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The Tri-weekly times and sentinel. (Columbus, Ga.) 1853-1854, March 12, 1853, Image 3

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Good Morning. “Oh, I am so happy !” & little girl said, As she sprung, like a lark, from a low trundle bed ; “Ti* morning—bright morning! Good morning, papa Oh give me a kiss for good morning, mama f Only just look at my pretty canary, Chirping his sweet “Good morning to Mary,’ The Bun is peeping straight into my eyes ; Good morning to you, Mr. Sun, lor you rise Early to wake my birdie and me, And make/is happy as happy can be.” “Happy you may be, my dear little girl,” As the mother struck softly a clustering curl ; “Happy you can be—but think of the One Who wakened this morning both you and the sun.” The little girl turned her bright eyes with a nod ; “Ma, may I say, then, Good morning to God V’ “Ye3, little darling one, surely you may, Kneel as you kneel every morning to pray.” Mary knelt solemnly down, with her eyes Looking up earnestly, into tke skies. And two little hands that were folded together, Softly she laid on the lap of her mother, “Good morning, dear father in Heaven,” she said, “I thank thee for watching my snug little bed ; For taking good care of me all the dark night, And waking me up with the beautiful light. Oh.keep me front naughtiness all the long day, Dear Father who taught little children to pray!” An angel looked down in the sunshine and smil’d, But she saw not the angel, that beautiful child! The In augural of President Pierce. The inaugural address of our new President is an admirable paper in style and sentiment—it is digni fied, well tempered, and breathes throughout a truly patriotic spirit. The opening allusion to the manner in which he was unexpectedly sailed to his exalted station, and to his sense of its heavy responsibilities, is in fine taste, and of a deeply touchingcharacter.— In regard to our foreign policy, he adheres to old an approved land-marks—cultivating peace with all na lions, and yet re-affirming the principle that colon zation of this Continent by European powers is no to be permitted beyond existing jurisdiction—and, in reference to further acquisition of territory, hold ing it no ground of evil foreboding, so far as may be essential for our own protection, or for the preserva tion of the rights of commerce and the peace of the world, but yet repudiating all wrongful or dishonor able means of expansion or aggrandizement. On mat ters of domestic policy, his views are highly judi cious and comendable—and especially so in relation to the army and navy, the principle on which he plac es official appointments and removals can scarcely {be exceptionable even to political adversaries. It is*not only however as Americans, but as Southerners also that we are gratified with the inaugural. Its firm and distinct recognition of Southern rights & institutions, and of the constitutional obligations of preserving and enforcing them by existing laws, cannot fail to have the happiest effect, in rebuking that criminal fanaticism which would tear down the pillars of our Republic, and in reviving that sentiment of fra ternity and concord, which will ensure perpetuity to the Union. We are pleased to perceive that the principles and sentiments of the inaugural are calling forth, with very tew exceptions, the plaudits of our eon* temporaries, without distinction of party. Char. Courier . 9 There were 171 Medical Students in attefuiauce upon the lectures of the Medical College of Georgia ja st closed. This i.^a p spjjimsua!ly large attendance. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. COTTON STATEMENTS. ~ stock I | j lf H on . £ * 1.2 2.1“ Oslo's 3 I hand this I? i day. March 6, j } 1852. 860 714 38058 39632:3200 28668 31868 7764 j xMarch 5, I 5 ! t 1853. I 229893 52445 35671132 35902137034 16529 j New Orleans, March 11. There is a gotxi demand for Cotton —sales 4000 j bales. Mobile, March 11. j This market is dull. The day’s sales amount to 1500 bales, at yesterday’s quotations. Later from Mexico, New Orleans, March 8. £ Dates from Vera Cruz to the 21st ult. have been re ceived. It is stated that a Mexican cutter had sailed for Havana lor the purpose of bringing back Santa Anna to that country. SELLING OFF SHEET MUSIC AT HALF PRICE. TUB undersigned desiring to reduce their extensive slock of Shut Music, will sell at three cents per page, (or half the nsnal price) a large share of their present stock. Among which may be feusd many ofthe nktv and popular pieces ot the day. Thia is an opportunity not to be neglected by Teachers and dr.HooLg, t lay in a supply. In this lot will be found most of the desirable Music every day ordered. Also, a lame stock of Instruction Books for the PIANO PORTE, which will be sold at Its* than tost. Among the Sheet Music are the following pieces, arranged by C. REPe, viz.: Dancing Feather Waltz ; Bombardment of Vera Cruz ; { Elbert Waltzes; v Stone Mountain, Q.S La Sultana Waltz; < Columbus Guards, Q. S. Gibraltar Waltz ; > Hyacinth Gallop ; Alpine Horn, Q. S. Gallopade Polka. also—A large variety of SeagH, Waltzes, Polkas, Marche* and Q,iilclt •tepa, by celebrated authors. Sales of this lot to be strictly Cash. Just received,® large lot of NEW MUSIC, which .will be sold at the usual price. I Call and examtae. Orders with money enclosed will be tilled I snd forwarded to any part ofthe country by mail. * 4* WHITTELSEV A CO. Columbus, On., March -twtf For Sale. A small farm about one and a half miles from Colum *ra|K bus. It contains 150 or 160 acres ot land ; about a third of which is cleared, and in suitable condition for cultiya —A-. tion. The remaining portion is welt timbered with pine. It is a desirable locatiou for any person, wishing a small iarra or summer residence in the vicinity of the city. Apply to -slumbus, March 9—twtf H. T. TA\ LOR. MUSCOGfcK RAIL road CO. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. Only 10 miles of Staging between Columbus and Macon. On and after the 15th inst. the Passenger Train will leave ai.d fan by the following schedule daily until further notice: . Leave Columbus a 5 A. M.; Arrive at Butler 8Q A. M. • save Butler at \y t p. M.; Arrive at Columbus 5 P. M. ~ , . . K. F. RICKER, Superintend* nt. Uoinmbus, March .5, 1853 COLUMBUS PRICES CURRENT. CORIUtCITEB TRI-WKKKLY SY J. K. RKOD AND CO. BAGGlNG—Kentcky ....VyardS c® J 5 India rope Yn> 71 BAtJON—Hams 15 13 15 Hides (fib 1J (g dhouhlers if lb 10 <g ll* “J,™ -lb lo ® ig | ■* COFFEE—Rio II <g I2v PAvnrr Ja o a Vlb ,;i ® 15 OANDJihK—Sp*nu........ 50 (jy Htar qrib 30 <g Pi. AT.ivu Tal,OW rib 18 ® ‘-*0 I LA I y LR.- a, (g FlSH—Mackerel No I n? bid 14 Ou fa, to Oil bb) 13 00 rg Mackerel No. 3 qp |,bl 11 00 tg 0 OS ?had <tp h b u 18 00 C$ Vbox 100 (g - H. I JR—Western qpbblj 700 (g 8 00 Can al bbl 750 (g 300 p f ,l npn C " y rbbl 600 (g 730 f.CriDER.. 00 ft 125 (.RAlN—(x>rn p bushel! ( g 70 “beat f? bushel 100 (g 125 , , n * t9 bushel (g 40 Vbox 225 (g 700 GUNfOH ER IPke? 500 <g 050 HIDES <m ft 8 (g 9 IRON—Swedes spft (g 0 , English r>! 4 y. eg 5 S*ARD Vft; 2X@ 14 LEAD upfoi y (& 10 I. MF! fsr bbl 250 (g 350 MOLASSES iff gallon 33 (g 40 MAILS ft, ti (g 7 OlL—Lamp V gallon 150 eg 200 Linseed fr gallon 100 (g 000 Train V gallon 75 <g PAINTS Vkeg 200 (g 273 PEAS V bushel 60 ® 70 RICE fpft (g SYRUP—Lemon |er gallon 1 25 Raspberry doz 6tm @ SALT Vsack (g 150 shot ybagl 000 (g 225 SOAP ip jb 5 g 7 STEEL—Cast ijp ft; 20 <gt 22 German HP ft> 15 (g American ft, 10 <g SUGAR—St. Cro:x — (g New-Orleans V lb| 11 Loaf, refined V 1 ft 12 g 12V Lump... HP lb *8 ® 10 ; SPIRITS -Brandy,Cog HP gal 100 (g 400 American HP gal 40 @ 100 Peach HP gal 100 g 102 A PPie HP gal 60 fJ 75 ; RUM Jamaica, <pgal 200 (g 300 New England <pgal 45 @ 50 ! WHISKEY—Irish Vgal 400 (g Monongahela HP gal 100 g aOO I Western V'gal! 30 (g 33 GlN—Holland HP gal 150 g 2OU j „ American HPgal 40 50 TALLOW Vlb 10 ® 00 HPgal g 50 WlNES—Madeira Sherry HPgal 150 g 300 Champagne . Bask 15 00 (g 18 00 Malaga HPgal —7O (g lOn ! Port 2 50 (g 4 00 Claret I 300 g Guano. $3 per hundred lbs. BOOKS ! BOOKS! ! JUST RECEIVED BY A C. FLEWELLEN A CO. a CALHOUN’S works; Maunder’s Bio graphical Dictionary; lngersoll’s History of the late war; Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Socond part—My Novel; by Btilwer. y Miss Burney. Beckman’s History of Inventions. Taylor’s Holy Living and Dying. Michelet’s French Revolution. Count Hamilton’s Fairy Tales. Miller’s Philosophy of History. Lamartine's History of The Girondists, Memoirs ofCount Grammont and Charles 2d. Rabelai’s Works. Bacon’s Essays and Historical Works. Sehleger’s Philosophy of Life. Sheridan’s Dramatic Works and Lite. Robert Hall’s Miscellaneous Works, Gregory’s Evidences of the Christian Religion. Schiller’s Revolt of the Netherlands. Neander’s History of the planting of Christianity. Buckeye Abroad ; by Cox. Memories of the Great Metropolis. Morel I’s Philosophy of Religion. t Maehiavelli’s History of Florence and other Works? Roscoe’s Life of Lorenzo De Medici. Sehlegel’s Dramatic Literature. Roscoe’a Life of Leo the Xth. Goethe’s Faust, Tasso, Iphigenia, Egmont, and Goetz. The Fortunes of the Colville Family; by the author of Lewis Arundel. The Rifle Rangers. The Marrying Man; by the author of Lewis Arundel. Home Influence; Days of Bruce; Mother’s Recompense; Vale of Cedars ; Women of Israel. Home Scenes and Heart Studies; by Grace Aguilar. Hayne and Webster’s Speeches. Walde Warren; a tale of Circumstantial Evidence,by Emerson Bennett. A Lite of Vicissitudes; by G. P. R. James. ‘Phe Flying Artillerist; a tale of Mexican Treachery, by Harrv Hazel. Rochester, or the merry days of England. Gilderoy ; The Free Booter. The History of Pendennis. Vanity Fair. Stubbs’ Calendar, or the Fatal Boots ; by Thackeray. Katie Stewart 1 a true story from Blackwood’s Magazine. David Coppertield. The Swamp Steed, or The Days of Marion and his Merry Men. Fair Rosamond, or The Queen’s Victim; by Pierce Egan Quintin Matsys, or The Blacksmith of Antwerp. Hester Somerset, a novel bv N****** M***** The adventures of Captain Blake : by Maxwell. Craigallan Castle, or The Stolen Will; by Mrs. Gore. Lora Saxondale, or Life among the London Aristocracy. Captain Kyd, or The Wizard of the Sea. Heads and Hearts, or My Brother, the Colonel. Stanfield Hall. Yankee Jack, or the Perils of a Privateersman. Minnie Gray, or The Ancestral Curse. Amy Lawrence, or The Freemason’s Daughter. Stories of Waterloo ; by W. H. Maxwell. The Bivouac, or The Rival Suitors ; by Maxwell. Harry Burnham, the Young Continental. Columbus, March 9—twly The Grammar of English Grammars. WITH an Introduction, Historical and Critical, A .. the whole methodically arranged and amply illus irated; with forms of correcting and of parsing; Improprieties for correction; Examples for pars- BralalfßrßS ing; Questions for examination; Exercises for writing; Observations for the advanced Student; Becisions and proofs for the settlement of disputed points; Occasional stric tures and defences; ,\n exhibition of the several methods oi analysis, and a key to the oral exercises ; to which are added four appendixes pertaining aepaiately to the four parts oi Gram mar—by Goold Brown. . This great woik containing 1028 pages octavo, lias been tinish ed in accordance with a design formed by the author twenty seven years ago, and there is no book like it or equal to it in the Eitglih Language. It has received high commendations from distinguished scholars in this country and Europe, and is justly considered the most comprehensive Treatise on Grammar to be found. „ „ , , <rw For sale by ; . Columbus. March 9-twU <2 Broad street BLACK SILKS. JUST received, an assortment of superior Plain Mack Silks and Satin du Reines. . February 16—twtf BROKAVV, CLEMONS fc CO. PRINTS. MERRIMACK, Fall River, OocLeco, and Hoyles’ Prints, war ranted fast colors. Also, French Cambrics and Brilliant**. Just received. Feb. 16-twtf BROKAYV, CLEMONS & CO. EMBROIDERIES. 1 FRENCH icerked Collars, Under Si seres, Jaconet and Stciss “t F thrives, Insertions awl Flouncing.*, a large lot. Just le ccived by Feb. 16-twtf BROK AW, CLEMONS A CO. TO THE LADIES. NEW SPRING GOODS AT .J. & J. KYLES. | j U6t received, a splendid assortment ofHhe newest styles oi FRENCH EMBROIDERIES, HDKFS, CHEMIZETTS. SLEEVES, COLLARS, BANDS., FLOONCINGS, At, te. Also, a few choice Barege Dress Patterns, Ribbons, Calicoes, Carpets, Ac., Ac. BEEBE’S No. 1 SPRING HATS. Columbus, Ga., Feb. 25—twtf New Sheet Music. THE subscribers have this day received a large assortment of ■Sheet Music; among which are many new and popular pieces never before oflered in this market. The ladies in parti cultrare invited to call and examine our slock. TRUAA’ & TEASE. C*lutnbMs, March 2—tw 106 Broad street. Look! SIX NEGRO MEN FOR SALE. Apply to SAMUEL M. CARTER, or ROBERT E. DIXON. Columbus, Ga. March 2—twtt LAND WARRANTS WANTED. BOUNTY LAND WARRANTS lor 40, 80, 100 acres wanted, lor which cash prices w ill be paid by Columbus, aug 24—34wtf 4. ENNIS At (:i". FOR RENT. A commodious and pleasant sleeping room in Winter’s Build ing over Music Store of Whittelsey tc Cos. Apply to Columbus, Dec3—tf WHITTEL.SF.V At CO. 1 NOTICE. MR. WM. H. GRACE, is the authorized Collector lor the Columbus Guards, und all monies due the Company,must he paid to him, until further orders. Nov 24 H. ALLSTON, Sect’y. WANTED, IN a private family in Columbus, a HOUSEKEEPER of g*o experience, who’has no family. Address Tost Office box Nd 240. Columbus, Dec 15—twlf SMITH AND BROTHER, DEALERS IN DOMESTIC PRODUCE AND PROVISIONS, OF ALL KINDS, No. 209 Duane street, New York. Solicit Southern orders for the same; who w ill pack and ship ja the best manner, and sell at the lowest cash price. S. B. SMITH, N. York. Jan. 29. 1853 -sw3m J. F. SMITH. FINE ARTS. COLUMBUS ART UNION. r OVERS of the Fine Arts can have an opportunity of seeing J many fine Pictures, by calling at WOODBRIDGE’S DAGUERREIAN GALLERY, over Foster & Purple’s Jewelry Store. These Pictures have been selected with great care, and are in tended for distribution in the ‘‘Art Union” manner by lot, when ever a sufficient number of subscribers are obtained. ’ Price of subscription, FIVE DOLLARS. The Pictures are not offered for gain ; the object is the cultivation ol a taste in our community for the Fine Arts. A catalogue of the Pictures now om exhibition may be seen at the above Rooms; and some very fine pieces now in progress of completion, w ill soon be ad ded to the collection. Columbus, Feb. 25—twltu KASE S PATENT PUMPS. rUST arrived, a lot of Kase’s Patent Pumps of various sizes, *) manufactured expressly for Southern use—a few of which are not yet engaged. Those desirous of obtaining one should apply iiuinediaitely at ,MUSTJ.IJV & MOTT’S stage yard. For all purposes to which a pumpts applicable,these stand unequal led. Columbus, Feb. 2—twOt* A. MctjUEEN. Agent. Printing Presses For Sale nrnvo large and very superior Washington Printing Presses, L with 29 by 44 beds, will be sold low* for cash, or on time if preferred by the purchaser. Warranted as good as new. Apply to LOMAX & ELLIS. Columbus, Ga. February 4—tw’&wtf INSTRUCTION IN MUSIC. rpHF. undersigned respectfully informs his former friend sand 1 pupils, and the public generally, that he has returned to this city where he proposes to establish himself in his profession as a Teahor of Music. He is now prepared to takea limited numhei of pupils on the Piano Forte and in Vocal Music, to whom his regular and undivided attention w ill he given. t3F*f)rdere left at the Music Store of Whii .elsej At. < o. wilirc ceive prompt attention. .fpril 23, foi—wAtwt I RUSSEL E. HARRIS LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST*! f| 9 HE subscribers having determined lo close their business, 1 offer their large and well assorted slock ol GROCERIES at Reduced Prices, For Cash. Tliev would also beg to sav to those indehled, liial early pay cuts would be quite acceptable. Columbus, Jan. s—twlf E. BARNARD A CCk Wood Land! Wood Land!! THE undersigned wishes to purchase a lot of wood land, with in a short distance of the city. |J. -HIfODCP Jtßtm'SE, February 11—twlf ’ office of the Eagle Factory. For Sale. A Philosophical and Chemical Apparatus, w ill he sold below Boston prices. For particulars, apply at this office. Columbus, Jan. 4—it ORDINARY COURT—JAN. TERM, 1853. / 1 EORGIA, Randolph county.—lt appearing to the Court by VT the petition of Benjamin Dawson, that John G. Mainor of said county, deceased, did, iiiliis file time, execute to said Ben jamin Dawson, his bond, conditioned to execute titles in fee sim ple to said Benjamin Dawson, lowest half of lot of land number one hundred and forty six, in the tenth district of said county, and it further appearing that said John G. Mainor departed this life without executing titles to said lot of land, or in any way pro viding for the same; and it appearing that said Benjamin Daw son has paid the full amount of the purchase price of said half lot; and said Benjamin Dawson having petitioned tins Court to direct David T. Langley, Administrator upon the estate of John G. Mainor ? deceased, to execute to him titles to said land in con formity w ith said bond : It is, therefore, hereby ordered, That notice he given at three or more public places in said county and in Columbus Times and Sentinel of such application, that all persons concerned may file objections in Clerk’s office, if any they have, why said David T. Langley, Administrator as aforesaid, should not execute titles to said half lot ofland in conformity with said bond. A true extract from the minutes of said court, Feb. 28th, 1853. March B—low3m O P BEALL, Ordinary. “NOTICE.” jpigj. ALL persons concerned will please take notice, that in consequence of my being compelled to raise funds to a large amount shortly, to meet the —w— demand of my business, l shall be obliged to put alt. Notes that have passed maturity , in suit for collection, unless they are settled or arranged satisfactorily, before the next return day, in the respective counties. All persons, without ex ception, on whom 1 hold due notes, aie earnestly requested to comply at once with this notice. H. C. McKEE, Coach Repository, Oglethorpe st. A/arch B—tOw Ira near Oglethorpe Hotel. Avery’s Sewing Machines. Price Only $25 !! Patented October 19, 1852. THIS machine is acknowledged, by all who have used it, to be superior to that of any other Sewing Machine ever invent ed, for its simplicity, compactness, the beauty and strength of its stitch ami its cheapness. It weighs about 25 lbs., and costs only from $25 to S3O. It will work, neatly with tlie smallest thread, the finest muslin, cambric or silk, as well as linen, woolen and cotton goods, and all kinds of leather. It is so simple, that a child of 10 years of age can understand and work it rapidly, w ith • out. any danger of its getting out of order, and can do the work of more than 20 seamstresses much better in every respect than it can be done by hand. The stitches are independent of each o ther—so much so, that if every other stitch is cut, the seam still holds good and strong. It is unlike and much better than any other sewing machine ever invented. This machine is peculiar ly adapted to family and plantation use. as it does all kinds of sewing, and when known will be generally introduced into fami lies and plantations. The Avery Sewing Machine Company have perfected their ar rangements” for manufacturing on the largest scale, and will sup ply any number of machines at the shortest notice. Orders ad dressed to CHARLES NETTLETON, 251 Broadway, New York, will receive prompt attention. January if, 1853 J 6mis LUMPKIN FURNITURE WARE ROOM AND MANUFACTORY. *e u s THE subscriber has now on hand and for sale xx at his Ware Room in Lumpkin, a large and wellUL TANARUS, selected lot of Furniture, of various styles and prices, and is constantly Manufacturing and re * * * ceiving among others, the following articles of the latest styles: Chairs Sofas, Bureaus. Safes, Bedsteads, Sideboard*. Dining-Tables, Wardrobes, Work-Tables, Wash stands, Rocking-chairs, Looking Glass and Picture Frames, and iti fact all articles belonging to his line of business can be had at the shortest notice and lowest terms. Also, Window Glass, French ami American manufacture; Fire beard Prints and Border. Window Shades, &0., Ac. Glass cut to any shape or size. All work warranted. Pianos and Melndeons furnished to order. All orders thankfully received and promptly attended to. Feb. 15—7wly W. H. CROSSMAN. 18537 SPRING GOODS, 1853. WILLIAM 11. KNOEPFEL, 99 William .Street, New York. IMPORTER AND JOBBER, I.V I RK.VCH. GF.RM.d. Y, ENGLISH tJCIC DOMESTIC | GOODS. For Tailors and Clothiers, have received by late arrivals, a large and well selected stock in German, English and French Cloths, of all grades and styles. Mohair Coatings, Drap D'Ete, Queen's Cloth, Alpacca and Worsted Coatings, Cashmerette. Mixed and Clouded Zephyr Cloth, plain and twilled. Fancy French and Barnsley Drills. Brown and Yellow Linens, Fancy Plaid and Figured Mar seilles ; White and Buff Figured Marseilles; Drab Silk and Linen * -eatings, together with an extensive assortment of TRIMMINGS, and other Goods, suitable for the CLOTHING TR.ADL, the most favorable terms* Particular cash or short-time buyers, and all who st udy thei interests,will call and examine his stork, before purchasing else where. New York, January 23—4wly NO POSTPONEMENT! we meetTll OF OUR IP IP cerl Lfcl a OUD. C3> £EUI S3 3 RAIN OR SHINE. ROBINSON vN ELDRKD’S GREAT COMBINED MENAGERIE AND CIRCUS, Will exhibit, without tail, as follows: Florence, Saturday, February 26. Eufaula, Monday and Tuesday, 28th Feb. & Ist March. Fort Gaines, Wednesday, March 2d. Cuthbert, Thursday, “ 3rd. Ilardmoney, Friday. u 4th. Lannahassee, Saturday, “ . r th. Amerieus, Monday, “ 7th. Pondtown, Tuesday, “ Bth. Buena Vista, Wednesday, “ 9th. ’ And at Geneva, at Uncle Sam Kooekogey's on Thurs day March 10th, 18.73. February 26, )853.-w&tw4t T. U. Til)M ARSH. Enquirer copy. WINTER S PALACE MILLS. WE hope to be able to resume work, very soon after Christ mas, and having on the way the best lot of Wheat e\er shipped to ns ; onr friends may expects little of the best Flour they ever saw. Lgf"(’ash paid for Corn and Wheat as usual, f'ohimbus. Dec 3lf C. T. P’BLEE, Agent. New Boarding House. BY i). A. GARRETT. | n THE new Brick House, East side of Broad street, op posite Ihe .Market, is now in lull running order, and iiglj ready for hoarders and transient customers. Persons ” ” ‘ patronizing this house, will find noon hoard and good attention in exchange for tiieik money. Columbus, February 18—tw3m For Rent. gggg | FROM the tirst of October, for a tern) of years, the brick store between -T. Ennis & Co.’s and D. Mulford’s. It is well fitted for a Dry Goods or Clothing business, and for location is nearly as good as can be found in the city. Columbus, March 4—twiit I). F. WILLCOX. A STORE TO RENT. M The store house known as the Columbus Times Ofuce, One door south of A. K. Ayer’s Auction Room, will be rented until October next. Apply to RORWELL ELLIS, February 4—tw&wtf Columbus, Ga. FOR RENT. MA smalt and comfortable dwelling on Broad street, ad joining Captain Barrows and E. 8. Greenwood. Apply to J. L. MI’SIT AN. Columbus, -Tan. 7—2 twlf a For Rent. THE large and pleasant room, over J. M. Ratlin's Dry fGoods Store, Broad street, till first of October next. Apply at Ruse’s Warehouse. Columbus, .March 5 tw3t. For Rent or Sale. a House and lot in Hummcrville, Ala., immediately ad joining Dr. Lockhart’s residence. The houses and offi ees are of the best character. For information apply to me, or to G. W. Dillingham, at Hall & Moses’ Hardware Store. Columbus, March 8— 10w3m F. A. CAIRNS. GLOBE HOTEL, till UNA VISTa, MARIOS CO., GA a TlTKsubscriher respectfully announces totiis friends ard the public generally, that he has taken charge o. this well known HBTA i; LIS MM E N T. The house is commodious and well finished; and no pains will be spared to render t hosecoinfortable, who may favor him with their patronage. Dec 3—ts _____ __ E. TITCOMB. CENTRAL 03L HOTEL, RO’ITBR. TAYLOR PPI COUNTY, lifcO. BY JOHN B. ARNOLD. TH E undersigned respectfully announces to the public, that he has opened this large and new establishment situate immediate ly opposite the MUSCOGEE HAII. HOAD DEPOT, and just half the distance between Ihe cities M.dCOJK’ .I.Y/J COJ. UMB US, uml as the junction of the South Western Rail road branch and the Muscogee Railroad, he hopes by untiring en ergy io receive a liberal share of patronage from a generous trav eling public. Butler, Dec 13—50w3m HOTEL FOR SALE. well Airshed Hotel, situated on I lie east side ol the |Kgis I public square, in the town of Buena Vista, Ola., and known ns the “GLOBE HOTEL.” It is furnished with ail necessary conveniences, and has pertaining to it, a gen*, kitchen, smoke house,stable, lot, Ac., all in good repair. The house is conveniently situated, and is favored with a liberal share of boarding and transient custom. Buena Vista, though new, ic a large and beautiful town. Its schools, a nil varied merchanlile and mechanic interests, insure itspermanency and rapid growth. No one need fear depreciation in property for many years. Persons wishing to purchase such property, would do well to call and examine. Reasonable time will beallowed for payment. For terms apply to the undersigned Z WILLIAMS, or to IVIIj I.(JIMS A O (AVER , Marcho —9wtf Buena Vista, .Marion co. (la. Land at Public Out-Cry. at ON the first Tuesday in April next, I will sell at public out-cry, in the town ot Talbotton, it not earlier sold, one lot of land number fifty, in the sixteenth district of Tal- VAL hot county, adjoining Geneva, containing 21)2% acres; and lot fifty in the elt venth district, situated one anda half miles from Geneva, containing 202% acres. Also, house and % acre lot in the town of Geneva, known as White’s Tavern. The above properly will be sold without reserve on time so suit purchasers. WM. HALL, Sr. March I—9w4t*1 —9w4t* LAND FOR SALE. I HAVE for sale 900 acres ofgoodfarmingland, situated eight miles and a hall from Fort Gaines on the road lead ingfrom that place to Newton,thecounty siteofßakerco. These lands are well situated, with plenty of good run ning water —high and healthy, with ICO acres cleared —alii resli, or nearly so, and are in a fine state of cultivation. The land will he divided if the purchaser desires it, and if not. the whole will be disposed of. Any person wishing to buy land in the low country would do well to’call and examine for themselves. Prices wifi be made to suit Ihe purchaser. For further information apply to th&subscriber on the place, or to John West, Fort Gaines. Ga. march 2*s—tf HENDERSON. HOME MADE ATTRACTIVE! FURNITURE FfURNITURE!! AT SAMMIS & ROONEY’S, One door below Hall and Moses. % • • j PERSONS in want of furniture, can here be supplied with every quality of Parlor , Sitting. _ _ATL._ Dining and Red Room furniture. ; made of ■v*JssEi. fancy and durable woods, at New’ York prices : * ■ got up < with the exception of what is made in Columbus) un der special supervision ofoneof the partners at their manufacto ry in New York city. The following named are a part of the articles in their exten sive >toek 1 Divans, Sofas, Ottomans, Tete a Damask and Lace Window Tetes, all sizes ; Curtains, in the piece or made ; Marble top Tables, all kinds ; to order ; Folding Tables, Walnut and Window Shades. Carpeting, | Mahogany; Enamelled furniture in sets, Work Tables, Extension do for Bed Rooms, a beautiful >, Bureaus of ail kinds am prices; article; Mahogany & Spring seat chairs; Portrait and Picture Frames of sane and Split do do | Mahogany or (tilt, made to of all kinds, arid good articles ; | order; Work stands, Wash stands, | Window Curtain Trimmings and .Vusic stands. j in great varietv. Paper Hangings and Wall papering, of all kinds*, j All articles not found in their stock will be furnished to order, : with dispatch. Columbus, Jan. 21—tw3m NEW BACON. WE havo purchased 450 Hhds. of good Cin • c *nnati cured Bacon Sides, a pvt of which hnsffrj^-gpj ’ IMM arrived, and for sale at a low price. jdtskz&L [ We will sell, to be delivered on the river, if engaged before j rrives. GREENWOOD Ac. CO. Columbus. Feb. 25—2tnwActw J-S. WOODBRIDGE, ; practical ARTIST & DAGUERREOTYPJST COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. | Rooms over Foster & Purple’s Jewelry Slop?, ! Broad Street. Columbus, Jan. 5 lw&tw. ly WILLIAM B. CARTER, T USER ASII REPAIRER O V piano wmmwms. Order* received at the Book store of D. F. Wim.cox, Broad street. Jan 19—tw lv RETURNED, C T. CUSHMAN, D. D. S. HAS returned from New York, where he critically inspected, in - i*-** various Dental laboratories,some of the best wmk that can be done. and availed himself of addi tional means toexecute the same stvles with distuttch. Also, to operate on the teeth, with his usual care and finish. Over Foster ft Purple’s Jewelry Store. No. 69 Brood Street. Columbus, January, 7 —twlf W. F. LEE, D. D. S. DENTAL SURGEON. Office on Broad street* over Mygatt's store. Columbus, Oct 29—ts DENTAL NOTICE. DR. O. P LAIRD HAS returned’and resumed his proferssioal duties, office next door to Mulford’s. up stairs. Columbus, Nov 13—twfim. Metallic Burial Cases. THESE eases have been universally approved wherever used. They are much superior to those of wood, and combine within themselves all those qualities so desirable in a Southern Climate. They are composed of several kinds of Metal, but principally of Iron. They are thoroughly enamelled inside and out, and thus made impervious to airand indestructible, and can be sold at about the rates of covered coffins. The public are invited to call and examine them for them selves, and at a glance they will seethe great advantage of this article over any other ever offered to the public. Columbus, Feb. 23 w&twGm BAMMI* & ROONEY. Pianos Tuned and Repaired! gjeatop-—THE undersigned take pleasure in announcing - to their customers and the public generally, that TjUTh thf> - v baveobtained the services of F. O. RUMM, J W “ who, for several years past, has been Tcnir, &c. in A rads Celebrated Establishment in Paris. Mr. Bumiu comes to us with the highest recommendations. And we are prepared to attend to all orders forTuningand repairing, in the most thor ough manner. We hold ourselves responsible for all work (lone by Mr. Ilunim, believing that he will give entire satisfac tion. All orders addressed to Wiiitt*lskv & Cos., or Trua x & Pease, will meet with prompt attention. W H ITT ELBE Y & CO. Columbus, Feb. 12—tw&wtf TRUAX & PEASE. NEW YORK AND SAVANNAH STEAM SHIP LINE, m M ee.Mii The new and splendid Steamships Florida Cap/. Lyon. • and Alabama, Cap/. Ludlow. Belonging to the New York and,Savannah Htkam Navioation Company, Yirif.l. leave Savannah and New York every Saturday. These t \ ships are l,3ootoiisregister,and unsurpassed in safeiy,*} and comfort. Those steamers leaving Savannah at the same time that the Marion and FouthernerleavesCharleston,arrive in New York as soon as, or before them. rm abin passages2s—-payable before going on board Aukntr: PADF.LFORD, FAY & CO., Savannah, Ga. SAMUEL L. MITCHELL, April 30,1852— tfj 194 Front street, New York. DR. H. M. CLECKLEY HOMCEOPM'HIC PHYSICIAN. f POLITELY lenders his professional services to the citi zens of Columbus and vicinity. He may always be found at bis office on Broad street, two doors above the old Bank of Bt. Mary’s,oral Captain P. T. Bcliley’s residence, on Oglethorpe street. ’ October 13,18>2—twtira DRUGS AND MEDICINES. V r TH E Jt L l E DB G STORE , Broad Street, Columbus, Georgia. f,| IST received from New York and Philadelphia, a large supply of select Medicines, consisting of pure and select Powders and Extracts, for sale at the lowest market prices and warranted to give entire satifaction or we shall count it no sale. Physicians’country bills and plantation medicines put upon the lowest terms; every attention will be paid to their quality, and thev willbe securely and speedily packed and forwarded. GESNER <fc PEABODY, Druggists, Marcli 2—tw&wly Sign of the. Negro and Mortar. Mexican Mustang Liniment. AT New York prices. We have just received a large invoice of the above excellent medicine, to be sold at the manufac turer’s prices. Call at the BLUE DRUG STORE, March 2—tw&wly Sign of the Negro and Mortar. Pure Medical Wines. D< >7, P()RT and Brandy for Medical purposes, for sale at the Rlue Dr jig Store , March 2—tw&wly GESNER & PEABODY. Paints and Oils. 1 JURE and Gelna Lead, Linseed, Lamp and Machinery Oils, for sale cheap at the Blue Drug Store , March 2—tw&wly GEBNF.R & PEABODY. Notice. TO MY FRIENDS AND CREDITORS. IDO hereby give notice to all that I am indebted to, either by note or otherwise, that they may not give themselves any un easiness. It is true, if lam pressed on at present, I could not. pay titty cents in the dollar. My loss of property and other bad treatment by some of the citizens of Columbus, has caused me to he unable to make payment at the time my notes and debts fell due, but ifmy health permits me, I have yet got that energetic and persevering disposition, that I will work out in a short time, and no man shall lose any thing that is just, by me. March 2—tw&wtf D. D. RIDENIIOUR. HERRING’S PATENT FIRE PROOF SAFE with hall’s patent powder proof lock. HAVING received the Prize .Medals at the World?* Fair , arc* now offered by the subscriber to the public as the Prize Safe of the World. Tested and approved as they have been everywhere, their crowning victory was reserved to be awarded by the Juries of the World’s Fair. The subscriber also contin ues to manufacture and furnish Wilder's Patent Salamander Safe , (being the first in the United States to whom the Patent w ts as signed,) which has been favorably and widely known, and ac knowledged as the best safe until the discovery of Herring’* Fire and Burglar Proof Safe, Which arc offered a* the Champion Safe. The undeniable evidence of the superiority of the Safes manu factured by the subscriber is know n and acknowledged by a dis criminating public, who are assured that all safes made and sold by him, or his authorized agents, (none genuine except they have h’is name upon a metal plate,) will be equal or superior to any of the many which have passed through the fiery ordeal, preserving the contents uninjured, as published and noticed by the press heretofore. In the burning ot the Tribune Building; great fires in New York and Sag Harbor, in 1845 ; at New Orleans, 1842; •it Tallahassee, in 1843 ; Providence, in 1846 ; Buffalo and New York city, in 1847 ; at Ft. Loui-.J Albany, Platt sburg and Detroit, in 1848: the great St. Louis <ire, at Milan, 0., and the great burning at New Orleans, in 1849: great fires at California, Chica go, and Syracuse. in 1850; and at .St. Charles Hotel, N. O. in 1851; great fires in 1852, at New York, Philadelphia, Cheraw, 8. C., Montreal,Ca. Colborne,Ca.,St. Louis, and Ogdensburg, and many others, some of which can be seen at the *nles room of the subscriber. Manufacturer oi Herring’s Valent Fire Vroof, and, {Wilder's) Patent Salamnder Safes. Patentee and Manufacturer of Hall’s Anti- Gun Powder Lock. SILAS C. HERRING, oreen Block, corner of Water, Pine and Depeyster streets, Between .Maiden Lane and Wail street, New York. 11. t . Jones’, Day At Newell’s,and other Patent Locks furnish ed at manufacturers* prices, when preferred to Hall’s Anti-Gun Powder and Burglar Proof Leeks, which received the Prize Medal at the World's Fair, and which cannot be had at any other place in the city. The following certificates have just been received: Mr. Silas C. Herring—Sir :it give us much pleasure to state that a .safe of your make was the means of preserving our books and valuable pajier-, together with alot of Silver .Spoons, Forks, ate., from destruction by the Fire that occurred in ouretore, on the night of the 27th wit., atNo. 46 Montgomery street. The are commenced near the safe, which, owing to its situation on a wall, did not fall into the cellar, but was exposed to the full heat of the fire from its commencement, anil when taken from the ruins had all the brass plates and knobs completely melted oft. Yours, R. B. EARLE it GO. Jersey City, Feb. 3, 1853. New York, Feb. 16,1863. Mr. Silas C. Herring— Sir : We deem it a duty to band you a certificate of the fact, that the entire contents of the sate bought of you were preserved uninjured, alter remaining tw in the fire, which destroyed the building occupied by us, N*. To Nassau street,on the night of the 3d inst. The books, papers, and money, were as perfect as w-hen put in the safe, al■* the watc.i movements were in running order, of Watch Case .Makers and Importers. g£N. B.—The subscriber, proprietor of the SALAMANDER MARBLE COMPANY. Hil-tor sale a large assortment of Marbleized Iron Mantle, Table and Bureau Tops, Columns, Ac. Ac. Principal Depot No 813 Broadway. Specimens on exhibition at the Salamander Saie Depot, Nos. 135, 13. and 139 Water Street. pi S.—John Farrel, Agent for the sale of the genuine sala mander Sales and Marbleized Iron, at manufacturers prices. D r^™ n "' 2s G sn“*Jc!liSßw^