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The Tri-weekly times and sentinel. (Columbus, Ga.) 1853-1854, April 27, 1853, Image 4

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BUSINESS CARDS. Sam. S. Hamilton, Columbus Cunningham. HAMILTON & CUNNINGHAM, ATTO NEYS AT LAW, TROY, Pike County, Ala. April 23, 1853—w&twly. . j~s7~woodbridge^ PRACTICAL ARTIST &, DAGUERREOTYPIST COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. Rooms over Foster & Purple’s Jewelry Stu e Broad Street. Columbus, Jan. s—lw& 11. r. GREENWOOD, JOSIAII MORRIS, J. I. RIDGWAY* GREENYVOOD, MORRIS & RIDGWAY, FACTORS & COMMISSION MERCHANT!!. No. IT Carondelet Street, New Orleans. Oct 29—w&twly WILLIAMS & OLIVER, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Bukna Vista, Marion county, Georgia. WILL practice in the counties of Marion, Macon, Houston Stewart, Randolph and any adjuring county where trier services may be required. WM. F. WILLIAMS. THADDEUS OLIVER. Feb 27—tw3m&wtf. mCOLAS GACHET, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Tuskegee, Alabama. OFFICE OVER PORTER’S BRICK STORE. WILL attend the courts of the Ninth Circuit, and Montgomery, Pike, and Barbour in the Eighth Circuit. march 29—wly HENRY H. WHITFIELD, ATT O R JV E YAT LAW, Hawkinbville, Pulaski county, Ga. January, 1853. w3m— WILLIAMS, OLIVER AND BROWnT” Attorneys at Law, BUENA VISTA, MARION CO. GA. Will practice in the counties of Marion, Macon, Houston Stewart, Randolph, .Muscogee, Lee, Taylor, and any adjoining oounties where their services may be required. WM. r. WILLIAMS, THADSEI'S oi.ivkr, jack, brown. January 28—5wly THOMAS J. NUCKOLLS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Columbus, Georgia. Office over I. B. Btruyper’b, near corner of Broad and Ran dolph streets. WILL practice in the counties of this and the adjoining judicial circuit iu Alabama. March 15 —wly W. C. M’IVER, ATTORNEY AT L A W , Tuskegee, Macon co., Ala. VVill practice in the counties of Macon, Montgomery i'allapoosa, Pike, Barbour and Russel. January 22—4wJy TUCKER & BEALL,” ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Lumpkin, Stkwart County, Ga. WILL attend regularly the Superior Courts of Stewart, Marion rimnpter and Itandoiph counties: and will give prompt atten 4 lion to all business entrusted to their care. JOHN A. TUCKER , E. 11. BEALL. Lumpkin, January 18. 1853 —3wly INGRAM & CRAWFORD, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Columbus, Geo. Will practice In the Chattahoochee Cireuit and the adjoining counties. Office over the store of J. K. Redd Sc Cos. PORTER INGRAM, M. J. CRAWFORD. Columbus, January 11 —2w6m DOUGLASS & DOUGL \SS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Cuthbert , Georgia. WILL practice in the counties of the Southwestern Circuit, and in Stewart county of the Chattahoochee circuit. EUGENICS L. DOUGLASS, Nov 30— wiy MARCELLUS DOUGLASS. GEO. S. ROBINSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Cuthbert, Georgia. Rkfkrkncks: —Hons. M. J. Wellborn and Alfred Iverso Columbus. Cuthbert, Nov 2—43wtf F. T. CULLENS, ATTORNEY) AT LAW, BLAKELY, EARLY COUNTY, OA. Oct 5, 1852. 40-wly S. S. STAFFORD, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Blakely, Early Cos., Ga. &pSwa INSURANCE OFFICES. MARINE AND FIRE INSURANCE BANK OF SAVANNAH. AGENCY AT COLUMBUS, WILL receive Deposits—and Checks for sale on New York Maconaud Savannah. April 24 RICHARD PATTEN. SAVANNAH MUTUAL. INSURANCE COMPANY. Fireaud Marine risks taken by Columbus, Feb 25—twly R J MOSEg SAVANNAH MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. THIS office returned 39 percent, of premiums received last year to persons holding policies of the Company; ami con tinues to take Fire aud Marine risks on the most reasonable terms. Sept 15—twtf It J MOSES,Agent. SUN.MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF A. B. NELSON, President. JOHN WHITEHEAD, Secretary, THE undersigned is authorized to take River and Marine risks for this well known Company, on favorable terms. Columbus, Jan. 14—twOtu JOHN MUNN. „ .. FI . RE AND LJ FE INSURANCE Protection Insurance Company atllaitford, Connecticut. wSfSSSUtaSSS™ 1 *’ ire Company, a) Bprins- North Carolina Mutuiu Life Insurance Company, Kaleiirh. Kentucky Mutual Life Insurance Compnnv, Covington. Ijt slaves insured at tvm-Uiirda their value Columbus, Jan. 14—tw6m JOHN MUNN, Agent. Do You Want to Insure? T HI I S 4. V 4 NNA i I MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY will A lake Marine and I ire risks on reasonable terms. Apply to It. J. MOSES, Agent N. B.—This office returned to tbe holders of Policies 3'J mr cent, of tho premiums paid during the year 1852. 1 Columbus, Oct s3— ly AGENCY OF THE MANHATTAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NE W YORK. UPPING, Agent for Columbia, Ga. Pimnn ßOS H ELL fa BILLING, Medical Examiners. ™containing tables of Rates aud other information >lLnus, Noyf 3^^^ iioa at the office of Agents. fire AND LIFE INSURANCE. PROTECTION INSURANCE CO-, HARTTORB NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL LIFE insurance company. sasas^SSsSS s^^^-***--.*. V 6 “ JOHN MUNN, Agant. MEDICAL NOTICES. DRUGS, MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILs7 PERFUMERIES, Ac. SPRING AND SUMMER STOCK, AS&3. DR. R. A. WARE, IS now receiving a much larger supply than ha \*jif ever been Lefore otfered in this market. All wishing to purchase pure and unadulterated articles in this line, will do well to call and examine. PURE BRANDY, OLD PORT AND MADEIRA WINE, for Medical purposes, to be had at R. A. WARE’S Drug Store. PERFUMERIES AND COSMETICS.—Lvbins and Bazins assorted varieties, for sale by R. A. WARE. LONDON PORTER AND SCOTCH ALE.— Very best quality. For sale by R. A. WARE. FINE SEGARS AND CHOICE CHEWING TO BACCO, can be had oi R. A. YVARE. THREE HUNDRED SWEDISH LEECHES,jm received and for sale by R. A. WARE. BR USHES AND BROOMS of every kind, for sale by R. A. WARE. WINDOW GLASS, from 8 by 10 to 20 by 24, for sale by , R. A. WARE. Columbus, Ga., April 2,1853-w&twly DRUGS AND MEDICINES. AT THE BLUE DRUG STORE, Broad Street, Columbus, Georgia. f\ JUST received from New York and Philadelphia, a large supply of select Medicines, consisting of pure and selecj jJe Powders and Extracts, for sale at the lowest market prices GeY aud warranted to give entire satilaction or we shall count it no sale. Physicians’country bills and plantation medicines put upon the lowest terms; every attention will be paid to their quality, aud they will be securely and speedily packed and forwarded. GESNER & PEABODY, Druggists, March 2—tw&wly Sign of the Negro and Mortar. Pure Medical Wines. DOZ PORT and Brandy for Medical purposes, for sale at the Rlne Dr air Store, March 2—tw&wly GESNER & PEABODY. Paints and Oils. PURE and Getna Lead, Linseed, Lamp and Machinery Oils, for sale cheap at the Blue Drug Store, March 2—tw&wly GESNER & PEABODY. Dr. Thomas Hoxey, to HAS united with him in the practie of Medicine and Its collateral branches bis son, Jjffc DR. BRICE A. HOXfcx, who has had charge of a Military Hospital in Mexico and the Marine Hospital at Acapulco on the Pacific for two years; dur ing which tune he successfully performed soineof the moat diffi cult operations in Surgery. 1 hey feel competent to attend to nil cases in Medicin* Sur gery, &c., and respectfully offer their services to the publn Columbus, April I—tw3m Drs. WOODRUFF & TRACY. S Dr. M. WOODRUFF would respectfully give notice to his patrons that he has associated with him in the practice of Medicine, Dr. D. TRACY, a geutlemen of large expe rience iu his profession. DRS. WOODRUFF & TRACY, Will attend all calls in their profession punctually. Columbus, march 28—iw3in AOCSIOIS AND COMMISSION BUSINESS. THE undesigned would respectfully inform his friends and the public generally, that he has opened a store on Broad street, nearly opposite Mr. Jamks Kivlin’s Sans Souci, for the purpose of carrying on the above business, and would be happy lor them to give him a cail. He proposes doing the A UCTION AND COMMISSION B USINESS iu the usual way, and will also attend to the selling and hiring of Negroes for those who may entrust him with their patronage. JOHN QUIN. N. B. —Consignments of Merchandize carefully attended to. October 22, 1852—w&twly. City Hotel. EAST SIDE BROAD STREET, OPPOSITE THE MARKET HOUSE. a THE undersigned deems it unnecessary to make any puffs in reference to this House, as it is customary with houses of this ki id ; he has but one remark to make in reference to this house, and that is— COME AND TRY IT, and he your own judge ; believing that the best puff is in realiz ation and not in anticipation, so far as public houses are con cerned. D. A. GARRETT, Proprieto *. Columbus, Ga. march 23—w&tw3m FLOUR !'"FLOUR! AT WINTER’S PALACE MILLS! WE will receive this day, and continue to keep on hand, for our customers,a supply of FLO UR from the celebrated Montgomery Mills, until we are able to resume operations. Columbus, Dec 15—twtf C. T. INS LEE. Agen D. B. THOMPSON & CO., (AT THE SIGN OF THE HEART,) Below Hill, Dawson & Cos. TIN, Copper, Sheet Iron, Steam Boat work, all manner of Gutters, Piping, Conductors and Roofing done to order, substantially and warranted. Nov. 2 49—ts DR. STRON G’S ‘ COMPOUND SANATIVE PILLS; - ‘ These Pills are entirely Vegetable, and nre a most superior Medicine in the cure of all Bilious Complaints, Chills and Fever, Dyspepsia, Costive ness, Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Hick Headache, Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Fevers of all kinds, Loss of Appetite , Obstruct ed and painful .Menstruation, und oil lingering diseases. A* u Female Medicine they act like a charm, aud when taken according to the directions, they never fail to cura the worst cases of Piles, after all other remedies fail. They purify the blood, equalize the cir culation, restore the Liver, Kidneys, and other Secretory Organs to a healthy tone and action ; and as an Anti-Bilious Family Medicine they have no equal. Price 25 cents per box. Also. | 15R ■ PECTORAL STOMACH PILLsj A remedy for Coughs, Colds, Catarrh , Bronchitis, Croup, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Consumption, Nervous Dis eases, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Erysipelas, Disease of the Hearty Inflammation and Pain in the Chest, Back and Side, and oil diseases arising from a deranged state of the Stomach, and to relieve the distress and bad feeling from eating too hearty food, in iceak and dyspeptic habits. WARRANTED TO EE PURELY VEGETABLE. These Pills act as an Expectorant, Tonic, and Aperient. One 25 cent box possesses three times more power to cure diseases than u one dollar bottle of any of tho Syrups, Balsams, or Sareuparillaa that was ever made, and a sim ple trial of only one box will prove this important truth. They promote Expectoration, Loosen tlu Phlegm, and Clear the Lungs and other Secretory Organs of all morbid matter, and there is not .mother remedy in the whole Materia Medica capable of Imparting 6uch healing properties to the Lungs and Vital Organs as these Pills. They Cure Costiveness, produce a good, regular Appetite, and Strengthen the System. Price 25 cents per box, containing 25 doses of Medicine. Call on the Agents who sell the Pills, and get the Planter's Almanac oratis, giving full particulars and cer tificates of cures. Both kind* of the above named Pills are for sale ia Columbus, Ga., by DAN FORTH &, NAGEL. . GESNEU & PEABODY. In Girard, Ala., by And on inquiry can be had in every town in Georgia and Alabama. HULL & SPENCER, April 23-w&tweo2w 12 Aun street, N. Y. Mexican Mustang Liniment. AT Nesr York prices. V\ e have just received a large invoice of tbe above excellent medicine, to be sold at the manufac turer’s prices. Call at the BLUE DRUG STORE, March 2—twAirly Sign of the JV*f tv and jilortar. CHEERY PECTOR AL For the rnpid Cure of (Oi l;IIS. COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS, WnOOPliVfi-l'Ol! CH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. Many years of trial, instead ol impairing the public con fidence in this medicine, has won for it an appreciation and : notoriety by lar exceeding the most sanguine expeetation of its friends. Nothing but its intrinsic virtues and the un mistakable benefit conferred on thousands of sufferers could originate and maintain the reputation it enjoys. While many interior remedies thrust upon the community have ! failed and been discarded, this lias gained triends by every trial, conferred benefits on the afflicted they can never tor get, and produced cures too numerous and too remarkable be forgotten. While it is a fraud on the public to pretend that any one medicine will infallibly cure —still there is abundant proo* that the Cherry Pectoral does not only as a general tningi but almost invariably cure the maladies for which it is em, ployed. As time makes these tacts wider and better known, this medicine has gradually become the best reliance of the af flicted, fro n the log-cabin of the American Peasant, to the palaces of European Kings, Throughout this entire coun try, in every State, city, and indeed almost every hamlet it contains, Cherry Pectoral is known as the best remedy ex tant for diseases of the Throat and Dungs, and in many foreign countries, it is coming to be extensively used by their most intelligent Physicians. In Great Britain, France and Germany, where the medical sciences have reached their highest perfection, Cherry Pectofal i3 introduced, and in constant use in the Armies, Hospitals, Alms Houses, Public Institutions, and in domestic practice, as the surest remedy their attending Physicians can employ for the more dan gerous affections of the lungs. Also in milder cases, and for children it is safe, pleasant and effectual to cure. In fact, some of the most flattering testimonials we receive have been from parents who have found it efficacious in cases particularly incidental to childhood. The Cherry Pectoral is manufactured by a practical Chemist, and every ounce of it under his own eye, with in variable accuracy and care. It is sealed and protected by law from counterfeits, consequently can be relied on as gen uine without adulteration. We have endeavored here to furnish the community with a medicine of such intrinsic superiority and worth as should commend itself to their confidence—a remedy at once safe, speedy and effectual, which this has by repeated and count less trials proved itself to he: and trust by great ca v e in pre paring it with chemical accuracy, of uniform strength to afford Physicians anew agent on which they can rely for the best results, and the afflicted with a remedy that will do lor them all that medicine can do. Prepared and sold by James C. Ayer, Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Mass. Sold in Columbus, Ga., by ROBERT CARTER, andDANFORTH.jfc NAGEL and by Druggists generally. Jan. 22—w&tw4m. __ FOR the Growth and Embellishment of the Hair to Prevent Us Falling off and turning Gray. A warded the highest prem iums by the States of New York, Maryland and Michigan, at their Annual Fairs ol 1851. The Kathairon neutralizes the effect ot disease, climate, and old age, in ynocieiug and restoring the Human. H ir, even af ter a baldness of Iwenty years; cleanses the scalp from r'cuil and Dandruff; will cure the Nervous Headache, Scald Head, Erysipelas, Diseases of the Skin, &c. and is the ost desirable TOILET ARTICLE For Ladies’ or Gentlemen’s use in the world. Its perfume equals Lubin’s Choicest Extracts, and being free from all offensive oil, or coloring properties, it gives the Hair that golden, bright, soft, lively appearance, secured by no other preparation. The use of the Kathairon is adopted by the best physicians in Europe and America, and hhs a patronage and sale unprecedent ed in the history of the materia niedica. But words are superflu ous, a trial only can aitest its real virtue, as millions certify.-- To be had throughout North and South America, Europe and the Islands of the Ocean, in large bottles, for 25 cents. Sold in Columbus by s I)R. R. A. WARE,- GESNER & PEABODY. ROBERT CARTER; E. Thomas Lyon, 161 Broadway, N. Y. LYON’S EXTRACT OF PURE JAMAICA GINGER. NOTHING need be said to command the attention of the pub lic to this article, when convinced that it is PURE and una dulterated. <i edical men, or those seeking a harmless beverage to destroy the unwholesome effects of brackish and turbid watei can rely upon its genuine character, and it is also extensively Used for culinary purposes, in flavoring cakes, preserves, &c. To the afflicted with Dyspepsia, Summer Complaints, Cholera, Nervous Debility. Fever and Ague, Dizziness, gtneral Prostration, &c. nothing has ever been prescribed with equal effect. Manufactured by E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, 161 Broadway, New York. Inquire for Lyon’s Pure Ginger. Sold by reputable Druggists tioughout the world. GESNER & PEABODY, ROBERT CARTER, DR. R; A. WARE, March 16—twGm Columbus, Ga. Mexican Mustang Liniment. THIS invaluable preparation lias been but a few months before the people of the South, yet many thousands of bottles have been sold and used in a great variety ok diseases, and it has given universal satisfaction. We have heard of none that were dissatisfied with it. We ofler it as a remedy in the various diseases and com plaints for which it is recommended, with full confidence in curing them, as over tour millions of Bottles have been sold and used for a great variety of complaints, both of men and animals, and it lias always given satisfaction, be cause it has performed just what vve said it would. It has healed Cancers and scrofulous sores and ulcers that had resisted the treatment of the Medical Faculty. ggjT* A child in Frederiekton, N. 8., a few days ago burned its legs severely against a stove. The mother im mediately applied Linseed Oil and Cotton Wool, with a tight bandage over all; in a short time the screams of the child induced the mother to remove the bandage, when it was discovered that the cotton wool had taken fire by spon taneous combustion aud had considerably increased the size of the burn. The mother happened to think that she had part of a bottle of Mustang Liniment in her house, which she got immediately and applied to the burned limbs of the little sufferer, and as soon as it was applied, the child ceased its cries and soon after fell asleep in its mother’s arms, by the soothing influence of th:s valuable preparation. This is ttj certify that the Mexican Mustang Liniment has been used quite extensively in the stables of Adams & Co.’s Great Southern, Eastern aud Western Express, for curing Gaiis, Chafes, Scratches, Sprains and BruLv*t,and it hits proved very effectual. Many of their men have also used it on themselves and their families, and they all speak of its healing and remedial qualities in the highest terms- One of our hosliers got kieked, and badly cut and bruised on his knee—as usual, the Musung Liniment was resorted to, and the soreness and lameness was soon re moved, and it was perfectly well in tlneeor four days.— We have no hesitation in recommending it as a valuable preparation, to be used externally on man or beast. J. DUNN, Foreman of Adams Co.’s Express Stable, N. Y. Rheumatism. —This is to certify that my wife was af flicted with severe chronic Rheumatism ; she had suffered for months with the most excruciating pains ; she had tried Rheumatic Compounds, Reliefs aud almost every thing recommended for this dreadful disease. None ol them relieved her pains in the least. She used a fifty cent bottle of Mustang Liniment, and it cured her entirely; she is now perfectly well, and recommends all of her friends to use tiie Mustang Liniment. (Signed) J ames L. Oliver. Savannah, Georgia, January Ist, 1853. Principal Offices, 301 Broadway, New York, and St. liouie, Missouri A. G. BRAGG & CO., Proprietors. Sold in Golumbus, Ga., by GESNER 6b PEA BODY; February 5, 1853—tw&wly SPRING 41 SID CLOTHING! JOHM SMITH, i\o. 125 Broad Street, Columbus, Ga, HAS NOW ON HAND A FULL AND WELL SELECTED STOCK OF SPRING AND SUMER CLOTHING! To which he invites the attention of the public.. Hoping they may favor him with a call and examine for themselves. Every article usually kept in a ‘‘CLOTHING STOLE” will be found at JOHN SMITH’S Columbus, April 20—w&twtf No. 125 West side Broad Street ’ TO (3QL(D?M(3 STQBBT J. D. WILLIFORD & CO., (At the old stand of 11. Middlebrook <s• Cos.) Two doors above Ji Ennis & Cos., Broad street, Columbus, Ga., ARE NOW RECEIVING A VERY EXTENSIVE STOCK OF FIRST CLASS Ready ‘Made Clothing, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vesting*, &c. Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods ot every variety. Every article in this establishment has been purchased this Fall. Thegarraents have been cut by the most experienced and fashionable tailors. All sizes and boys can be easily fitted Mith Ready made Clothing. Cents ready-made garments of every conceivable variety and style. , , „ „ . . , . . , , UOT’s CLOTHING—It is impossible toenumerate the different articles of Clothing for boys and children. LADIES’ CLOAKS—A new and elegant article—Ladies’ Silk, Merino and Colton \ ests, &c. Hats and Caps—Of the best make and latest fashions. fpSjjf CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER. We areprepared to makeup Clothing at unusually low rates—and in a style not inferior to any. Every garment war ranted to give satisfaction. Our assortment of Cloths, Cassimres, Vestings, Furnishing Goods, &c.. will be found complete in every particular; and a careful examination of all our goods is respectfully solicited from those who may read this notice. N. B.—A deduction of five per cent, will be made for Gascon all billsnot less than ten dollars. Jas. D. Williford. Daniel Ronve. Oct 27 —tvvtf H. JF". DALEY, MERCHANT TAILOR. ONE DOOR BELOW GESNEIt & PEABODY’S DRUG STORE IM®AB STTBSinr* —IIAS JUST RECEIVED A COMPLETE STOCK OF Mm MOmi® to which he solicits the attention of the public. Uis stock comprises some of the most beautiful styles of fjlk Clu'.hs, figured, black and fancy colored French and English Cassimeres; black JUI and fancy Silk Velvet Vestings of all shades and colors, ! which he is prepared to make up in the NEATEST and most FASHIONABLE STYLES. \ ,A Long experience in cutting, in some of the most fashionable citiesof tlie Union, makes him confident that his efforts to please i ad those who inay favor him with a cail, will not be in vaiu. He is-only desirous to have a lair and impartial trial before the public, uni this he asks, feeling sure that it wUI be accorded, and once accorded he fears not the result. In audition to the various cloths, Cashmeres, Cassimeres fc Drills enumerated above, he has on hand and is receiving a stock o KEJID Y-M. il>E CEO THING, ho latest styles, and of superior quality. In a wo/d he has everything suitable to a gentleman’s toilet IK#” Call and examine, as he is determined to give cheap bargains. Columbus Octß—twtf 1 swig a sum ini CEJESXm a=>o2.acsais OD£2TC2a'3‘,. Clothier and Merchant Tailor, (NEXT DOOR TO HILL AND DAWSONS ,) Broad Street, Columbus, Georgia. 18 NOW PREPARED TO SUPPLY GENTLEMEN WITH THE LATEST 1 SPRING AND SUMMER Styles of Clothing’, Furnishing Goods. —ALSO— SMIPUT tM®§ f WiftkOSHS ®EI©IE!SILIL&§o w CLOTHS, CASSIMERES AND VESTINGS, Sr of the latest importations, of French and English styles manufactured to order and warranted, under the direction of sssi* at WMwm* who has just returned from New York, and will be pleased to accommodate his friends and all others that may call, with such garments as cannot fail to please. Columbus, Oct 9, 1852. tw&wtf COPPER AND SHEET IRON AND toea? THE subscriber, ever grateful for past patronage begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he has one of the largest assortments of Tin Ware and Housekeeping articles ever offered in this market: consisting aslollows: Path Tubs, Shower Baths, with Brass Valves. Hip Baths do., Sponge and Pyramid cake and ornamental moulds; Jelly moulds;coffee Pilferers; do. Biggins; do large and small Urns; Knife Trays; do. Washers, anew article; Brooms, Cocoa Dippers; Pie and Dessert plates, all sizes; Britan nia ware, of all kinds; Spice Boxes; Dressing Cases, Cooking Stoves of various patterns, warranted to perform well. All manner ofTin or sheet Iron, or Copper or Zinc work, done at short notice, on the most favorable terms Atl orders lor Tin put up at short notice, on terms to suit the times. Having in his employ the best Job workman in this country all he arks is to give him atrial. Guttering or Roofing done at short notice, and warranted. Call and see me before engaging or purchasing elsewhere, as am determined to sell and work as low as the lowest. J. B. lITCKS. East side Broad street, near the Market. Columbus, Ga.,May IS, 1852 vvtf Rich. & Co.’s Salamander Safes, At Manufacturer’s Prices; Freight only added. IN no i: stance have these safes failed in preserving their con tents, in the fiercest fires. The price of a safe, from fifty dol lars upwards, is but a small premium of insurance on valuable Books and Papers, against Fire and other accidents, for a series of years. For sale by IIALL &. AIOSES, A/arch w3ni Columbus, Georgia, LUMPKIN FURNITURE WARE ROOM AND MANUFACTORY. ‘2 criber has now.on hand and for sale al his Ware Room in Lumpkin, a largeand weliUL —selected lot of Furniture, of various styles and prices, and is constantly Manufacturing and re * * * cctving among others, the following articles of the latest styles: J Chairs, t*ofas, Bureaus, Safes, Bedsteads, Sideboaids, Dining-Tables, Wardrobes, Work-Tables, Wash stands, Rocking-chairs, Looking Glass and Picture Frames, and In tact all articles belonging to ldslinaof business can be had j at tbe shortest notice and lowest terms. Also, Window Glass, French and American manufacture; Fire board Prints and Border, Window Shades, &C-, Ac. Glass cut to any shape or size. All work warranted. Pianos and Melodeons furnished to order. All orders thankfully received and promptly attended to. Feb. 15 —7wly W. Ji. CROSSMAN. ; JAMES ROUSSEAU KEEPS a fine assortment of Groceries on hand, for sale on reasonable terms, consisting of — 175 Bbls. New Orleans Molasses; 100 Bbls. Flour; 20,000 Jbs. Bacon Sides; 75 Sacks Rio Coflee; *lO Hogsheads New Orleans Sugar ; 100 Boxes Tobacco—Assorted Qualities; 25,000 Cigars—Assorted Brands ; 50 Bbls. Whiskey; 20 Bbls. Dexter AVhiskey; 10 Bbls. New England Ruin ; 10 Bbls. Common Gin ; 25 Jar3 Snuff; 100 Bushel Cow Peas; 200 Bushel Pinder Peas, Also, Bagging, Rope and Salt, and many other articles too numerous to mention. Those wishing to purchase, will please give him a call. j C'jp s*’ 5 *’ Store West side Broad Street, G doors above Rankin’s Corner. j Columbus, Jan. 11, 185 . 1 wtf FAMILY GROCERY. I U. (KiEETHEE, Oglethorpe Street, opposite Kentucky House. WOULD say to his friends, that he has just received a fine assortment of FAMILY GROCERIES FOR THE CITY TRADE, viz. : Bacon Sides. Shoulders, Sugar Hams, Sugar cured Beef, Leaf Lard,, .‘‘ I , ’ Brandies, Gin, Whiskey, Rum, Wines, Cider, X Sugar, Rio and Java Coffees, Tobacco, 1 owde c and various other articles too numerous to m v’ l - Columbus, Ga.. March 30-w3m MARBLE WORKS, East side Broad St. near the Market House COLUMBUS, GA. . irE< hand all kinds ol Grave Stones HAZ” Ad TM'U, of a™., j * lOl,l a tdihMarble. Engraving and carving done orfstonehtthe best possible manner; antfallkindsoftiran iteWorkauhe,hoitesinolne. joHN MADDEN . p <j Plaster of Farit and Cement,alwaysonhand tor iole Colombm. March 7, 1850. 10 ts