bridge street, an excellent stand for one who wishes to entertain people or their money, will be sold on aecominodating ternis. Apply to HENR\ MOORE. Girard, August 23. 1637. 34 ts DISSOLUTION. THE co-partnership heretofore existing under the i firm of OWENS & ALLEN, in the city of j Columbus, is this dav dissolved, by mutual consent.— j Those indebted, either by note or account, are re-j quested to make immediate payment to V\ m. Owens.; otherwise their accounts xvill be placed in the hands of j an officer for collection. WILLIAM OWENS, i Feb. 1.1838. 6St JOHN ALLEN. fB. STARR, Comtni siou Merchant. St. Jo. j _ • s-mili, Florida, March 8. s's DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, ETC. JUST RECEIVED, and im>w opening, a full aud complete stock of Goods, well assorted for the country trade, selected by a competent judge, and bought on terms to enable the sub scribers to afford great bargains to their friends and customers. The stock comprizes: DRY GOODS Broadcloths, blue black, and fancy colors Cassimeres and Sattinetts Ready made Clothing Negro Clothes and Blankets Domestics, brown, bleached and plaid Sheeting. Irish and Russia Linen, Irish, Diaper and table Flannels, red, white and yelloxv Muslins, Cambric. Swiss and Jaconet Calicoes, Ginghams, Dimities Painted and figured Muslins Gloves, Ladies’ and Gents Hosiery of ex erv description Silks, black and fancy colors Black Lustring, Gros de Naples, &c. Edgings and Inserting*, blonde and muslin Fancy Ball Dresses Superb Laces of all kinds Boots, Shoes, and Hats, for men, women and children Silk and Cotton Umbrellas and Parasols Artificial wreaths of flowers Jewelry of every description. GROCERIES. Sugar—New Orleans, Havana &. Muscovado “ Loaf and Lump Coffee—Havana, St. Domingo, Rio, &c. Teas—Gunpowder, Imperial,and Young Hy son, Wines—Madeira, Champagne and Claret Liquors—Cog. Brandy’, Holland Gin, Old Irish Scotch, and Monongaheln Whiskey Jamaica,Antigua, St.Croix.N O and NE Rum, Peach Brandy and old Applejack Cordials, in barrels and boxes Porter, Pale Ale and Cider Sarsaparilla, Lemon, and Strawberry Syrup Spanish, American, and Florida Cigars Tobacco, assorted Pepper, Allspice, Nutmegs Soap, Starch, Candles Sperm and Linseed Oil Flour, Butter, Lard Cheese, Poik, Beef Tongues Codfish, Salmon, Mackerel Herring and Hallibuts Fins Bale Rope and Bagging Harness and Saddlery Buckets, Tubs, Baskets Hav and Shorts, Brooms, &c. Together with a fine assortment of Hardware and Cutlery, as Mill and Cress Cut Saws Trace Chains, Hoes, Axes Shot Guns, Rifles, Pistols Bowie Knives, Arkansas Tooth Picks, &c. Per brigs Hartley, Cumberland, Sadi, &c. — The assortment will be kept full by the regular line of Packets. The above goods will he sold low’. Terms Cash. E. J. WOOD & CO. St. Joseph, Flor. Nov. 1. 1837 24 ts THE SUBSCRIBER IS now receiving his fall supply of Groceries, from brig Rhine, from New York, and brig Alto, Brown, Baltimore. 130 barrels superfine FLOUR 120 “ Baltimore rectified Whiskey 250 kegs assorted Liquors 140 barrels Bread and Crackers 20,000 lbs. Bacon, in hams and middlings 30 boxes Tobacco, all brands 150 barrels Mackerel 40 “ coin. Gin 10 “ best Holland, do fiO “ Rum, N. E. 20 “ Monongnhela Whiskey 30 “ Peach Brandy 50 qr. casks Wine, all kinds 200 boxes, do 50 baskets Champagne 30 boxes Sperm Candles 5 half pipes segnt. Cognac Brandy 50 bags Havana Coffee 30 “ Rio do 50 bbls. and 20 hds. Sugar, St. Croix and Porto Rico Also, Bagging, Rope, Crockery, Glass and China Ware. Negro Shoes, Sfc. 500 sacks Salt, by the brig Cumberland, which will be in market by the 20th instant. And is prepared to pay cash or advance on Cotton, on shipment to his friends in New York, Baltimore, Charleston, or New Orleans. JNO. T. MYRICK. Apalachicola, Oct 10, 1837 23 AT PRIVATE SALE. IFINE new double horse Jersey Waggon and Harness. 1 fine single horse Barouche. 1 pair Match Horses. 1 Blooded Mare, 3 years old. 1 fine Work Mare,3 years old, perfectly gentle On accommodating terms, bv SAM’L M. JACKSON, Auct. & Com. Mer. Aug. 11,-18-tf GROSS Wine Bottles; 10 bbls Brown Havana Sugar; 10 frails Almonds; 4 bbls English Walnuts; 5,000 choice Havana Cigars; 10 bbls American Brandy; On consignment, and for sale by SAML. M. JACKSON, Auc’r. May 10,8-ts GROSS Lemon Syrup Bottles; 10 bbls. Baltimore Giu; 20 bbls. American Brandy; 5 bbls. Malaga Wine, direct importation; 10 bbls. N. E. Rum; 3 cases fine Hats; 10 chests Band Boxes ; For sale on consignment by SAML. M. JACKSON, Auct. June 9.-10-ts LONDON PORTER. -g CASKS London Porter, containing I from 3*to 5 dozen in each cask. 17 finemahogany BUREAUS; ! For sale low by SAML. M. JACKSON, Auct. June 9,-10-tf TO RENT. A COMFORTABLE House and Lot on the East side of Mclntosh street, south oi Crawford street, known as the house occupied by Mr. Gregory, dec’d. Apply to. SAM’L M. JACKSON, Auct. & Com. Mer. Aug. 11,-18-tf NORTON’S CHATTAHOOCHEE BANK NOTICE. IWII.L SELLthe entire, or part of, niy stock of BOOKS, and take Chattahooclieemon ! ev at PAR. : The public is informed that the above offer is ; not in consequence of having Notes to pay iu Bank, but on account of my firm belief that the bills, ere long, will be redeemed at par. April2S,-5-tf F.. SIGOURNEY NORTON. DISSOLUTION. NOTICE is hereby given, that the partner ship heretofore existing betxx’een James O. Gorman and myself, in the trade or business of Jexvellers, carried on in the City of Columbus, Georgians this day dissolved, and that the said bu siness xvill be continued bv the subscriber GODFREY DeGILSE. Columbus, June 30, 1837.-18-ts LIST OF BLANKS For sale at the Sentinel and Herald Office. Bills of Lading, Guardians’ Bonds, Deeds of all descriptions, Jury Tickets, Sheriffs’Bail Bonds, Clerks’Summonses, j Writs of Attachment, Dec. in Debt, ’ Justices’ Summonses, Dec. in Assumpsit, I Justices’ Executions, ! Marriage Licences, I Commissions to Examine Retail Licenses, Witnesses, Alabama Jury Certificates, I Commissions to Appraise Alabama Precepts, Property, Alabama Justices’ Execu- Letters of Administration, tions, Letters of Gurdianship, Alabama Justices’ Sum- Letters of Dismission, monses, otc. £ic. Administrators’ Bonds, 45 ♦3 AAALBS. Live Geese Feathers, just re ,J *r * W ccired and for sale by RACKIN'; McQIUTP &. Pec. 21. 16*f JOHN BASCOMBE. THIS CELEBRATED RACER will stand the ensuing season at the HAMPTON COURSE, near Augusta, Ga., under the direction of F. W. Lacy, and be let to mares at jilOi* the season, with one dollar o the Groom—the season to commence the Ist of Fe oruarv and end the 15ih of July. It is requested that persons sending mares xvill send a note for the season, and the Pedigree of the mare. The proprietors are xvcll provided xvilh Lots and stables tor mares that max’ be sent to remain xvith the horse, and xvill he fed and well attended to for fifty cents per day—black servants sent xvith mares fed gratis. Every care and attention xvtli be taken to guard against accidents aud escapes, but r.a liability will be. incurred for either. D-scriptim. —John Bascontbe is a light or bright chesnut, five feet txvo inches high, fine bone and mus cle, with superior limbs aud action, and for spriglitii ncss and intelligence of countenance, surpassed by no horse on earth ; in fact, take him upon the whole, he is the horse of horses. He will be seven years’ old the ensuing spring. He has proven himself his first season, a sure teal getter, and has convinced his pa trons of the falsity of the tale that was put in circula tion. relatix’e to his impotency. Pedigree. —John Bascontbe was got by old Bertrand, out of Grey Goose, she by Pacolet, and he bv imported Citizen ; grand dam by imported Buzzard, great grand dam by Wade Hampton’s Paragon, g. g. grand dam Iby imported Figure, g. g. g. grand dam the old Slam merkin mare by the celebrated imported horse Wildair, out of the imported Cub mare. Wade Hampton’s Paragon xvas got by imported Elintnap out of Camilla, and she by Burwill’s Traveller ; his grand dam by old j Fearnought, g. grand dam Calista, imported by Col. Byrd, Burwell’s Traveller was got by Morton’s Tra veller, out of Col. Bird’s Calista. Performances.-- 1834, Huntsville, Ala., Nov. 15. Mile heats, best three in five, he ran i ccond to Stock holder, beating Rachel Johnson, Whalebone, and Samuel O’Rourke. Time, 2m 4s ; 2nt 3s ; 2m 5s ; 2m 5s ; 2nx ss. 1835, Nov. 18, at Montgomery, Ala., three mile heats, he won the purse, distancing Samuel O’Rourke, his only competitor, the first heat, in 6m 525. 1835, Nov. 24, at Mount Meigs, Ala., three mile heats, he ran second to Bill Austin, beating Daphne. Time. 6m ; 6m 3s. 1835, Dec. 10, at Columbus, Ga., three mile heats, he beat Volney, by Industry. Time, first heat, Cm.— Volnev hax’ing broke down. 1836, Jan. 13, at Augusta, Ga., three mile heats, he beat Chestatee, Ormond. Col. Townes’ Truffle colt, and distanced Paul Clifford in the first, aud Yertum nus in the second heat, in 5m 54s ; 5m 565. 1836, April 12, at Augusta, Ga., in a match of four mile heats, he distanced Col. Hampton’s Argyle the first heat in 7m 44s—track thirty-three feet over a mile. This match was for $32 000, $17,000 oil Argyle and $15,000 on Col. Crowell’s stable, consisting of Bill Austin, Lady Nashville, John Bascontbe, and Bolivia; Bascombe having been selected. 1836, May 31, at the Union Course, Long Island, in a match of four mile heats, $5,000 a side, after tra velling nine hundred miles, he beat the champion of the North, Post Boy, two strait heats, lour miles each, in 7m 495; and 7m 51 Js. Track not in the best order, and the day xvindy. 1836, Dec. 9, at Augusta, Ga.. four mile heats, he beat the grey colt Kite and Lady Morgan, in two heats. Time, 8m Is; 8m Is. John Bascombe never lost a heat after getting into the hands of Col, John Crowell, his present owner. F. W. LACY. Augusta, Ga. Dec. 14, 1837. 46 3m CITY HALL. THE subscriber advertises the community that since his occupancy of this establish ment, it has undergone the most general and tho rough repairs—much labor and expence have been bestowed to render the house comforta ble and commodious —and he is now fully pre pared to receive and entertain customers in a style not surpassed by any other Southern Hotel Having spent many years of his life in the bu siness of keeping a public house, he cnteitains confidence in himself of an ability to give gen eral satisfaction. His Table will be constantly and abundantly supplied with the best provisions which the country affords. His Bar is stocked with a supply of choice Wines, Liquors, and Segars. His stables are commodious, and attended by experienced Ostlers. THOMAS JAMES. RATES OF BOARD: Board and Lodging per month, - S3O 00 Board xvithout Lodging per month, 99 50 Dinner Boarders per month, - -12 00 Board per week, ... 10 50 Board per day, - - - - l ?* Dinner, - 75 Breakfast, - - 50 Supper, - - , 50 Lodging, .... s(t Horse per month - - 20 00 Horse per dsy, - . 1 00 Children and Servants half price. Fires and lights extra. Oct. 10 23 PACKETS FROM ST. JOSEPH TO _ NEW YORK. THE following substantial and fast sailing vessels will run as regular Packets between St. Joseph and New York, and will take freight and passengers low. Brig HARTI EY, Ryder, master. “ CUMBERLAND, Darling, master. “ SADI, Vincent, “ Also, the new and splendid ship SPRING. For Freight or Passage apply to E. J. WOOD &. CO, Agents, St. Joseph, Fior. Nov. 1,1837 24 ts o. x>s axx.szz, WATCH MAKER AND JEWELLER. NEW JEWELRY. JUST received, a now assortment of Ladies’ Neck Chains; Gentlemen’s Guard and Foh Chains; Rings, Breastpins, Earrings, Watch Hooks, Gold Thimbles, &c. All of which will be sold at reduced pricas. N. B. All kindsof Jexvelry repaired, and Canes mounted in gold or silver in the neatest manner and at short notice. June 30.12-ts NEW SPRING GOODS. THE subscriber has just received, a fresh supply of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, of the latest fashions and importations. Ready made clothing, hats, bon nets and SHOES. He xvould invite his customers and the public generally tocall and examine his stock before pur chasing elsewhere, as they no doubt xvill be suit ed with the quality and price. He is determined to sell loxx’ for cash. Country merchants xvill be supplied at reduced prices. * NEILL McNAIR- May 21,-7-tf COLUMBUS BOOK STORE* AT THE COLUMBUS AUCTION ROOM. THE Subscriber informs the public that his Stock being too large at this time, he is dis posed to reduce it by selling at cost and charges. Persons desirous of replenishing their Libraries, or wishing School or other entertaining Books, are nowinvited to call bes re the stock becomes thinned off. If you arc in want of Literature, come forth as the terms are cash. April 14 3tf E. SIGOURNEY NORTON. YOUNG LADIES’ COLLEGIATE INSTI TUTE* Brownwootl. near La Grange, Troup county, Ga. The exercise* of this institution xvill be resumed J on the first Monday in February next. Tho Teachers for 1838 are, ROBERT C. BROWN, ) Princt- Mrs. M. L. BROWN, f pals. Mr. Du hand. Classical Department. Miss Clahkc, French and English Department. Mr. Uhixk, Musical Department. Board can be obtained iu the family of the Principal, or in respectable families iu the neighborhood. Brown xvixjd. Dec. 12, 1837. 46'f MAXWELL HOTEL* XVHITKSVILLE, HARMS COCXTV, OEOHOIA. THE subscriber would inform his friends and the public generally, that he has taken charge of the house kuoxvn as the Wlntesville Hotel, and intends to devote his entire attention to the comfort and accom modation of such as may honor him xvith their patron age ; and he pledges himself that no effort of his shall be spared in making this one of the mo6t desirable places qf entertainment in the up country. His table shall at all times be supplied with the best the country affords ; his bar xvith an assortment of liquors; his stable with attentive e-fitTs, and provender in abundance. WILLIAM MAXWELL. J n- -7. 52 Uni ON CONSIGNMENT. f \SRS fr>j 1| l Itr*nt;ti;fon Lime. Ju * re’ilby AI.LL.N L VOLNG. Jon, 5. 1 VAIiVABLE LAADS POlt SALK. THE SU BSCKI BEK wishing to remove off the road, to another plnntn- • • ijgf tion which he has pujchascd, offers fo<~ sa * u his valuable Plantation and XsS&laSß* Residence, eleven miles West of Co tumous, L.a., and immediately oa tile Stage Road thence to Alontgomery, Ala. The settlement contain i between eight hundred and one thousand acres ot’ ex cellent land, well watered and timbered ; two hundred of which are cleared and in successful cultivation, being principally low grounds or bottom laud. The buildings are new, well nnished and convenient, and well adapt vd to the accommodation of travellers. Persons wishing to combine the Farming with Mercantile business or Tavern Keeping, will do well to call and examine tile premises. He has on the premises a large stock of everv de scription, which he would be willing to divide with the purchaser. Also corn, fodder, potatoes, £c. &c. And to make a long story short, the premises offered are those so well known as EI.LIOTT’S STAND, in Russeil county, Alabama. Three lines of Stages pass daily. The premises above can be had upon very accom modating terms and payments made easy. Persons wishing to purchase the most healthy and desirable situation in this country, would do well to call immediately and see George W. Elliott, when they can be suited without defalcation. The titles, shall be unexceptionable. GEO. W. ELLIOTT. Russell county, Ala. Oct. 24, 1837. 42 CHEEK LANDS X X THE subscriber offers for sale the following de scribed Lands, lying and being in the counties of Tallapoosa and Macon, amongst which are Prairie, River bottom and every other variety of land embraced in this section of country. This newly settled country is too well known to need a general description. It is situated between two navigable streams, liom neither distant 50 miles; it is a high, healthy countrv, abound ing with good water, and well timbered, which for fer tility of soil cannot be surpassed. The Indians being entirely removed irom the country, those who are de sirous of settling, need apprehend no fears on that ac count. To particularise each piece or parcel, would be unnecessary, as avv person wishing to purchase, and who could not be suited with such a bill of fare, must indeed be hard to please. Terms to suit purchasers. The subscriber may at all times be found at this place ready to show the Lands. GEO. STONE. Tuskeegee. Macon countv, Ala., Julv, 1837. 16tf E 2 18 21) 640 N* 5’ 14 24 ) 64U W 2 18 21 J acres E 32 13 24 \ acres in a body in a bodv, E ‘l9 18 21A 1280 W ‘ 1 15 24 W 19 18 21 ! in a 3 12 15 24 N 30 18 21 [ bodv N 25 IG 24 N 29 18 21J with N 27 14 23 \ C4O a mill scat, S 27 14 23 ) acres E 27 18 21 in a body, N 3 17 21 ) 640 S 12 14 25 S 3 17 21) acres N 11 16 23 In a hodv, N 34 19 24 3 ‘25 19 21 N 18 17 24 ) 6EO S 14 17 22 S 18 17 24 > acres N 35 17 22 SElof SE 1 | in a S 31 17 23 7 17 24 body N 36 17 23 and a mill seat, three miles W 14 19 23 from this place ; undivided N 21 15 23 ) 640 half of E 30 15 23 i acres N 16 17 24 ) 430 in a body, SE j 16 17 24 ) acres N 9 13 24 with a mill seat, N 35 13 24 IV 8 15 26 ) 800 S 28 13 24 S 5 15 26 ) acres N 36 14 24 EiofN E| 7 15 26 W 3 14 24 undi- EjofS WJ 6 15 56 vided half 1 120 cleared, under good j fence ALABAMA LANDS FOII SALK. S T R | g West half 24 16 23S Wqr 21 15 25 SiS E i 15 16 29! E ISEqr 20 15 25 WjNWj 17 16 29; WJN Eqr 23 15 25 SEINWIU 16 291 E JSE qr 23 15 26 SEJ 31 17 271 E iNE qr 7 13 26 EINW 1 30 17 27! NE qr 19 13 26 WjSWI 19 17 27! WJN Wqr 17 IS 25 NiSWi 23 17 27|SEqr 17 13 25 EiS W i 24 17 27 EiN Eqr 10 13 25 SW* 30 17 27jS Wqr N E 11 13 26 NiSEi SO 17 27 SEqr SO 14 26 EJN W i 23 17 27 WIS Wqr 2 14 26 WINE} 23 17 27 Section £6 15 25 WiS E i 3 18 29| Section 35 15 26 SW 1 24 17 26 S half 83 16 2 FJNWi 24 17 26 EIS Eqr 22 15 26 WJS E 1 24 17 86 E|N Eqr 27 15 26 S E qr, 24 15 26 EJS Eqr 27 15 26 N half 25 15 26 NE qr 22 15 25 N Wqr 14 15 26 SW qr 23 15 25 EJNEqr 14 15 26 SW or 14 15 25 wl m w .j. is is eo e is 15 25 NW qr 23 15 26 WjN Eqr 9 15 25 EJS Eqr 8 15 26WjNE qr 10 15 25 W}S Wqr 9 15 26 NW qr 2 14 25 WJNWqr 9 15 26 NW qr 21 15 25 N half S 14 14 26 NE or 23 15 26 N half 32 15 271 Also, the subscriber offers for sale a valuable settle ment in Muscogee county, Georgia, seven and r half miles from Columbus, on Rocky Creek, containing 900 acres, with a good plantation and saw mill, on which ho now resides. HENRY MOFFETT. Sept. 7. 36 6m ALABAMA INSURANCE COMPANY, INCORPORATED by ihe Slate of Alabama 1836, with a capital of One Million of Dollar which can be increased by the surplus capital of th Stockholders. In conformity with the third article of the Bye Laws of said company, two hundred and fifty thousand dol lars of the capital stock will he opened for sale, in the town of Girard, on the first of March next, ten per cent to be paid in at the time of subscribing, the balance to be scoured on pledges of real estate. As it is probable that this institution will be ready for the transaction of business bv the fiftcenlh of Match next, from and after that time Insurances and Deoo sites on Trust, agreeable to the charter of said com pany, will be taken at such rates as are usual in offices of like character. Life Insurances will be effected at the following rates per SICO, at the ages annexed : For one year. Age. Dollars. 25 1 00 30 1 31 35 1 35 40 1 C!t 50 1 90 For seven years. - -25 1 12 30 1 30 35 1 53 40 1 S3 __ 50 2 00 Whole life. ----- 25 2 04 30 2 30 35 2 75 403 20 50 4 60 Copy of the Bvc Laws of the third section of the Alabama Insurance Company: “ And on the first day of March next, Stocks to the amount of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars will be offered for sale in the town of Girard. Ten per cent, to be paid in at the time of sale ; balance to be called in in such amounts and at such times as may hereafter be prescribed by the Bye Laws of said com pany. “ And on the first day of May next, a meeting w 11 be held in conformity with the third section of said act of incorporation, so far as it regards the investments of any surplus funds belonging to the company.” By order of the Board. THOMAS S. TATE, Sec’y pro tern. Girard, Ala., Feb. 20, 1838. Sts FOR SALE, i A comfortable residence, with eigh i acres of land enclosed, within a short mile to ' vn -and m a must respectable neigl.t borhood. Apply to T. HOWARD. Oct. 26. 12 The Standard ofUnion. Milledgeville, arid Columbia (S. C.) Hive, will publish the above twice. PAY I P. J whose Notes and Accounts have become Ji. due, are urgently, but respectfully, requested io cr. ALLEN & YOUNG. They would also inform their friends that they have removed to No. 1 Mclntosh Row, lately known gs Mclntosh Hall, where can be found a general assort ment of Groceries, Bagging, Rope, Salt, &c., which will be sold low for CASH. Oct. 1. 42 TEN DOLLARS REWARD. STRAYED from Mr. William Rogers’ Stand, on the Montgomery road, twenty miles west from Columbus, on the 22d inst , a sorrel HORSE about fourteen hands high, fiyeor six years old, with heavy mane and tail, his logs are somewhat swollen, Said Horse belongs to the Express Mail line, and strayed off with a saddle apd hridle. Any person finding sa:d Horse, and delivering him at any of the stands on the road shall be rewarded with ten dollars. Dec. 27, 1837. 47if M. HARWELL FRESH GROCERIES. I HA VE jus* received, on consignment, a large let of GROCERIES, which I will sell cheap for cash, vig : Canvass Hama, Northern Flour, for family use . London Porter. Lard, Cider, Vinegar, “Whiskey. Pickles. Lemon Syrup, Butter Crackera. Sperm Candies. S:c. Together with a great variety cf ether ’fid;: tn hat hnc teo numoi otl to particular*.'?. L. ifGOl HNLY NORTON Feb. 6. ,!f [NO. 8.